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Remember, Remember
The Freebies of November

Hi <<Name>>,

As we approach the end of the year, it feels like this one has been a real rollercoaster ride for many. I love meeting and talking with people through card readings and events, and it seems many have found this the year they really had to stretch and grow. Sometimes it's the loss of a stable job or a family member, or a literal move into new territory (new job, new house, sometimes a whole new country); but it's these events that push us to claim (or reclaim) skills and resources we never thought within our reach.

Still, the journey can be difficult, and I'm happy to play cheerleader when given the chance. It's not that I haven't been pushed into new areas myself this year, but I'll share one secret:

It helps to have friends and people who challenge you when things are "easy". 

These people will offer differing opinions. They can offer perspectives that expand your view of the world and of yourself. They will catch you on your excuses, and your delusions of both smallness and grandeur. They raise questions that need answering: Is your bar too low? Your vision too small? Do you really have an accurate take on your own worth?

I got really lucky this year because I've been regularly speaking with people who present me with these questions. I got to observe myself and the defenses I made; and saw that if I clung to them, I wouldn't grow. So I learned to sit with the questions. I would say "OK" and go quiet. Inside my head, wheels would spin: What if I could do it--do more, better, and recognising my worth? How would I do it? And I'd check if my heart was beating with excitement or soul-shrinking terror. ;)

Taking action just to explore the possibilities is better than waiting till you're forced into a corner. In a time of major change, following our instincts and initiating our own changes and new directions is extremely empowering. 

Scary, but still empowering. :) As the line goes--and I have this book on my desk right now: Feel the fear and do it anyway.

The Free Stuff

I wanted an artful way to present this, but ah well. I've been hiding free books. Some of them have been for my web design clients. Whether a person winds up working with me for their web site or someone else, I'm happy that my e-books provide a good way to approach their website build. I also design and edit printed materials for clients (books and pamphlets), and this was the year I realized that I knew many people with amazing life stories, but who struggle getting them out. So.
Download it here!
I'm teaming up with the coaches of ASP to Sucess to help holistic start-ups kickstart their business with books--specifically, books that share your story. We're launching our program and new web site at the MindBodySpirit Festival in Melbourne (November 18th-19th)!

Did you grab the free book? Grab the free book.

(Well, if you want to. I'm not forcing anyone. But it's also very pretty.)

About the Program

Starting next year, I'm working with Ahana Lara, Daniel Nilon, and Julie Ann Gledhill to offer a business coaching, writing and publishing program for holistic entrepreneurs. Our site is launching in a week's time, and I'll release the web address when that happens! There is another way to mark the date, though it helps if you're in .... 


I'm heading down under for the MindBodySpirit Festival and will be holding a booth at D12. This is your chance to pick up my prints and oracle deck, and maybe a quick painting; but also to meet with the coaches of A Simple Path to Success.

You can book a session to speak with us in one of our limited free slots. All four trainers from the ASP academy will be there, and between us, we've got decades of experience in setting up online businesses, publishing, branding, and content marketing. And we all understand what it's like to work in the international healing and holistic scene!

Grab your slot here.

There's more that I'm going to announce in the coming weeks, but if you are interested in our new program for budding authors and holistic businesses, either grab a slot above (if you're in Melbourne) or drop me an email to get an online session.

Thanks for reading this long one!


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