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JUNE 2016


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Fathers Day is in June so I wanted to share one of my new pages. 
Legendary Bison Bulls  (fathers of our herds)
I have come across a few stories about our historic bison bulls and built a page   just for them, and I will add to it as I get more information.

"Old Logan" and "Teddy" are what inspired me to do this.



Stampede on Michigan
Pilot News
Bison were delivered today to the Marshall County History Museum. The bison are a product of the Indiana Association of United Ways in partnership ...
A parade like in the good ol' days
Washington Times Herald
While it's not a Washington Bicentennial event, Bobbitt said she is still looking for someone to decorate the large, white fiberglass bison that's part of ...
Museum of Rexburg to feature BYU-Idaho Wildlife and Geology exhibit
BYU Idaho Newsroom
Museum of Rexburg to feature BYU-Idaho Wildlife and Geology exhibit ... Rexburg, Idaho - The newly renovated Museum of Rexburg has received a ... Porcupine, American Bison, North American Moose, and Rocky Mountain goat ...

"Exposed" Exhibit now open at the Idaho Museum of Natural History
KPVI News 6
A new exhibit at the Idaho Museum of Natural History is now open in ... an extinct species of bison and mammoths recovered here in our region.
Snack like a carnivore with Epic Bites and Bars
Sacramento Bee
They're available in eight flavors of six proteins from the Austin, Texas-based company – bison, pork, beef, chicken, salmon and turkey ($7 for 2.5 ...
Fort Croghan Museum offers peek inside the 'original RV': the tipi
The Picayune
Native Americans typically used buffalo hides for the skin of the tipi, but in the ... Despite today's lack of American bison in Central Texas — with the ...
Texas Border Aoudad Hunt 2
My guide Darren Carr and I ran into lots of game in our search for aoudad. We saw a small herd of bison, fleeting scimitar-horned oryx, plenty of addax ...
Portage High artists display their talents
Chicago Tribune
Appa the Bison stands on display in the Portage High School Commons after his unveiling at the 2016 Art Show. (Linda Lemond / Post-Tribune).
Elgin should be proud of Lords Park Zoo
Chicago Tribune
Public Services Director Greg Rokos said the bison pen needs $200,000 in work and the money will come from the city's portion of the Grand Victoria ...

Outdoor Fair at Fermilab designed to get kids in touch with nature
Chicago Tribune
More than a dozen outdoor activities are planned for the fair, including a prairie scavenger hunt and a visit with Fermilab's herd of bison. Kids can test ...
Fermilab's Family Fair turns science into fun in Batavia
Kane County Chronicle
They netted a pond for critters, visited the bison on the grounds, looked for ... of solar energy – and raced to see if they could run faster than a bison.
Adventuring: Feeding 'Big Mike' the bison at Wildlife Prairie Park
Peoria Journal Star
EDWARDS — Staring into the dark unblinking eyes of a bison mere feet away from me, I saw into his soul — and he was hungry. It was my job to feed ...
Survival of butterfly migration needs 'all hands on deck'
Quad City Times
Bison help grasslands: The introduction of bison into Illinois' Nachusa Grasslands in 2014 wasn't just because they are amazing looking animals that ...
States Plate by Plate: South Dakota
Paste Magazine
... to North America. They were vital to the culture and daily life of the NativeAmerican tribes living there. Buffalo (or, more accurately, bison) meat was ...
This baby bison lost his mother, so now humans are raising him
Washington Post
It's a fact of baby bison life: Sometimes you lose your mom. One such orphan ended up riding recently in a car with tourists — and then was ...
Badlands National Park: Bison Bison Bison
New York Times
I would have opted to give the bison a wide berth even if the man who worked the entrance gate at Badlands National Park had not handed me a flier ...
Rare bison, eland born at African Safari
Port Clinton News Herald
DANBURY TOWNSHIP - African Safari Wildlife Park has plenty to celebrate this year with several new arrivals being born at the drive-thru park in ...
Farmers find joy growing, selling locally
The herd of bison on the other side of the fence meandered away as he approached. The immense animals, which can weigh more than half a ton, are ..
Central Ohio Parks: Secrets of five popular Central Ohioparks
Columbus Monthly
“I've got a couple of young kids, so one of our favorite places to go is [Battelle] Darby Creek Metro Park, because they've got the bison, plenty of hiking ...
Lehigh Valley Zoo welcomes baby bison
Allentown Morning Call
The Lehigh Valley Zoo welcomed a fuzzy bundle of hooves and joy two weeks ago when one of its bison gave birth to a calf. Zoo staff believe the calf ...
Refined ranch life at New Mexico properties
Travel Weekly
It is also the closest town to New Mexico's Spaceport America, the nation's first ...Bison at the nearly 363,000-acre Armendaris Ranch in New Mexico.
Explore New Mexico with a Stay at Ladder Ranch
Palm Beach
It's a herd of American bison that holds our attention captive on a warm, sunny September afternoon in the vast expanse of Ted Turner's Ladder Ranch ...
See bison at Soapstone Prairie Natural Area
The Coloradoan
Last Novemeber, 10 bison were transported to the natural area where they roam 800 acres of shortgrass prairie. The bison's home is visible from ...
CSU researchers, students lead local science nature talks
Colorado State News
Interested in archeology, bison, water use in Colorado, or how bioengineers get great ideas from nature? Archaeology program field photo Colorado ...
Refreshing change
Golden Transcript
As the locally produced and grown food movement continues to gain traction inColoradobison rancher Neil Fischer wants to make it easier for ...
Meet the nation's only wild wood bison herd, which now roams Western Alaska
Alaska Dispatch News
SHAGELUK – Wood bison calves are easy to spot from the sky. Their coats are reddish, making them easily distinguishable from their mothers, even ...

From The Republican archives: Images of Page 1 from the past 50 years, week June 5 - June 11
And looking back fifty years ago, a new baby bison for the Forest Park zoo. Zoo officials said the youngster weighed 75 pounds. They, at that point, ...
Antelope Island Rum Launches in Utah
Virtual-Strategy Magazine
... was named and, at one point in its ranching history, imported a Bison herd of 12 when there were fewer than 1,000 bison left in all of North America.
Painted statues of Dixie State's mascot could begin appearing across St. George
St George News
"Brooks the Bison" statue at Dixie State University. The statue was a gift to the school by the student body, St. George, Utah, May 6, 2016 | Photo by ...
Antelope Island events highlight area's beauty, wildlife, history
Deseret News
At 2 p.m. on Saturday, June 25, a lecture will focus on the history of Antelope Island'sbison at one of Utah's earliest ranches, the historic Fielding Garr ...
Bison production workshop scheduled in Becker, Minnesota, June 21
High Plains Journal
Are you looking to learn about the emerging bison market? ... scheduled to run from noon to 4 pm June 21 at Snake River Farm in Becker, Minnesota.

Bison herd returns to Afton this June
Press Pubs
Join the Belwin Conservancy in Afton on Saturday, June 11 as they release a herd of bison for the summer. The Belwin Conservancy will release ...

Bison grazing studied at Afton conservancy
Washington Times
... acres of preserved land in Washington County. Conservancy executive director Nancy Kafka says the study also involves how the bison interact with ...
Cattle graze a path to restored oak savanna at refuge
Star News
That's because disturbances like wildfires and grazing by large animals such as bison were what maintained the oak savanna plant communities.

Minnesota prairie restorers recruit a surprising ally: cows
Minnesota Public Radio News
Roaming bison rubbed smooth spots on this stone. Herds of bison used to roam the prairies of Minnesota and the Dakotas, and those bison polished ...
Quapaw Tribe opens new meat product distribution center
Miami News Record
Quapaw Mercantile provides a variety of Quapaw Cattle Co. beef and bisonproducts including ribeye steaks, beef bacon and bratwursts. The store is ...
Southern Plains Pointers: June 2016

Heat, Flies & Get Ready!

The dog-days of summer in the southern plains are hot (!) and full of things that need management before they get out of control. One of those things is flies, but it can be hard to know how to address the problem with available methods designed for beef and dairy cattle. There are readily available products and technologies, but I recommend consulting a knowledgeable bison rancher or experienced bison veterinarian before deciding on a method of killing flies. The other noteworthy reality about bison and flies; is that they are part of the bison-reality and have been for as long as the environment we now know has existed, and long before that. Flies are actually included on the list of native pollinators and they do play an ecological role. When, however, they are out of balance and ‘decadent’, it is wrong and unhealthy. Personally; I like methods of mitigating fly populations that do not operate in two dimensions that only include the livestock and the flies, but rather 3 dimensionally that allow other critters in my system like naturally occurring fly predators [wasps] to thrive and work against the flies [with] me. Anyone that wants the memo can request it at:
Another thing that builds like the summer heat before a biggin [ie] T-Storms/ frog-floater/ dirt mover/ boomer - is worms. Now is a good time to get your summer worming strategy planned and ready for attack. Late July in the south is also the best time to break the life-cycle of the liver fluke which can cause many big production problems. Cleaning up the worms in the herd during the late summer will put your females on the gain and upgrade your calf crop. HOWEVER (!) during the heat is [NOT] the time of year to be handling bison through a facility [or] for that matter, doing much of anything with them accept what you have to. There are methods of worming that you can do without putting the bison through the chute during the heat.
Heat stress is different with bison than cattle. It’s not necessarily worse, or harder on them, it’s just different. Going into July is a good time to cover this management tip for southern plains bison.  In more humid regions, I observe the bison seeking out shade more than the bison in arid climates. This might mean that you plan your pasture rotation accordingly, or combine rotations that allow ‘shading-up’. Dirt tanks are also used by bison during the heat and more importantly, the young calves [3 weeks and younger], for cooling. The young calves rely on the cooling stations to survive. If you don’t have dirt tanks, just let your water tank run over occasionally to create some mud. You will find the red-dots laying in it to regulate their body temperature. 

Frasier Bison L.L.C.
Creamery Brook Bison farm owner made dream a reality
Norwich Bulletin
Though the Creamery Brook Bison farm in Brooklyn was founded in 1990, Connecticut native Austin Tanner has a love affair with these historic ...
Traer honors resident with bison memorial
Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier
The memorial, erected May 26, is an 8-foot by 5 1/2-foot silhouette, roughly the size of an average American Bison, made from steel. It was constructed ...
'All hands on deck' at Theodore Roosevelt National Park
McKenzie County Farmer
“A big herd of bison came through the campground for several hours, kind of an unusual event,” Hall said. “We happened to be here on a lucky day, ...
Zoo's safari park, little changed since 1998 opening, is in line for an overhaul
Kearney Hub
In addition to bison, the Simmons Safari Park features black bears, eagles, ... It now features animals such as bison, black bears, eagles, wolves, elk, ...
For the Love of Texas Bison and Texas Craft Beer
by Dan Humphries 
Bull Dancer Bison Ranch

As a bison rancher that sells grass fed bison meat and also products in the craft beer industry I want to share the excitement in the Texas Craft Beer industry by a paring of Texas Bison Meat and Texas Craft Beers.  I have worked with many Craft Breweries and have included 3 links on the last page to help you do some fun research and find your favorite local craft brewer to choose your favorite brew to pare with your 4th of July Bison Burger (or bison steak) cookout! 
July is National Bison month!  This is a great time to try bison meat if you are a first timer.

July is National Bison Month – so fire up the grill and indulge in Chef Kathy Cary’s Bison Blue Cheese Burgers.  These juicy burgers, made with delicious ground bison, come with a melted blue cheese surprise inside and are topped with grilled red onions and fennel.  Executive chef and owner of Lilly’s in Louisville, Kentucky, Cary has featured her popular bison burger for two consecutive National Bison Month celebrations.  With this burger specialty your BBQ guests will eagerly come back for seconds – just as they do at Lilly’s.
1 1/2 lbs.            ground bison
2 Tbs.   good quality Dijon mustard
2 Tbs.   roasted & chopped shallots & garlic
2 red onions sliced
balsamic vinegar
2 bulbs fennel sliced
1 tsp.    Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce
splash  extra virgin olive oil
                kosher salt & fresh ground black pepper to taste, good quality blue cheese or Roquefort
Combine all ingredients and form 6 patties adding approximately 1
teaspoon of blue cheese into the center of each patty.   Grill to order. Serve with rosemary roasted potatoes and homemade coleslaw.  Serves 6
2 sliced red onions drizzled with extra virgin olive oil & balsamic vinegar.  Grill until tender.
2 bulbs of fennel, sliced & sauteed until tender.
Toss the onions & fennel together and place on bison burger. 
Chef Kathy Cary
Food Photography:  Jason McConathy
Recipe Styling:  Cook Street School of Fine Cooking – Denver, CO
Thank you all and God Bless American and Our Troops!
These northern Mainers are raising bison for meat
Bangor Daily News
SMYRNA, Maine — There's a lot to love about raising bison for meat, according to Linda White. The best part? How little day-to-day work is actually ...
Report finds Grand Canyon bison are native to region
The Seattle Times
FILE- This Aug. 26, 2010, file photo provided by the Kaibab National Forest shows bison in the national forest adjacent to the Grand Canyon in ...
A new report from the National Park Service maintains bison that roam the far northern reaches of ...
Greenfield Daily Reporter
FLAGSTAFF, Arizona — The hundreds of bison that roam the far northern reaches of Arizona are descendants of the massive animals brought to the ...

Grand Canyon Transforming into Game Farm for Hybrid Bison
The plan is contained in a new report entitled “Grand Canyon Bison Nativity, Genetics and Ecology: Looking Forward” and written by a small group of ...
North Rim bison classified as native wildlife, NPS seeking management strategies
Grand Canyon News
In an earlier press release, AZGF said a key finding of the report that was scientifically reviewed revealed bison in northern Arizona are native wildlife ...
Brain Food: Prehistoric Bison Kill Sites
KNAU Arizona Public Radio
That's what an archaeologist at Northern Arizona University believes. Chrissina Burke is looking at ancient bison kill sites to prove that wild animals ...
After The Fire
Baker City Herald
The group that traveled to the Gyllenberg Beaver Mountain Bison Ranch earlier this month included members of OSWA, which has about 1,500 ...
Nature Notes: Lamar Valley is the American Serengeti
Elko Daily Free Press
In the distance, masses of large black dots show bison herds along the valley floor and on the side hills. Binoculars reveal large, light-colored dots to ...
UW Faculty Member Co-Edits New Book That Honors Frison and Haynes
University of Wyoming News
June 20, 2016 — A University of Wyoming professor is co-editor of a new reference book that explores early American hunter-gatherers and bison -- a ...
University of Wyoming to Receive $33578 from Interior
Targeted News Service (subscription)
Yellowstone bison provide a perfect example. Bison migrate from summer ranges within the park to important wintering areas in the State of Montana ...
Baby bison born at Kendrick Park
The Sheridan Press (subscription)
Buttercup, a baby bison, is the newest addition to the elk pasture at Kendrick Park. City officials estimate she weighs between 60 and 80 pounds, and ...

Centennial Celebration July 4 in Hot Springs State Park
Thermopolis Independent Record Homepage
"They've researched and put together a DVD that will play throughout the event. The history of the bison who are also 100 years old will be discussed.".
Ridgefield: Weir Farm bison project
The Ridgefield Press
This year is the 100th birthday celebration year for the National Park system and all 420 parks, including our own Weir Farm. Each park will be having ...


Grant's Farm future is in hands of trust manager, judge rules
... a pickup truck for a following of axis deer, American bison, elk, antelope and goats. .... Bison wander the fields at Grant's Farm on Wednesday, Nov.
Teen buffalo farmer enjoys niche market, part ownership in century-old farm
Dothan Eagle
Weston is a buffalo (or bison) farmer who has a business partnership with his grandfather, Don McAllister, to own and operate Green Acres Farm in ...

THE TABLE: Santa Catalina Island - Like a jewel rising out of the ocean
The Phoenix
There are five native mammals, along with the American bison. These bison were transported to the island for the movie “The Vanishing American.
Small animals move into new digs at Irvine Park Zoo
In other park news, a newborn bison in the Irvine Park zoo has died. Hebert ... Four adult bison in the zoo died in 2014, but that was because of a virus.

Security Benefit dedicates pocket park featuring kinetic sculpture
Topeka Capital Journal
... kinetic art installation by renowned sculptor Anthony Howe, and will feature a stone bison statue carved by well-known Kansas artist Alan Tollakson.
Bison Range correction
Helena Independent Record
A sub-headline in Tuesday's story about the National Bison Range lawsuit incorrectly stated that FWP (Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks) would ...

Refuge resistance
Missoula Independent
David Dittloff with the National Wildlife Federation considers the National Bison Range issue and the lands transfer debate to be "apples and oranges.
All livestock needs management, including bison
Lewistown News-Argus
The current problem is not related to the bison ranchers who are already controlling their livestock but with a group like the American Prairie Reserve ...
Fergus County voters approve bison ordinance
Lewistown News-Argus
Fergus County voters approved a bison ordinance by a wide margin of 2,088 FOR to 1,261 AGAINST on Tuesday. The ordinance was "for the ...

40 Years of Preserving History
Flathead Beacon
Secondly, before it was a golf course, Buffalo Hill was where Conrad kept a large herd of bison, whose bloodline would later help establish the ...
Planning for the battle ahead
Great Falls Tribune
Excavation of the trash pit yielded broken bottles, clay pipes, glassware, cartridges, scraps of harness, bison and beef bones, the skeleton of a ...
National Bison Range: 108-year testament to public supported conservation
The Missoulian
The Bison Range contributes to international treaty commitments of the U.S. It has become very popular with citizens across America, thereby ...
Claims regarding Bison Range are incorrect
Only $10,014 of the FY '14 money that FWS paid to Lake County was attributable to the National BisonRange; the remainder of the $37,218 payment ...
Elk Island outdoor supper with chef Brad Smoliak offers unique taste of summer
Edmonton Journal
Chef Brad Smoliak of Kitchen by Brad offers an outdoor supper at Elk Island Park, complete with bison, at numerous times throughout the summer of ...
Ancient bison fossils offer hints about 1st humans in southern Canada
Ancient bison fossils offer hints about 1st humans in southern Canada .... Peter Heintzman, a postdoctoral researcher at the University of California, ...
Consultations, consultations, consultations: The Liberal government wants to hear from you this ...
National Post
Preventing a Bye-bye for Bison bison athabascae — consultations on Environment Canada's Recovery Strategy for the Wood Bison. No consultations ..
Grizzly increase rejected in hunting regulations
Kamloops This Week
The new open season would not increase the total number of bison taken, but shift some of the hunting pressure to the northern zone. Currently there ...
Old Man on His Back Ranch celebrates 20 years of conservation
Regina Leader-Post
Bison, as shown above, are seen regularly at the Old Man on his Back Ranch, near Eastend, SK. (Photo courtesy of The Nature Conservancy of ...
Elk Island bison moved to new home
It's been more than two months since the Elk Island bison arrived in the Blackfeet Nation - but that first stop was not their permanent destination.
Bison escape Buffaloland Park in Milltown Cross after fence cut
Buffalo, or bison as they are more properly called, were spotted roaming the streets of Milltown Cross, P.E.I., Sunday night, after someone cut the fence ...
Bison farm links kids with culture
Airdrie Echo
Youngsters from the Nipisihkapahk elementary school, located on the Samson reserve near Ponoka, travelled to the Glengarry Bison Farm on June 3 ...
4 bison killed for a film being shot in Alberta
The American Humane Association is investigating after four bison were reportedly killed for use in a film being shot in Alberta. The allegations were

A rare birth on a Manitoba First Nation
Manitoba Co-operator
The rare birth of a white bison calf has sparked a new sense of optimism to ... When the white bison first arrived at the reserve, Tacan says that many ...

Archaeologists discover 14000-year-old paintings deep down in Spanish cave
Fox News Latino
The cave also wins the distinction of being the home of the drawing of a bison with the most spear markings found in Europe yet , as the cave holds a ...
Mansion Monday: Home has heliport, bison farm, 10-car garage, massive wine cellar
WMUR Manchester
Support for tighter gun control laws increased 9 percentage points after the Orlando terror attack, and support for background checks and other ...
Ten more bison released in Romania's Tarcu Mountains
WWF Romania and Rewilding Europe have brought a new heard of ten Europeanbison in Romania's Tarcu Mountains, in the Southern Carpathians ...
Zürcher Bison-Stier sorgt im Basler Zolli für Kindersegen
bz Basellandschaftliche Zeitung
Bei den Bisons im Zoo Basel hat es im Mai gleich dreifachen Nachwuchs gegeben. Ein viertes Bison-Baby wird noch erwartet. So viele Jungtiere gab ...
Ignoring scientists, Poland begins logging famous primeval forest
It served a pivotal role in bringing back the European bison, which had .... European bison (Bison bonasus) weigh less and are taller than American ...
Beetles, the axe: Double trouble for prized Polish forest (VIDEO)
Malay Mail Online
There is no denying spruce bark beetles are having a field day in the forest, also home to the continent's largest mammal, the European bison, as well ...
The Today show slammed for 'cultural appropriation' after Steven Jacobs wears Native American ...
Daily Mail
'We're at Aranyani Bison Tourist Adventure Park,' he said, before adding: 'Now this is the only place in the country where I think you can dress up as a ...
A very proud Mum at Kincraig!
Strathspey & Badenoch Herald
Keepers at Kincraig's Highland Wildlife Park are celebrating the birth of two European bison calves in its herd in the main drive-through reserve.

Tribes criticize lawsuit challenging transfer of bison range
Great Falls Tribune
PABLO (AP) — Officials with the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes say a lawsuit looking to halt a potential transfer of the National Bison Range ...
CSKT sets record straight about bison range, PEER
Char-Koosta News
The Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes have been in discussions with Montana's Congressional delegation to restore the National Bison ...

Berry good time for humans, critters
Native Americans extended the berry season by drying the berries for later use, and by pounding them with bison meat to make pemmican, ...

Quapaw Tribe opens new meat product distribution center
Miami News Record
Quapaw Mercantile provides a variety of Quapaw Cattle Co. beef and bison products including ribeye steaks, beef bacon and bratwursts. The store is ...
A Tribal Reaction to Greg Gianforte and Lesley Robinson
Char-Koosta News
I share concerns with tribal communities across Montana about how bison are ... To us, bison are sacred to our people and with spiritual and historical ...

Bison, longhorns, wildlife influence Choctaw artist Dylan Cavin's work
Times Record News
Contributed photo Dylan Cavin, a member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, said he thought his artwork would lean toward fantasy or sci-fi when he ...
Three-language children's book creates community bonds
Regina Leader-Post
Hommage Au Bison, the bilingual French and Cree version of Honouring the Buffalo, was launched Thursday at Ecole Elsie Mironuck School.

Osage chief completes purchase of Ted Turner's Bluestem Ranch
The tribe plans to continue to preserve, protect and sustain the ranch land as a home to bison, which are sacred to the Osage. Red Corn said the ...

Tribes craft transfer legislation for Bison Range
Daily Inter Lake
The bison range was established in 1908 is located entirely within the ... The bill draft notes that while the North American plains bison was at the time on ... have spoken with Montana's congressional delegation about the proposal, ...
American bison
Working with these conservation groups are several Native American tribes to reintroduce the American bison to their natural habitat and allowing ...
SLCC celebrates National Aboriginal Day
Whistler Question
Throughout the vibrant atmosphere the rich scent of bannock, salmon and bison filled the air. Guests were invited to partake in a barbecue and sample ...
CSKT announces formation of Bison Range Working Group
Missoula Independent (blog)
Dubbed the Bison Range Working Group, the forum was rolled out alongside draft congressional legislation to facilitate the transfer. The working ...
Legislation drafted for transfer of bison range
Montana Standard
PABLO — Draft legislation for returning the National Bison Range to federal trust ownership for the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes – which ...
Welborn, Shaw win respective seats; race for commissioner narrowed to Allhands, Schulz
Shaw said brucellosis, bison and Virginia City are other “big issues” specific to Madison County. “If we don't get the bison issue straightened out, ...
Oppose Transfer of Bison Range
Flathead Beacon
The Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes (CSKT) is proposing legislation that would give them ownership of the National Bison Range (NBR).

LETTER: Feds need to keep bison range
Daily Inter Lake
The Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes are proposing legislation that would give them ownership of the National Bison Range. Contrary to ...
Draft Bison Range bill fails to address county impact
Last week, a draft bill entitled the “National Bison Range Transfer and ... of the possible transfer broke that, “legislation leading to a transfer would be ...

Claims regarding Bison Range are incorrect
... Commissioner Gale Decker's guest column, in the June 22 Valley Journal, regarding the Tribes' draft National Bison Range restoration legislation.

Bison designated the national mammal
Ohio's Country Journal and Ohio Ag Net
Last week, private bison ranchers joined with Interior Secretary Sally Jewell, congressional leaders, conservationists, and tribal representatives at a ...

16 national parks star in new stamps
Those bison are among 16 natural and cultural treasures that have been picked to star in a pane of Forever stamps celebrating the National Park ...
Column: Buffaloed: It's been a bison all along
Daily Journal
Like most of us, you have probably called the bison a buffalo. It is a bit disconcerting to learn that we have been incorrect all these years. There have ...
How to Brain-Tan a Deer Hide in 8 Steps
Outdoor Life Magazine
She's even been asked by the tribes who participate in the annual Yellowstone Native American bison hunt outside Gardiner, Mont., to teach intensive ...

Backstage at The Utah Arts Festival 2016: Urban Arts highlights graffiti, fat caps, giant 100/One ...
The Utah Review
... were totally black and only when it was nearly completed that people figured out it was a bison,” Fetzer says in an interview with The Utah Review.

Migration Mapping, The Key To Climate Change Escape?
Science World Report
The connectivity was found to be completely open 13,000 years ago as revealed by radiocarbon dating from bison fossils, NH Voice reported.
Grad works fingers to the bone for Eagle Scout project
Pamplin Media Group
“He's using it to identify how bison migrated from Asia to the Americas.” Ellingson said he hopes the interpretive area not only draws attention about ...

Movie production company accused of slaughtering bison for props
New York Daily News
The American Humane Association is investigating reports that five bison were killed and used for props on the set of the movie "Solutrean.".
The best US national parks – and how to visit them
The best US national parks – and how to visit them ... As well as vast, stunning views, we spotted bison, elk, deer, and woodchuck – but no grizzlies.
Woolaroc snags spot on 'Southern Places to Visit Before You Die' list
Examiner Enterprise
16 on the list was Bartlesville's Woolaroc, a 3,700-acre wildlife preserve with more than 30 varieties of animals — including American Bison, elk and ...
Children, teens reading up a storm this summer
Journal Review
They have also found pictures of Indy 500 racing, children's authors, bison and now fireworks. Our stuffed Garfield has been hiding every day. He has ...

"Exposed" Exhibit now open at the Idaho Museum of Natural History
KPVI News 6
A new exhibit at the Idaho Museum of Natural History is now open in ... an extinct species of bison and mammoths recovered here in our region.

CSU researchers, students lead local science nature talks
Colorado State News
Interested in archeology, bison, water use in Colorado, or how bioengineers get great ideas from nature? Archaeology program field photo Colorado ...

Why Archaeologists Are Intentionally Setting Early American Sites on Fire
He had planned the controlled burn, and even the firefighters on scene could see the fire instantly uncovering a rich record of the bison hunters who ...
Ice age bison fossils shed light on early human migrations in North America
EurekAlert (press release)
IMAGE: The steppe bison had much larger horns than modern bison. Radiocarbon dating and DNA analysis of bison fossils enabled researchers to track ...Pennsylvania State University, Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Center, ...

Culture Review: UNESCO on World Heritage Sites and Climate Change, Paleolithic-Era Paintings ...
The Wire
They depict hunting scenes of horses, bison, deer and goats, the engravings sometimes highlighted in black ink. In one of the etchings, over 20 spears ...

Prehistoric Merced fossils on display in library
Merced Sun-Star
The jaw of a bison that lived in the area more than 12,000 years ago is on display at the Merced County Library in an exhibit of fossils salvaged during ...
New Mexico scientist builds carbon dating machine that does not damage artifacts
Albuquerque Journal
That's important to Nancy Akins, a research associate with the Office of Archaeological Studies, who in February was having a bison tooth and sheep ...
UW Faculty Member Co-Edits New Book That Honors Frison and Haynes
University of Wyoming News
June 20, 2016 — A University of Wyoming professor is co-editor of a new reference book that explores early American hunter-gatherers and bison -- a ...

Brain Food: Prehistoric Bison Kill Sites
KNAU Arizona Public Radio
That's what an archaeologist at Northern Arizona University believes. Chrissina Burke is looking at ancient bison kill sites to prove that wild animals ...
Why is bison ordinance needed?
Lewistown News-Argus
We need to defeat the proposed ordinance No. 2016-12 for the protection of soil and water from wild, free-roaming or domestic bison grazing in ...

Bison dung links ecosystems, helps support other species
Rocky Mountain Outlook
Parks Canada plans to reintroduce bison into Banff National Park by 2017 will not only see the species return to the mountain ranges, but will support ...
Prairie Days highlight NW Mo. native grasslands
Maryville Daily Forum
Bison were reintroduced to the site in 2011, and a number of rare native plant species have emerged, including sensitive briar, shooting star, and ...
Prairie Pollinators: Wildflowers and Butterflies Celebration at Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve
Emporia Gazette
... a herd of 90 bison. It represents some of the last remaining 4 percent of the 170 million acres of tallgrass prairie which once covered North America.

University of Montana to Receive $35652 from Interior
Targeted News Service (subscription)
... it intends to award a $35,652 cooperative agreement to University of Montana for testing whether bison grazing has altered vegetation phenology at ...
Food and Recipes 
US Bison Sales Increasing
Southeast AgNet
According to the association's research, sales of bison meat in retail stores and restaurants have grown by 22.3 percent over the past two years.
Top Traditional Burgers in Miami
Huffington Post
From the birth of the burger up until now, the hunk of meat has been dressed up ... Everything she touches turns into gold including her Bison Burger.
Melissa Stonesifer: Bar Fusion Taphouse family-friendly restaurant
Bar Fusion's big game burger was grilled bison topped with a choice of cheese (in this case, pepper jack), mixed greens, sliced tomato and ...
ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen: Big, bold burgers for the barbecue
Calgary Herald
Bison is naturally leaner than beef, so to add richness to our Bison Burgers with Maple Shallots, we grate white cheddar right into the patty. For our ...
SPOTLIGHT ON BUSINESS – Tocabe is real American cuisine
The Villager
Where else can one mix and match the likes of Osage-style tacos with Shoshone-influenced flatbread and the bison meat long associated with the ...

SPOTLIGHT ON BUSINESS – Tocabe is real American cuisine
The Villager
Metro Denver's only Native American eatery is co-owned by part-Osage Ben ... Tocabe staples include the poso bowl and bison ribs in a berry-based ...
Dress up bison burgers with olives, sun-dried tomatoes and a glass of wine
Chicago Tribune
For the bison burgers below, it's important to pick a wine with ripe fruit flavors to play off the sweetness of the caramelized onion, and some acid to cut ...

How to Cook a Big-Game Heartl: A Recipe for Shredded Heart Dzik (Tacos)
Outdoor Life Magazine (blog)
Last January, my buddy Ben Pena went to Montana and shot a bison. He was very generous and shared a large amount of meat with me. I got a large ...

Michael's On East debuts 'blended burger'
Sarasota Herald-Tribune
He paired that with ground bison from High Plains, which is free of ... Taste the meat mix by itself and the mushroom flavor dominates, earthy and rich ...
Adding All-American Bison to Your Summer Menu
Modern Restaurant Management (registration)
Bison might fit the bill. Recently selected as new national mammal in the United States, it could add an All-American touch to your summer offerings.

Bison and Beer Dinner, New Sours at Dry Dock, Lunch at Temple Bakery
Eater Denver
WESTMINSTER — Join Kachina on Thursday, June 9 at 6:30 p.m. for a special Bison & Beer Dinner. Chef Bolton, New Belgium Brewing, and Prairie ...
Beyond Bison Burgers: Around Yellowstone, The National Mammal Is Local Cuisine
NET Website
Beyond Bison Burgers: Around Yellowstone, The National Mammal Is Local Cuisine ... Whether chefs called it bison or buffalo, we were game to try it.
Local Roots dinner and entertainment by Ellis Kell
Quad-Cities Online
You can get a bison burger a couple places here in the Quad Cities but you won't ... The bison are free range and we add no hormones or antibiotics.
Local Roots dinner and entertainment by Ellis Kell
Quad-Cities Online
You can get a bison burger a couple places here in the Quad Cities but you won't be able to ... The grain just helps tenderize and sweeten the meat.

Fish tacos, chili recipes children's ticket to White House
Casper Star-Tribune Online
This undated photo taken in Washington shows a meal prepared using the recipe for “red potato boat with three-bean bison chili,” created by ...
Review: Farmhouse Kitchen is a vegetarian's delight
A generous portion of bison meatloaf ($21) was moist and savory with the addition of carrots, onions and mushrooms and a rich shiitake gravy.
Exotic burgers draw fans to Coasters in Melbourne
Florida Today
By the way, bison is on the burger lineup, too, as is wild boar, elk and venison. Most of these specialty meats arrive from Culinary Classics, an exotics ...
First Bite: Royale Magnificent Burgers
D Magazine
But among the many options (lamb, lobster, bison, crab) and their many aiolis, I found what may be my new favorite veggie burger. No one else at my ...
Food Du Jour with Chef Bob: Burgers
Many other proteins can be formed into a patty besides beef: bison, turkey, chicken, seafood and shellfish, and beans, legumes and vegetables.
Young chef cooks her way to the White House
Grand Forks Herald
For the chili, Stella used pinto, black and kidney beans, all widely produced in North Dakota, as well as bison meat, because "It's a healthier meat than ...

Around Yellowstone, Buffalo Cuisine Abounds
The Bison holds a special place in the hearts of Americans—so much so that it was recently named the official national mammal by the federal ...
Broderick brings its burgers to Walnut Creek
San Jose Mercury News (blog)
Broderick is now grilling its beef (and lamb, bison, boar, even duck) patties in Walnut Creek. The expansion comes after a fast series of successes that ...
Carolina Moment: Dr. King's exotic animal ranch
Bison meat from King's herd is available at local restaurants around ... including Himalayan yaks and the largest collection of white bison in the world.
THE FOODIE FILES: Taste the Wild Side
Planet Jackson Hole
All year there was a bison roast perched between the piles of Hungarian partridge and sharptail grouse, some breasted and others frozen whole, ...

Local dining: Irma's Kitchen a welcome addition to Cragun's
Brainerd Dispatch
Three types of burgers, including a blue and green bison burger, a turkey avocado sandwich, a triple grilled cheese sandwich and fried sunfish are ...
Indy tastemakers and their favorite local burgers (Part 5)
NUVO Newsweekly
Then there's the Half-Pounder Bison Burger. It is grilled to order but beware –bison meat is lean so even if you like well-done, opt for medium.
Dorchester celebrates heritage and local cuisine
My Eastern Shore
... High Spot Gastropub with bison sloppy joe sliders; Hoopers Island Oyster Aquaculture with oysters; Jimmie and Sook's Raw Bar and Grill with crab ...
Plant-based burgers masquerading as meat are all the rage
Bradenton Herald (blog)
For meat lovers, a plant-based burger sounds like a nightmare. ... And bison has a stack of health benefits over cow meat: lower saturated fat and total ...
Precision Catering shares recipe for Independence Day Bison Burger
KRQE News 13
This mouth watering burger is stacked high with nothing but deliciousness. Bustos starts the process by adding blue cheese to the bison meat and ...
The Honestly Better Bison: A healthier summer grilling choice
Communities Digital News
But there are plenty of fine purveyors like Honest Bison that will allow you to purchase ... A 3.5 oz bison has 30g of protein while the beef only has 20g.
Legion expands fireworks show
Blade Empire
Chuck Wagon will have assorted buffalo burgers, loaded bison nachos, bison tacos, beer braised bison brisket sliders with sweet Thai chili slaw, ...
Munch goes to DJ's Sandwich Shoppe
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
The "Roadkill" burger at DJ's Sandwich Shoppe in Bloomfield has a patty made from elk, bison, beef, pork and venison and is topped with shredded ...
Diamond Resorts International -- Vacations for Life -- Experience the Most Authentic American ...
Marketwired (press release)
... geysers are located in Yellowstone, and of course it is home to some of the most iconic American animals like grizzly bears, bison and bald eagles.
Father and Son Who Tried to Help Baby Bison Thought Episode Would Have 'Happy Ending'
ABC News
The father and son who ignited a fierce debate after their attempt to help a baby bison at Yellowstone National Park ended with the creature being ...
The remarkable comeback story of the American bison
CBS News
Here lives what may be the last free-ranging, pure herd of wild bison in North America, reports CBS News correspondent Mark Strassmann.

Australian man hospitalized after tossed into the air by bison in Yellowstone
This comes just two weeks after a 16-year-old Taiwanese girl was gored by a bison in the park. She was also standing a few feet away, and turned her ...
National Geographic Connects to an 'Inner Yellowstone' Natives Always Knew About
Indian Country Today Media Network
By 1901, only a few hundred bison remained in America, including about two dozen in Yellowstone. Park officials managed to breed them, saving the ...
Lunch talk: 'Free-ranging bison in limited world'
Cody Enterprise
The lecture “The Yellowstone Bison: Free-Ranging in a Limited World” took place in the Coe Auditorium of the Buffalo Bill Center of the West as part of ...
On the road with Yellowstone bison
Powell Tribune
A bison and calf were photographed in Lamar Valley May 29. Roads in Yellowstone National Park have allowed the bison population to double in size ...
A call to action by Yellowstone National Park staff
ABC FOX Montana News
A death in a hot spring, a bison calf loaded into the back of a car, people approaching elk and bison to pet them and take pictures with them, all within ...
Bison roaming freely outside Yellowstone comes with controversy
The Bozeman Daily Chronicle
Park Rangers with Yellowstone National Park take blood samples and weight readings from bison on March 8 at the Stephens Creek Capture Facility ...
Are you smarter than these 4th-graders when it comes to Yellowstone?
The Missoulian
And then there were the shutterbug adults who were way too close to bison. ... Boy bison roll in dirt and poop to attract girl bison, interjected Ludden.
Yellowstone bison gores Helvetica Man
WyoFile (blog)
It's happened again in Yellowstone National Park. This time the victim tossed into the air by a bison is Helvetica Man. Helvetica Man, the international ...
Yellowstone History: Mammoth Bison Showpen
Yellowstone Insider
The buffaloes or American bison of the park may be classed in three groups, namely: The “show” herd near Mammoth Hot Springs, which is fenced in; ...
Yellowstone Gets a New Sign to Warn Visitors About Bison
Earlier this month, a 62-year-old Australian man was thrown into the air by a bison at Yellowstone National Park after getting too close in an attempt to ...
Bison with gunshot injury dispatched by Yellowstone park rangers Saturday
The Livingston Enterprise
A bull bison with a partially healed gunshot wound was dispatched by Yellowstone National Park rangers over the weekend. At about 10 a.m. ...
Giant bison herd blocks traffic on Yellowstone road
YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK, Wyo., June 22 (UPI) -- A massive herd of bison wandered into a road in Yellowstone National Park and blocked ...
Landers slams wildlife smartphone use
The Spokesman Review (registration) (blog)
A woman was attacked by a bison in Yellowstone trying to get a selfie of her and her daughter with the beast just 15 feet behind them. Luckily the kid ...

Samson Cree Nation Students visit GLENGARY BISON   

It was an amazing day of learning and culture for 11 kids from the Samson Cree Nation that visited Glengary Bison Ranch east of Airdrie.  Gary Sweetnam and Cynthia Austion hosted the group with special presenters -  Dr. Linda Manyguns from the University of Lethbridge (who teaches Aboriginal Studies), and Constanable. Kevin Starblanket from the Calgary Police Services.  It was A Day of Bison for these great kids, who learned more about their people and the importance of bison in their history.

Sending out a big  "'Thanks"  to Gary and Cindy for their continued work as bison ambassadors ! 


Re-Introduction Of Bison To Banff National Park
Expected To Be A Boon

As the final preparations are being made to bring plains bison back to Banff National Park, one of the world’s top experts on the animal says they will immediately change the environment in the area once they return.
Wes Olson, who has more than 30 years of experience working with bison, gave a talk Friday at the Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies in Banff on the ecological effects of having bison on the landscape.

“Bison are considered a keystone species,” he said. Read More HERE


Bison Cooking Presentations at the Calgary Stampede
When:  Friday, July 15th and Saturday, July 16th 
Where: Calgary Co-op Kitchen Theatre in the BMO, Calgary Stampede Grounds
Hello, BPAA Members and Industry Stakeholders 
I apologize in advance for the length of this, but I need to lay everything out for you properly.
As you may already know, I have been appointed to the Education, Training Resources and Certification consultation panel of the Technical Working Group for the Enhanced Farm and Ranch Workers Protection Act (otherwise known as Bill 6). Whew, that's a mouthful - let’s just call it the ETC. I am also going to use “farm” to mean farm and ranch operations. The rest:Bison Producers of Alberta

Canadian Bison Association Weekly Prices - May 27, 2016
Yorkton This Week (press release)
NOTE: To post a comment you must have an account with at least one of the following services: Disqus, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ You may then ...


When:   Saturday, August 13, 2016   12 noon to 8 PM

Where:  Elk Island National Park, Alberta  (just west of Edmonton on Hwy 16)
              - Astotin Lake Recreation Area

Information Booths from the Bison Pproducers of Alberta and the Canadian Bison Association - Live Music - Bison Craft Fair - Bison Festival Kitchen - Evening Bison Talks - Voyageur Canoe Tours - Demonstrations in Bison Hide Tanning & Making Pemmican - First Nations Dancers 
 National Bison Association 

Jul 1, 2011 - National Bison Month, celebrated each July, is a time in which American bisonproducers and marketers promote the delicious taste of bison ...
Bison Meat Sales Up 22% in Past Two Years
Growing Alabama
U.S. bison sales at the retail and food service level this past year reached $340 million. The National Bison Association reports sales of bison meat in ...
Bison producers help celebrate national mammal designation
Farm Forum
Bison producers help celebrate national mammal designation ... of the American Indian in Washington, D.C. to celebration the bison's designation as ...
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