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How a shrewd rancher helped the bison's remarkable recovery in Canada

Beef killed off the buffalo — and not by agricultural displacement or demand for tastier steaks, though both certainly helped the demise of North America’s largest land animal.

Instead, cattle were the literal culprits in the death of the last wild bison to roam the Canadian prairies — a giant bull of an animal, that according to lore and contemporary newspaper accounts was peppered with battle scars, bullet wounds and only half the usual number of horns.

“The last buffalo to be killed in Western Canada met his death in 1886,” reads the Wainright Star of 1909, repeating a well-known story at the time.

“He had been wounded twice that year but escaped to meet his fate on the range of a couple of ranchers near the south branch of the Saskatchewan.”

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Released into the wild, wandering Alaska wood bison poached near Quinhagak
Alaska Dispatch News
All the while, Bison 124 was learning the land and what it held. Perhaps the bison would have made its way back to the main herd and led others to ...
Officials call shooting of rare Alaska wood bison a "restoration setback"
The wood bison is said to have inhabited North America for thousands of years, but according to the state, the species went extinct in Alaska in the ...

Barrow's new Inupiat name to stay – for now - Anchorage, Alaska
The Association of Village Council Presidents (AVCP) is urging compliance with the hunting ban on wood bison in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta, ...

Wood bison cow shot and killed illegally
Bristol Bay Times
BETHEL - Bison 124 was special, an unusually strong and adventurous animal. Biologists had high hopes for it. Its wanderings in a new world made it ...
Understaffed Bison Range recruiting volunteers to work at refuge
Montana Standard
A group of bison is herded down a narrow alleyway by a wrangler in a Jeep toward the corrals during the annual roundup at the National Bison Range ...

Volunteers respond to Bison Range's plea for help
Billings Gazette
Francis Cahoon, left, and Cara Webb share a laugh during the National Bison Range's volunteer open house on Wednesday morning. Webb of ...
Threshold Episode 02: 'The Red Man Was Pressed'
How did we go from more than 50 million wild bison to just 23 free-roaming animals? And how does the decimation of the herds relate to the ...
Montana treating bison like vermin
The Livingston Enterprise
The Louvre Museum in France houses some of the most famous art works in the world, including paintings by such well-known artists as Rembrandt ...

Bison group rallies in Bozeman - | Continuous News | Bozeman, Montana
KBZK Bozeman News
Bison management began after the State of Montana sued Yellowstone because bison were leaving the park and officials feared the spread of ...
Buffalo Jump
Atlas Obscura
The bison would plummet to their deaths in a frenzy and, at the bottom, ... There are remnants of the Native American life to be found all around the ...
Montana wants to host lucrative Outdoor Retailer show
NBC Montana
Taken on June 1st at the Bison Range looking East towards the Bison Range through the springtime flowers. Montana wants to host lucrative Outdoor ...
Slaughtering a priceless wildlife legacy
The Missoulian
These bison are a global heritage that the state of Montana is treating as if they are expendable and valueless asset. The Department of Livestock ...

Where is CityWay's bison?
Indianapolis Star
She noticed that the company's bison, part of the state's "Bison-tennial" public art project to celebrate its 200th year, was missing from its spot in front of ...

Hoosier National Forest creates Buffalo Trace story map
Ranger Chris Zimmer says the map can be used by people sitting at home wanting to learn more about the trace that was created by American bison ...
Healthy eating trends increase demand for bison meat in Wisconsin
WQOW TV News 18
But healthy eating trends are creating an increasing demand for more bison producers in the area. Kyle Wathke, a bison producer just south of Eau ...

In Yoder, Kansas, two butchers trying to kill a bison that was “confined inside a trailer,” have a less happy tale to tell. The bison kept turning away, so Duane Helms walked to the end of the trailer to try to turn the massive animal around, in order to give the shooter, who was perched on a ladder, room to shoot. But the bison balked, bumped into the side of the trailer and dislodged the ladder, causing the rifle to fire and wound Helms in the leg. No word on what the bison did next, or whether it planned to plead self-defense in court.
Downtown Topeka welcomes stone bison to pocket park
Security Benefit was thrilled to add the bison to the collection of pocket parks downtown. "As the state animal for Kansas, the bison is a symbol of ...

Local sculptor unveils new work
Emporia Gazette
The stone carving began back in May 2016, coincidentally the month when the American Bison was chosen as the national mammal for the United ...
777 Buffalo Ranch goes green with ranching methods
KEVN Black Hills Fox
Hillenbrand says, "We use bison as a tool to help us build soil which in turn creates healthy plants and in turn creates healthy livestock. By having ...

'American Bison Survival Story' presented at Journey Museum
The founder of the Museum of American bison held a session at the Journey Museum Sunday to talk about the history of the national mammal.
Doorway to Forever: Badlands National Park in South Dakota
Huffington Post
A lot of people have asked us to name our favorite national park after .... The largest mammal in the park is the American bison—the iconic symbol of ...
Letter: Incomplete reporting skews DAPL support
A rancher reported a prize-winning bison had disappeared off his property and in the areas near the campsites, there were bodies found of horses, ...
Theodore Roosevelt IV speaker for Lake Wichita event
Times Record News
Later in partnership with William T. Hornaday, the American Bison Society and the New York Zoological Society, American bison were reintroduced to ...
Mary Ann Goodnight: the Texas Woman Who Saved Buffalo From Extinction
Wide Open Country
When the Goodnights learned of bison conservation efforts that were ... The breeding program was the effort of the American Bison Society, formed by ...
The Houston Zoo Is the Second Most-Visited Zoo in the Nation, All Thanks to You
Houstonia Magazine
It took the creation of a public-private partnership, the American Bison Society, in 1905, to step in and defend the few bison left in one small portion of ...
Comanches not easy pickings for buffalo hunters
Hays Free Press
Even though Texans considered hunting an inalienable right, many were soon sickened by the senseless slaughter of the bison herds. A bill was ...

The New Witte
San Antonio Magazine
The new Witte's answer: A concept called Texas Deep Time, which is a ... visiting the Witte's trio of bison and peering into dioramas of Texas species in ...
Controlled burn planned for Mound
The Cross Timbers Gazette
A post on The Flower Mound Facebook page states: “There are two things that help a prairie remain a prairie: bison and fire. Our 12.5 acres is a little ...
Four Things You Might Not Know About Fermilab
Contrary to rumors, the bison at the lab weren't introduced to forewarn of dangerous levels of radioactivity but to serve as a metaphor for the frontier of ...
Kane County Forest Preserves offer antidote to digital world
Chicago Daily Herald
An evening hike through LeRoy Oakes is topped off with time around a campfire and then visiting the interactive exhibits, including one about bison, ...

The Best Tourist Attractions In Illinois
Satellite PR News (press release)
Illinois is a historic city in American as it is the place where Abraham ... Today, the tourist attractions here include American bison, Native American ...

At a Glance: Feb. 16, 2017
Kankakee Daily Journal
The latest information on the bison herd at Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie will be offered at Green Drinks Kankakee's next meeting at 6 p.m. 

Tonight At 6 On 'Indiana Newsdesk'
Indiana Public Media
How a new disaster declaration might help East Chicago, state needle exchange challenges and the important role bison are playing in land ...

Minnesota's first bison buggy planned at Blue Mounds State Park
Duluth News Tribune
LUVERNE, Minn. — The Blue Mounds State Park may begin offering its visitors educational rides through the prairie where the bison roam as early as ...
Minneopa State Park bison herd set for expansion
Great Lakes Echo
A yearling bull introduced into Minneopa State Park's wild bison herd has begun assimilating into the herd, and park officials hope the animal will help ...

Photo Essay: California Island and Tourist Hotspot Copes With Drought
News Deeply
The island's herd of American bison, introduced for the filming of a movie in 1924, has required the help of land trust workers from the Catalina Island ...
Escape LA with These 5 Low-Key Day Trips
LA Magazine
One word: bison. You don't have to go to the Great Plains to see the majestic American splendor that is a herd of bison. Go on the Inland Expedition, ...

Animal Facts: The Birds, Beasts, and Snakes of San Francisco
SF Weekly (blog)
For more than 100 years, bison — which many people improperly refer to as “buffalo,” though they're only distantly related — have been living in an ...
California Today: On Catalina, the Drought Is Far From Over
New York Times
A herd of American bison, introduced to the island during the filming of a movie in the 1920s, has been hit by the drought. Conservationists added ...
New Oakland Zoo exhibit expands acreage to rival San Diego Zoo, among nation's largest
Bison will roam a large enclosure by April. Although the viewing area for their exhibit will not be accessible to the public until the expansion opening in ...
Bison, cars endangered by deep snow in Wyoming's Grand Teton
Minneapolis Star Tribune
Unusually deep snow in Grand Teton National Park has made life dangerous for bison lumbering on the park's only plowed highway and for motorists ...

Park is escorting bison south
Jackson Hole News&Guide
A group of Jackson Hole bison living on wintering grounds with a prohibitively deep snowpack have chosen to take the path of least resistance on a ...
Motorists warned of bison on roads in Grand Teton Park
East Idaho News
MOOSE, Wyoming — Due to snow accumulations and above normal winter conditions, bison within Grand Teton National Park are moving to find food ...
Moose, Bighorn Sheep, Wild Bison, and Mountain Goat Application Period Ends February 28
Sheridan Media (press release)
The application periods for both resident and nonresident moose, bighorn sheep, wild bison, and mountain goats are currently available on the ...
The week in wildlife – in pictures
The Guardian
Three bison linger on a ploughed area of Antelope Flats Road, in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. Park officials have been escorting small ...

Larimer County lets residents follow bison on Facebook
Loveland Reporter-Herald
The herd of bison runs on the 1,000 acres of prairie land at Soapstone Prairie Natural Area when they were released in November 2015. (Brent Lewis ...
Wanna buy a bison? Part of the I-70 herd is for sale
Denverite (blog)  (March 3rd)
It has hosted American bison since 1913 or 1914, when the city first acquired bison from Yellowstone, reportedly as part of an effort protect the animals ...
The Most Colorado Job: Keeper of the Denver bison herd
The Most Colorado Job: Keeper of the Denver bison herd ... You can see that piece of the old American West from your passenger window on the way ...
Lowell Bailey wins first US biathlon world title, qualifies for Olympic team
OlympicTalk (blog)
... the tradition of his wife's farming family, which had for nearly 30 years grown seed potatoes and then a herd of more than 100 bison in Upstate New ...

Buffalo NY built in 1892

European-like Market Arcade a 'show stopper'
Buffalo News
Twin facades of terra cotta and brick on Main and Washington streets feature tall Corinthian columns, rounded arches, sculpted bison heads, palladian ...
The Dancing Crane Cafe: Goodbye Zoo-by Tuesday
Fordham Ram (registration)
Sitting outside on a beautiful, sunny day, surrounded by mischievous peacocks and fun facts about American bison, we were truly in paradise!

African Safari Wildlife animals are ready for visitors
Port Clinton News Herald
Animals available every day for drive-thru visitors to both view and feed include alpacas, llamas, guanacos, camels, fallow deer, sika deer, elk, bison ...
Southern Plains Pointers: Feb 2017

Ramping up for Red-Dots

  While it’s true that bison are a wildlife species native to the southern plains, it’s also true that they are roaming the southern plains of the 21st Century. 300 years ago, they would have been grazing highly mineralized native forage and benefiting from a diverse plant community. Today’s average habitat tends to be relatively monoculture, laden with invasive exotic plants and captive. Therefore; we manage. We manage mineral supplementation for reproductive function, juvenile development and immune system response. We manage parasites and forage, and we manage how and when we interact with the herd safely to mitigate costly losses.

  Ramping-up for red-dots is all about managing toward a zero interaction with the herd in late pregnancy and during calving. Maybe I should call it “ramping down”. It’s also all about causing the correct herd health for the final stage of reproduction, which impacts the next cycle, and (!) the ole bottom line. Personally, I like managing bison like bison. They have advantages over available invasive exotics of the bovidae family, but at the end of the day they are animals with physical needs for health, and behavioral needs provided for by the due diligence of stewards. 

Frasier Bison L.L.C.
Ted Turner's Ladder Ranch in New Mexico a vast, diverse landscape
Santa Rosa Press Democrat
It is home to elk, mule deer, bears and about 1,000 bison, part of Turner's plan to restore this former cattle ranch. The prospect of seeing bison in a wild ...
North Dakota in Photos
U.S. News & World Report
Theodore Roosevelt traveled to the Dakota Territory in 1883 to hunt bison, helping to spark a passion for the preservation of natural land. More than ...
Blessed bison are Banff bound
Sherwood Park News
Aboriginal songs, drumming and prayers honoured a herd of Elk Island National Park bison on Sunday, before they were shipped to Banff to ...

Parks Canada says that as part of a $6.4-million project, it has moved 16 Bison to the mountainous landscape where the species was once a dominant grazer. Read more: Bison again roam Banff National Park after century-long absence
Bison Back in Banff After 130 Years
Over the last week, 10 pregnant bison and six young bulls with rubber tubes taped over their horns, were loaded into shipping containers at Elk Island ...

Time's up for bison clock in Wood Buffalo
Edmonton Sun
Bison Clock The Wood Buffalo Summer Games countdown clock, shown in a photo taken soon after its unveiling in May 2014. The Wood Buffalo ...
Poachers are hacking scientific data to hunt the animals being studied
A herd of 16 bison was relocated into Banff National Park on Monday. Five of the animals have tracking collars which transmit data back to the ...

Checking In: Get back to nature for Valentine's at Kanatha-Aki
Montreal Gazette
If lounging on bison skins in front of a fireplace sounds seductive, Kanatha-Aki Nature Centre in the Laurentians might be your ideal Valentine's stop.
Lougheed House exhibit looks back to frontier time
Calgary Herald
Before the flour and feed store, the train station and sawmill, Calgary was the rough territory ofAmerican bison hunters and illegal whisky traders.
Explore wide-open spaces and aspen forests on outskirts of Calgary
Calgary Herald
Historically it was a popular place for bison and other grazers in the winter because strong chinook winds would blow the snow off the hills and expose ...

This Land was Built for Bison
Earth Island Journal
These prairies once held tens of thousands of bison but after European ... One of the few remaining natural grasslands in North America, the park ...
Climate change doubles size of northern lakes, pushes bison off habitat
The Guardian
Lakes in the Mackenzie Bison Sanctuary off the northwest shore of Great Slave Lake are now bigger than any time in at least the last 200 years, said ...

Mountain News: Another avalanche death on day of moderate danger
Pique Newsmagazine
BANFF, Alta.— Bison have returned to Banff National Park after an absence of 140 years, bringing tears of joy to the eyes of some local residents.
Federated Co-operatives Limited announces contribution of $1 million to the Thundering Ahead ...
EPR Retail News (press release)
It will also provide breathtaking images of running bison and learning on ... and expand the land base to accommodate a small herd of Plains bison.
TD Canada Trust donates $500K to Wanuskewin Heritage Park
“It's incredible, the fact that we are going to have a herd of bison in an urban setting,” Ryan Barclay, the Saskatchewan district vice-president for TD ...
Bison on the move
Belarus News (BelTA)
Five female bison currently living on the hunting grounds of the agricultural company Ozery, Grodno Oblast, will move to a new residence in the ...

Bison heard to be released into the wild in Yakutia this year (press release)
In October-November 2017, wood or mountain bison, a subspecies that was considered extinct in Eurasia, will be released into the wild in the ...
Return of the European bison
Deutsche Welle
Conservationists are trying to establish a population of European bison in the Carpathian Mountains. But the animals face opposition from local ...
Bulgaria, Romania to take Bison from Poland
Bulgaria has requested three male and three female bison while Romania is interested in breeding the animal. “The bison is a European species ...

From YNP to FP
25 bison to be shipped to Fort Peck, avoid slaughter - | Q2 | Continuous News ...
KTVQ Billings News
25 bison to be shipped to Fort Peck, avoid slaughter - | Q2 ... Wednesday morning was a big day for gun legislation in the Wyoming House ...
Bison sent to slaughter over Montana tribes' objections
The Seattle Times
BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) — Yellowstone National Park has started shipping hundreds of wild bison to slaughter for disease control as a quarantine facility ...
Bison Transfer Program provides carcass to non-hunters
Char-Koosta News
Bison Transfer Program provides carcass to non-hunters ... Conservation (DFWRC) office by phone or in person to be placed on the list for bison meat.
Tribes, wildlife advocates spar with ag groups over bison bill
The Bozeman Daily Chronicle
Tribal groups and wildlife advocates faced off with agriculture groups Thursday as the fight over transporting bison to a Native American reservation ...
Bill to allow moving Yellowstone bison to Fort Peck tabled
The Bozeman Daily Chronicle
Lawmakers killed a bill Thursday that would have allowed bison to be sent to a quarantine facility at a Native American reservation by eliminating a ...
Native Now Foundation offers cruise, indigenous education
Boca Beacon
A place of healing, where teachings from the horse nation will be shared.” – (Jon Eagle Sr.) • A bison co-op to create a bison economy for the Standing ...
State officials hoping for bison trap decision today
The Bozeman Daily Chronicle
Last month, Montana Gov. Steve Bullock sent a letter to Yellowstone ordering that no bison be shipped to slaughter until they find a way to keep the 40 ...
MT County Fights for Lost Revenue From Tribes' Dam
Courthouse News Service
The same act of Congress that created these lands created the National Bison Range and Glacier National Park, just 70 miles away next to the ...
Group rallies in Bozeman to change state bison management - | Q2 | Continuous News ...
KTVQ Billings News
The group is hoping to put pressure on state officials to repeal state law MCA 81-2-120, which puts the Department of Livestock in charge of wild bison ...
Montana Bill Would Let Bison With Brucellosis Leave Park
Yellowstone Insider
A Montana rep has proposed a bill that strip a requirement that bison be brucellosis-free before being transported out of Yellowstone National Park.

Endangered Species Act
Josh Rouse: Don't let the Endangered Species Act become extinct
Topeka Capital Journal
Kansas' state mammal, the bison, also has come back from the brink of extinction thanks to the Endangered Species Act. I hope someday, if I ever ...
Conservation area provides unique Montana solution
The Bozeman Daily Chronicle
As president of Yellowstone Buffalo Foundation, we recommend the restoration and management of wild buffalo on a “National Bison Conservation ...
DVM & Business
"A Mammoth Celebration" benefits Old Vero Man Dig
The closing of the 2016 dig was especially thrilling, uncovering what is believed to be the discovery of 13,000-year-old bones from the extinct Bison ...
Mammoths roamed the San Luis Valley
Crestone Eagle
There were mammoth elephants, including the largest of them all, the Columbian Mammoth, and herds of mammoth bison, known as Extinct Bison ...
Response to Op-Eds in the Las Vegas Review Concerning the Role of Zoos and their Impact on ...
Huffington Post
American bison may serve as just one example of a flagship umbrella species that is also a keystone species. Note that this effort to restore plains ...
Local bison producer builds soil through regenerative grazing
RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) 777 Bison Ranch near Hermosa has developed healthy and diverse range land by using holistic management practices ...

WATCH: Indiana Nature Conservancy Fosters Prairie Using Bison
Indiana Public Media
The Indiana Chapter of the Nature Conservancy is trying to restore a rarefied ecosystem in the northern part of the state. It's been going on for about ...

Climate change doubles size of northern lakes, pushes bison off habitat
The Guardian
Lakes in the Mackenzie Bison Sanctuary off the northwest shore of Great Slave Lake are now bigger than any time in at least the last 200 years, said ...
Steurer & Jacoby: Wonderfully Made, Premium, Hand-Crafted Golf Bags
The Tennessee-tanned American Bison leather provides an incredibly vintage feel to golfers who enjoy the sentiment of a day long since passed.
In The Moment...The Philosophy Of Childing
SDPB Radio
Susan Ricci is the director of the Museum of the American Bison. She talks about the story of the survival of the American buffalo which once had a ...
American Gods finally has a premiere date
A.V. Club
Well, humankind's ability to connect with American Gods now has a ... their boxy vintage automobile blocked by a portentous (and sacred) white bison.
the bison and the butterfly
Overdrive Magazine
the bison and the butterfly ... Jeremy, after Jeremy has hitchhiked to the Texas panhandle from Philadelphia to deliver the message to his grandfather ...
The Fresh Market Introduces New Bison Meat to Its Stores
Satellite PR News (press release)
Dr. King's Carolina Bison now in THE FRESH MARKET outlets from Florida to New York. Asheville, NC, February 1, 2017 – Dr. King's Carolina Bison ...
Healthy eating trends increase demand for bison meat in Wisconsin
WQOW TV News 18
Chippewa Valley (WQOW) - When we think of Wisconsin farmers, cows, corn, and other crops may come to mind. But healthy eating trends are ...

Chili Cook-Off
Destin Log and Walton Log
Chili recipes this year include Bison and Chorizo Chili, Tequila Bison Chili and Seven-Bean Seven-Pepper Hot Chili, she said. “We have some that ...
Inside hiring plans at Ted's Montana Grill in south Charlotte — and what's on the menu (PHOTOS)
Charlotte Business Journal
The restaurant is known for its ranch-raised bison menu — including options such as bison nachos, chili, meatloaf burgers and steaks. It also offers ...
Ticket Editor: 10 great downtown Bradenton dining spots
Sarasota Herald-Tribune
... December) has the highly addictive "High Plains Bison Poutine," featuring grilled bison over crispy fries, with roasted onions and mushroom cream.
Ted's Montana Grill to open second restaurant in Lexington, will add over 70 jobs
Founded by media mogul Ted Turner and famed restaurateur George McKerrow Jr., Ted'sMontana Grill is known for offering the largest bison menu in ...
Salumi boom
Boulder Weekly
American salumi — like American bread, beer and cheese — took a while to ... bindenfleisch in Switzerland and its first cousin, Native American bison ...
Landmark Snacks showcases unique flavors
Beatrice Daily Sun
Ground bison meat gets poured into a bar-shaping machine in the raw room at Landmark Snacks. Meat bars get shipped nation-wide under the Epic ...
How This Mom Is Using Her Business To Transform The Food Culture in Alberta
As she cruises by endless strip malls, and apologizes for taking the “less scenic route,” she heads straight for a bison ranch south of the city. Alberta is ...
Try bison and bacon for this cottage pie recipe
Northumberland Today
My effort this week is to support the trend towards using more game meat. Needless to say bacon makes everything better, so, bison and bacon will ...
Recipe: The Fort's Buffalo Prime Rib Roast
Cowboys and Indians
The historic The Fort restaurant has staked its reputation on serving incredible game dishes that personify the Old West. This bison recipe only ...
Food truck regulations get Bozeman commission's OK
The Bozeman Daily Chronicle
Rachel Leathe/Chronicle. The Grille 406 food truck caters local bison burgers for nearly 200 Simms employees on Nov. 2 in Four Corners. Grille 406.
Wildlife can overgraze and damage other species
The Bozeman Daily Chronicle
Two recent guest editorials circulating in Montana papers, “Bison should be allowed to graze, not reduced” and “Save Yellowstone bison from ...
Montana sparks adventurous spirit
Toronto Star
MONTANA-He comes from the entrance to Yellowstone National Park, a big shaggy bull bison, walking slowly away from his herd through the dappled ...
State officials hoping for bison trap decision today
The Bozeman Daily Chronicle
Steve Bullock sent a letter to Yellowstone ordering that no bison be shipped to slaughter until they find a way to keep the 40 bison the park is holding ...
APNewsBreak: Deal allows Yellowstone bison slaughter
Kansas City Star
A deal disclosed Thursday will allow the mass slaughter of hundreds of wild bison migrating from Yellowstone National Park, while sparing 25 animals ...
Bison Shipped to Slaughter from Yellowstone National Park
15 female bison were shipped to slaughter from the Stephens Creek facility yesterday. Park officials say these bison had been held and tested since ...
Don't slaughter Montana's bison
Idaho State Journal
Fact: There are other large blocks of public land within the historic range of bison that could support herds such as Montana's Charles M. Russell ...
Bill would allow shipment of Yellowstone bison to tribal quarantine facility
Billings Gazette
The bill changes the law to allow shipment of diseased bison but keeps shipment authorization under the approval of the state veterinarian and ...
Yellowstone bison death tally likely more than 570
The Bozeman Daily Chronicle
Wildlife managers estimate more than 570 Yellowstone bison have been killed so far this winter between hunters and the annual ship to slaughter, ...


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Upcoming Workshop and Bison Ranch Tours Available
Hays Daily News
Come and learn the ABC's of raising America's National Mammal – The American Bison (AKA Buffalo). A free Bison Advantage Workshop will be held ...

Dakota Territory Buffalo Association hosts annual conference
KEVN Black Hills Fox
The Dakota Territory Buffalo Association is selling more than sixty head of bison at their annual buffalo sale at the Black Hills Stock Show Sunday.
Quality bison auctioned off at Buffalo Sale
KEVN Black Hills Fox
The Black Hills Buffalo Association auctioned off more than 60 bison at their 21st annual Buffalo Sale on Sunday. Dozens of ranchers gathered at the ...

State Bison Producers to to Meet This Week in Bonduel
Wisconsin Ag Connection
Members of the Wisconsin Bison Producers Association will be heading to eastern Wisconsin next month for their annual meeting. The forum will be ...
 National Bison Association 
Upcoming Workshop and Bison Ranch Tours Available
Hays Daily News
Come and learn the ABC's of raising America's National Mammal – The American Bison (AKA Buffalo). A free Bison Advantage Workshop will be held ...

A Thank You on the Checkoff Challenge Success
National Bison Association Past President Bruce Anderson, who coordinated the "Checkoff Challenge" fundraising effort at the January NBA winter conference, sends along this note of thanks and encouragement for the program:
"What a great response we got at the Winter Conference for the checkoff challenge. For those of you that weren't there, a challenge was issued to the general membership to donate $1,000 towards the checkoff fund. We were able to raise over $17,000 for the NBA with half of it going directly to further buffalo production and sales and the other half going into the general NBA budget. We need this money to keep our industry on this crest of success that we are all benefiting from. I feel that the NBA has been a huge part of our industry's success. We have a great product and a great association.
 The checkoff fund is generated by animal volume. The shortage of volume (resulting in higher prices) has caused a bit of a shortfall in the checkoff budget. It was gratifying to see that membership "step up" and cover this shortfall. It was also very satisfying to see that membership was willing to share some of the success we are all experiencing with our association. It tells me we are doing a good job.
Finally, I would like to thank all who met the challenge. I had hoped that we could raise $10k and we did way better than that raising nearly $18k. We even had a few folks that didn't want to give $1,000 that stepped up and gave less, but all the contributions were welcome. Also, anyone else who couldn't make the conference that would like to meet the challenge are welcome to send in whatever they can afford. All of us in the buffalo business are doing well. It is time for our association to truly benefit financially from our success."

Bruce Anderson
NBA Immediate Past President
NBA C/O Checkoff Challenge 8690 Wolff Ct.  #200
Westminster, CO 80031
Or email to be invoiced for a contribution, or call the office at 303-292-2833.
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