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December 31 2014

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North Dakota 
New ND business turns bison manure into bison compost
LEEDS, N.D. - Owners of a large bison ranch near here have partnered with ... The first batch of their compost, Buffalo Earth, is now for sale on their ...

Not the same old BS: ND company bets big on bison manure
A Minnesota couple and the owners of a large bison ranch in northeastern North Dakota have joined forces to market and sell a, um, byproduct of the


Wine and tapas eatery coming to The Harrison
Here's a taste of the kind of recipes he's developing: crab meat-stuffed deviled eggs with caviar; an ostrich fillet; bison meatballs with espresso ...

Queensland updates regulations to include Bison Johnes Disease
The Queensland Government has revised the regulations relating to all three strains of Johnes disease, with ovine, bovine and bison strains now ...


Four ways to go wild in Wyoming
Hot Springs State Park in Thermopolis has the world's largest single mineral hot spring and is home to Wyoming's central bison herd. And the Flaming ...

Wild Things: Bottoms up to bison in Banff National Park
On Saturday evening, Bison Belong will host an event to launch a locally bottled beer, Homeward Bison Pale Ale — with entertainment from The 
Grow Where You're Planted

  As a certified plant geek, all I can say is 'wow!' every time I see one (seriously). The marvels of regenerative solar collectors providing food, fiber, medicine, inspiration, clean air and water, habitat, recreation and so much more can be an endless preoccupation.
    There is an active conversation around 'invasion biology' these days, that is, what does 'native' or 'restoration' truly mean and are introduced species 'invasive'. Bloodletting aside, common sense should be our guide. The conservation minded will argue that pre-Columbian flora/fauna is pristine and spend untold funds to herbicide the exotics. An opposite extreme is to say there is no such thing as an invasive species which results in a green hell of forest eating super-vine. Biodiversity is the big prize to strive for. I personally think it is a matter of respect to think deeply before taking further action. Eyes only on the financial bottom line, has led to the scarcity pickle of the modern era. In view of the number of humans now blanketing the surface of the earth, efforts and resources to restore to 'pristine pre-Columbian' conditions is an unsustainable expensive pipedream. Earth is changing but she always has. A smart protocol of well managed existing productive landscapes with soil regeneration, agroforestry, planned grazing and habitat- corridors can hold its own against a climate of extraction, urbanization, fragmentation and the desire to have more. Awareness is the basis of positive change.

South Dakota

South Dakota bison cooperative gets $99000 federal grant
RAPID CITY - A Rapid City bison cooperative has received a roughly $99,000 federal grant to study how to get buffalo and other traditional foods on
Excerpts of editorials from Illinois newspapers
Because of The Nature Conservancy's bison reintroduction project at Nachusa Grasslands, the song has new meaning for Sauk Valley residents, who ...

Colorado meat, poultry can anchor holiday meals, parties in Boulder County
Standing rib roast, leg of lamb, pork roast, bison tenderloin, duck, goose. For carnivores, it's the time of year when fine cuts of meat and more unusual 

Flames destroy barn at Rosebush-area bison farm
Firefighters were called to a barn fire at Pohl Bison Farm on Rosebush Road came in at about 8:45 p.m. Tuesday night, Kampf said. As of 8:30 a.m. ...

Wildlife in Kaiserslautern park awake to winter
The nearly 62-acre park is home to wild boars, lynx, various forms of deer and the endangered wisent, also known as the European bison, among 
North Dakota               

Buffalo auction draws buyers to Zap
Montana auctioneer Stan Buchholz started Thursday's buffalo dispersal with the sale of cows and larger calves. Despite the sharp chill, buyers from ...
Heifers with first-time calves brought from $2,250 to $3,000 for the pair, buffalo cows went from $1,900 to $2,400 and a mature bull went for $4,750.
FWP's latest bison transfer further confuses the issue
To some it seems a minor nuance: should bison transferred
from Yellowstone National Park to other areas of the state be categorized as wildlife or as ...

Several thousand cattle quarantined near Yellowstone
Bison that wander from Yellowstone into neighboring Montana each winter in a search for food are targeted for hunting or capture and slaughter to ...

FWP'S latest bison transfer further confuses the issue
Montana FWP had an opportunity to provide clarity on that distinction in their latest bison transfer to the Fort Peck Tribe in November. Unfortunately ...

Montana WIFE organization growing, influencing agriculture
"We want to make sure that Montana bison stay classified as livestock and are managed as such," she said. "Any bison that's been transferred also ...
Bison: America's Spiritual Touchstones
"Whether painted on a tipi or an artist's canvas, minted on a nickel, or seen grazing in Yellowstone National Park, the image of the bison stirs deep ...

Yellowstone National Park Officials Looking To See Bison Population Dropped By Up To 1000 This ...
Upwards of 1,000 Yellowstone National Park bison could meet their demise this winter, either through hunting in Montana or through shipment to ...
Last Day for Montana Input on Newest Bison Plan
PHOTO: It's the last day for Montanans to add their thoughts to the latest alternative for the year-round bison habitat plan. Photo courtesy of National ...

Nature Notes: Culling Yellowstone bison
During hard winters, bison move down in elevation to escape the deep snow and often leave the park around and through Gardner, Montana.
Two environmental studies could increase freedom for Yellowstone bison
The bison hunt in the Gardiner Basin is problematic due to cramped confines. The State of Montana does not allow bison to roam far outside of ...

Many ideas floated over Yellowstone park bison
Four tribes — the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes in Montana, and the Nez Perce, Umatilla and Shoshone-Bannock in Idaho — have treaty ...

Classifying bison as livestock would doom restoration
Chuck Denowh's column on behalf of the United Property Owners of Montana (“FWP's latest bison transfer further confuses the issue,” Dec. 4) claims it

Guest column: Montana must learn to live with bison
The agencies responsible for bison management requested the help of an “open to all” diverse citizens' working group (CWG). This group worked for ...

Buffalo must be listed as endangered species
Not a single Interagency Bison Management Program affiliate has the guts to defend wild buffalo. Not the park; not Fish, Wildlife and Parks; not even ...

Wilkinson to discuss bison, brucellosis and, of course, Turner
Join the Bozeman conservation community's toast to the natural world with refreshments and a discussion of one of Montana's most venerable wildlife ...

Bison endangered, need to be protected
Wild bison don't need a new plan. .... Comments are opinions of the author only, and do not reflect the opinions or views of Idaho Press-Tribune

Study: Transplanted Yellowstone herd is genetically diverse
A recent scientific study revealed that Yellowstone bison are genetically pure and diverse, but quarantine operations should select individuals to retain ...

Wildlife victimized by our stewardship
Meanwhile, 7,800 beloved Yellowstone bison have been killed based upon the mere assertion — disproven and unsupported by science — that they ...

Snowcoach tours reveal Yellowstone's quiet winter splendor
In a meadow near the Madison River, a half dozen bison trudged through snowdrifts searching for food, a gaggle of Canada geese floating in nearby ...

A Thousand Bison Sentenced to Die This Winter
According to the National Park Service website, 300 to 400 bison will be removed by hunting, while 500 to 600 could be shipped to meat processing or ...

Ranchers v bison-huggers
Yellowstone's wild bison trigger ferocious rows, too, each time they amble ... From its earliest days American law courts and congressional hearings ...

German Paper
Die letzten Wilden
Und die sind nicht gewillt, der haarigen Einwanderung zuzusehen. In Montana dürfen wilde Bisons seit 2005 wieder gejagt werden, der Staat vergibt ...

The last wild
By David Hesse, Silver Gate. Updated at 07:03 

900 bison from Yellowstone National Park threatened with death because they leave the park and increasingly move into populated valleys.

Asian Style Bison Meatballs
Use a mixing bowl to make the meatballs by combining 1 pound of ground bison with 1 small, finely minced clove of garlic, 1 generous Tbs of finely....
Wood Bison
Today the only herd of wood bison left in America are at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. What they plan to do with them is pretty special.
Biggest animal jerks countdown
And the prize for being the biggest jerk in the animal kingdom goes to the fearsome, shaggy-haired spectre known as the “douchebag bison”.


Game On: Harvest Theme Dinner Features Local Bison
Rebecca Peters, Chef de Cuisine of this longtime Capitol Square restaurant, is serving a bison New York Strip raised by the Maas Family of the
Researchers seek better brucellosis control through vaccine development, vaccination practices
Brucellosis can cause elk, bison and cattle to abort fetuses. The highest risk of brucellosis transmission to other animals occurs after an animal has an ...

Raising bison fulfills dream for Cortez rancher
CORTEZ, Colo. (AP) - It was just about 30 years ago when Danny Wilkin saw his first bison during an event for his high school vocational education 

Welcome home, thundering bison, to your Prairie State
A bison peers out of the grass as she stands with her herd Dec. 12 at the Nachusa Grasslands prairie restoration site in Franklin Grove. Bill Kleiman ...
Bison return to Illinois prairie
“The bison eat that grass, and as they eat the grass, it allows resources like more light and more root space below ground for flowers to thrive. It kind of ...
(Cody Considine, restoration ecologist at The Nature Conservancy’s Nachusa Grasslands, pauses on the prairie to check out some of Grasslands’ bison herd. Bison are making a return to the Illinois prairie via the 3,500-acre nature preserve and restored tallgrass prairie in Lee and Ogle counties.)

Illinois returning to place where buffalo roam
"Home on the Range," the iconic song of the American West, begins with the ... Last month, about 20 bison were shipped to their new home at the ...
Hartman shares work at Nachusa Grassland Steward
Bison are now being introduced. They have 25 at this time and expect to have a herd of 40 to 50 by November. The Bison will be enclosed in a 10ft.
Wild Buffalo Roam East of the Mississippi for First Time Since 1830s
His temporary job (which includes housing) is to remove trees and install fences in the Nachusa Grasslands of north-central Illinois—where wild bison 
Southern Plains Pointers

    Christmas is 360 days away and people already have their lights up!
           It’s all about perspective… For those folks that my little comedic intro applies to; it might also be about preparedness and efficiency. My personal perspective, as a southern plains bison steward, is that the cool season and winter months are when; ‘the livin is easy’… but I tend to be busy in October.  Folks who tend otherwise are going to be much more focused on efficiency and preparedness with hay and supplementation. This is the time of year to watch the subordinates more than the others. Their condition may tell you many things, including how good your distribution methods are. In a buffalo herd, the ole chuck wagon is very political. The biggest and strongest animals rule, so it is our job as stewards to experiment with distribution until every animal gets supplemented. Every herd will be a little different and require a method tailored to its behaviors. Be watchful that the weak eat and observant of their body-score because they_ are your management instrumentation. 

          Another thing that happens this time of year is opportunities to glean perspectives from your neighbors in the bison biz. Some people put their lights up early – some don’t do anything, but they all celebrate this amazing animal and try their best to steward them with conscience. There’s a bison conference and/or sale under every leaf throughout the fall and winter where herds of buffalo-people gather with bags-of-buffalo-tricks they are willing to share. Behind them, across North America and the globe, roam the herds of American icons to which the offerings of expertise apply. Personally, I have not attended one yet without learning something…  It’s all about perspective…

Frasier Bison L.L.C.

Bison chili, fried bologna patty melt make limited Engine No. 2 menu
There are burgers and sandwiches, salads, starters and sides, with offerings like pork wings (fried pork shanks), bison chili, skillet corn, a conch salad ...
Canadian National Show

Happy producers pay more at auction
The grand champion bison, a two-year-old bull from Silver Creek Bison of Binscarth, Man., sold to Bison Spirit Ranch for $10,000 in the sale held 
Glamping With Bison at a Gorgeous Montana Ranch Run by Scientists
It all began with a third grade visit to the bison diorama in the Hall of North American Mammals at the American Museum of Natural History in New ...
North Sea (port connecting Britain to Europe)
Mammoth skeleton hauled from the North Sea's depths
They also uncovered bones belonging to woolly rhinos and Irish elks, plus a prehistoric skull of a European bison, also known as a Wisent on the
Bison, Black Bean and Corn Chili with Chipotle Peppers
Once the bison is browned up all around, add 2 generous Tbs chili powder, 1 Tbs ground cumin, an optional 1/2 tsp dried oregano, 1 generous Tbs ...
Foodie Events
This class will offer a sampling of three cuts of American Bison incorporated into recipes. 6-8 p.m. $65 per person, includes 3 course dinner and class.

Affare, a Modern German Restaurant in Kansas City'S Crossroads District, Featuring Bison Meat in ...
Affare's latest menu includes five items with bison meat dry aged for a period of two weeks: bison-barley soup, bison tenderloin carpaccio, braised ...


The Most Confusing Sentence in the World Uses Just One Word
Take a guess at what this sentence means - "Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo." It really has a proper meaning. And it's part 
Happy birthday, "Reedsburger"
The Reedsburger contains a six-ounce patty of locally sourced bison, topped with cheddar cheese and red onion, and served with a side of special ...

Bison roundup to check on health of Colorado herd
Every December, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service checks in on the health of their bison herd at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge. (news video)
Beer sales to help bring bison home
A new beer, a great local band and a passionate cause all came together at Banff Ave. Brewing Co. for the Homeward Bison Pale Ale launch party

Park Service decision opens way for hunting in Teton park inholdings
A reinterpretation of the park's regulations means that state-sanctioned hunts for bison, mountain lions, mule deer, waterfowl and other game may ...

NPS: Wyoming Can Manage Private Land in Grand Teton
Wyoming allows hunts for bison, mountain lions, mule deer, waterfowl and other game. The Jackson Hole News & Guide reports that the National Park ...
Limit barley in bison feed
Bison finishers should make sure they don't go overboard feeding barley, says a researcher from Thompson Rivers University. John Church told the ...
Come on – does this really call for a federal grant?
Don't even get us started on that Rapid City bison cooperative that has received about $99,000 from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to study how to ...
Did you know about Fort Worth's National Natural Landmark?
How about going out on the North Texas prairie to feed some bison? I'm not kidding. The Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge on Lake Worth is home ...
You say buffalo and I say bison: Recipes indigenous to each Canadian province
Compare that to the same serving size of beef tenderloin (a similar cut to a bison steak), which weighs in with 189 calories and 9.9 grams total fat (3.9 ...


Weekly Webb: Painting West in a new way
The snout, the soft brown eyes, the horns — they all say bison. ... Leaning against a wall with several of his newest works, all measuring at least 4 feet
Idaho Farm Bureau observes 75th anniversary at convention
The Idaho Farm Bureau Federation celebrated 75 years as an organization ... establishment of new free-roaming herds of bison outside Yellowstone Park and ... For the past several years Polaris Motorsport dealers of Idaho made a ...
North Dakota

Bison art piece damaged at major Fargo intersection
FARGO – A painted bison public art piece at the corner of Main Avenue and Broadway here was damaged overnight. The fiberglass statue is on its
Canada - Thomas Ackermann R.I.P.

Death of bison industry leader leaves 'huge void' in Canada's bison industry
“He's going to be very hard to replace,” she said. “He's going to leave a large gap in the bison industry that really can't be filled by any one person.”.
Industry promoter remembered for love of bison
Thomas Ackermann, an energetic promoter of the bison industry, died in a farm accident Nov. ... He had all the charisma I was lacking,” Mueller said.

Editors note; This came to my attention Nov 28th. I did not place it in the Nov newsletter, too early for me to report such sadness. Now, that it's been "reported", we need to remember him. RIP, and blessing to his family.

Stray bison which charmed rural village in Poland shot dead by local farmer who feared it was ...
A stray bison which charmed a village of Poles has been shot dead by local farmers who feared the animal was seducing all of their cows. The animal..


The bigger they come, the harder they fall
The American mastodon and the Jefferson mammoth were two of the ... bison was a form that died out long before the modern bison came along.

National parks get boost from defense bill
Despite some conservative opposition—a chorus that skewered the legislation as a pork-barrel land grab—the measure also establishes thousands of ...

NWT taxi video catches 3 wolves attempting bison takedown
Two women in a taxi from Fort Providence to Yellowknife caught the sight of a lifetime: a pack of wolves trying to take down an animal from a small 

Results of Meat Processing Plant Feasibility Study to Be Presented at Montana Stockgrowers ...
One Montana Program Manager Matt Bitz will present the results of their ... a plant in Montana could process 250 head of beef or bison daily.

Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History one of world's best with amazing collection
... to dioramas of life-sized mounted African elephants, giraffes and Cape buffalo (on one side) and a herd of American bison grazing (on the other).


Tears of joy as bison return to a Saskatchewan First Nation
It was an emotional scene at Peepeekisis Cree Nation in Saskatchewan earlier this month when 20 bison emerged from trailers and bounded onto the ...

Missoula Food Bank will dish out 1300 lbs of bison chili
Over 1,300 pounds of bison chili was donated to the food bank thanks to Montrail Bison and Town Pumps of Montana. The food bank just received ...

Community solar gardens go rural
Bison farmer and cheesemaker Ed Eichten was rifling through his office, a cluttered monument to adventure. He was surrounded by deer antlers, ...

Court lifts Vanrook station's quarantine
Mr Taylor told the North Queensland Register that three hours after the ruling was made the BJD regulations were amended to incorporate ''bison ...

Bison Hollow
Bison Hollow This 76 acre older growth wooded parcel is close to Ash Cave State Park and is the reported location of one of the last native Ohio bison.


Rewilding Europe bison release on Swedish TV
Watch European bison being released into the wild. Swedish TV program Mitt i naturen followed the long journey of the bisons, from Avesta Visentpark ...
I Cooked Bison On The (Stove) Range And It Was Easier Than I Thought
If someone had given me the same bison sirloin without knowing what it was, I would've said it was "different tasting steak." I would recommend ...

Yukon opens more mid-winter bison hunting zones
The Yukon government is opening more areas to bison hunting this winter in hopes of increasing the number of animals being taken. The Aishihik ...

Buffalo, eagle parts found at ex-sheriff's residence
HELENA -- Searches of a former Big Horn County sheriff's residence have uncovered body parts from a buffalo and bald eagle believed to be illegally ...

Land Between The Lakes Bison Auction Set

January 09, 2014 - Land Between The Lakes Press Release

GOLDEN POND, KY - Land Between The Lakes (LBL) National Recreation Area has scheduled their annual Bison Auction for Saturday, February 1, 2014, at the South Bison Range, just south of The Homeplace on Woodlands Trace National Scenic Byway in Tennessee.


The Good Life in Kerrville, TX
Darrin is working on an American bison skull he has stained and embellished with copper nails and a copper feather. “I love it here,” he says. “Doing ...

First Day Hike at Minneopa State Park
... down the Seppmann Mill Road to talk about the reintroduction of the bison to the park. Established in 1905, Minneopa is the third oldest state park in ...

Snow Country

Snow can be an excellent water source for cattle
Canadian ruminants, especially pregnant beef and bison cows and heifers, can do well eating snow. On the other hand, I have multiple clients who go ...
Boy Scouts of America

Local teen's Eagle Scout project recycles fishing lines for good use
... conservation and a leader in saving the American bison from extinction. ... medals have been awarded, according to Boy Scouts of America officials.

Pflugerville shelter dog finds 10000 year-old bison bone
“I think a 10,000 plus year old bison bone is pretty impressive, I don't know how she's going to top that, but we are hopeful that she might bring out a ...

Mammoth Site scientists help research rare 9300-year-old bison
A yak at first glance, the creature is actually a 9,300-year-old mummified bull Steppe bison that has remained completely intact, one of only two ever ...

Alaska Supreme Court sides with Kodiak's roaming buffalo
The board had previously deemed “feral” any free-ranging bison that strayed from state or federal grazing leases, and in 2007 it authorized a hunt of ...

12/30/14 - Stray bison on Kodiak Island declared off limits for hunting
But some experts say the idea of successful aging reflects American ... decline and death, issues she says Americans are loathe to acknowledge.

Ciaglo family farm, site of Seven Sisters Market Bistro and Long Hollow Bison Farm, to be sold to ...
The Seven Sisters property was vacant Friday, with no animals on the land where bison once grazed. Nobody was in the store, which was locked up, ...
Take a bite out of buffalo
Shhh! I have secretly been using ground bison in all my burgers and meatballs for years now and my kids don't know differently. (I must sheepishly ...

First People's Buffalo Jump provides window to native history
Inside the First Peoples Buffalo Jump visitor center people can learn more about bison and the native people that perfected hunting them on the vast ...
Parks & Zoos Etc...

Guest opinion: Wild horses, urban deer, roaming bison and dead ideas
The managers of an entire bison herd in California achieved zero ... More than 200 zoos in North America and 12 countries around the world are ...

Life on the American Prairie Reserve
With over 305,000 acres acquired so far, the APR is already incredibly vast and teaming with wildlife. A herd of 440 bison roams there and sage ...
Alberta, CA

Campaign brewing to bring bison back to Banff
Now local brewery Banff Avenue Brewing Company has created Homeward Bison Pale Ale in a bid to raise awareness and money for the campaign ...
Bison Burger
Art Napoleon and Dan Hayes, co-hosts of the 13-portion documentary meals series Moosemeat & Marmalade, share their recipe for bison burgers.

New Riner buffalo store 100 yards away
Bison is king at one Riner restaurant as the owners try to expand a busy ... Hale has been serving bison in her Riner restaurant, ''Buffalo and More,'' ...
New York

Falling for the Ice at Canalside, thinking of buying a bison, and a party on the 11th Day of Christmas
A sign headlined “Special Limited Offer” said that the bisons are $1,350 painted, or $1,100 ... You know what, given all the talk, we thought that, too.

The buffalo in the room

Another good thing about having more days of Christmas: It gives you time to scrape up the bucks for the most excessive, most Buffalo gift imaginable. In a window on the Washington Street side of the Ellicott Square Building, Buzz beheld a life size fiberglass bison, such as the ones boasted by certain local businesses, painted white and draped with hearts and flowers. How much is that bison in the window? A sign headlined “Special Limited Offer” said that the bisons are $1,350 painted, or $1,100 unpainted. Delivery is extra, but you would have to have it delivered, as a surprise, otherwise it wouldn't be as much fun. We called the seller, Specialty Fiberglass, to ask about this offer. We got a machine. All we can think is, there must be a stampede.

Why eating red meat raises cancer risk
It instead concludes that when people consume beef, pork, lamb and bison, a sugar molecule called Neu5Gc from those meats gets fully incorporated ...

Cuddly and not-so-much critters who touched our hearts
The story that traveled the globe the fastest and furthest was one the Statesman Journal broke in August, and it focused on a blind American bison (not ...

Helen is back in the news.

USDA proposes to ease ID requirements on cattle

By Philip Brasher

WASHINGTON, Dec. 31, 2014 - The Agriculture Department is proposing to ease identification requirements for cattle being moved across state lines while ensuring that federal or state inspectors have access to records they need during a disease outbreak.

proposed rule being published in the Federal Register on Friday would revise a number of regulations on stockyards, auction barns and other livestock marketing facilities.

The rule, developed by USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS), would allow cattle and bison to travel interstate without official identification if they are shipped to no more than one approved livestock marketing facility and then directly to a slaughter plant. All other livestock are generally required to have official ID when moved across state lines.


Cattle and bison also could be shipped interstate without an interstate certificate of veterinary inspection, or ICVI, when they are moved directly to a livestock marketing facility and then to slaughter.

A separate provision of the rule would specify that federal and state inspectors can look at records and receipts held by marketing facilities that relate to pest detection, control or eradication efforts. The facilities would have to maintain records of receipt, distribution and application of ID devices and USDA-approved backtags.  

Bill Bullard, CEO of R-CALF USA, a cattle producers group, said the proposed rule attempts to address problems that have cropped up since USDA released new animal ID requirements in 2013.The animal ID rules were developed in the wake of the nation's first case of bovine spongiform encephalopathy, or mad cow disease, a decade earlier. 

There have been reports of delays at farms waiting for a veterinarian to complete the ICVIs so cattle could be shipped out of state, he said. The additional handling of the cattle can cause them to lose weight - and value, he said.

Bullard said R-CALF would support the ID waiver provision but may have concerns about allowing APHIS access to facility records. “We will look at this closely to ensure the provision does not infringe on the livestock marketing facility's right to operate without undue interference from the federal government,” he said.

The Livestock Marketing Association had no immediate comment.


Montana rock art shows a glimpse of the past
Older art made by Paleoindian people, the first to roam Montana and ... Covered with bison, elk and deer hoof prints just north of a known buffalo jump, ...
 National Bison Association 

NBA Urges USFWS to Discard Petition on Endangered Bison
In a letter to the head of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service this week, the National Bison Association strongly urged that the agency toss out the recently filed petition to designate Yellowstone bison as endangered.
The petition filed in November by the Western Watershed Alliance and the Buffalo Field Campaign, seeks to designate Yellowstone bison as endangered. Under regulatory process, any petition submitted will undergo a "90 Day Review," which can take as long as one year. Only if a petition is deemed to have compelling scientific evidence during the 90 day review will it be considered for additional listing. Then, the petition will undergo a formal regulatory process.
In a letter to USWS Director Dan Ashe this week, the NBA said, "As noted in your February 24, 2011 report entitled, Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants: 90-Day Finding on a Petition to List the Wild Plains Bison or Each of Four Distinct Population Segments as Threatened"Wild plains bison are distributed in parks, preserves, other public lands, and private lands throughout and external to their historical range. The current population of wild plains bison is estimated to be 20,500 animals in 62 conservation herds. Recent population trends appear stable to slightly increasing in conservation herds."
Since the issuance of that report, key programs have increased the population of bison -including those from Yellowstone herds-throughout historic areas of their natural habitat. Foremost among those programs is the quarantine project, which resulted in identifying a population of 138 brucellosis free Yellowstone bison that could be introduced into public and tribal lands.
Carter to be in D.C. to Discuss Trade Issues
National Bison Association Executive Director Dave Carter will be in Washington, D.C. next week to participate in the USDA Agricultural Advisory Committee forum regarding trade negotiations with the European Union, and with Pacific Rim nations. Carter will also meet with agency officials to discuss issues relating to the importation of bison from Canada.
On Monday, the Agricultural Trade Advisory Committees for USDA will hold a full-day meeting regarding the current trade negotiations. That forum will include remarks from U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack. The National Bison Association is pushing to eliminate the 20% tariff on bison exported to the European Union, and is working to reopen markets in Japan and South Korea for bison meat imports.
While in Washington, D.C., Carter will also be meeting with officials at the USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) to discuss alternatives to the current requirements that bison imported into the United States be branded.
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