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NationalHCAW Newsletter 2022 

By Mark Healey

Welcome to issue 12 of our UK Hate Crime Sector Newsletter.

Thanks to the Lord Mayor of Westminster, Cllr Hamza Taouzzale for his statement of support for National Hate Crime Awareness Week.

The statement has been added to our NationalHCAW Google map and an article on our WordPress blog which we will be sharing across our social media.

This year's Google map has already been viewed over 2,500 times!

Please send us your statements of support for the national week, along with a photo, to

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Newsletter Contents

17-24-30 National Hate Crime Awareness Week CIO Updates
  • Statements of Support 2009 to 2020
Community News
  • Act of Hope and Remembrance for those affected by hate crime.
  • UK Hate Crime Network group on Linkedin
  • 17-24-30 NationalHCAW Linktree
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17-24-30 NationalHCAW CIO updates
We want to receive as many statements of support for National Hate Crime Awareness Week as possible - can you help us reach leaders across the UK by forwarding this newsletter to them?

We want to hear back from the Prime Minister, the Leader of the Opposition, Leaders of Political Parties across the UK, Members of Parliament and the House of Lords, Assembley MembersLocal Councillors, Police and Crime Commissioners, Police leaders, Faith and Community Leaders.

The more statements of support the better.
"Hate Crime Awareness Week helps to highlight the amazing commitment of many organisations across the country who are working tirelessly to tackle these abhorrent crimes. The Government is proud to support it."
Baroness Williams - Minister for Counter Extremism
"It is vital that, even in these difficult and unprecedented times, we remember those affected by hate crime and rededicate ourselves to combatting hatred – wherever it occurs and whatever form it takes."
Leader of the Liberal Democrats Ed Davey
"Although the pandemic has limited events during this National Hate Crime Awareness Week, it is still important that we take this opportunity to raise awareness of hate crime and play our part to build the inclusive and tolerant society that we all wish to live in."
First Minister for Scotland Nicola Sturgeon
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"This Government will always tackle hatred and give people the security and freedom they need to live their lives as they choose. We give our best wishes – and unwavering support – to all those communities coming together to fight hatred and prejudice and promote British values during Hate Crime Awareness Week."
Home Secretary Priti Patel and Minister for Counting Extremism Baroness Williams
"Everybody should use National hate Crime Awareness Week as an opportunity to broaden their understanding of hate crime. It is a time to learn about the place that hate crime occupies in our history and the present day, to listen to marginalised groups, and to become better allies to the social groups that make up the rich and brilliant diversity of the U.K."
Co-Leaders of the Green Party Sian Berry & Jonathan Bartley
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"Let there be no doubt – the Government stands shoulder to shoulder in solidarity with communities who are working to tackle hatred. I hope that National Hate Crime Awareness Week will show what we can achieve by working together."
Prime Minister Theresa May
"Politicians, commentators and others in public life must never engage in the stereotyping, scapegoating and demagoguing that inflames hatred. Instead, we must use our platforms to expose and confront such prejudice wherever we find it."
Leader of the Liberal Democrats Vince Cable
"Hatred and discrimination have no place in our society, and National Hate Crime Awareness Week plays an important role in shining a light on this. During this year’s Hate Crime Awareness Week, I am pleased to have published the Government’s renewed commitments to tackling hatred in the refreshed Hate Crime Action Plan."
James Brokenshire MP, Communities Secretary
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"Whilst we have made great progress in tackling hate crime, one case is still to many. Alongside the work the Government is doing to tackle these abhorrent crimes, it is events like National Hate Crime Awareness Week that truly make a difference. I would like to thank you all for taking part in events to raise awareness of these despicable crimes and the effect they can have on individuals and communities."
Prime Minister Theresa May
"Our friend and colleague Jo Cox was cruelly taken from us in an attack driven by hatred. She brought love into the world and was killed for it.

We must not only declare our strength of community and unity after a hate crime or terrorist attack. We must live it and display it every single day in all of our actions. All forms of racism and discrimination should be challenged at all times, including casual forms of racism, sexism, homophobia and transphobia."

Leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn
"I am proud to lend my support to National Hate Crime Awareness Week, which serves as an important reminder that hate, division and prejudice have no place in 21st century Britain."
Leader of the Liberal Democrats Vince Cable
"We are writing on behalf of the Green Party to express our continued support for National Hate Crime Awareness Week.

In 2017, we want to live in a civilised and diverse society, where we feel freer than ever to be ourselves, and to be comfortable in our own skin. And we want those around us  to feel the same. But the statistics on hate crime show that this is far from the case.."

Co-Leaders of the Green Party Jonathan Bartley and Caroline Lucas
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"But we must go further. As long as hate crime exists, we must challenge ourselves to do more. Because, as I said on the steps of Downing Street, my mission is to make Britain a country that works for everyone. Hate crime of any kind, directed against any community, race or religion, has absolutely no place in British society."
Prime Minister Theresa May
"National Hate Crime Awareness Week is a time to reflect on the events of this year and on the deeper issues which underscore hate in our communities. It is also a time to underscore our firm commitment to stand up against those who perpetrate these abhorrent crimes. I am heartened by the communities we have seen come together in difficult times to support each other over the last few months, and I am also pleased to see that the police are continuing to improve their response to hate crime, and are engaging with communities to ensure their safety and increase their confidence. It is only through working together – Government, police and communities – that we will defeat hate crime and make this a country that does work for everyone, no matter who you are."
Home Secretary Amber Rudd
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"The government has a crucial role to play in this too, which is why we have one of the strongest legislative frameworks in the world to continue to protect communities from hostility, violence and bigotry. ."
Prime Minister David Cameron
"I wish all of those involved in National Hate Crime Awareness Week great success with the week, and with your future campaigns. You all make a great difference to people’s lives, day in, day out, and for future generations. You have my party’s full support."
Leader of the Liberal Democrats  Tim Farron
Click here to View Statements of Support 2015 >
"The work of hate crimes awareness week in bringing together so many community and faith events across the country is an vital example of demonstrating that this country expects better. It is particularly encouraging that the number of activities held throughout the week continues to grow and I would like to pass on my best wishes to all of those involved in making the week a success.."
Leader of the Labour Jeremy Corbyn
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"For every young person scared to come out or facing bullying in the playground, we still have a job to do. For every gay couple abused in the street, we still have a hob to do. For every victim attacked for simply being who they are, we still have a job to do."
Leader of the Labour Party Ed Miliband
Click here to View Statements of Support 2013 >
"Last year there were more than 43,000 hate crimes in our country. That figure is appalling and it has to change. Our Olympic and Paralympic Games this summer showed the world what we are capable of and how people can achieve great things no matter what background they come from, who they are, or what disability they have. I passionately beleive that the same spirit of togetherness, repsect and belonging that we saw in London and Across the country can play a vital role in helping us wipe out hate crime in our communities. Nothing less is good enough."
Prime Minister David Cameron
"Everyone has the right to live without fear or persecution. Whatever the colour of your skin, the relighion or faith you follow, the disability you live with, or the person you fall in love with, you should be able to live without prejudice."
Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg
"The candles of hope and remembrance that will be lit tonight are symbollic of the many communities coming together to tackle hate crime. By coming together and celebrating our differences we show that we are stronger than those that seek to divide us."
Green Party London Assembly Member Jenny Jones
Click here to View Statements of Support 2012 >
The Prime Minsister's wife Sarah Brown attended the first London Vigil Against Hate Crime in Trafalgar Square after the death of Ian Baynham, a few weeks later Mark Healey was invited to 10 Downing Street and introduced to the Prime Minister Gordon Brown.
Community News
National Candle of Hope and Remembrance for those affected by Hate Crime

On Sunday 9th October we will light the National Candle of Hope and Remembrance during the annual service at St Paul's Cathedral.

This year the candle will be lit in solidarity with those who have experienced race hate crime because of their membership of East and Southeast Asian communities.

We are honoured to be joined by the Victim's Commissoner Claire Waxman, and Yeow Poon Chair of the Campaign Against Racism Group CARG.

Service starts at 5.30 pm - register here:
Click here to register for the service at St Paul's Cathedral >
We now have over 500 Members - will you join us?

In the run up to National Hate Crime Awareness Week we will be promoting the UK Hate Crime Network with a new social media campaign. 
Click here join the UK Hate Crime Network group on LinkedIn >
View 'NationalHCAW' Linktree here >
#WeStandTogether #NoPlaceForHate #SafePlaceForAll
Please feel welcome to forward this newsletter to collegues, and use social media to promote our work.
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