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Artist blends photography, painting Canon City Daily Record
Linda Roper puts the finishing touches on a watercolor of a bison for the 11th annual Salute to Southern Colorado Artists Fine Art Exhibition, which will be from ...
Her entries for the show consist of a watercolor of a bison, a watercolor of mountains and flowers near Ouray and a photograph of columbines.

Wild Shots: Slow down, take in the beauty around you
The Coloradoan
Maybe Old Faithful, a couple of bison, a few of the rivers and a tourist trap or two? Geez, the place has 466 miles of road and more than 15 miles of boardwalks that take you through just some of its breathtaking geological wonders. It's larger than ...

Wonders of the wild at Ted Turner's New Mexico ranch
Boston Globe
After a customized picnic lunch you walk to ancient native pit houses and tepee rings made of stone, gaze at grazing bison, and then drive to see an abandoned cowboy camp where the almost-extinct black-footed ferrets are living and breeding in a ...

 It covers more than 593,000 acres of mountains and plains, forests, lakes, and streams. Until recently, the ranch was the playground of hunters and fishermen, but now it is open to guests .........

10 Awesome Tailgate Recipes using Lean Bison Meat ...
Fall is just around the corner, bringing us to tailgating season which can often be synonymous with burgers, hot dogs and chili while cheering on our favorite ...     

Bison Conservation Call To Action - Gallatin Wildlife Association
Gallatin Wildlife Association. Bison Conservation Call To Action. Montana Year- Round Habitat for. Yellowstone Bison Environmental Assessment. Help support ...

.American Bison Buffalo in Yellowstone National Park with Fighting ...
This is a nice video of some American Bison that live in Yellowstone National Park.

00004 Herd of American Bison, Lone Elk Park, Morschell, Mo ...
00004 Herd of American Bison, Lone Elk Park, Morschell, Mo, 240813. Deepa Mohan·717 ...

New Texas Law: Bison are Protected

As of September 1, bison have been added to the list of possible “estray livestock” protected by Texas law reported the Texas Tribune. That means if they get loose, whoever finds them has to try and locate their owner. If they cannot, local authorities have to hold the animals. If the animal(s) are unclaimed for two weeks, they can be sold at public auction.

In 2010, King County rancher, Wayne Kirk, lost 51 buffalo. The animals broke through his fence and wandered repeatedly onto a neighbor’s ranch. The frustrated neighbor shot and killed them. Kirk had no recourse because the animals were not protected at the time.

The new law also has a provision where the animals can be immediately disposed of by any means “if a perilous condition exists.”   

Visitors roam around Buffalo Ranch Journal and CourierHundreds of people made the trip to White County over the weekend to take a tour of the famous Buffalo Ranch.Since 1976, Carl Van Meter and his wife, Zona, have owned and operated the ranch at 7095 E. County Road 1000 North.

Boasting nearly 90 buffalo, or North American bison,......

Tickets still available to Buffalo Bash
Tickets are still available to the C.E. Conrad Buffalo Bash and Sideshow.

The event, a fundraiser for the Conrad Mansion, starts at 6 p.m. Sept. 12. It takes place at Spring Brook Ranch near Herron Park, home to several bison.
Kalispell founder Charles Conrad, whose home is now the Conrad Mansion Museum, is credited with helping save bison from extinction in the United States. He purchased about 50 animals and pastured them on what is now Kalispell’s Buffalo Hill Golf Course.

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                                          HOW TO BE QUIET AROUND BISON

Strolling bison surprises walkers
The video, entitled 'How to be quiet around a Bison' has been viewed over 400,000 times since it posted was on YouTube at the weekend. Yellowstone National Park has over 3,000 free-roaming plains bison. Bison have poor eyesight, but have acute hearing ...

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Black Hills buffalo retailer to appear on TV show Sacramento Bee
RAPID CITY, S.D. -- A Black Hills-based buffalo meat retailer will appear on a Food Network show on Sunday. Wild Idea Buffalo, which sells grass-fed meat, will ...

The Bison Council Launches Today To Encourage Americans To ... The Herald |
Uniting some of the country's best culinary and nutritional experts, The Bison ... Registered Dietitian Ellie Krieger hails from New York City, where she is the host ...
Bison Council Pushes Meat Acceptance
MediaPost Communications
Now it's bison's turn. Backed by one of the country's largest bison producers, ... admits its a hurdle the industry has to overcome to gain mass acceptance.
“The objective is to raise mass acceptance and awareness of bison meat,” Andrea Orth, account director at VSA Partners, the Council’s lead marketing agency. “There are misperceptions that it is a wild food, that it’s hard to find or that it’s expensive.”

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Effort to Save America's Bison Had an Advocate in Meriden
Valley News
Baynes, who lived in Meriden at the turn of the last century, hired a clipping service, and the scrapbook is a record of his drive to save the bison from ...
If the book proves anything, it’s that Baynes played a far larger role in saving the bison than he’s been given credit for. While Austin Corbin, William Hornaday and Teddy Roosevelt are often recognized for their contributions, Baynes has escaped notice.


Wild Idea Buffalo to be featured on The Food Network
Rapid City Journal
... gathering to watch the show as well. Wild Idea Buffalo is a Cooking Light Taste Test Winner and Bon Appetit has said it's “faintly sweet, thoroughly meaty, and utterly delicious.” Buffalo is the only red meat recommended by the American Heart ...


The mother Henrietta and father Hank are 4 years old and came from Six Flags Great Adventure in 2010.
Bison born at Cape May County Zoo
Shore News Today
“While we may never see the great herds of American Bison like our forefathers did, the modern day population is stable,” an announcement reads. The new bison and more than 500 animals and more than 250 different species are showcased at the county ...

Feds release hazing documents

ELENA, Mont. -- The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has turned over its analysis on the effects of hazing bison back into Yellowstone National Parks on threatened grizzly bears after a conservation group sued for the information.       

Bison on assignment
London Madison Press
He's a bull American bison (or buffalo) on special assignment: service the park's six female bison and increase the herd. Metro Parks spokesperson Peg Hanley said the 4-year-old bull arrived at Battelle Darby Creek on Aug. 28 from The Wilds in ..
The bull’s arrival is all part of a master plan to establish a bison herd in the park. Prior to settlement, the animals freely roamed the surrounding Darby Plains.   

Southeastern introduces new bison mascot Durant Daily Democrat

 Southeastern Oklahoma State University officials gathered with students and community members Thursday afternoon to introduce the school's new ...           

“We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve selected a new mascot for the University,” said Dr. Larry Minks, president of Southeastern. “Our mascot will become demonstrative of the pride, resilience and strength we believe personifies Southeastern and the Savage Storm.

TPWD: News Release: Sept. 5, 2013: Third Annual Bison Festival
News Release, Sept. 5, 2013: Third Annual Bison Festival Hosts Six Bands to Fundraise for Buffalo Restoration Project.

QUITAQUE— Caprock Canyons State Park invites the public to celebrate and support the official bison herd of Texas and its 1000-acre habitat at the Third Annual Bison Festival fundraiser on Sept. 28.

Held to raise funds to help restore the Texas State Bison Herd to its historic range at the park, the event celebrates the cultural and natural history of the Panhandle with the remnant of the great Southern Plains Bison that once roamed the Great Plains by the millions.               

'Tail of Two Bison' presents unexpected findCanton Daily Ledger
In the summer of 1673, the first European
visitors to Illinois arrived to find, along with
a number of Native American peoples, a
large beast they termed the ...

Buffalo Hunting on the Great Plains - History News Network
The West: Buffalo Hunting on the Great Plains: Promoting One Society While Supplanting Another. by Keith Miller. Mr. Miller has been a speaker with the ...

Home-Ground Bison Burgers | Serious Eats : Recipes
[Photographs: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt] About the author: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt is the Chief Creative Officer of Serious Eats where he likes to explore the science of home ...



Italian Layered Salad with Bison Pepperoni Recipe -
Layers of crisp, colorful greens and veggies topped with chopped bison sausage with pepperoni seasoning and a creamy basil dressing make a perfect lunch or ...


Mexican Bison Bake with Cilantro-Lime Cream Recipe - Allrecipes

Browned ground bison with tomatoes and penne pasta gets a Mexican-inspired twist with cumin, oregano, and black beans in this easy weeknight casserole.



5 of 5 starsReviewed September 5, 2013NEW

If you are in the Deadwood area, I recomend a visit to Tatanka on U.S. Highway 85 – One mile north of Deadwood to learn the story of the bison and experience the richness of the Lakota people.
Tatanka is a Lakota word that literally means “bull buffalo,” but Tatanka meant more than that. 


Cheesy Bison Pepperoni Pizza Turnovers Recipe -
These pizza turnovers with spicy bison sausage with pepperoni seasoning are easy to make for a great snack or weeknight dinner.


The Best High Protein Foods That Help Build Muscle - Bison - Men's ...
Bison is one of the best protein foods to help build muscle.
Bison is a beef alternative that’s catching on more and more. Bison is markedly leaner than beef with a 3.5-ounce serving containing only 2–3 grams of fat compared with 8–9 grams in a comparable cut of beef. This also translates into bison containing 33% fewer calories than beef, making it a perfect protein source when you’re in the latter stages of getting lean and calories are at a premium. A study published this year found more favorable changes in cardiovascular disease risk factors when study participants ate 12 ounces of bison per day versus 12 ounces of beef.


Wood Bison - Canadian Museum of Nature - YouTube
The bison is an iconic Canadian animal. Tucked away in the fur vault of the Canadian Museum of Nature is a unique specimen of this majestic animal, a Wood ...


How To Make Home-Ground Bison Burgers | Serious Eats
This content series is sponsored by The Bison Council with a goal of educating the public about the culinary, health and taste benefits of eating bison.



Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center facing hay shortage
KTVA CBS 11 News Alaska
At the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, 1000 pound bales of hay feed elk, musk oxen, caribou and moose during the winter. For wood bison, it's their ...
Those 130 wood bison are the hope for repopulating a species that was wiped out of Alaska. Wood bison used to roam over large parts of Alaska. The species disappeared from the continent over 100 years ago. 

Taste-tested local meats
Twin Cities Daily Planet (blog)
Eichten's was our favorite local grass-fed ground beef (technically bison but still our winner) this summer, and since we discovered that fact I've also purchased their flank steak (another favorite) and various other cuts. We've been so busy tasting ...


New ID rules take effect in March

The USDA Animal Plant Health Inspection Service (USDA-APHIS) has published new rules governing the traceability of interstate livestock movement in the Jan. 9 Federal Register. These rules are scheduled to take effect March 11. APHIS says traceability does not prevent disease, but knowing where diseased and at-risk animals are, where they have been, and when, is indispensable in emergency response and in ongoing disease control and eradication programs. One current concern that can be addressed by these rule changes include the increasing number of bovine tuberculosis, and APHIS says these rules can also help to ensure that the .............    

Strike a Pose! Sketch Lehigh County's Bison
The Wildlands Conservancy is hosting a free program that will allow you to hike and sketch the bison at the Trexler Nature Preserve. Credit: Patch file photo.


American Bison Meaty Achilles Bone - Made in USA
Tasman's Made in USA Large Bison Achilles Bone Chew for Dogs.



Dream of US Serengeti step closer
New Zealand Herald
The best option was to create a "Buffalo Commons", a fenceless, back-to-the-future vision where the Great Plains, a huge steppe that sprawls over 10 US states and three Canadian provinces, became an American Serengeti, with a service economy based on ....


New Fort Belknap Bison Worry Some Tribal Members >Northern Ag ...Neighbors argue they weren't consulted when land was chosen. Tribal officials have emphasized that the bison recently tested negative for brucellosis, but McCabe worries cattle sales will suffer anyway with bison around. Brucellosis is one of the most serious livestock diseases and can cause pregnant cows to miscarry.
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Bones to pick: Unearthed bison kill site pits jobs against tribe's ...
On an open flat adjacent to a steep prairie hillside, generations of prehistoric people harvested and preserved the meat, hides and bone of wild bison critical to ...

With the introduction of the horse into Montana in the early 1700s, the bison kill site fell into disuse and was gradually forgotten.

Less than two months ago, the ancient site re-emerged into the 21st century.   
Work stops on Blackfeet school, bison site found
The Missoulian

Blackfeet order BIA to stop construction at prehistoric site

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Bison in MT. Photo from Robyn’sNaturePics on

How to Help Give Bison More Room to Roam Free : Wildlife Promise
Thanks to National Wildlife Federation members' strong support of the Adopt-a-Wildlife-Acre program, bison now have more room to roam without coming into  .conflict with domestic cattle. But there is still more to be done to ensure they can migrate freely throughout the year. 
National Wildlife Federation began the Adopt a Wildlife Acre program in 2013 to resolve conflicts between wildlife and livestock on public lands. The concept was simple .......

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Bison is better option for burger lovers
For burger lovers concerned about fat and calories, veggie and turkey aren't the only options. There's also big, beefy bison burgers, which are about 90 percent lean.
The Westchester Burger Company in New York began offering them three years ago. Now, they sell around 300 a week.
"I didn't think it would become that popular. I thought it'd be a slow process, but it seemed to take off.......


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The Lawton Constitution
A display in the museum vividly illustrates the difference: Bison antiquus was about one-third larger than today's bison and heavier (average weight: 3,600 pounds), and its horns resembled today's Texas longhorns, rather than the short, curved horns ...

Archaeological Survey) to be the bones of a long-time prairie resident, remains that are 8,000 to 10,000 years old.

Home on the range in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
Sault Star
The American bison is Yellowstone's version of a Mack Truck. When push comes to shove, there is no contest: A 900-kilo bison wins. Mist hangs in the air and early morning travel along the loop road through Yellowstone National Park grinds to a standstill.



Bison – The Other Grass Fed Meat — Let's Talk Food! | Beetnik Foods admin
As more and more Americans become invested in the health issues associated with grain fed meat, bison has emerged as an enticing alternative for those of us ...

        Topsoil - the bottomline of productivity
By: Ben Tyler - Texas EcoLogix

We're all familiar with topsoil, but what is it exactly? Obviously, beyond being the top layer of soil or a medium for propping up plants, soil is a living and breathing microbial ecosystem upon which all our lives depend. There are more beneficial bacteria in one spoonful of healthy soil than people on the planet. Some of them fix nitrogen from the atmosphere into soil or plant roots to be synthesized into proteins while others decompose organic residues and improve soil structure. Beneficial fungi such as mycorrhizae carry nutrients and water to plant roots in a symbiotic association. A dizzying number of species interact with each other in a soil food web which produces fertility for sustainable agricultural productivity. Soil organic matter generates humus and humates which perform many beneficial functions including extensive nutrient and water holding capacity.
It is very important to take care of soil by being mindful of compaction and excessive tillage. Unimaginable amounts of precious topsoil are carried to the sea each year by erosion from bare soils. Permanent perennial grasses are the most effective at building and holding topsoil. Microbial populations can be boosted by the application of compost and liquid bio-boosters. Soil can be aerated by chisel plowing subsoiling or core extraction.          

I posted this report on the hunting/gun thread in another forum, but decided to share it here also. We are enjoying a sample of various cuts of Bison/Buffalo before committing the expense of a winter Buffalo hunt later this year. We bought a sample package... One 4 lb Sirloin Roast- did not 'dry-roast well, but as a pot roast it did fine. Two 12 oz Ribeye and two 12 qz Strip Steaks, both grilled to perfection and tasted like rich Prime Beef. 2 Lbs of cubed Stew meat (Chuck) waiting for cooler weather to become a thick stew. AND the top of the cuts, .......


What Is Inside an American Bison's Hump?
American bison (Bison bison) are huge mammals with the impressive distinction of filling the role of North America’s biggest land animals, in terms of weight. Not only is their immense size memorable, so are the big single humps that are located on their shoulders. As a highly companionable species, American bison usually reside in herds.
Inside the Hump:The signature humps of American bison are nothing like those of camels......     


First wild bison in Romania after 160 yearsSubmitted by MRamona on September 08th, 2013 

Five European bison – 2 females and 3 males – were released in the Vanatori Neamt Nature Park in the eastern part of the Romanian Carpathian Mountains on March 22. The last record of wild bison in Romania dates back to 1852.

“It is a historical day in the conservation history of Romania” says Sebastian Catanoiu, manager of the Nature Park. “It took us 10 years to take this first step......

The Little Chef: Bison Meatloaf

My daughter is back in the kitchen, and this time she’s cooking game! Sugar concocted up a wild bison meatloaf with seasonal herbs and tomatoes form the garden.

She really does come up with these recipes herself.....


Man gored by bison
TOOELE, Utah — A 65-year-old man is recovering after he was gored by a bison Saturday afternoon. Sgt. Shandy Lewis of the Tooele County Sheriff’s Office said the incident occurred at about 2:41 p.m.

Lewis said the man was trying to get his bison’s foot unstuck from a fence, and in the..... 

Bringing Bison and Biodiversity Back to the Prairie
The American Prairie Reserve (APR), a Montana-based nonprofit, is well on its way to preserving 3.5 million acres of the Great Plains. Once complete, the reserve would become a veritable Serengeti for the States, with enough space, conservation biologists say, to restore a fully functional ecosystem and bring back resilient populations of species like bison,...... 

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Proposed Texas testing would impact Montana cattle KAJ18 Kalispell Montana News
Montana stipulates that all sexually intact cattle or domestic bison within this area be vaccinated by 12 months and tested within 30 days of being moved out of ...

HELENA - Texas may soon impose new testing regulations on incoming breeding cattle from Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho.

But, Montana State Veterinarian Dr. Marty Zaluski is heading down to the Lone Star state later this week to talk about why he believes the rule isn't needed.         


The Future of American Plains Bison: Domesticated or Wild?
Wild bison are products of millennia of natural selection in wild environments. Consequently, they are strong, agile, mobile, competitive, energy-efficient, ...
Today’s popular media claim that plains bison are “secure” because there are populations in all 50 states. But the vast majority of these — more than 220,000 bison — are private, commercial herds that are managed as domestic livestock. 

A Healthier Meat? Why You Should Start Eating Bison - Shine - Yahoo!
From the blog Shine Food: Learning how to cook this lean, healthy, and delicious alternative red meat. While bison consumption pales in comparison to beef's, it's taking a stand and making its presence known. Whether it's chefs like Marc Forgione grilling up bison at the Taste of Tribeca event in New York City or home cooks feeding their kids all-natural bison sausages instead of mystery meat hot dogs, bison is increasing in popularity.

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Parks Canada proposes bison herd for Banff Park backcountry
Calgary Herald
A proposal to reintroduce wild plains bison to Banff National Park recommends a five-year pilot project with 30 to 50 animals in the backcountry before expanding to more visible areas. On Monday, Parks Canada released a draft plan to reintroduce a herd of bison into the iconic park.

“We want to start with a small, five-year pilot, putting somewhere between 30 to 50 animals into a fairly remote backcountry ....

Bison to quinoa: Feeding dogs better than the kids
Nearly 57 million American households include dogs. We own more than 83 million dogs. (There are actually more cats—95 million, and more pet fish—145 million. But a cat and a fish aren't going to wake you up if the house catches fire.)
We love our dogs…sometimes more than we love ourselves. For proof, look no further than the touching obituary that comedian Sarah Silverman wrote for her dog, Duck,..... 

Island rangers warn: Be wary of bison StandardNet
ANTELOPE ISLAND — The recent goring of a man by a bison he owns has authorities reminding the public that bison are wild animals. Antelope Island State ...       
The experts who could have, should have, prevented the bomb from exploding were happy to shift attention from their failures by making me out to be an idiot,” Draper said of race officials.  


New research: Bison dung, prairie plants, and mammoth inferences  Posted by September 9, 2013 ⋅ 

What happens when large herbivores disappear from landscapes? Much of my research to date has used the extinction of the Pleistocene megafauna as a natural experiment, documenting the cascading effects of the loss of large herbivores on the plant communities they left behind. To do this, I marshall the paleoecological record preserved in lakes, reconstructing plant communities with fossil pollen. Megaherbivores are a bit trickier. Since the fossil bone record is spotty through space and time, I’ve instead used a different “proxy” to reconstruct the presence and absence of megaherbivores: a genus of dung fungus called Sporormiella. Sporormiella.....

Buffalo King
Rapid City Journal
     The film is a biographical documentary about James "Scotty" Philip, the Fort Pierre-area rancher credited with saving the American bison. 
    "The Buffalo King," a richly textured and momentous film, follows Philip from his meager upbringing to his success in saving the American bison from extinction. An preservationist in the 1890s, Philip disdained the wanton slaughter of buffalo and used this dark moment in history as a driving force for something greater.
      In this film, the iconic buffalo becomes a symbol for strength and resilience, an inspiration to one’s life today, according to event organizers. ...               

Fioravanti Bison Ranch

Bison, profits of the other red meat (VIDEO)
Broken Arrow Ledger
的 saw a lot of articles on bison ... I saw how healthy [the meat was] so we started ... Droughts in Oklahoma and the ever changing price of hay, feed and ...  

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Bison migrating west created first road
Journal Review
t consists of vast meadows, well watered, where the wild buffalo feed by thousands.” Settlers mistook the animals for buffalo because they looked so much alike, but it was a misnomer; the American bison is a distant relative. Surveyors in the 1800s ...
It’s fitting that the buffalo — more accurately called bison — is featured so prominently on Indiana’s state seal. Until 1800 or so, bison were abundant over large portions of what would become the Indiana Territory and the state of Indiana.

Support Year-Round Habitat for Wild Bison in Montana - In Defense ...
(Valid Montana address is required - P.O. Boxes cannot be used). Montana is now accepting comments on allowing some bison access to year-round habitat on ...             

Guinness-Marinated Bison Steak Sandwiches
These open-faced sandwiches are great for tailgating or game-day parties. A marinade of Guinness, soy sauce and molasses lends a sweet and savory flavor to the bison steaks. The recipe can be made on the grill or grill pan. Boil down the marinade to create a sauce to top the sliced steak.

 Guinness-Marinated Bison Steak Sandwiches recipe

Colorful Young American Buffalo Wildlife Painting by Theresa Paden
Colorful Young American Buffalo Wildlife Painting by Theresa Paden, original painting by artist Theresa Paden | Original art paintings from ...

                              Bison in Esto'k gna is said WAKATE( wah kaha te)

      Esto'k gna is the name of the people that give me my Identity. In the English and Spanish Language, we are called Carrizo/Comecrudo. We are named by those that new little about us, because of our Lifeways. We lived in "Reed" house called Wama'k, so the Spaniards used the word Carrizo. Later the after Mexico got it independence from Spain, the Mexican people called us Comecrudo or "eats raw" in English, mainly for eating man raw vegetables. Again I emphasize the names were given to us by people that only observed the basic ways of life. Carrizo/Comecrudo are not Coahuiltecos yet we are the oldest tribal language in Texas. We were here prior to the Uto-Aztecan and Athabascan speakers. Our Dialect is Hokom similar to the people called Cahuilla, Pomo and other tribes along the southwest and up to Oregon. Our language was recorded in a 1886 By German linguist A. S. Gatschett. The language can be found at the Smithsonian Bulletin 127, but the facts are documented in the bulletin.
           Inherent in our Lifeways lies our connection to the Creation of the Creator. A connection that is strongly connected to the four legged, plants, crawlers, swimmers, and winged. Our interest in those relatives is indicated by relationship with those that kept able to survive. We honored that which gave us life. The Bear, Deer, mountain lion, badgers, hawks, eagles, we honored all these as relatives. And each of these relatives give an identity to our place in Circle of life. That is why we call them lifeways it is about being part of the Creation not above it or less than it. Life is a process directed by a greater power. We as the two legged need are only a part of the creation. We have the ability to reach an understanding that will lead us to make wise choice that connects to past and future. We learn from the past to make a better world for our relatives in the future. Somehow the understanding of being a bridge between the past and future has not been reached.
                   I just want to thank those Individuals who have savored the insight to be able to bring life to at least one of the Texas Native species like the Bison. Knowing that a White Bison was killed in the late 1870's around Snyder, was always a disheartening issue for this indigenous man growing up on the South Plains of Texas. But seeing the great efforts in Texas to bring the Texas Herd back privately and publicly is hope for the survival of species and culture that connected to that species. Both Federally Recognized and Unrecognized indigenous and autochthonous tribes to Texas hold special place honor to the Bison. The white Bison is revered by all the Plains Cultures. It would be good to enter into dialogue with individuals that help bring spirit of the Bison back into the identities of People.
                    It has been difficult growing up Native in Texas, we were always seen as heathens if practiced our Tribal ways, and because of this many lost their ties to their Tribal Ancestral Identity. It is difficult to be who you are born to be if you have ask permission to do your Ceremonies. We are still needing to preserve and maintain our Tribal ways and send our voices so the Bison can hear us. Having a place to do these things are things that are needed to continue doing the good work toward the Bison Herds. So help us to help you maintain the spirit of Indigenous Texas through the return of the Bison. The Wakate will again help in the survival of the Texas Indigenous People.
For more Information on the Carrizo/Comecrudo Tribe of Texas go to:
Juan B. Mancias, Tribal Chairman

                 2 uninjured after crashing into bison outside Cody
Billings Gazette
     Two people escaped uninjured Tuesday night after crashing into a bison 34 miles west of Cody on Highway 14/16/20, according to the Park County Sheriff’s Department.

The 9 p.m. crash killed the bison, said Lance Mathess, the public information officer for the sheriff’s department.

Both people in the vehicle refused to be taken to a hospital.

The Wyoming Highway Patrol is investigating the crash.

       Never-Ending Stories: Commerce Versus Conservation
A lone buffalo in Theodore Roosevelt National Park, near where fracking has become standard practice. Originally published on Wed September 11, 2013 12:18 ...              
It may placate this particular controversy: By definition national forests are managed while national parks are preserved. But the larger debate of commerce versus conservation has been roiling for decades — and will likely continue ad infinitum. 
The North Dakota Debate
In North Dakota, for instance, fracking has brought much-needed jobs and financial benefits to an economically beleaguered state. But conservationists say that the expanding presence of oil exploration threatens the state's Theodore Roosevelt National Park.       

The Time for Year-Round Bison Habitat in Montana is Now Natural Resources Defense Council (blog)
The State of Montana has proposed giving wild bison from Yellowstone National Park access to year-round habitat in Montana. Immensely needed, year-round habitat for bison makes sense from all angles of consideration and is a great opportunity for Montana.

With a history of wild bison being hazed, rounded up, and sometimes slaughtered for leaving snow-covered .......

Elk refuge in Jackson Hole hosts event to celebrate bison Yellowstone Gate
The National Elk Refuge is sponsoring a free family event on Saturday, Sept. 14 that will focus on the life and history of bison. A variety of activities are planned 9:30 a.m. through 4 p.m. at the Jackson Hole & Greater Yellowstone Visitor Center, located at 532 N. Cache Street in Jackson.
A welcome table will be set up in front of the visitor center to greet visitors and provide a schedule and location of events. Staff will also have a variety of items on hand such as a bison hide, skull, horns, and  ...

Taming the vagaries of the exotic meat trade Vancouver Sun
He credits adventurous city chefs willing to branch into meats such as kangaroo, bison, boar, elk and even Tibetan yak, which is grass-fed on farms in the ...

Outdoor brief published Sept. 12 Helena Independent Record
In Montana, brucellosis has been detected in elk, bison and, several years ago, in cattle in areas surrounding Yellowstone National Park. The disease results in ...

Wildlife center residents dine on state fair leftovers Anchorage Daily NewsBoard member Chris von Imhof watches from a tractor as a brown bear moves in for the feast. Also receiving treats at the public event were moose, elk and bison ...

Around Alaska photo gallery: For the fourth year, vegetables donated by the Alaska State Fair were fed to animals at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center on Saturday in Portage. Center board member Chris von Imhof watches from a tractor as a brown bear moves in for the feast. Also receiving treats were moose, elk and bison.

BISON coloring pages - Bison online coloring -
Bison online coloring. Print out and color this Bison online coloring. It will be a nice present for your Mom or Dad. This Bison online coloring would make a cute ...


The Ute Indian Tribe Fish & Wildlife held their 14th Annual Bison Roundup in Hillcreek, at Wally's Cabin, the southern wilderness of the reservation.  The Roundup it held to make their herd is immunized and healthy each year. Over 200 were rounded up. AS LONG AS THE BUFFALO ARE HERE, THE UTE PEOPLE WILL BE HERE.

Reception kicks off bison museum exhibit in Belton
Killeen Daily Herald
A teepee filled with Cheyenne blankets, tools, weapons and a headdress engaged visitors Saturday before they stepped inside the Bell County Museum to see the new exhibit, “Bison: American Icon,” on display now through Jan. 7, 2014. At an opening ...

At an opening reception, Michael Donohue entertained an audience of 75 people with an educational and humorous lecture, “The American Bison: Fact, Myth and Bull.”

Cookin' Up Some Chili For a Cause
For Beran this year, their unique feature is elk meat. But over at Clyde Iron Works, it is bison. General manager Robert Giuliani showed off their bison wild rice chili before it headed to the DECC. Their secret ingredient is a little added touch of ...
But over at Clyde Iron Works, it is bison. General manager Robert Giuliani showed off their bison wild rice chili before it headed to the DECC. Their secret ingredient is a little added touch of banana.

Stuffed bison head among $100K worth of stolen items recovered at ... Sun News Network
EDMONTON - A stuffed bison head is one of thousands of stolen items that cops uncovered in a west Edmonton home, the largest such seizure in the city's ...
Video: Record bust yields bison head, bathroom sink and Taylor Ottawa Citizen
Acting inspector Randy Wickins shows the items from what is believed to be the largest seizure of stolen property in Edmonton Police Service history in ...

GazetteXtra | HCE classes cover bison, microwaving, insect invaders
ELKHORN--Learn more about the benefits of bison meat, how to keep insects from coming indoors, and the underused microwave. Walworth County ...

At Home on the Range
Washington and Lee University News Office
She is a biological technician working on a research project that is a collaborative ... and Rick Wallen (head of the Yellowstone Bison Management Program).

As Becca explains, Yellowstone is one of the last areas with a free-ranging population of wild bison, which has increased in the past few years. That growth has led managers to become concerned about the impact of grazing intensity on grassland processes.

The goal of the project is to "examine the effects of an increased bison population on grassland production, nitrogen cycling, and species composition."

Buffalo Boys BBQ,  is true low and slow pit barbecue in Northern California. We offer catering, fundraising, BBQ drop off and vending. All our meats are smoked with natural wood logs in an Ole Hickory Pit. We are the only team to specialize in Bison, aka Buffalo meat. Bison is a healthier red meat that contains less fat and cholesterol. All our Bison products come from Wild Idea Buffalo Co. in South Dakota. Besides Bison we do the classic. Pick from Ribs, Brisket, Tri Tip, Chicken, Whole Hog or any other meat you need for your next event. 

Why Can't Bison Roam on Public Lands? : Wildlife Promise
I had a chance to sit down and interview Glenn Hockett, the Volunteer President of Gallatin Wildlife Association in Bozeman Montana, about wild bison and what ...

Greek Stuffed Bison Steak

"Filled with a mixture of spinach, feta cheese, and kalamata olives, marinated bison flank steak is roasted or grilled in this Greek-inspired preparation."

Buffalo To Roam In Union County | Dan Ratchford
LEWISBURG -- Some communities have large painted horses, others have cows or donkeys. Union County will soon have buffalo! It's part of the county's bicentennial celebration.

Each of the 14 municipalities was given a fiberglass buffalo to decorate and put on display. There’s also one to represent Union County as a whole.

Bison, it's better than you think! 

Steak is usually my go to meat, throw it on a grill, cooked medium and sprinkled with sea salt. I know red meat is really high in fat so it's not always the greatest thing to eat frequently but a little while ago I came across Bison meat. I tastes very similar to beef, lots of flavor but it is nearly as lean as turkey. I was shocked at how good it tasted even though it had such a low fat content. The only downside is the price, Bison does cost more than beef but I'm beginning to think that I prefer it over beef.

Promoting local food Fort Dodge Messenger
At Don Garrett's farm, bison are the main attraction. "Buffalo tastes like beef wishes it did," Garrett said. "Once (my customers) start eating it, they don't go back to ...

Wildlife refuge to auction 130 animals
The Lawton Constitution
Included in the sale are five mature bulls, 14 mature cows, five cow/calf pairs, four yearling bulls, four yearling heifers, five bull calves, five heifer calves, two horses, four longhorn skulls and four bison skulls, according to Supervisory ...

Montana takes another step toward restoring free-roaming bison herds
Another is a statewide bison management plan that could lead to decisions about how many wild bison should roam in Montana, and where they will do it.

Bison Meat - PerishableNews
Bison is back. Enjoyed for centuries and already widely popular among health enthusiasts and many of the nation's leading chefs, bison meat will be returning to ...

New Bison War: Should Buffalo Be Reintroduced to the West? 
Outdoor Life Magazine
In dry years, there won't be enough grass to feed both beef and bison, and ranchers worry that once buffalo are allotted some of this precious forage, ...

Wild Bison: America's 'Left Behind' Species
Outdoor Life Magazine
Only by creating a captive population of breeding bison would the species be saved, these early conservationists determined. The few remnant wild bison ...

Leaders of the nascent conservation movement—Theodore Roosevelt, William Hornaday, and J.A. McGuire (founder of Outdoor Life) among them—concluded that the way to save America’s buffalo was to round them up and protect them in zoos. Only by creating a captive population of breeding bison would the species be saved, these early conservationists determined.

KinderNature: American Bison

Saturday Jun 21, 2014 Botna Bend Park 42926 Mahogany Rd. Hancock  

North America’s largest land animal comes to life at Botna Bend Park. Learn about thunder on the plains, feel bison furs and view the real thing up close on a walk around the park.

Guest opinion: Montana can have cattle and bison, too Billings Gazette
State and federal agencies that manage bison in and around Yellowstone National Park are poised to remedy a sorry situation that has heaped national disgrace on Montana. I’m speaking of the sometimes brutal hazing of bison back into the park by helicopters, four-wheelers and horses under a policy that treats this iconic American animal worse than any rancher would treat his domestic livestock.

Bison Roundup at Fort Niobrara NWR Ainsworth Star-Journal
The annual roundup of bison at Fort Niobrara National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) will take place September 23 – September 27, 2013. According to Project Leader, Steve Hicks, “Sections of walkways above the refuge corrals have designated safe zones for public access, enabling visitors the opportunity to watch bison and photograph roundup action close-up.”

Bison roundup postponed due to wildlife disease
Omaha World-Herald
Consequently, we do not want to stress our bison at this time. Typically wildlife diseases of this type end with the first hard frost, which is expected shortly.”

Annual bison round-up postponed due to bluetongue Ainsworth Star-Journal
Fort Niobrara National Wildlife Refuge has postponed the bison roundup which was to start September 23. “Our herd has experienced some mortality recently ...

KBRX FM - Fort Niobrara Bison Roundup Postponed Again
Fort Niobrara National Wildlife Refuge has again postponed the bison roundup Currently refuge staff are hoping to conduct the bison roundup the week of ... Oct 21 2013

Bison hits increasing on Highway 3
There have been more bison hit by cars along Highway 3 this year compared to last. The number of bison being hit along highway 3 is up from last year. At least nine bison were hit between July and mid-August, Fred Mandeville with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources says. Normally, there's only about four or five collisions in that period.

Bison-vehicle collisions up Northern News Services (subscription)
This is the message told to motorists during a checkstop last weekend on Highway 3 by participating RCMP, Department of Environment and Natural Resources ...

Sturgeon River plains bison population stabilizing Prince Albert Daily Herald
The envy of bison stewards throughout North America, the Sturgeon River plains ... Sturgeon River Plains Bison Stewards executive director Gord Vaadeland spoke with the Daily Herald by phone on Tuesday from the American Bison Society Conference and Workshop in Big Sky, Montana.

Bison group meets to discuss restoration, communication
The Bozeman Daily Chronicle
That ended up being the overarching message of the three-day American Bison Society meeting at the Big Sky Resort. An online service is needed to view this ...

BIG SKY – Successful bison conservation projects all have one component in common: communication with neighbors and interested parties.

Around 150 scientists and conservationists spent Tuesday listening to biologists and federal land managers detail their efforts to introduce or restore bison from Alaska to Mexico.

FWP forum to discuss bison management
GREAT FALLS - Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks will host a two-day forum in Lewistown on issues related to efforts to create a long-term bison conservation and management plan for Montana. FWP says in a news release that it wants to bring together a ...

Among those scheduled to attend are representatives of conservation and agricultural groups, state and federal agencies, county commissioners, and state legislators.

Call (406) 444.2525 for more information about the event.

Back home on the range?
Lone Peak Lookout
Bison advocates work to ensure a bright future for this iconic North ... pure genetics to using bison to restore prairie land to its original stasis.

When Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) Bison Program Director Keith Aune had a quick break between bison restoration presentations on Tuesday, he was more than happy to sit down and discuss the program he’s dedicated nearly four decades of his life to.

Agency plans bison meeting in Lewistown Great Falls TribuneBulls wander out into their new pasture on the Fort Belknap Reservation in a bison release at Fort Belknap earlier this fall. / TRIBUNE PHOTO/RION SANDERS ...Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks announced Wednesday it is hosting a two-day discussion in Lewistown of the state’s efforts to create a long-term bison conservation and management plan for Montana.

Bison hunt orientations set for September, October Char-Koosta NewsPABLO — The Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes announce the beginning of the 2013 Off Reservation Wild Bison Hunt Orientations. Each hunter is required to attend an orientation with the Division of Fish, Wildlife, Recreation and Conservation to be issued a bison hunt permit and report card.

The first orientation will be offered Monday, September 23rd at 6 p.m. at the Johnny Arlee/ Victor Charlo Theater (JAVCT). The Theater is....

Flying machine built to resemble large bison In-Forum

Flying machine built to resemble large bison. Five North Dakotans are hoping their non-mechanical flying machine built to resemble a large bison will have what ...


Bison remains iconic animal through centuries of American art Midland Reporter-Telegram

The Here and Now Gallery is currently exhibiting the work of Washington-based artist Craig Kosak. In Kosak's paintings visitors can see a different kind of bison.
The American bison might be the most iconic animal in the art of this country. Cows and horses, though important and well-known, were completely domesticated and brought here from Europe. But bison are indigenous to America, and although they were incredibly important to American Indians for thousands of years, they weren’t ever domesticated. Even in the 21st century the bison remains an important symbol of the freedom and wildness of the American West.


Conservation of America's prairie – and return of the bison Financial Times
Even without first-hand experience of the North American grasslands known as prairies, it's possible to visualise what they are – or were – like. Captured in the High quality global journalism requires investment. celluloid of a hundred Hollywood westerns, there is a pervading image of these vast expanses of undulating plains, featureless but for the great herds of buffalo, cowboys with six-shooters and warring parties of Sioux Indians. ...

Open house, bison hike planned for Sept. 21 at Prairie State Par ... KOAM-TV
JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Members of the public are invited to join a park naturalist on a guided bison hike at on Saturday, Sept 21, at Prairie State Park near Mindenmines. Participants will have the opportunity to take a trip back in time to see these magnificent mammals in their native habitat. After the hike, the park will host an open house in the Nature Center from 1 to 3 p.m. where visitors can ask questions and provide feedback on the park’s services and operations. The open house is part of an ongoing effort by Missouri State Parks to ensure that citizens have input on facilities and services offered in state parks and historic sites ...

Bison offers health benefits and great taste (blog)
While the iconic animal reached near-extinction in the late 1800s as European settlers moved westward, the remaining herds were rescued just in time and have achieved a remarkable comeback both in Canada and the U.S. Today bison meat is slowly but ...

Buffalo Bill Center in Cody uses grant money to scan old photos of ... Daily Journal
CODY, Wyoming — There's a ghostly, wispy hologram image of a life-sized William F. Cody that greets visitors to the Buffalo Bill Center of the West. But it is downstairs, through locked doors in windowless rooms, where true magic is being made as a group of archivists in the center's McCracken Research Library work to digitize photographs and drawings a century or more old.

Buffalo Bill Center of the West Presents Commemorative Sculpture ... Broadway World
In honor of the visit of HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco-Albert I's great, great grandson-to the Buffalo Bill Center of the West, September 19 - 22, 2013, the Center ...
Research will focus on new ways of monitoring and safeguarding migratory wildlife in the Greater Yellowstone conservation area.

Inmates raising birds, bison and sheep
Pueblo Chieftain
“The owner of the sheep paid for the fencing and pays for the feed and care,” Smith said. “They mostly go to zoos.” The bison, which have the rare white ...Inmates also care for big horn sheep and a few bison displaced by the June 11 Royal Gorge Fire. “The owner of the sheep paid for the fencing and pays for the feed and care,” Smith said. “They mostly go to zoos.”The bison, which have the rare white gene, will be bred and offered for sale.“We had an opportunity to get into the bison business and we like that niche market — it is perfect for our business model,” Smith said.

More Alberta bison to roam Russia - Calgary - CBC News
Another herd of wood bison from Alberta's Elk Island National Park is roaming in Russia as part of an international conservation project.
Federal Environment Minister Peter Kent says 30 of the animals were transferred from the Alberta park, which is east of Edmonton, to the Republic of Sakha last week.

Fort Sill Hosts 32nd Annual Buffalo Burger CookoutKSWO
From the Commanding General flipping burgers, to retirees swapping stories, to active duty soldiers and their families feeling the community support, the day is ...

Senators introduce National Bison Day resolution Rapid City Journal
South Dakota Sens. Tim Johnson and John Thune are among a group of U.S. senators who have introduced a resolution designating the first Saturday in ...
National Bison Day—Let’s Make it Official!

Senate Resolution Seeks to Celebrate American Icon on November 2nd

Senator Michael Enzi and Senator Tim Johnson introduce
the National Bison Day Resolution

Public urged to take action at

WASHINGTON (SEPTEMBER 24, 2013) – The Wildlife Conservation Society, Intertribal Buffalo Council, and National Bison Association today announced the introduction of a U.S. Senate resolution to recognize National Bison Day on Saturday, November 2, 2013. The resolution, which was introduced by Sens. Michael Enzi (R-WY) and Tim Johnson (D-SD), acknowledges the bison for its cultural, economic, and ecological significance across the American landscape.

Sens. Enzi and Johnson introduced the legislation at the request of the Vote Bison Coalition, currently consisting of 42 diverse entities representing bison producers, Native Americans, conservationists, educational institutions, sportsmen/recreationists, zoological institutions, health organizations and businesses. The Vote Bison Coalition celebrated the inaugural National Bison Day on November 1, 2012, with events in South Dakota, Wyoming, New Mexico, West Virginia, and Washington, DC. The Vote Bison Campaign is supported by an Advisory Council including Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper, Chief Earl Old Person of the Blackfeet Nation, and Ted Roosevelt V – the great-great-grandson of President Theodore Roosevelt.
read more: go to site

Santa catalina island funny wildlife video clips of American bison ...
One of my subscribers sent me a message saying he wanted to see a funny video with more ...

Bison back on the prairie?
“Bison grazing will sustain our past and current efforts. Every year staff and volunteers spend countless hours in the field collecting thousands of pounds of seed from more than 225 species of forbs, grasses, and sedges in an effort to convert ...

The focus may have been on fall at Nachusa Grasslands annual Autumn on the Prairie, but there was also a lot of buzz about the bison the preserve plans to establish.

Natural Healing Remedies For Ruminants 101
Mother Earth News
buffalo and calf If you've never seen an American buffalo (bison) up close, their size will take your breath. We recently visited the Cherokee Valley Bison Farm near Thornville Ohio, and it was quite an experience seeing those giant beasts up close.
To help the animal to heal after a big parasite load has been eliminated, we create an herb blend to dust on the food twice per day. The blend includes slippery elm, Spanish black radish, acidophilus and bee propolis. This mix can also be mixed and applied to external wounds. 

Photos by Carie Starr

The buffalo are not alone. There are also pigs and horses on their farm. White Bison Farm is not open to the public, but the Cronauers say they would be open to educational tours.
We Tour a White Bison Farm
White Bison are extremely rare and even considered good luck by a native american tribe, but did you know there is a White Bison Farm in Cambria County? Check out the video to see more! As the song goes, ... We do not go in with our Buffalo. We do not ...

Suzanne Somers' Age-Defying Secrets: Top 21 Perimenopausal Power Foods
ABC News (blog)
Lean meats (organic, of course, and grass-fed whenever possible) are an excellent source of protein. Meat also provides needed iron, B12 and zinc. Bison meat is often overlooked as an example of a healthier meat, because bison live on natural grass and ...

Bison meat has a greater concentration of iron than any other meat, as well as some essential fatty acids. Of particular importance to women is its high iron content.

Photo of the Day: Lone bison attracts wildlife watchers
We appreciate the wildlife reserves and conservationists that are helping to bring large herds of wild bison back home to the range. Do you want your photo of the great outdoors featured on TreeHugger? Join the TreeHugger Photo Pool Pool on Flickr and ...

Two bison die at Irvine Park Zoo Chippewa Herald
The bison herd is under close watch and medical supervision at the Irvine Park Zoo, after two bison died this past weekend. An adult female bison died Friday ...

Update: Virus in desert sheep caused death of bison, officials say
Leader-Telegram  CHIPPEWA FALLS – A virus carried by desert sheep caused the death of two bison in Irvine Park in the past week, officials announced Friday. Veterinarian ...

Doctor: Sheep give zoo's bison fatal illness Chippewa Herald  A disease dating to the late 1700s and carried by otherwise healthy sheep is responsible for the deaths of two bison at the Irvine Park Zoo, a veterinarian said ...

Ted's Montana Grill restaurant chain rapidly expanding Special
The majestic animal was nearing extinction, so Ted made it his mission to reinvigorate the bison ranching industry. He teamed up with George McKerrow (the ...

Oberlin College project promotes locally grown food Chronicle-Telegram
Chef Kevin Chaney made white feather bison salisbury steak with Valley City mushroom demi glaze and roasted turnips using only local products from Jones ...

Support the official bison herd of Texas Lone Star Outdoor News
aacaprockbison Caprock Canyons State Park invites the public to celebrate and support the official bison herd of Texas and its 1000-acre habitat at the Third ...
"The goal is to have a 'semi' free ranging herd within the boundaries of the 14,000 acres of Caprock Canyons State Park," Park Superintendent Donald Beard said. "Once the restoration work is completed, the herd size should be around 200 or so. 

Bison At Home on the Range in Southwest Florida WGCU News
Archeologists have found spear points in association with bison remains at Paleo-indian sites in Florida. They estimate they were hunted and killed about 12,000 years ago. Now bison are back on the Florida landscape, transported here and reproducing on range-land formerly used for cattle. The largest herd of bison, about 2,500, roams at Three Sun Ranch just east of Punta Gorda. ...

FWP to host bison meeting this week in Lewistown Lewistown News-Argus
Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks will host a two-day discussion in Lewistown on public issues related to efforts to create a long-term bison conservation and ...

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Bison Day on Saturday at Neal Smith NWR Newton Daily News
Activities include guided bus tours through the bison enclosure, archeological and Native American displays, a weaver's guild demonstration, arts and crafts, ...

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European bison have made a comeback in areas of central and eastern Europe. Photograph: Stefano Unterthiner/Wild Wonders of Europe

Beaver and bison among European species making a comeback The Guardian
Beaver, bison and eagles are among the species that have made a successful comeback in Europe in the past 50 years, according to a major survey published ...

Gehring clan celebrates the unusual birth, survival of twin calves Helena Independent Record
After more than half a century of raising bison, folks at the Gehring Ranch know ... That knowledge still didn't prepare them for the gift from the bison they call Big Shirl this spring — a pair of twin calves, which they fondly named Pete and Re-Pete.
“We have had buffalo for 60 years, but never had twins,” says Rose Vincent Gehring, the matriarch of the family....

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Baby boom continues at Cape May County Zoo (blog)
Actually, it's likely that Henrietta, a 4-year-old bison, knew she was pregant, but her ... With both a breeding-age female bison and a bull in the zoo's small herd, ...

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Livestock disease found in Madison County cowSacramento Bee

Once relatively common across the U.S, brucellosis has been largely eradicated but persists in herds of bison and elk in the Yellowstone area of Montana, Idaho ...One cow from the unidentified herd was killed after the animal tested positive for brucellosis in a field test. The infection was confirmed after tissue from the cow was sent to the National Veterinary Services Laboratory in Iowa, said state veterinarian Marty Zaluski.

It's the sixth brucellosis case in livestock in Montana in the last six years, including two infections in bison herds. Before 2007, the state had not had an infection in livestock since 1985.

Where the Buffalo Still Roam: 'Great Plains: America's Lingering ... Terrence Butcher
Great Plains, inadvertently or not, functions as a travelogue, and I was enchanted by Kansas Flint Hills, an Edenic, riverine ecotopia just two hours west of ...
The Great Plains looms large in the American imagination, whether as a backdrop for innumerable cowboy dramas or, for ecology mavens, a landscape haunted by ghosts of massive bison herds that shook the ground at the time of the Louisiana Purchase. This vast, grass-blanketed region – spanning perhaps one million square miles, although disagreements over geographic size date back two centuries – encompasses several states, and even protrudes well into Canada.

Intertribal Bison Council Receives USDA Grant - 1140 KSOO-AM
Intertribal Bison Council in Rapid City, S.D. has received a $200000 grant from the USDA.
The non-profit organization, which represents Indian nations around the United States based in Rapid City, will use the grant to provide best management practices training on low-stress handling of buffalo.

Rapid City Journal
Bison are ungulates (hooved mammals) in the genus Bison within the subfamily Bovinae. There are two existing and four extinct species (three from North ...
The Custer State Park annual buffalo roundup is part of the park's management plan to maintain a healthy balance between the number of bison and the available rangeland forage.

Update: Running of the bulls, South Dakota-style Rapid City Journal ... rounded up more than 1,000 American bison Friday — a running of the bulls, South Dakota-style. ... “This has just been an incredible day,” South Dakota Gov.

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South Unit of Badlands National Park on Pine Ridge Reservation ...Daily Journal
RAPID CITY, South Dakota — The South Unit of Badlands National Park could become home to more than 1,000 bison as part of a long-range plan to establish ...
The tribe currently has about 800 bison. Ecoffey said the demand for bison as a source of meat and as a symbol of Lakota culture is expected to increase as the population on the Pine Ridge grows.
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Strike a Pose! Sketch Lehigh County's Bison at Trexler Nature ...
According to the Wildlands Facebook page, the Bison Sketching program is funded in part by Lehigh County, the Pennsylvania DNCR Bureau of Recreation and ...

Bison Art Show to be featured during H&8th Night Market in ...
Presented by The Nature Conservancy, the Bison Art Show outdoor exhibit on NW 7 Street in Oklahoma City will display bison-inspired work by local artists ...
 including Jerrod Smith, Desmond Mason, Chad J. Clark, Klara Larason, Bob Palmer and Tyler Boren.

Bison the buzz at Nachusa Grasslands' Autumn on the Prairie
Ogle County News
Bison the buzz at Nachusa Grasslands' Autumn on the Prairie ... Oregon artist Mary Salstrom paints the prairie during Nachusa Grassland's Autumn on the ...

Bison would be nice on restored prairie Saukvalley
In pre-settlement times, herds of bison, also known as buffalo, grazed on America's vast prairie, devouring native grasses and giving other prairie plants more ...

World Food Championships announces The Bison Council as a ... MarketWatch (press release)
NASHVILLE, TENN., Sep 26, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE via COMTEX) -- The World Food Championships announced today a partnership with The Bison Council that will integrate bison as a protein option into the second annual World Food Championships, which will be held in Las Vegas, Nov. 7-10 at the Fremont Street Experience and Fremont East District.

Group questions need for wild bison Great Falls Tribune
“There's a relatively cohesive group of conservations who think there's room in Montana for wild bison,” said Tom France of the National Wildlife Federation.
FWP needs to listen to the input of the people who would actually be affected if bison were released in their area, said Nancy Ereaux of Philips County.

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News of Belarus
The major goal of the program is a long-term conservation of the bison population. The level we have reached allows keeping the animal just for a short period ...
“The program has already been approved by the Union State Permanent Committee. The major goal of the program is a long-term conservation of the bison population.

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Woburn Sands American-English diner proving successful with ... MKWeb
Hot dog: But the version coming to the Weathercock in Woburn Sands is likely to be much bigger. ALLIGATOR, ostrich and bison burgers are among the unusual ...

Hot dog: But the version coming to the Weathercock
in Woburn Sands is likely to be much bigger.

Snapper, Flounder, Bison, Mussels..... Cape Gazette
Red Snapper, grilled and topped with bell pepper, red onion medley with lump crab, served over shrimp grits. 13 taste, 19 main. Flounder Francaise, in an egg ...

Colvine Farms Bison Burgers, your choice of toppings with lettuce tomato, pickles and shoestring fries...

Life Tastes Good: Grilled Bison RibeyeMarion@Life Tastes Good
Have you ever had a Bison Ribeye Steak? I've had grilled bison burgers before, but never any other cut until now! Bison is a healthier choice over beef as it is ...

Bringing back prehistory to national parks Hinton Parklander
The animal has not lived in Banff since it became a national park in 1885, yet before civilization's expansion westward more than 25 million bison roamed North ...
It’s interesting how things come full circle when we undertake efforts to make up for the striving of our forefathers, approaching something resembling what once was before progress took hold.

Powwow Goers Chomp on Buffalo Meal Indian Country Today Media Network
Each year, one of the Kalispel tribe's buffalo are selected for the powwow meal. ... the eagle staff, as well as the American, Canadian and Kalispel Tribe's flag.
 The Pend Oreille River is nearby, and the tribe’s buffalo herd of nearly 200 can be seen grazing in the pasture. Each year, one of the Kalispel tribe’s buffalo are selected for the powwow meal. Because the attendance has grown each year, they needed two animals this year.

Chahinkapa scores with baby bison from ESPN’s GameDay (1/2 way down the page)Fergus Falls Daily Journal

After making an appearance on ESPN’s College GameDay in Fargo last Saturday, a baby bison named “Corso,” after famous coach Lee Corso who is a host on the show, will live at Chahinkapa Zoo, according to the Wahpeton Daily News.

The baby bison appeared with the coach to end the show after the North Dakota State University’s athletic department contacted the zoo earlier in the week. The popular broadcast had the school as its main feature of the week.

Inspired by 'Dances with Wolves,' the hunt is on for bison Concord Monitor
As I left the theater that night, I remember thinking to myself, “Somehow I have to see a wild bison before I die – actually, not just a single bison, but an entire herd ...
By spring, our route was decided. We would travel for four weeks through 20 states; we would visit six national parks, while driving 7,000 miles – right through the middle of buffalo country.  

Sharp: Where the buffalo once roamed Mennonite World Review
The numbers of the buffalo, or American Bison, that once grazed the prairie grass were astonishing. New York Tribune editor Horace Greeley could hardly ...
The herds were still immense in 1868, when Col. Henry Inman, (whose name lives on in the Kan­sas town of Inman, with several Mennonite churches) worked the region. The U.S. army assistant quartermaster said it took him three days to ride his horse through a single herd of the great “shaggy monsters.” -

Discussion over Wild Bison Dominates Bison Society Conference

Roughly 150 conservationists, scientists, tribal representatives and private producers met this week in Big Sky, MT to discuss issues surrounding efforts to reintroduce bison as wildlife in the Western United States.

Meeting under the theme of "Shared Stewardship," conference attendees explored the logistics, cost and political controversies involved with bringing back wild bison. National Bison Association Executive Director Dave Carter and Assistant Director Jim Matheson, along with several other private producers, emphasized that commercial bison production is already playing the major role in re-establishing bison across the animal's historic habitat.......


Bison Delegation Carries Priorities to Washington, D.C.

Political gridlock may be the order of the day in Washington, D.C., but the delegation of 15 National Bison Association producers in Washington, D.C. this week found bipartisan consensus on several issues important to buffalo producers and marketers during the association's Washington Roundup.

Increasing resources dedicated to bison herd health research, expanding the U.S. Department's nutritional database for bison, opening international markets, and designating a National Bison Day each year r were all items on the National bison Association's agenda in a series of meetings on Capitol Hill, and with regulatory agencies.......


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