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May 2015

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                          In honor of Memorial Day 

In 1871 an article was printed, that a bill was in congress...
Walnut Valley Times
El Dorado, Kansas Feb 10 1871
Disposal of Public Lands
     There is a bill now pending in the congress of the United States (and has passed the house) giving to each soldier of the rebellion one hundred and sixty acres of public land. Some members of congress objects to the passage of the bill because it “absorbs more than half of the public domain.” But suppose it absorbs it all? What in the world is our domain worth to us while nothing grows on it but native grass? Something, we suppose, but the net result can be fairly arrived at by finding out the aggregate amount which buffalo meat brings per annum in the market. The vacant lands are worth something more as a range for native stock, but we are strongly of the opinion, that the sooner the general government gets rid of all its land- only so it gives it to actual settlers- the better for the treasury and the people. Land unproductive will then be yielding something to increase the resources of the country, and man now earning precarious livelihood will be in a condition of independence. We regard the fact that the bill in question will absorb a large portion of public lands, as no objection to its passage. Let our soldiers, who sacrificed everything for the government, and without whom the government would have no land- have every foot of the public lands, if that much is necessary to give them homes. The only danger that arises from the disposal of the public lands is in giving to it corporations and individuals, in large bodies and there by adding nothing to the productive industry of the country. We say, give it to the soldiers if they will make it to grow an ear of corn where no corn grew before.
The bill did pass, June 1872. 

WCS at 120: Then and Now, Conservation Action Takes a Movement
In 1907 the American Bison Society arranged for 15 bison donated by the New York Zoological Society (NYZS) to be shipped by railway from the ...
Texas Celebrates  Texas Bison Week:
First full week of May through 2022
By: The Buffalo Drum News Team

Did you miss it? Don’t worry; we got a whole year to get ready for Texas Bison Week – 2016!!
Texas bison week was initiated by Debbie Northrop for her Texas Bison Festival, and carried on, with her permission, by the Texas Bison Association annually every year. During the 83rd legislature, the year that bison were graciously included to the Texas Ag Code language under the Estray laws, the TBA once again requested the ceremonial proclamation of Texas Bison Week. To our surprise and at the behest of Christine Moses, it was decided that Texas Bison Week should be established through the year 2022 by way of CSR 20, sponsored and introduced by one of the true champions of Texas Bison, Senator Craig Estes. Luck and assumptions aside, this blessing occurred, as a matter of public record, on the watch of Christine Moses as the energetic, warm and professional face of the Texas Bison Association.  
  Texas Bison Week was innovated to cause attention by the Texas general public to bison and bison products every year. The first full week in May was chosen to celebrate a new generation of American icons, in Texas, whereas May begins the bulk of the calving season. The diverse communities in support of Texas bison include: ranching, state parks, private parks, retail grocers, farmers markets, restaurants, conservation-projects, hunting, agri/eco-tourism, schools and the list goes on. Texas Bison Week avails the health conscious consumer of meat, as well as the entire general public, an opportunity to celebrate bison with a bit of Texas Brag. As we continue to learn the advantages and added value of bison to a consuming public hungry for authenticity and all things ecologically positive, Texas Bison Week serves the multitude by providing the general public - a chance to be a part of it.      
If you have an official ‘Bison’ holiday for your state or locality, we would be proud to include it.

   Link for original proclamation       Link to Texas bison letter


In Alaska, a wood bison is born in the wild, the first in a century
It's a baby wood bison! The wood bison calf — part of a herd reintroduced into the wild in Alaska — was born last week, the first new critter of its type to ...

Bison bulls making their way down the Tanana to Shageluk herd
Biologist Josh Pierce stand next to a mature wood bison bull at Alaska ... which are being sent far downriver in time to mate with bison cows in a new ...

Branding no longer essential for bison heading to US
Effective April 8, bison need a radio frequency identification tag and an accompanying dangle tag with the same number. Alternatively, they can have ...

Producers laud change on US-Canadian bison shipping rules bison | New ID requirements reduce ...
The leaders of the U.S. National Bison Association and the Canadian Bison Association recently applauded the Canadian Food Inspection Agency ...


First buffalo calf arrives for Cherokee herd
The Cherokee Nation's first bison calf in decades, a healthy female, stands next to its mother. It was born April 8, weighing in at 90 pounds, and ...


Nature Rambles
A few pictures and measurements sent to the Illinois State Museum confirmed that it was a bison skull. Later, we were able to have the skull carbon ...


The fancy fast-food burger market in Canada keeps growing
The full-service licensed restaurant offers burgers made of beef, bison, wild boar, elk, duck and turkey, with toppings ranging from pineapple relish and 
Southern Plains Pointers: May 15

  A historic amount of rain is blessing the southern plains to the point, in some locations, of causing reason for concern in ranch and bison health management. This year will also be historic, because of the rain, as a liver-fluke year. Take a ‘Google’ at the liver fluke life-cycle, and then play it safe by assuming that breaking their cycle, effectively, is shrewd herd- health management every year, but especially this year!  
  We have been getting so much water where I am, that I have actually observed fish in my pasture! They are Gambusia, and because they are involuntarily migrating to small run-off catches and working their little butts off eating mosquito larvae by intent and design of my system is good, but I am still observing; freaking-fish-in-my-pasture!! I have also observed snails on my grass, and yes, tons and tons of green feed. In nature, every paradigm contains paradox, and when balance is disrupted by an excess of anything, there is payment due. In the case of too much rain, as it pertains to herd-health management, paying attention is what is both due and diligent. Watching the condition of your animals will also be called for if the rain does not get back to normally balanced amounts. Lush green forage is good, but if it is excessively made up of water, can make it impossible for our grazers to consume enough in 24 hours to be healthy. We are only [approaching] cause for concern on the latter, but it’s good to know that if the rain keeps up, you’d better be keeping your eye on them and their body score.
  This 2015 season of major rain-event will also be cause for attention paid to natural-disaster plans written or conceived, prior to natural disaster and [flooding] events. I recently experienced flash-flooding and frustration that did not include animal losses, because they were in pastures that allowed the performance of natural survival behaviors. I’ve never seen them spend so much time on high ground, and lately, if they even hear a distant rumble, that’s where they are. It’s amazing to me, but I suspect, a common-sense to them…  
  On a more positive note; if you have wanted to establish warm season perennials and/or re-seeding annuals in your bison habitat, this year is a great year to have luck doing it. Water makes everything work, even when ‘everything’ includes antagonists to our models of production. Nature doesn’t take sides, or prisoners. For those of you getting good rain, without daily flooding, enjoy the grass, tank levels and fat happy bison.

   Tim Frasier of Frasier Bison L.L.C.

Bison-Hunting Shaped Native American Society
Robert Morrissey, assistant professor of history at the University of Illinois, has studied the Illinois' relationship with bison and how these powerful ...


Gib Myers: Nurturing startups, philanthropists -- and bison on the range
Now, he's helping to grow a 3.5-million-acre land preserve in Montana where bison can run free. But the transition points in his career, which he ...


Rough cuts test culinary students
... College students weren't given a fine rib eye or a New York cut steak to grill ... Armin Mueller, owner of Canadian Rangeland Bison and Elk, said the ...


Shrimp farms becoming a big business in Illinois and Iowa
Wilkerson says her customers do a double-take, now that her store offers fresh Illinois shrimp as well as bison, grass-fed beef, and free range poultry.


Lastest Entertainment News
... at the Montana Historical Society at 1 p.m., author Doug Coffman will present “The (un)Natural History of William Hornaday's American Bison Group” ...

Straight Arrow Bison Ranch Receives Animal Welfare Certfication
Straight Arrow Bison Ranch Receives Animal Welfare Certfication ... The award came secondary to receiving American Grass Fed Certification and the ...


Bison range preps for summer season
DIXON- In the eastern portion of Sanders County on the border with neighboring Lake County the National Bison Range is prepping for the busy ...


Game and Fish Commission sets hunting season and quotas
... discussion the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission debated and approved 2015 seasons and quotas for Wyoming's big game species, wild bison ...


Symphony preparations include moving bison herd in Flint Hills
For now, Gene Matile is using a little behavioral modification – he's feeding the bison pellets and using a siren to move the herd a little closer each day ...

New York
New York

Editorial: Shooting of bison shows need to plan for such cases
A herd of bison cross the New York State Thruway in Selkirk, headed south towards New York City, on Friday, April 24, 2015. The bison got lose from a ...


State park officials learning to care for bison calf after she was abandoned by mother
Superintendent Kevin Skates says they found the baby bison alone twice and couldn't get the mother to reunite with her, so they brought Felina back ...

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South Dakota

Dream of tribal national park crumbling
Those demands are that the Park Service resume paying the tribe's share of North Unit gate receipts and start handing over all the park's surplus bison ...

Extinction of World's Largest Herbivores May Lead to Empty Landscapes, Say Researchers
According to a new study led by Prof William Ripple of Oregon State University, many populations of large plant-eaters such as elephants, bison, ...
(endangered European bison)


Restaurant review: Dependable Ted's Montana Grill is an Arena District hit
As I settled into a make-believe piece of Montana, I heard Waylon and ... Here's where I explain the difference between physically similar bison and ...


CM Russell Museum Invites Public to the Opening of the New Exhibition
He will summarize the history of the American Bison Group, from its collection and creation in 1886-87 through its 70-year tenure in the Smithsonian's 


What We're Into: Puckett's, reggae, Safari Park, squeegees
The American Academy of Pediatrics is urging middle and high schools to delay school start times to 8:30 a.m. or later. ... turtles, turkeys, eagles, wolves, bears, frogs, sandhill cranes, and American bison, including white ones, which ...


Park sponsors free day for seniors
SAN ANGELO, Texas - The Friends of the San Angelo State Park and park employees will ... There will be tours to see the bison and Texas longhorn.


Column: The bison of Big Bone Lick are a living legacy
The herd is annually a crowd-pleasing favorite of many visitors and for good reason: bison are simply magnificent beasts to behold. Mature bulls stand ...


Meet Duff and Divot, bison living on a golf course
Meet Duff and Divot, two juvenile bison who are likely munching on a stretch of grass between the 1st and 10th holes of The Golf Club at Stonelick ...  (video)


Buffalo, Cannonball and the Border Queen
American buffalo once roamed wild in massive herds across the Kansas ... accurate zoological name for the American buffalo, that of Bison, Kansas.


Red Wagon's Matthew Thompson makes goulash for a family feast
Red Wagon's chef de cuisine Matthew Thompson grew up on his mother's beef goulash; today, his version uses bison in the stew. Amanda Siebert.

These Kansas buffalo roam where they shouldn't
Discouraging words are being spoken a little more frequently these days around Tonganoxie in Leavenworth County. A herd of American bison, aka ...

Restaurant review: Western-style bison at home on the range at Montana Grill
Most Americans make no distinction between bison and buffalo. ... This fact, plus a terrific dessert I bet you can't get in Luckenbach, Texas — the Jack ...

Caprock Canyons State Park lists May events
Later, we're calling all kids again to join us for All About Bison at 2 p.m. to learn about your very own herd of bison, the Texas State Bison Herd. Finally ....


Bison calf born at Northwest Trek
The birth of a bison calf has kicked off baby season at Northwest Trek Wildlife Park in Eatonville. The calf, who will not be named, was born Sunday ...

Why crossbows should be legal on bison hunts
There's a second part to the bison “methods and means” proposal. Currently, regulations for bison permit hunts allow a centerfire rifle or handgun, ...


Local restaurant chains gets national attention from study on healthy kid's options
Dishes — such as grilled bison sliders made with bison from Maryland's Gunpowder Farms; a chicken pizza quesadilla, made using a multigrain 


Vantage Point Farmers Market opens Saturday
"People are trying to eat leaner, healthier meats and bison meat is really lean," Mathews said. "The cupcake vendor is popular too and a lot of people ...


Controlled Burn Reveals Site on the Northern Plains
This will help scientists understand how fire interacts with cultural resources. To read in-depth about prehistoric bison hunting in Montana, see "The ...

Odds slim to draw big game tags in Wyoming
There was also considerable interest among bison hunters with 884 nonresidents applying for 61 licenses for 6.9 percent draw odds. A total of 2,870 ...
Drawings completed for moose, bighorn sheep, mountain goat wild bison licenses
Wyoming's annual drawing for big game licenses might not make you rich like some lottery winners, but the 954 successful applicants in the recently ...

Super Tag raffles provide Wyoming dream hunts
Another winner Daniel Hauck of Riverton pulled the bison tag after purchasing just one ticket. Hauck elected to go after his bull with archery equipment 



Chicago plays host to bear and bison thanks to Montana tourism campaign
BILLINGS - Some of Montana's wildlife is taking over Chicago in hopes of bringing more tourists to the Treasure State, thanks to a new marketing... 


Wichita Parks And Rec Department Announces Mascot Name Change
The mascot was introduced as Buddy the Bison in late April, but officials were later notified that Buddy the Bison has an existing trademark.

Buffalo Girl author tells food stories in 'Star' fashion »
Then she continues telling us about writing Buffalo Girl Cooks Bison, her latest cookbook. She is Buffalo Girl. Her introduction to bison came when she ...


Pan Am food will be simple, straightforward and with little spice
Quinoa with apple. Dried cranberries and a touch of lemon. Locally caught, white fish with a mild pesto crust. Bison meat loaf with ground beef mixed ...

Innoko River wood bison herd in good health, despite some mishaps
The animals are the first wild wood bison to live in Alaska for about 100 years, part of a plan to re-introduce the 2,000-pound animals to the state.

Alaska's re-introduced wood bison herd sees 6 calves born, 14 deaths
It's been 39 days since a herd of 100 wood bison was re-introduced into the wilds of Alaska, and Alaska Department of Fish and Game biologists say ...

Wood bison healthy in wild after March reintroduction
FAIRBANKS, Alaska (AP) — When you bring an animal back into the Alaskan wild for the first time in a century, you have to be prepared for some ...

Wood Bison Bulls to Join Reintroduced Herd
A Nenana-based barge line will soon be hauling some unusual cargo. Twenty-eight wood bison bulls are scheduled to travel on Inland Barge from ...


The triumph of the bison: Europe's biggest animal bounces back a century after vanishing
European bison (Bison bonasus), or wisent as they are also called, very nearly became real ghosts. Instead, the last half-century has marked an ...

Poland on drive to save European bison
The current small population of European bison and the resulting small gene pool, reduces the resistance of these animals to disease. This is only one ...

South Dakota

South Dakota leads in bison, oats, sunflowers
The latest rankings from the federal Agriculture Department show that the Dakotas lead the nation in the production of nearly a dozen farm ...


DNR naturalist speaks about Minnesota River, wetlands, bison
Minnneopa Area Naturalist Scott Kudelka of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources speaks Thursday at the Treaty Site History Center in St.


PJ's hits Poland's humble yet heavenly notes
If seeking play, the "PJ's style" bison-mushroom-cabbage, Philly cheese steak or crawfish concoctions bring the same garnish, but also side sauces: ...

Bright Blooms — Prehistoric Supermarket
For instance, some 13 or 14 thousand years ago, hunters preyed on the mammoth and the ancient bison herds that gathered en masse at the ...


Rebuilding a Nation
And sometimes, when the splintered tribal council could not agree on who would sign paychecks, the government simply shut down. .... and Canada to sign the Northern Tribes Bison Treaty, which seeks to coordinate management ...


County proceeds on circus-animal ban
l When the animals displayed are of an exotic species with a history of domestication, such as camels, llamas and bison. The draft also requires that ...

Memorial to honor Walleyes Unlimited leader
Montana State Parks presents "The (Un)Natural History of William Hornaday's American Bison Group" with Doug Coffman at First Peoples Buffalo ...


Two baby bison born at Irvine Park Zoo
CHIPPEWA FALLS — After a virus wiped out nearly half the bison herd in Irvine Park in fall 2013, people worried about the animals' future at the park ...

Corndance: Where the bison roam
Corndance Tavern's bison entrees include short ribs at the restaurant on Grape Road in Mishawaka. SBT Photo/GREG SWIERCZ ...


Pre-history talk Tuesday, May 19, at Buffalo Bill Center in Cody
On Tuesday, renowned archaeologist George Frison will present “Hunting Mammoths and Extinct Bison: Earliest Evidence of Human Activity in the Big ...

Prescribed fire to be ignited this week in Banff National Park
“Bison habitat isn't one of our key objectives there,” said Park, “but it will contribute to better habitat for lots of those grazing species like bison, elk and ...
New Cookbook Explores The Cuisine Of The Great Plains
Bison goes especially well with mashed or roasted potatoes and good fall vegetables like parsnips, turnips, Brussels sprouts, squash, and sweet ...

Earth Notes: Utah's Bison
One stands out—a bull bison, complete with hump and horns. Nearby, painted Ute warriors carry shields, a form of body armor crafted from the ...
Where there is water, there is life.
    I had planned to move to Florida a few years ago, but instead I get to see Texas become Florida this year, at least in comparable rainfall. It's a little more difficult now, to remember that bad drought just a few short years ago. No worries, we'll be baked by the sun again in the not too distant future. I'm sure we'll hear endless complaints, prayers and rain-dances at that point, wishing we had some H20.

  It would certainly behoove a Texas landowner (and improve the bottom line) to consider learning about watershed management practices to maintain balance in your growing system. That would include techniques and structures for making water work for you. There is currently so much potential for improvement, but of course I'm a consultant and service-provider specializing in that information. 

  Where there is water, there is life. Excess water comes bearing the gift of parasites, so it is useful to plan for management-intensive grazing and the installation [or identification] of useful vermicidal plants within fodder systems. Nice rain gives a good deal of assurance that your plantings will be successful.
It's wonderful to have lakes, ponds and tanks brimming with water again. Water quality and parasite control can also be greatly improved with the introduction of various useful plants and animals working together in an ecosystem.

  Wild flowers aren't just pretty to look at; they attract pollinators, predators of pests, and improve soils (to name a few beneficial ecosystem services).  

    Ben Tyler
75. Antique skeleton of an enormous American bull bison - 270 cm x 180 x 80 cm
This mounted skeleton of an American bison bull is a must-have for the Western enthusiast, collector or as an eye catcher in the store, restaurant or ...

Inches 106.29 x 70.86 x 31.49

Thinning the Herd
There are feral pigs in Texas, grey squirrels in England, foxes and water buffalo in Australia, ... On Catalina Island, though, they had a bison problem

Endangered species in spotlight Friday at Monterey Bay Aquarium
AZA has already helped restore more than 30 species to healthy wild populations, including the American bison, the California condor and a variety of ...

Europe One Had Bison, and now They're Making a Comeback
The iconic bison of the American plains isn't the only large hoofed beast humans have hunted to near extinction. Wild European bison, also called ...

Upcoming Events at Land Between the Lakes
The Elk & Bison Prairie offers a native grassland habitat where you can see wildflowers and songbirds too. Elk and bison roam free within this


Art Lander's Outdoors: Land Between the Lakes project reverts farm to natural state
GOLDEN POND — A drive through the Elk and Bison Prairie in Land Between the Lakes (LBL) takes visitors back in time to pre-settlement Kentucky, ...

Your June Texas Events Guide - Texas Highways magazine
Depicting bison, American Indian hunters, and tribal culture, Catlin's paintings capture life on the Great Plains shortly before American settlement and ...
New York

Capturing Blue Ridge Falls
I went to the bison farm's “country store” and picked up some souvenirs and eats. And that also included some frozen bison burgers and medallions.

Summer's brilliance, winter's stories leave vivid memories
There lived in this immense landscape more bison than there were people, and more deer. and elk, wolves and pumas. It was their land and it was ...
U.S. & Canada

Threatened species label only on public bison herds
The Canadian Bison Association says people should not confuse what a ... All the bison are wild, but they live in different circumstances, he added.
South Dakota

Calving Season Kicks Off in Custer, South Dakota
South Dakota -( With spring in full swing, bison calving season is kicking off in Custer State Park. The first calves of the year have ...

$20 million facelift begins at Custer State Park
Visitors to the new center will see a giant topographical map of the park; displays about bison, park geography and park activities; and a theater where ...
Zoo Boise takes part in sharper focus to save endangered species around the world
This one began about 150 years ago and has been marked by the near extinction of the American bison and other species. On Friday, the Association ...

Nature and history mix in Washington County, Texas
Texas Ranch Life offers glimpses of bison, Longhorns and Texas wildlife, along with the chance to “ride the range” with the cowpokes. You also can try ...

Cathedral Gorge home to dramatic landscape
Bones and other remains found at several sites in the park proved that herds of bison roamed the area as recently as a few centuries ago, a valuable ...
Blackfeet Tribe rebuilding under new tribal council
Divisions on the Blackfeet Tribal Business Council began almost .... The tribe is also working with others in Indian Country to protect bison on the Great ...

Storm rips through North Texas sanctuary but animals see happy ending
The epic storm that blew through North Texas on May 11 hit an animal ... "Horses, donkeys and bison naturally move to higher ground, they know what ...

Bison 'experiment' at Nachusa Grasslands going well
FRANKLIN GROVE – Yes, yes, all the buzz might be about the baby bison boom at Nachusa Grasslands. But the real excitement is what the ...
United Kingdom

Baby bison and wild boar among new arrivals at West Coker farm
HOARDS of spring lambs are now frolicking in Somerset fields but not many farmers can boast about their flock of baby bison. New arrivals welcomed ...
United Kingdom

Vegetable bowling planned for food festival
Angus Robertson and Fiona Clark from Bush Farm selling Bison Burgers at last year. Angus Robertson and Fiona Clark from Bush Farm selling Bison ...

Sunday Notes: Second Nepal earthquake brings 'new normal'
The bison at the Irvine Park Zoo could be making a comeback. Two calves were recently born, increasing the herd to seven animals. According to ...
Memorable Meat!
The USDA reports that bison raised in the United States feed solely on grass and hay and are not fed hormones or antibiotics, notes Cordain.
North Dakota

Rounding up the herd
Some of the bison thrashed against the steel walls -- more used to the open ... An estimated 200 bison will remain at the park when the roundup is complete. ... an organization that represents 58 Native American tribes in 19 states
The American Economy Is a Buffalo Jump
A "Buffalo Jump" is a cliff where Native Americans killed bison in mass quantities. They stampeded the bison over the cliff while others waited below to ...

One Tank Trip: The Bison Experience
It's smart, since the biggest bison come in close to 2,000 pounds. ... It's unique, being one of the only zoos in North American to offer the close ...

PARK VIEWS: Good Birds? Bad Birds?
For centuries, American Bison (commonly called buffalo) were key to the cowbird's survival in North America. As bison grazed the great plains, ...


We lock eyes with the bison and the bison wins at Feast BBQ NuLu
I looked up and made bison eye contact again. ... Does it matter whether your protein originated from a bison, a cow, a pig, ... The decor is quirky and fun, including old photos; a giant wall-mounted American flag, as big as Francis ...
South Dakota

Crazy Horse to host weekend open house
The Memorial is especially proud to present the Exhibit of the American Bison, located on the lower level of the Native American Educational ...

TOPICS: Fugitive bison may be from herd at Dungog
MAYBE, just maybe, the pair of bison seen having a feed at Sawyers Gully (Topics, May 21) were separated from a herd at Dungog. Georgia Owers ...

American Bison
Join the Palmer Lake Historical Society, for a presentation on the massacre to near extinction of the American bison. The bison was considered a ...

Nicky USA Hosts Special Dinner to Benefit Youth Culinary Program
Nicky USA has also developed a specialty line of products featuring Northwest elk, raised rabbit, water buffalo, and American bison. The company has ...
Bison in YNP charges vehicle.
Alligator takes on 4WD and wins
A stampede of angry Bison has left a lasting impression on a car after ... was parked on a road in Yellowstone's Lamar Valley when the three Bison ...

Repeat from last month, but it made to Australia.

Pretzel Hut has a lot more than pretzels at its Brickerville restaurant and minfarm
Yup, bison cheeseburgers and subs keep company with turkey burgers, chili dogs and the Outlaw Burger, a beef burger with barbecue sauce and ...
West Viginia

Animal trophies deliver conservation message at Stonewall Jackson State Park
... red deer, moose and caribou; several species of wild sheep; a mountain goat; three species of bear; an American bison; a wolf, a coyote and a red ...
New York
Tiny New York Kitchen: Grilled Bison Steaks
Bison is a naturally flavorful, lean, and tender meat that can be prepared much the same as beef. Overcooking is a no-no, but make sure it reaches a ...

(Neb)-Hudson Meng Season Opens Saturday
CRAWFORD - The Hudson-Meng bison bonebed Education and Research Center…the world's largest bonebed of an extinct species of bison…opens ...
Sea biscuits led to pet food
This accomplished two things. One: they didn't have to eat the old stuff on the return trip and Two: the dogs loved the stuff (they didn't get bison stew as ...

Genetically pure bison at Crane Trust are settling in
A new bison mom and her “cinnamon” baby walk to a different area of a Shoemaker Island prairie pasture at the Crane Trust south of Alda. Trust staff ...

Small herd of purebred bison growing on prairie in Nebraska
WOOD RIVER, Neb. (AP) — A small herd of purebred bison in south-central Nebraska has been growing with the births of at least six calves so far this ...

VIDEO: Crane Trust's bison herd grows
A bison watches over her calf Wednesday at the Crane Trust south of Alda. Ten calves have been born recently to add to the herd of genetically pure ...

3 best day trips in Ohio you can visit on Memorial Day
A patron at the African Safari Wildlife Park in Port Clinton feeds a bison as part of the drive-thru safari. (Photo: African Safari Wildlife Park).
Take the CW Burger Challenge this week
Terrace Room BCB (Bison Chili Burger), Williamsburg Inn — Ground bison burger topped with venison chili, Hook's 5-Year Cheddar, house-pickled ...
South Dakota

Park Service doesn't always profit from sale of public bison
Buyers paid $378,425 for the 223 bison that were auctioned from Custer State Park in South Dakota. The proceeds stayed with the state park system.

Bison steaks and tator tots for dinner at Parkshore Grill
Why bison? According to award-winning Executive Chef Tyson Grant, it's the other red meat. It's lower in cholesterol and fat and higher in protein than ...

Cute baby bison make their Port Lympne debut
The European bison was once widespread throughout Europe and parts of Northern Asia but by 1900 hunting for skins, horns and sport had driven 

Midwestern cuisine is Summer Miller's passion
Highlighting regional ingredients including black walnuts, mulberries, ground cherries, sunchokes, sweet corn and bison, Miller focuses on the ...

Building up the bison: State funds awarded to create herd at Minneopa State Park
The bison herd at Blue Mounds State Park in Luverne hangs out Wednesday afternoon in the southwest corner of the park. Jesse Trelstad/Daily Globe ...
New York

Top 10 new burgers to try in New York this summer
This double bison patty is topped with tasso ham, pimento cheese, lettuce, tomato and served on an everything brioche bun and served with potato ...

Montana burn reveals ancient stone effigies, cairns, rock formations and buffalo slaughter areas
Bison were these people's primary game, but winter famine and summer droughts may have forced them to rely on other food sources because of ...
New York

Enjoy Top Picks
Highlights include streams and ponds, mass plantings of perennials and grasses, sculpture, seating terraces and a herd of North American bison.

A baby American bison is presented at Chapultepec Zoo
Mexico City's iconic Chapultepec Zoo on Tuesday (May 26) officially welcomed a new resident to the animal park. A North American bison, more ...
Vitality Cuisine: For leaner alternative, try bison
Holidays are special, so I thought, “Why not serve bison on Memorial Day ... Bison makes the AHA cut as an extra-lean meat choice due to its low ...

250-year-old dead oak turns into piece of art
From two blocks of 250-year-old wood, the town saw something develop day after day. In the end, two bison emerged. "It was magical," said Doris ...

Bison return to Afton's Belwin Conservancy                              
A bison watches warily from its resting spot in the midst of long prairie grasses at Blue Mounds State Park in Luverne, MN Tuesday morning July 24, ...
The herd of about 30 animals are on loan from NorthStar Bison in Rice Lake, Wis.,

The Story Of How A Band And A Small Town Inexplicably Forged A Bond Deeper Than Music
Miskin, a former trial lawyer from Dallas, left his legal practice to pursue bison ranching in the area, which houses herds that descend from the bison ...
New Mexico

Hunting in New Mexico: 5 Animals to Hunt Year-Round
Bison - Bison are considered livestock in New Mexico, and therefore can be hunted any time without a license on private land. Various outfitters and ...

Counties can't veto bison transfers in Montana
Counties won't get veto power over transfers of bison by the state of Montana. Gov. Steve Bullock on Monday vetoed Senate Bill 284. The bill would ...
County commission's veto power over bison relocation vetoed - Billings Gazette
Landowners threaten to ban hunters due to veto of bison relocation bill
Steve Bullock made a “real big mistake” in vetoing his Senate Bill 284 that would have allowed county commissioners to decide whether bison should ...

Dauphin museum set to unveil pair of fossils
First, the skull of an extinct bison — Bison occidentalis — will debut at the museum. This skull, which was found near the Vermillion River in the RM of ...
American Prairie Reserve

American Prairie Reserve: Conservation project finding success, fueling controversy in northeast ...
Bison roam the grasslands near Box Elder Crossing as prairie dogs watch from their burrows on the American Prairie Reserve in southern Phillips ...

Photos: 10 Years After Reintroduction, Bison Counters Take to the Skies
Over the years, we've also opened up more and more land for the herd to roam on Montana's plains, and the bison now graze across 31,000 acres in ...
Feature photo: Playing in the sprinkler
After surviving a heavy rainstorm the night before, a herd of bison just north of Stevensville stand in the sprinkler on a very foggy Wednesday morning.
State parks of Utah: Northern region
... wildlife viewing in the state such as antelope, deer, bobcats, coyotes, birds, waterfowl and perhaps the island's most famous, the American Bison.
Oklahoma-Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge
Medicine Park will make you love Oklahoma
Hmph. Texas doesn't get a lot of respect from our neighbor across the Red ... The great bison slaughters of the 1800s eradicated Oklahoma's native 
Indiana- Bison Bash - June
Events fill streets, parks
June 20: Bison Bash at Ouabache State Park. Visitors can visit the park's bison herd, go on a hike, do a craft and scavenger hunt at the all-day event ...


Texas man takes home prize in national park photo contest
Moore's photo captured a bison roaming in Yellowstone Park. The caption reads, "Shot in May 2014, this photo was captured in front of still frozen

Group wants bison managed like elk
“These agencies need to evaluate an alternative that is culturally acceptable to the majority of American Indian tribes and is most beneficial for tribes ...
The Government Won't Let Me Watch Them Kill Bison, so I'm Suing
Every year, Park Service officials capture and slaughter hundreds of wild bison, but for more than a decade they have refused to allow these ...
The future of Yellowstone's Wild Bison Depends On All of Us, Including You
There is an exciting opportunity to kick off a new era of conserving Yellowstone's iconic bison, one of the last remaining genetically pure wild bison ...
Hunters, anglers fund America's conservation efforts
A group of bison graze along a state highway near West Yellowstone, Mont., in April. The Department of Interior in a report on bison conservation ...
Teen gored by bison in Yellowstone National Park
A teenager has been airlifted to a hospital after being gored by a bison in Yellowstone National Park. Yellowstone National Park spokeswoman Traci ...
Why did the bison cross the road? Nobody knows... But it caused a traffic jam
This unusual sight brought traffic to a total standstill as this one-and-a-half-ton bison took a stroll around the car park. And although it's not your ...

Yellowstone bison plan meetings scheduled
Three dates and locations for public scoping meetings related to the development of a new Yellowstone-area Bison Management Plan and ...

Staffing changes at FWP have bison advocates upset
A renowned bison expert has been asked to move to a different job within the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks, sparking some outrage ...

Meetings soon for bison plan
This new bison management plan will replace the Interagency Bison Management Plan (implemented since 2001) taking into account available ...

A familiar sight
Shedding its winter coat, a Yellowstone bison forages for food as it moves through Yellowstone Park on Sunday. Bison were among the animals ...
Nature Notes: Wandering bison
In the 1800s, millions of bison roamed the North American plains. In a short period of time, these animals were all but wiped out. Greed played its role 

Right This Minute Video: A bison close encounter is caught on camera
The video above is shot at the Yellowstone National Park, where the bison are just feet away from the camera. Pena pans back out the front window ...

Yellowstone injuries: danger from slips, falls exceeds threat posed by bears, bison, geysers
Although the park is full of hazards like bears, bison, scalding water and canyons, visitors are most likely to be injured from mundane accidents like 

Include Wyoming in bison management
The park's bison management could grow quite contentious, quite quickly in Wyoming if the state's cattle herds become infected with brucellosis ...
Changes considered for Yellowstone bison slaughter program
FILE - In this June 19, 2014, file photo, bison graze near a stream in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. A proposal to revamp an agreement 

EDITORIAL: Volunteers and veterans trump cold weather any day
So, here's some common sense advice: Heed road-closure signs, don't mob around mama bears with cubs on a bridge, don't take selfies with bison, ...


Fort Nelson First Nation uses fire to save bison, limit wildfires

Controlled burn in 2013 attributed to drawing bison back to deep woods near Nordquist Lake, B.C. Using a helicopter and a machine that pumps out 100 flaming ping-pong balls every minute, a team from the Fort Nelson First Nation recently took to the air to set fire to almost 3,000 hectares of forest in the Liard River area in northeastern British Columbia. It's part of the First Nation's ongoing efforts to help a threatened herd of wood bison.
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