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January 2015

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100 YEARS AGO: Sioux City to purchase bison for Stone Park
CITY TO PURCHASE BISON: The Sioux City Real Estate Association's dream of wild buffalo roaming the sylvan stretches of Stone Park will become a

From Bison hunts to new smoking bans: laws, regulations and taxes that ring in with 2015
As Canadians ring in 2015 at the stroke of midnight, new laws and regulations from governments across the country come into effect Jan. 1.

Bison herd moving too close to town for comfort
JACKSON, Wyo. —Officials at the National Elk Refuge say they're trying to discourage a herd of 170 bison from venturing into nearby Jackson.

Bison bust Owner of startup Hadley bistro struggled against debt; site faces auction Feb. 4
Ciaglo had grown up on the property and lived there for most of his life, buying the farm from his mother in the 1990s with his brother to raise bison.


Look Back: Buffalo trail led to Hartsville
The “buffalo” we are talking about are actually “bison”. When the white man came to the New World, he had to come up with names for the new and ...
Reminder from last month.

USDA proposes to ease ID requirements on cattle
Cattle and bison also could be shipped interstate without an interstate certificate of veterinary inspection, or ICVI, when they are moved directly to a ...
Local chef dishes up popular French recipe
Cook bison slowly for approx 2 ½ hours until meat is just starting to become tender. Add potatoes and cook an additional ½ hour until potatoes are soft ...
Jan 2015     

             Spend less to get more.  The more you know, the less you need.  Employing the principles of ecology allows us to construct permanently productive and resilient ecosystems that beget increasing abundance over time without applying heavy inputs of expensive and deleterious agri-business products.  Capital and energy intensive does not equal success!


Wide, open spaces: Tallgrass Prairie Preserve near Pawhuska seeking docents
Free-roaming Bison walk in the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve north of Pawhuska. The Tallgrass Prairie Preserve is the largest preserved tract of native

In-town bison gore horses
Horses owned by the Biolchini family and housed at Spur Stables Horse Boarding have come out on the bad side of encounters with bison this winter, ...

Philly's eco-clothing king invents 'Ultimate American Sock'
"Because the Ultimate American Sock project was so different," he said, "and ... Come March, when the socks arrive here, Philly will be the bison-down ...

Learning for Life: Kenai Peninsula 4-H lends helping hand at wood bison roundup
According to AWCC Director Mike Miller, the North American Wood Bison has been extinct in Alaska for more than 100 years and is currently listed as ...

National Geographic Magazine to feature Yellowstone: UNESCO report highlights park efforts
The park is evaluating the feasibility of a bison quarantine program where animals that test negative for brucellosis exposure could be considered for ...
Weird, wonderful things abound in Yellowstone in winter
Bison forage for food beneath the snow, and they can sometimes be seen with large clumps of snow and ice dangling from their chin hair. These oddly ...

National Geographic Magazine to Release Issue Dedicated to Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem ...
According to the report, the feasibility of a bison quarantine program has been evaluated by the park. In the program, there is a possibility that animals ...

Yellowstone park officials to issue new report on condition of Yellowstone Park
About the bison population, the park officials have stated that the population is too high and so they are currently evaluating how feasible it will be to ...

Snowcoach tours reveal Yellowstone's quiet winter splendor
In a meadow near the Madison River, a half-dozen bison trudged through snowdrifts searching for food, a gaggle of Canada geese floating in nearby ...

Yellowstone science efforts to include greater focus on public opinion
Yellowstone continues to struggle with a long-term plan for how to handle the hundreds of bison that leave the park during harsh winter weather.

Montana public disagrees with bison management proposals
A random sample survey of 500 Montana registered voters just released shows that Montanans strongly support free roaming bison on some public ...

Montana public disagrees with bison management proposals
They are “Reclassify all wild bison in Montana as livestock so they are managed as livestock instead of as wildlife” 18% 78% rejected. “Prohibit the
Bison restoration up for debate again in Helena
Several bison-related bills are expected to be introduced at the Montana Legislature this year as the debate continues over the appropriateness of 

Hazed and Confused: Documentary Highlights Yellowstone Bison Plight in Montana
The scene is the fruit of the 2000 Interagency Bison Management Plan, which allowed the Montana Department of Livestock “haze and slaughter 

Budget committee questions funding for bison, brucellosis
A bison roams through the winter environment of Yellowstone National Park on Monday, Dec. 22. Snowcoaches provide tours for visitors of ...
Yellowstone in whites
Yellowstone 2. Bison sometimes can become so covered with snow they blend with the landscape. Yellowstone 3. LEW FREEDMAN ...

North Fork traffic
A Yellowstone bison strolls along the North Fork Highway in the Shoshone Forest looking for new grazing grounds recently.

Yellowstone Begins Bison Capture Operations
This winter, hunting in Montana is expected to remove up to 350 bison from the population, while an additional 500 to 600 animals that leave the park ...]

Groups Fight 'Slaughter' of Yellowstone Bison
Groups Fight 'Slaughter' of Yellowstone Bison ... (CN) - The federal culling of Yellowstone bison herds threatens genetic ... 15 in Washington, D.C

Bison capture starts at north gate
Members of the Interagency Bison Management Plan (IBMP) agreed to an operating plan that targets removing 800-900 bison that migrate out of the ...

Raw Video: Bison exiting Yellowstone National Park
I know there are two sides to this story about the Bison capture going on right now. Just so no one is confused, the Bison are leaving at their own will ...

Thank you Nicole
Google Buffalo Field Campaign, discover the abuse and corrupt evil of ranchers, Montana, and the greed of the euro immigrants who control the ...

Bill would require range study for bison transplants
A bill that would require Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks to hire someone to evaluate forage prior to transplanting bison could run into legal issues over ...
Montana bison hunt well underway
The Yellowstone bison herd numbers around 4,000, and more than 10,000 people applied for the few hundred Montana tags available for hunting this

Yellowstone Park ships 200+ bison to slaughter, more planned – conservation group
Already, more than 100 bison have been killed by both tribal and Montana hunters, BFC stated. “It is unthinkable and profoundly incongruent that ...

Letters back bison bill, criticize Rep. Zinke
Grab bill by horns. The Yellowstone Buffalo Foundation is seeking reintroduction of a bill to improve the conservation and management 

Wild buffalo: Bill improves FWP responsibilities
Before FWP releases or transplants any wild buffalo/bison onto public or private land in Montana, they will develop and adopt a conservation and ..

Study: Bison don't compete much with cattle for grass
Ranchers fear bison for two main reasons: disease and grazing competition. But a new study shows that bison aren't the competitors they would seem ...

Yellowstone brucellosis prevention plan continues, receives push back
Yellowstone National Park has shipped at least 200 bison near the park boundary with Montana to slaughter as the famed tourist destination seeks to ...

FWP wasting public money on bison slaughter
Bison slaughter is to begin in the Yellowstone National Park herd. Rather than offer permits to people in need at a reasonable fee, say $750 per

Newton to discuss Native American fur trade
Following the dinner, at approximately 7:15 p.m., Sheridan archaeologist Cody Newton will present, “Bison Robes and Baubles: Developing a Native ...

Where the Buffalo roam
A small herd of bison browse in the new-fallen snow at the Prairie Heritage Center near Peterson. / By Hugh Perry, for the Pilot-Tribune.
USDA proposes modifications to ADT rules
Last week, the USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) proposed a series of amendments to its Animal Disease Traceability ...

'Nazi' cows tried to kill my staff, says Devon farmer
The tiny figures represent characteristic game animals while in the background a stuffed European bison looms. The horn sitting on the map is

Bison hike gets up close with nature
A guided "First Day" bison hike at Prairie State Park was for some on the ... Missouri State Parks adopted it four years ago and we've had anywhere ...

NHGRI/Smithsonian to sequence North America's oldest dog relics
... Paleo-Indians roamed the dry grasslands of Northeast Colorado, hunting the dwindling numbers of mammoths and the more plentiful bison herds.

Saturday's Outdoor Events in Oklahoma
The tour will wrap up sometime between 11 a.m. and noon at the Foss State Park Headquarters where the park staff will be feeding the bison herd.

Elk Refuge hunt has highest harvest since 2003
Elk hunting is a key component in the current Bison and Elk Management Plan, which calls for a phased transition from intensive supplemental ...
Vancouver's Skwachàys Lodge billed as first aboriginal arts hotel in Canada
I'm from the prairies so I have my aboriginal twist,” said Theresa Contois of Cedar Feast House Catering.
"We've developed a menu of bison short ribs, I do a sandwich with pulled bison with rhubarb barbecue sauce,” she added.
Southern Plains Pointers: Jan 31 2015

                                                     Getting Over the ‘Hump’

  Thanks to an unusual November and an atypical polar blast, the southern plains is experiencing less winter forage than we usually enjoy. Even the dedicated forage-croppers are unusually stressed for feed, causing the need for additional supplementation for bison health. This reality can vary widely within the southern plains depending on the eco-region-home; where the buffalo roam. Texas, for example, contains 11 different eco-regions and a wide variation of realities for bison with regard to winter forage and ‘green-up’ planning strategies affecting both the physical and fiscal health of the herd. Different eco-regions have different plant communities and ‘green-up’ realities.  Short and mid-range grasses represent better quality ‘standing hay’ or native residue than tall grass, improved pasture or coastal prairie regimes. Personally I like to enhance the green-up windows by introducing options to the habitats that either belong ecologically, or represent a least-invasive dynamic to a native regime, but produce forage and re-germinate. One trick I’ve learned is to put out a medium to poor quality bale of hay for the purpose of ascertaining the available forage, or the selectability of the available forage to the herd. If the bale seems to last a long time, you probably have feed in their habitat. If the bale evaporates quickly, it’s time to move them or begin haying hard until green up. It’s important to note that this instrumentation is not affective if the hay is #1 quality or ‘candy’.

   Most regions of the southern plains have only February to get through, while others won’t see green up until April or May. Maintaining the healthy condition of the herd should be the #1 consideration, regardless of how it fits into your plan, especially on a year that gives you a curve-ball to deal with. From my perspective; bison would have moved and kept themselves in healthy condition, as needed, throughout the year. Therefore; I postulate the species evolved to maintain a high body score, now our responsibility to manage for.

   Green-up’s a comm’in – all we have to do is get them ‘over the hump’…       

Frasier Bison L.L.C.


The Burger at Eureka! in The West Village Acts Like a Great Burger, Isn't
The waiter let me know that I could substitute bison for any burger on the ... chalkboard with an American flag emblazoned on it hangs over the bar

Bison, it's what's for dinner
Affare's Sous Chef, Bryce Klein demonstrates how to dish up Bison Brown Ale ... Visit Affare at 1911 Main Street in Kansas City, Missouri or online at ...
Colorado- NBA

Six scholarships to be awarded at Junior Bison Judging Event at Stock Show
21 will have an opportunity to test their bison knowledge—and to compete for $4,600 in college scholarship money—at the annual National Bison ...

Bison ranchers set to gather to celebrate business growth, profitability
Twenty years after the leaders of two buffalo groups came together to forge the National Bison Association, an estimated 350 ranchers, marketers and ...

Bison Industry Meeting Part 2
The bison industry has grown a lot in the last 20 years. Dave Carter, executive director of the National Bison Association says not only has there been ...
(Part #1

Illinois: Land of Lincoln, the Windy City, and Now, Buffalo
Where do the buffalo roam? These days, it's about 100 miles east of Chicago as bison return to Illinois for the first time in nearly 200 years in an effort ...


Meet The Man Who Raises And Sells Exotic Animal Meat, From Alpaca To Zebra
Anshu Pathak owns Exotic Meat Market in Perris, California, which sells a ... Bison meat is very lean, making it very easy to overcook; the meat itself ...
Belarus, Europe 

Hunting Tourism and Corruption in Belarus
Hunting bison, one of the symbols of Belarus, usually receives the most attention in the media. According to Belarusian legislation, bison are divided ...

(Poaching Bisons in Belarus)

42 pure bison will arrive at Crane Trust on Jan. 17
WOOD RIVER — A herd of 42 rare, genetically pure bison will arrive at the .... 

Rare purebred bison to arrive in central Nebraska next week
Rare purebred bison to arrive in central Nebraska next week ... Nature and Visitor Center and include a Native American ceremony to bless the bison.

Bison Return to Central Nebraska Prarie After 150 Years
It's a historic moment for central Nebraska as a group of bison are returning to their natural habitat in Wood River for the first time in 150 years.

Crowd welcomes genetically pure bison to the prairie
These genetically pure bison will make their home on 4,500 acres of ... the Schrader family of York, Nebraska, gazed at some monster-size animals

Bison returned to central Nebraska tallgrass prairie
(AP) — A small herd of purebred bison has been relocated to a few square miles in central Nebraska, where ... The bison are descended from animals that the Rimrock Ranch owner bought decades ago in Wyoming, Cooper said.


Lucky crane watchers could see bison, crane interactions
A bison calf put its head deep into a corral bin of prairie hay Thursday afternoon and came out with a mouthful, plus hay stuck to its horns and woolly ...

Three Suns Ranch gives meat a new look in Punta Gorda
Some 2,400 bison, many brought in from South Dakota, Texas, Colorado and points west, call this ranch home. Demand for bison meat — which is ...
Reed: Preserve iconic animals, before they're gone
Bison and other native animals were replaced by domestic ones or plowed ground. About a century ago, Teddy Roosevelt and others began a ...

Applications sought for Carbondale's Art aRound Town
"Ernesto," a bison made of metal and wood by James Burnes of New Mexico, stands watch at the corner of Main and Seventh in Carbondale. « 1 of 1 ...

Hell's Kitchen Opening Room Dedicated To Minnesotans

“Teddy Roosevelt gave his ‘talk softly and carry a big stick’ speech at the 1901 State Fair,” Gerdes said while reading off of a placemat.

But the centerpiece will be something to celebrate Minnesota’s Native American heritage. A chrome bison head will be placed above the fireplace.

“This has been chromed, literally chromed. This is one of the bisons we serve here at the restaurant,” Gerdes said.

Montana- American Prairie Preserve

Top 10 Photos of a Year in America's Serengeti
Since 2005, Bison have roamed the northern plains of Montana on American Prairie Reserve. After ten years of bison restoration, scenes like this one ...

Amon Carter Museum of American Art presents John James Audubon's animal prints
Bos americanus, Gmel, American Bison or Buffalo, a John James Audubon ... of a beaver on paper; in the other lay the skin of an American panther.”.
Cookbook Celebrates A Vermont Vineyard
One of Cassell-Arms' favorite dishes in the book, bison bolognese, a recipe that she adapted from Italian cookery writer Marcella Hazan , she said.
Andrew Lilico: On the ethics of adapting to climate change
Think of an enormously abundant large mammal, such as the American bison at its peak of some 30-100 million beasts. Then compare that to the 1.3 ...

Cattle TB confirmed in Texas Panhandle dairies
By Texas Animal Health Commission January 13, 2015 | 7:39 pm EST ... A variety of other species are susceptible to TB, including elk, deer, bison, ...

Giving bison the boot: At Lehigh Valley Zoo, Big Boy's sons must go
Harley was the first bison born under the zoo's breeding program, making his much-heralded debut in April 2013. His brother, Pache, followed a few ...

Good luck with bison
Having heard on the radio about the future release of buffalo into Banff National Park I was really pleased and optimistic. However; the optimism ...

Bison could roam once again in Banff National Park
It's been 140 years since bison freely roamed these lands, but plans are well underway to reintroduce bison into Banff National Park. The campaign 


Pro bison postcards presented to Richards
Bison Belong coordinator Marie-Eve Marchand officially presented the ... “When you return the bison to where they belong, it's connecting all of us to ...

National Elk Refuge to begin supplemental feeding Monday
CASPER, Wyo. (AP) - Wildlife officials say they will begin supplemental feeding for elk and bison on the National Elk Refuge near Jackson on Monday.
Montana-National Bison Range

5 Best Spots for Wildlife Watching in the U.S.
Established in 1908, the National Bison Range is 18,800 acres of U.S. Fish and Wildlife managed land with 350-500 bison on the grounds. They are
South Dakota

$500000 movie about bison planned as new attraction
$500,000 movie about bison planned as new attraction ... at Custer State Park, including $500,000 for a world-class movie about bison that would be ...

Restaurant Week kicks off tomorrow — make reservations now!
The $15 lunch menu features a choice of soup or salad, a choice of bison bratwurst or Affare pasta with house-smoked salmon, and a choice between ...
West Virginia

A New Start for the Oglebay Good Zoo's Penny Miller
Miller has dealt with every animal from snakes to bison and she still remembers the day the bison escaped. "Yeah, that was one of the first memories I ...
North Wales U.K.

Travel review: Organic farm kicks off a trail through local food
Gareth has helped Lord Newborough implement his ambitious plans – which included introducing bison, now the farm's trademark. He said: “What's ...


Wyoming lawmakers want to cut bighorn sheep and other coveted hunting tags for nonresidents
CHEYENNE, Wyoming — A bill pending in the Wyoming Legislature would cut ... "It just establishes parity between what we would do in Wyoming if the ... state that has moose, bighorn, mountain goat and bison permits," Hicks said.

Bison back in Illinois
The bison were trucked into the state from nature preserves in Iowa, Missouri and South Dakota by a conservation group and the Southern Illinois

A Horseback Account of America's Vanishing Prairie
I peered through my mule's ears at a copper-coated bison squaring off with me in a remote corner of Northeastern Montana, and shortened my reins.

Alaska Department of Fish and Game releases draft plan for wood bison management
FAIRBANKS — The Alaska Department of Fish and Game has presented a draft plan for the management and release of wood bison in the lower ...
Open Season: Equally majestic, horns and antlers are not the same
Big game animals such as American bison, bighorn sheep and mountain goats have horns. Animals in the deer family, such as whitetail and mule ...

Home is where the bison roam
Ruter and his wife own and operate Owl Creek Farm, an operation dedicated to raising and selling bison at local farmers markets in addition to several ..

Ohio farmer brings a bit of the west to the Midwest
However, unlike regular farmers in the Midwest, Ruter has a herd of bison to answer to. Ruter and his wife own and operate Owl Creek Farm, ...

San Bernardino County Museum scientists played key role in new national monument
“If you have mammoths and horses and bison, you're going to start attracting saber-tooth tigers, dire wolves and the meat eaters,” Scott said.

Snowmastodon's past and our future
There was a giant Jeffersonian ground sloth, as big as grizzly bears today, plus the horns and skull of bison antiquus, now extinct but half again larger ...


Taste of Hartford – Ted's Montana Grill Bison Short Ribs Recipe
The prix fixe menus showcase bison, from burgers to steaks to meatloaf. ... Return all of the seared ribs to the pan, with the meaty sides facing down

Uncovering secrets: Ancient southern Alberta hunting site
The grease was added to dried bison meat and possibly dried berries to make pemmican, easily stored for later consumption. Several unusual ...

University Students Study Ecosystem Changes From Bison Population
Newswise — Students in a Northern Arizona University undergraduate conservation biology class have been studying impacts of a prolific bison herd ...
New York

Buffalo roam in the snow at Empire Buffalo, Bison and Trading Co. (photos)
Empire Buffalo, Bison and Trading Co. in Fenner east of Chittenango State Park is home to a herd of 35 bison. Owners Joe Lazarsky and his wife, ...

Bison blitz it in Bangalow
Kendall – the NSW-based bison owner/trainer and accomplished ... 'I knew it would be such a brilliant chance for riders of all levels – myself included ...

Beer pairings, restaurant openings and Umami, oh, my!
Iowa petit bison filet Rossini will be the entree of a five-course dinner at 6:30 p.m. Feb. 6 at Aureole at Mandalay Bay, 3950 Las Vegas Blvd. South.

Genetic data sheds new light on brucellosis in Montana
But Kamath's analysis of 250 tissue samples from elk, wild bison, farmed bison and cattle debunks the long-held belief that Montana's wildlife was ...


Tours share facts about elk and native bison
The elk have two layers of hair to protect them from the harsh Kansas winters ... Bison are further equipped to tolerate the extremes of Kansas weather.

NAU assists with bison dilemma
It was all part of an effort to gauge the health of a landscape that has seen heavy impacts from a ballooning bison herd that has transplanted itself ...

Refuge Notebook: What do caribou and wood bison have in common?
Residents from the village of Shageluk on the Innoko River assist ADFG and USFWS staff in constructing a holding pen as part of the wood bison ...
New York

Try Bison Borscht in a Glass Jar at New 11th Avenue Soup Spot
The bison used for the borscht cooks for 16 hours, including the time it takes to make a homemade stock, Chowdhury said. He said the borscht ...

Bison harvest a record
Sportsmen had killed about 300 animals from the Jackson Bison Herd by the time hunting ended Sunday, a harvest that eclipsed the previous all-time...

Wyoming Game and Fish Department Selling Raffle Ticket for Big Game and Bison Licenses
CHEYENNE (KGWN) - The Wyoming Game and Fish Department is now selling their popular raffle tickets for big game and bison licenses. Those who ...
Butter and black pepper – a steak's best friends
It also had to be fast and flavorful, which is why I opted for bison steaks. This widely available alternative to beef is naturally lean and deeply flavorful.

Cherokee Nation's Oklahoma Bison Herd Expecting Calves By March
Apparently the Cherokee Nation's bison herd in eastern Oklahoma has adjusted quite well to its new surroundings. A herd of 30+ bison from South ...


Making Denmark wild again: the incentive, method and risk
A herd of wild bison grazing near Rønne, elephants trumpeting outside Odense, a pack of wolves howl and prowl as the moon rises over Aarhus.

Bringing the West's wild bison back from the brink
The Plains bison, also known as the American buffalo, once numbered nearly 60 million throughout the United States and roamed across most of ...


Buffaloed in Buffalo
Here we go again with Jim Heck's Wildlife Illustrated. Bison, huh, Jim, bison? Don't take me wrong. I've always thought they are a majestic animal.


Tennessee buck (Photo: File)
•Officials at Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area report that a public auction to reduce the size of their bison herd will be held Saturday ...


Making the cut at Tamworth
CAMPDRAFTERS were able to improve their skills in a bison school at Tamworth's Australian Equine and Livestock Events Centre on January 21.



USU study: Jackrabbits are a bigger problem for ranchers than bison in Utah's Henry Mountains
Courtesy | Dustin Ranglack, USU Bison of Utah's Henry Mountains are descendants of animals transplanted to the area from Yellowstone National ...
Bison, cows and rabbits square off on Utah range
One day in 1941, 18 bison — 15 cows and three bulls — stepped from their wooden crates and wandered into Utah's San Rafael Desert. The shaggy ...              


Would you eat a protein bar made of liver?
They source turkey from Michigan and Pork from Texas. ... And that's led to inventive flavors like Bison Bacon Cranberry, Beef Habanero Cherry, Lamb ...

Houston Museum of Natural Science offers new exhibit
Have you ever wanted to reach out towards a roadrunner? Be bold around a bison? Or look an owl in the eyes? At the Houston Museum of Natural

Awakening the mist: a portrait of Harland Schuster, photographer
The photographer has recently published a photo-essay homage to one of Kansas' wildlife relics – the bison – in the winter 2014 issue of "Kansas"..

Oh, give me a home: South Plains buffalo have restored habitat, long history
Now, Caprock Canyons' 100 or so buffalo are considered Texas' official bison herd. Since it began in 1997, the project has aimed to help the buffalo ...

Once on the brink of extinction, Texas bison herd provides glimpse of state's history
North America's bison herd once thinned dangerously close to extinction. “Bison were being slaughtered by the thousands,” Park Superintendent

Wild Thing Texas Chili
This delicious, hearty Texas chili pairs game meat with a thick sauce of spices, onions, ... Brown the bison, venison, and wild boar briefly on each side.

Crossing over
My cup of American bison chili ($6) was not noticeably different from any other bean chili. If you're going to use a spotlight ingredient, make sure I can tell it’s there. Any sense of that deliciously lean meat was lost amongst the beans, peppers, tomato, onion, garlic, sour cream, and cheddar. It was tasty, but you’d never know it was bison.  ...


Male bison born at Trexler Nature Preserve may move to NY
Molchany said the first bison were brought to what originally was known as Trexler Game Preserve in 1911 by Lehigh County philanthropist General 
The sage grouse debate
His article quotes eyewitness accounts of bison “swarming in immense numbers over the plains, where they had left scarcely a blade of grass standing ...


Ventura chefs leave forwarding addresses, signature dishes
It will be available in addition to the regular menu — peanut butter bison burgers and all (456 E. Main St., 667-8550, At Watermark ...

The Dish: DiMarco's Bistro & Cantina
The bison burger has also become a staple entree at DiMarco's. It is an 8-ounce burger topped with lettuce, tomato and buffalo mozzarella on Italian

Prairie State Park Offers Guided Bison Hike
MINDENMINES, MO.--- A guided bison hike will be held at the Prairie State Park in Mindenmines on February 7th at 1 p.m. Hikers should be prepared ...
 National Bison Association 

WC and GTSS a Huge Success


Optimistic attitudes among bison producers attending the National Bison Association's 20th Anniversary conference and strong prices paid at the annual bison auction held at the National Western Stock Show here last week, both reflect the strong outlook for the buffalo business in the coming years.


"Attendance at our annual conference and the prices paid during the Gold Trophy Show and Sale both demonstrate that our ranchers and marketers have built a strong foundation for the continued growth of our business," said Dave Carter, executive director of the National Bison Association.


According to Carter, the nearly 400 ranchers attending the association's annual conference here in late January included many newcomers to the business.


"The bison business today is on solid footing because we have built a strong relationship with our customers based upon the quality of our meat, and the integrity of our animals," Carter said.


"The general sessions and smaller workshops at our conference focused heavily on the steps needed to continue to build our business. The optimism among our long-time producers, and the energy of the newcomers to our business, combined to make for an exciting conference."


Bison Spirit Ranch of Manitoba, Canada captured the Grand Champion Bull Trophy and Bridger Valley Buffalo of Lyman, WY captured the Grand Champion Female Award. Misty Brady of Bridger Valley Buffalo was named Producer of the Year.

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