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March 2017

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Western Carolina Salisbury, N.C. -March 5 1822



Speeches of several of the Chiefs of the Delegation of Indians, under Maj. O’Fallon, to the President of the United States, in Council, on 4 February, 1822


My Great Father– Some of your good chiefs, as they are called, (missionaries,) have proposed to send some of their good people among us to change our habits, to make us work and live like the white people. I will not tell a lie– I am going to tell the truth. You love your country— you love your people– you love the manner in which they live , and you think your people brave . I am like you , my Great Father, I love my country– I love my people– I love the manner in which we live, and think myself and warriors brave– spare me, then, my Father, let me enjoy my country, and pursue the buffalo, and the beaver, and the other wild animals of our country, and I will trade their skins with your people. I have grown up, and lived thus long, without work– I am in hopes you will suffer me to die without it. We have plenty of buffalo, beaver, deer, and other wild animals– we have also an abundance of horses–we have everything we want– we have plenty of land, if you will keep your people off it. My Father has a piece on which he lives, (Coucil Bluffs) and we wish him to enjoy it– we have enough without it– but we wish him to live near us to give us good counsel– to keep our ears and eyes open, that we may continue to pursue the right road– the road to happiness. He settles all differences between us and the whites, and between the red skins themselves– he makes the whites do justice to the red skins, and he makes the red skins do justice to the whites. He saves the effusion of human blood, and restores peace and happiness on the land. You have already sent us a father; it is enough, he knows us and we know him– we have confidence in him– we keep our eye constantly upon him, and since we have heard your words, we will listen more it tentatively to his.

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Time for National Bison Conservation Area
Billings Gazette
The “National Bison Conservation Area” is a uniquely Montana solution, for this area, at this time; we still have the opportunity to do it right.
Land owners in the Gardiner Basin are concerned about tribal hun - | Continuous News ...
KBZK Bozeman News
But this year there the bison are plentiful, in fact hunters have taken more than 400 bison this season. At the same time the Nez Perce have killed ...
Montana researcher says overpopulation and disease, not hunters killed bison
Tri-State Livestock News
Bison are the iconic symbol of the American West. From literature to advertising to art, the awesome creatures have had a strong presence is the ...
Man sentenced for shooting bison bull that was prized for its bloodlines
Billings Gazette
The animal was prized for its bloodlines going back 25 years and a key member of a bison-calf livestock operation on the CH Land and Cattle ...
Road trip features elk, bison, trout
Billings Gazette
One of the unique features of the lands associated with the mission is a small bison herd of about 20 animals that Ron and Laura Mamot tend.
Fate of Bison Range in Interior Zinke's Hands
Called the Crown Jewel of our wildlife refuge system, Montana's National Bison Range has languished as Obama officials attempted to hand over its ...
Paris Gibson Square auctioning painted bison skulls for Western - | Great Falls, Montana
KRTV Great Falls News
The proceeds from the skulls auction will go back to the Square, which they says in turn helps support the community the museum serves.
Rediscover Montana: First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park
Ravalli Republic
Herds of 100 or more bison were funneled to the sandstone cliff which at first glance seems only to be a part of the prairie. But here the ground
Montana Open Wrestling Tournament at Metra March 25-26
Billings Gazette
Bracket champions at the Montana Open Wrestling Tournament will receive a bison skull trophy. The tourney is Saturday and Sunday at Rimrock Auto ...
'Our Station': A Letter From MTPR Director Ray Ekness
In this first season, Amy explores the story of the American Bison from many perspectives. Her goal was to bring a deep conversation to the issues and ...
Jamestown Tourism to revise strategic plan
Jamestown Sun
... for guest to view before touring the exhibits. The film tells the history of the bison, the recover from near extinction and about the bison industry today.
North Dakota bison ranchers come to Denver to replenish herd diminished after pipeline protest
The Denver Channel
DENVER -- The Genesee Park's annual bison auction drew ranchers from several states – including a pair of ranchers from North Dakota who said ...
National Buffalo Museum renovations to be completed this spring
Jamestown Sun
The theater and documentary film about the history of the American bison cost around $100,000, and the preservation of White Cloud is around ...
Jamestown Tourism plans to work on restoring World's Largest Buffalo
Grand Forks Herald
The Tourism Board was asked to consider feedback and concerns about four possible bison receptacle ideas to donate money to that would also ...
Lawmakers say no to dedicated revenue for Antelope Island State Park
Bison cross the road at Antelope Island State Park on Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2017. (Photo: Ravell Call, Deseret News)

Antelope Island State Park, which draws about 400,000 visitors a year, generates just shy of $1 million annually through hunting tags and bison sales — money that one lawmaker says should stay in the park's coffers.

Rep. Karianne Lisonbee, R-Syracuse, said the park has a number of infrastructure needs and deserves to be able to tap into the revenue it generates.

"The island has many needs," Lisonbee told members of the House Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environment Committee on Tuesday. "It has not received the money it deserves. The money will go to critical capital improvements on the island."

Her bill, HB317, proposes to restrict the money to the island itself.

The bill failed to advance out of the committee on a 4-6 vote.

Two Worlds in One: Wind Cave National Park in South Dakota
Huffington Post
Whether you are keen on seeing the amazingly complex cave system or wish to watch bison graze on the prairie, all who visit should make an effort to ...
South Dakota Tourism wins awards
Watertown Public Opinion
The state leveraged the popular bison to engage media professionals and encourage consumers to consider South Dakota as a travel destination.

Giant bison headed to Sioux Falls

SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO.COM) The 2017 Sculpture Walk in downtown Sioux Falls will feature the whimsical to the monumental. Sculpture Walk ...
Four Leopold Conservation Award finalists named in South Dakota
Tri-State Neighbor
777 Ranch of Rapid City, a grass-fed bison cow-calf ranch owned and managed by the Hillenbrand family. The Hillenbrand's take a holistic ...

777 Bison Ranch
Bill the Bison going to auction
Decatur Daily Democrat
Bill the Bison will go up for auction today, according to United Way Executive Director Jessica Thieme. The auction will continue through March 31.
Hoosier National Forest creates Buffalo Trace story map
Ranger Chris Zimmer says the map can be used by people sitting at home wanting to learn more about the trace that was created by American bison ...
LAKE COUNTRY ESCAPADES: Cook's Bison Ranch an adventure in learning
Goshen News
WOLCOTTVILLE — Cook's Bison Ranch has a long history dating back to 1939 when grandpa Everett Cook purchased 83 acres near Wolcottville.  Cooks Bison Ranch
'Threshold' Season 1 Preview: The Story Of Bison And People
Wyoming Public Media
Season one focuses on the American bison. Dig into the history of the American bison, from their arrival in North America, to current controversies ...
Final refuge elk count: 8880
Jackson Hole News&Guide
Game and Fish's annual season-setting meeting for the Jackson bison and elk herds and other ungulate species in the region has been scheduled for ...
Town Crier: Fundraisers
Casper Star-Tribune Online
The Wyoming Governor's Big Game License Coalition Wild Bison License Drawing is a raffle which gives nonprofits the chance to sell a bison license ...
Threshold Episode 02: 'The Red Man Was Pressed'
Wyoming Public Media
In the Salish language, the concept of what a bison is includes the idea of "abundance." Considering that bison outnumbered humans on the planet for ...


CASPER, Wyo. (AP) — A group of bison relocated from Iowa appear to be thriving as their first winter in Wyoming comes to a close.The Daily Ranger reports that the 10 bison were brought to the Wind River Indian Reservation in November as part of a long-term repopulation effort. Bison once ranged widely across Fremont County.The Eastern Shoshone tribe obtained the bison from the Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge in Iowa.The tribe's Jason Baldes says the bison have adapted very well to the 300 acres of Shoshone land.He says the animals have primarily been grazing the existing forage but were fed supplemental grass hay when temperatures dropped below zero and snow storms struck the county this winter.The tribe is open to having more bison brought to the land.

Terry Bison Ranch opens Wyoming School of Horseshoeing
Fence Post
The Wyoming School of Horseshoeing takes place in a long, red barn on the Terry Bison Ranch with white-painted lettering along the side bearing the ...
Threshold Episode 03: Born Free
Wyoming Public Media
Many cattle ranchers view wild bison as a threat to their livelihoods. But some think cattle and bison can coexist. On episode three of Threshold, you'll ...
License drawing benefits Wyoming nonprofits
Laramie Boomerang
A grant administered through the Wyoming Wildlife Foundation offers Wyoming nonprofit organizations the chance to sell a hard-to-get bison license ...
'General' elk hunters may get their shot in August
Jackson Hole News&Guide
Bison hunting, however, is likely to be cut significantly. During the 2016-17 hunt season hunters who held cow/calf bison tags were 98 percent ...
Around Wyoming
Gillette News Record
Another 453 were killed by hunters from Native American tribes and the ... The total winter death toll marks the highest number of bison killed in the ...
Bison settled in, multiplying in home near Hugh Butler Lake
McCook Daily Gazette
The seven new bison calves will carry on Darrell's dreams of building his own herd of American bison and perpetuating the legacy of magnificent ...

In late April 2016, a bison cow followed Darrell as he checked the electric fence.
(Connie Jo Discoe/McCook Gazette)
Minnesota state parks get 2 new campgrounds, new chance to see bison
Minnesota Public Radio News
A yearling bull has joined the bison herd at Minneopa State Park in south-central Minnesota. The animals can often be seen on a two-mile drive ...
REFLECTIONS: Day tripping in Minneapoa
Mankato Free Press
The gushing water of the falls freezing into stalactites of ice, the trees, prairie flowers, and now a herd of bison are collectively drawing more and more ...
Kids find lesson in animal tracks during DNR program at New Ulm Library
The kids were able to easily identify the bison tracks as well due to its size, but Kudelka said the only bison in the area live in Minneopa State Park.

Buffalo horn chair and footstool 
Q. I inherited this chair and footstool a few months ago. They were left by a renter at a relative's house in the 1960s and have been stored ever since. My relative was told this is a Sioux ceremonial chair dating from the 1880s. The chair measures 40 inches high, 27 inches wide and 24 inches deep. Two of the buffalo horns have fallen off and we still have them.
T. F., Lincoln City

A. Your chair and matching stool do appear to date from circa 1890. While most horn furniture from this period incorporates steer horn, yours is buffalo (American Bison). It was manufactured by an American company, and not used by Native Americans. This type of furniture was very much in style in the U.S. from the late 1870s to around the end of that century. In the 1980s and 1990s, interest in this furniture saw a revival and collectors are still paying premiums. At auction, you might expect a sale price of $3,000-$5,000 for this chair and stool. However, with a bit of restoration, in a retail gallery specializing in the American West, a dealer might well ask $10,000-$15,000, or perhaps more.


Baker City hotel offers glimpse of the cowboy lifestyle
Bend Bulletin
Dave said he prefers bison to cattle because they're easy to manage. ... But on a ranch like Oregon Trail Bison, there are unwritten rules when it ...
Denver Auctions off $59000 Worth of Bison
U.S. News & World Report
The Denver Post reports ( that officials from the city Parks and Recreation Department auctioned off 23 bison Friday. This year's ...
As young bison rammed into each other for sport, Denver parks raked in $59K
The Denver Post
This was their second time at Denver Parks and Recreation's annual bison ... The bison preserve is located in 2,413-acre Genesee Park, which was ... as well as ranchers from California, Florida, Texas and Montana in past years, ...
The New Faces of Land Management
Outside Magazine
Since 2000, the organization's management style, which focuses on restoring vegetation and wildlife—primarily cattle and bison—in addition to ...
Wanted: Central Texas bison ranchers
Temple Daily Telegram
But today the American bison is thriving in numbers, not just on public, but private land as well. And some ranchers here in Central Texas are making a ...

'American Gods' Goes Buffalo Big At SXSW 2017
Geeks of Doom
A white bison, covered in furry hair surrounded by the boneyard, and some relatively subtle swag makes for a fan-happy scene here at South By ...
Farm To Fork thriving on local desire for organic goods
Arlington Voice
Among the meat products that Farm To Fork Foods offers are beef, bison, pork ... (for Bull Dancer Bison) to 11 other farms in East and Central Texas. Bull Dancer Bison Ranch

Local experts share strategies for eating healthy
The Tennessean
Kayla Fioravanti is a local bison rancher whose company, Red Cedar Bison Ranch in Chapel Hill, Tenn., offers CSA shares. In addition to the fact that ...
Herd mentality: Bison, elk on display at Botna Bend
The Daily Nonpareil
Bison meander about their enclosure at Botna Bend Park in Hancock on Tuesday, March 7. Officials with the Pottawattamie County Conservation ...


He had a way of wooing: Wayne Kennedy, the man who built St. Louis County's park system, dead ...
A bison herd grazes in Lone Elk Park in St. Louis County near Valley Park as snow falls on Wednesday, Feb. 10, 2015. The park, featuring its ...
Southern Plains Pointers: Mar 2017

Calving season has begun and if your are among the blessed living history 'with bison', there's nothing like the colors of spring and early summer made more brilliant with a newborn crop of sable American icons alongside their brown mothers. As caring stewards, we try and prepare for the worst during calving season, but with bison normally have little to no trouble. therefore I like to have an orphan kit ready so when something does happen - I can react immediately. An easy mistake to make in calving problem scenarios, is accidentally causing a high level of stress to the newborn. They are pretty darn tough, but until they are about 10 days old, they are not yet endothermic and can have trouble self regulating their body temperature. Therefore leaving things alone [may] be the best decision - until it's not.
Something I find common with the herds I help, is reminding folks that feeding supplements heavily during the last trimester can cause problems. A large percentage of the calves birth weight is developed during the last trimester, and mom's nutrition will likely end up growing a little more calf than is natural, or in the worst case scenario, than she can have. Personally I prefer to reduce the nutritional management on the brood-base to forage and mineral, with occasional feedings for inspection of the animals weekly (ish). I also try to understand that these animals have been doing 'their thing' for thousands of years without the benefit of human help. The judgment call of stepping out of natures way, both with success and failures, is not easy. It is, however, important - and (!) the responsibility of a conscientious steward of the species.

Frasier Bison L.L.C.
Preview the new PBS 'Travels with Darley' episode: 'Route 66 & Midewin'
The Herald-News
In the show, Midewin Ecologist Bill Glass leads Newman through the prairie in search of the Midewin bison herd. Along the way, they encounter fields ...
Raging bulls: 'Buffalo Day' gives spectators an up-close look at America's native bovid
The Southern
COBDEN — When they're roaming Cobden's wide-open pastures, the buffalo of Bison Bluff Farms are perfectly docile, gentle giants. Enclosed in a ...
Bison Bluff Farms
Wildlife Prairie Park kicks off the spring with release of elk and bison
Peoria Journal Star
An annual event that took place from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Spring Wake-Up sees the return of the bison and elk to their spring pasture at Wildlife Prairie ...
Pre-historic bison bones, mastodon tooth in Illinois exhibit
A new exhibit at the U.S. Forest Service site features pre-historic bison bones and the tooth of a giant mastodon. Both were discovered near Midewin, ...
Oldham celebrates five years as 'Farm Tour Capital of Kentucky,' featuring 15 unique experiences
Yes, American bison graze on grass pastures for later sale in their onsite farm store and through their commercial division, Kentucky Bison Company.
52 Things To Do In Oklahoma Before You Die: See all the Mary Martha buffaloes in Bartlesville
Examiner Enterprise
Call them buffalo or bison, they're all over town, and you can impress your friends by tracking down all these roadside art pieces created as a ...
Wildlife photographer lucks into shot of season's first bison calf at Tallgrass Prairie Preserve
Tulsa World
The first bison calf of the spring season born on the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve north of Pawhuska walks with its mother on Wednesday morning.
Poster art for 2017 Mayfest brings trees together as bison before Tulsa skyline
Tulsa World
Bearden's painting, titled “The Bonds of Time,” features a stand of small, pink-leafed trees whose boughs have come together in the shape of a bison, ...

Where the buffalos roam, home on this NJ range (VIDEO)
READINGTON -- Seeing a herd of bison often conjures movie images of animals as far as the eye can see across the great grass plains of America's ...

Looking back
Big Bear Grizzly
The Moonridge Zoo in Big Bear Lake is now host to the only wood bison on display in all of North America. In an arrangement common among ...
That's not a cow: The story of the Chalk Hill Buffalo
Sonoma West
Bison are the largest land mammal in North America and they are not tame or safe to be around. They have a reputation for being difficult to train and ...


Bronx Zoo Welcomes New Herd Of Bison Gifted From Native American Tribes
CBS New York
According to the Bronx Zoo, efforts to re-establish the bison population began in the early 1900s, when the species faced the threat of extinction.

Kingman: AzGFD hosting public meeting Thursday
Region 3 will be hosting a public meeting in which the 2017 fall recommendations for deer, turkey, javelina, bighorn sheep bison, bear and mountain ...
An Alaska volcano and DNA reveal the timing of bison's arrival in North America
Alaska Dispatch News
The oldest known bison fossil in North America was discovered at Ch'ijee's Bluff along the Porcupine River near Old Crow, Yukon. The fossil was ...
Zoo Idaho opens for the season on Saturday
Idaho State Journal
We're pushing to finish the entrance, building new bison, pronghorn and elk exhibits and preparing for the wetlands exhibit. The Pocatello Zoological ...
How scientists brought bison back to Banff
PBS NewsHour
In our NewsHour Shares moment of the day, bison have returned to Canada's Banff National Park after being wiped out more than a century ago.
Where the bison roamed
The Globe and Mail
Mr. Heuer's job title is “bison reintroduction project manager. ... In Indigenous legends from the Staked Plain (Texas and New Mexico) the animals ...
  The love of the hunt
Northern Pen
Getting a license to hunt bison in Northern Alberta is rare. So rare, in fact, only 125 are distributed each year, with there being over 15,000 applications ...
8 things to do on Yukon road trip
Toronto Star
Chelsea and I came across moose, elk, bison, bald eagles and heard, but did not see, wolves. You can book wildlife viewing tours but being vigilant ...
Wood Buffalo National Park Facing Environmental Threats, Poor Management: UNESCO
Huffington Post Canada
wood buffalo national park American bison in Wood Buffalo National Park. (Photo: DeAgostini/Getty Images). "The concerns coincide with the absence ...
Minister McKenna welcomes report on joint Reactive Monitoring Mission to Wood Buffalo National ...
Yahoo Finance
Established in 1922 to protect the last remaining herds of wood bison, it is the largest national park in Canada. The park is home to one of the largest ...
We are what we ate: Canada's history in cuisines
The Globe and Mail
That “wonderful mixture” of dried, pounded bison meat mixed with bison fat (and occasionally dried berries) had long been a staple of Indigenous diets ...
Management of national parks to focus on ecological integrity: Environment Minister
The Crag and Canyon
... School in Banff, Alta. while the students hear the story of how Parks Canda brought bison back to Banff National Park on Friday, March 10, 2017.
Birth, death and everything in between targeted with provincial fee increases
Regina Leader-Post
There will also be a new $50 wolf hunting licence, and bison will be added to the existing voluntary-payment fine of $1,000 for unlawfully hunting big ...
What is Canada's greatest animal? Calgary Zoo wants to hear from you
Calgary Sun
The seven candidates vying for honour are: the grizzly bear, the grey wolf, the great grey owl, the bison, the rocky mountain goat, the whooping crane ...
Panda: Canada should put a stop to importing oil
Calgary Herald
Today in the oilsands — which is the world's third largest energy resource — there are bison roaming on reclaimed mines. Vincent McDermott ...
National parks odyssey: the chill of the chase
Toronto Star
My criteria were parks that offered either breathtaking vistas, superb cross-country skiing, intriguing animal experiments (bison breeding) or rugged ...

Eight unusual places to spend the night in NSW
Believe it or not, but on the NSW North Coast is an American bison farm. At Aranyani Bison Adventure Park you can camp in a Native American style ...
Roaming wild in the radiation zone: Endangered species are THRIVING around Chernobyl 30 ...
Daily Mail
There have even been reports of European bison in the zone, thought to ... The first bears and bison have been recorded in the zone and wolves are ...
Free-living European bison population in Russia to grow to 500 animals by end of year
... Russia is home to about 1,500 free-living European bisons, however, 850 of them living in the Caucasian wildlife reserve are wisent-American bison ...
How YOU can join a unique quest to reverse the impact of climate change
The Siberian Times
Currently we have over 70 large herbivores in the Park, including cold adapted Yakutian horses, moose, musk ox, reindeer, and European bison.
Disturbing melody of melting permafrost in 'crater' called 'gateway to hell'
The Siberian Times
In 2009 the carcass of an Holocene era foal - some 4,400 years old - was discovered, and a mummified carcass of a bison calf. Remains of ancient ...
Meet The Father-Son Duo Importing American Bison To Siberia To Save The Planet
Fast Company
In May, Russian scientists plan to load six American bison on heavy-duty trucks near the city of Perm, and then drive until the roads end in Siberia–a ...
Zimov and his father, Sergey, have worked on the park for two decades, fencing off around seven square miles of land in a remote corner of Arctic Siberia, and slowly bringing animals thousands of miles by truck and boat. 

Ice Age animals could be brought back to life as dad and his son raise £50000 to build an ancient ...
The Sun
Currently bison, horses, moose, reindeer and muskox all live on the barren stretch of land. But with the help of their kickstarter campaign – which has ...
Uneasy freedom
The Statesman
... exotic animals besides Pere David's deer, such as the last of the wild horses (Przwalski's Wild Horse), white-tailed gnus, American bison, and wapiti.

Urgent Action Needed to Help European Bison Dying of Starvation and Disease
One Green Planet
The Valdeserrillas Nature Reserve, near Valencia, holding European bison, water buffaloes, horses, and donkeys was seriously damaged. Landslides ...
Europe's 'Black Rhino': The culling of Poland's wild bison
The bison, Poland's symbol of nature conservation, already faces controversial annual culling. But recently, the Polish government announced plans ...
Bison from Iowa adapting well to new environment in Wyoming
Casper Star-Tribune Online
The Daily Ranger reports ( that the 10 bison were brought to the Wind River Indian Reservation in November as part of a ...
Tribal hunters have taken roughly 25 elk near Yellowstone
The Bozeman Daily Chronicle
In addition to shooting bison, tribal hunters near the Yellowstone National Park border have been killing elk. Hunters from the Nez Perce Tribe have ...
Photos go viral of a Bison being stabbed in Jardine, Montana
ABC FOX Montana News
A hot topic we're learning more about, after photos go viral of a bison being stabbed in Jardine, Montana. The pictures were taken by the Buffalo Field ...
Tribe responds to criticism of elk and bison hunt near Yellowstone National Park
The Bozeman Daily Chronicle
A Native American tribe is pushing back on claims that it is allowing hunters to act unethically while hunting elk and bison near the border of ...
Road trip features elk, bison, trout
Billings Gazette
I could go into several paragraphs describing the American Indian motif of the church, but I will summarize it by saying it rivals just about any of the ...
Indian caucus raises concerns over bison hunt
Polson Lake County Leader
Despite the obvious changes that come with the passing of time and the evolution of technology, the connection between buffalo, buffalo hunting and ...
Field reports: Field Reports: Cascades grizzly plan comment period extended
The Spokesman-Review
The National Park Service and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service have extended ... Slaughtered bison become meat for various Native American tribes.
American Indian Council Powwow at MSU is set for April 14-15
Montana State University
The American Indian Council has organized a bison rifle hunt raffle with proceeds going to help fund the powwow. The bison is donated by the ...
A Fight Over A Bison Herd In Montana Sets Retired Rangers Against Tribes
BuzzFeed News
A Fight Over A Bison Herd In Montana Sets Retired Rangers Against Tribes .... they hope to restart petitioning state legislators to win the bison back.
Connecting with the land
Prince Albert Daily Herald
Clint Starblanket is a direct descendant of Chief Ahtahkakoop, who once led his band of bison hunters on the northern plains. In the early days of his ...
Who is Zinke Actually Representing?
Flathead Beacon
He publicly stated that North American bison should be managed as livestock. Yet, the bison – our national mammal and the emblem of the National ...
Enviros Seek Quick Win In Suit Over FWS' Bison Range Plans
Law360 (subscription)
Law360, New York (March 13, 2017, 5:12 PM EDT) -- The Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility and nine retired National Wildlife ...
Alberta chief urges Canada to take action on UN warning to protect national park
It is also home to the world's largest herd of free-ranging wood bison and the only breeding ground of its kind for wild whopping cranes. In 2014, the ...
Zinke pressed on refuge
Missoula Independent
The decision to shift the bison refuge into trust ownership for CSKT will ultimately fall to Congress, and the tribes have already drafted legislation to ...
State of the Hill: A simple defense of the endangered species act
The Hilltop Monitor
... Lebanon has a namesake cedar, Wyoming has the American Bison. It'd be tough to imagine these territories without their endemic sources of pride ...
DVM & Business
US bison sales hit $350 million in retail, restaurant
Farm Forum
Westminster, Colo. — The U.S. bison business has notched $350 million in sales at the retail and restaurant level in 2016, with tight supplies of ...
A vision for the future of the American Bison
Laurel Outlook (subscription)
Originally, the bison were going to be transported to Texas, but a drought at the time created concerns, so Woerner took the two buffalo in while they ...
Feces-filled refuge a worry
Jackson Hole News&Guide
That's right, animal dung — both the pellet variety discharged by elk and the patties bison leave behind — have biologists like Eric Cole worried about ...
Editorial: The missing link
Manitoba Co-operator
The situation is even more dire for this industry in the U.S., where according to ... The bison industry survived, and the plant continues to operate today.
Monthly Bison Carcass Report - 3/10/17
Lancaster Farming
BISON CARCASSES: Compared to January Report: Actual Slaughter Numbers slightly increased while Canadian Live Bison Imports into the U.S. ...
Cost management is key predictor for ranch success
Western Producer (subscription)
A six-year benchmarking study of bison ranches in Alberta and ... He works with cattle and bison ranchers on holistic management principles, in which ...
heat bias abounds (blog)
The B. antiquus line may have led to modern American Plains Bison whereas European bison may be descendants of Pleistocene bison that returned ...
New fossils, genetic tools help pinpoint bison migration to North America
Edmonton Sun
Of those 40, they sequenced the two oldest bison fossils ever found. ... similar to a giant long-horned bison called Bison latifrons found in Colorado.
Scientists Track Origin of American Bison to Common Female Ancestor Who Arrived between ...
Before It's News
New research by Professor Beth Shapiro of the UC Santa Cruz Genomics Institute and University of Alberta Professor Duane Froese has identified ...
DNA research offers new date for bison migration to North America
Billings Gazette
“The common ancestor for all of these bison is not very old,” said professor Beth Shapiro, of the UC Santa Cruz Genomics Institute. “There are some ...
Tracing the history of bison
Post Register
Comparing these genomes to additional Siberian and North American bison clarified the earliest parts of the bison family tree. From that information ...
The art of cowboy conservation
Great Falls Tribune
“The title of the work, Before the White Man Came, 1903 is a direct allusion to the progressive and devastating decline of the American bison ...
Brock researcher finds climate change further endangering Canadian bison
Erie Media
The wood bison of the Northwest Territories is already on the country's threatened species list, but more precipitation is forcing the animal into areas ...
Boone and Crockett Club: America's source of a conservation ethic
Idaho State Journal
In 1905 the National Bison Society was founded by B&CC members Theodore Roosevelt and William T. Hornaday, responsible for much of bison ...
'The stage was set': Arrival of first North American bison changed ecosystem, study finds
Scientists finally have been able to pin down when bison first arrived in North America and helped set the stage for the Great Plains that eventually ...
Valpo native works to restore wetlands
Chicago Tribune
Yet, I can't help but wince when I look at the head of that American bison displayed on the wall of ... You have to understand that it was a ranch bison.
The Jekyll and Hyde of Range Management
Glasgow Courier
Editor's note: The folloing is an excerpt from Sierra Holt's paper, "Reinterpreting the 1882 Bison Population Collapse." The full text was presented at ...
How restoring a vanished Ice Age ecosystem could help save the world from global warming
International Business Times UK
During the last Ice Age millions of mammoths, bison, horses, reindeer, and other herbivores, along with several species of carnivore, roamed the Arctic ...
America's duck lands: These 'potholes' are under threat
Science News for Students (blog)
Yet there's one large mammal that's largely missing today: the American bison. Millions of these gigantic grass-eaters roamed North America's prairie ...


Friends of Scotchman Peaks Wilderness bring the midwinter movie back
The Western News
The Friends of Scotchman Peaks willl put on the Winter Wildlife Film Festival, showing wildlife films featuring bison, wolverines and mountain goats ...
Regina-born artist illustrates Mountie career
Regina Leader-Post
Carleen Ross stands in front of her exhibition "From Sea to Sea" at the RCMP Heritage Centre. The paintings feature bison, an animal that has strong ...
The Zookeeper's Wife
The Film Stage (blog)
A scene that showcases the forced breeding of two bison is one of the most tense moments as Lutz Heck wraps his arms around Antonina while she ...
Holdsworth balances art and business
Jackson Hole News&Guide
Frosty bison and aspens covered in snow sell best in the winter. “Looking for Trouble,” which features two bear cubs standing in the mud, I took that 25 ...
Meat and Recipes 

For Eileen - what's up with bison meat
Payson Roundup
The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs did a six-month study that compared eating bison meat with beef. The study found that beef increased ...
Why More Farmers Are Making The Switch To Grass-Fed Meat And Dairy
And grass-fed dairy and meat have been shown to be higher in certain ... that only 2 to 3 percent of all bison is actually grass-fed and grass-finished.
Nancy Pelosi's Italian-Style Bison Loaf
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Nancy Pelosi's meatloaf recipe has bison, veal, two kinds of Italian cheese and a cheesy topping. (Photo: Nancy Stohs / Milwaukee Journal ...
Creative spirits, duck nachos and bison burgers flow at Rocky River
South Bend Tribune
“The beef (sells) about four-to-one to the bison,” Janowsky says about the bison, or buffalo burger, a leaner burger choice that offers every bit the flavor ...
Bareburger to offer meatless 'Impossible Burger'
Nation's Restaurant News
Besides beef and bison, the chain also offers elk, duck, wild boar and turkey, as well as a black bean patty and a sweet potato and wild rice patty.
A slow cooker recipe for jambalaya
Northumberland Today
If you want to be more authentic, you can sub chicken for duck, shrimp for gator, spicy sausage for bison smokies and brown rice for wild rice.
Taste: Creative spirits, duck nachos and bison burgers flow at Rocky River
South Bend Tribune
The Rocky River Burger is the best seller at Rocky River Tap and Table in Granger, according to owner Kurt Janowsky. Tribune Photo/MICHAEL ...
Dinner pairs whisky with flavors, colors of New Mexico
Albuquerque Journal
Sip on a beautiful collection of Dalmore whisky while dining on delightfully paired courses featuring New Mexico bison and other locally produced ...
Our 2017 food forecast
Chase News & Stories
"In 2017, leaner meat such as bison, venison and duck will be championed over other, more traditional choices," says David McIntyre, executive chef ...
Smoked Bison
WTVB (blog)
Bison is a very healthy alternative and very easy to cook. Much like other lean meats - chicken, pork tenderloin, etc. - bison can really benefit from ...
Chef Rich Francis visits Sakewew High School
The Battlefords News-Optimist
The food they prepared was “bison tacos,” in which traditional bison meat was included along with other fresh items, such as pineapple, papaya and ...
Getting burgered in South Reno at the new Burger Me
Reno Gazette Journal
THE PLACE: Burger Me began in 2008 in Truckee. In 2011, the ... What's $10 or less: Everything but the ahi, bison and Italian stallion burgers ...
Edmonton's food scene appears in a new cookbook about a cross-Canada road trip
Edmonton Examiner
“One of our favourite experiences around Edmonton was visiting a bison rancher named Gus Janke,” Anderson told the Examiner last Thursday.
Inside Portland's new burger and adult milkshake bar
Bangor Daily News
A daily baker's dozen of grass-fed beef, local bison, duck and tuna burgers accompanied by adult milkshakes sets the carefree, youthful vibe.

Cook These Lean, High-Protein Bison Tacos Tonight
Men's Health
Homemade ground beef tacos usually make you feel only slightly better than ordering from a fast-food tex-mex spot. Avoid the grease trap by choosing ...
Sports pub known for bison and barbecue
The Sheboygan Press
Bison burgers locally sourced from Bluestem Bison and other quality food had been the norm for 21 years before Jake took over the place, but he ...
Unique food to watch for as Saturday market returns
Statesman Journal
Green Fields Bison Ranch: This grass-fed bison farm outside Dallas specializes in humanely raised and slaughtered meat. Bison is basically beef, ...
Green Fields Bison
Student chefs cook to impress at 2 restaurants in JJC's new training facility
Chicago Tribune
Vietnamese spring rolls, grilled bison sliders with crispy goat cheese and blueberry barbecue sauce circled with onion rings, the "smashed burger" ...
Busch Gardens Food & Wine Festival is perfect pairing
The News-Press
Ben DeWitt can simply take a brisk walk to his favorite snack of a bison slider at the Food & Wine Festival at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. "It's one of the ...
My Last Bite: Rockford's GreenFire specializes in fresh ingredients, elegant flavors
Rockford Register Star
Bison burger: The bison burger is made with grass-fed bison meat and comes on a brioche bun with caramelized onion, white cheddar and garlic aioli ...
The Fancy: Tocabe's Sweetheart Taco
Eater Denver
Each morning at Tocabe, someone has the laborious task of pulling a massive pan filled with 20 to 25 pounds of bison out of the oven and shredding it ...
What's new in Tahoe: Fresh options for staying and playing
San Francisco Chronicle
Frites, next to the Village at Northstar ice rink, serves European-style French fries with gourmet toppings such as bison chili and poutine. Copper Lane ...
Bison cull in Yellowstone nearing 1000 on the year
The Bozeman Daily Chronicle
National Park Service wildlife biologists determine the sex, weight, age and take blood samples from about 60 wild bison before they are loaded on ...
Yellowstone bison plan rewrite delayed
The Bozeman Daily Chronicle
An effort to rewrite the plan that governs bison management in and near Yellowstone National Park is behind schedule. In 2015, the state of Montana ...
Montana activists ramp up campaign against culling Yellowstone bison
Montana activists ramp up campaign against culling Yellowstone bison ... “We're fine with bison being hunted," Michael Garrity, executive director of ...
Yellowstone's bison breeding season a window to past
The Missoulian
Yellowstone National Park has published a detailed treatise on bison titled “Yellowstone bison: Conserving an American icon in modern society,” ...
Plan To Rewrite IBMP Stalled Ahead of Season's End
Yellowstone Insider
Yellowstone National Park, for instance, wants more tolerance of bison outside of the Park, both in Montana and in other conservation areas around ...
Too many bison are putting Yellowstone in danger
The Bozeman Daily Chronicle
The headline in the paper showing the big billboard, “Stop the Slaughter,” disturbed me. Not for the bison, but for our great park. Its resources (the soil ...
The war on wildlife a short-sighted view of world
The Bozeman Daily Chronicle
On the northern border of Yellowstone Park, 1,300 bison are being slaughtered this winter to bring bison numbers down to an artificial number set by ...
More than 1200 Yellowstone bison killed this winter
BOZEMAN, Mont. — Operations to kill bison in Yellowstone National Park for slaughter have come to an end, with more than 1,200 bison culled this ...
'Not on my property:' Central Montana ranchers say no to bison
Great Falls Tribune
The survey concluded that two-thirds of Montanans support efforts to relocate disease-free bison from Yellowstone National Park to start new herds in ...
How many elk do Yellowstone wolves eat?
Jackson Hole News&Guide
But large prey like bison are usually successfully hunted only by packs that have at least two big males. Wolves do not hunt bison in Yellowstone as ...

This is correct :
But please note : on the list below of Bison Consigned for the Wildrose Bison Show & Sale that Bev Taylor is bringing TWO Bred Heifers Born in 2014 (not one). If you have already Registered and will be there on Friday -
don't forget to bring an Item for the Fun Auction!
BUT You will STILL want to be in Ponoka March 18th for the SALE of the Wildrose BISON !!
There will be 62 Bison in Six Classes
Back to the Grass Bison Auction
Kramer's Big Bid Barn
When: May 10, 2017
Where: North Battleford, SK
Info: HERE
 National Bison Association 
2017 International Bison Conference (IBC)
When: July 4 -7, 2017
Where: Big Sky, Montana
For further information, go to
The early bird deadline to register for the 2017 International Bison Conference is just six weeks away. Please register here by May 15th to take advantage of the best pricing before rates go up significantly on May 16th. Please see the final IBC agenda below, also available here, and see why you won't want to miss out on this historic event!
History on display as bison exhibit hits trail
Ag Journal
In an era when people want food with story, bison rancher Ken Klemm is catering to their curiosity by sponsoring a traveling museum exhibit that puts ...

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