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June 2014
Cork Mercantile, Ireland 
In the early 1800's, these ads were somewhat common.
This particular ad is from 1802.
It started to ramp up by 1816, talking bales of hides, instead of loose numbers.
Bowhunters aim for foam deer, wolves, bison — even a cobra
After sinking a couple of arrows into a pair of nicely antlered deer Saturday morning in John F. Kennedy Memorial Park, Kyle Mosley, of Algona, and ...
Local lawmaker requests brucellosis program audit
Recent decisions have perpetuated bison hazing near Yellowstone National Park, but a local lawmaker hopes a nonpartisan study would evaluate the ...

Panorama of Variety
“Ah, but did you know that the bison has been here much longer than cows? Our bison came from a large herd of North American bison in southern ...

Avalon bracing for even more severe water restrictions
A bison pauses next to a dried-up branch near the airport on Catalina Island. The island is facing water rationing because of continuing drought, ...

2nd Street Market adding 3 food vendors
Simply Sweet is one of three new vendors joining the market's Saturday ... The business will offer individual cuts of bison such as New York strips, ...
• Grassroots Bison Ranch, which includes a herd of more than 180 bison pasturing on 205 acres in New Paris in western Preble County, will sell grass-fed bison at the market on Saturdays, starting June 14. The business, owned by Dale and Annie Thompson and Annie’s parents Les and Cindy Stacy, was launched three years ago.

.Wyoming Game and Fish public meeting
Wyoming Game and Fish public meeting ... for the Targhee mule deer, moose, elk and bighorn sheep herds, as well as the Jackson bison herd.

Landowners applaud FWP dropping free-roaming bison plan
Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks's recent decision to abandon a plan to impose a free-roaming bison herd Montana is a case study in effective ...

Semi crash claims lives of 3 bison
In this photo taken by a Buffalo Field Campaign volunteer, a FedEx truck shows extensive damage after hitting and killing three bison on U.S. Highway ...

According to Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks information officer Andrea Jones, the accident occurred around 3 a.m. May 17. The three dead bison were removed from the highway and taken to the West Yellowstone Transfer Station.

“It’s unfortunate,” Jones said. “It was dark, and (the bison) are dark.”

A visit to Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump is a walk through history
“What's the difference between a buffalo and a bison,” asks Quentin Crow Shoe, our Blackfoot guide as we stride across the seemingly endless ...

When viewing herds up close, don't get 'buffaloed'
Five miles east of Valentine on Highway 12, Fort Niobrara National Wildlife Refuge is home to herds of bison, elk and prairie dog town, as well as ...

 Southern Plains Pointers

   Just a word before I write about southern plains bison realities that are current, but less about ‘meanwhile-back-at-the-ranch’ stuff. That word is worms!  I will follow that by saying worms, worms, worms, worms, worms!  They are the enemy and the #1 production and reproduction challenge to bison of the southern plains. In much of the southern plains we are enjoying plenty of moisture, guess what! – worms will come with that moisture and with specificity to a very real enemy, the liver fluke. This is a nasty little cuss that you should research for yourself and learn to hate with vengeance properly. In Texas and the southern plains, many regions are deemed; not flukey. This accredited assumption makes the liver damage in non-flukey regions in our bison, caused by flukes - perplexing. Or not, and we learn the easy way - or the hard way, to manage for breaking the life-cycle of this nasty little nemesis.  June and July are the best months of the year to break the fluke life-cycle and there are solutions available that do not involve working the herd through a chute, which is also not cool during the southern summer heat. Personally; whether my region is flukey or not, I will de-worm with a known affective flukeacide for good measure. I guess I’m just not into Russian roulette at my bison-herds expense.  
  On the political front there are some exciting things happening in the bison world on a national level. One is the NABR [North American Bison Registry] Conservation-Herd Registry program. I think this is a positive and truthful validation of the bison rancher and their place in the amazing story of bison restoration. While there are many that fear the word conservation because it conjures up monsters and flying-monkeys that may be; ‘there to help us’ with [our] bison, quite the opposite is the essence and spirit of this herd-registry program. It’s a simple records and storage facilitation proving the good-work and commitment to the integrity of the species that is commonplace among modern bison ranchers.  Conservation, used in language, is grammatically correct and accredited by definition for use with focus. Our focus is bison and their continued rebound onto the American Landscape for future generations. I am excited about the roll-out and the herd-registry helping to provide validation to all those dedicated buffalo-people that feel they are part of something special. Personally; so long as it remains simple - I’m in!  
  Another very exciting thing is the Bison Legacy Act, S. 2464, introduced on June 11th, 2014 and sponsored by Senators Johnson (D-SD) and Hoeven (R-ND).Please take a moment and read the bill at: . It speaks of shared-stewardship, sweeping cultural significance, historic symbolism, ecological integrity, tribal significance, economic impact and much more. The steering committee has done a very conscientious job of including all aspects of the human contribution to the bison story, and in my opinion, it’s very thoughtful with regard to cultural and bison-community sensitivities.  Again; some fear it in the same way that they fear the monsters and flying-monkeys with regard to Bald Eagle parallels becoming automatic, should bison be named the National Mammal of the United States. Such fears subside when they [actually] read the bill! The wording, in my opinion, gives credit and merit by way of acknowledgement to all that contribute, thereby establishing them in perpetuity as part of the American bison story. Both Frasier Bison LLC and the Buffalo Drum News are proudly listed as coalition members of this national no-brainer.       
 Till next time, watch’em, tend’em and if you do your part, the bison will do theirs…   
Tim Frasier
Frasier Bison L.L.C.


Irreplaceable bison
A beloved wood bison who lived his entire life at Big Bear Alpine Zoo, Norman died of old age in mid-May. He was 23. He was preceded in death in ...

Green Russell bartender wins ShakeStir; Kachina Southwestern Grill in Westminster offers bison ...
Westminster's Kachina Southwestern Grill (10600 Westminster Blvd., 303-410-5813) hosts its third annual Bison & Beer dinner on Thursday. Chef Jeff ...

Chef Jeff Bolton is teaming with the folks from Prairie Ridge Buffalo Ranch in Limon and Left Hand Brewing Co. for the event. The fun kicks off at 6:30 p.m. with a meet-and-greet cocktail reception, followed at 7:30 p.m. by a four-course dinner featuring choice bison cuts paired with Colorado craft beer.


Bison bouncing back but lack room to roam, forcing herd cuts
But the bison on fenced preserves continue to multiply — 11 calves were born here this spring after recent forced herd reductions. Interior Secretary ...

Campdrafters trade cattle for bison
There's a growing demand for bison to be used for training purposes rather than cattle. Dungog-based bison breeder and trainer Kendal Neilson says ...

Talk of the Towns for June 4, 2014
As the West was settled, hunters and settlers nearly wiped out the millions of bison that once roamed those wide open spaces.

But now, the big, burly beasts are back.

Herds of the historic hulks — either by chance or incredible intelligence — have taken refuge in national parks where they are protected. And in other locations, memories of the near extinction have resulted in tight restrictions — and pricey permits — for hunting bison. Some national park administrators, in a move that Talkers find incredibly ironic, are complaining about the bison. The park folks say the revival of the animal that was here long before people arrived is damaging the ongoing human effort to preserve the historic nature of the parklands.

Little bison unlocks a big gift of writing for Colorado Springs painter
Illustrating and writing a children's book wasn't even on her radar until she met her muse - a bison calf found wandering, abandoned by its mother, ...

Buffalo need to roam and find a new home, Grand Canyon officials say
Grand Canyon National Park is not traditional habitat to resident bison; however, today it's home to more than 300, and their numbers are growing ...

Nonnative mule deer now in Catalina Island Conservancy's cross-hairs
Over the last two decades, the conservancy that owns nine-tenths of this island has shot, trapped and shipped out thousands of goats, pigs and bison ...

Tracking Road Kill? There's An App For That, Too
Adult bison and calves cross a dirt road on Antelope Island, northwest of Salt Lake City. A team of scientists from Utah State University have developed ...

Bison business nears $280M in meat sales in 2013
Sales of bison meat in restaurants and grocery stores jumped more than 12 ... Dave Carter, executive director of the National Bison Association, said ... to celebrate the heritage of the American bison/buffalo while educating and

New home on range: Thousands of bison, U.S. Army Veteran start new life
PUNTA GORDA _ A herd of about 2,400 American bison roams the fields at Three Suns Ranch, gobbling up grass and palmetto leaves, as well as ...

South Dakota leads nation in production of 3 commodities in 2013: bison, oats and sunflowers
The Agriculture Department says South Dakota producers once again led the U.S. in bison inventory. Oats production jumped from seventh to first, and ...   

Fundraiser gives spark to Stillwater library
Several hundred people watched last year as some of the 35 bison were released from a transport truck at the sixth bison release at the Belwin ...

Milking camels for the next super food
Looking for a better diet led King into the bison business. Bison was the staple of the American Indian and has less fat and cholesterol than many fish ...

4 Culinary Geniuses: The Masters, Part 2
... Orange Segment Salad with Fiery Jalapeno Dressing; and the Bison Meat Indian Tacos—both of which have earned him many a devoted fan.  

Buffalo, ducks and fish
Two hundred plus years ago we thought our buffalo herds were never ending; then they were hunted to near extinction to be sold for their skins only.

CU-Boulder's buffalo-shaped swimming pool opens Monday
The buffalo-shaped outdoor swimming pool opens at the University of Colorado recreation center Monday, ushering in a new era of sunny relaxation ...

Metro Park's bison calf attracts onlookers
More than a week after her birth, the small, reddish-brown bison is healthy and adapting well to her environment, park officials say. And it's a hopeful ...

Tribal Council No-Show At Shannon County Meeting
... from a Shannon County Commissioners meeting where tribal legislation pertaining to Badlands National Park bison reintroduction was discussed.

Where to see 20 bison calves this summer
Raquel Villanueva, KUSA 1:08 p.m. MDT June 9, 2014. Incredible! Record setting year in Genesee for baby bison. 20 newborns so far (Photo: Colleen ...

Bison farm in Frankford expanding
It's a small herd of bison, not elephants, that roams roughly 8 acres of land outside their home. The Collins family's farm in Frankford is just one of three ...

Senate to introduce bill to make bison the national mammal
In South Dakota, home of 33,000 American bison, the idea pleases Gov. Dennis Daugaard. "Tens of thousands of people come to South Dakota every ...

***E News Blast Sent ****

Senators want bison declared national mammal
SIOUX FALLS, S.D. -- U.S. senators from the Dakotas and other areas are making another attempt at having the bison declared the national mammal.  

News Releases
WASHINGTON – Senator John Hoeven (R-N.D.) joined Senator Tim Johnson (D-S.D.) today to introduce the National Bison Legacy Act, legislation ...

35 bison return to Afton conservancy Saturday
This will be the seventh summer that Belwin has hosted a herd of bison; the animals return Saturday. The grass-fed animals -- on loan from NorthStar ...      

Recipe: Lamb & Bison Meatballs with Tomato-Chipotle Sauce
In last week's World Fare, I reviewed Tapas Picasso in Hillcrest. Two of my favorite of Chef Loren Villalobos Alsman's tapas were the meatballs in spicy ...

                I'd like to congratulate all of you who received plentiful precipitation this year.  We've missed out on most of it here in the northern kingdom but still have our fingers crossed. I'm hearing reports of verdant pastures and wildflowers from places that have been parched for too long.

            Now, look at those lovely green acres and imagine that you could keep that going even in drought cycles.  How?  Strategic water conveyance!  Yes, water harvesting swales, structures, techniques and technology takes the rain falling on your ranch and puts it to work for you instead of letting it run away to the ocean and take your topsoil with it.  P.A. Yeomans was a mining engineer in Australia who developed Keyline Design from his understanding of hydrology. One of his books is titled, 'Water for Every Farm'.  Water is life.  If you capture your water effectively, build a soil food web and practice rotational grazing on well-adapted grassland, you'll look back and say,"why wasn't I doing this all along?"  Give me a call and I'd be glad to help.
Ben Tyler,

Defendants in Crow corruption case face sentencing
Among the sites they monitored was a 2,000-year-old bison killing grounds damaged after excavation work approved by family patriarch Dale Old ...    

Hiowling Mozart After Hours set Saturday at Wolf Park
Bison, coyote and both red and gray foxes also live there. Posted: Wednesday, June 11, 2014 10:59 am. Hiowling Mozart After Hours set Saturday at ...

Bison reads sign about bison
An inquisitive bison was photographed looking like it was reading a sign at a South Dakota National Park — and it turns out the reading material was ...

Fish and Wildlife Commission to meet
Montana's Fish and Wildlife Commission will meet June 12 in Helena ... requirements for bison hunters and modifications to the bison hunter roster.      

5 Species You Might Have Mistakenly Thought Were California Natives
Sometimes an animal species seems so well-suited to California that it's .... There were other species of bison in California back in the Pleistocene, ...


New bison calves make debut at Brookfield Zoo
American bison are the symbol of the Chicago Zoological Society, which manages the Brookfield Zoo, because they are one of the first North ... 

Buffalo escapes in Wayne County, eventually wanders home
Residents in the northeastern part of Wayne County who thought they might have seen a buffalo roaming free Wednesday evening — your eyes were ...

Outdoor report: Famous creatures and fragrant flowers
410 plains bison arrived the following year, part of an organized attempt to save the species from extinction. The project was a success - in more ...


Weekly Webb: Koyama's bison earns place of honor in China
“Spirit of the Bison” shipped last week and should be hanging today in ... “Artists from all over the country submit work all the time for this program.   

Arsenal bison return _ but limited space to roam
ROCKY MOUNTAIN ARSENAL WILDLIFE REFUGE, Colo. (AP) - The dwindling of open space where bison can roam is hurting federal efforts to ...     

Guest: A sad Montana moment for wild bison
For wild bison, the idyllic images of Montana being splashed across Seattle ads does not match reality, according to guest columnists Bonnie Rice and ...

From Untended Farmland, Reserve Tries to Recreate Wilderness From Long Ago
A German prince is leading an effort to bring back the European bison, Europe's largest land mammal, in Bad Berleburg. The animal almost went ...

Houck Buffalo Ranch
Buffalo grazing on the Triple U Buffalo Ranch. The ranch's pristine prairie and 3,500+ bison made it an ideal location for filming "Dances with Wolves.".  

Bison herd to arrive in Afton on June 14
On Saturday, June 14, the Belwin Conservancy is hosting its seventh Bison ... into a 150 acre restored prairie on Division Street in Afton, Minnesota.

Senator pushes plan to manage Grand Canyon bison
The bison hunt in the northern part of the Kaibab National Forest is highly ... "I don't know why anyone would object to the bison meat going to tribal ...
Proposal Will Affect Grand Canyon Bison
June 16, 2014 -- NAZ Today reports on Senator John McCain's proposal to allow anyone who kills bison in the Grand Canyon area to keep the meat.

Earth puts on a grand show at America's favorite park
A few weeks later, videos allegedly showing large herds of bison and elk fleeing the park went viral. By the time April rolled around, the Internet was ...
Spread of Montana bison slows
Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks' recent decision to abandon a plan to impose a free-roaming bison herd Montana is a case study in effective ...

5 Entities in the Running to Get Yellowstone Bison
Wildlife Conservation Society: The New York-based conservation group requested 30 bison for zoos in the Bronx, Queens and Ohio. The animals ...

Broken Kettle Grasslands Preserve to host Bison Day
The preserve is hosting its fourth annual Bison Day event on July 12th. “We'll have the chance to take a hay rack ride out into the Loess Hills and see ...

Montana bison await new home
Captured from Yellowstone National Park in 2005 and 2006, 145 bison have tested free of the disease brucellosis and are now ready to be removed ...        

Study: In wild yak society, moms are the real climbers
Wild yaks are an endangered species occurring only on the Tibetan Plateau and closely related to North American bison. The study, which appears in ... 
Campaign Underway To Designate A "National Mammal Of The United States"
By adopting the North American bison as our national mammal, the National Bison Legacy Act recognizes their historical, cultural, ecological, and ...
Brookfield Zoo announces birth of 2 bison calves
Two baby bison born at the Brookfield Zoo this spring are now on display to the public on weekends. | Photo from the Chicago Zoological Society.
Wyoming isn't afraid of its roaming bison
Wyoming isn't afraid of its roaming bison. Jackson Hole News & Guide. Story · Comments. Print: Create a hardcopy of this page; Font Size: Default font ...    
Traumatizing family vacations | Our Corner
Someday, somehow, my daughter will end up back at the bison range telling her bored kid about how she was nearly trampled because of her dopey ...  
Montana bison await new home
Captured from Yellowstone National Park in 2005 and 2006, 145 bison have ... Cherokee Nation: The American Indian tribe requested 35 bison to ...

OpEd: Spread of Montana bison slows
Any relocation of bison within Montana needs to have clearly identified ... private and tribal entities for their assistance in relocating bison to property ...     
Storm Damage Closes SW Minnesota State Park
Storm Damage Closes SW Minnesota State Park ... The rapidly rising Blue Mounds Creek damaged roads, trails, a bison fence and the spillway ...
No visitors to the park were hurt or evacuated. The park's bison herd remains in good health.
Dining review: Guard and Grace steaks its claim in downtown Denver
Colorado bison tartare with chives, shallot, quail egg, balsamic reduction. ... Silky bison tartare was boldly seasoned with shallots and a quail yolk, ...  
  'KinderNature: American Bison' program at Botna Bend Park Saturday
North America's largest land animal comes to life at Botna Bend Park near Hancock. Learn about thunder on the plains, feel bison furs and view the ... 
Sandhills of Nebraska surprisingly fun
The Perfect 10 Bison and Hutchinson Organic Ranch and B&B near Rose ... 5,000 acres in the sandhills is home to some 800 free-roaming bison.
Smither: Key to Badlands trip was absence of detailed plan
To be clear, I don't mean there were bison in the general area. I mean bison were at our campsite. Two monarchs of the prairie sat twenty yards off the ...
Buffalo being raised near Poplarville
Red Gate Ranch, located at 92 Bison Lane in Poplarville, is a 40-year dream that became reality for Andre and Beth Toups. The Baton Rouge couple ...
Scenes from American frontier paint picture of country's past in 'Window on the West' exhibit
John James Audubon, American Bison or Buffalo, c. 1843, hand-colored lithograph. Collection of Arthur J. Phelan.
Northern Cheyenne women learn the lost art of brain-tanning buffalo
... generations of their tribe and a half dozen others used the natural sink hole to kill, butcher and process thousands of bison between 1550 and 1800.
Bison farm inching closer to becoming an actuality
She was hoping to be up and running by now, but Michelle Young is finally starting to feel like her dream of a bison farm is closer to becoming a reality ...
Don't have a cow, man – try bison steak on the grill
Bison is a rich, lean, grass-fed organic meat that delivers great taste and has fewer calories than beef. Often confused with buffalo (which are from Asia ...
Boss Ranch hosts Baby Bison Days OHIO
CADIZ - Boss Bison Ranch, located at 45701 Unionvale Road, will host Baby Bison Days Saturday and Sunday. Attendees will be able to see and pet ...
Oil drilling threatens solitude of national park
In this Wednesday, June 11, 2014, photo, a Bison rests inside the Theodore Roosevelt National Park located in the Badlands of North Dakota.
The Hunt for the Golden Mole review – Richard Girling's 'entertaining and provocative' quest
These victims include the American bison which, when the white man arrived on the American continent, numbered more than 50 million but whose ...
Protection for the proof that Stone Age man made great art: Cave paintings of mammoths, bison ...
A prehistoric cave in southern France containing the world's earliest known art has been awarded World Heritage status. The Grotte Chauvet in the ...
Bison ranchers finding a growing number of hungry customers in SW Ohio
June 23 --One entrepreneurial group of southwest Ohio specialty-meat ranchers is enjoying a surge in demand for their very American product: bison ...
Bison n' blossoms: Two of Wisconsin's niche industries to be highlighted during annual tourism event
When: Saturday, June 28. Marsh tours 9 to 11 a.m.; Wisconsin Cranberry Discovery Center open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.; and bison ranch tours noon to 4 p.m..
Ask Rufus: Did the buffalo roam?
These were buffalo or bison which were living east of the Mississippi River and which were said to have been slightly smaller than the western buffalo. ... In 1775 British trader James Adaire published a history of the American Indian.
TV fans are digging the drama
Members of Time Team America hard at work excavating 10,000-year-old bison bones. Shervin Hess / Oregon Public BroadcastingOPB / Shervin ...
Re-wilding May Allow Buffalo to Roam
Recently, eight European bison were released into the German wild. This tiny herd has produced two calves and had one death, so their number now ...
Ancient giants in southwestern Alberta
The partial skeleton of a giant male bison (Bison occidentalis Lucas) was excavated by geologists L. A. Bayrock and J. F. Jones in 1957. The distance ...

Carbondale chosen for state
'Creative District' program

Ernesto, a bison made of metal and wood by James Burnes of New Mexico, stands watch at the corner of Main and Seventh in Carbondale.
Bison site
... the Deuter family during the 1960s in a bison kill site once used by Woodland hunters. There is now a new possible bison kill site in the same area.
Fire in the Triangle: Battle blueberries and bison
Those who dug in delighted in the mixture of warm yolk, creamy grits and bison sausage. White Street Brewing's Harmony Schilling VanGundy went ...
Willem Lange: Far From Home, Where the Buffalo Roam
“Road” is a generous description of the dirt tracks through the Fort Belknap bison reserve, but we've seen much worse. The guys bumped hopefully ...
Buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo
The fullest version of the sentence I have in mind is too long for the space: “Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.”.
Sean Gerrity: Making a Home on the Range for Bison and Other Wildlife
Teson finds him sheltering from the relentless wind at the reserve's buffalo enclosure, where 73 bison calves await their release into the wild the next ...

New State Fair foods: Chocolate salami, bison dog, plus 26 more
Everything from early morning eats such as the “Breakfast Juicy LuLu,” to desserts like the “Deep-Fried Buckeyes.” A State Fair press release also ...
Polk County Museum to feature rare local find
One of the extinct bison bones on display has a piece notched out for carbon dating by researchers at Iowa Sate University. The actual age of the ...
Day 13: Fort Nelson, British Columbia, to Watson Lake, Yukon
Aside from the bison, we saw a couple more black bears by the side of the road — one a smaller bear sitting and facing the road while munching on ...
Bison exhibit settles in for summer at Pequot Museum
MASHANTUCKET >> Mystery explored in Mashantucket: For thousands of years, until the early 1860s, there were tens of millions of bison roaming the ...
Bison protester banned from Yellowstone Park
A man who briefly blocked trailers hauling Yellowstone bison to slaughter this spring has been temporarily banned from Yellowstone National Park as ...
Compass: Oil tax reform helps all Alaskans - even wood bison
On 165 acres next to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center (AWCC), a herd of wood bison has taken up temporary residence before they return to ...
Editorial board's cheers and jeers: Bison, bike trails, red-light runners, Hotel Virginia
Cheers to the Yellowstone National Park bison who could soon be on their way to herds all over the country. In some cases, the bison could be the start nucleus herds at zoos in Ohio and on the East Coast, or they could join existing herds in Montana and elsewhere. It’s a successful result of the project to build up the number of the once numerous beasts.
State bison talks July 14-15 in Billings
After the last meeting set for Lewistown was cancelled, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks has scheduled a two-day discussion in Billings, July 14-15, ...
Auburn rancher restores prairie, bison
Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism, 1020 S. Kansas Ave. in Topeka, ... Currently, about 400,000 bison can be found in North America.

Feds mull Grand Canyon, Iowa for relocating bison
June 30, 2014 17:52 GMT

By MATTHEW BROWN Associated Press

BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) -- Federal officials have identified 20 parcels of public lands in 10 states they say could be suitable for bison relocated from Yellowstone National Park.

The locations include areas as diverse as Arizona's Grand Canyon National Park, an Iowa wildlife refuge and a North Dakota national historic site. They were named by the Department of Interior in a report on bison conservation released Monday.

Yellowstone had roughly 4,600 bison at last count. The population periodically spills into neighboring Montana, triggering large-scale slaughters of the animals to prevent the spread of disease.

A pilot program to relocate Yellowstone bison has struggled to overcome livestock industry opposition in Montana.

If such a program were made permanent, federal officials say it could be up to a decade before more animals were relocated.

Outdoors Column: Amendments proposed to support hunting and sport fishing
Grand Canyon Bison Amendment, S.A. 3240: Over the years, bison from the House Rock Wildlife Area on the Kaibab National Forest have migrated to ...
“When Giants Roamed” exhibit brings historic Idaho mammals back to life at the Idaho Museum of ...
... located 18 miles west of Idaho Falls. This portion of the exhibit illuminates the ice age layer of the cave, the bison kill, human occupation, and some ...

Happy Bison Month!
In Idaho alone, there are 7 national parks, which house many different sites and animals, including bison. Bison are one of the most symbolic animals ...
Bison Sizzles for Summer Entertaining
(From NBA News Release)
Buffalo ranchers across the country have been working hard to make sure that American consumers can find plenty of delicious, healthy bison for backyard grilling and restaurant dining during July Bison Month in July.
July Bison Month, celebrated each July, is a time in which American bison producers and marketers promote the delicious taste of bison burgers, steaks and roasts as a summer grilling alternative. According to the National Bison Association, the growing demand for bison meat reflects the desire among many people to enjoy great tasting food that is part of a healthy lifestyle, and a healthy environment.
"There's no doubt that people are embracing the great taste, the great nutrition, and the sustainable story of bison," said Dave Carter, executive director of the National Bison Association. There's nothing more all-American than a bison burger, or a bison steak on the summertime grill.
Carter noted that the growing popularity of bison reflects the commitment of North American ranchers to the quality of the meat, and the care of the animals.
"Bison ranchers learned early on that Mother Nature did a great job perfecting these animals for our part of the world. Now, the public has discovered that steaks, burgers and roasts from 100 percent North American bison are delicious and nutritious."
"If people want to enjoy bison meat this July, the can download the free BisonFinder App for smartphones and tablets, and they can find plenty of recipes on the NBA website at, "Carter said.
Carter noted that bison meat is becoming increasingly easy to find in retail stores and on restaurant menus. Most natural food stores, and many conventional supermarkets, now stock a selection of bison meat. Farmers' markets across the country are also popular outlets for locally-grown bison meat.
Survey Identifies Strong Interest in Conservation Herds
Response to the National Bison Association's recently completed on-line survey indicates a strong support among the membership for creating a conservation herd designation within the association's North American Bison Registry (NABR).
Seventy six NBA members participated in the on-line survey that ended Wednesday, with 62.5 percent of the respondents saying they would be interested in having their herds registered as conservation herds through the NABR.
Participants were also provided with a list of potential requirements for gaining designation as a conservation herd, and were asked to provide their input regarding the inclusion of those requirements. The percentage of responses supporting those individual requirements were:
  • Adherence to the NBA Code of Ethics (93%);
  • Commitment to follow Best Practices Guidelines in bison production   (81%);
  • Pasture management standards  (56%);         
  • Testing to prevent/eliminate cattle genetic introgression in all animals within the herd  (54%);
  • Limits on the time that animals may be kept in corrals or other confinement  (51%); and
  • Limits on singe-sire breeding within herds (31%). 
The results from the survey will be utilized by the Board of Directors to establish the parameters within the recently approved conservation herd program.
DOT Exempts Livestock from Hours of Service Requirement 
(From Feedstuffs) 

The U.S. Department of Transportation granted a one-year exemption to the Hours-of-Service requirement for the transportation of livestock. The Hours-of-Service rules required all commercial motor vehicle operators, including livestock transporters, to take a 30-minute rest break for every eight hours of service. This is in addition to all scheduled stops not counting time for refueling and other breaks.

In 2013, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) granted livestock haulers a 90-day waiver during the hot summer months with no adverse effects to safety. As authorized by Congress, FMCSA carefully considers and collects public comments on all applications for exemptions from federal regulations, including HoS for truck drivers. To date, FMCSA has received four petitions for exemptions, which only address the 30 minute break requirement of the HoS rule, and this is the second to be granted.

The National Cattlemen's Beef Association President and Victoria, Texas, cattleman, Bob McCan said the move alleviates many of the concerns of cattlemen and women as they face warmer temperatures this summer.

"This is great news for livestock producers and for the health of our herds," said McCan. "As we come into summer, cattle producers have expressed concerns to the DOT that these rules would jeopardize the health and safety of our cattle. For over a year this has been a major priority for the NCBA and our members, but we will continue to urge DOT to make this exemption permanent. This exemption is a common-sense move that keeps our herds and our nation's highways safe."

The hours of service exemption will be effective immediately.

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