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Setting New Patterns

"How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives." Annie Dillard

This week is astrologically busy, as if we haven't been having enough excitement in the skies with the last eclipses! This week's energy and oracle forecast can be found here on Youtube, or here at Facebook. The text message is longer than usual.

Old things that used to aggravate or upset us may return. And when they do, we have a chance to realize that we can change how we respond. It requires a lot of presence. It can be uncomfortable. But it's like changing a habit--if we do a little at a time, it's easier to make the small changes add up.

How we react to difficult and unexpected situations can be a pattern to work with. I still joke that my years as a history tour guide were my training in crisis management. Tour guests could collapse suddenly. I was once drenched in beer when a pub walk (again, historical!) went awry. Tour buses can disappear when they're needed.

I learned to stay calm (at least on the outside!), move to safety, call for help... then, let go of the results while still trying my best. Panicking was not an option. The people in the company office would have their ideas how the tours were supposed to run "perfectly". Those on the ground had to accept that imperfect (if not disastrous) happened sometimes. All we could ever do is our best. And because providing tours were about providing an experience, for me, it meant sensitivity both to my guests and their environment.

The "You Are Safe" card for this week reminds us that whatever sets off our panic or avoidance response may need us to re-assess, to our best ability, our options and choices in those situations. It is about making small adjustments to our habits to set our long-term patterns.

And that's all the "heavy stuff" for this fortnight's mailer. 
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