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Courage and Connection

We're getting into what is likely to be the most intense period of the year. Recent meetings and exchanges I’ve had have been eye-opening, showing signs we’re all moving into a culture that is more collaborative, flowing, compassionate, and sensitive. I hope you're meeting new collaborators too!

Here's the video of the Tarot & Oracle reading for July 31st - August 6th, 2017 (with longer write-up on the video page itself):
Forecast July 31st - August 6th, 2017: Forge connections | Tarot reading & Self-love challenge
Expect things to move quickly; big progress is possible with focus. Bonus points if you work on the things right now that feed into your long-term goals. With the shake-ups in your social and working circles, don’t be afraid of saving your commitment for only those things that really excite you. Some of us may need to speak up; to say our “yes” and “no”s just a little bit louder, to recommit and reconnect with self. (More on this below.)

We may find ourselves thrust into new flow and new activity after a week of relative quiet, time I hope you managed to use for reflection over our creative responsibilities! Overwhelm is a possibility; again, be discerning with your commitments and use mundane rituals (housework, exercise) to ground and centre yourself. 


Healing and Connection

News of Chester Bennington’s suicide (20th July) came while I was reading articles about addictions and suicide. These topics are always of interest to me; I’m a suicide survivor

This term doesn’t mean someone who attempted it, it refers to someone whose loved one took their own life. I lost my brother in 2010, at the same time I too was going through personal hell, and I felt guilty for his death because I was in need of so much help at that same time that I felt I had pulled the help away that he could have gotten. I’ve not shared the full story with many, and this may not be the right place for it. But the experience taught me, in the end, how to grieve, and how to love myself to the point I would no longer be, or tolerate, the kind of person upon which, to that point, I had been over-relying:

People who were “closed”.

The ones who can feel so threatened by different viewpoints that they'll invalidate other people’s experiences in order to keep propping up their egos and "all sorted out" answers. Connection with them is challenging, and it's easy to feel around them that there must be something un-fix-ably wrong with you.

I had been one of them. I had surrounded myself with them. And 2009 - 2012, going through my own hell (months of exhaustion, insomnia and weird phenomena), I experienced extreme isolation. I had people around me, but I was not being heard, listened to, or believed. I was even being actively ostracised by my wider family. In my own small way, I was experiencing the isolation that my brother, diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, had suffered for years.

In the space of two days this past week, I figured out (and met others who had also figured it out) that disconnection, or lack of connection, was behind so much of the pain and isolation suffered by individuals and those who attempt suicide, and it may also be the common cause behind the overwhelming scope of today’s issues. 

We ignore the environment when we try to fix the economy. We hide from criticism, even when it may help us in a breakthrough. We punish addiction and suicide but don’t try to understand or fix the causes. Here, where I live, we espouse meritocracy to the point we tell the less fortunate they’re on their own but then we wonder why people lack compassion and civic-mindedness. 

Disconnect can be present within and outside ourselves, and at many different levels of society, not just within our families and social circles. It turns out that many of us are working on connection, whether we’re organisers, activists, authors, artists, healers, or, really, human.

Because when we’re not connecting, whether it’s in social interaction, or connecting our purpose with valuable service to the world, or connecting our attention to our bodies and the parts of us we hate, or ignore… there’s an emptiness. I have no other word for it. Healing of individual and society, begins when we realise we need to bridge the disconnects for lasting change. 

We need to see the whole, and this will not be done by those who are closed to different perspectives, and the discomfort (and self-examination) that they usually bring. And seeing different perspectives also means listening to those brave enough to share. This work is not for the faint of heart.

It makes sense that the “Sensitivity” card came up this week from the Self-Love Oracle:

I’m not sure it’s possible to really connect with people who choose to be closed for the time being. But perhaps this is where the concept of “holding space” is useful. Connection requires both parties to participate and share without denial and abuse. One way of holding space is one side extending an invitation to the other until the latter is ready to take it up.

Our time and energy is finite; this week especially, direct these to the work that you love. Connect with the people you meet. Connect with what lies within you. Any healing of a disconnect is still healing.


Last Update

I recently accepted a ghostwriting assignment to document someone's journey back to health after suffering a stroke when they were at the top of their career--director of a few spa chains here in Singapore. I've been given the permission to share not only their story while my work on the book is in progress, but what it's like to document such a story, and to talk about ghostwriting too--if it's something you'd like to do, or to pay someone to do! I'll be sharing these insights over the next months.

Have a great week,

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