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Remembering Ian Baynham

The death of Ian Baynham after a vicious homophobic attack in Trafalgar Square  five years ago inspired over 10,000 people to gather in Trafalgar Square for the first London Vigil against Hate Crime.

Here is a link to a video by DeviousCorporation which was filmed on the 30th Oct 2009. Click Here for Video.
Sat 7th September 2-5pm

Come along and hear about our plans for this year's events.
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  • About 17-24-30
  • Plans for 2013
  • St Pauls
  • The Week
  • Spirit Day
  • Day of Hope and Remembrance 19th October
Facebook Link for more information click here:

The next scheduled Drop-in will take place on Sat 5th October 2-5pm and will focus on final arrangements including volunteer briefings for this years events.

Facebook Link for more information click here: After this year's Hate Crime Awareness Week the next 17-24-30 Drop in in scheduled to take place on Sat 2nd November 2-5pm when our Annual General Meeting will take place.

Facebook line for more information click here: Future dates to be confirmed.

Black History Month

Follow our campaign on Twitter using the hashtag #HCAW13

Trans day of Remembrance
20th November 2014

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If you would like to volunteer please contact:

We are looking for people with a variety of skills to help us manage events and develop what we do.

February 2014
The Stephen Lawrence Centre have approached 17-24-30 to see if we would like to work in partnership to put on an event next year.
Brixton Remembers

Link to
Facebook Event Page

17th April 2014
Brick Lane Remembers

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Facebook Event Page

24th April 2014
Soho Remembers

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Facebook Event Page

30th April 2014
17-24-30 Trustees

Mark Healey

Ryan Parkins

Jennie Oliver

Mikey Thomas

We will be looking for new trustees over the next few months.

If you are interested contact:

Lets all Paint the town Purple!

Hate Crime Awareness Week 12-19th Oct

This year, instead of organising the London Vigil against Hate Crime in Trafalgar Square the team at 17-24-30 are asking venues across London to do their bit to help us paint the town purple to raise awareness of Hate Crime and generate much needed funds for five of the charities and organisations that are tackling Hate Crime and bullying.

Each year we usually raise and spend approximately £5,000 on the London Vigil in Trafalgar Square but this year during these tough economic times we want to divert this money to help support five charity/organisations working to tackle hate crime in our communities and bulling in our schools; 17-24-30, Disability Hate Crime Network, Inclusion For AllGalop and Stop Hate UK.

You can make a donation through our Charities Trust Sponsor me page - Click Here.

Volunteers needed for events throughout the week

If you would like to volunteer, get involved or even host your own events then feel welcome to come along to our next open drop-in 2pm to 5pm on the 7th October at 170 Community Project, 170 New Cross Road.

Contact Jennie at with your name and details.

Special Act of Remembrance and Renewal at St Paul's Cathedral 12th Oct

We start the week with a special launch event/service at St Paul's Cathedral during which Jenny Baynham (the sister of Ian Baynham who died after being homophobically assaulted in Trafalgar Square) will light the candle of Hope and Remembrance for those affected by Hate Crime. It is five years since Ian died. The candle will then remain in the Cathedral for the duration of the week in front of the painting "light of the world".

Peggy and Carolyn Moore

Last year the first candle of Hope and Remembrance was lit by Carolyn and Peggy Moore, the mother and sister of Nick Moore who was killed alongside Andrea Dykes and John Light during the Admiral Duncan Nail Bomb attack.

17-24-30 was originally set up with the purpose of organising and facilitating the April Acts of Remembrance  each year in Brixton, Brick Lane and Soho. The organisation takes it's name from the dates of the three nail bomb attacks that took place on the 17th, 24th and 30th April 1999.

We have invited some important guest speakers.

There will be some music, readings and prayers.

And a collection In aid of the five hate crime/anti-bulling charities and organisations that we are supporting this year.

If you would like to attend this special event please register here as numbers are limited.

Hate Crime Awareness Week 12th - 19th October

This is the second National/International Hate Crime Awareness Week organised by 17-24-30, the first took place last year and we are encouraging organisations across the UK and abroad to take this opportunity to work together to raise awareness of local hate crime initiatives and highlight any issues that need to be addressed.

Last year events took place throughout the week including talks, workshops and other events. Outreach stalls were held in Tower Hamlets and at local train stations.

If you represent an organisation that would like to organise a Hate Crime Awareness event this year then please get in touch with Mark Healey as soon as possible so that we can help advertise and promote what you are doing.

Spirit Day 17th October

In early October 2010, Canadian teenager Brittany McMillan promulgated the observance of a new commemoration called Spirit Day, the first observance of which took place on October 20, 2010, in which people wear the colour purple to show support for LGBT young people who are victims of bullying.

Promoted by GLAAD, many Hollywood celebrities wore purple on this day to show their support of this cause, and many websites added a prominent purple shade to their design.

The name, Spirit Day comes from the purple stripe of the Rainbow Flag, defined by Gilbert Baker, creator of that flag, as 'representing "spirit"'.

The observance was inaugurated in response to a rash of widely-publicized bullying-related suicides of gay school students in 2010, including that of Tyler Clementi.

Over 1.6 million Facebook users signed up for the event globally.

If you want to find out more about Spirit Day go to the GLADD website here.

5th International Day of Hope & Remembrance for those affected by Hate Crime: Solidarity vigils and events 19th October

On Saturday the 19th October there will be solidarity vigils taking place around the UK and abroad. Brighton, Kettering, Norwich and Reading have already confirmed that they are taking part and more towns are expected to announce that they are joining us shortly.

8pm one minutes noise to remember those we've lost

At 8pm we are asking those outdoors to hold a minutes silence and those indoors to make a minutes noise to remember all those who we have lost and those who continue to be affected by Hate Crime.

The first London Vigil against Hate Crime took place on the 30th October 2009 after the death of Ian Baynham who was homophobically assaulted and beaten in Trafalgar Square. It was attended by over 10,000 people which is the largest anti-hate crime gathering in recent years.

Letters of Support and Comments on our wall

Each year we have received letters of support from the Prime Minister, the Deputy Prime Minster, and the Leader of the Opposition along with messages of support from around the world. You can read these letters here.

Stuart Milk the nephew of Harvey Milk and Founder of the Harvey Milk Foundation is one of our amazing supporters.

This year we are encouraging everyone to write messages of support on our main Facebook Wall.

Click here to go to go to our wall and add your comments.

Links to Solidarity Vigils already confirmed:

In London some venues have already announced they are hosting indoor events including:
  • Halfway to Heaven
  • Joiners Arms
  • Two Brewers
More details to follow in our next e-newsletter.

If you are organising your own vigil/event and would like us to advertise it then please get in touch with detail by Friday 20th September and we will do our best to include them in our next e-newsletter. Contact

Purple Party Spectacular
On the 20th October the Two Brewers are hosting a "Purple Party Spectacular" to celebrate the end of the 2nd Hate Crime Awareness Week.

More details to follow in our next e-newsletter.

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