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The Raleigh Microcosm
Raleigh, North Carolina July 16 1842


The following account of the mode of capturing a large number of Buffaloes is from the Buffalo Advertiser:

It is said that a Yankees engenuity is adequate to any emergency, and whether coaxing a consulship out of Congress, or catching coons, his brain ever teems with some huge plan, to circumnavigate the globe in a mackeral smack or convert sawdust into antidyspectic pills. Some such unique scheme must have entered into the head of the hunter having possession of the Buffaloe herd now in this city. The history of their taking, as gathered from the owner, is substantially as follows: April, 1841, a “native” residing somewhere this side of sun down, in Missouri, gathered together seventeen men, twelve horses, four wagons, and fifty-five cows and calves, with an intent to  traverse the immense plains near the base of the Rocky Mountains, in search of young Buffaloes. After reaching the scene of operations, the hunters would select half a dozen of the fleetest horses and dash off, Arab like, to the plain. Espying a herd, they would hold up and cautiously approached the animals, keeping well to the leeward, as seamen, say, to prevent the animals from taking alarm, which they easily do when the hunter is to windward. Once near enough, a rush is made among the herd, and by means of lassos, the Mexican mode of catching cattle with the rope, several of the creatures would be secured. (READ MORE)



National mammal shouldn't be treated as a nuisance
The Bozeman Daily Chronicle
Our government officials allow this killing to occur, instead of allowing bison to roam free as they did for nearly all of history. Not allowing bison to ...
Early American history shines in 'The Kemptons'
High Plains Journal
The history of the Kempton family in America is as colorful as the Montana skies ... If you are a fan of early American history, Dana has tied the Kempton's ... talks about how he coincidentally roped two bison during one performance ...
Court fight could affect future of bison in Montana
KIRO Seattle
The measure has support from ranchers and landowners, including the United Property Owners of Montana, who worry that an expansion of bison ...
Madison Buffalo Jump State Park to celebrate Native American history, culture
LOGAN – The American bison was life for many of Montana'sNative people and Southwest Montana is home to a piece of land that helped them for ..
You can still find the gathering basin where bison would bunch up before being forced off of the one-mile long sandstone cliff. At the base of the cliff, ...
Bison tanning demonstration Sunday at Chief Plenty Coups State Park
Billings Gazette
Bison tanning demonstration Sunday at Chief Plenty Coups State Park ... A free bisonhide-working demonstration with cultural anthropologist Billy ... has a BA in history and an MA in cultural anthropology from University of Montana, ...
Wild bison are not livestock, should roam freely
The Bozeman Daily Chronicle
When these bison then roam off of reservation lands and onto other state or private lands, their fate is ... Restore a free-range bison herd in Montana.
The New West: Saying a sad farewell to “the cowboy conductor” and civil rights elder
He remembered, in the 1930s, following well-worn trails established by tribes who came to Montana's high plains on bison hunts. A skilled horseman ...
American Prairie Reserve looking to purchase more land
ABC FOX Montana
“Getting people out and appreciating the habitats and the landscapes and the wildlife of Montana, which is unique. This place is the last best place in ...
“A Visit with an 1879 American Fur Company Trader” at Makoshika State Park
Sidney Herald Leader
Makoshika State park will host the Montana Conversations program “A Visit with an 1879 American Fur Company Trader” with Greg Smith on Friday, ...
'Failing and struggling': How financial decisions hobbled the National Bison Range
The Missoulian
It was the latest chapter in a fraught history that began in 1908, when Congress established the Bison Range within the Flathead Indian Reservation.


Still Roamin': Bison wandering around Rochester area
(WXOW) – A viewer in SW Rochester, Karen Sandgren, sent a photo to our sister station KTTC of the loose bison that's been wandering around the ...
Wandering Bison Found, Put Down Near Rochester
ROCHESTER, Minn. (AP) — Officials in southeastern Minnesota say a wandering bison has been found and put down. The Olmsted County Sheriff's ...
Our view: Visit a state historic site this summer
At Jeffers Petroglyphs, a Minnesota Historical Society site near New Ulm, 5,000 ancient and sacred Native American rock carvings of bison, turtles, ...
Bison find home on this range
As more consumers discover the healthier benefits of bison meat over cow meat, the demand is expected to continue. Bowron said getting started in ...

 On a ranch approximately 3 miles north of Luverne, the buffalo — bison — roam. At Prairie Heights, owner John Bowron has a new addition to the herd that may possibly be the elusive great white bison.

Bowron stumbled onto the new cow at an auction in South Dakota. He isn’t 100 percent sure she is a white bison so for now, she is being referred to as a “blonde” until she undergoes DNA testing this fall.

“She was the last animal sold and I thought, ‘I had to come home with something,’” Bowron reflected


See calves being born, tour a farm and more at the new Farm WisconsinDiscovery Center
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
“The Farm Wisconsin Discovery Center not only helps me to share my ... Wisconsin's agricultural plant and animal diversity ranging from how bison, ...Its 10,000-square-foot exhibit areas showcase Wisconsin’s agricultural plant and animal diversity ranging from how bison, bees, mink and fish are raised to how potatoes, maple syrup and cranberries are produced, packaged, shipped and used by consumers. 
Irvine Park Zoo welcomes a baby bison
WQOW TV News 18
Chippewa Falls (WQOW)– Irvine Park Zoo in Chippewa Falls is welcoming a new baby bison to the herd, along with other baby animals throughout ...



Got Bison- sealed bid
The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources is selling three bison calves.The department will receive sealed bids until June 17 for the animals. The calves, a bull and two cows, will be sold as one lot, not individually.

Wild game dinner, auction to benefit STRIDE
Winchester Sun
... will feature duck pepper poppers; alligator bites; bison burnt ends featuring local bison meat from Blackfish Bison Ranch; gumbo with pheasant, ...
Getting Up Close And Personal With A Bison Herd
Spectrum News 1
UNION, Ky.- A healthy herd of 12 bison - technically not buffalo, as we learned - roam an enclosure at the Big Bone Lick State Historic Site. They are ...



Man trampled by bison on Antelope Island
ANTELOPE ISLAND, Utah — A hiker was trampled by a bison near Frary Peak on Antelope Island State Park Saturday afternoon, officials say.

New details on Antelope Island bison attack; mother of victim speaks
Planning on going bison watching? This is what you need to know
PEOA, Utah (ABC4 News) - Bison watching is one of the most popular activities on Antelope Island, but things took a tragic turn on Saturday when a ...
Utah Celebrates Transcontinental Railroad Anniversary
Construction Equipment Guide
Utah Celebrates Transcontinental Railroad Anniversary ... PROMONTORY, Utah (AP) Music, bells and cannon fire rang out May 10 at a remote spot ... side, leading to the near annihilation of the bison, eventual loss of land for Native ...
Utah Wildlife Board approves 2019 big game hunts
Daily Herald
SALT LAKE CITY — Utah Wildlife Board recently approved the 2019 big game ... of permits that were approved for each of Utah's 2019 big game hunts: ... 760; Bull moose, 97; Cow moose, 38; Bison, 225; Bison (archery only), 21; ...
A Once-in-a-Lifetime Hunt for Bison in Utah's Henry Mountains
Outdoor Life Magazine

Utah's Henry Mountain bison herd is one of the only wild herds left in the Lower 48. Buffalo in that unit roam across some of the most rugged territory ...
50 years as a state park: Looking back at Antelope Island's long and unique history
If you've visited the island recently, it seems like it would make more sense to name it after bison. Those entering the park first see a bison statue and ...


Say 'Hello' to the NC Zoo's internet famous bison
ASHEBORO, N.C. — Two of the bison at the North Carolina Zoo have become internet sensations. Last year, Lucy went viral for the "in my feelings" ...


Great Mondays in (South Dakota) History
The Capital Journal
The shell was a gift from your brother, who himself traded some bison-bone tools and fine flint arrowheads with a wanderer for it. The wanderer said ...
One hundred years of natural diversity at Custer State Park
The bison themselves, coming from a herd near Philip. “They built special wagons for these buffalo,” said Austin. “In a day and age where we're kind of ...


'Bison Commons' at the lake
McCook Daily Gazette
Bison rancher Darrell Meister, left foreground, offered special "Buffalo Commons" ... The eastern-Nebraska travelers visited the herd Saturday evening.
Nebraska Historical Markers: The Grand Duke Alexis Corn Nation
Nebraska Historical Markers: The Grand Duke Alexis .... this article - Reinterpreting the 1882 Bison Population Collapse - which posits that the buffalo ...


BACK AT THE RANCH: Since 1997, Oregon lawmakers have allowed Eastern Oregon land zoned exclusively for farm use to also be used for guest ranches for travelers curious about life on the farm. HB 2435 makes permanent the law permitting those ranches, instead of letting it sunset next April. Guest ranches have to stick to a certain size and occupancy limits and must be “incidental” to maintaining an “existing and continuing cattle, sheep, horse, or bison operation that qualifies as a farm use.”


Baby bison born at Trexler Nature Preserve
Allentown Morning Call
The female bison was born May 7 and likely weighed between 30 and 70 pounds at birth, according to zoo officials. The baby will be easy to spot with ...


Summer Fun With Kids
East Bay Express
A new California Trail section showcases bison, grizzly bears, California condors, and four baby wolf pups who arrived in mid-May. Every Friday June ...


OURS: Hillenbrand's legacy lives
Rapid City Journal
... settled onto his idyllic bison ranch south of Rapid City, and nobody would have faulted him. Instead, the successful Indiana businessman wheeled ...
Round ups and rugged riches in South Dakota
Arkansas Online
In this annual event, the shaggy bison are interrupted from their usual .... a trek through the 2.5 billion-year history of the Black Hills and Badlands, and ...
Sen. John Thune announces his bison head's name
Sioux Falls Argus Leader
The South Dakota bison lived on the Slim Buttes Ranch in Buffalo and was taxidermied in Rapid City by Gary English of Golden Hills Taxidermy.


You'll Feel Like You're In The Wild West At This Florida Nature Preserve With Wild Horses And Bison Narcity
Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park has wild horses and bison that roam the open Florida prairie. When it comes to experiencing nature, Paynes ..


One Night on the Old Missouri Trail
One of those river, the Missouri, was a I-29, an interstate that carried just ... Once upon a time, the Missouri River Trail, a nearly endless snaking path over ... thinking all those promised bison had gone south for the winter--snow-birds.
Guided Bison Hike at Prairie State Park July 13
Summer has arrived and the prairie is gorgeous! Wildflowers are impressive, the prairie grass is growing and the bison are enjoying it. Join staff at ...


This Tree House On A 40-Acre Private Texas Ranch Is The Airbnb Of Your Dreams
We all need to get away sometimes - reality is a slap in the face unlike any other. Knowing the best spots to escape to, now that's the tricky part. The tree house is also on a giant 40 acre ranch you are allowed to explore, so be prepared to see some adorable wildlife including cows, longhorns and even bison!
Big Bend, West Texas' Sprawling And Historic National Park, Turns 75
Big Bend, West Texas' Sprawling And Historic National Park, Turns 75 ... Across the country, these groups hunted mammoths, sloths, and bison.
Residents invited to tour Bosque Nature Center
Stephenville Empire-Tribune
It demonstrates the a wide variety of native grasses and wildflowers from the time of the Native Americans and bison. All over Texas, pocket prairies ...
Gov. Greg Abbott Signs Bill Declaring a Quanah Parker Day
Dallas Observer
“[Parker] had been noted historically as a founder of the official state bison... lives,” said Ron Parker by phone from his home in Cache, Oklahoma.
Where the Buffalo Roam Cowboys and Indians
I spun to see a solitary bison bull grazing no more than 15 feet away, half-hidden in the scrub oak and juniper. The buffalo eyed me impassively ...
Caprock Chronicles: The Texas Adventures of Elliott Roosevelt - Part 2
Caprock Chronicles: The Texas Adventures of Elliott Roosevelt - Part 2 .... were caught out in the open with a herd of bison stampeding toward them.


Game & Fish seeking input on proposed Wyoming hunting regulation changes
Oil City News
Game & Fish seeking input on proposed Wyoming hunting regulation changes ... As they consider changing some hunting regulations, the Wyoming Game ... setting March as the application period for Wild Bison hunting permits and ...
What's the plan for weaning elk off feed?
Jackson Hole News&Guide
The population of the Jackson Bison Herd, for example, has been trimmed by hunting by more than half and now hovers near its 500-animal goal.


The Bison Hunter from New York
American Hunter (press release) (blog)
His quarry, the bison, was then on the verge of extinction as millions had been killed .... They later shared the meat with a local ranching family as well. 

The bison was the largest animal in America and was an accessible big-game trophy, especially to hunters from the East, if they were willing to travel west. By the 1870s, bison hunting was all the rage, and the animal was being devastated by hunters descending on the West from everywhere. The major culprit, however, was uncontrolled commercial hunting (for its skin, tongue, etc.). The government essentially winked at the carnage, since many officials thought that wiping out the bison would convince Native Americans, given their historic subsistence on the animal, to relent fighting and submit themselves to life in reservations.


Buffalo Collection: Creating Furniture As a Work of Art
Jewish News of Greater Phoenix
After the number of bison grew too large to be sustained by the land, a meat business was started and the hides were tanned and stored.


OHS Metals students install metal buffalo at  Eisenhower Elementary School
... Iowa — There is now a big buffalo standing outside Eisenhower Elementary ... The two told us it took about four months to complete the big bison.
Bison Talk and Wildflower Walk
Newton Daily News
Join a volunteer ranger at the Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge at 1:30 p.m. Saturday and participate in a short program on the natural history and ...


Baby bison days at local ranch
WTOV Steubenville
John and Karen Sticht hosted their annual Baby Bison Days Charity Pow Wow at their ranch in Cadiz, Ohio with the goal of raising money.


Kansas A to Z: 'S' is for Sandsage Bison Range & Wildlife Area
The Hutchinson News
GARDEN CITY — Barely a mile south of Garden City, visitors from around the world have long visited a 5-square-mile plat of prairie where dozens of ...
MDC offers help for keeping unwanted trees and shrubs out of grasslands
Humans altered factors in that battle by eliminating wildfire and removing some herbivores such as elk and bison from the landscape. ... trees and shrubs, according to research conducted by Kansas State University at Konza Prairie.
Flint Hills ranch listed for $8.58 million
Farm Talk
Once the home to grazing bison, two miles of the 48-mile Flint Hills National Scenic Byway now pass through the property. There are three pastures.


Lone bison died where he lived, a Sunnyside Blvd. pasture
The Daily Herald
They once sold bison meat, but Wobble was never just one of the herd. If not exactly a pet, he was at first cared for in their kitchen. Helped by Dr. Earl ...

I first heard about Wobble a couple of years ago. This is the picture of him back then. 



Births Boost Bison Herd At Chickasaw National Recreation Area
National Parks Traveler (press release) (blog)
The first calf was born on Mother's Day, and two more have been born in the following weeks. The Oklahoma herd now consists of ten bison: one bull, ...



Forgotten Landscapes: Bringing Back the Rich Grasslands of the Southeast
Yale Environment 360
“They were maintained by frequent fires and bison. ... headquartered at Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, Tennessee, which was launched ...


Rare Colorado bison herd faces 'growing' problem, nears capacity near Fort Collins
The Coloradoan
The program sent two bulls from its herd to the California zoo, which will breed the bulls with female bison from the Blackfeet Nation in Montana.
Bison release at Soapstone Prairie Natural Area
The Coloradoan
The Laramie Foothills Bison Conservation Herd in Northern Colorado has done so well that some animals are given away. Miles Blumhardt ...
A run through Colorado's Yampa whitewater reveals the wildness that remains. But will the West's ...
The Denver Post
Leaving more water in the Colorado River Basin could help rivers resume .... Fremont people left pictographs showing bison, deer and themselves.
Bison conservation groups in Colorado continue fight to keep animals thriving
The Denver Channel
DENVER -- Bison herds are well known to Colorado, but there's not as many as there used to be. "Bison aren't endangered but they're still a ...


McCammon area bison featured on TV Western
Idaho State Journal
They started with nine bison and immediately made ranching into a business called Diamond P Grassroots Bison. They sell bison meat, and Jenny ...


Oh, give me a home: Friends share care of orphaned bison
The Spokesman-Review
Oh, give me a home: Friends share care of orphaned bison ... Baxter and Hazel are orphaned bison, and Kofmehl helps Kevin Davidson care for ... said Kofmehl, a member of the Turtle Mountain Chippewa tribe in North Dakota.


Fermilab is Still Alive After CERN
Interesting Engineering (press release) (blog)
That's right, grazing on the grass of the accelerator's ring are a herd of bison that ... The bison keep the grass on top of the Tevatron's 3.9 mile (6.3 km) in ... It sits on 6,800 acres in Batavia, Illinois, southwest of Chicago, and the lab is ...
You can help name a bison skull
Smile Politely - Champaign-Urbana's Online Magazine
A 400 year old bison skull was discovered on Champaign County Forest Preserve property last year, and now you have the opportunity to give it a


OKC Rotarians visit Poland (Members of the Rotary Club of Oklahoma City )
Bialowieza is the last primordial forest in Europe, home to the European forest bison. Extensive efforts by the Polish people have preserved and ....
Pioneer Woman Draws Thousands Of Visitors To Oklahoma KWTV
PAWHUSKA, Oklahoma - Osage County's Tallgrass Prairie Preserve has long been a popular tourist destination. It is the largest protected ecosystem ...


North Dakota white bison dies of injuries from ravine fall
Bismarck Tribune
JAMESTOWN, N.D. (AP) — The National Buffalo Museum in Jamestown says the herd's white bull bison has died from injuries suffered in an accidental fall into a ravine.

Dakota Miracle was 13 years old.

The museum says the bison's health was compromised due to genetic conditions resulting in lack of pigmentation. That caused Dakota Miracle to have poor eyesight, a factor believed to have led to his fall.

NewsDakota reports museum board president Don Williams and executive director Ilana Xinos (ZEE'-nohs) found Dakota Miracle deceased during a routine herd and pasture inspection.

Dakota Miracle was the son of White Cloud, an albino bison that lived with the museum's herd for almost two decades.

The National Buffalo Museum's mission is to educate the public on the cultural and historical significance of the American bison.


Stories You Might Have Missed This Week
Pacific Standard
Over a year ago, 14 bison were sent from Elk Island National Park in Alberta to the Oakland Zoo in California as part of an effort to restore the growing ...
Alberta man sings gospel songs as he watches his home burn in wildfire
Toronto Sun
Bison and cattle ranchers had to turn their animals loose. ... It even drifted into five U.S. states — Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Washington ...
Mountain Towns in Brief
Jackson Hole News&Guide
BANFF, Alberta — There were bison in Banff before the modern era. ... discovered bison bones delivered further evidence that they were mountain ...
Vancouver animal rights activists set to 'March to Close all Slaughterhouses'
Vancouver Courier
Canada's red meat industry alone – which includes beef and veal, pork, lamb and mutton, goat, rabbit, horse, as well as venison and bison – had ...
Court rejects injunction bid from opponents of biosolids project
Kamloops This Week
Additionally, he recommended the project be restricted to the one field on the bison ranch. In addition to denying the injunction request from the ...
Rocky Mountain House historic site a hub for adventure on eastern edge of Alberta's Rockies
It's off the beaten path with adventures ranging from viewing burly bison on the plains to hiking the stunning ridge of nearby Coliseum Mountain.
Bison babies born wild in Banff National Park
Rocky Mountain Outlook
The $6.4 million bison reintroduction project involved bringing 16 plains bison from a disease-free population at Elk Island National Park to Banff's ...
Bison calves roaming Elk Island National Park
Over the last month, baby bison, also known as little reds, have started appearing in the park, according to EINP promotions officer Brennan Bunko.


Research into free-roaming plains bison in Saskatchewan's Prince Albert National Park says the herd could go extinct from overhunting in fields outside the protected area. The study, published in the journal Biological Conservation, looked at why the Sturgeon River herd's population has decreased to about 120 animals. Co-author Ricardo Simon says the area had about 500 bison back in 2005 and the population has been going down ever since. "Pretty much crashing," he says. The PhD student at Laval University in Quebec, says he and his supervisor Daniel Fortin looked at three potential causes: predation by wolves, diseases and hunting.

'He is sacred': The story behind the Assiniboine Park Zoo's white bison
CTV News
The white bison at Winnipeg's Assiniboine Park Zoo stands out from the rest of the herd, but many zoo-goers do not know his name or just how special ...
CASUAL COUNTRY: 150 Mile couple give bison a home on the range
Williams Lake Tribune
“With the history of how they were slaughtered, I like that we are able to do a little bit of justice and have a place for them. Even buffalo deserve to have ...

 Indonesia - Asia

Indonesia morning news for June 26
AEC News Today
Three bison calves have been born at Prigen Safari Park (TSP) in Pasuruan, East Java. With the calves, the park now has six American bison and five European bison.


Family offers reward after North American bison shot and skinned near Coffs Harbour
ABC Local
Thieves have shot and skinned a North American bison on a rural property in New South Wales, prompting the offer of a reward of $20,000 from its ...

Chief, the North American Bison was found shot and skinned at a property at Bucca, north of Coffs ...
ABC News
Chief, the North American Bison was found shot and skinned at a property at Bucca, north of Coffs Harbour. Supplied: John Vanstroe. Topics: livestock ...


Seven bison find new home in Romania's Tarcu Mountains
Seven bison find new home in Romania's Tarcu Mountains ... So far, a total of 73 European bison have been brought to the Southern Carpathians ...


The battle over the primeval forest of Bialowieza
EL PAÍS in English
Home to the European bison, this place has seen time stand still for 9,000 years, and human intervention is kept to a minimum. “This landscape is an
Polish minister sparks outrage with bid to eat rare animals
BBC News
In Poland, unlike many European countries, beavers are only partially ... Both the European bison and beaver were commonly hunted for food in past ...
OKC Rotarians visit Poland (Members of the Rotary Club of Oklahoma City )
Bialowieza is the last primordial forest in Europe, home to the European forest bison. Extensive efforts by the Polish people have preserved and 


Blackfeet welcome the return of bison to Montana reservation
Great Falls Tribune
Blackfeet welcome the return of bison to Montana reservation ... hauling a dozen yearling bison from California had broken down in northern Nevada.
Crow, environmentalists push for protections of Crazy Mountains
The Bozeman Daily Chronicle
He returned with a vision of bison disappearing and being replaced by cattle, ... He joined forces with Crow Tribal Chairman AJ Not Afraid and the lead ...
Montana honors Crow treaty rights in Custer Gallatin National Forest
Fairfield Sun Times
In addition, Montana acknowledges the rights of several tribes to hunt Yellowstone bison in the winter when they leave the park, including CSKT, ...
Crow treaty rights cases reverberate beyond Wyoming
Casper Star-Tribune Online
With a limited population, who can only eat so much meat, and with some tribal members raising beef or with access to the tribe's bison herd, ...
Some Alaskan Presence at Museum of the American Indian, DC
Anchorage Press
Some Alaskan Presence at Museum of the American Indian, D.C. ... Alaskans complain that our representation in this Native American treasure chest ... food reconfigured for contemporary tastes-- I sampled a delicious bison burger.
State panel recommends name change for Yellowstone's Mount Doane
Jackson Hole News&Guide
State panel recommends name change for Yellowstone's Mount Doane ... “At the time, most of the young men were away hunting bison; many of the ...
Discoveries could be 'missing link' to understanding Native American ancestry
WBAP News/Talk
... River site where the teeth were found, belonging to a larger population of 500 that hunted bison, woolly mammoths and woolly rhinoceroses. ... Anne Stone, a professor at Arizona State University's School of Human Evolution and ...
Eastern Shoshone Buffalo Restoration Program Is Growing
Wyoming Public Media
The Eastern Shoshone Tribe is celebrating a new addition to its bison herd. Dennis Oneal of the Tribe's Buffalo Restoration Program said he first ...

Buffalo rising: Iconic animal's return feeds renaissance of Blackfeet culture
The Missoulian
BROWNING — In the end, all that remained of the bison was a windpipe, 40 pounds of half-digested grass and some blood. A few tufts of winter hair ...

Sioux Sun Dance
Prairie Public Broadcasting
... members from Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota attended, but we don't know if Governor Langer was able to help the tribe secure a bison.
Storyteller tells how buzzard lost his beauty
Tahlequah Daily Press
The rabbit told the bison he was there to see how the bison was doing. .... to him that day when tried to eat fresh meat and what that bison did to him.".
20 years of preserving Native American history at Indian Village
Daily Republic
From bison to smoked venison, Gregg said the food was prepared in a way that closely replicated the cooking style of early Native Americans.
Indigenous youth connect with their heritage during archaeological digs at Cluny Fortified Village UCalgary News
A young Blackfoot couple reconstruct a full bison skeleton, gently placing their ... “They had their baby laid out where the bison's tummy would be and I ... Fortified Village is a site of great historical and archaeological significance.
Photos: Tribal members and sponsors visit bison herd on the Wind River Reservation
Casper Star-Tribune Online
Photos from a visit to the Eastern Shoshone tribal buffalo herd on the Wind River Reservation Sunday morning, June 23, 2019.
Gov. Greg Abbott Signs Bill Declaring a Quanah Parker Day
Dallas Observer
“[Parker] had been noted historically as a founder of the official state bison... lives,” said Ron Parker by phone from his home in Cache, Oklahoma.
On River's Banks, Tribe Defends Its Heritage from Mining Threats
Earthjustice (press release) (blog)
The Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin lived along the Menominee .... tools of ancient people: digging sticks and hoes made from bison scapula.
Yellowstone bison join Wyoming's Wind River Reservation herd
Middletown Press
CASPER, Wyo. (AP) — Five genetically pure Yellowstone National Park bison have been delivered to Wyoming's Wind River Indian Reservation.
Sculptures depicting Native Americans, settler added to Pioneer Courage Park
Omaha World-Herald
A wagon train at 14th and Capitol scares a group of bison, which flee south down 15th. The bison then run into a pond in Wilderness Park, startling the ...
Tribes make bison film available
Char-Koosta News
From CSKT. PABLO, MT – For the first time, the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes are making publicly available the award-winning film, In the ...
Judge blocks Stapleton from overruling governor veto
Lexington Herald Leader
A Montana judge has blocked Secretary of State Corey Stapleton from enrolling into state law a bison bill that Gov. Steve Bullock vetoed last month.
Montana constitutional dispute heats up
Lewiston Morning Tribune
A constitutional dispute between Montana's Democratic governor and ... The Legislature transmitted the bison bill to the governor on April 25, and ...
Judge asked to lift restraining order in bison bill debate
Great Falls Tribune
HELENA – The Montana Secretary of State's office has asked a judge to lift a temporary restraining order placed upon it last week forcing it to honor .
Second Judge to Take Up Dispute
(AP) — A Montana judge will hear arguments in a dispute between Gov. ... He says Yellowstone National Park bison could be considered domestic ...
Judge sides with Gov. Bullock in bison veto dispute
KRTV Great Falls News
Bullock in bison veto dispute ... that Stapleton had no legal authority to overrule the governor's veto of a bill on the definition of wild bison in Montana.

DVM & Business
Electronic ID to replace metal tags
Fence Post
1, 2023, “RFID ear tags will be required for beef and dairy cattle and bison ... In South Dakota, the metal tag numbers along with brand information is ...
Vesicular Stomatitis case confirmed in Texas; vets warn Colorado livestock owners to be thinking Fence Post
Horses, mules, cattle, bison, sheep, goats, pigs, and camelids are all susceptible to VSV. Clinical signs of the disease include vesicles, erosions and ...
Livestock transportation has seen major improvements
Western Producer
A lot of work has gone into the new transportation regulations. For cattle and bison, previous regulations were working well. Long trailer hauls to ..


BANFF, Alta.—There were bison in Banff before the modern era. But were they tourists, who wandered into the mountains occasionally, or mountain dwellers?

The Rocky Mountain Outlook reported that tests conducted on 15 bison bones discovered recently delivered further evidence of bison as mountain dwellers, not tourists. In fact, they may not have left the mountains.

A scientist was careful not to deliver conclusions too sweeping, though. "It's suggesting that these particular individual bison could have gone out of the mountains a little bit, but not very much," said Karsten Heuer, manager of Banff's bison reintroduction project.

Isotope analysis of the bones sheds light on the diets of the bison, including their habitat, while radio-carbon dating indicated a date of 600 years ago. However, other bison bones discovered in the park put bison there as long as 10,370 years ago.

A bison shot near Lake Louise in 1858 was believed to be the last wild bison in what is now Banff National Park.

In 2016, Parks Canada transplanted 16 bison imported from east of Edmonton into the park. So far, reported the Outlook, the effort appears to be paying off. The original herd was enclosed within a fenced pasture, and it has more than doubled, with more calves on the way.


One year later, paleontology dig still yielding ancient secrets
Brunswick News
A lot of mammoth and bison fossils were found in Florida and a diet analysis ... “Because we're farther north, bison and mammoths were concentrating ...
Yet Again, Fossils Have Been Unearthed at LA Metro Construction Site
NBC Southern California
Bison and other species remains have been excavated during the ... to its final destination at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County.
Private digs: Montana State students unearth bison kill site near Judith Gap
Billings Gazette
Bergstrom had stumbled upon an ancient bison kill site that may date back ... From bison jawbones recovered at the dig, tooth eruption will provide ...
One small steppe for grasslands
Brookings Register
This is an endangered horse that functions similarly to bison. Her research is going to be comparing the two animals to see how bison can be used in ...
Animals often leave behind traces that reveal their role in the ecosystem
Bison are known for scratching themselves on any number of upright objects and their fur gets easily caught in the cracks or bark. Once bison were ...

Only 10 percent of the world's grasslands are intact
Popular Science
The prairie's demise began when 19th-​century settlers killed 30 to 50 million American bison—a mammal that grazes on and fertilizes native flora.

Western Landowners offer scholarships for ranch management program
Grazing strategies developed for cattle and bison, and how grazing plans are designed to help protect biodiversity, enhance soils and conserve water ...

Author, Lin Enger to speak in Wadena, June 8
Wadena Pioneer Journal
... demise of the bison herds, and the subjugation of the Plains Indians—blend ... Lin Enger grew up in Minnesota and has spent most of his life here.
The plight of the American bison
Lewiston Morning Tribune
Now the national mammal, bison are hulking remnants of a species that once spread across the United States from Alaska to Mexico and east of the ...
America Loves the Idea of Family Farms. That's Unfortunate.
New York Magazine
... or Tanka's work restoring prairies, bison, and traditional foodways in the ... Many of today's new farmers who weren't born into farming are young and ... These new farmers are absolutely trying to do the right thing, but solo .... NewsGuild of New York, which represents the staffers, told CNN Business.
Outdoors: American bison making a comeback
Coeur d'Alene Press
This area was called the Great Bison Belt, and it extended from Alaska to the Gulf of Mexico, from California to just shy of the Atlantic Ocean. It was a ...
Exploring the bloody story of how beef changed the United States
The National
... and rationale for the country's bloody march west of the MississippiRiver. ... Rather, cattle ranchers and bison hunters precipitated a conflict with ...
Bison Meat
Are we killing off all the wild buffalo that still know how to roam?
Popular Science
Yellowstone bison are the last of their kind, existing as their forbears did. They fight, graze ... More than 96 percent are livestock, raised for meat.
Local butcher emerges victorious in TV competition
Norwich Bulletin
The first challenge required the four butchers to produce cuts of meat from a side of bison, after first sectioning the carcass using a tomahawk.
Edmonton dried meat business finds wider success with a national retailer
The dry meat, made with only two ingredients 3 bison and smoke — is a food source that helped sustain people for generations through long winters.
Meat Packaging Market Report 2019 Top Companies, Trends, Sales, Revenue, Detailed Analysis ...
The Norman Gazette (press release)
The Meat Packaging market report [6 Year Forecast 2019-2025] focuses on Major Leading Industry Players, ... Beef, Veal, Pork, Lamb, Bison, Other.
Hunter fined for wasting bison meat
Whitehorse Star
Philip Emerson appeared Tuesday before Judge Michael Cozens and pleaded guilty to one count of not harvesting all of the meat of a bison, ...

Grassfed Meat Market Study & Development Insights till 2028
Cryptocurrency News
Grassfed meat market players are also moving towards other retail channels ... There is a lot of scope for the growth of the grassfed Bison meat market.
National Geographic's YELLOWSTONE LIVE Captures the Drama of America's Premier Natural ...
Odessa American
Taking place across three states - Montana, Idaho and Wyoming - the ... Based north in the park, Poole plans to capture footage of herds of bison and ...
The Yellowstone grazing debate: Is the Northern Range being harmed?
Ravalli Republic
The bison's recovery in Yellowstone is an ecological triumph, but some .... which he started with his wife in 1986 by selling the land to Montana Fish, ...
Photographer captures birth of bison in YNP
ABC FOX Montana
Photos taken with a long-range lens capture an incredible view of a bison cow giving birth in Yellowstone National Park. A registered nurse from ...
Yellowstone Live Season 2 Begins Next Week - Here's What to Expect  Screen Rant
Covering 3,500 square miles of the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem across the states of Montana, Idaho and Wyoming, Yellowstone Live season 2 aims to .... to hunt and bison must protect their young calves from hungry predators.
When seeking bison, start with Yellowstone's Hayden Valley
The Spokesman-Review
One of the scientists behind such recent claims is Jeff Mosley, a professor of rangeland ecology and management at Montana State University who .
Brucellosis not a good reason to slaughter bison
The Missoulian
Not allowing bison to roam out of Yellowstone National Park is a government scheme that is backed up by a misrepresentation of the facts.
National Geographic Features MT Prairie on 'Yellowstone Live' Project
Public News Service
"Yellowstone Live" airs at 7 p.m. Mountain time through Wednesday. ... On Monday, wildlife experts darted one of the reserve's 950 bison and fitted it ...
Slaughter of bison a scheme not based on science
The Bozeman Daily Chronicle
There is no scientific evidence of harm from bison to the landscape or to other livestock. A free-roaming herd of bison should be restored in Montana ...
 National Bison Association 

A Note from NBA President Dick Gehring

Over the past month, I’ve had the opportunity to attend a couple of state/regional bison association meetings.

On May 17 and 18, I attended the Texas Bison Association Spring Conference. They had multiple sessions that were of interest to the attendees. Dr. Cook's talk on MCF and Tim Fraser's talk on SPBTX parasitism program had everyone listening and asking for more. Good food, good speakers, good time. Thanks to Benji Cox and all the folks in Texas for a great conference.

On June 7 and 8, the Western Bison Association, along with the Montana Bison Association, held their Summer Rendezvous. It was held in beautiful Kamas, Utah at Joe and Kathleen Sorenson's Buffalo Pass Ranch. Joe gave tours of their fantastic house during a wagon ride around the properties. 

There was much to do, from fishing to trail rides and excursions up and down the mountains. Wade and Kristen Klingler went out of their way to host a great event and wherever there was a need or request, these two came through. A good time was had my all. Glad I could finally make it out west.

Attending these events is always an educational and enjoyable experience. And, it’s always refreshing to see how much passion producers have for this animal and for the bison business.


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