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New Adventures (and FREEBIES!) in 2018

Yes, I'm very subtle when there are FREEBIES. As subtle as a blood moon eclipse in the sky! And this is my first newsletter in 2018, too. (Hi, new subscribers!) 

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Embarking on New Adventures

How did you find your first month of 2018? It was a dramatic month of two full moons and a spectacular lunar eclipse. 2018 is making itself felt! This may prove a pivotal year for many people--I really want to call it a year of stepping out and stepping up

When I started my weekly oracle readings online with the Self-Love Oracle cards, the "big picture" advice for 2017 was to make new mistakes. This year, it's about discovering ourselves, and about trust

In our daily lives, most of us have probably met and even had to work with people who did not trust us, even after time. These relationships tend to follow a pattern: Getting repeated and invasive questions; having you and your answers treated with skepticism and suspicion; having to prove yourself over and over, and still having unexpected accusations flung at you.

These relationships are wearying, whether they're personal or at work. But, imagine if you had to live like you were the one constantly questioning yourself, and treating everything you thought of or felt with suspicion! That you lived doubting and second-guessing your own intentions and decisions constantly, fearing that any one wrong choice could trip you up, humiliate, harm, or end you. (You may guess, some people seem to do this to others instead.) 

The above is a bit of an extreme thought exercise, but it's one that has helped me have more compassion to those who have trouble with trust. And this perspective also turns my mirror to myself:

How much do I trust myself? Are there different parts of me? Which parts want the best for me? How do I heed those parts, while accepting that, sometimes, what looks like a wrong turn can actually lead me to my most rewarding learning experiences? 

The first weeks of 2018 have already been testing me on this. What's helped so far: Trusting myself to learn and to fix my mistakes. Trusting myself to keep my nose out of trouble :) but it I can't, that I can weather difficult experiences, forgive, recover, maintain healthy boundaries with others, and reclaim my happiness and peace regardless of external circumstances. 

I'm loving this crazy adventure. The conversations I've been having since the start of 2018 keep reaffirming that what I've learned can benefit other people. I'm learning it's possible that tough experiences lead to growth, empathy, and yet another way of connecting deeply with more people--always a joy in itself.

It's with this spirit of trust in self and in the journey that I'm carrying into my continuing 2018 adventures, whether I'm facing them "solo", or with co-creators! Speaking of...


Coming up on February 12th, my friends Ahana and Daniel are hosting the online Client Attraction Summit 2018 for all those with their own small or creative businesses interested in boosting their online visibility, and attracting the best audience for their work.


Successful bloggers and speakers will be sharing some of their secrets at this summit! It's free to get in using this link:

(To register with just ONE click on FaceBook, make sure you click on the GOLD button at the BOTTOM of the page. Other videos and giveaways from the participating speakers are accessed through registering for the summit, so you're going to get a lot of them as the summit commences.)

Now on to the updates I've posted on my site and FaceBook (in case you missed them):

Energy/Oracle Readings:

Blog posts: In the next newsletter, more word on my projects slated for 2018! And I hope what I said about trusting yourself and the journey gives you food for thought.

Thanks for reading!
P.S. The link for the summit again:
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