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APRIL 2015

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Joliet Illinois June 1, 1847

Hunting Bison in the Wilds of Mexico
             The green heights of the savanna were covered with long files of bison. It would have been more than rash for two hunters to face these numerous flocks.---
There is but one way of killing a bison or two without much danger, that is, by separating them from the flock; the skill and agility of the hunter accomplish the rest. Contrary to the expectation of my two companions, the cibolos took the direction parallel to the river; and none of them ventured to our side.
             The first European who saw a bison must have been much alarmed. The bison is larger than the common bull;  a thick mane, either black or rust color, covers his shoulder or breast, and hangs down to his feet. The hind part of the animal, from the hump on his shoulders, is covered with short hair as harsh as the lion’s, and like the lions, incessantly lashed by a sinewy tail. His heavy tread shakes the ground, his bellowing disturbs the air, his eyes expressive of nothing but stupid ferocity: and the black, sharp horns planted on his white brow complete his appearance as an object of terror. 

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North Dakota

"Sunny" the Bison Fixed and Back in Downtown Fargo
It's back where it belongs, and is finally fixed. "Sunny" the bison is upright and lighting up downtown Fargo again. Sunny is one of 43 bison statues... 



Jackson Elk Herd numbers at population objective; Bison harvest set record
The 2014 bison hunt harvest was the highest on record at 299 animals taken. The robust hunt season was welcome, as managers have struggled to

U of A students take the stress out of stepping on the scale — for bison, that is
Bison are notoriously flighty animals, and reducing stress when handling them is the main goal of a project by Perryman and fellow students Elyse

Seed herd of bison to be reintroduced to Soapstone Prairie Natural Area
Mountain Mail Newspaper

A seed herd of purebred American bison – offspring of the native species in Yellowstone National Park – will be reintroduced this fall to a natural area at the hinge of the Rocky Mountains and the Great Plains after an agreement was finalized by Colorado State University and three government agencies.

“The Yellowstone herd is so unique. It started the U.S. conservation movement in large animals,” Dr. Jack Rhyan, a veterinarian with the U.S. Department of Agriculture in Fort Collins and a partner in the reintroduction project, said in a press release.


Fort Collins starts Soapstone bison website
Fort Collins has established a website to help the public follow progress of a program to reintroduce plains bison to Soapstone Prairie Natural Area.

BLM Requests Input On Application To Graze Bison Year-Around At Flat Creek Allotment
The American Prairie Reserve has applied to change the class of livestock from cattle to indigenous bison on their permit to graze public lands on the


Reader's Page: Where the buffalo roam
I just had to go to Caprock Canyons State Park over spring break, one of my favorite places to get out and shoot photos. The bison were a bit agitated ...


Bison might soon call the Windy City area home
A small herd of about two dozen bison could be grazing on restored grassland south of Chicago as soon as this fall. Officials plan to introduce a mix of...

Wood bison relocated from Portage to Shageluk
Wood bison cows at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center in Portage are dusted with light morning frost as they rest before their relocation to ...

Lynden Air Cargo flies wood bison to new home in Alaska
Alaska Marine Lines donated containers that were retrofitted into 'bison boxes' to hold seven animals each. The animals were trucked from Portage to...

Endangered animals make comeback in Alaska
One hundred wood bison that had been kept in temporary pens have been led to their freedom. The endangered animals last week followed ...

VIDEO: Bison herd stampedes to freedom in Alaska
A herd of wood bison stampeded to freedom in Alaska, giving the US its first wild population in over a century

Many hands came together for bison
The Alaska Department of Fish and Game's reintroduction of wood bison to the Lower Innoko and Yukon rivers area has made the news lately.
Broomfield Enterprise Test Kitchen April 2: A lean, mean and light taco salad
This recipe uses ground bison, which is not as costly as bison steak , although, depending on where you purchase ground bison, you can spend up to 


Crew filmed this week at Mimms Ranch
Ranch Manager Casey Wade said the ranch uses a practice that bison used “hundreds of years ago” by moving cattle or sheep from one paddock”to another to let grasses recover. The bison would “move on to new grass” and that “large predators kept them on the move,” he said.

Collaboration, Growth, and Discovery | ER&L 2015
ER&L Conference tenth anniversary During a visit to Ted's Montana Grill, an upscale bison steakhouse chain based out of Atlanta, Amy Bruckman's ...

Wildlife officials find recent programs to curb brucellosis lacking, look for other solutions
The bacteria, brucella abortus, sits dormant in elk, bison and cattle until and shortly after pregnancy. During the third trimester, the bacteria multiplies in ...


Who should manage Grand Teton's private inholdings?
Still, enough private land remains that wildlife conflicts are inevitable. “We've had bison gore livestock, situations involving bears and sanitation,” says ...
North Dakota


On My Desk: Flower shop workspace reflects owner's farm home
Prairie Petals is actually populated with many items from the farm, including a bison skull Hess pulled from a riverbank and logs that were cut from...

The merits of raising endangered animals
Take the buffalo, or bison, for example. Around 1890, the buffalo was near extinct due to irresponsible and unethical sport hunting. Many rich “sport ...



Texas police chase down escaped buffalo
The Round Rock Police Department shared a video on their Facebook page Friday showing squad cars chasing the loose North American bison, ...

Get Wild: 38 years of the International Wildlife Film Fest
... brucellosis is presented, along with goals of those protecting the iconic American bison (“Silencing the Thunder” screens Monday, April 20, at 7 p.m., ...


April Events and More at Land Between the Lakes
bison herd 300 Open daily from dawn until dusk. The Elk & Bison Prairie offers a native grassland habitat common in Kentucky more than a century

Southern Plains Pointers: 
  Decisions – decisions – decisions…
  Managing a bison herd and their habitat is all about decisions. During the changing of seasons; some decisions are being made for you – but without you. Dealing with the decisions made for you, by ‘mom-nature’, are the proverbial curve-balls that take a little more experience to hit. In bison ranching; with experience comes; humility and the knowledge that there is always more lessons just around the corner.

  One of the decisions I get asked about this time of year involves working or selling animals during the calving season, or post calving handling-activities before the calves turn from red to brown. This is a curve ball that has to be dealt with sometimes, but the best and most productive decision is to wait until the calves are weaning age and brown. Another common decision, or management reality, is dealing with bulls that seem to be ‘detaching’ from the herd. This may be confused with ‘going rouge’ or unruly behavior, when it is actually quite natural and just ‘a bull thing’. Bachelor-groups are common in bison herds and are usually made up of mature bulls that have passed juvenile social status within the herd. They take the hint from the matriarch’s glares and ‘knife-eyes’ as the female contingent arduously labors for the good of their kind.  I can respectfully relate to this as a male of my species, being raised in the herd and learning to instinctively know when it’s time to hit the ‘man-cave’, wood-shed or shop for awhile. Understanding the social dynamics of ‘your herd’ can help with decisions to act, or to refrain from acting, depending on the circumstance. Sometimes it just seems like something’s wrong – when in fact, and according to nature, it’s very normal. This perspective may save you the cost of replacing a productive bull whose only crime is - acting naturally.  

  Personally; I tend to accept and regard bison as nearly perfect elements of a natural system. If I have a problem to deal with, or decision to make, I strip the circumstance of all human and/or tame variables, then try to understand what the bison are responding to, and why. Many times this will clear the field of vision and provide solutions, while other times – my experience level just becomes enhanced by one more lesson… 

Frasier Bison L.L.C.

Sen. McCain visits Northern Arizona
McCain was in Northern Arizona to get an aerial view of a possible 1.7-million acre national monument and view the bison herds that have been ...

Arizona Attorney General supports bison management in Grand Canyon National Park
PHOENIX - Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich issued a recent letter supporting federal legislation allowing skilled sportsmen to aid in the..

Researching Buffalo Trace is goal for Hoosier group
Often those bison trails were used by traveling Indians and settlers coming into the ... That's where the bison crossed the Ohio River from Kentucky.          

North Dakota

Taking your best shots: Theodore Roosevelt National Park a photographer's delight
Whether visitors want to capture the scenery of the Badlands or the prairie life exhibited by American bison, prairie dogs and wild horses, the park 


Teen's Taste – Ted's Montana Grill
For my starter I choose the Bison Nachos. They were overflowing with mouthwatering ingredients, lots of pepper jack cheese, bison chili and fresh

Ted's Montana Grill Introduces All-Natural Chicken and New Menu Offerings
“The addition of flavorful and nutritious chicken that is regionally-sourced is a great complement to our all-natural, bison and our Certified Angus Beef,” ...

Baby bison is Illinois' first in nearly two centuries
History was made Monday when the first wild bison was born in Illinois in ... "From a historical standpoint, this hasn't happened in Illinois about 200
Voice of The Southern: Voter apathy and baby bison
Thumbs up to the first baby bison born in the wild in about 200 years in Illinois. The bison was born at the Nachusa Grasslands prairie restoration ...


Lauren St John: my American West adventure – in pictures
... touched ancient Native American rock etchings known as petroglyphs, seen great herds of bison and peered into Yellowstone's steaming geysers.

Central Illinois wildlife park plan draws support, criticism
A zoo and wildlife park proposed in central Illinois would feature deer, bison, camels and llamas, among others. Larger predators would come later, ...

Charge! The heart-stopping moment an angry bison decided to assert its dominance and hurtle ...
An adult bison is around 6ft6in to 11ft5in in length and 60in to 73in high and the wood bison variety is the largest extant land animal in the Americas

Saskatoon symposium to focus on bison health
Bison experts from across the globe will hightail it to Saskatoon this summer for the first international symposium on bison health to be hosted by the
East Coast


Archaeologist highlights history of bison on East Coast
Stephen R. Potter, regional archaeologist for the National Capital Region of the National Park Service, talks Wednesday night about bison found east..
New Jersey

Mohawk House and Kane Brewing team up for beer
For the entrée, several slices of a bison roast, rubbed with ancho chili powder and espresso, were paired with Kane's very-limited Port Omna, ...

$35 a pound for 'best steak you're going to have'
Making his situation tougher is that many slaughterhouses are not equipped to handle bison, which are still classified as wild game by the USDA.

(video available) Interview with Ken Childs, California

Buffalo Meat on the Rise
Bison, it's the meat that's in a bull market. ... Ranch East of San Diego, and he's watching the market grow steadily despite bison meat's high cost.

Here's what's happening today in Fremont County
Lander Library's Earth Day Film Series continues at 6:30 p.m. with “Facing the Storm: The Story of the American Bison.” From 7 to 8 p.m join the ...

Neighborhood Eats: Bubba's Texas Burger Shack
Neighborhood Eats: Bubba's Texas Burger Shack ... Bubba's also serves wheat buns and bison chili with cheese, onions and jalapenos. Bison is big ...

Briggs Freeman Sotheby's International Realty | Buffalo Gap
Buffalo Gap holds a special place in Texas history. Bison herds used this natural pass through the Callahan Divide, an east-west mountain range.Then the gap became a key section of the Great Western Cattle Trail, running parallel to the Chisholm Trail. Cattle were driven in the post-Civil War era along the Great Western Trail from Bandera, west of San Antonio, through Buffalo Gap to Abilene and Dodge City, Kansas.

Read more here:

Illinois lawmakers must unite to protect wildlife
The editorial regarding Gov. Bruce Rauner and the Democratic legislature needing to unite to ensure that bobcats, bison, bears and wolves are ...


'Stories of US 83' author coming to A to Z Books
Buffalo Bill Cody hunted these lands, but what about Buffalo Jones, who set out to save the American bison from extinction? This is where the ruthless, ...

Bridgeport area business briefs
Frontier Communications will serve as the official sponsor of the bison exhibit for the next two years. The exhibit features the zoo's largest residents, ...

AG and Energy Report for April 10
Sales of bison meat continue to grow and so does the national heard. The National Bison Association says that demand has driven up prices.

Bored no more: From racing to flying to feet, the region shows its quirky side
"Summer tours give you the opportunity to be 'surrounded' by bison (in the safety of our Bison Tour Wagon) and watch the newborn calves nurse


Nebraska Passport series: See excavations at Hudson-Meng
Hudson-Meng is named for two Sioux County ranchers who, while building a stock pond in 1954, unearthed the first evidence of the largest bison kill...

Canine connoisseur cuisine
On offer, amongst a host of doggy treats, are tempting chews made from yak milk, peanut "mutter" biscuits, bison and elk bites and three-foot, dried ...

Drfitwood Outdoors: Conservation's future in citizens hands
In less than 100 years, the early settlers had killed every bison, every elk, and every bear in Missouri. Deer were almost gone, reaching a low of an...
New York

Dish combines the best of Bourbon & Burger
Customers can substitue the beef for either a turkey or veggie patty at no additional charge, or a bison patty for $3 more. A bison burger is a rare sight ...
  South Dakota                    

Allow fear to humble you and draw you close to God
Though nervous, I fell back to sleep. Sometime later, I woke up again to that same gurgle. Only this time, the bison were much closer. In fact, there was
10 North American Big Game Meats You Need to Try Before You Die
The American bison have a sad history of being nearly hunted into extinction based almost purely on how good they tasted. Thankfully, one of the ...

Hiking to the highest point of Antelope Island
You will also get some glimpses of the American bison, since they roam around the trail. For the most part, the trail is pretty straightforward and simple...

6 National Bison Range bighorns killed because of disease transmission worries
Bighorn sheep are another matter, and – with pneumonia outbreaks decimating other bighorn herds in Montana and other states in recent years – six ...
North Dakota


Mother Nature likely culprit in bison's new damage
The sculpture was part of the 2006 "Herd About the Prairie" campaign to increase public art by scattering 43 individually decorated bison throughout ...
Tennessee / Kentucky

April Events and More at Land Between the Lakes
The Elk & Bison Prairie offers a native grassland habitat common in Kentucky more than a century ago. Elk and bison roam free within this 700-acre...


Veteran trick rider/roper at Cherokee Rodeo
Olson is a third-generation performer. His grandfather trained the first American Bison to be ridden and to perform for a crowd. His father, Jerry Sr., also....

Foodie events in Southwest Florida
This class will offer a sampling of three cuts of American Bison incorporated into recipes. 6-8 p.m. $65. The Good Life, 2355 Vanderbilt Beach Road ...

(April 24th, bottom of the page)

Penticton's Steve Brown announces Ultra Texas event
The run course features more of the Texas Hill Country including herds of Texas Long Horn Cattle, Bison and gorgeous scenery. Time Limits: Each ...

Waiser: The destruction of erratic Mistaseni
The most distinctive of the three, a large slab of dolomite, resembles a bison, complete with a backbone, ribs, and row-upon-row of cupules between...
Turn to bison for a healthy, delicious change of pace
It includes bison, also known as buffalo, which is much heartier and ... I can reel off countless reasons why the shaggy symbol of the American West is ...

39 greater prairie chickens join Missouri nature preserve
The birds are designated as endangered in Missouri. ... in northern Missouri. Controlled burns and bison grazing have been used to restore the site.

Black Beauty open house continues
Saturday, April 18 marks the second Saturday that the Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch has opened its doors to the public for an open house.

Gates open at 10 a.m., and close at 4 p.m. All activities will be conducted rain or shine.

Come learn about rescued chimpanzees and other primates, horses and burros, tigers and bobcats, iguanas and African tortoises, antelope, deer, ostriches, llamas, American bison and dozens of other species now living lives of peace and compassion at the Black Beauty Ranch sanctuary.



Five bison loose in Hot Springs
HOT SPRINGS, Ark. (KTHV) - According to authorities, five bison are on the loose in a Hot Springs neighborhood. The bison reportedly got penned in...

Otus the Head Cat No urban hunt planned for lone bison on the lam
An American bison tramples through the makeshift barrier of lawn chairs and netting, and knocks down a police officer on a tennis court at Greene 

Together We Thrive
The mural depicts a white bison, “Big Medicine,” three chiefs of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai tribes: Chief Charlo (Salish), Chief No Horses ...
South Dakota

Custer State Park bison calving time prompts warning
Custer State Park visitors are reminded not to interfere with bison when they are calving. That includes not bothering the calves.
New York


A Buffalo By Any Other Name: The Story Behind the Buffalo Bisons
The American bison is commonly referred to as a buffalo, but this derives from the fact that early settlers thought the animal looked like African and...
Burger Chains Worth Eating At In San Diego (And Their Best Burgers)
The newest location is in Temecula and Burger Lounge is reportedly searching for a space in the Del Sur area near 4S Ranch. Best Burger: Bison ...


Tribal hunters down five bison
The annual Shoshone-Bannock ceremonial bison hunt on the National Elk Refuge went well this year, with tribal hunters harvesting their allotment of....


Zoos: Valuable resources for conservation
AZA facilities have a history of saving species, including the American bison, the golden lion tamarin and the red wolf among many others. More than ...
South Dakota


From birds to bison: Wildlife biologist takes 'wild' leap into buffalo ranching
The company has since grown into a burgeoning business that sells and ships grass-fed, free-roaming bison meat to individuals, grocers and...

Wild Idea Buffalo Co.

How humans survived the last Ice Age
The region was populated with now-extinct short-faced bears, saber tooth cats, American lions, steppe bison, mastodons and mammoths. Sharing the ...


Two-week-old bison calf might be female
The 2-week-old bison calf born at Naschusa Grasslands near Franklin Grove is likely a female – according to one of the workers in the project...

Children complete Critter Fest challenge
American bison: There are two species of bison — a distinct species from buffalo — the plains bison and the wood bison. The scientific name of the ...

Let your voice be heard on bison
Thank you for your article in the March 28 issue of the Lewistown News-Argus concerning the American Prairie Reserve application to graze bison on ...

Half million Lego bricks form Huntsville Botanical Garden's new exhibit; local competition added
The largest piece is a mother bison made from 45,143 bricks. Other subjects include a floating hummingbird, a sly fox and a life-sized gardener with...

Straight Arrow Bison Ranch in Broken Arrow, Nebraska, awarded top environmental and Animal ...
Certified AWA bison meat from Straight Arrow Bison Ranch is sold through an online store and at various retail locations—including the Nebraska

Exclusive Colorado Discount & New Horseback Adventures from Ranch Rider
Save 10% (£200pp) on the Zapata Cattle & Bison Ranch's branding weeks ... Cowboys Association at the award winning Colorado Cattle Company.

East Bay scouts, biology students team up to remove invasive thistle
... Dr. Hornaday was an active and outspoken champion of natural resource conservation and a leader in saving the American bison from extinction.
New Zealand

Up for auction: Rooms with a zoo
Neville Jacques, with a Highland Cattle (L) and American Bison (R), says the property has been a labour of love for its owners. Picture / Christine
South Dakota

Vandals steal bison cutout from Mitchell Prehistoric Indian Village
A silhouette cutout of a bison was stolen sometime between Saturday night and Monday morning from the village's entry sign at the main parking lot

Bison bills remaining
“It's been a much quieter session on bison,” said Nick Gevock, the ... Two other bills regarding bison came from Native American lawmakers. Rep.

Bison bills remaining
Only six bison-related bills were even introduced this session, while the ... First of all, a plan among the National Park Service, the state and a couple ....

Bison Release: Time To Speak Up
SB284, the bill that would involve county commissioners in plans to release bison in their counties, is still languishing in the House Ag Committee, ...

Bill Threatens Montana Wildlife Heritage
( - Bison, large, shaggy haired, mammals, are an important part of the nation's wildlife heritage. They also play a huge role in ...

House OKs county approval of bison transfers
Helena – The Montana House voted 60-40 to pass a bill that would require county commissioners to approve transfer of bison into their counties.
National Elk Refuge plan a partial success
The plan was adopted in early 2007 and outlines goals for bison and elk populations on the refuge, as well as habitat conservation and disease ...

National Bison Range opens Red Sleep Mountain Drive for season
The staff of the National Bison Range would like to remind you that Red Sleep Mountain Drive is scheduled to open for the summer season on ...

Bullock gets bill giving counties veto power on bison
Gov. Steve. Bullock will have the final say over a bill that gives county commissioners veto power over state efforts to transplant bison to new homes

19 fantastic miles: National Bison Range prepares to open Red Sleep Drive
MOIESE – A year ago, road crews were wrestling with 10-foot snow drifts near the top of Red Sleep Mountain in their efforts to clear the National Bison


Bolstering Wyoming's bison
Wood bison are bigger cousins to the plains bison that roamed the range in ... A resident of Memphis, he is the president of the American Society of ...

America's National Parks: The Great Plains
If it's Yellowstone, endless expanses and herds of bison grazing on prairie grass, then your heart craves the Great Plains, where the deer and the ..

Letter: Yellowstone wild bison
The wild bison of the Yellowstone region are the last remaining wild bison left in America. Fewer than 4,000 wild bison exist today, and they are

Former Yellowstone spokesman reflects on park's biggest stories
"The issue of bison in Yellowstone is a true conservation success," Nash said. "You have to remember a century ago there were really just a handful of ...

New Plan: Thousands More, Or Hundreds Fewer Yellowstone Bison
Yellowstone National Park might tolerate thousands more bison by 2017, or perhaps hundreds fewer. State and federal wildlife managers are ...

Buttes and beasts: amazing US national parks – in pictures
Bison in Yellowstone national park, one of the last nearly intact ecosystems in the world's temperate zones. The park's bison herd is descended from a ...

Zimmerman Lecture Series returns to Casper College with a look at Yellowstone Bison
(Casper, Wyo.) -The Casper College Zimmerman Lecture Series will feature a presentation by Daniel Brister, executive director of Buffalo Field ...
Fifty Years Of The Greater Yellowstone Coordinating Committee
Bison migrate out of Yellowstone into Gallatin National Forest. Yellowstone shares its watersheds with its neighbors, with many rivers and streams ...

Park wildlife brings visitors, photographers from all around
Bison graze along a ridgeline between Mammoth Hot Springs and Tower Junction during the opening weekend of Yellowstone National Park last 
Commune with Cro-Magnon: Europe's stunning prehistoric paintings
In that same cave, the only one with polychrome paintings that is still open to visitors, you see a famous group of colorful bison painted using the...
The Dish: spring menus, 8-chef collaboration dinner
Highlights on the menu include the juicy Bison Sliders with arugula, tomato, onion, burrata and pesto and a Fiddlehead Salad with arugula, blackberry ...

Remember the world of the wild things
It was the Bison from the old diorama that captivated me as a child. I was overcome by the remnants a fearsome wildness – possibly speaking to my...

Beyond maple syrup: Chefs embrace unconventional Canadian ingredients
Most of those foodstuffs are harvested within a 300-kilometre radius, including game meats such as bison, plus wild berries and peppery green alder, ...

Bison Herd Relocated To Cherokee Land Delivers First Baby
It's been six month since a special delivery of bison from the badlands of South Dakota to Cherokee land in Delaware County, and now more...
How Did I Miss That? Saving Bison; Saving Warthogs

Tour of Utah will head north for 2015 route
... causeway to the mainland, leaving behind a large wildlife population of antelope, bighorn sheep and more than 600 free-roaming American bison.
New York

Bison herd on the loose in Bethlehem
There are 15 American bison loose in the Scenic Hudson Land Trust. Earlier Friday morning they were spotted crossing River Road in Bethlehem.

A runaway herd of bison is being hunted by New York police Business Insider

Bison on the loose in upstate New York

Fifteen stampeding buffalo shot, killed near Albany, N.Y. He says the animals weren't put down humanely.

15 Bison Were Killed After Wandering Around A New York Freeway  BuzzFeed News
15 Bison Escape From New York Farm, Cross Thruway, and Are Shot New York Times

Park and Recreation Department to unveil mascot, Buddy the Bison, on Friday (VIDEO)
Buddy the Bison, the first mascot for the Wichita Park and Recreation Department, gets a hug from 5-year-old Bryce Applehanz while making his debut ...

Native hunting site may become National Historic Landmark
The ochre cliffs where bison tumbled, the Great Plains rolling eastward, the cliffs of Square Butte rising to an impossible sky — even famed Montana....

In Allegheny County, A Place Where The North American Megafauna Still Roam
Instead, you'll find the park's 11 resident bison on a small turnoff marked “Game Preserve.” “You have your usual suburbs, and then here you got a


Blessings PowWow Hanna City, IL – April 25, 26
Following the Bison Blessing Ceremony will be the PowWow, featuring numerous Native American crafts, activities, and live demonstrations including ...

After selling off bison heard, Sayersbrook Ranch is again for sale
At the time, annual revenue from the bison operation, which had then about 1,000 in the herd, corporate retreats and tours added up to about $1...


Otus the Head Cat No urban hunt planned for lone bison on the lam
An American bison tramples through the makeshift barrier of lawn chairs and netting, and knocks down a police officer on a tennis court at Greene ...

Wildlife Prairie Park's Hunt for the Bison Keychain: Clue 1
The hunt begins for the Bison Keychain, which is hidden within the confines of Wildlife Prairie Park. The prize is provided by Community Foundation of 

Stampede for Bison burgers at Exeter Festival of SW Food & Drink
Bison burgers proved to be the hit of the Exeter Festival of South West Food and Drink today. Big crowds arrived just as the sun popped out from ...

Minneopa Prepares For Bison
The Minneopa State Park is planning on introducing around 14 bison to the ... The return of bison is just one part of the bigger picture at Minneopa.


Grand opening (free food!) for Native Delights restaurant Saturday on 118th Ave.
The restaurant's concept revolves around his own, secret recipe for vegan bannock, which is served with burgers crafted from bison and elk as well as..
South Dakota

Roaming free (of charge): National parks don't profit from excess bison
The sun rises behind a pair of bison Thursday morning at Badlands National Park. Each year the park rounds up its buffalo and gives some to Native...
That time Jeb Bush was served a lettuce-wrapped bison burger by a drag queen who supports ...
Former Florida governor Jeb Bush, who says he's still thinking about running for president, walked into a ... It was a lettuce-wrapped bison burger.

A destabilizing force
Using bison (buffalo) as an example, we can say that humans were once predators. Native Americans' place in the biosphere was clearly that of a top ...

Food Truck Week: Meet Bacon Babes
The quarter-pound bison burger with bacon, lettuce tomato onion and bacon aioli comes on whole-grain bread from Scholar's Inn Bakehouse in ...
North Dakota 


An ardent defender of North Dakota's badlands wonders if it's time to leave
He built fences to contain the park's bison and chased them back in when they escaped. He named many features in the north unit — Eagle Butte, 

Regulations Leave Clear Path For Bison Herd
By Hannah Garcia, LAW WEEK COLORADO ... Much like herds of roaming plains bison dot the pages of Western iconicity, the origins of a plan to ...
Breaking it down: Side-by-side bison and beef carcass breakdown shows cuts, quality contrasts
Participants in the Minnesota Buffalo Association's Splendor of the Grass conference got an up-close look at various cuts yielded from bison and beef ...
New Mexico

Former Enslaved Black Man George McJunkin Made Historic Archeological Find That Proved ...
The remains the team unearthed allowed them to identify Bison antiquus, which was about twice the size of modern American bison and extinct for...

Photo of McJunkin, courtesy of Georgia and Bill Lockridge, former owners of the Crowfoot Ranch

Archeologists study Hubbard Creek Lake area
During Thursday's study, the group collected samples of some bison bones and deer bones found in the area, but ... would be left up to the West Central Texas Municipal Water District, which owns and operates Hubbard Creek Lake.

Baby bison born at Fermilab
play this video New bison calf at Fermilab. Video: New bison calf at Fermilab. A bison calf feeds from his mother Tuesday at Fermilab. About a dozen

Ground bison makes great filling for crepes
Make the bison filling: Melt ghee in a large skillet, then add garlic and onion, and cook for about 3 minutes. Add bison, stir to combine and brown the ...

Bitterroot Bison Farm In Montana Accepted Into Certified Humane® Program
"We really love our animals and raise them on grass and not feed lots," said Troy Westre, partner at Bitterroot Bison. "We raise them as natural as ...

Young Peace farmer has farming in her blood »
I believe there are major opportunities in the bison industry, even more so than beef. I am still very involved with the buffalo, but the beef are easier for ...

Bison-Hunting Shaped Native American Society
Robert Morrissey, assistant professor of history at the University of Illinois, has studied the Illinois' relationship with bison and how these powerful ...

Anniston Museum's Attack and Defense Hall set to reopen
The hall also revamps the American bison exhibit, which shows a fully grown buffalo, a baby, and a buffalo skull, depicting the cost of widespread ...
7-Day Menu Planner
Treat your buckaroos to Bison Cheeseburgers using ground bison and 2 percent American cheese slices on whole-grain buns. (Or you can use lean ...
North Dakota

Roosevelt Park Zoo in Minot announces birth of American bison calf, arrival of river otter
Executive director Staci Kenney of the Minot Zoo Crew says the calf's father, Ole, and Lena were donated in May 2013 by an area bison ranch.
Fire up your grilling game with expert tips and specialty cheese
“With some simple techniques, great meat or veggies, and my favorite ... Shape ground bison meat into patties, grill three minutes on one side, then flip ...

Be Kind and Bar Dine
The other favorite takes the flavors of Buffalo wings, using nearly translucent bison meat with pickled celery and blue cheese. For the really raw, ...
North Dakota

Would You Like to Die? Why Not Move to North Dakota?
North Dakota. The great expanse. Sounds romantic, in that sun setting over a bison grazing on the prairie, Americana sort of way. Great place to visit; ...
Dakota Midday: Dan O'Brien's Wild Idea
Bison once numbered in the tens of millions in a range stretching across North America from Alaska to Mexico. Many native wildlife species depended ...
Branding no longer essential for bison heading to US
Regulations have also eased on bison coming into Canada from the U.S. Inspection agencies in both countries have agreed that American bison ...
 National Bison Association 

Bison producers feel 'contentedness' after crash, comeback
Bison producers feel 'contentedness' after crash, comeback ... “You get people all the way from selling the end product to the cow-calf guy in a group.

Producers Laud Change on US – Canadian Bison Shipping Rules
New ID Requirements Reduce Stress on Animals, Costs for Producers (April 13, 2015) – The leaders of the U.S. National Bison Association and the ...

The National Bison Association's Lone Star Legacy Rolls Into the Fort Worth Stockyards
Cowtown will become Bisonburg June 1 – 3, when the National Bison Association, in cooperation with the Texas Bison Association, holds its summer ...
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