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  I am working with the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Tulsa on their annual fundraiser to be held on September 12th. We are only having 5 Live items & we have a Freezer donated from Metro Appliances & More and we are trying to get certificates donated to fill it with Surf & Turf products. We would love Bison Meat to be a part of this wonderful item, do you know of any Oklahoma Bison Ranchers that might be willing to donate? You can forward this on or I can contact directly. We greatly appreciate the consideration for such a wonderful cause. Let me know if you have any questions.
Jennifer Jacobs
Volunteer McDazzle Fun Ball 2013 Acquisition Chair
(918) 693-1797

 Roam with the bison in North Dakota
Though Teddy eventually got one for his trophy case, the lessons from that trip became his inspiration to ignite a conservationist movement that would help save the bison and pave the way for the national park system to evolve into an important.....

Minneapolis Star Tribune (blog)
With good reason. Naturally lean bison
brims with a deep beef-like flavor, but it's
not the world's juiciest meat. Which is why Brown wisely inserts a few fat boosters, namely a mixture of white onions slow-cooked in olive oil and jazzed by Dijon ...

Refurbished bison sculpture returns to Wichita Art Museum
Spike Baker, left, and Kirk Eck reinstall the Wichita Art Museum's prominent bison sculpture, “Specter of Ancient Pathways” by artist Steve Kestrel, near the entrance of the museum on Monday. (July 1, 2013.) Regular visitors to the Wichita Art Museum ...
National Bison Month & Beneficial Insects plus Food Forethought. I'm Greg Martin with today's Northwest Report. National Bison Month, celebrated each July, is a time in which American bison producers and marketers promote the delicious taste of bison ...

Great Falls Tribune
This April 2012 file photo shows a herd of bison on the Fort Peck Reservation near Poplar. The Montana Supreme Court has reversed a lower court ruling that blocked transfers of Yellowstone National Park bison as part of a government-sponsored ...

A Feast for the Fourth: All-American grilled bison, new sauces- In-Forum A Feast for the Fourth: All-American grilled bison, new sauces. Last summer Tony, Gio and I made it our personal goal to visit as much of North Dakota as we could in one season. We called our adventure “Lost on the Prairie” and traveled someplace new ...

Bison Day to feature tours, kids' activities 
Le Mars Daily Sentinel
The Iowa Nature Conservancy is hosting its third annual Bison Day at the Broken Kettle Grasslands Preserve Visitor Center at 24764 Highway 12, south of Westfield. The day's activities will run from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday. A highlight of the day will ...

Grilled Barbecue Bison Burger | Aggie's Kitchen
A leaner alternative to the hamburger. Grilled bison burgers are juicy and flavorful with less guilt!

Good News for Montana's Bison! - Western Watersheds Project- › News & Media
Good News for Montana's Bison! Online Messenger #239. (view with pictures, as displayed in email). Bison gained ground in Montana yesterday when a state ..

Buffalo found wandering along Goodhue County highways Post-Bulletin
The Minnesota State Patrol responded to a report shortly after 1 p.m. on Thursday that a buffalo was seen along Minnesota Highway 60 in Minneola Township. Later that day, the buffalo surfaced again near Goodhue County 10, east of Goodhue County 12, ...

Strange journey delivers prairie bison to new homes  (Gainesville Sun) The Florida Park Service had determined the bison herd the agency had long ago introduced to the 21,000 acres had outgrown the home they were brought to roam. And there were safety concerns. Twice in 2010, officials said, male bison — which can stand ...
What happened to the male bison at Florida's Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park?
Daily Journal
In late February, cowboys gathered 26 adult bulls and hauled them to a ranch in High Springs, whose owner had agreed with the state's intention that the bison be allowed to live out their natural lives and not be slaughtered and sold for meat. But that ...

If you're looking for a healthier burger choice and veggie or turkey burgers aren't cutting it, you may want to try a bison burger.

Today in Dallas photo history – 1961: 500-year-old bison bones found in ... 
Dallas Morning News (blog)
Slaughter and a group of his colleagues Tuesday, July 4, unearthed a deposit of bleached bison bones south of
Highway 183 in the Trinity River bottom
near where an extension of the Stemmons Expressway
is being constructed.
Read the full story here.

Research finds wood, plains bison not subspecies
Tundra Drums
DNA analysis does not support the designation of wood bison and plains bison ... listed as species,” said Matthew Cronin, UAF professor of animal genetics.
This is important because the Endangered Species Act allows subspecies to be listed as species,” said Matthew Cronin, UAF professor of animal genetics. “The ESA is mandated to use the best available science, so thorough assessment of the subspecies status is necessary.”

Bison Day 2013 - Visitors encounter wildlife at Broken Kettle
Le Mars Daily Sentinel
A handful of people accompanied Bill Zales (front), of Westfield, on a plant hike Saturday during Bison Day. The group looked at various species of plants growing in the prairie at the Broken Kettle Grasslands Preserve near Westfield. To purchase this ...
About 200 people attended the third annual Bison Day, hosted by the Iowa Nature Conservancy, with the help of 40 volunteers. The highlight of the day for many was seeing the bison herd in its native habitat. 

Bison producers host summer field day
Mayerthorpe Freelancer
The Bison Producers of Alberta are hosting a Summer Field Day at ... treasure and learn a little more about Alberta's growing bison industry at the same time.
The Summer Field Day is a wonderful opportunity to visit the Jump for the first time, or revisit this amazing Alberta treasure and learn a little more about Alberta’s growing bison industry at the same time.

 The Making Of | Parabellum's Artisanal Leather Goods, Sourced from American ...
New York Times (blog)
For the founders, Mike Feldman and Jason Jones, the bison is more than a mascot of the old Wild West — because of its journey back from near-extinction, its story is “a story of rebirth,” Feldman said. Accordingly, the duo strives to accord the ...

 Running away from the bison could be windfall for Utah
That's not adventure, it's Russian roulette. With horns. ... Combine the excitement of a bull run with the annual bison roundup out there on Antelope Island ...
Where am I going with all of this? Well, I do believe that there is a real economic void to be filled here in the Top of Utah with the idea of a similar festival, featuring tourists running with some sort of indigenous fauna.
Namely … wait for it … the Running of the Bison.

Watch bison charge across the prairie at Caprock Canyons State Park in the Texas Panhandle. The park is restoring Southern Plains Bison to their native Texas habitat.


Grilling Bison Meat: The secrets to the ultimate bison steak ...
The Secret to Grilling bison meat. Tips on how to cook the best possible bison steaks, medallions and burgers on your Barbecue.

I was under the impression that you needed to sear your bison meat on high heat to lock in the juices. But now I find out it’s a myth. In fact searing does nothing to keep juices from leaking out.


Canada Parks Day celebration at Elk Island
Sherwood Park News
Parks Canada interpretive programs will be held in the Astonin Lake recreation area from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. that cover the 100 years of bison conservation that the park has been at the international forefront of. Since becoming Elk Island National Park ...
Since becoming Elk Island National Park in 1913, the park has had a focus on bison. From its earliest days to this year’s third transfer of wood bison to the Republic of Sakha, in Russia, Elk Island National Park has a long history of safely relocating wildlife, according to a park release.

Where the Buffalo Roam
“Anyone riding the Amtrak to Chicago will see the art out their window,” says John Cook, Executive Director of the Native American Awareness Project. The buffalo will be part of phase one in a two-phase Native American art installation project proposed ...
 One plan, she notes, is to sell sponsorships for the herds of topiary buffalo, so each is sponsored by local organizations and businesses. “We are also in the process of writing grants for the Wisconsin Arts Board and The Milwaukee Satellite Galleries will hold fundraising events as well,” she adds.


Rancher Tom Olson says 'someone with a very planned organization came in ...
Winnipeg Free Press
The Olson operation is a massive, although not widely known bison-recovery project that began 20 years ago with six bison on a ranch near Calgary, where Olson had become a successful international tax lawyer. Since then, along with his wife and 10 ...
A Manitoba rancher has enlisted a detective agency to unravel an unusual crime: the theft of approximately 1,000 bison from a family-run range near Pine River.


July Southern Plains Pointers:

 By: Tim Frasier, Frasier Bison LLC

     It’s getting crazy out there! Bulls are ‘roaring’, tending and sparring causing you to begin sensing that you might not be as safe out there on foot all of the sudden. Trust your senses…. And don’t be out there on foot this time of year. They’re busy and other than feeding, they require the benefit of our absence. Feeding is a smart thing to do in the summer if Texas bison is your bag.  Another smart thing to do is planning for the coming fall, winter and your marketing strategy options with plenty of time to consider many alternatives.
    Planning for fall and winter forage should be a thing done in July and August, or earlier, so that your ducks are in a row when the time comes. Making contact with your best potential market patrons is also a recommended measure in herd management. You may have the later planned and arranged for, but as for the former, you should be pricing seed, finding help/ farm services and deciding which method of cool season forage you are willing to experiment with, or decide if buying winter feed is cheaper.
    Food plots can be very beneficial and benefit your pastures at the same time. If you are planning to establish winter and spring forage, I like to use no-till technology as opposed to plowing and planting. There are most likely farmers in your area that have a no-till drill to pay for, and would be happy to rent it or provide the service for a fee. The earlier in the fall you plant, the more forage you will have. One acre will sustain 1 animal unit for a good 90 days in the spring, as well as providing green forage through the winter.

For regenerative food plot construction contact

For hay look at:
Stay cool! Stay out of their way, and plan! 

Farmers market a growing enterprise
Port Huron Times Herald
She makes necklaces with buffalo teeth, however, and uses the leather and the hair on the hides for hats and furs, and prepares bison skulls for decoration. Peaceable Kingdom Bison is one of the popular vendors at the Vantage Point Farmers Market, now ...

Hoof-To-Ground: Bringing Wild Bison Back To The West
OPB News
Northwest Montana's Blackfeet Indian Reservation stretches across 1.5 million acres. But it turns out that isn't enough room for the free-roaming bison herd that tribes are attempting to establish. Northwest Native Americans are hoping restored buffalo ...

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks :: Bison Management In Montana
By M. Jeff Hagener, Director FWP. The recent Montana Supreme Court decision validating the transfer of bison between tribal lands on the Fort Peck and Fort ...

Costner Selling Black Hills Properties
Indian Country Today Media Network
The property for sale does not include Costner's Midnight Star casino and restaurant, the tallest building on Main Street in Deadwood, South Dakota or Tatanka: Story of the Bison, the $6 million attraction on the town's northern edge. Costner filmed ...

Badlands National Park bison plan questioned
RAPID CITY, S.D. (AP) - A proposal to expand bison grazing in Badlands National Park in southwestern South Dakota is being questioned by some neighboring cattle ranchers who fear it could harm their operations. The park's bison herd, which has been ...

Some area cattle ranchers say the park already can't properly manage and contain its bison, some of which damage fences and end up on their private properties

Bison Roaming in Campbell County
Mike Morris, operator of Melrose Bison Farm, says the bull was spooked by a visitor and busted through a gate on July 6. The sheriff's office says Morris reported the missing animal to animal control on July 7. A driver called 911 around 3a.m. Friday ...


Mike Morris tells WSLS when animals escape they usually stay around the property, but this buffalo headed towards the Staunton River.

Morris says the Campbell County Sheriff's office called him early this morning saying the bull's been spotted about 5 miles away.

Missing Bison Found & Shot in Campbell County

WSET   Campbell Co., VA - Farm owners say the bison that had been missing for more than two weeks was found and shot Friday night in Long Island. Mike Morris, the owner of Melrose Bison Farm, says the rogue bull was found on Mohawk Road around 8 p.m. ... 

Big birds to mingle with bison herd again

Omaha World-Herald
Wildlife biologists ran wild with the idea Saturday and opened the trust's historic Shoemaker Island to probably its first bison trail stampede since Nebraska's early statehood years in the 1860s. This rush of critters, however, was a two-legged ...

Cattle will remain on Mormon Island as bison are re-introduced to Shoemaker Island. Fencing and a river channel will separate the herds. Wildlife biologists are eager to compare and analyze habitat differences on the cow and bison islands in coming years, and to see how cranes respond to buffalo-built habitat.

How to make salads even kids will like
San Jose Mercury News
He'd live on it if he could. As a result, we tend to always have some variety of steak kicking around, often a lean and flavorful bison steak or flank or something of that nature. And since this is a cold salad, leftover steak from last night's ...

  Nature on display for participants in Stampede

Grand Island Independent 


Several of the new yearling bison can be seen in their enclosure before the Buffalo Stampede 5k run Saturday at the Crane Trust Nature & Visitor Center near Alda. The trail run, the first that the Crane Trust has hosted, celebrated the addition of four ...

– In 1913, through a special arrangement with the Bronx Zoo, several head of American Bison made a return to Wind Cave National Park. Those animals were the foundation of a herd of bison that are now considered among the purest form of the breed left in existence today.

The festivities begin at 7 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 16, when Tom Farrell, Chief of Interpretation at the Park, presents a program titled “The Return of the Bison: the Decision that shaped Wind Cave National Park” at the park’s Visitor Center. Following Farrell’s presentation, there will be a showing of the Oscar-winning Walt Disney documentary “The Vanishing Prairie.” 

San Francisco park's resident bison dies
Sacramento Bee
SAN FRANCISCO -- One of the oldest American bison living in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park has died. KTVU-TV reports ( San Francisco ...

The bison that died Friday is one of the original descendants of a 1984 birthday present to former San Francisco Mayor Dianne Feinstein from her husband, Richard Blum.

Bison were first brought to Golden Gate Park in 1891, when they were on the brink of extinction.

Bison, Brie, and Bells | Your Lighter SideYour Lighter Side
Here is a little twist on an old favorite, stuffed bell peppers. I love bison, it is lean and packed with protein! I can't find it all the time though. I was lucky enough to ...

Catalina: an island of contrasts

The bison, frankly, are as much an attraction,  not to mention a tradition,  as ... Jeep tours are allowed into the "backcountry" where the bison roam, but they ...

Yet the city and the conservancy have worked together to keep the bulk of the island from being negatively impacted by the teeming touristic horde, Avalon beach's problems notwithstanding. Jeep tours are allowed into the "backcountry" where the bison roam, but they are tightly regulated and limited to wide fire roads. A recently completed 37-mile, mostly single-track Trans-Catalina Trail encourages foot traffic deep into the interior.
Read more here:

Photography In The National Parks: Yellowstone's Famous Bison Jams
National Parks Traveler
In addition to an increase in visitors to the park, the bison are in rut and the males are chasing the females up and down Lamar Valley and across the road. The buffed out males, with their snorting, bellowing and spitting ways, are oblivious to cars ...

In addition to an increase in visitors to the park, the bison are in rut and the males are chasing the females up and down Lamar Valley and across the road. The buffed out males, with their snorting, bellowing and spitting ways, are oblivious to cars at the moment because all that they see is that sweet little cow, which they will follow down the road and back again.

Art festival features local artwork inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe Florence-forestnews
... Bistro was “Georgia on My Mind,” which paid tribute to the famous Wisconsin artist who favored painting bison skulls, desert scenes and large, colorful flowers.

Sweet Bacon Bison Chili | fastPaleo PrettyInPaleo
Sweet Bacon Bison Chili. 2013-07-26. chili. Servings : 6-8; Prep Time : 20m; Cook Time : 40m; Ready In : 1m. PrintFriendly and PDF ...

Industrial Revolution  Weekly Special:
Buffalo Bill Bison Burger

1/2 lbs seasoned bison patty topped
with cheddar cheese, crispy bacon,
fried jalapenos, BBQ and house made
smoky jalapeno bacon aioli,
"wrangles" together ...

Cooking on deadline: Cool, refreshing summer salads can be ... Salt Lake Tribune
For the steak, I like to use bison because it is extremely lean and naturally organic. But any leftover cooked steak is easily substituted. The trick is to slice it as ...

Buffalo or Bison Meat: Nutrition Facts and How to Cook - YouTube
Buffalo or Bison Meat: Nutrition Facts and How to Cook During our recent trip to Jackson Hole ... 



Meanwhile, the number of bison has shown a dramatic rebound. From fewer than 1,000 animals around 1900, the U.S. herd has grown to an estimated 220,000 on both private and public lands. Bison producers are in all 50 states and include 4,400 private ranches and farms.

BisonBison Co. - Real. American. Meat. | Indiegogo
Help us build our brand to bring this sustainable, delicious, and healthy meat to your plates!

We’re a team of San Francisco based, bison loving, burger eating entrepreneurs working to bring bison meat to the plates of Americans. Here's what our campaign is all about:

  • Bison meat is healthy, delicious, and environmentally responsible - but not easy to find on a menu.


Turning the herd: Polarizing bison debate sparks new approach ...
Restoring bison to new areas of Montana has become so polarized, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks is considering forming a group made up of advocates and ...

Public gets more time to comment on plan to let bison on lands near ... Billings Gazette
Comments can be emailed to, or mailed to Bison Year-Round Habitat EA, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks, 1400 So. 19th Ave.

Comment deadline extended for bison EA
Helena Independent Record
... that could allow bison to occupy public lands adjacent to Yellowstone National Park on a year-round basis. Pat Flowers, the Bozeman-based Region 3 supervisor for Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, said seven conservation groups requested the comment ...

The groups that made the request include the Sierra Club, the Gallatin Wildlife Association, the Defenders of Wildlife, the Greater Yellowstone Coalition, the National Parks Conservation Association, the National Wildlife Federation and the Natural Resources Defense Council

Buffalo seen roaming near I-35

By Tribune staff

The fate of a buffalo calf last seen roaming in a field east of Interstate 35 earlier this week remains unknown.The Story County Sheriff’s Office received a call Wednesday a young buffalo was near the interstate. When a deputy arrived, he saw the calf running east through a field near the rest stop south of Story City.The animal never was a risk to passing traffic, said sheriff’s office Lt. Don Ellis.He said his office has not received any other calls or reports of the buffalo, and it’s unknown where it may have gone.Ellis said it’s believed the animal may belong to Ken Chicoine, an area buffalo producer, who lives along 580th Avenue, but it’s not known if the calf returned home.

A telephone listing for Chicoine could not be located Thursday.

Buffalo David Bitton Unveils Fall 2013 Marketing Campaign First to Know 
08. In honor of Cody's presence on set, Buffalo
David Bitton has made a donation to the Wildlife
Conservation Society's American Bison Society,
which aims to restore the bison's ecological role
as an important species in the North American

Wind Cave Buffalo Jump Tour
SDPB Radio
You know, the buffalo jump is an area where the American Indians used to drive bison off a cliff in order to kill the bison so they could use the meat, the hides and other body parts for their survival.” Farrell says until a visitor use plan is ...


“After three weeks they determined it was used potentially as long as 4000 years ago, over a variety of times,” says Farrell. And the uses were hunting, food processing, tool manufacture, habitation and ceremonial activities. 

State's approach to bison improving
Great Falls Tribune
The tribes believe bringing back the bison will aid tourism, provide a source of meat and even save genetically pure bison in case of a disaster in ...


The tribes believe bringing back the bison will aid tourism, provide a source of meat
and even save genetically pure bison in case of a disaster in Yellowstone Park, which basically is one big volcano waiting to explode someday.

"I didn’t know the difference between bison and cattle," Christa Greenfader said after riding in the annual Antelope Island Bison Roundup in the fall of 2012. "Herding bison is apparently a lot like herding cats. They choose where they are going to go and you just follow them."
Utah Bucket List: Annual bison roundup offers ride on the wild side
Salt Lake Tribune
Antelope Island • The bison had heard enough cracks of the whip and yaws coming from the annoying creatures on the backs of the horses. In the blink of an eye, the cow turned from the herd and charged the closest target. The horse, or perhaps the rider ...

Readington River buffalo farm is all about the meat
Hunterdon County Democrat -
He saw bison meat as “a high-end niche product.” So unlike soybean prices that are dictated by the market, buffalo meat can be priced to reflect the actual cost of production. “People are willing to spend money on a high-quality, healthy product,” he says.

The bison meat is billed as “all-natural” because they are given no antibiotics or growth-stimulating steroids and hormones, Eric says. Health-conscious eaters like buffalo meat because it is lower in fat and cholesterol than beef and higher in iron, protein and omega 3 fatty acids — and it tastes good, he says. “A buffalo farm benefits from the trend of eating healthier.” 

Members of North Dakota tribe offer cultural richness to game preserve
The tribal members will translate documents from the Dakota language, offer educational programs for local students, and team up to manage the two groups' bison herds. The collaboration will mark the first time since Sullys Hill opened in 1904 that the ...

Game Plan for Yellowstone Bison Management Pushed Back a Month
Yellowstone Insider
Public comments on potential plans to manage Yellowstone bison who leave the Park year-round will be extended by a month after requests from conservation organizations. Officials with the Interagency Bison Management Plan have prepared an ...

The idea of exploring where and when to possibly allow free-ranging bison in certain areas was raised about a year ago by a citizens’ advisory group. The state went through the public scoping process, where it received more than 3,500 comments that helped craft the current 120-page draft document.

Drought Proofing Farms, Ranches and Habitats

    By: Ben Tyler, Texas EcoLogix

  In most landmasses of the planet, especially a climatically cantankerous continent such as North America, aridity and drought cycles are a fact of life. The good news just so happens to be: that our farms and ranches can be drought-proofed with effective planning and mitigation strategies. Nature sets the example with all manner of brilliant water-saving techniques/technology and intelligent agriculturists will mimic nature's proven patterns.  Integrating a combination of cultural techniques, infrastructure development and species selection is the pathway to thriving success in the face of drying adversity and un-relenting heat.
  The first order of business is choosing appropriate plant species.  Perennials are generally more drought forgiving than annual plants since they possess permanent root systems which take root deeply and often have specialized moisture storage organs adapted to surviving in dry conditions.  Native prairie grasslands developed as the most successful ecosystem in central North America for a reason, they bounce back quickly despite what erratic changes the climate throws out.  Prickly pear cactus remains moist and viable as a succulent, even in the throes of deep drought if only it weren't for those pernicious thorns.  Planting hedgerows of thornless prickly pear is like drought insurance forage for the worst of times.  Employing browsable tree species with agro-forestry techniques provide useable forage in dry periods.  Some trees such, as mesquite, laugh at drought and are hated by many for their ability to thrive in arid environments.  One mesquite species, the Tamarugo, is one of the few plants which can survive the Atacama Desert, the driest place on earth!  Of course mesquite beans are highly palatable and nutritious and happen to fruit in the peak of summer when needed most.  Truly a curse that is the cure if one drops their prejudice.
  Forward stockpiling of forage is a dependable management technique most often accomplished by baling hay but can also include silage clamps and intensively grazing less desirable forages.  Reducing tillage and maintaining permanent mulch or living cover on the soil surface is mandatory. Deep chiseling to infiltrate water into the soil profile is an excellent practice.  Light discing and over-seeding with specialized annual plants are much preferred to heavy-metal plowing and soil churning.  Increasing the organic matter and carbon content of the soil improves the water and nutrient holding capacity of the land.
  At the time of the dust bowl era, agricultural terraces were very common to manage water and erosion. A man by the name of P.A. Yeomans in Australia developed Keyline design which consists of watershed management by high-damming water and strategic water conveyance via swales, check dams and specialized plowing to infiltrate massive amounts of water into the vadose-zone of the soil to be available to crops in the dry season. After all, 80% of rain in most arid regions tends to fall abundantly in a narrow window of time, so it behooves us to have infrastructure in place to capture as much as possible and keep it in use on our land as long as possible.  This is very similar to the traditional Hawaiian Ahupua'a-agricultural watershed management systems.  There, watersheds were maintained by families. If a family's food production system failed due to mismanagement of their watershed, it was taboo to request food from the extended community.  At one time, perhaps 200 million beavers spent their lives building countless dams over every watercourse in North America which spread the water beyond the banks and hydrated the land, thereby creating rich, fertile and abundant habitat for all other species including, but not limited to: grass & bison.
  Water scarcity is fast becoming a big issue of civilization. Water wars will set future policies and change everyone's lives.  Are you drought-proof?

 Find out more at

From The National Bison Assoc.

Read more and join at:

Texas Bison Association attends Texas State FFA Convention

(From the Texas Bison Assn.) 

The Texas Bison Association (TBA) booth at the Texas FFA State Convention on July 9 - 11, 2013. The 2013 Texas FFA State Convention, which was held in Dallas, TX broke an all-time attendance record with more than 11,700 members and guests registered. The Texas FFA State Convention has had an average attendance of over 10,000 for each of the past three years and is the largest state FFA convention in the nation.


Of the 115 exhibitors at the convention, The Texas Bison Association was the only one to offer information on a form of alternative agriculture for the many young people that are interested in a career in agriculture. Countless questions were answered concerning how to raise bison and how to market bison and bison by-products. The booth was well received and the TBA is already making plans for the 2014 FFA convention.


New 'hours of service' rule waived for livestock agriculture



In a major victory for America's hog, cattle and poultry farmers, the U.S. Department of Transportation has indicated that it will grant a 90-day waiver of a new hours-of-service rule for drivers transporting livestock and poultry.


Effective July 1, the rule from DOT's Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires truck drivers to take a 30-minute rest break for every 8 consecutive hours of service. For drivers hauling livestock, the hours of service would include time loading and unloading animals.


The National Pork Producers Council, along with 13 other livestock, poultry and food organizations, in a June 19 letter petitioned the FMCSA for the 90-day waiver and exemption from complying with the new rule. The groups said the regulation would "cause livestock producers and their drivers irreparable harm, will place the health and welfare of the livestock in their care at risk and will provide no apparent increased benefit to public safety (and will likely decrease public safety) while forcing the livestock industry and [its] drivers to choose between the humane handling of animals or complying with a FMCSA regulation requiring a 30-minute rest break."


The organizations also pointed out that the livestock and poultry industries have programs - developed and offered through the U.S. Department of Agriculture - that educate drivers on transportation safety and animal welfare.


Full text:

July Promotional Campaigns Gain Traction for Bison Business


Two National Bison Association checkoff-funded campaigns conducted over the past month have introduced the message of deliciously healthy bison meat to thousands of new consumers across the United States.


A bison promotion on the on-line version of America's Test Kitchen during the past month received a total of 82,522 impressions, with a strong click through rate of 2.percent. The total number of clicks for the month-long campaign was 2,219. The America Test Kitchen campaign targeted consumers who enjoy cooking at home, and who like to utilize different ingredients in their recipes.


Meanwhile the bison promotion in Midwest Health and Wellness has been published and distributed in both the online and hard copy version. Midwest Health & Wellness circulates heavily to doctors' offices and other health-related venues, and has a strong on-line readership.


The latest issue of Midwest Health & Wellness can be seen at this link:


Registration Opens for 2013 American Bison Society Conference


Topics ranging from defining a "wild bison" to paying private producers for the non-food values they provide to society are on the agenda for the upcoming meeting of the American Bison Society, September 17-19 in Big Sky Montana.


The 2013 meeting will bring together stakeholders to examine a set of focal issues facing bison restoration, and includes panels of experts from the US, Mexico, and Canada that will explore:


▪ Sharing Stewardship-Emerging Models in North America

▪ Media and Public Relations-Telling the Bison Story to America

▪ Workshop Discussions-the Practice of Ecological Restoration


Originally founded in 1905 by Theodore Roosevelt and William Hornaday, the American Bison Society the American Bison Society was re-launched in 2005 by the Wildlife Conservation Society to secure the ecological future of bison in North America. Previous ABS Conferences have been held in Denver, CO; Rapid City, SD and Tulsa, OK.


NBA's Executive Director will participate in a panel discussion regarding the Economic role in bison restoration today, and assistant director will be part of a discussion regarding "Telling Our Story."


"Carter noted, "It is important for private producers to participate in this meeting, and to be a part of the discussion with conservation groups, tribal representatives and government officials regarding the ecological restoration of bison."


Information on the conference is available here


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