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NationalHCAW Newsletter 2022 

By Mark Healey

Welcome to issue 11 of our UK Hate Crime Sector Newsletter.

It is the 28th August 2022, the countdown timer on the home page of our national website shows we have 40 days left until the beginning of National Hate Crime Awareness Week 2022.

As we countdown, Week 7 we encouraged you to start ordering resources, Week 6 we encourage you to start finalising your social media campaigns and in Week 5 we will chase you to write statements of support.

We have set up a Facebook Album on our NationalHCAW Facebook page where you can access this year's social media campaigns and artwork (please feel welcome to use and share).

Click here to view our social media campaigns FACEBOOK ALBUM >
Newsletter Contents

17-24-30 National Hate Crime Awareness Week CIO Updates
  • NationalHCAW Summer Meeting
  • 6 weeks to go - start setting up your campaigns
  • 5 weeks to go - submit your statements of support
  • Order your hate crime resources
  • NEW NationalHCAW Leaflet
  • NationalHCAW Hate Crime Directory
  • NationalHCAW Hate Crime Projects Register
  • SAVE THE DATE: NationalHCAW Winter Meeting
Community News
  • Why Me? Economic Evaluation of Restorative Justice Project - Online Report Launch
  • Have you got Community News to share?
  • UK Hate Crime Network Group
  • NationalHCAW Linktree
  • ReportHate Linktree
  • 17-24-30 NationalHCAW 
Back Issues
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17-24-30 NationalHCAW CIO updates
NationalHCAW Summer Meeting

Our postponed Summer meeting went ahead on the 22nd August 2022.
  1. Welcome
  2. NationalHCAW updates by Mark Healey, Airtable + National Directory + Project Database by Naomi Bennett, CARG presentation by Yeow Poon.
  3. Scotland - Danni Glover Glasgow Council, Olivia.
  4. Northern Ireland - Michael Avila Victim Advocacy NI.
  5. Wales - update from Becca Rosenthal Wales Hate Crime Hub.
  6. England - Jayne Pascoe presented about Neighbourhood Watch + Community Safety Charter + Hate Crime work, Video from Leah Robinson Why Me?
  7. Networking
Click here to view Summer meeting presentations >
Statements of Support

We are now appealing for statements in support of National Hate Crime Awareness Week 2022 - send us a photo and text - and we will add to our NationalHCAW Google Map and share via our social media.
NationalHCAW Resources available for London funded by MOPAC
Click here to register for NationalHCAW Resources 2022>
NEW NationalHCAW Leaflet

I've created a new NationalHCAW leaflet, designed to promote National Hate Crime Awareness Week.

The front cover promote the dates for the national week which falls between the 2nd to 3rd Saturday in October each year.

The second page outlines how 17-24-30 NationalHCAW was started in March 2009 to mark the 10th anniversary of the London Nail Bomb Attacks on Brixton, Brick Lane ans Soho. How we organised the London Vigils Against Hate Crime after the death of Ian Baynham, and how these vigils evolved into National Hate Crime Awareness Week in 2012.

It includes our H.O.P.E. campaign. 

Two pages list ideas suggesting ways to support NationalHCAW, and the back page promotes Hate Crime Reporting including the ReportHate Linktree profile which promotes hate crime reporting sites across the UK.

The leaflet can be downloaded from our national website.
Click here to access free resources on our national website >
NationalHCAW Hate Crime Directory

Have you registered your organisation? 
Click here to access the Organisation Registration Form >
NationalHCAW Hate Crime Projects Register

Have you registered your Hate Crime Projects?
Click here to access the Project Registration Form >
SAVE THE DATE: NationalHCAW Winter Meeting

Our next national meeting will be held on Monday 16th January 2022

Agenda: 1. Welcome. 2. NationalHCAW updates. 3. Regional Updates. 4 Networking
Monday 16th Jan 2023 - online 2 pm to 5 pm
Click here to register for NationalHCAW Winter Meeting >
Community News
WHY ME? Economic Evaluation of Restorative Justice Project - Online Report Launch

Why me? are holding a free, virtual event for the launch of the report from our Economic Evaluation of Restorative Justice project on Thursday 29th September (2pm - 4pm).

In this project, we have conducted a rigorous evaluation of the costs and benefits of Restorative Justice. The research is targeted at informing national and local decision-making around the funding and implementation of Restorative Justice. The project will culminate in a published report of our findings, a summary of which will be presented during the event.

This event will consist of two sessions.  In the first session Frank Grimsey Jones, who is the economist leading the project, will deliver a high level presentation on the methods and results of our research. In the second session there will be a panel discussion with reflections on the research, including the implications for decision making and for future research. The panel will include:
  • Lucy Jaffé, Director of Why me? (chair)
  • Lisa Allam, Commissioning and Contracts Manager at Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Hampshire and Isle of Wight
  • Jon Franklin, Chief Economist at Pro Bono Economics
  • Professor Joanna Shapland, Edward Bramley Professor of Criminal Justice at the University of Sheffield
  • Frank Grimsey Jones, economist seconded to Why me?
This event will provide a great opportunity to understand how this research contributes to the Restorative Justice evidence base, and the implications for decision making.   We expect this event to be well-attended with key stakeholders and influencers in the criminal justice and Restorative Justice sector.
Click here to sign up to Why Me? event >
Have you got a piece of community news you would like us to share?
Send us press releases to share in this newsletter/on our social media.
Email information to

We are encouraging all anti-hate crime organisations to start sharing information and updates about their work in the UK Hate Crime Network Group on Linkedin - which we are building into a national forum for the UK Hate Crime Sector.
We now have over 500 Members - will you join us?

In the run up to National Hate Crime Awareness Week we will be promoting the UK Hate Crime Network with a new social media campaign. 
Click here join the UK Hate Crime Network group on LinkedIn >
NationalHCAW evolved out of the London Vigils Against Hate Crime 

This year we are running a social media campaign to remind people that the national week evolved out of the London Vigils against Hate Crime (2009-2012), that took place after Ian Baynham died - after being homophobicly abused and beaten in Trafalgar Square (2009).
View 'NationalHCAW' Linktree here >
View 'ReportHate' Linktree here >
View 'NationalHCAW' Linktree here >
#WeStandTogether #NoPlaceForHate #SafePlaceForAll
Please feel welcome to forward this newsletter to collegues, and use social media to promote our work.
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