17-24-30 No To Hate Crime Campaign Monthly Newsletter - January 2017
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Happy New Year!

Welcome to the first 17-24-30 No To Hate Crime Newsletter of the new year - we hope you like the new design.

We have two new volunteers James and Clizia who have joined our team to work alongside Mark.

In this issue;

17-24-30 No To Hate Crime Campaign updates
  • Highlights from 2016
  • Plans for 2017
Hate Crime Sector updates
  • Key Partners
  • National Hate Crime Awards
  • Hate Crime Statistics
  • Hate Crime Events and Activities
We hope you like the new design - it would be great if you could complete the Survey Monkey and give us some feedback.

Mark, James and Clizia
Highlights from 2016
2016 was a tough year for many people, but we got through it and survive to spend another year doing what we love doing - building better links within and between our communities and tackling hate crime. Mark has been invited back to speak again at Lambeth's Holocaust Memorial Day event on Sunday 22nd January 2017 (details here), 

In January Mark was invited to speak at the Lambeth Holocaust Memorial Day event at Kia Oval cricket ground. The event was attended by hundreds of people and included a speech by Lord Alfred Dubs, readings from Dunraven School, a film screening, musical contributions from the Corpus Christi School and closing words from Dr Sarfraz Jeraj, Co-Chair of Lambeth Citizens and President of Hyderi Islamic Centre.

In February we promoted LGBT History Month via our social media. Over the course of the year we have been attending LGBT meetings in Lambeth and Lewisham to help establish their local borough forums. In April Mark was elected to become Co-chair of the Lambeth LGBT Community Network and has been working to develop a London wide LGBT Organising Group to help link with other borough LGBT forums.

At the end of March Mark's role as Lambeth's Hate Crime Prevention Coordinator was deleted by Lambeth Council during their restructuring process. Mark has retained links with the Lambeth Disability Hate Crime Partnership that he helped to establish.

In April we held the three Acts of Remembrance in Brixton, Brick Lane and Soho. We then commenced work preparing for National Hate Crime Awareness Week 2016 in partnership with our colleagues at Stop Hate UK.

On the 12th June, the deadliest mass shooting by a single gunman in U.S. history took place in Pulse Nightclub, Orlando, it was the deadliest terrorist attack on U.S.soil since the events of September 2001.

Mark and Kevin Wilson were involved  with others organising the London Stands with Orlando Vigil that took place in Soho - the vigil was attended by thousands of people. With Tom Knight (Gay Times) and Pride London we organised volunteers, provided steward equipment and helped raise over £1,700 through bucket collections for the 49 victims and their families.

In July Mark was invited to speak on the main stage at Pride in London. Mark met Sadiq Khan, the new Mayor of London and Matthew Barzun, the Ambassador of the United States of America.

We have continued to work with the Mayor's Office of Policing and Crime (MOPAC), who funded the production of 10,000 London No To Hate Crime T-shirts, Balloons and Wristbands for National Hate Crime Awareness Week.

This year we submitted Hate Crime Freedom of Information requests to all the London Borough Councils, asking 8 basic questions about what they are doing to tackle hate crime in their areas. We hope to share a report of our findings in the next few months.

National Hate Crime Awareness Week 2016 was even bigger and better than previous years. This year we wrote to every borough Mayor and invite them to join us for a photo shoot on the steps of St Paul's Cathedral. Around 16 Mayors joined us along with representation from the Mayor's Office and the American Embassy as we lit the National Candle of Hope and Remembrance for those killed in Orlando.

Once again we got many letters of support from across the social and political spectrum including the new Prime Minister Theresa May.

On November the 17th Mark was awarded the Edwin Shuker Upstander Award at the first National Hate Crime Awards organised by Tell Mama in partnership with a number of anti-hate crime organisations. Whilst accepting the award Mark dedicated it to the memory of all those who have been affected by hate crime - in particular John Light, Nik Moore, Andrea Dykes and David Morely, who remain at the heart of everything that the 17-24-30 No To Hate Crime Campaign stand for.
The pictures above (Top) London Borough Mayors along with members of the Diversity Choir and Out and Proud Diamond Group gathered on the steps of St Paul's Cathedral for the launch of National Hate Crime Awareness Week #NHCAW, (Middle left) Brixton Remembers 17-24-30 2016, (Middle right) Brick Lane Remembers 17-24-30 2016, (Bottom left) Soho Remembers 17-24-30 2016 and (Bottom right) London Stands with Orlando 2016.
Plans for 2017
Here are some of our plans for the year ahead;

New Engagement and Volunteer Team
We are recruiting volunteers to join our team in London. The team currently meet on Tuesdays afternoons between 1pm to 4pm. If you are interested contact

17-24-30 H.O.P.E Campaign
We will continue to develop our 17-24-30 H.O.P.E Campaign in 2017.

H.O.P.E. stands for;
  • Hate crime awareness
  • Operational response to hate crime
  • Preventing hate crime
  • Empowering communities to report hate crime and access victim support services.
Monthly Newsletter
The Engagement and Volunteer Team aim to produce the newsletter each month. The deadline to submit material is the second Tuesday of each month, and we aim to produce the newsletter by the fourth Tuesday of the month.

You can find more about our monthly newsletter here.

April Acts of Remembrance #AAR
These three acts of remembrance take place on the 17th, 24th and 30th of April each year to mark the anniversaries of the nail bomb attacks on Brixton, Brick Lane and Soho.

You can find out more information on the 17-24-30 WordPress blog here.

Pride in London Marching Group
We are planning to organise a group to march in the Pride in London Parade on Saturday 8th July.

You can find out more about Pride in London here.

National Hate Crime Awareness Week #NHCAW
The National week is scheduled to take place between the second to third Saturday in October. 

You can find out more information on the 17-24-30 WordPress blog here.

Hate Crime Survey Monkey
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Fundraising Appeal

We need to raise £2,500 to cover the basic costs of running our campaign and hope that you can help us by making a donation via the Sponsor Me pages we will set up.

We will organise three Sponsor Me appeals during the year.

The first appeal aims to raise £800 to cover the costs of the April Acts of Remembrance #AAR
Click here to donate to our campaign!
17-24-30 Social Media

The 17-24-30 No To Hate Crime Campaign was originally founded  as a Facebook group in April 2009 to mark the 10th anniversary of the London Nail Bomb attacks on Brixton, Brick Lane and Soho.

We now have several social media profiles which you can find, like and follow here;
Hate Crime Sector
We are in the process of mapping the hate crime sector - starting with the London Region.

UK Regions
The UK is organised into 12 regions; 9 regions in England, 1 in Northern Ireland, 1 in Scotland and 1 in Wales.

As we research each region we will share information on our London Hate Crime Blog.
Click here to view the London Hate Crime Blog
Hate Crime Awards 2016

The National Hate Crime Awards were devised by Tell MAMA (and partners) to celebrate the fantastic Upstanders who have taken a stand against hatred, intolerance and prejudice in the UK.

The list of award winners for the first annual awards for those countering hate, intolerance and prejudice were announced on Thursday the 17th of November 2016. The National Hate Crime Awards ceremony, 2016, took place in Central London and the award winners for each of the categories are listed below.

We congratulate those who were successful on the night and to those who were not, 2017 could well be your year. Nominations will open in May 2017 and we hope that you will all put forward the names of individuals and organisations making a positive difference in communities. More than ever, we as communities, need to stand together and work towards defending core values that bind us together and unite us for the future.

The 2016 Award Winners were as follows:

  • Young Upstander Award: Tamanna Miah
  • Community Volunteer Upstander Award: Rev’d Canon Mark Oakley
  • Upstanding Organisation Award: Communities Inc.
  • Research and Innovation Award: Dr. Stevie-Jade Hardie
  • Media Upstander Award: Awaaz FM Community Radio
  • Local Council Service Upstander Award: Northampton Borough Council
  • Law Enforcement Upstander Award: CC Susannah Fish, Nottinghampshire Police
  • Parliamentarian Upstander Award: David Lammy MP

Special Awards Categories:

  •   Edwin Shukur Award: Mark Healey
  •   Lawrence Brass Award: Caroline Nelson
  •  Outstanding Contribution Award: Bruce Brown
  •  Lifetime Achievement Award: Paul Giannasi
  •  Tell MAMA Champion Award: Baroness Susan Williams
  •  The Jo Cox Award: Presented in honour of the late Jo Cox and her vision and values. This will be presented to her husband, Brendan Cox.
For more information about the National Hate Crime Awards check out their new website.
Click here to view the National Hate Crime Awards Website
Hate Crime Statistics
Reported hate crime figures England and Wales, 2011/12 to 2015/16. Hate Crime, England and Wales 2015/16 (published 13 October 2016)
Each year the England and Wales Crime Survey gives us an indication of the level of estimated total number of hate crimes taking place. You can find out more information about the survey here.

The latest figures relating to "reported" hate crime were published by the Home Office on the 13 October 2016.

According to the Hate Crime, England and Wales 2015/16 there were 62,518 crimes recorded by the police in the year to March 2016. This was an increase of 19% compared with the 52,465 hate crime recorded in the year ending March 2015.

The number of reported hate crime offences in 2015/16 for the five centrally monitored strands were as follows:
  • 49,419 (79%) were race hate crimes; 
  • 7,194 (12%) were sexual orientation hate crimes;
  • 4,400 (7%) were religious hate crimes; 
  • 3,629 (6%) were disability hate crimes; and 
  • 858 (1%) were transgender hate crimes.
It is possible for a reported hate crime offence to have more than one motivating factor which is why the above numbers sum to more than 62,518 and 100 per cent.

By deducting the "reported hate crime" figures from the "estimated total hate crime" figures, the difference enables us to estimate how many hate crimes are going unreported.

Research indicates that there remains high levels of unreported hate crimes across all the hate crime strands. Hence the need to continue encouraging people to report hate crime.
Report Hate Crime in England and Wales (via True Vision) here
Report Hate Crime in Northern Ireland to Police Service NI here
Report Hate Crime in Scotland via Police Scotland online form
Hate Crime Events and Activities
In 2015 we created the first National Hate Crime Google Map to log hate crime awareness events and activities taking place around the UK during National Hate Crime Awareness Week.

The idea is to create a map of all hate crime awareness events around the country so we can see which areas are doing their bit to tackle hate crime, and which areas are not. It is hoped that each year more and more areas will register their events as support for National Hate Crime Awareness Week grow.

Here are links to the 2015 and 2016 google maps.

We encourage you to register your events here;
Click here to register your hate crime awareness events
Well that's it for our first issue of the New Year - we do hope you like the way we have laid out this issue.

If you want to submit any material for our next issue please email
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