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July 2016


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 -3rd year Anniversary -
How much do you know about bison?
Mother Nature Network
Bison have been named our new national mammal. Test your knowledge of this species that's so critical to North America's ecology. START THE QUIZ ...
Fun little quiz, and by coincidence, I also added a new page to All About Bison, called Did you know? I will also ask, if anyone has an interesting tidbit to add to the page, please shoot me an email.


Thompson Park Zoo plans to add bison calves
A bison calf at the Laramie Foothill Bison Conservation Herd at Soapstone Prairie Open Space in May. The New York State Zoo at Thompson Park ...

Celebrating Bison, Two Zoos Offer a Wild and Woolly Weekend
New York Times
Eagles are notoriously defensive about their nests. You have to wonder what one would do if a bison lumbered up and suddenly wanted to share the ...
10 Things to Do Now in NYC
New York Times
On May 9, President Obama signed the National Bison Legacy Act, officially making the bison the national mammal. It seems only fitting, then, that in ...

Volunteers Needed To Help Welcome Bison To Zoo
Volunteers Needed To Help Welcome Bison To Zoo ... A pair of bisoncalves are coming to Watertown and the New York State Zoo at Thompson Park ...
Meyer Beefalo and Bison Hybrid Farm
Connect Business Magazine
The Meyer Beefalo and Bison Hybrid Farm, about 15 miles from Mankato's .... Beth: “I grew up a suburbanite in western New York State, with three ...
New Erie County Fair foods for 2016
Bison Kabobs at Maple Ridge Bison Ranch (I-4) – Our local bison rancher provides freshly prepared bison grilled with or without his homemade ...
Exercising Buffaloes via Airplane in Springettsbury
York Daily Record/Sunday News (blog)
The United States Government had a short-lived program in the 1920s to provide Bison breeding stock to ranchers willing to abide by certain ...
Minnesota prairie restorers recruit a surprising ally: cows
Austin Herald
Conservationists say cattle can mimic much of the grazing patterns of bison, which once covered the prairie and whose presence was vital to the ...
Madelia's rodeo featured turkeys, bison, competitions
Mankato Free Press
When the rodeo was revived in 1978, a new attraction was introduced — the Bucking Bison Ride. When the chutes were opened, there was a lot of ...
Michigan farm aims to go natural
Michigan State University Extension
After a couple turns off the highway, I knew I had arrived during the approach because I could make out the bison herd from a mile away. Ashleigh ...
Celebrate American History at Fort Larned This Independence Day Weekend
St. John News Online
There will be crafts for kids and the Buffalo Game, a fun way to learn about the North American bison. Independence Day is a time to think about our ...
Hoy family to discuss their ranching heritage at historic Flint Hills ranch
Wichita Eagle
Bison stand in a pasture at the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve. (April 28, 2015) Travis Heying File photo. By Beccy Tanner. btanner@wichitaeagle.
Activities fill up fast at Maxwell
McPherson Sentinel
The wildlife refuge boasts over 250 bison in its herd and over 90 elk on 2,800 acres, yet many visitors miss seeing the elk when they visit during the ...
Custer park officials offer warning after buffalo incidents
Sioux City Journal
CUSTER STATE PARK, S.D. (AP) — Custer State Park officials are offering another warning to visitors that bison are dangerous and shouldn't be ...
Two more people hurt by bison in Custer State Park
Rapid City Journal
Brundige said both victims got too close to groups of bison that were clustered in the Blue Bell area on the park's west side. Members of each person's ...

As National Park Service celebrates centennial, North Dakota's influence on Roosevelt shines ...
His goal was to hunt American bison, Andes said. He eventually shot a bison, which was one of the last ones on the open range, she said

13 photos of the southern Black Hills
Bison grazing. Photo courtesy of the South ... Bison graze at Badlands National Park. Photo courtesy of the South ... Bison face. Photo courtesy of the ...

4 people injured this year by bison at Custer State Park

Daily Republic
RAPID CITY (AP) — Bison have injured four people in Custer State Park this year, despite warnings that the animals are dangerous and shouldn't be ...

1000-year-old bison skeleton unearthed in Mitchell

MITCHELL, S.D. (AP) - A 1,000-year-old bison skeleton has been unearthed at the Prehistoric Indian Village in Mitchell. The Daily Republic reports ...

GF&P releases details about women injured by bison in June
Washington Times
CUSTER STATE PARK, S.D. (AP) - South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks says two women injured by bison at Custer State Park in June were treated at ...
Fire burned to within mile of Edgemont
Rapid City Journal
Ken Cassens, a rancher and outfitter who has cattle, bison and elk, estimated that about half of his grazing land was burned. He plans to sell some ...
Badlands National Park
National Parks Traveler (registration)
Long before two visitors to Yellowstone National Park felt compelled to come to the aid of a seemingly abandoned bison calf, a National Park Service ...
Buffalo Could Roam Wider Range In Badlands
SDPB Radio
Visitors to Badlands National Park could see more roaming bison as early as next summer. Park officials are taking public comments on a proposal to ...
Products of Siouxland: Young couple leaves Florida to go where the buffalo roam
Sioux City Journal
Bison was the first meat that she started eating again, which led to ... S.D., sells humanely harvested, free-range bison meat at the Sioux City Farmers ...
'Bison-tennial Bill' will appear in local parades
The Herald Argus
Submitted photo“Bison-tennial Bill,” the Indiana Bicentennial La Porte County Bison, will appear in La Porte and Michigan City's holiday parades this ...
Where in Decatur is Bill?
Decatur Daily Democrat
Bill the Bison is the newest addition to Decatur as a symbol of the Indiana year-long bicentennial celebration. Bill started out standing on East Monroe ...

Indiana State Fair food sneak peek
Indianapolis Star
Deep-fried s'mores, bison cheesesteak egg rolls, pulled pork cheese fries and mac and cheese nachos are among some 26 competitors in the fair's ...
History With Horns
The Herald
City of Jasper employee Al Kiefer installed a bison painted black, red and yellow — the colors of the German flag — at German American Boulevard ...
Book about Texas' landscapes and nature to debut
Co-authors are a cattle rancher and a University of Texas environmental ... There are stories, too, with happy endings: the recovery of bison and of ...
Prairie is still for the birds
Heather Herakovich, in her third summer studying nests at Nachusa Grasslands, has seen a steady thriving of nests in the prairie that about 80 bison ...
Pearl City resident LaVerne Fluechtling enjoys raising bison
Journal Standard
FREEPORT — Pearl City resident LaVerne Fluechtling bartered his way into raising bison: Eight years ago, he traded a couple of Fallow deer bucks ...
Midewin welcomes two baby bison
Chicago Tribune
Two bison calves were born this week at Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie in Wilmington, bringing the total heard up to 38. Midewin introduced 23 ...
Safari park on the way
Journal Times
The list includes camels, bison, Grant's zebras, blackbuck antelope and nilgi antelope, simitar horned oryx, llamas and alpacas, rheas, ostriches, zebu, ...
Tour showcases state's diverse agriculture
The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection ... North Star Bison also contracts with other farmers in Wisconsin to raise ...
Marshfield, July 1930: Call of the wild, part II
Hub City Times
The bison came from the Dakotas and again were financed by local ... The first baby bison was born four years later, and a second was introduced the ...
10 new foods at the 2016 Wisconsin State Fair
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Mountain Man Bloody Mary Burger, with antelope, bison, boar, elk and venison blended in a one-third-pound patty, seasoned like a Bloody Mary and ...
Grand Canyon Bison Might Become Hunting Trophies
The National Park Service finds the species has historical roots in Arizona, but hundreds need to be ... A herd of bison at Grand Canyon National Park.
Ariz.'s Raymond bison herd being replaced with new herd
Yuma Sun
The original sources of Arizona's bison were from the last remaining wild herds roaming theTexas/Oklahoma region and were brought to the North ...
To Bring Bison Back To The Plains, Ranchers Say We Must Eat Them
But in 2012, Greg's wife Tami saw a herd of grazing bison on her way to Wyoming from their home in Longmont, Colorado. She knew then she wanted ...
Smart Women: Breeding better bison
YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK (SMART WOMEN) Two bison recently madehistory as the first bison ever born through in vitro fertilization and ...
Sand Dunes land deal
The Denver Post
... Sand Dunes National Park in southwestern Colorado, a puzzle piece bordered on three sides by the park that includes a bison herd, meadows and ...
Bison Days return to Overland Trail Museum
Journal Advocate
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Drones: the good, the bad and the ugly
High Country News
The Zapata Ranch in southern Colorado is one of the few places that bison can still roam freely. Until recently, scientists and volunteers surveyed the ...
Middletown's famous buffalo vandalized
Asbury Park Press
... happened," Bethany Hintze, a Monmouth University student, wrote on Facebook, where she also posted a photo of the overturned bison statue.
From Alabama to Colombia: Super Superstitions
Paste Magazine
The first Colombians wandered into the Western Hemisphere from Asia during the Ice Age. Chasing bison and woolly mammoth, they migrated south.
Planet Jackson Hole
Davis called the bison “Officer Buffalo” and he took it everywhere with him. Then, the buffalo was lost. Gayle searched online but was unable to find a ...
Super Tag raffles winners announced
Through the Super Tag program, separate raffles are held for bighorn sheep, moose, mountain goat, elk, wild bison, deer, antelope, black bear and ...
MINI Coopers invade Cheyenne for Feeding America
Wyoming Tribune
Blaine McCartney/Wyoming Tribune Eagle ... The gathering at Terry Bison Ranch included a barbecue and music for all the participants in the rally.
To the West: A break from the valley
Titusville Herald
Bison hung back by themselves, like most male bison do, grazing on grass, and showing no threat, even though they have killed people too, and can ...
Tourists gone wild
Missoula Independent
Soon, Shamash Kassam and his adult son were explaining to law enforcement why they had a newborn bison in their trunk. The Lamar Buffalo Ranch (Inside Yellowstone) ...
Southern Plains Pointers: July 2016

  What The Heck - Is - Going On Out There? (!)

  This is the time of year that we need to know stuff, as opposed to assuming stuff, about how our herd is weathering the dog days of summer in the southern plains.  The dynamics include ambient temperature, nutritional profile of the plant community and, of course, parasites. Late summer worming can help with a few things that are interconnected and directly affect the herds’ ability to remain sustainably.
  Always question what you see this time of year. The examples of what you should be [willing] to question might include; grass/ fecal analyses / and body scores.
  • You see grass – what type is it? What stage is it in? Are they eating it, or are they selecting other grass types that are more palatable and over grazing certain areas? What is the grass testing?
    • You may, or may not, have grass…
  • You wormed the herd/ the herd [is] wormed. – When? How do you know? What wormer was used? Do you rotate pastures according to parasite life cycles?
    • Your herd may, or may not, be de-wormed… sorry.
  • You had the vet do a fecal analysis and it showed [no / zero egg count] so you see a clean fecal report. - How did you prepare the samples? What kind of samples did you focus on? And in the case of clean or zero – it’s possible, but not likely. 
    • You may not have a good fecal analysis. Vets and labs are people too…
  • The herd looks good/ fat. – Where [on their body] are they fat? Are the bull’s fat or the cows? Are they building condition, or is their condition [body score] waning? 
    • The herd may, or may not, actually look good within the context of the breeding season.
  So – while it is true that summer is not the time to gather and work the herd, it is also true that there is a lot of mental work required of the human element – now elemental to health and productivity of the herd.  Keep in mind that the herd being productive is bison conservations safest place. Personally, even though it’s more mental stress, I take time to look around and consider the [many factors] I might be missing to get them through in good shape, and bred. Nature is chaotic and for eons the bison evolved to be productive in times of plenty, and less productive in times or cycles of ecosystem hardship. These days the sedentary, by pre-Columbian comparison, habitats for bison, abound with factors that are invasive, non-native and in some cases toxic. Thankfully, the bison have a beneficial organism working on their behalf to smooth out the natural cycles of plenty vs. hardship called – The Bison Rancher…

Frasier Bison L.L.C.
Utah 'pure' bison herd may be key to conserving species
WKMG Orlando
"A pure bison is genetically a genuine descendent of the original Plains bison ... They're a mix in some way of bison and cattle genes," du Toit said. ... zoologist and first director of the New York Zoological Park, known today as the ...
GO! With Kids: Play on beach, take a hike at Antelope Island
“You can see the national mammal —the American bison — as well as many other animals,” she said. People can also sign up for horseback riding ...

Wind-whipped wildfire burns 10K acres on Antelope Island
Salt Lake Tribune
Although it was named for the pronghorn antelope, the island is most-famous for its bison herd — 500 to 700 animals, which attract visitors from ...
Park officials say fire now under control after half of Antelope Island burned
Wilson estimates there are about 750 bison, 500 to 700 deer, 120 bighorn sheep and about 200 pronghorn antelope. She said they were fortunate ...
How the West was won
Idaho State Journal
The prairie in what is now North Dakota was full of wildlife such as antelope, bison, deer and even grizzly bears. The expedition members were ...
Idaho Museum of Natural History displays some of its rarely seen objects
Bison skulls discovered in Southeast Idaho are just one attraction at the Idaho Museum of Natural History's latest exhibit, "Exposed: Never Before ...

White Cloud Days is a community festival
Jamestown Sun
The event started with the arrival of White Cloud, a rare albino bison, to the National Buffalo Museum herd 19 years ago. White Cloud was retired in ...
Herd & Horns restaurant expands near NDSU campus
Herd & Horns opened in August 2015 just in time for the first Bison home football game of the season. This expansion wasn't part of the original ...
Grand Forks, ND, farmer and daughter invited to White House Kids State Dinner
AG Week
Halverson added that she chose bison because “it's healthier than beef and “roams where the live.” She chose the three beans—kidney, pinto and ...
First Bison Bash set at Cross Ranch State Park near Hensler
Washington Times
First Bison Bash set at Cross Ranch State Park near Hensler ... the Cross Ranch Nature Preserve, trivia, door prizes and a bison chip throwing contest.
Jamestown features Bison, buffalo museum
Selfies with bison are risky and unadvised, with one exception — and it's a big one. Dakota Thunder is the world's largest buffalo. His home is atop a ...
Caprock Chronicles: Lubbock County's Causey Hill was lookout for buffalo
In 1874, bison-hide hunters and bison-hide buyers entered the Texas Panhandle to hunt the large, brown animals, for bison hides were in high ...
'The American Serengeti' of Dan Flores
Mountain Town News
Flores tells us the Great Plains then also had great herds of bison, ... in Texas near Palo Duro Canyon, then continued his explorations in Montana.

Kiwi lawyer first non-American to win bison dung throwing competition
Kiwi lawyer first non-American to win bison dung throwing competition ... is working for a US tribal court in South Dakota, and turns out to be pretty ...
First up-close look at elk and bison is a moment to remember
Norfolk Daily News
“The demand for bison meat is high. It's been high and it's continuing to grow,” Miller said. “We do grain-feed them. We get a premium for them being ...
Passport Nebraska 2016: Marking last battle of Native American nations
Omaha World-Herald
As white hunters laid waste to bison herds, Pawnee parties started entering hunting grounds of the Lakota, who had warred with them for generations.
Cactus, buffalo, golf carts and the beach: Catalina Island
The Southern
FILE - In this may 12, 2007 file photo, a North American bison forages for food and is one of hundreds that roam Catalina Island off the coast of ...

California Wildfire: Body Found as Blaze Nearly Doubles in Size
Animals, including bears, chimpanzees and bison, were being moved from the sanctuary by Saturday, according Wildlife Waystation, the group that ...
Monthly Bison Carcass Report - 7/11/16
Lancaster Farming
BISON CARCASSES: Prices paid for bison carcass regardless of age or gender were similar compared to May. Additionally the price spread ...

Bison Day at Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge Aug. 6
Newton Daily News
Take a step back in time at Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge's Annual Bison Day. All ages are welcome to spend a day on the prairie and discover ...

Inaugural Bellevue Farm-to-Table event seeks to connect residents to their food
Dubuque Telegraph Herald
BELLEVUE, Iowa — Fresh, sustainable farming is on the menu — as well as tomatoes, pears and bison meat — at Bellevue's inaugural Farm-to-Table ...
Upcoming Events at Land Between the Lakes
SurfKY News (registration) (blog)
Elk & Bison Prairie is a native prairie habitat where you can drive through and see wildflowers and songbirds too. Elk, bison, and other wildlife roam ...
Wind-whipped wildfire burns 10K acres on Antelope Island
Salt Lake Tribune
... night — nearly half the acreage at one of Utah's best-known landmarks. .... The island's bison herd seems mostly unfazed by the fire, Ward said.
Park officials to visitors: Don't get too close, give bison their space
But when she heard about bison in Utah, their trip to Boise took a detour to Antelope Island State Park. “They're dangerous, but they're really cute,” ...
Company to make footwear in Haverhill — a return to city's shoe-manufacturing heritage
HAVERHILL — Chaucer Leather company said it will begin production this fall of men's casual moccasins made from American Bison in its leather ...
Delta Junction family named Farm Family of the Year
Fairbanks Daily News-Miner
They founded the farm, which produces hay and bison. The farm sells much of its hay to beef, yak and sheep farmers, as well as horse owners and the
Buffalo born at zoo in Windsor
Greenville Daily Reflector
Commonly called a buffalo, the zoo's family is among about 500,000 American bison in the United States and Canada. The animals were common in ...
Creature Feature: The Bison of Penn's Cave
We're headed back to Penn's Cave today to get up close and personal with the country's largest land mammal, the Bison. We'll learn about the history ...
Trip of a lifetime
“Amazing,” the majestic kind that's part of a landscape unlike any in westernPennsylvania. “Wild,” as in wildlife like bison, bear and wolf.
Into the wild with North America's buffalo scavengers
The Independent
Accompanying them are a group of scavengers, collectively calling themselves Buffalo Bridge, who live off the remains of bison from the hunt. Working ...
CSKT falls short of good bison stewardship
The Missoulian
Also, I served for 10 years on the Montana Noxious Weeds Advisory Council. ... Regarding range management on the National Bison Range, I have ...
'Big Game, Big Stories': Exhibit to highlight Montana's hunting culture
Helena Independent Record
Bison slaughtered for their hides and tongues made Montana the “Boneyard of the continent,” according to a quote from historian Jim Pozewitz ...
Guest opinion: Keep Bison Range under public management
Billings Gazette
The National Bison Range was established by an Act of Congress in 1908 specifying that it be permanent. That was among the earliest attempts to ...
Support National Bison Range transfer
The Missoulian
One of the core principles of Montana Conservation Voters is the protection of our public lands as well as access to those public lands. At the state and ...
Red Ants Pants offers three days of music, fun
Great Falls Tribune
Friday's events include a craft fair, used book sale, a kids tent and demonstrations on bison hide tanning and mule packing during the day.
OPINION: Support transfer of bison range to tribes
Daily Inter Lake
One of the core principles of Montana Conservation Voters is the protection of our public lands as well as access to those public lands. At the state and ...

JULY 1ST-Hiking with the world’s largest urban bison herd. We don’t have a whole lot of access to the bison that inspired a generation of literature and film in the western United States, but Canadians have preserved the public’s relationship with the majestic creature: The fine young buffalo in the world’s largest urban bison herd (headcount unavailable) will be celebrating independence day with anyone who cares to hike through their midst (tour guide mandatory). 
Into the wild for art
Winnipeg Free Press
For Wilson, the location is ideal for her project, which entails recording audio produced by bison individually and in herds. The West Broadway ...
The original settlers: Spellbinding images of Canada's First Nations whose tribal chiefs wore ...
Daily Mail
These fascinating people traditionally hunted bison on the plains of northwestern America and Canada. However, the Siksika, Kainai, and Piikani ...
Give me a bison burger any day
Winnipeg Free Press
Well, it turns out the early settlers called these large animals buffalo because they resembled the two main species that live in Asia and Africa.
Federal government announces $24 million in improvements to Elk Island National Park
Edmonton Journal
Elk Island National Park is home to a herd of around 300 threatened wood and plains bison — animals that have been successfully reintroduced into ...
When in Canada, try wild game fondue
While there is a full array of steak and gamut of appetizers (bison tartare, raclette, escargot, game sausage), most guests opt for the signature fondues, ...
Canada Upgrading Two Important Northwest Territory Parks
Travel Market Report
Wood Buffalo National Park is home to the world's largest free-roaming herd of bison. Photo: Portal Canada. Parks Canada this week announced over ...
Elderly monkey, bison pass away at Saskatoon Forestry Farm and Zoo
Saskatoon StarPhoenix
He was geriatric beyond what a normal North American bison would live,” Moran said. The zoo likely won't bring in a new bison bull until 2017, but ...

Sask. bison back home after winter of roaming free
Western Producer (subscription)
The approximately 30 bison broke loose in early December and roamed all winter near Highway 35 in the rural municipalities of Pleasantdale and ...

University of Saskatchewan researchers produce world's first wood bison using in vitro fertilization
It's been a rough 80 years for wood bison, with less than five per cent of the North American herd still alive in the wild. The animals suffered from ...
US has taste for Canadian bison
Western Producer (subscription)
WINNIPEG, July 22 (CNS Canada) – Demand for Canadian bison is rising in the United States, the head of an industry group says. The number of ...

QC Read My Book features Wood Buffalo by George Mercer
Regina Leader-Post
... Breton Highlands to Wood Buffalo National Park, landing in the middle of a controversial proposal to slaughter the park's entire bison population.

Scientists Produce Rare Wood Bison Calves Through IVF
I4U News
University of Saskatchewan researchers have succeeded in producing wood bison (Bison bison athabascae) through in vitro fertilization. Credit: ...
High demand for bison meat drives up prices in Canada
Regina Leader-Post
Increased demand for bison meat nationally and internationally has driven up prices in Saskatchewan. Last year meat was selling for $5 per pound ...
New Zealand
Kiwi lawyer first non-American to win bison dung throwing competition
Kiwi lawyer first non-American to win bison dung throwing competition ... is working for a US tribal court in South Dakota, and turns out to be pretty ...
Australian bison boom no threat to cattle
Nikkei Asian Review
"Bison are great animals to train cutting horses," Steve Tolmie said. "They are smart, quick and strong. They have facial recognition of a particular ...
1000-year-old bison skeleton uncovered at Prehistoric Indian Village
Daily Republic
Outram believes the bison was killed in the summer and the bones were thrown into the pit after it was butchered. The meat of the bison was likely ...
Bison dies at Mexico City's Chapultepec Zoo
Fox News Latino
A female American bison - or buffalo - died at the Chapultepec Zoo after another bison in its herd apparently butted her, Mexico City's environment ...
Molecular Biology and Evolution (Oxford University Press)
EurekAlert (press release)
Now, using the first whole genome sequencing data from two European bison bulls from the Białowieża Forest World Heritage site, scientists Mathieu ...

Not sure if Malaysia has American bison currently, but Secretary John Kerry was there talking about our Bald Eagle and American Bison. Interesting.

BruWILD opens first wildlife rescue, rehab training
Borneo Bulletin (press release) (blog)
We rallied to the defence of our bald eagle and the American bison. We have fought to save tuna, salmon, sharks, tigers, whales and many other ...

The rewild show: Aurochs 2.0 and other species to make a European comeback
Irish Times
Europe once teemed with wildlife: herds of bison, wild horses, deer, aurochs and even water buffalo. Lions, leopards, hyenas, bears and wolves ...

Weigh In On The Proposed Transfer Of The NationalBison Range
The National Bison Range was carved out of the Flathead Reservation by the federal government in 1908. Now, the Confederated Salish and ...
Tribal fire crews battling 500-acre blaze near National Bison Range
The Missoulian
Camel said the fire is human-caused, and started next to U.S. Highway 93 across the road from the National Bison Range. It has been burning east on ...
The original settlers: Spellbinding images of Canada's First Nations whose tribal chiefs wore ...
Daily Mail
These fascinating people traditionally hunted bison on the plains of ... However, the Siksika, Kainai, and Piikani tribes were forced to settle on ...
Senator continues battle to save Native American artifacts from theft and sale
The Guardian
Native American dancers at the Red Rock Park in New Mexico. The bill would prohibit exporting Native American items that are of cultural and historic ...
Tribal leaders look for suggestions on Bison Range operation
Tribal leaders are encouraging people to offer suggestions now on a proposal to shift management of the National Bison Range over to the ...
CSKT holds public meeting to discuss bison range transfer
NBC Montana
PABLO, Mont. - The Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes held a public meeting Tuesday night at Salish Kootenai College to discuss a plan to ...
Tribal leaders say Bison Range management change won't set a precedent
KBZK Bozeman News
Attorneys drafting legislation to switch management of the National Bison Range to the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes say they've written ...
Guest opinion: Keep Bison Range under public management
Billings Gazette
The National Bison Range was established by an Act of Congress in 1908 specifying that it be permanent. That was among the earliest attempts to ...
National Bison Range transfer moving ahead
Great Falls Tribune
PABLO (AP) — The Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes are working to return the National Bison Range to tribal management. About 150 people ...
Tribes are award-winning stewards of natural resources
The Missoulian
Recently (July 7), Chuck Jarecki opined that there is no evidence that the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes would improve the National Bison ...
Better than Beef
Men's Fitness
Take a hint from our Native American ancestors: You can't beat a big, hot hunk of buffalo meat. “Bison has as much protein as beef,” says Eleat Sports ...
Bison Range comments to Congress
The National Bison Range is for all Americans to own as a part of our national wildlife refuge system. The American Bison is now our national mammal ...

Tribes present draft legislation for bison range transfer
Ravalli Republic
Draft legislation to transfer ownership of the National Bison Range to the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes will have a public review on ...
Last Chance to Comment on Transfer of National Bison Range
Public News Service
This week is the public's last chance to weigh in on proposed legislation to transfer management of the National Bison Range to the Confederated ...
Dozens attend meeting on National Bison Range transfer plan
The Missoulian
Legal attorneys Shane Morigeau and Brian Upton presented a brief outline of the draft bill, which would restore the management of the bison range to ...
Here's what Congress did — and didn't do — this year
PBS NewsHour
In April, Congress unanimously passed legislation designating the American bison as the country's national mammal. Photo by U.S. Forest Service via ...
CSKT Bison Range Transfer Receives Strong Reception
Flathead Beacon
The CSKT held a public meeting June 12 to discuss the proposed legislation to restore the National Bison Range to federal trust ownership, which ...
Tribes hold meeting on draft Bison Range restoration legislation
Char-Koosta News
NRD Wildlife Program Manager Dale Decker speaks with county residents regarding potential land transfer of the National Bison Range to the Tribes.
Officials: Every dog has its day
Young grasses have more nutrients for species such as bison and elk. ... three main animals it has that graze on grass—bison, elk and prairie dogs.

Whats Eating You (in National Parks)?
Daily Beast
Grizzly attacks on humans in and around our national parks always make the news, but you're more likely to be attacked by bison, or ticks. Here's a ...
The Time Has Come, This is “The Hour of Land”
Crave Online
James Balog. American bison, Colorado, 1991, chromogenic print on Fujifilm Crystal Archive paper, 2016, 13 x 10.5 inches, Courtesy of the artist.

Ian Wilmut, Dolly The Sheep Creator, Calls For Biobank Of Endangered Animals
International Business Times
RTR3Q31W An American bison stands in the grasslands of the Janos Biosphere Reserve in Janos, in Chihuahua state, May 16, 2014.
Celebrating American Pride
But it's not, it's the North American bison. They don't call it a buffalo, I guess to avoid confusing it with that place where you have to dig your car out of ...
Casual cruelty is the Sign of the beast
The New Indian Express
Herds of American bison, which roamed the grasslands of North America in the 1800s, were slaughtered by holiday hunters from the safety of railway ...
Artist Kathryn Winkler to discuss her work at art luncheon July 22
Jamestown Sun
"A Refreshing Pause" is the name of this painting of a male bison done by artist Kathryn Winkler. Winkler will be discussing her work at an arts lunch at ...
Red Lodge artist uses bike parts to create unique metal sculptures
Billings Gazette
Red Lodge artist Ivan Kosorok holds a bison skull piece made from recycled bicycle parts in the Heist gallery in Red Lodge on Wednesday, June 29, ...

Spotlight: Rick Wilson, "The Nature of Art: Painted Parks"
Fort Wayne Journal Gazette
For example, the first painting I did was a scene with American Bison lumbering through knee deep snow at Ouabache State Park. Also, Pokagon ...
Bison painter talk on Saturday
Jamestown Sun
Virginia artist Kathryn Winkler will give a talk and visit with guests about her work, which includes bison paintings from 2 to 4 p.m. Saturday at the ..
A Modern Bison Primer
Civil Eats
Even so, bison meat is beginning to show up in more places—in freezers at Costco, on menus at bowling alleys, and in the pockets of amateur ...
The Definitive Ranking of Livestream Wildlife Cams
Outside Magazine
We witnessed sad sharks, baby bison in danger, and more puffins than any one person deserves to see in a day—and we've determined which ...
Terry Tempest Williams explores Americans' bond with their national parks
Steamboat Pilot & Today
#Tempest Williams' story about the death of a bison cow, whose fate it was to be killed and devoured by wolves in the midst of the difficult delivery of a ...
'How the West was lost'
Idaho State Journal
A recent article in the Idaho State Journal by Smokey Merkley was ... Dakota was full of wildlife such as antelope, bison, deer and even grizzly bears.
Brain Food: Prehistoric Bison Kill Sites
KNAU Arizona Public Radio
Chrissina Burke is looking at ancient bison kill sites to prove that wild ... From tooth marks on bison bones, Burke can identify what kinds of animals ...

1000-year-old bison skeleton uncovered at Prehistoric Indian Village
Daily Republic
Outram believes the bison was killed in the summer and the bones were thrown into the pit after it was butchered. The meat of the bison was likely ...
1000-year-old bison skeleton unearthed in Mitchell
MITCHELL, S.D. (AP) - A 1,000-year-old bison skeleton has been unearthed at the Prehistoric Indian Village in Mitchell. The Daily Republic reports ...

Fleming: Lindenmeier site sheds light on ancient Folsom
The Coloradoan
Though they may have hunted other mammals, bison were their main ... sponsored excavations at the Colorado site; numerous artifacts now reside at ...
South Dakota
History changing discoveries being made in Mitchell
The people who lived here more than one thousand years ago killed Bison on what Cindy Gregg calls an industrial scale. "We like to think of the Bison ...
How Ice Age fossils found in East Bay help children learn
San Francisco 
After years of analysis, the fossils have been confirmed to be skeletal pieces from a stag moose, a bison and a deer mouse. Another cluster of the ...
Hudson-Meng Education & Research Center Community Tour July 28 Nebraska
Rapid City Journal
The bone bed enclosure houses an estimate 500+ “ancient bison” (bisonantiquus) bones from 9,000 to 10,000 years ago. The site provides an ...
Relic gatherer relishes a world of discovery
News-Press Now
Mike Norman holds in place various bones from a bison's leg. He has ... He spots fossils and can tell a bison bone from those of cattle and deer.
Ancient bison latest addition to displays at Big Bone Lick State Historic Site
A new “Ancient Bison” exhibit has been added to the interpretive displays at Big Bone Lick State Historic Site in Boone County, Kentucky. The hulking ...
Food and Recipes 
Have a Native Grilled Food Feast this Fourth of July [9 Images]
Indian Country Today Media Network
I had never grilled bison patties outside, but I figured they are just like hamburgers. Not really. Bison has so little fat, the patties stuck to the grill. At that ...
36 restaurants serving fresh fare around Louisville
The Courier-Journal
The extensive toppings bar at this affordable spot gives you total control over what's on your burger sourced 100 percent from Kentucky bison($10) or ...
Bison is a leaner, richer alternative to beef
Kansas City Star
For years, bison has been touted as a healthier alternative to beef because it's lower ... For $3, you can add crumbled bison sausage to a house-made biscuit ... McCoy's Public House, 4057 Pennsylvania Ave. in Westport, is open 11 ...
Hayes serves up colorful plate on Food Network show
Traverse City Record Eagle
TRAVERSE CITY — The time got away from Lindsay Hayes as she fried bison meatballs and sauteed eggplant in front of three "Chopped Junior" ...
Buffalos at the Ritz-Carlton, Bachelor Gulch
Vail Daily News
Think bison and beef burgers with the culinary works; braised short ribs complemented with citrus risotto and honey-glazed carrots; tacos filled with ...
Buffalo business
Bison meat is often touted as healthier than other red meat. Nutritionists say it has lower cholesterol and fat content than beef. “It tastes great. It's leaner ...
10 wines to wash down that grilled burger tonight
Chicago Tribune
From a classic burger with simple toppings, to more complexly stacked ... to a black-truffle-mayo-and-fried-egg stunner, to a bison burger with cheddar, ...
Montana bison meatloaf wins Bozeman girl a trip to White House
The Bozeman Daily Chronicle
Brooke DuCharme, 9, demonstrates use of a bison cookie cutter to make her famous Bison in a Field Meatloaf. DuCharme won Michelle Obama's ...
Food co-op to repurpose Northfield plant
... outside of Northfield, to process certified organic plus grass-fed cattle, hogs,bison, sheep and goats. The plant also will create specialty and smoked ...
Competition Dining: Bison and local grains
Bison and grains was the second of seven battles that will take place at the venue over the next two weeks. Each day, two local chefs - each armed ...
When in Canada, try wild game fondue
While there is a full array of steak and gamut of appetizers (bison tartare, raclette, escargot, game sausage), most guests opt for the signature fondues, ...
Food tours offer rich experiences for foodies and tourists
St. Albert Gazette
To start, the Edmonton tours will feature vendors showcasing perogies with bacon, Chinese dumplings and bison, and sweet offerings from Fruits of ...
Food trends: low-fat bison meat key to a healthy diet
Meat wholesaler Durham Ranch has called on Americans to eat bison burgers with the business 'committed' to sustainable farming after the US ...
New restaurant brings local pub grub to Meridian
Idaho Statesman
Starters include maple-bacon peanuts ($4), hard cider habanero clams ($13) and bison finger steaks ($13). Besides upscale burgers, sandwiches and ...
'Caviar of protein': Old Mill Creek store stocks exotic meat
Chicago Tribune
It displays ground beef and beef steaks, but unlike most others, it also displays ground bison, elk steak, venison strip loin and wild boar Italian sausage.

Best Bites: Epic Bites Bison Meat + Uncured Bacon, Chia & Raisins
Their bison meat variety is sweet (with chia and raisins) and savory (bacon and bison), and there's the added bonus that eating bison would be sure to ...

Denver food calendar: July 21-26, 2016
The Denver Post
Through July 24: $15 bison burgers in celebration of National Bison Month, free lobster upgrade on Sunday nights, and half off prime bites at the bar.
Bison smokies the star of these kebabs
Northumberland Today
Although steak is great on the barbecue, sometimes we need a change and some relief on the budget. A few weeks ago a young lady asked for my ...
First up-close look at elk and bison is a moment to remember 
Nebraska Elk Tours
Norfolk Daily News
“The demand for bison meat is high. It's been high and it's continuing to grow,” Miller said. “We do grain-feed them. We get a premium for them being ...
20 indigenous foods historically and culturally important to North America
Christian Science Monitor
Bison: Bison, or buffalo meat, has been a staple for the Native Americans of the Great Plains for thousands of years, forming an integral part of their ...
$99 Road Trip: To Ellensburg and Cle Elum for history and a good steak
The Seattle Times
More bison in Ellensburg: A bison burger served on ciabatta bread is a mouth- More bison in Ellensburg: A bison burger served on ciabatta bread is a.
Tour showcases state's diverse agriculture
He said he had an interest in bison since he was a boy and also liked bison meat for its nutritional and human-health benefits. Bison contains high ...
Bison Burger
Men's Fitness
“Bison has as much protein as beef,” says Eleat Sports Nutrition's Angie Asche, R.D. “But a 3 oz bison burger has 152 calories—a beef burger has 230 ...
Montana's Crowning Jewel
Billings Gazette
In the Ptarmigan dining room at Many Glacier Lodge, discover local fare such as smoked Montana trout, bison chili and duck breast with Flathead ...
Grilled bison ribs with a bit of chew
Coeur d'Alene Press
My eyes discover a package of bison back-ribs and the wheels in my ... Bison is an amazing alternative for dieters who crave the rich taste of beef but ...

The other red meat is becoming harder to find at local restaurants
Charleston Post Courier
Is there a restaurant in Charleston that serves tasty bison burgers? A: Can I talk you out of one of those adjectives? I don't think of bison burgers as ...
Chef shows best ways to cook bison
Western Producer (subscription)
Nothing fits into the western heritage ambience of the Calgary Stampede like a bison burger but in the hands of a skilled chef, this meat can be much ...
Wildlife advocates to sue for Yellowstone bison protections
Casper Star-Tribune Online
HELENA, Mont. (AP) — Wildlife advocates say they'll sue in an attempt to force the U.S. government to designate Yellowstone National Park bison as ...
Wyoming News Update
Sheridan Media (press release)
(AP) — Wildlife advocates say they'll sue in an attempt to force the U.S. government to designate Yellowstone National Park bison as a threatened or ...

Do Yellowstone Visitors Lack Respect for Wildlife or Just Common Sense?
American Hunter (press release) (blog)
The tourists in question, however, not only decided help was necessary, but came to the conclusion that the bison calf needed to be immediately ...
Yellowstone winter tour with Tauck: review
While the bears go to sleep, the rest of the wildlife – huge herds of bison with snow-sprinkled beards, wolves on the prowl for unsuspecting elk, ...
The Bozeman Reader: Yellowstone commensurate with our capacity for wonder
The Bozeman Daily Chronicle
It may also account for this year's record-setting foolishness. Petting bison, "rescuing" bison, tromping through geothermal features – reprimand these ...
Bryers shows collection of paintings at library exhibit
West Yellowstone News
He spoke about a morning in Yellowstone where the temperature was 66 below on the Madison River, where bison stood beneath a large, vivid sun ...
49 Yellowstone bison still locked up; awaiting quarantine decision
The Bozeman Daily Chronicle
As state, federal and tribal officials haggle over the details, 49 bison sit in corrals at the northern edge of Yellowstone National Park, awaiting word on ...
Breathtaking footage of bison running through Lamar Valley
Daily Mail
This amazing video was filmed while driving through the Lamar Valley in Yellowstone National Park. Hundreds of bison are seen running through the ...
Now THAT'S hoofing it! Tourist films the astonishing daily commute among a huge herd of bison in ...
Daily Mail
A male American bison can weigh up to 2,000lbs (907kg) which is heavier than a Smart car. Last year, it was estimated that there were around 4,900 ...
YNP numbers likely to top one million in July
Cody Enterprise
However, the visibility of animals such as bison, bears and wolves from Park roads can mean the difference between smooth-flowing traffic and ...
WWCC group's geology quest leads to Yellowstone
Walla Walla Union-Bulletin
Hundreds of animal species, such as antelope, wolves, bison, bears and elk live in Yellowstone, which is filled with scenic canyons, rivers and forests.
Yellowstone only getting better with age
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
A herd of bison grazes past an angler fishing in the Yellowstone River in Yellowstone National Park. The National Park Service is celebrating its 100th ...

The 2016  

is featuring TWO Bison Cooking Demonstrations,

presented by the Bison Producers of Alberta & Executive Chef Duncan from the Vintage Group Restaurants.

When:  Friday, July 15th and Saturday, July 16th  - 2 PM Both Days

Where: Calgary Co-op Kitchen Theatre in the BMO, Calgary Stampede Grounds

Come down to the Stampede and join us !



Conservation, Culture, and Cuisine

Saturday, August 13, 2016 


Did you Register to Participate ??

Then contact Linda at the the Bison Producers of Alberta office if you would like some promotional materials sent out to distribute to your visitors.            [ or  780-955-1995 ]
This year’s event is the weekend of August 20-21, 2016 (Saturday is for farm to table culinary events, while Sunday is for farm open houses).  Go to for a map showing where all the participants are located.
Open Farm Days in Alberta
When:   The weekend of August 20-21, 2016 
Where:  Farm Locations throughout Alberta ;)


Canadian Bison Association Weekly Prices - June 24, 2016
Yorkton This Week (press release)
NOTE: To post a comment you must have an account with at least one of the following services: Disqus, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ You may then ...
 National Bison Association 

Strong demand prompts call for more bison ranchers
Ag Journal
The resurgent bison industry has gone through a boom and bust but has ... co-hosted by the bison association and Rocky Mountain Farmers Union.

Pearl City resident LaVerne Fluechtling enjoys raising bison
Journal Standard
FREEPORT — Pearl City resident LaVerne Fluechtling bartered his way into raising bison: Eight years ago, he traded a couple of Fallow deer bucks ...

Throlson American Bison Foundation scholarship now accepting 2016 applications
Farm Forum
In November 2016, the Throlson American Bison Foundation will award ... this student will have future interest in livestock and specifically bison.
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