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March 2014
Useful Medicinal Plants part 2:
Oak - There are hundreds of species of oaks all around the northern hemisphere in all types of habitat. Oaks are used for their durable wood, desirable ornamental qualities and edible acorns (for wildlife, at least). Indigenous peoples relied heavily on acorns as a staple food source when properly processed. The bitter properties in acorns are tannins which are useful medicinally as an astringent to staunch bleeding, as an antiseptic wash and to strengthen bleeding gums. The most concentrated tannins are found in oak bark, acorn caps and galls (round growths formed around the larvae of tiny wasps).
Elm - The are several species of elm in North America, most notably the slippery elm for medicinal purposes. The powdered inner bark is the part we are after for its mucilaginous, demulcent and nutritive properties. When water is added it forms a soothing gel for raw or inflamed tissues, having even been used as a nose snuff for sinusitis. Elms are also wonderful fodder for livestock.
Prickly Ash - Also known as tickle tongue or toothache tree, it is not an ash but is actually related to citrus. The outer peel of the berries are used as a culinary spice called sichuan pepper. The root bark and berries are medicinal as a stimulating tonic and can be chewed to relieve a toothache.
Willow - Black willow is our most common North American species. It is sometimes used for basketry and an excellent grazing forage. Medicinally the root bark was once used as a substitute for the antimalarial quinine and produces the finest medicinal charcoal. The bark contains salicylic acid with properties similar to aspirin.

Ben Tyler
Texas Ecologix
An Historic And Lonely Crusade For Wildlife with Stefan Bechtel
In 1886, William Temple Hornaday set out for the untamed West to collect American bison specimens for the U.S. National Museum.

Just a few years earlier the bison herds of North America had been estimated in the millions.

But Hornaday had a hunch that had changed. He was right. The taxidermist was barely able to find enough specimens to preserve for the museum, and the rapid slaughter of America’s bison herds would drive him try to fight for their survival and that of other wildlife for the rest of his life.

Native American Choctaw Nation fights to revive culture
"A hundred years ago there were only 500 American bison alive in the whole world. At one time there were between 30 and 60 million," the professor ...

Bison Populations Can Be Restored After Removal From Infected Herds
About half of the Bison in Yellowstone National Park test positive for exposure to brucellosis, a bacterium that causes pregnant animals to prematurely ...

America's 10 Best Restaurants for Meat Eaters
... Morisson, Colo. for the buffalo ribs, teriyaki quail, elk chops, and bison steak. ... unleashing our wild sides, and sampling some more exotic meats on ...
Southern Plains Pointers:

March 2014

Spring has sprung and it won’t be long before it’s “raining red-dots” across the southern plains. There are a few points of interest in preparing for a new generation of American icons. The lush spring green explosion in the south can be less mineralized than the harder grasses during the warm-seas
on, or summer. Micro minerals like copper have a direct impact to uterine tone and function. I like to make sure that a good mineral supplement, formulated for breeding stock in my area, is readily accessible to the bison herd prior to calving season to reduce the occurrence of calving related problems such as retained placentas. Additionally; I like to make sure that the bison have access to open grazeable acreage and are not forced to be in thick brushy pastures to help prevent cat-predation.

In my experience, coyotes and small cats are a predation non-issue, but the big cats; more prevalent than you might think, have the potential to succeed. In the southern plains we not only have lions [cougars] but jaguars as well, mostly the blacks known commonly to local ranchers as blacks or panthers. When we have a cat in the neighborhood, the bison act differently and we lose a calf, or two, occasionally. I have remedied this in more than one herd by pulling them into a pasture with less brush-cover, thereby allowing the performance of natural predation-response behaviors. The bison begin responding, with less ambush advantage granted to the cats, and the cats then move-on to easier prey and tend not to return to the bison herd for long periods, or until new cats invade the territory.

Another thing I deal with a lot is bison owners wanting to help the mother-bison during the calving season. In my experience; more harm comes from helping the bison, than the good intended. They are pristine and require the benefit of our absence. Surveillance, from a distance, is the best way to keep track of what’s going on. If you have problems, just think of how you might facilitate the bison handling it on their own. The best way to help is to get out of their way, which is a very complex and loaded statement. Personally; I like to have a plan dedicated to the rare occasion of bison in need of calving help. This plan would include: handling facilities, relationships with veterinarians and protocols that regard the welfare of the entire herd and how what I do, in my little spot, may affect the integrity of the species. 

Ancient bison allows scientists to travel back in time - 9000 years
We have ascertained that the bison lived 9,000 years ago, at the very ... give us answers to many questions, first of all as to why did the bison die out'.

Nez Perce Tribe in N. Idaho investigating after discovery of wasted bison

LEWISTON, Idaho — The Nez Perce Tribe is investigating after the discovery of a bison carcass apparently dumped and wasted in a canyon in northern Idaho near the town of Stites.

Nez Perce Tribal Executive Committee Chairman Silas Whitman tells the Lewiston Tribune ( ) in a story on Thursday that the tribe wants to determine if a tribal member is responsible.

He says the wasting of the bison tramples on the beliefs and values of the Nez Perce Tribe as well as other tribes.

The tribe has bison hunting rights in Montana near Yellowstone National Park. The tribal bison hunting season started Nov. 8 and runs through March 18.

The tribe's Conservation Enforcement Division is leading the investigation.

Caprock Canyons: Dramatic landscapes and wandering bison
He had offered my husband and me a close-up look at this bunch, the “Texas State Bison Herd,” explaining that “first and foremost this is a restoration ...

Read Across America Day held at the Elmwood Park Zoo in Norristown
Bubby the Bison greets young readers at the Read Across America celebration at the Elmwood Park Zoo in Norristown Satruday, March 1, 2014.

Historian and buffalo wrangler to speak at Audubon meeting
Scott Sullivan, tour narrator and buffalo wrangler for Maxwell Wildlife Refuge in Canton, will speak on "The American Bison: What Really Happened?

Wild bison from Yellowstone National Park that are deemed free of cattle disease ... band of wild bison will face less resistance from the cattle industry.

Tama Buffalo Rancher Touts Lean, Healthy Meat
"You get home at the end of the day and sit out there and you see the buffalo on the hillside and the silhouette of them and they're just kind of a ...

New Experiment May Save America's Last Wild Bison from Slaughter
Last month, Yellowstone National Park captured at least 275 of America's last wild bison for slaughter by Native American tribes, and sent 35 to a ...

On Our First Ever World Wildlife Day, Let's Put an End to Illegal Wildlife Trafficking
Today, the world celebrates the first ever World Wildlife Day. Here in America, the bald eagle, the grizzly bear, the salmon and the American bison are ...                 

Texas Land & Cattle Introduces Ranch-Crafted Bison Specials for March
Texas Land & Cattle Introduces Ranch-Crafted Bison Specials for March ... said Beth Collins, vice president of marketing at Texas Land & Cattle.

Buffalo hunt re-enactment returns
Steve Alexander, as General George Armstrong Custer, Jahnis Abelite, as Grand Duke Alexis of Russia, and Kirk Shapland, as William “Buffalo Bill” ...

Bison quarantine study released amid slaughter debate
The bison quarantine program now has a published study verifying that Yellowstone bison can be certified as disease-free to leave the park. The study ...

A farmer returned home from the hospital Monday after being gored by a bison on a Schoharie County farm over the weekend, according to authorities ...

NJ Food Trucks: Dark Side of the Moo offers bison burgers, smoke alligator specials
It's because of his smoked alligator with picante sauce, the bison burger with special bacon jam, the wild boar over cranberries and shiraz, and the ...


St. Goddard asks Governor Bullock to stop the killing of migratory bison
St. Goddard says the agreement is breaking a treaty that allows the American bison to be a roaming animal. He says they are a part of the Indians' ...
Blackfoot member protests at Capitol over pregnant bison hunt
Toting the bloody heart of a bison wrapped in a plastic bag, a Blackfoot tribal member came to the governor's office Tuesday to speak out against the ...

Bison Fossils from the Mid-South
Bison antiquus, or the ancient bison, arrived in North America around 250,000 years ago from Eastern Asia. They eventually ranged from Florida to ...


Agribusiness Update for Wednesday 03/05/14
According to a USDA study - using wild bison deemed free of cattle disease from Yellowstone National Park to establish new herds across the ...                

Blackfoot member protests at Capitol over pregnant bison hunt
Toting the bloody heart of a bison wrapped in a plastic bag, a Blackfoot tribal member came to the governor's office Tuesday to speak out against the ...
Police halt man carrying bison heart to governor
James St. Goddard, spiritual leader of the Blackfeet Confederacy, speaks out against the hunting of pregnant bison by other tribes on the steps of the ... 

Killing Wildlife: The Pros and Cons of Culling Animals
... have targeted bison in Montana and swans, geese, and deer in New York. ... In the 1800s, New England and the mid-Atlantic forests were mostly ...      

How Gene Mapping Could Save Some African Game Species
The lesson we can learn from the rebound of American bison might help a whole passel of African animals whose fate is clouded by poaching and ...

If only spotted owls were delicious
Did you know that if you buy bison meat instead of beef you are saving an endangered species? North American Bison were in danger of extinction, ...

They are attracted to elk and bison that have died during the winter. Carcasses are an important enough food source that bears will sometimes react ...
Bears begin looking for food soon after they emerge from their dens. They are attracted to elk and bison that have died during the winter. Carcasses are an important enough food source that bears will sometimes react aggressively when surprised while feeding on them.

Bison protester arrested, charged for blocking road
To protest the slaughter of Yellowstone National Park bison, a 20-year-old man chained himself to a 50-gallon drum full of cement in the middle of the ...
Bison sculpture is gallery's latest theft
A South Coast Highway art gallery was burgled for the third time in less than a year on Wednesday. The thief took a bronze bison sculpture valued at ... 

San Bernardino County Museum paleontologist headed to Paleofest!
“Yet horses and bison were among the most common animals roaming the land during those times - they were the glue that held mammal ...


More funds injected into bison protection in Poland
The area of Bialowieza is inhabited by the biggest bison herd in northeastern Poland with around 500 animals. Such a herd needs an area of about a ...                 

Weekly Webb: Painting a way of life
... Johnson has spent so many afternoons fishing and hiking Montana's wild lands that he sees bison, elk and mountains when he closes his eyes.


Media Advisory - Government of Canada to celebrate international bison conservation
... to 82 plains bison from Elk Island National Park, Alberta, to American Prairie Reserve, on the Great Plains north of the Missouri River in northeastern ...                  

A speedy, robust take on a classic:
Shepherd's pie

Washington Post
___. SWEET POTATO AND BISON SHEPHERD'S PIE. Ground bison pairs perfectly with the rich sweet potatoes and corn. Of course, any ground meat ...

About two years ago, Bob Schiffke, executive director of the Buffalo Bill Museum & River Pilots' Pier in LeClaire, had an idea for an expansion that ...

BROOKINGS — Bison has a new reputation. It's no longer a tough, dried-up piece of burger meat that cooks overlook. As an extra lean meat option, ...

BILLINGS, Mont. — Yellowstone National Park administrators say shipments of wild bison to slaughter are done for the winter season after the removal ... 

The fate and near death experience of the American plains bison as a species is a well-known tragedy of 19th Century settling and development ...
Today, most bison are in more than 100 State and private bison herds (such as the Texas State Bison Herd) and have cattle introgression, but about 20,000 bison are maintained by US & Canadian governments, which have different goals than the private herds do.

Yellowstone National Park Ends Seasonal Bison Cull, More Than 500 Killed
Yellowstone National Park administrators say shipments of wild bison to slaughter are done for the winter after almost 600 animals were removed in ...                 

Bison meatballs dress up this Moroccan Tagine
What is bison like? Seeing it at gourmet butchers and natural food stores, I wondered. But finding ground bison at Costco got me to finally try it.

New Native Project Banks on Buffalo
They note that bison have lower fat content and higher protein. They say a consistent diet that includes bison could be a potent weapon against ...   
A Native-American community foundation and small Native-American food company are teaming up on a project to get Indian ranchers involved in raising more buffalo. The market-based approach could help restore the land, the economy and the health of American Indian communities, they say.      

The court was told the events of all three days had been witnessed by other hunters who watched through binoculars. When Olesh reported the kills to ...


Fencing is easing concerns for public safety and property damage; thus allowing families the unequaled experience of watching bison in their natural ...       

Long before the onslaught of property development, a portion of Horse Butte was once called Buffalo Basin – due to large number of buffalo that regularly roamed the area. Today the view out my window is devoid of buffalo.

What I see, however, is a slow, positive shift in attitude toward them. People are more educated and are beginning to recognize their inherent value.      

Estimates of the number of North American bison, pre-colonization, range from 30 to 50 million. By the start of the 20th century, some estimates put the ...
This is the third such transfer of bison back to their ancestral lands in ... Elk Island National Park has been the source herd for nearly all plains bison in ...                 

Meanwhile, brown the ground meat in a medium skillet. ... Bison is the original name of the largest land animal in North America but you may know 

Newborn added to Caprock Canyons bison herd
The growing bison herd, which now numbers 85, has almost doubled ... the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department released the state bison herd from a ...
Bison herd expects 26 calves
The calves were born Feb. 28 and March 7, adding to the herd of 85 genetically pure animals that make up the official bison herd of the state of Texas.     

Buffalo Bill meorabilia comes home
The photos once belonged to Buffalo Bill. They will be revealed to the public Thursday from 5-7 p.m.. Posted: Thursday, March 13, 2014 3:00 am.

Montana Supreme Court Says Yellowstone National Park Bison Can Roam Into State
Yellowstone National Park bison do roam, and can continue to do so into ... the legislative history of (Montana legislation pertaining to bison) without ...
The high court, ruling on technical grounds, rejected arguments from Park County (Montana) that a lower court erred in upholding "Adaptive Management Adjustments" made to the Interagency Bison Management Plan in 2011 that allowed Yellowstone bison to roam further into the Gardiner Basin north of the park
Court lets stand Montana free-roaming bison plan
HELENA, Mont. (AP) — The Montana Supreme Court has let stand the state's decision to allow migrating bison to roam across 70,000 acres of land ...

Return of plains bison honours First Nations history
Efforts to bring back the near-extinct plains bison, or buffalo, to Western ... Canada bought the last remaining herds of bison from a Montana rancher in .....

Bison population stabilizes at Prince Albert National Park
The bison population in Prince Albert National Park has stabilized after declining for several years, according to a Parks Canada representative.


Bison continue to elude Yukon hunters
Yukon's growing wood bison herd continues to elude Yukon hunters, as harvest reports are well below expectations with just three weeks left in the ...

Bison may soon roam on Minneopa prairie
Minneopa State Park's expansive prairie could become home to a bison herd if approved by the Department of Natural Resources following a public ...               

Bison hunt remains alarm some Gardiner residents
A Gardiner area land and business owner says some tribal bison hunters are not taking responsibility for gut piles left over after hunts. Three tribes ...

Yellowstone Bison Slaughter Season Ends
What tribes would like to see, Stone said, is for disease-free calves to be transplanted to tribes that already have bison herds, with slaughter reserved ...
The bulk of the animals, 258 bison, were shipped to nearby “tribal partners for nutritional and cultural purposes,” while 60 bison were shipped to the ...

Bedford Co. bison farm creating boost for area business
The Bison Corral has been around since the late '80s and has become a ... and has turned into hundreds of bison grazing, a bison-themed gift shop.


Plan to Let Bison Roam Farther Irks Ranchers
Bison cross a road in Yellowstone National Park last July. ... The plan also would allow tribal hunters to kill bison in the fall, their traditional hunting ...   
Tribal leaders ask for less bureaucracy
The tribal council also indicated they would like more of the wandering Yellowstone bison herd leaving the park and move them onto the reservation ...
Bison shot inside Yellowstone Park
Rangers investigate two of three bison that were shot near the highway on the Blacktail Deer Plateau in Yellowstone National Park on Monday.

Park seeks info on bison shootings
Yellowstone National Park is asking for the public's help in identifying who was responsible for illegally shooting and killing three bison inside the park ...                
Slaughter threat for Scottish bison herd
An award-winning herd of Scottish bison faces slaughter unless it finds a new home, say its owners. Scott Shand and his wife Sheila established their ...

Ancient bone near Lewiston, Idaho, may be from mammoth
MAMMOTH HOT SPRINGS – Bubbling with enthusiasm, Leanne Schuh was eager to see more bison. Read more ...
Nature Notes: Brucellosis and the Yellowstone bison
Yellowstone National Park faces a large problem each winter as bison ... In the 1930s, the U.S. government began a campaign to rid American cattle ...
MARMADUKE, Ark. (AP) - While driving along Greene 835 Road one can spot on a single property eight buffalo, four horses, a dog named Beth, ...                 
Event of the day: Go for a ride
Enjoy the wildlife and scenery on the prairie with a view of the bison and elk. Lunch will be around noon. After lunch saddle up and ride out for the ...                 
Park officials caution that visitors might encounter bison or other wildlife, there may be ice on the roads, snowplows or other heavy equipment may be ...          
 Meaty Bison and Mushroom Stuffed Peppers Recipe - The Lemon Bowl
The Lemon Bowl ⋅ Liz DellaCroce
Lean ground bison, meaty mushrooms and chewy farro create this hearty, satisfying twist on a comfort food classic.
BLACKFOOT — An exhibit featuring bison dung art will be open to the public starting Saturday, April 5 with a reception from 3-6 p.m. at the AKI Studio ...                 
The newest Mariano's grocery store, set to open on Tuesday, will be the growing chain's first location to sell game meats such as bison, boar, ...
Yellowstone National Park, Montana To Explore New Bison Management Plan
As such, the livestock industry in Montana largely opposes Yellowstone bison leaving the park and heading into lower wintering grounds and calving ...
Interagency group proposes changes to bison plan
The National Park Service and Montana agencies have announced they will prepare an environmental impact statement to evaluate possible changes ...
Bison dodge biobullet with official's decision
The bison are vaccinated when they are captured at the Stephens Creek corral in the winter as they migrate out of the park near the northern boundary ...
A new spin on farm tour
The tour will pass by a bison farm in Hillsborough called Vista Wood Bison Ranch, the new Honeysuckle Tea House, as well as Fickle Creek Farm, ...            
Producer outlines details of bison rental agreement
PONOKA, Alta. — Producers shouldn't be afraid to look at the grain and cattle industries for creative ways to finance their entry into the bison business.                 
Steady demand keeps bison at profitable price
... shows bison prices steadily increasing and now hovering around $4 a pound is just one more indication that the bison industry is in a healthy state.                 
GEORGE OCHENSKI: When it comes to bison, ranchers need to remember lesson of water leasing
Montana's filing deadline for political office has passed and now the landscape for the upcoming election year is pretty well defined. But bot…
DNR bringing bison in prairie setting closer to more Minnesotans than ever
The bison, commonly but not altogether accurately referred to as buffalo, once thrived on Minnesota's prairies. However, by 1900, settlement and ...                 
Virginia man gored by bison
James Dill of Stanley, Va., was trying to prevent a traffic hazard this past Wednesday, when he was run down and pierced in the leg by a bison.       
Eco-regions and priority areas
The Conservancy also has a bison herd nearby at Lame Johnny Creek ... National Park in South Dakota, including 32,000 acres on private ranches.......
The Nature Conservancy identified every ecosystem type in different colors in the 1980s and 1990s, with a goal of preserving 10 percent of the remaining natural habitats in each of those areas. Within that, it identified priority areas, where the group could have the greatest impact. The Black Hills eco-region is the smallest in the country.        
The story of Scotty, a buffalo pioneer
Philip had tens of thousands of cattle on a ranch based near Philip but become known for his role in preserving the American bison from extinction.
     Philip had tens of thousands of cattle on a ranch based near Philip but become known for his role in preserving the American bison from extinction. He started his buffalo herd at Fort Pierre with 50 animals on a 20,000-acre ranch. Among other things, he and his nephew George Philip famously staged fights between bison and Mexican fighting bulls in Juarez, Mexico, which the bison won........
                         USDA Bison 2014 Project on Track
U.S. Department of Agriculture scientists coordinating the agency's comprehensive study on bison health and management issues reported this week that the project is moving forward as planned, with a comprehensive survey scheduled to go out to producers throughout the nation by late summer.
The Bison 2014 project was initiated last year at the request of the National Bison Association. A preliminary survey was conducted among NBA members and other industry stakeholders to identify some priority areas for deeper investigation. The agency scientists have now developed a formal plan for the comprehensive survey. That plan is currently under review by the White House Office of Management and Budget.
Because this project has been deemed to be statistically important, the USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service will be sending the survey to approximately 3,000 producers in late summer.
The information derived from the Bison 2014 Project will help the USDA and the NBA target resources to address the priority needs of bison producers.
                         Mycoplasma Vaccine Now Available
The mycoplasma vaccine developed at Newport Laboratories is now available to bison producers. The bacterin was bottled and is ready for delivery to your veterinarian after the appropriate paperwork is in place.
Two points on the vaccine. The mycoplasma vaccine was developed from cultures after mycoplasma was identified as a cause of loss on Turner bison ranches from Montana to Oklahoma. It appears in our herds that this vaccine is effective in addressing infection from mycoplasma.
The second point is that there are many mycoplasma species in livestock. The vaccine has proven very helpful in Turner bison. No losses due to mycoplasma have been identified in 52,000 bison since vaccination was initiated in the herd. That said, I can make no assurances that this vaccine will be efficacious in your bison against all mycoplasma.  
This vaccine can only be purchased by your veterinarian. They must fill out paperwork from Newport Laboratories as a "non-adjacent" bison herd. That form goes to the State veterinarian for approval and then the vaccine is delivered to the veterinarian.      
Please contact Jim Matheson at the National Bison Association for further information at
If you have already requested the vaccine, you will get an email next week with instructions for your vet to place the order.  
                     2014 Starts with a Bang for Bison Processing
The surge in bison processing that began in the latter part of last year continued to gain momentum in 2014, as the number of animals slaughtered in January and February were 28% higher than during the comparable period in 2013, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture's national Agricultural Statistics Service.
According to the NASS weekly report of bison processed under USDA inspections, 9,029 bison were processed during the first nine weeks of 2014, compared to 7,030 processed during that same time frame in 2013.
The strong consumer demand continues to hold up prices that ranches are receiving for slaughter-ready animals. According to the latest wholesale bison price report released by USDA's Livestock and Grain Price Reporting Service, young bull carcasses brought $388.55/cwt. In February, which was $1.33 higher than in January, but $1.25/cwt. Lower than the previous February. Young heifers brought $3.67.87/cwt. In February, which was $3.55/cwt lower than in January and $8.28/cwt. Lower than in February 2013.Old bulls were slightly lower than in the previous month, and old cows were slightly higher, although both categories with higher than in February 2013.
The latest USDA monthly price report is available at: 
The National Bison Association's five year price tracking history is available in the members' only section at 
                Matheson Participates in Bison Legacy Act Lobbying Effort
NBA assistant director, Jim Matheson, participated in a lobbying trip to Washington, DC this week, visiting 15 legislators to educate and encourage them to support the American Bison as the National Mammal of the United States.
Along with representatives from the Wildlife Conservation Society and Intertribal Buffalo Council, Matheson represented the private producer in the steering committee's efforts to pass HR Bill 3400 bill this legislative session.
Said Matheson, "The meetings went very well, and we were able to sit down with a good number of the Senators and Representatives themselves. I was really pleased with the amount of genuine interest in the ranching side of bison restoration expressed in every meeting we went to. It just goes to show the growth in awareness of what bison ranchers do so well everyday and I think it bodes well for every producer out there"
The NBA is seeking to make the buffalo the National Mammal of the United States. Learn more and join the coalition to make this happen at
From Washington, Matheson went on to provide an industry and association update at the Eastern Bison Association's annual conference and sale in Harrisburg, PA. The EBA sale begins at 11 a.m. tomorrow at the Pennsylvania Farm Show complex with both live and market class animals available.   
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