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Ways in Which All Can Help in This Interesting Work — Decisive Action Must Be Taken at Once.

The “passing” of a great and noble animal is a calamity which every intelligent person should seek to avert it is a loss to the world which can never be repaired, since an animal once extinct, has gone forever. At this time we are called upon to prevent a loss of this kind; I refer to the threatened extinction of the American bison. I cannot think of this magnificent creature which fHarold Baynes Bottineau ND Jan 17 1905or untold thousands of years. Nature has gradually been molding until it is one of the grandest on the earth—I cannot, watch its fast approaching end without making another earnest appeal to the people of the United States to take their last chance to save it.

Surely no other animal appeal to the American people from so many points of view as this one does. 

An adult buffalo bull is a creature of imposing grandeur. If you are an American, no doubt you take some pride in the fact that one of the grandest animals of all time is a native of this country; I urge you to let your pride in this matter prompt you to do some act, however small, tending to save this animal for future generations of Americans. If you have no time to do more, will you not write me ever so brief a note expressing approval of a definite plan to preserve the buffalo, and I will see that your views are brought to the attention of the government. Your letter will be in good company, and will be filed with letters from many of the leading men in the United States, including President Roosevelt himself.

Read More : Harold E Baynes

Rare white Bison dies in North Dakota
KTVQ Billings News
JAMESTOWN, N.D. – A rare white bison at the National Buffalo Museum herd in Jamestown has died. This year-old calf was introduced to the herd in ...
Roosevelt Leaves for Dakota Territory
Prairie Public Broadcasting
Roosevelt's brother and a cousin had told him tales of bison hunts in Texas, but it was Henry Gorringe, who Roosevelt met at a dinner in May of 1883, ...
Bison still on the loose after escaping Ohio farm
HAMILTON, Ind. (Fort Wayne's NBC) - Owners of an elusive bison herd that's been on the run since Sunday rounded up several more this week.  
         Phone line dedicated to missing bison
He returned to a farm on Johnson Lake Road southeast of Angola Thursday morning along with almost 30 other bison that had been on the loose ...
Visitors can see bison herd this weekend in - where else? - Buffalo
American bison — better known as the buffalo Native Americans once hunted — are a lot like ... “That's how we got into the meat business,” said Zona.

Matching Indiana livestock grant application period open
Country 103.9 WRBI
Oldenburg, In. — The Indiana State Department of Agriculture is now ... goats, poultry, camelids, ostriches, cervidae, bison, aquaculture and rabbits, ...
Hoosier National Forest hosting several events
Washington Times Herald
The Buffalo Trace, Indiana's first highway, was carved into the landscape by migrating bison. These corridors provided the means for early ...
Unicoi bison increasing their number
Johnson City Press
The little buffalo herd at Farmhouse Gallery & Gardens has grown to nine bison, including two heifer calves and one baby bull. Two of the cows may ...

Sammy Fathead

Southern Plains Pointers: September 2018

How Do ‘They’ Look?

  There is a term in animal husbandry called ‘an eye’ or the ‘eye of the stockman’ in farming and ranching. The term simply refers to changes, or judgments of herd and animal health that are visible. I help many different types of folks from a wide range of backgrounds with their bison herds. I often ask, when questioned on a management calendar item, “How do they look?”  This is always part of the equation when taking care of any animal, but especially in the fall when caring for Bison.  They should be building up body condition and be ‘on the gain’ in the case of the females. Being on the gain, secures them coming into estrus = calves. Remember; reproduction is the best indicator of good health.

  The bulls on the other hand should be looking a bit rough, or at least not ‘fat’ if they are in multi-sire herds and compete for breeding. If your cows are fat, and your bulls are a bit thin, you are probably in for a good calving season. Conversely, if the opposite is true you might be short. Picking up the females with supplemental nutrition is still doable and will still pay off in October. 

  Some folks are unsure of their ‘Eye’. If that’s the case for you, then invite someone out to help you develop it, or get around to neighbors with bison and compare your herd to theirs. Indicators of health by your ‘Eye’ include; fullness through the front end and hump, hair coat rich in color, no winter tags remaining from last year and a demeanor that is both energetic and content.

The Bison community garners attention from many different scientific fields that can help us ask the right questions via scientific process and data analysis. Genetics, Parasitology, Epidemiology, Ecology and Climatology are all scientific fields and tools for bison management. I highly recommend utilizing all these tools and other scientific fields as you steward your herd health. I recommend even more highly that you never forget to ask;

  How Do ‘They’ Look?  

Frasier Bison L.L.C.
Our View: Parks: More people value our state parks
Mankato Free Press
The small herd of bison don't know it, but they're superstars. For most of its life, Minneopa State Park was widely unknown to anyone outside the ...
Grab this list of autumn ideas and activities in the outdoors, and go
Minneapolis Star Tribune
Take a bison tour (beginning Saturday) ... scenic backdrop for Blue Mound State Park's Prairie and BisonTours near Luverne in southwest Minnesota.
Arizona Game and Fish accepting spring hunt applications by mail through Sept. 11
Grand Canyon News
The printed “2019 Spring Turkey, Javelina, Bison and Bear Hunt Draw Information” booklets are expected to be available at department offices and ...
Tourism industry pushes for extended Grand Canyon season
Idaho Statesman
It sits at more than 8,000 feet (2,440 meters) in elevation and is bordered by national forest land where a herd of bison roam. It has few amenities — a ...

Alaska News Nightly: Tuesday, Sept. 4, 2018
Alaska Public Radio Network
LeDoux, Alaska GOP try to fill in blanks in disputed state House race ... A bison reintroduction project in the Western Interior has suffered a setback.
Alaskana recipe: Easy wild game meatballs
Anchorage Daily News
[Get all your Alaska recipes and food news in one place! ... 1/2 pound hot Italian sausage (you can sub in bison or ground beef, but increase the salt by ...
Bison A No Go
A plan to fly bison from interior Alaska to Siberia is off. Father and son Russian scientists Sergey and Nikita Zimov, operators of “Pleistocene Park”, ...
Alaska Native nonprofit acquires bison herd
Midland Reporter-Telegram
The bison herd is a way of improving food security, by providing the community with a readily accessible supply of meat, which Berns described as ...
Bison Bliss: Grazing Shapes Diverse Western Iowa Prairie
Iowa Public Radio
The bison came from Wind Cave National Park in South Dakota and are unique in that their genes – as far as The Nature Conservancy can tell – do ...
Nature reserve in Eastern Montana offers buffalo harvest opportunities
Montana Standard
American Prairie Reserve is offering its second public bison harvest this fall, providing opportunity for 10 individuals on its property north of the Missouri River Breaks. Four of the bison harvests will be awarded through a free drawing that is available to eligible Montana residents of a seven-county region — Blaine, ...
New charge filed against man who taunted bison
NBC Montana
MISSOULA, Mont. — Prosecutors filed another charge against the man who grabbed global attention by taunting a bison in Yellowstone National Park ...
Prairie reserve invades Montana
Billings Gazette
Prairie reserve invades Montana ... of the U.S. would know the difference between a Brahma bull and a bison if they saw them on the grasslands.
When Bison Bellow Like African Lions
Mountain Journal
Travelers can also see some of Ted Turner's 5,000 bison on his Flying D Ranch ... Not long ago, Mountain Journal editor Todd Wilkinson joined nature ...
Nature reserve buys building for National Discovery Center in Lewistown
Billings Gazette
On that land, about 307,700 of which is leased state and federal land, APR has built a private bison herd. The bison are unpopular with some of APR's ...
Sam Cook column: Taking our turn on the Montana prairies
Duluth News Tribune
When the bison came, the natives would drive them up the long hill and funnel ... And the native people would have meat and skins and blankets
Saving a symbol: National Bison Range plays key role in bison's renewal
Uniontown Herald Standard
The bison, symbol of untamed America and largest and most widely ... The National Bison Range is about 40 miles north of Missoula, Montanavia I-90 ...
Montana FWP Proposes Bison Hunting Closure North Of Yellowstone
Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks has proposed closing a popular, crowded bison hunting area near Yellowstone National Park to non-Indian hunters, ...

Where the bison roam: Commune with nature on Florida's northern savanna
Where the bison roam: Commune with nature on Florida's northern savanna ... Bison roam, wild Florida cracker horses graze across the expanse, and ...
American Prairie Reserve Increases Hunting Opportunities
For the second year in a row, hunters will be able to harvest bison on the American Prairie Reserve. The organization is offering 10 total tags, up from ...
Ungulates have to learn migration, it's not instinctive
WYOMING – Fascinating research out of University of Wyomingfound that ... Bison, for instance, remember the locations of high-quality forage and ...
Elk and Bison Informational Signs
Sheridan Media (press release)
Elk and Bison Informational Signs ... informational signs below the Kendrick Park barn, detailing the history of the park's captive elk and bison.

Fabled wildlife park failed fast
Jackson Hole News&Guide
Bison were furnished from the Yellowstone herd, and the Wyoming Game and Fish Department contributed most of the other wildlife. The project also ...
Discover these local treasures
Rapid City Journal
Hudson-Meng Bison Kill Site ... Whether you're looking for a way to learn about the area's history or simploy spend a day or two enjoying nature - by, ...
Bison tours
McCook Daily Gazette
Each tour will include discussion of the history of the bison in America, a look at the interaction between the bison and Native Americans, a description ...
Local beef processing plant expands to bison
Roswell Daily Record (press release)
USA Beef Packing LLC, the only beef slaughter and meat processing plant in southeast New Mexico, will handle bison as well now. “We have to look ...
Bison, wolves, wildlands take over Flint Hills Discovery Center
(WIBW) -- Bison, wolves, and wild lands are taking over the Flint Hills Discovery Center. Their new exhibit Bison: the Great American icon is about to ...

Flint Hills center opening exhibit highlighting the buffalo
The exhibit has displays showing the history of the bison, and includes 27 quilts depicting the Flint Hills from the Konza Prairie Quilters Guild.
A chance for Wichita to try traditional Native-American food, including bison roast
Wichita Eagle
Wichita isn't likely to get a Native American restaurant anytime soon, and that's too bad because traditional native dishes are simple, straightforward ...
Got fossils? New state park in North Las Vegas does
Las Vegas Review-Journal
But the preserved traces of mammoths, camels, bison, horses, sloth and dire ... The park is part of Sandoval's Explore Your Nevada Initiative, which ...
The US Was Just Ranked the Best Country in the World for Wildlife Travel — Here Are the Top ...
At South Dakota's Badlands National Park, bison are known to roam right around the campgrounds, at Montana's Glacier National Park, visitors will ...
10 tips for taking photos at Buffalo Roundup
Rapid City Journal
Everything is far away, and you wouldn't want to be close to a herd of bison moving over the plains, anyway. You will be behind a large wooden fence, ...

Bison roam the grasslands
A herd of bison did not disappoint Saturday as visitors flocked to the annual Autumn on the Prairie at the Nachusa Grasslands. The annual event ...
The gates at the Tulsa Zoo swung open 90 years ago. It started in the 1920's as Mohawk Park, which was meant to be a reservoir. The first animals were birds and reptiles, the mammals came later. The superintendent of Tulsa Parks, wanted a "nature park" for animals like bison and elk deer, which were almost extinct then.
Encounter the Old West and more in Oklahoma road trip
Dallas News
Fifteen miles north of Pawhuska is the 40,000-acre Tallgrass Prairie Preserve, where I had just gone eyeball to eyeball with a bull bison over who had ...
Bison entered the Americas 500,000 through the landbridge from Siberia during an ...
Buffalo Field Campaign comes to Tulalip
North County Outlook
... are a hybrid of American cattle and American bison, that look similar to buffalo. ... them be able to roam more freely around the Wyoming and Montana area. ... threat of spreading disease and are not culled to the degree bison are.
Kalama woman finds fossilized relic of Washington's Ice Age floods
Longview Daily News
“Bison were one of the most populous animals during that age, so there are a lot ... (The Oregon Erratic Rock State Natural Site is one example of the ...

Local ranch earns high-level bison certification
Cassville Democrat
Also, there are health benefits to eating leaner bison meat compared to beef. “It offers Omega 3s, it's clean, it has no GMO and no corn or grain ...

Waushara Argus
Dave Fogerty of Black Creek Bison was kind enough to host a tour of his working bison ranch in Spooner. Black Creek Bison currently contract-finishes over 100 bison each year. Fogerty did not come from a traditional agriculture background and has taken some unique approaches to running his land to support the bison he grows there.
Celebrate The Texas State Bison
Proceeds from the Texas State Bison Music Festival, also known as BisonFest, go directly toward the restoration of the Official Bison Herd of the State ...
Farmers Rebuild After the Devastating Floods on Kauai and Oahu
Hanalei Bison Ranch owner and manager Andy Friend recalled the terrifying ... On May 29, 2018 the Hawaii Board of Agriculture approved a new ...
Can California and nation afford Camp Pendleton?
Ventura County Star
Its location in crowded Southern California makes its land attractive for ... canyons, mesas, estuaries, a bison preserve, a free-flowing river — that it can ...
Town Crier: Oakland Zoo's buffalo herd from Montana multiplies
East Bay Times
The bison arrived in April, and the new California Trail opened in July. So far this year, at least 10 calves have been born to the herd of 14 buffalo ...
Domestic bison in Banff project euthanized
Rocky Mountain Outlook
BANFF – A sick domestic bison used to train horses and riders as part of a $6.4 million bison reintroduction program in Banff National Park has been ...
'Enthusiasm and happiness abound' at Alberta Open Farm Days
Alberta Express
The Briggs have been in the bison business for decades, and after numerous consumer requests, began offering on-farm direct meat sales this ...
Whitehorse Food Bank set to offer wild game for a second year
Yukon News
That resulted in approximately 1,500 pounds of moose and bison meat. If funding can double, he said he expects roughly 2,500 pounds of meat could ...
Introducing the original high stock density grazers
Manitoba Co-operator
Bison ranchers Brooks and Jen White of Lyleton, Man., are breaking their own ground on adaptive grazing, and they're going right back to the system's ...
Syncrude opens more pasture space for wood bison herd Fort McMurray Today
What was once an open-pit mine north of Fort McMurray is now home to hundreds of Wood Bison grazing year-round on reclaimed land. Now, they ...
Teck's $20B Frontier oilsands project heads to joint review hearing
Map showing the location of the Ronald Lake Bison Reserve in relation to Teck Resources' proposed Frontier oilsands mine. (CBC News Graphics).
Bison A No Go
A plan to fly bison from interior Alaska to Siberia is off. Father and son Russian scientists Sergey and Nikita Zimov, operators of “Pleistocene Park”, ...
Pleistocene Park abandons plans to import Alaska bison
Fairbanks Daily News-Miner
logistics man Luke Griswold-Tergis worked to persuade air cargo companies in Russia, Alaska and Canada to consider flying the bison.

Another surprising Dutch seaside delight is found just outside Amsterdam. The vast Zuid-Kennemerland national park offers rugged North Sea beaches backed by dunes and hiking and biking trails. Look out too for one of the continent’s biggest land mammal, the colossal European bison, or wisent. Since 2007 a herd of the beasts has lived there
Bison thriving at Mexican ranch near US border
Yahoo News
American bison, or buffaloes, are thriving at a ranch in the Mexican state of Chihuahua near the US border, despite the border between the two ...


Nature in Făgăraș Mountains: The bison in Romania
In northeastern Romania, in the Vânători-Neamț Nature Park, five bison were released in ... The History of European Bison at
Where the buffalo roam
Char-Koosta News
That's the vision of the Buffalo Treaty, a cross-border Indian treaty signed to restore bison to 6.3 million acres of prairie owned by a committed group of ...
Ancient Sioux Tribes, A Ghost Dance, and a Savior That Never Came
Ancient Origins
The Sioux had a reputation for being great horsemen, bison hunters , and warriors in the Old West in the Plains and Rocky Mountains. But Sioux ...
The Nomadic Survival Tactics of the Shoshone Tribe
Ancient Origins
The encyclopedia says, “Bison meat played an extremely significant role culturally and economically in the lives of the Eastern Shoshones, accounting ...
Art Gallery: Native Nations Now
Cowboys and Indians
In addition to its wealth of historical pieces, the Plains Indian Museum has begun showcasing contemporary Native artists' work in its new gallery ...
Club learns about Comanche tribe
Examiner Enterprise
The moccasins were made from deer leather, the breast plate was made from bison bone and he wore an Otter skin down his back decorated with ...
Bison hunt orientation set for September and October
Char-Koosta News
PABLO — The Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes announce the beginning of the 2018-19 Off Reservation Wild Bison Hunt Orientations.
Events mark Portage Path, inaugural First People's Day
Akron Leader Publications
... known as the Three Sisters); Northwest baked salmon; Great Plains bison stew and bison chili; Northern Cheyenne plum pudding; pumpkin cookies; ...
Experience a Native American tradition at SIU's 2018 Buffalo Tro
SIU News
The cooking method is a variation of the Plains Indian ceremonial meal where bison meat was cooked directly on hot buffalo chips to sear in the juices ...
Public, tribal lands provide hunting and fishing opportunities
Public, tribal lands provide hunting and fishing opportunities ... At the Bison Range for example, the goal is to provide habitat for bison. At Ninepipe ...
US Government officials visit, learn about Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes
Char-Koosta News
She also visited Two Eagle River School and the National Bison Range. ... which is one of two BIE schools in Montana serving 8-12 grade students, ...
Native American Tribes Respond To Grizzly Re-Listing
Wyoming Public Media
Native American tribes are celebrating the decision by a U.S. district court ... He said efforts to protect the grizzly galvanized tribes around the world. ... of overpopulation, we can remove them to reservations as we have the bison.
Comanche Tribe History is One of Conquest
Ancient Origins
Usually, the history of Native American tribes when they interact with ... The Comanche subsisted on buffalo or bison, a huge mammal that nearly went ...
UPDATED: Interior Secretary Orders Bureaus To Defer Wildlife/Fisheries Issues To States
National Parks Traveler (press release) (blog)
Possible issues could arise in parks such as Yellowstone National Park, where the agency's management of bison has created conflicts with Montana ...
DVM & Business
Woolly mammoth tusk found in Denali
A mammoth molar and several bones that look to be from the extinct Steppe Bison were also found. The team will test all the artifacts for age and ...Denali National Park
A glimpse of humans 11000 years ago
Buffalo Bulletin
More than 5,000 years before Summer, they fought the cold Wyoming wind ... other sites that date to the same period is a general lack of bison bones.
Archeology day, bison tour, fall programs fill parks calendars this weekend
Minneapolis Star Tribune
The tour truck will take you into the bison range where, with luck, you may see a bison from a safe distance. Tickets must be bought ahead of time and ...
Kalama woman finds fossilized relic of Washington's Ice Age floods
Longview Daily News
“Bison were one of the most populous animals during that age, so there are a lot ... (The Oregon Erratic Rock State Natural Site is one example of the ...
Climate change is destroying our national parks at an alarming rate, study finds
Washington Post
... and a lead author of the study, told The Washington Post on Tuesday. ... The transforming ecosystem there may also force the iconic bison and other ...
Cabin built in Victor heading to New York for prestigious conservation group
Campfire Club then went on to help save the American Bison in Yellowstone and pushed for wildlife preservation in Glacier National Park. Pioneer ...
Alumna, faculty member paintings featured at Animal Health Library
WSU News
Growing up in the family veterinary clinic, Washington State University ... She has painted many bison, calling them “very expressive creatures, both ...
Love of West shows in art at rec center, gallery
Littleton Independent
Enthralled by the history of bison and their place in Native American culture, he set out to highlight that relationship with his art. One piece of that is the ...
Bison Meat

Monthly Bison Market Report

The first truly American cuisine is having a revival
Some adhere to precontact dishes, such as bison cooked with juniper, ... Hailing from the various towns across Utah, Arizona and New Mexico, both ...
Bison ranchers ask US regulators to change meat labels for bison, water buffalo
IEG Policy
A delegation of bison ranchers is heading to Washington D.C. this month to ask USDA and FDA regulators to update the labeling rules for meat ...
Local beef processing plant expands to bison
Roswell Daily Record (press release)
USA Beef Packing LLC, the only beef slaughter and meat processing plant in southeast New Mexico, will handle bison as well now. “We have to look ...
Seven farms featured on Farm Crawl
Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier
MBS Family Farms, Apples on the Avenue, Big Rock Bison, Timeless ... to Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Local Foods Programs.  
This judge packs bear spray, protects bison, quotes Zappa
E&E News
This judge packs bear spray, protects bison, quotes Zappa .... While the park is situated in both Wyoming and Montana, Carman has jurisdiction over ...
Wildlife crossings make sense
Post Register
Highway 93 in Montana had the same results. ... migrating in and out of Yellowstone National Park including deer, moose, elk, bison, and bears.
Yellowstone bison numbers slightly down this year
The Bozeman Daily Chronicle
The number of bison in Yellowstone National Park is down from last year and is at the upper end of the range park officials say makes for a ...

Take action now to preserve national parks

My son, Chris, and I recently went to Yellowstone National Park for a camping vacation. Some of the vacation was ruined by an overabundance of people and their vehicles. Our campground host told us that eight bison had been struck by cars in the previous eight days. A fellow camper who had worked with wolves in the park told us about an experience when a motorist hit and killed a wolf while texting. Chris and I experienced the people problem firsthand. Sadly, most of the thermal areas and the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone were so overcrowded that it was nearly impossible to enjoy them.

People, we are loving our parks to death.

I would like to present my humble solutions.

1. Limit the number of folks allowed in a park on any given day. The Boundary Waters Canoe Area in Minnesota does this, and it works well.

2. Allow only those people with reservations to enter the park in private vehicles. Day visitors would be required to use park shuttle buses. Zion National Park currently does this.

3. Ban tour buses. While waiting in a vehicle line to enter one attraction, three busloads of travelers effectively cut in front and deposited their passengers before we could even get parked. When we got to the boardwalk, it was packed with people seemingly more interested in taking photos of themselves than viewing the attraction.

4. While I believe that Yellowstone should be enjoyed by many, U.S. citizens and permanent residents should be given first chance to view the park. We pay taxes to maintain our national parks.

Our national parks are the best of what our country does. Let's preserve them now and for generations to come.

Charlie Cole

Fort Wayne

 National Bison Association 
Bison Association launches petition against 'buffalo' labeling for water buffalo meat
Fence Post
The National Bison Association this week launched an online petition ... the two agencies in Washington next month to push for immediate action on ...
Bison ranchers corral DC policymakers on labeling, trade, research
Farm Forum
Washington, D.C. — A delegation of 18 bison ranchers from 11 states headed home after a stampeding across the U.S. Department of Agriculture and ...

Meat Without the Animal? Not a Great Idea
(Blog Post by Dave Carter) 
It takes quite a bit to shock me these days, but a recent quote by the CEO of one of the world's 
largest meat producing and processing companies set me back on my heels. 
"If we can grow the meat without the animal, why wouldn't we?," this CEO said in a recent interview with Bloomberg Businessweek.
Read more here.

Farmers Group Keeps Up Pressure for Formal Definition of Meat 

The National Farmers Union (NFU) has sent a letter to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) pressing its call for federal officials to formalize the definition of protein products that are not derived from livestock and currently are labeled as cell-cultured "meat."
The group is asking FDA to develop a consistent "standard of identity" for "meat and related products to prevent mislabeling of food in the marketplace." In the letter NFU President Roger Johnson said the common names given to meat and animal products are widely understood by consumers to be the tissue or flesh of animals that have been slaughtered for food. Therefore, the NFU "opposes labeling of foods produced using cell culture applications as 'meat' and as related products such as 'beef,' 'poultry' and 'seafood,'" he wrote.

Johnson said the topic is a concern for the NFU because of "extreme consolidation in the beef, pork and poultry industries, which has diminished family farmers' and ranchers' market share."

The letter to the FDA is the NFU's second request calling for a U.S. government agency to clarify how to distinguish products derived from food animals from those created in a laboratory. Earlier this year, the NFU, National Cattlemen's Beef Association, U.S. Cattlemen's Association and Nebraska Farm Bureau sought clarification on the issue from USDA. In May, Missouri lawmakers passed legislation prohibiting products not derived from harvested animals from being marketed as meat.

The Weekly Update is a service designed to provide National Bison Association members with news and information affecting bison production and marketing. Many items in the Weekly Update are reprinted from outside sources. The content of those articles does not necessarily reflect the policy position of the National Bison Association, and are reproduced here only as a means to keep our membership informed as much as possible on all information and opinions relating to bison that is circulating publicly.
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