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New York, New York
June 27 1835

.- This extraordinary curiosity was discovered about two years since by some trappers belonging to Capt. Bent’s company, lying on the side of one of the beaver dams of the Rio Grande of the North (a stream emptying itself into the Gulf of California) whose waters it is said, possesses the petrifying qualities to and eminent degree, it’s shores abounding in specimens of animal and vegetable productions in a petrified state. The petrified buffalo is described by those who have seen it, to be as perfect in its petrifadnon as  when living, with the exception of a hole in one of the sides, about four inches in diameter, around which the hair has been worn off, probably by the friction of the water, in which it must have lain for ages past, to have produced such a phenomenon. The tale, though concreted into almost a smooth surface, may be easily discerned. The horns, eyes, nostrils, mouth and legs, are as perfect in their stone as in their pristine state.
The country in which this rare specimen was found, is in inhabited by the Euteaux, a roving tribe of savages, who subsist a great portion of their lives on insects, snakes, toads, roots, etc. etc. This tribe being particularly hostile to the whites, rendered the acquisition of this curiosity and undertaking not a little hazardous. Notwithstanding this, and many other difficulties, to be surmounted, such as distance, expense, etc. Our enterprising citizens, Capt. Charles Bent, contemplates procuring and bringing it to the United States with him on his return home from Santa Fe, during the ensuing autumn. We heartily wish him success in his praiseworthy undertaking.


Bicentennial committee, bison serving as Oktoberfest parade grand marshals
Seymour Tribune
The Bicentennial Planning Committee of Jackson County along with five of the six fiberglass bison art projects and most of the torchbearers will serve ...
Life-size fiberglass bison stampede through Porter County
Eight-five-foot-tall fiberglass bison sculptures have roamed across Porter ... encouraging people to travel across Porter County to see all the bison.
Walnut Grove Festival offers fun with a side of history
Vincennes Sun Commercial
Knox, the bicentennial bison, will also pay another visit to the Walnut Grove, and kids will have an opportunity to color their own bison as well.

New Indiana Bison Herd To Help With Prairie Conservation
“These bison are being brought to Indiana as a conservation tool," he said. "Bison are selective in their diets. They focus in on grasses and sedges ...
A year-long party
The Herald Argus
According to Hammack, La Porte County hosted about 30 of the 1,500 statewide activities regarding the bicentennial, from the naming of the bison, ...
Bison at Kankakee Sands
A small herd of bison have recently arrived at The Nature Conservancy at Kankakee Sands in Morocco, Indiana. The Bison Overlook Area is located ...
10 tips for photographing the Buffalo Roundup
Rapid City Journal
The annual Custer State Park Buffalo Roundup is a sight to behold as 1,300 bison shake the earth. It's an even better sight to capture with a camera.
51st Annual Buffalo Roundup
Today is the big day for the bison of Custer State Park. The 51st annual Buffalo Roundup takes place. NewsCenter1's Kendall Bartley reports from the ...

Holy Everything: Lesson from the Badlands: 'Carry a song of joy in your heart, and may we all be one'
In the town of Deadwood, we visited the museum Tatanka: Story of the Bison. It is a building on a hill just outside of town that weaves together the story ...
Close encounters: Wildlife park brings animals to visitors
Janesville Gazette
The camels were scheduled to arrive last week and will join other large herbivores, including American bison, Grant's zebras and Ankole-Watusi cattle ...

What we used to do at Sheboygan's zoo
The Sheboygan Press
In 1887, William Temple Hornaday, chief taxidermist at the Smithsonian, was troubled by the loss of large herds of American bison. So he formed a ...

High winds remove roof at Fielding Garr Ranch
The Bison Roundup, now in its 30th year, is still scheduled for Oct. 22, and the immunization and culling of the herd will again take place in the corrals ...
Antelope Island bison roundup set for Oct. 22
Deseret News
Horse riders push bison towards a holding corral during the 29th Annual Antelope Island State Park Bison Roundup on Antelope Island on Friday, Oct.

How to enjoy the 2016 Bison Roundup on Antelope Island
Over two hundred riders took part in the annual Bison Roundup on Antelope Island on Friday, Oct. 23, 2015. Each fall, park officials and volunteers ...
Hundreds gather for annual bison roundup — the 'Super Bowl' for parks workers
Deseret News
Shaw said the island, however, "is known for its bison. ... was almost giddy all morning long, grinning from ear to ear, holding her stuffed animal bison, ...                 JUST PLAINS FUNNY

Great Bend Tribune
In August, the Great Bend City Council authorized Mayor Mike Allison to sign agreements for the design of for the expansion of the grizzly bear exhibit ...
McPherson Museum to host bison exhibit
McPherson Sentinel
The bison exhibit is open at the McPherson Museum, 1111 E. Kansas Ave., now through Jan. 14, 2017. Ruxlow explained that the exhibit itself has ...
West looking for actor to play Buffalo Jones
The Garden City Telegram
... story of C.J. “Buffalo” Jones, one of Garden City's four founding fathers, who is credited with saving the “buffalo” or American bison from extinction.
Public buffalo auction Nov. 16 at Maxwell Wildlife Refuse to sell 48 surplus head
Midwest Producer
Buyers must pick up the bison the day of the sale or make arrangements with the refuge manager prior to the sale. Animals become the buyer's ...
Events to mark National Bison Day
The Daily Times
BETHANY — The Bethany College Community will celebrate the fourth annual National Bison Day Saturday, and the Office of Student Life has ...
The restoration of the American bison
(HELENA) One of the 20th century's great conservation stories is the restoration of the American bison. The national icon was hunted to newer ...
October Reads for western Montana
The Missoulian
... instrumental in establishing the Department of Biology at the University of Montana, as well as Glacier National Park and the National Bison Range.
Preserving history: The Hornaday bison of Montana
KTVQ Billings News
Preserving history: The Hornaday bison of Montana. Close X. Embed Video Code. Link to Video. Comments. Most Popular StoriesMost Popular ...
MSU to honor Jim Hagenbarth as Outstanding Agricultural Leader
Montana State University
The public is invited to congratulate Hagenbarth at a Montana-made ... before the U.S. Congress regardingMontana's cattle and bison interactions, ..
What We Bring to the Fight
Glasgow Courier
As CMR has recognized, it is impractical to fence bison into the Refuge and that grazing is beneficial and needed. It's time to reintroduce cattle.

Change needed in Montana's Indian Country
Helena Independent Record
Many Indians and non-Indians want to see bison return to the landscape for what ... According to the Montana State Department of Commerce, Natives ...
Missoula Children's Theatre hosts collaboration with Chinese students
NBC Montana
NBC Montana's meteorologist Mark Heyka hosted the group for lunch Friday afternoon and served them a classic Montana meal of bison meatball ...
American Prairie Reserve
As well as a largescale environmental campaign, APR is about cultivating biodiversity. The bison herd, which was started in 2005 with just 16 animals, ...

Salt Festival set at Big Bone Lick
Visitors will also be able to see how salt was extracted from the waters of Big Bone, watch a flint knapper make a stone point, and discover how bison ...
Hermitage Farm hopes to draw tourists with farm-to-table restaurant, bourbon
Louisville Business First
The restaurant will feature hogs, chickens and bison raised on the couple's nearby farm and other area farms. Wilson and Brown also own Kentucky ...
What's the future look like for wilderness and wildlife?
Minnesota Public Radio News
The American plains bison, once numbering in the tens of millions, began its journey back from the brink of extinction more than a century ago when ...


Minneopa Bison Range Hours Changing For Winter
Hours for the bison range road at Minneopa State Park in Mankato will change for the winter due to decreasing daylight hours, according the ...
Minneopa Bison Range Hours Changing For Winter
Hours for the bison range road at Minneopa State Park in Mankato will change for the winter due to decreasing daylight hours, according the ...
New Bison Breeding Methods Hope to Expand Herd at Minneopa, Minnesota
The bison at Minneopa State Park in Mankato have been an instant success, drawing in extra visitors to inquire about this rare creature. The DNR and ...

Minnesota Zoo Partners With Colorado State University on New Breeding Method to Preserve Our ...
Marketwired (press release)
APPLE VALLEY, MN--(Marketwired - October 12, 2016) - Four female bison at the Minnesota Zoo may give birth to calves fathered by bison in ...
Sportsman at the helm on refuge
Jackson Hole News&Guide
It was one of the opening days of the 2016-17 bison hunt, and Steve Kallin, bow in hand, was on the refuge he oversees, within about 60 yards of a ...
Clock ticking to save Grand Teton parcel
Jackson Hole News&Guide
The stretch of pristine, open sagebrush habitat is an important migration route for elk and bison, said Steve Cain, a former Grand Teton senior biologist ...

Wild paints critters on colorful backgrounds
Jackson Hole News&Guide
This fall she's been out in Grand Teton National Park as many mornings as she can, photographing moose and bison and a rare grizzly.
Bully for bison
Gillette News Record
Bison graze in one of the more than 80 pastures on the 55,000-acre Durham Ranch north of Wright on Tuesday afternoon. The ranch, started by ...
Lecture topic: highest bison jump
Cody Enterprise
The recent discovery of the highest bison jump elevation known in North ... Guenther, a professor of anthropology and history at Central Wyoming ...
OBU dedicates new Bison sculptures, university sign
Shawnee News Star
The project includes three life-sized Bison metal Bison sculptures, a new OBU sign, a new brick structure housing the sign and Bison, and landscaping ...
Best of Great State: Where the Buffalo Roam and are auctioned off to the highest bidder
"Munsterman cautions, "It's just a whole different ball game when you handle bison." The American Bison of the Wichitas roam across 60,000 acres of ...
Mix of curious, serious buyers enjoy buffalo sale
The Lawton Constitution
The turnout for the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge's 46,700h annual American bison auction was one of the largest in years. The Lawton Fort Sill ...

WMWR held their 46th Annual Public Bison Auction today
“Everything in the bison industry is strong, its driven by the meat industry and it's in high demand so and supply is short so and the heard is growing ...
Johnson: County innovators making life easier for all
The Coloradoan
The second honorable mention was given to the Laramie Foothills Bison Conservation Herd and the folks in our Natural Resources Department.
Home on the Range
The Bison Range celebrated another successful round up this year with ... This year, 25 bison were donated to the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National ...

Montana to Colorado
General Motors Files Trademark Application For 'Colorado Bison'
GM Authority (blog)
General Motors has filed an application to register Colorado Bison as a ... America and Europe”, as defined by the New Oxford American Dictionary.
Doug Clark: Let's thank God for animals and try to treat them better
Greensboro News & Record (blog)
Closer to home, species that have long since disappeared from North Carolina include the Carolina parakeet, American bison and mountain lion.

Bird's-eye view
NIU Newsroom
As seen in the accompanying video, NIU professor Holly Jones and her students are using a drone to capture images of the prairie, where bison were ...
Chicago Zoological Society honors conservation work
Chicago Tribune
That movement was, in part, the Zoological Society whose symbol is the bison and whose leaders helped bring it back from the brink of extinction.
Midewin to celebrate National Bison Day
Chicago Tribune
National Bison Day has become an annual celebration of the ecological, cultural, historical and economic contribution of this iconic beast, according to ...
Correction: Midewin-Bison Day story
Bloomington Pantagraph
WILMINGTON, Ill. (AP) — In a story Oct. 14 about a National Bison Day event, The Associated Press reported erroneously that Bison expert Duane ...
Southern Plains Pointers: Oct 2016

  Don’t believe what you see!
  Ghosts, goblins and other miniature versions of superheroes and villains will be everywhere tonight, but they’re not real! – Just fyi (!) The other thing that may not be real is the grass you see when you look out across the field. The transitional period in Texas and the southern plains can vary widely and is often deceiving whereas the cool season is just getting started and the warm season is in a dried back, or late stage, with very little feed value.  The other very deceiving thing is pastures that are exotic like Coastal Bermuda. Unless it is managed, as forage, it may be very green and big, and/ but (!) very low contribution to the nutrition for the bison. Natives are always better as standing hay. These are all things that make September and October a bit of a trick for southern plains bison, but hang on - here’s the treat. October & November are ready to explode with cool season plants for your bison herd’s plant community diversity pleasure and health.  You just got to make it through the dead-zone of late summer and early fall.  

  The other thing that is going on this year, more than any other year past or yet to come is National Bison Day, held for the first time for a US National Mammal.  While we bustle and plan our buffalo works, and hustle up knowledge of what the market may hold, luck might be served with regard to our charge if we participate in remembrance and celebration of the National Mammal of the United States. November 5th is National Bison Day, and unlike National gum-rapper day, and unlike other past National Bison Days, it symbolizes and provides opportunity for a diverse community to celebrate in support of this iconic American animal, and its importance on the land, that is… our National Mammal.
Personally I appreciate the fact that the Bison Legacy Act was signed into law on May 9th, just one day after the end of Texas Bison Week, so as not to conflict – I assume…  

Frasier Bison L.L.C.

Detroit Zoo animals eat, smash, and play with treat-filled pumpkins
Otters push them out of the way to get to the fish. Gorillas inspect them before running away with them.Bison will start a mini-stampede just for some ...

Bison roundup begins at Theodore Roosevelt National Park
Bismarck Tribune
The park plans to remove about 100 yearling and 2-year-old bison of both sexes from the herd of about 350 animals. Recipients of live surplus ...
Herd Bull sculpture comes to Jamestown
Jamestown Sun
"Herd Bull," a bronze bison skull by Montana artist Benji Daniels, was set on a ... of the Fort Peck Assiniboine and Sioux Tribes that have a bison herd.

Talking Trail finishes 70 sites
Jamestown Sun
Twelve sites are located around the National Buffalo Museum. They tell the stories of the American bison, its near extinction and recovery, and its role ...
Butchered and missing livestock reported near Dakota Access Pipeline protest camp
Bismarck Tribune
Butchered cattle and bison, and other dead and missing livestock have been reported near the site of the Dakota Access Pipeline protest camp, the ...
Managing the herd: More than 100 bison relocated after TRNP's first North Unit cull in six years
The Dickinson Press
The American bison was commemorated earlier this year as the new national mammal, which cemented its place in the nation's history—a long cry ...
Sioux County Sheriff's Department investigates second report of livestock being injured
The cattle, horse, and bison affected were near Cannon Ball and those ... The second case happened in September when three bison were found ...
National park in North Dakota rounds up more than 200 bison
Bismarck Tribune
National park in North Dakota rounds up more than 200 bison ... including American Indian tribes and the National Buffalo Museum in Jamestown.
Jamestown Tourism hears project requests
Jamestown Sun
... tool to help advance the museum's mission of educating the public about the cultural and historical significance of the American bison," Xinos said.
Don't give Bison Range away
Created by Congress and Theodore Roosevelt in 1908, the NBR initially had 40 bison purchased from private individuals by the American Bison ...

Bison run bolsters DAPL protesters' spirits
MORTON COUNTY, ND - During Thursday's police action to remove the demonstrators from a camp on private property, a herd of bison galloped by ...
Bison found butchered in Morton and Sioux County, North Dakota
Valley News Live
Bison found butchered in Morton and Sioux County, North Dakota ... One case involves four butchered bison, the other involves two cows that were ...
Watch: Officials report 9 vehicles torched, 2 officers injured and animals butchered, burned in ...
“One case involves four butchered bison,” the release said. “The other case involves two cows that were killed and then burned.” The animals belong ...
Standing Rock Protesters Report Wild Buffalo Sighting
After tensions escalated at the site of Dakota Access Pipeline protests at Standing Rock, demonstrators were heartened by the sudden appearance of ...
'Remembering Iowa's Buffalo Bill'
Keokuk Gate City Daily
According to Behrens, Cody's life was tragic because of the role that he played in the near extinction of the American bison – Cody is said to have shot ...
Bison sculpture harkens back to Franklinton's past, efforts at beautification
Columbus Dispatch
But the sight of a life-size, trash-stuffed bison being hoisted atop a 10-foot pole did the trick. Plenty of motorists and pedestrians slowed and squinted ...
E. coli outbreak prompts multistate meat recall
WPXI Pittsburgh
Adams Farm Slaughterhouse has recalled beef, veal and bison products, that may have been contaminated with E. coli bacteria. ..... Dayle Tuna, 40, of Rockaway, New Jersey, told the New York Times about her refrain directed at ...
Two young bison arrive at Maymont
Two young female bison arrived at Maymont yesterday, Wednesday, Oct. 20, to live in the bison habitat. The heifers are 16 months old and 17 months ...
Texas' best kept secret? A 120-mile-long canyon that's grand in its own right.
Washington Post
Ancient Clovis and Folsom peoples hunted mammoth and giant bison. ... These survivors' descendants make up the Texas state bison herd in ...

(dated 25 years ago)
From the A-J's Pages: 11 bison, beef cow in custody after being impounded
Eleven bison and a beef cow were in custody Thursday after being impounded in feeding pens in north Lubbock by sheriff's deputies, said sheriff's ...
Bully for bison
Gillette News Record
Chefs in Austin, Texas, are selling bison and bacon bars, Elon Musk's brother is serving grass-fed bison tartar in Colorado and Patagonia, the global ...
Visiting Texas' Palo Duro Canyon State Park
Tyler Morning Telegraph
These survivors' descendants make up the Texas state bison herd in Caprock Canyons State Park, at the southern edge of Palo Duro. This is where ...
Welcome to Texas's best-kept secret
Independent Online
For much of the past 12 000 years, however, the canyon was prime real estate. Ancient Clovis and Folsom peoples hunted mammoth and giant bison.

Fort Niobrara holds annual bison roundup
Norfolk Daily News
BISON ARE moved into the corrals during the roundup at Fort Niobrara ... which moved through the deer population and also ended up in the bison ...
Farmer who thinks politicians are full of manure erects politically incorrect outhouse
Buffalo News
He retired after a 37-year career with the Ford Stamping Plant, and now enjoys his bison farming. Fitzpatrick has been raising bison for 29 years, and ...
Toronto Zoo investigates after 3 bison found dead Friday
The Toronto Zoo says it's investigating the deaths of three wood bison. The zoo says in a release that two females and one male were found dead ...
A look at the three proposals Canada brought to the World Wildlife Conference in Johannesburg
Toronto Star
It's been more than two decades since the wood bison was considered at risk of extinction. Canada is now making a request to remove international ...
Parker: Sporting Life comes to Calgary with first store outside Ontario
Calgary Herald
Guests will hear from speakers Rudi Schiebel, president of Turtle Valley Bison Co., which wants to be the first company to export bison meat to China, ...
Book examines early role Banff played in bison conservation
Rocky Mountain Outlook
With the highly anticipated return of bison to Banff National Park expected early in 2017, Banff author and editor Harvey Locke has put together a new ...
Stoney Nakoda propose new name for Banff mountain
Rocky Mountain Outlook
Banff-based Bison Belong helped organize the second anniversary signing of the Buffalo Treaty and the annual American Bison Society conference, ...
Flood erosion opens new archaeological window into First Nations past
Calgary Herald
In the shadow of sandstone hoodoos along the Bow River, the horn of a bison skull slowly emerges to shed light on a little-known era of Alberta's past.
Cold, alone and streaming: Texas man shooting survival documentary on Brunette Island
A young man from Texas has been alone on Newfoundland's Brunette ... Bison were unsuccessfully introduced to the island, with the last one dying in ...
Feedback wanted on return of bison to Banff National Park
​Parks Canada is giving people one last chance to provide feedback on a plans to reintroduce plains bison into Banff National Park. Spokesperson ...

United Kingdom
American dream becomes reality for Dumbarton film maker
The Dumbarton and Vale of Leven Reporter
Now she is back working on a new independent animated short- a satire about the American Bison's struggle to remain the spirit of freedom.
Spanish Cave Drawings Found to Be 14000 Years Old
Spanish cave drawings of animals including bison and horses dating to the late Paleolithic era have been found by experts in a cave in the Basque ...
Valencia Bison starved to death before being decapitated
EL PAÍS in English
The government delegate in the Valencia region, Juan Carlos Moragues, said that the bison “did not have enough food” and that they were beheaded ...

Wildlife park chief charged over decapitated bison
The Times (subscription)
When two bison were found decapitated at a Spanish nature park, police initially believed that trophy hunters were behind the butchery.
Free-roaming bison population to exceed 100 until 2020 in Romania's Southern Carpathians
Famagusta Gazette
Romania's bison population will double to over 100 until 2020 in the Southern Carpathians in Romania, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Romania and ...
'Higgs Bison' Is The Missing Link In European Bison Ancestral Tree
Before 11,000 years ago, all the bison in Europe were thought to be of a variety called steppe bison, which ranged all the way across what is now ...
Ancient Ancestor Of The Bison Found; Thanks To Evidence Left By Cave Paintings
iTech Post
The team conducting the study consisted of experts from the University of California, Santa Cruz, Polish bison conservation researchers, and ...
First Nations call on Alberta to classify Plains bison as wildlife
Calgary Herald
BANFF — Dozens of First Nations and tribes who have signed a historic Buffalo Treaty are calling on Alberta to classify bison as wildlife. The treaty ...
Blackfeet say they'll move bison onto disputed sacred area
Washington Times
BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) - Leaders of Montana's Blackfeet Indian Reservation say they plan to place 89 bison onto U.S. Forest Service land near Glacier ...

Blackfeet Tribe aims to re-introduce bison into the Badger-Two Medicine area
KTVQ Billings News
Members of the Blackfeet Tribal Business Council on Friday announced plans to reintroduce bison to a protected cultural area just outside Glacier ...
Indigenous Peoples Day in Phoenix
Parra Cano was preparing beans, squash and deer and bison meat for the Indigenous Peoples Day celebration in Phoenix on Oct. 10, 2016.

Hugheses' bison continue through conservation groups
Seward County Independent
T.R. assisted in creating the Intertribal Bison Cooperative, “which supports establishment of buffalo herds on tribal reservations.” Kay said in 2008, T.R. ...

WMWR held their 46th Annual Public Bison Auction today
They offered 66 animals this year, and the refuge also donated 22 bison to the Inter-Tribal Bison Cooperative. Health certificates will be provided by a ...
Bison Day celebration at Midewin
Kankakee Daily Journal
Representatives of federally recognized American Indian tribes will be present. ... Lammers works with Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie as a bison ...
Glacier already in line with Jewell's order concerning tribes, Mow believes
The Missoulian
Glacier is even working with its closest Native American neighbors, the Blackfeet, on that tribe's efforts to reintroduce a wild bison herd that would likely ...
Filmmaker makes her case for the restoration of buffalo
Albuquerque Journal
Film director Elke Duerr wants the world to know that bison still roam the earth. And she wants people to understand their story; one she says is a tale ...
Video: Buffalo Herd Inspires DAPL Water Protectors at Height of Conflict With Police
Indian Country Today Media Network
It's well known that the American buffalo, commonly known as bison, is sacred to American Indians, and is even enshrined in U.S. law as the national ...
Bison Charge Across The Landscape Amid Dakota Pipeline Protests
Huffington Post
He can also be heard shouting, “Tatanka,” a word referring to the American bison in the Lakota language. (American bison are commonly called ...
Conservationists sue government officials over decision to not list Yellowstone's bison as threatened
In federal court, conservationists have said that the US Department of the Interior's 'no' to add bison in the list of endangered has threatened the ...
Govt yet to get report on list of vermins from forest dept:Min
Business Standard
Goa government is yet to receive response from State Forest department on the animals categorised as 'vermins', months after it included wild bison ...
James R. Olsen: Raise pay, lower cost of labor; fix justice system
Ravalli Republic
Bison are a native species of Montana and should be managed as wildlife. While FWP is trying to sort out the problem of brucellosis in elk, we have a ...
DVM & Business
Local Mass. farmers to continue business amid USDA meat recall
The USDA recalled beef, veal, and bison from Adams Farm slaughterhouse in Athol ... The USDA released lot numbers of dozens of products, possibly ...

Canada makes three requests at CITES

Toronto Star
He said when it comes to bison meat, there's no taste difference between the two types of bison in Canada, the other being the plains bison (not on the ...

Durham Ranch helps elevate niche market for bison meat
The Daily Progress
The Flocchini family raises almost 3,000 bison on the ranch, ranging from calves .... The Durham Ranch harvests its animals in Colorado under USDA ...
Farm Notes
All cattle and bison from the Indiana counties of Franklin, Fayette, Union, Rush, Decatur, Ripley and Dearborn will continue to need a negative TB test ...

Governor's Brucellosis Coordination Team Meeting Set in Greybull
University of Wyoming News
Updates about current brucellosis cases in cattle and bison herds in Wyoming, Montana and Idaho, and other related information will be presented at ...
CETA: EU and Canada sign historic trade deal
Some 81,011 tonnes (t) of pork, 64,950t of beef and veal, 3,000t of bison meat, as well as unlimited exports of horsemeat and prepared meats are ...
Grant funds UAF's high-tech machine
Fairbanks Daily News-Miner
A bison tooth grows in layers, Wooller said. As a bison eats grass and drinks water, it picks up different chemical signatures that originate in Alaska's ...

Archeologists unearth tools, bison bones at flooded site east of Calgary
660 News
Archeologists have unearthed tools and bison bones east of Calgary that ....

Spanish Cave Drawings Found to Be 14000 Years Old
Spanish cave drawings of animals including bison and horses dating to the late Paleolithic era have been found by experts in a cave in the Basque ...
Post-flood archaeological survey comes to an end as excavation process begins
High River Times
“As a result, we thought it would be a good idea to explore whether there was anything left at some of these sites, which range from bison kill sites to ...
Mysterious 'Hybrid' Animal Discovered in 18000-Year-Old Cave Art
The geneticists on the team extracted the bison's evolutionary history from its ancient DNA, revealing a hybridization event in its distant past that ...

'Higgs Bison' Is The Missing Link In European Bison Ancestral Tree
Before 11,000 years ago, all the bison in Europe were thought to be of a variety called steppe bison, which ranged all the way across what is now ...
Nature Conservancy Hopes Bison Help Northwest Indiana's Ecosystem
A new bison herd arrived in Northwest Indiana over the weekend with a unique role – as conservation assistants. A livestock semi trailer from South ...

Series Part One of Three
What can the past tell us about range management? Part I: Pleistocene to pre-contact
Journal Advocate
Authors note: This is part 1 of a 3 part series on Eastern Colorado's ... of Eastern Colorado evolved in the presence of grazing animals, primarily bison.

Computer Science Student Develops New Dining App
NDSU The Spectrum
You pull out your phone to check what the dining centers have, but when you bring up the Bison Dining app it's roughly as responsive as a dead ...
Haldane filmmaker is living the American dream
Scottish Daily Record
Sharon Colman is living the American dream in southern California after ... animation to tell a satirical story about the American bison's struggle.

Mark Zuckerberg reveals his love for hunting animals in Facebook live video
Daily Mail
He reportedly learned how to hunt with the aim of killing and eating a bison. He told Fortune magazine he aimed to kill and eat a bison after ...

The West's buffalo was the East's profit
Cecil Whig
This iconic photograph from the mid-1870s of a pile of American bison ... bones, but bat guano imported from South America as a fertilizer additive.


Nat Geo photographer shares tales of creatures

"I've been in a lot situations that are not that fun," he said. "If you pop a flash off in a bison's face, of course he's going to pin you under a truck for an hour."

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Ummm, American Bison. Tetankas aren't real*** (1 Views)
Ummm, American Bison. Tetankas aren't real*** (1 ... disappointing to see. That American buffalo would be dead to me, if American buffaloes existed.
In pictures: the winning photos from this year's Wildlife Photographer of the Year aren't for the faint ...
Time Out London (blog)
The bison was actually roadkill – park rangers leave their corpses lying around to distract the bears from other sources of food. Like tourists.
According To Barrell ... Street tree management should serve community interest
Horticulture Week
Some 50-60 million bison roamed the North American plains before European settlers began displacing indigenous peoples around 1800.
Magnificent: 7 Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer Aces
Red Bull
The original Red Dead Redemption told the tale of John Marston starting in the year 1911, a time when the buffalo, or “American bison”, was all but ...

Meet the man in charge of Great Smoky Mountains National Park
CBS News
In this latest installment of “America the Beautiful” – our series celebrating 100 years of the ... The remarkable comeback story of the American bison
The President Who Saved the American Bison
Scientific American (blog)
When the American Bison Society (ABS) formed in New York in 1905 at New York's Bronx Zoo, Roosevelt was named honorary president. He had ...
Food and Recipes 
Hardware Grill reopens for lunch, and offers dinner at 1996 prices
Edmonton Journal
I would highly recommend the Smoky Lake Bison Shortribs with Barley Risotto, now $15, same as the price on the original menu. The Sambuca ...
Meat of the Matter: Testing one's credibility
By the way, the “buffalo” being referenced isn't bison meat, but rather meat from water buffalo, an Asian-origin species traditionally used as draft ...
Seattle Chef Took the Title at 16th Annual Wild About Game Cooking Competition
Food & Beverage Magazine (press release) (registration) (blog)
... Nicky Farms products include Northwest raised rabbit, quail, elk, venison, water buffalo, goat and American bison. They can be found on the menus ...

Ted's Montana Grill sets opening date, begins hiring
The News Journal
Delaware shoppers will be able to enjoy bison burgers, bison nachos and bison steaks in a little more than a month. Ted's Montana Grill announced ...

100 Favorite Dishes: Bison Pastrami at To the Wind Bistro
Take, for instance, the bison pastrami, described by an affable server as a deconstructed take on a reuben. "I make the pastrami according to Alton ...
Vendor list for Oct. 15 farmers market
Chillicothe Gazette
•Owl Creek Bison (Greg Ruter): Garlic and grass-fed and finished bison: patties, steaks, stew, liver, brats, hot and mild Italian sausage.
Most forecasters close gap on leader at season's midpoint
White Mountain Independent
One great thing about the lunch menu is that it includes a bison burger - a one-half pound bison patty with lettuce, tomato, pickles and onions and ...
Inside New Mexico's Hatch Green Chile Obsession
The hotel restaurant serves modern New Mexican fare and features bison from Tuner's vast sustainable ranching operations. This will be our ...
Fried, Flat Navajo Tacos Reveal the Southwest's Native American History
In Denver, Tocabe serves up frybread tacos alongside a bounty of Native American dishes from various regions, including bison ribs and Osage ...
New Towne Market in Newburgh is combination boutique grocery, restaurant
The Gleaner
And there is also a range of hearty hot options featuring bison including burgers, Philly cheese steak and meatloaf with mashed potatoes and gravy.
Culture through Cuisine: Bison
WFMZ Allentown
If you're looking for an alternative to beef, you might want to try bison. Millions of bison roamed North America for hundreds of years, but they almost ...
Bison Steak with Herbed Butter
Log Cabin Democrat
1) Defrost the steaks and pat dry. Sprinkle liberally with beaverfork blend, add an extra pinch of salt, and set aside at room temperature for at least 30 ...
#ChewOnIt: Blue Apron Review
Log Cabin Democrat
For the meat eaters in our group, I paired bison sirloin steaks with herbed ... The bison came from Ratchford Farms outside of Marshall, Arkansas.
Why Is Francis Ford Coppola Opening an 'American Native' Restaurant?
Eater SF
... is steeped in American native myth and early American winemaking. ... You can see it in full below, but highlights include a bison burger, bison ribs, ...

Strip club offering free Carson Wentz-themed burgers after Eagles wins (blog)
It consists of a bison meat patty, American cheese since Wentz is an All-American, and a sweet and spicy honey dijon mustard because Wentz “can be .

Vendor list for Oct. 29 farmers market
Chillicothe Gazette
•Owl Creek Bison (Greg Ruter): Garlic and bison: Italian sausage, ground, patties, steaks, stew, roast, tongue and jerky. •Pap's Hilltop Honey (Chris ...
Highway Patrol official under investigation for Bison photo
Helena Independent Record
3 official at the Wyoming Highway Patrol is under investigation for posing for a photograph near a bison at Yellowstone National Park, possibly ...
Yellowstone's Bison: the Shameless Slaughter of an American Icon
Furthermore, Yellowstone's bison are the only known bison population that has been continuously wild (though for a few years they were fed hay in ...
Yellowstone determines Highway Patrol official didn't violate park rules in bison photo
Casper Star-Tribune Online
Bison have injured more people in the park than any other animal and can ... In July, a Texas man was sentenced to three days in jail for carving his ...
How to do autumn in Yellowstone
The Seattle Times
As the sun comes up over Yellowstone's Lamar River Canyon, a herd of migrating bison takes over a highway that follows historic wildlife migration ...
Researchers work to spread prized genes of Yellowstone bison
U.S. News & World Report
Researchers have transplanted embryos with roots in the bison herd at ... someday as part of efforts to restore the animals to the American landscape. ... While Yellowstone bison are prized because they're free of domestic cattle ...
Saving bison; Free trade palm oil
Boulder Weekly
The BFC fights to protect the bison native to the North American Great Plains, and they have requested that the Yellowstone bison be listed under the ...

James R. Olsen: Raise pay, lower cost of labor; fix justice system
Ravalli Republic
However, the predator control program and bison around Yellowstone park are implemented by the Department of Livestock. The killing and ...
Iconic bison part of what's unique about Yellowstone
Cody Enterprise
The bison spread out across the Lamar Valley, furry brown tanks with legs, meandering at their own pace, sometimes dipping massive heads to chew ...




 Vold Jones & Vold Bison Auction
When: November 19, 2016
Where: Ponoka AB
Info: Contact Office or
         Mike Dejonge for more info : 403-783-0758

Season Opener for Kramer's
Kramer's Big Bid Barn
When:  December 7, 2016
Where:  North Battleford, SK
Info: HERE

New Year's Bison Auction
Kramer's Big Bid Barn
When:  January 17, 2017
Where:  North Battleford, SK
Info: HERE


Agri-Trade Show 
Stop by the Booth for the Bison Producers of Alberta
When:  Wednesday to Saturday, November 9th to 12th
Where:  Red Deer, AB

2016 CBA 33rd Annual Convention
When:  November 20-22
Where:  Regina SK
Info:  TBA

2016 24th Annual Canadian National Show & Sale
When:  November 20-22
Where:  Regina SK
Info:  TBA
Bison Market and Supply Update 
Agriculture and Agri-Foods Canada publishes a monthly Bison Market and Supply Update showing recent statistics on
  • Bison slaughter (CDA/USA)
  • Export data
  • Prices on bison carcasses & key cuts (CDA/USA)
  • Live auction results and more
Go to CBA Website for October 14th report:
Click for previous months' / years' reports
 National Bison Association 

M. bovis Vaccine Gets Tangled in Regulatory Web
During the past year, the National Bison Association has been working to facilitate the ability of members to obtain a Mycoplasma Bovis (M. bovis), vaccine that has been developed through Turner Enterprises, Inc. and Newport Labs. This fall, however, several members' have been unable to obtain the vaccine, as their state veterinarians said that the vaccine was not approved for non-adjacent herds.
Newport Labs has been working to address this issue, and offered the following information for our members:
The Mycoplasma bovis vaccine that is available for possible use by NBA members is an autogenous, or custom-made vaccine for Turner Enterprises' bison.  From a USDA regulatory perspective on this produce is different than an "off-the-shelf" commercial product.   As a USDA licensed autogenous vaccine, it is subject to specific restrictions.   
An autogenous vaccine is made from pathogens (disease-causing organisms) affecting the bison where it was diagnosed.  The herds from which these organisms were originally isolated are known as the "source" herds or the herd(s) of origin.  The vaccine is made for use in those herds of origin.
However there is a provision for using the vaccine in other herds, referred to as "non-adjacent herds" by the USDA.   However one of the main requirements to use the vaccine in those other herds is that there must be an epidemiological link between the "source" herd(s) and the non-adjacent herd.  Examples of an epidemiological link would be  movement of bison between the herds (at any time in the past), using shared trailers (present or past), animals on common premises (present or past), animal moving through the same sale barns, etc.  Human traffic, as well as vehicle traffic (present or past) might also be seen as a viable line, as well potential wildlife vectors, depending on proximity of the herds.   Basically this serves as an explanation of how the various herds might have been exposed to the same organism(s), in other words how it might have been carried from one herd to the other.                   
The bison producer's veterinarian completes a Non-Adjacent Herd Use Request form, including a description of the epidemiological link, essentially justifying the use of the autogenous vaccine in the other herd(s).  Newport Labs works with the veterinarians to assist in the completion of the paperwork.  This paperwork is then submitted to the appropriate state veterinarian(s) for approval.  Unfortunately if there is not an acceptable epidemiological link described, the application will not be approved and the producer will not be able to acquire the vaccine.   
NBA Heads to National FFA Convention
The National Bison Association will once again promote the bison advantage to the next generation of agricultural leaders next week, as the association hosts a booth at the annual FFA convention in Indianapolis, IN.

NBA Executive Director Dave Carter, Assistant Director Jim Matheson, former President Peter Cook of Indiana, and Don Woerner, DMV, of Montana will be on hand to interact with the estimated 60,000 students, advisors and chaperones attending the FFA convention.

This year, Dr. Woerner will be bringing to the convention Ernie, a life size taxidermy bison that is cut away so that people can view the skeletal structure from one side, while seeing the hide-on version from the other side. Those who attended our past conferences may have seen Ernie and know what a draw this will be for young people attending the convention.

"FFA represents a valuable opportunity to get our message out to students who are starting to think about their career path, and to the advisors who are helping guide them," said Dave Carter, executive director of the National Bison Association.
IBC 2017 is on-Line
People can register now for three great raffle prizes being offered as a part of the upcoming 2017 International Bison conference, scheduled July 4-8, in Big Sky, MT. The prizes, along with other conference information, are available here: 
One raffle prize is a 2nd generation bull directly descended from the Yellowstone National Park herd. Ted Turner has generously donated two Yellowstone bulls to support the IBC.
A second item is a reproduction 1874 Sporter No. 3 Rifle, one of only 15 that have been crafted by the Shiloh Sharps Gun Co. specifically for the IBC. The 45/70 caliber black powder cartridge rifle has a 30" full heavy octagon barrel, with semi-fancy wood, a traditional steel butt-plate, pewter trip, full Buckhorn and Blade front, and is engraved with a full buffalo on the hammer side.
The third item is a 4-night stay for four people at Ted Turner's historic Sierra Grande Lodge and Spa in Truth or Consequences, NM (, along with credit toward The Restaurant at Sierra Grande, The Spa at Sierra Grande, and an adventure tour on one of Ted Turner's ranches. The Sierra Grande is known for its unparalleled combination of luxurious accommodations, rustic charm, amazing food and relaxing spa and mineral baths.
People can also purchase one of the limited edition 1872 Sporter No. 3 rifles on the IBC 2017 website.

Registration will open soon and you can make lodging reservations now. Details at  

The Weekly Update is a service designed to provide National Bison Association members with news and information affecting bison production and marketing. Many items in the Weekly Update are reprinted from outside sources. The content of those articles does not necessarily reflect the policy position of the National Bison Association, and are reproduced here only as a means to keep our membership informed as much as possible on all information and opinions relating to bison that is circulating publicly.
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