Dear friends and colleagues,

It has been a while since we were last in touch so I want to update you on how things are going.

My full-time post as Lambeth's Hate Crime Prevention Coordinator has come to an end (31 march 2016) as the post was deleted during the restructure of Lambeth's Community Safety Service. Sadly this appears to be a current trend in local government and we have had reports that specialist roles and hate crime prevention work is being cut or grately reduced across the UK. This is a trend we need to challenge, halt and work to reverse.

The good news is that this gives me more time to focus on developing the 17-24-30 No To Hate Crime Campaign, and to begin preparations for this year's National Hate Crime Awareness Week #NHCAW.

Last year over 200 hate crime awareness events took place around the UK, many of which - we included on the first National Hate Crime Awareness Google Events map! Even the Mayor's Office Policing and Crime MOPAC supported us in London with 5,000 hate crime awareness packs distributed across the capital (part of the MOPAC Hate Crime Reduction Strategy), and our work was recognised with a #Pointsoflight award from the Prime Minister.

This year looks like it is going to be even bigger and better, we have a new Mayor of London to work with. We are using LinkedIn to connect with more people around the UK and have launched the first UK Hate Crime Network group on LinkedIn.

We will continue focussing on three areas of work
  • Developing our H.O.P.E. hate crime strategy
  • National Hate Crime Awareness Week 2016
  • April Acts of Remembrance 2017
Thank you for your on-going support

Plans for National Hate Crime Awareness Week and our ongoing work to tackle hate crime.
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Count down to #NHCAW begins...

National Hate Crime Awareness Week #NHCAW takes place between the 2nd Saturday to the 3rd Saturday of October each year - so this years week falls between the 8th to 15th October.

We are working in partnership with Stop Hate UK again this year.

Launch Event at St Pauls Cathedral

Free tickets for the launch event at St Paul's Cathedral on Saturday 8th October 2016 are available here.

Registration of Hate Crime Awareness Events

Registration is now open - events can be registered here.

We will add events to our National Hate Crime Google Events Map (we will be sharing the code to embed the Google map on our partners sites to maximise publicity).

We will also promote events via our social media - Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and YouTube. We will be using the hash tags #NHCAW #IDOHAR #WeStandTogether #NoPlaceForHate and #SafePlaceForAll.

International Day of Hope and Remembrance #IDOHAR for those affected by hate crime

Will take place on Saturday 15th October when vigils against hate crime will take place around the UK. If you are organising a vigil against hate crime please register here.

Annual Fundraiser and celebration of the end of #NHCAW

Will take place on Sunday 16th October - details will be released closer to the date.

Summer Fundraising Appeal launched to raise £1,000

We have set up a Sponsor Me page appeal to raise £1,000 which we will use to fund 20,000 Hate Crime Reporting Cards - which will be distributed in the lead up to #NHCAW. Donate here.

This fund will also enable us to order badges and wrist bands, and print more copies of our tri-fold leaflet and briefing documents.

London Hate Crime Stall

We have developed a new London Hate Crime Stall which we hope will tour London Libraries throughout the year to promote hate crime awareness. More info here.

The stall has it's first outing at The List Network LGBT Volunteering fair on the 26th April 2016.

London Hate Crime Reporting Cards

Over the past three years 17-24-30 sponsored 30,000 Lambeth Hate Crime Reporting Cards - of which 27,000 cards were distributed at Pride in London, Party in the Park/UK Black Pride and various other equality/community events.

A new London card has been designed to replace the Lambeth cards and 17-24-30 has sponsored the first batch of 10,000 cards. We plan to raise funds to sponsor 20,000 more cards this year.

Hate Crime Reporting across London is Up

As a result of our work, and the work of others - we are pleased to see a significant rise in hate crime reporting across London.

Met figures indicated that reported homophobic hate crime is up 19.4% against last year.

However reporting levels still fall far short of the figures we should be expect according to the England and Wales Crime Survey - we have a lot more work to do to encourage more people to report what they are experiencing - especially across the other hate crime stands - particularly Transphobic hate crime and Disability hate crime.

We will continue to work in partnership with all communities affected by hate crime.

We signpost and applaud the on-going work of other third party independent advice and support organisations including;

  • Victim Support
  • Community Security Trust
  • Galop
  • Inclusion London
  • Metro Charity
  • Tell Mama
  • The Monitoring Group

Links to all of these organisations are included on our Hate Crime reporting page here.

Key Hate Crime Community Safety Partnerships

There is a statutory duty for local authorities (Council, Police, Health, Fire and Probation Service) to form local community safety partnerships and develop local community safety plans to tackle local crime issues - this should include plans to tackle hate crime.

We aim to shine a brighter light on these partnerships and plans - to ensure that hate crime is raised higher on the agenda.

We can only succeed with your on-going support so please forward this email on to your colleagues, friends and families. Thank you.

The new London Hate Crime Reporting Card - we aim to distribute thousands of these over London and are seeking sponsors to support us.
The April Acts of Remembrance went very well this year with over a thousand London Hate Crime Reporting Cards distributed. The Spring Fundraising Appeal raised £531.88 which covers the annual running costs of the 17-24-30 campaign.
This year we have launched the first UK Hate Crime Group on LinkedIn - if you are a LinkedIn member you can check out the group via the middle button below.
Register for #NHCAW launch event at St Paul's Cathedral here
Join UK Hate Crime Network group on Linkedin here
Donate to Summer Fundraising Appeal
We have been busy updating 17-24-30 No To Hate Crime Campaign's Blog, and have developed the new London Hate Crime Blog to promote our London work
17-24-30 is run entirely by volunteers. We are looking for new people to join our small team - if you are interested please get in touch!
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