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Time to Break and Create

This week's Oracle inspiration, write-up and video reading is here. The "Great American Eclipse" of 2017 is revving up excitement. I doubt anything is going to happen on the day itself, but it's been interesting following US news in recent weeks. It's probably safe to say the White House will keep on entertaining us over the coming months.

Those who are more into New Age language may understand it as a time of confronting our shadow: the parts of ourselves we don't like to look at. With eclipses being like full/new moons, people can act out, dig in their heels, and espouse even more hateful rhetoric. But it's our choice how to engage. It's now also a brilliant time to overcome our fears with creativity. Or to overcome our fear OF creativity.

My blog post for this week, inspired by my current ghostwriting gig:

One thing I've always appreciated about storytelling (live or written) is how the heroes and quests are easy for people of all ages to grasp as lessons about courage and compassion. Yet, translating these lessons to our own lives and challenges does not always come easy.

Maybe it's for this reason I find dramaticising mundane challenges silly and fun. Mountains of laundry become mountains to conquer. Dishes help train for karate: Soap on, soap off. Standing up to totalitarianism can be done with humor. 

We think of creativity as something that MUST be lasting, that it's is for posterity and fame. Well it can be. It can also help everyday problems and mundane challenges. Same for emotional working: We can write our internal dramas and struggles into story. In fact, I pretty much think that's what all our favorite authors do.

When we create heroes and heroines on paper (written or drawn), they come from us. Same with the villains. Still us. The creative potential and depth in all of us is mindblowing to explore. And it's a reason I love encouraging journaling and writing so much. 

And I think it's why I think one of the answers to the emotional difficulty of this eclipse season is exercising our creativity (the Page of Wands was drawn in the Tarot reading for this week, here's the video link again).

If we write out our shadow, maybe we can write the hero and heroine we need into being, too. 

Much love,


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