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Getting Your Bison On
I've mentioned that I am quite fond of bison meat. It's lean and very tasty but it can be hard to come by. Dave Carter with the National Bison Association says that ...

Antelope Island: Where the bison roam StandardNet
ANTELOPE ISLAND — This year's Antelope Island bison roundup will be Oct. 25-26, with all cowboys and onlookers invited to attend. The annual roundup is just one of the many activities slated for the island this fall, according to Antelope Island State Park Manager Jeremy Shaw.

"The main (bison) push is on Friday, Oct. 25," Shaw said. "That is the initial push."............

Union State bison breeding program to be considered 2-4 October News of Belarus
MOSCOW, 1 October (BelTA) – An international seminar will take place in Belovezhskaya Pushcha on 2-4 October to consider the concept of the Union State 

Government shutdown closes MT refuges, fisheries KAJ18 Kalispell Montana News
The National Bison Range is one of several Montana sites to be impacted by the shutdown in Washington, DC. The Lee Metcalf Wildlfie Refuge in Stevensville is closed, as is the Charles M Russell National Wildlife Refuges.The following Montana fisheries have also been forced to lock their gates: the Bozeman Fish Technology Center, the Bozeman Fish Health Center, the Creston National Fish Hatchery, the hatchery in Ennis and the Montana Fish and Wildlife Conservation Office in Billings.

Bison goring injuries: penetrating and blunt trauma - Health Advance
Journal of Wilderness Medicine, Volume 5, Issue 4, Pages 371-381, December 1994, Authors:Lily Conrad, PhD, MD, FACEP; Jeffrey Balison, MD, FACS. Injuries from bison (American buffalo, Bison bison) attacks have not previously been reported in the medical literature. This study examines 56 bison-caused injuries, including two fatalities, from Yellowstone National Park over the past 15 years. Two mechanisms of injury were observed. The first was direct goring by the bison's horn, “hooking,” 

The Ozark Omnivore: Bison roaming Missouri prairies Lake Expo
If you head down Highway 42 toward Brumley, you might just wander onto a ranch that transports you to the 19th century, when bison still roamed the American ...

“They are the largest land mammals in North America... They are smart, they’re beautiful, they’re American,” he said, pointing out bison are naturally wild creatures with a fiercely independent nature. “You can gain their trust, but you can’t change their nature... 


Burger Lounge Steps Up 'Game' with Limited Time Seasonal Grass ... Broadway World
Grass-fed Bison, Wild Boar and Grass-fed Elk will rotate through in 60 day increments over the next 6 months at all 11 locations throughout San Diego and Los ...

Bison may roam once again in Banff National Park Western Producer (subscription)
Canadian bison producers are among those who support a proposal to see a wild, free-roaming herd of bison introduced in Banff National Park. Parks Canada ...

Bison goring injuries: penetrating and blunt trauma - Health Advance
Journal of Wilderness Medicine, Volume 5, Issue 4, Pages 371-381, December 1994, Authors:Lily Conrad, PhD, MD, FACEP; Jeffrey Balison, MD, FACS.
Injuries from bison (American buffalo, Bison bison) attacks have not previously been reported in the medical literature. This study examines 56 bison-caused injuries, including two fatalities, from Yellowstone National Park over the past 15 years. Two mechanisms of injury were observed..............

Butter-Basted Bison Ribeye Steak with Crispy Potatoes - Serious Eats
[Photographs: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt] About the author: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt is the Chief Creative Officer of Serious Eats where he likes to explore the science of home ...

New App Eases Hunt for Delicious Bison Meat Broadway World
The National Bison Association this week formally launched BisonFinder, a free downloadable App that will allow consumers to easily locate nearby restaurants, ...

Bakken Boom: Where the Buffalo Are Furloughed Gawker
Oil wells and sheet-metal buildings are hideous things, but America the ... both a mythical American spirit and the massive slaughter of the plains, the buffalo.

Bison rounded up from national park's south unit Bismarck Tribune
One hundred and fifty bison have been removed from the Theodore Roosevelt National Park and relocated. Bill Whitmore, chief of resource management for the park, called the operation a “partial roundup” that took place at the same time the park rounded up wild horses for sale in Wishek.

Whitmore said the roundups, which have been conducted since the 1950s, are normally done every three to four years to keep the population of the bison within management goals.

This barricade was sitting on a turn out next to the Gros Ventre road about a mile north of Kelly Wyoming. Guess the bison don't like the government shutdown either. Somehow I feel humans will be blamed for this vandalism, so I'm sending a link to the proper authorities. :)

By: WyoShooter308

Dangerous, destructive bison don't belong in our backyards Prairie Star
The Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks department has been considering the possibility of dispersing bison around the state for quite some time now. Recently, they held a two-day meeting on the topic in Lewistown, Mont. Due to a family medical issue, I was unable to attend the meeting.
I’m not sure what I would have said in the hour that was allocated to public comment. I probably would not have been allowed to say anything  ...

Flavor of GA: People's Choice (Updated Article)Thecoastalsource
March 12, the American bison farm in Townsend, Ga. was awarded the People's Choice Award for its Bison N.Y. Strip Steak during the annual Flavor of Georgia ...
The ranch has another Family Fun Day planned for Saturday, June 8."We have not one, not two, but three 'buffalo buggies' to ride on," she said. Additional swamp buggies should decrease the wait time for ranch guests to tour the fields and see the buffalo up close. ........

Record-setting projectile point found during FYI trip to Hudson-Meng While a group of Chadron State College students was studying recently at the Hudson-Meng Education and Research Center north of Crawford, Forest Service ranger Kathleen Hanson spotted a projectile point which is thought to be the best archaeological find at Hudson-Meng in at least 10 years.

According to Dennis Kuhnel, director of the Hudson-Meng Education and Research Center, the projectile point was found very near the actual Hudson-Meng Bison Kill site but has yet to be identified with a specific cultural chronology. Kuhnel estimated that the five-inch point is 6,500-7,600 years old.

Special care will get best out of bisonThe Columbian
Before cows came to this continent, enormous herds of bison were roaming the Great ... when Ted's Montana Grill opened its first New York City location in 2006.
Before cows came to this continent, enormous herds of bison were roaming the Great Plains. After a long period of decline, there are now hundreds of thousands of bison living on ranches in North America. Although conservation efforts helped restore the herds, it was America acquiring a taste for bison that brought the numbers back.

Beer, Brats and Bison Lincoln Journal Star
Did you know that a full-grown adult bull bison can weigh around 2,000 pounds and run up to 35 miles an hour? Sounds like a good candidate for the Huskers' ...

Board to rule soon on county-UW tax disagreementLaramie Boomerang
The Bison Run Village land, he said, is owned by UW and leased to CHF Wyoming, LLC, a private nonprofit company. “As I understand it by statute, and rules ...

Red River Tourtiere a taste of Thanksgivings past Northumberland Today
I wanted to do something a little different for Thanksgiving this year; so here is a new tourtiere recipe. I decided bison would be the key ingredient and went from ...

Crazy Horse Memorial to celebrate Native American Day with ... The Republic
... South Dakota — The Crazy Horse Memorial plans to observe Native American Day on Oct. 14 with a weather-permitting mountain blast, a buffalo stew lunch ...

Recipe: Savory Southwest Bison Burgers The Ann Arbor News -
Is there such a thing as too many burger recipes?'s another one that piqued my interest — I've never used cocoa powder, a common Mexican spice, ...

Local residents' vacation includes buffalo hunting Carroll County Comet
Local residents' vacation includes buffalo hunting ...
Carroll County residents Jerry and Janet McConnell recently completed a vacation to the Plains States, which included a buffalo hunt in South Dakota. The hunt was conducted on the 60,000- acre ranch where the movie, “Dances with Wolves,” was filmed......

Bison is a Lean Meat Alternative | Buedel Meat Up
Bison is lower in fat and calories than beef, pork, chicken and salmon. Grass fed, All Natural and highly flavorful, Bison provides a wealth of menu options.

Tribe continues to fund workers; other agencies eye options in ... Valleyjournal
The shutdown came just days before the Bison Range's annual round-up. It was unknown when the round-up would be rescheduled. Montana's National Guard ...
Area affected by federal shutdown Polson Lake County Leader
... due to the government shutdown, including nearly 12,000 workers in Montana. ... Employees of the National Bison Range Complex have been furloughed.

Numbers up at Pony Camp Walcha News
Organisers say that the reason Walcha's camp is so popular is because it offers a wide variety of horse activities and also uses bison for the campdraft training.

Organisers say that the reason Walcha’s camp is so popular is because it offers a wide variety of horse activities and also uses bison for the campdraft training.

Bison are slower than cattle and virtually walk through the course themselves with the children and instructor following.

Elk hunters asked for help Casper Star-Tribune Online
... Conservation District and Game and Fish are working together with local cattle producers to monitor brucellosis, a disease found in cattle, elk and bison.

North American Bison Cooperative: quotes & news - Google Finance
Get detailed financial information on North American Bison Cooperative () including real-time stock quotes, historical charts & financial news, all for free!

Treaty rights allow park bison prayer ceremony The Bozeman Daily Chronicle
James St. Goddard speaks with a Yellowstone National Park ranger on Oct. 10, 2013, .....A Blackfeet tribal member was allowed to pray in a closed national park this week after asserting his tribal rights. On Monday, James St. Goddard, a Blackfeet spiritual leader, approached Yellowstone National Park's West Gate and requested permission to enter so he could conduct a ceremony for the park's bison.


Building A Bison Homestead: Life at Cherokee Valley Bison Ranch Mother Earth News

Earlier in the summer we had the good fortune to travel down Lonesome Lane to meet a woman farmer - I think Carie’s story is a good example of how many of us ease into our dreams.

In Carie’s words: “My grandmother was a big influence in my upbringing. In the 50 years she owned this farm she didn't

Big Game Basics: American Bison | Bass Pro Shops
This month's Big Game Basic comes to us a little early, but it is about my favorite big game animal: American Bison. Now then, let us get one thing clear; to me, ...

Bison carcass draws 4 grizzlies, wolves into photographer's view Billings Gazette
Across the Lamar River near its intersection with Soda Butte Creek, a bison had died on the sagebrush-dotted prairie. Claiming the carcass was a large male ...

Native Sun News: US Senators designate 'National Bison Day'
The Plains tribes utilized all parts of the bison, wasting little. The meat was a primary source of food. Bones made tools and weapons. Hides provided materials ...

Switch to bison offers challenges, rewards for farmer Lancaster Newspapers
He and his wife were on vacation and decided to sample bison patties. "We tasted it more or less for the novelty," he said.
Then they found out how lean, and therefore heart-healthy, bison meat is compared with beef from domesticated animals.
That information resonated with Koman.
At age 30, he already was on blood-pressure medicine, and his father had sold his dairy herd because of heart issues.
The Komans decided to eat healthier, and they replaced the departed Holsteins with bison.

An update from Rep. Schwaderer Clark Fork Valley Press
Presentations were made and discussions were had on the issues around Bison management in Montana. Bison are very important to the tribal communities, ...

On Montana Reservation, A Mixed Reception For Bisons' Return NPR
This small herd of 34 genetically pure bison is roaming northern Montana's high ... 
Tribes are hailing the arrival of the bison as a return of something lost and a cause for celebration. But others see the animals as an intrusion.
Leta Calvin, a tribal member who lives at the base of the hill, across the highway from the bison enclosure, owns a small cow-calf operation with her husband. She worries.... 

Archeology dig provides a look at life 800 years ago
Bison bones, pieces of flint, fire-cracked rocks and small pieces of pottery are all that's left of a American Indian tribe that once roamed this area's land about 800  to 1,000 years ago.

Although there's little that remains of this group of people who utilized this area, Northern State University history professor David Grettler said much can be learned from what they left behind.

EDITORIAL: Badlands bison plan good idea Rapid City Journal
The main Badlands park unit has its own bison herd, which is flourishing in the arid badlands. Surplus animals are donated every year to Native American tribes.

Bison & Boundaries: Wild Bison in Yellowstone - November ...
Can Yellowstone's signature mammal and the region's ranchers just get along?

Bison Steak & Barolo !!!!!!!!!! - Smoking Meat Forums
Cheers Sweet Smoking Cookie Cuties, and Happy Midweek To YOU!!!!!!!! Breaking tradition (gals do that once a month right) I did venture away from my ...

The American Buffalo: What Happened To Their Numbers? - News ...
As late as the 1860s as many as 30,000,000 — that's 30 million — buffalo (aka bison) roamed the Great Plains area of America. Plains Indians relied heavily on ...

Funding for fencing popular in bison territory The Bozeman Daily Chronicle
Karrie Taggart plays with her dog Friday in the area she just fenced off to keep bison out. Money from four environmental groups helps landowners pay for half ...
“The bison have nailed the willows and the aspen, but they'll survive if they can get tall enough,” Fleming said, pointing to the stunted trees in her backyard. “It can be a little frustrating when you look out the kitchen window and see them eating your flowers, but there's not much you can do.”

Closure imperils hunts Jackson Hole News&Guide
Hunters in pursuit of elk and bison won't be able to track their quarry on the National Elk Refuge until lawmakers in Washington, D.C. find common ground.
Elk hunting on the 25,000-acre refuge, which was to start this weekend for young hunters, has been delayed. The shutdown also temporarily closes the only bison hunt on public land in Wyoming.

Texas gates no match for bison on Deh Cho Bridge HQ Yellowknife
A photograph of a bison on the Deh Cho Bridge has gone viral on social media. It was taken last Friday, a week after Texas gates were installed on the bridge to ...

FWP Should Stop Free-Roaming Bison Plan The Roundup
They spoke loud and clear that free roaming bison would be an economic ... From their offices in Washington, DC and New York City they've pulled out a map, ...

The Montana Department Fish, Wildlife, and Parks is on a strange mission to impose a free-roaming bison herd in Eastern Montana. It’s puzzling because it’s a plan that few Montanans want, and a large, diverse majority oppose. Yet, inexplicably, Governor Bullocks’ administration and FWP Director Jeff Hagener seem determined to give us a dose of a bitter medicine we don’t want or need.

The opposition to free-roaming couldn’t have been more evident at a recent FWP meeting on the issue in Lewistown. One after another, ranchers, sportsmen, farmers, local business owners, and others voiced their objections to FWP’s proposal to move bison from Yellowstone National Park to an undisclosed location in Eastern Montana

Photo of the Day: Herd of bison cross the road in winter Treehugger
Here's one entertaining reason to stop during a road trip! This herd of bison crosses the road in an orderly fashion on a chilly winter day. According to the ...

Dunn Ranch bison get annual checkup News-Press Now
EAGLEVILLE, Mo. — Few people can lay claim to watching bison roam native prairie under a Missouri sky. The Nature Conservancy hopes to change that with a ...

2nd Annual Bison Roundup Takes Place at The Nature ... The Nature Conservancy
The American bison herd, which has been steadily growing each year, was repatriated onto Dunn in 2011 as part of grassland restoration efforts.

Bison herd in NW Missouri gets annual
A herd of bison in northwest Missouri could be video stars, if a pilot project from National Geographic is successful. Two bison in a herd in northern Harrison ...
Two bison in a herd in northern Harrison County were outfitted with "Crittercams" Tuesday by a National Geographic photographer and videographer.


How to Put a Camera on a 1000-Pound Bison NatGeo News Watch (blog)
Marshall got a mouthful of the thick, coarse hair while downwind of a fellow researcher who was trimming the beards of two American bison at the Nature ...

Neanderthals Roamed With Bison East of Berlin, Find Shows Bloomberg
Twenty meters below the surface, they also found remnants of wolf, horse, elk and bison at the Jaenschwalde lignite mine, near the city of Cottbus and the Polish ...

Bison: Wildlife or Livestock? | Earthjustice
Kari Birdseye
As wild bison return to the plains, ranchers target them as livestock ... Now that the court battles have been won and the wild bison are back on tribal reservations ...

Landowners want captured bison declared livestock Seattle Post Intelligencer
16 arguing that bison captured and held in a quarantine program outside the park are no longer wild, the Great Falls Tribune reported 

Group opposes lawsuit defining bison as livestockThe Bozeman Daily Chronicle
A minor comment in a Montana Supreme court ruling on the transfer of bison to ... by bison opponents asking Judge John C. McKeon to declare all bison that are ...
In the Supreme Court's ruling, Chief Justice Mike McGrath said the bison transfer to Fort Peck was legal because a state law prohibiting transfers of wild bison to public or private land without landowner approval did not apply to tribal lands.He also commented that the bison had been in quarantine for several years and therefore were arguably not “wild buffalo or bison.”     

PEM's Art and Nature Center Wicked Local
The giant American bison originally displayed at the Smithsonian, now in the newly-reopened Art and Nature Center at the PEM.

Media Advisory: Harper Government Invests in Bison Industry
OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Oct. 17, 2013) - Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz will be in Regina, Saskatchewan on Friday, October 18 to make an ...

Why are Britain's conservation groups so lacking in ambition?

I believe Britain is a zoophobic nation. While other European countries rewild to great success, we are shamefully disconnected from our wild past of wolves and bisons. And our timid, visionless conservation movement is complicit

America's last wild buffalo being subjected to horrific birth control plan Ravalli Republic
In truth, the wild bison of Yellowstone are the last wild population left in America. They number fewer than 3,700 individuals and are badly mismanaged under a ...

Baby steps on bison: Game agency easing back into hot-button issue
Billings Gazette
Mostly tribal and a few public hunters killed 237 bison last season. With new births, the bison population was estimated at around 4,600 animals in June, so the ...

Banff prepares for return of bison Vancouver Sun
But wild, free-roaming bison could soon return to the backcountry in Banff National Park. The reintroduction - which draws on Parks Canada's long record of ...

Wild bison hunt | Explore Big Sky
With a rare western Wyoming wild bison tag in hand this September, I recruited some friends – Dan Rice and Mario Deluca – on an early season, self-guided ...

Briscoe Museum showcases art of the west San Antonio Express
“Visions of Change,” a 13-foot-tall bronze depicting cascading herds of buffalo and longhorns attended respectively by an American Indian and a cowboy, ...

More bison die at Chippewa Falls zoo Lexington Herald Leader
A virus at a local zoo in western Wisconsin continues to decimate the bison herd. The Irvine Park Zoo has lost two additional bison, bringing the total to four ...

Bison Herd Grows At Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park
The herd of six female bison at Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park gained another resident in late August. A 1,000-pound male arrived with a purpose: to multiply ...

Iowa Beef Center: ADT rules for livestock shows
“This includes all livestock -- including cattle and bison less than 18 months of age -- moving across state lines for exhibitions, rodeos, shows, and similar events.

Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve announces winter operations Emporia Gazette
However, visitors need to be aware that the bison herd is temporarily located in the West Traps pasture, rather than Windmill pasture in order to familiarize the ...


Janice's World of Travel: Does my Butt look Smaller in Big Sky ...
The RR Restaurant's fine-dining menu features hearty Montana ranch-to-table cuisine (Mesquite grilled Bison, Rocky Mountain Elk, Montana Wagyu Beef, ...

Bison Day Resolution Moves Forward

The Senate resolution designating November 2nd as National Bison Day is rapidly moving toward enactment despite the recent political gridlock in Washington, D.C.


In a parliamentary procedure, the Senate Judiciary Committee this week formally discharged the Bison Day resolution and sent it to the floor for consideration. The offices of both Senate Leaders Harry Reid (D-NV) and Mitch McConnell (R-KY) have signed off of the resolution, which clears a path for the resolution to be brought up in the Senate for unanimous consent next week.


Final passage is anticipated prior to the National Bison Day Capitol Hill Reception planned in Washington, D.C. on October 30th.

NBA update

Building block sculptures awe visitors to arboretum
This American bison and calf took contemporary sculpture artist Sean Kenney many hours and 61,372 Lego blocks to create. They're among 27 sculptures on ...
This American bison and calf took contemporary sculpture artist Sean Kenney many hours and 61,372 Lego blocks to create.  

OK Beginning Farmer and Rancher Program Accepting Applications

The Oklahoma Beginning Farmer and Rancher Program is a free course in sustainable farming or ranching for people who have been farming or raising livestock for fewer than ten years. ......To be considered, fill out an application by November 15, 2013.


Montana reopens discussion about bison management plan Casper Star-Tribune Online
Yellowstone National Park officials had a plan in place last year to ship park bison to slaughter, research facilities or “terminal pastures” to meet its goal of ...

Buffalo owned by the combined Sioux and Assiniboine Indian Tribe on their ranch inside the Fort Peck Indian Reservation north of Wolf Point, Mont., in February 2011

Wisconsin Extension food tour touts economic, health benefits of ...Iron Mountain Daily News

Armstrong Creek Bison Co., located at 8109 County Line Road in Armstrong Creek, Wis., produces bison products, free range eggs, and some vegetables.

Tour stops on Saturday include the following farms and orchards:

- Armstrong Creek Bison Co., located at 8109 County Line Road in Armstrong Creek, Wis., produces bison products, free range eggs, and some vegetables. At 9:15 a.m., the owners will be speaking about managed grazing of bison, hogs, and poultry.

Hunter's retreat: Northwoods room is backdrop for animal mounts Quad City Times
Through the years, he has bagged an impressive array of animals: a bison in Nebraska, a black bear in Canada, a Russian boar in Tennessee and an alligator ...

The largest is the magnificent, symbol-of-the-American West bison head. Spaete shot the animal from about 90 yards away on a 25,000-acre, free-range ranch near Chadron, Neb.

In the social structure of bison herds, non-dominant bulls are ostracized when they get to be 5 to 7 years old, Spaete explained. They become rogue bulls and wander off by themselves. The bull Spaete shot was wandering with one other bull.             


Working to revitalize rural communities in the province Regina Leader-Post
Josee Bourgoin, a bison producer from Prince Albert, has been involved in the terroir project since 2008 and believes in the project's potential to change ...

Bison Producers to meet in Grande Prairie next weekend 0 Alberta Daily Herald Tribune
The Bison Producers of Alberta (BPA) is looking for potential producers to ... “The industry is doing very well – bison from Alberta is going all over the world.”.


      Canadian bison industry continues to boomPrince Albert Daily HeraldExecutive Director of the Canadian Bison Association Terry Kremeniuk says the free trade agreement with Europe will have a positive impact on the industry, ...    

Finally, A Yellowstone Snowmobile Plan That Satisfies Most Texas Public Radio
A bison crosses a road ahead of a herd of snowmobilers in Yellowstone National Park in 2003. New federal rules announced Tuesday will further restrict the ...


Bison faithful choose to believe Milton Daily Standard
Ken Landis looks over two of 15 fiberglass bison in the parking area of M and T ... “There is an Elephant Butte in New Mexico…a Redwood is in New York, and ...


National Bison Day
National Bison Day was first proclaimed in 2012. This year the O'Brien County Conservation Board would like to join in the celebration of one of the main feature ...

National Bison Day Chronicle Times
National Bison Day was first proclaimed in 2012. This year the O'Brien County Conservation Board would like to join in the celebration of one of the main ...

What the Buffalo Tells Us About the American Spirit Smithsonian
James Earle Fraser designed our buffalo nickel. I grew up with his sculptures: The Discoverers and The Pioneers, on Chicago's Michigan Avenue Bridge; and ..

Partnership with BNSF Helps Tribes Restore Bison on the Northern ... 3BL Media (press release)
To members of the Lakota tribe, the bison (American buffalo) is a sacred symbol embodying both life and abundance. Its importance to them historically was ...



Your Green Life: "Bison Ranch" Northland's NewsCenter
Bison have roamed the United States for centuries. In the early 1800's they were nearly brought to extinction by over-harvesting. But today the population has ...

A List For Hunters Who Do Not Want To See Wild Bison Glasgow Courier
One of the common refrains that I heard at the Montana Fish Wildlife and Park's (FWP) meeting in Lewistown about releasing wild bison in counties that do not ...             

Banff prepares for return of bison
The Province
But wild, free-roaming bison could soon return to the backcountry in Banff National Park. ... “Handling wild bison like that is like poking a grizzly bear with a stick.

Debate on over bison re-introduction Rocky Mountain Outlook
“I want to speak positively about the Banff proposal,” Gates said, “because it fits among the different conservation initiative projects. Bison are raised, in terms of ...              


Utah Bucket List: Annual bison roundup
offers modern cowboys a ...

Salt Lake Tribune
The public has been invited to help Utah State
Parks officials collect the wild bison on the
28,000-acre island for nearly three decades.
The 27th annual Antelope ...

Annual Antelope Island bison roundup
inspires riders, volunteers

El Estándar
"I found it awe-inspiring to see the bison all
together like that," he said. "Usually, they are in
onesies and twosies, but to see them all
together up close in a group, ...

Beefalo Meats steaks named best in U.S. Daily Record (subscription)
Linda and Mark Merrill of Merrill Cattle Company/Beefalo Meats, hold a ribbon Oct. 9 in Kansas City after being named the producers of the best-tasting steak in ...     
Beefalo Meats top steak in the country for second year in a row Yakima Herald-Republic (blog)
Beefalo Meats walked away for the second year in a row as the grand champion ... Instead, Merrill entered a steak from one of his beefalo — a 3/8ths bison and ...           

Food Trucks: Bison Chili, Lobster Tacos and Brie Crepes
A Bite Truck: Fushion dishes like bison chili, ragout of lamb and Modelo-steamed mussels characterize this Orange County-based food truck. Crepes Bonaparte: ...



Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve conducts first roundup of ...Lawrence Journal World
Now, four years later, Matile and about a dozen other workers are running their first bison roundup at the tallgrass preserve. It has been four years worth of ...

A Focus on Woods, Prairie and Nature in Nebraska Lincoln Journal Star
The “Beer, Brats and Bison” fundraiser to support care of the bison herd at Pioneers Park Nature Center (PPNC) educated those in attendance about bison and ...                 

Ancient bison bones donated to school Moose Lake Star-Gazette
Deering dug out the skull in eastern Montana when he was 5 or 6 years old. ... Ancient bison bones that were found near Moose Lake have been donated to the ...


Buffalo wallows, playas important to prairie ecosystem Great Bend Tribune
A common behavior of the American bison, dust-bathing or wallowing results in a circular soil depression that still persist today, apparently caused by intensive ...

Baby calf born at Roosevelt Zoo Minot Daily News
The unnamed calf was born Oct. 14 to Lena, the zoo's bison cow. The calf's father is named Ole. The adult bison were donated to the zoo by an area bison ranch ...

Baby bison makes three Minot Daily News
There's a new addition to the crew of animals at Roosevelt Park Zoo. It's a female, as-of-yet unnamed, baby bison. According to Ann Olson, staff veterinarian at ...

Bison fundamentals class to be offered for potential producers Minnesota Farm Guide
ST. PAUL, Minn. – The Minnesota Buffalo Association is again offering its popular “Bison Fundamentals” class for farmers and producers interested in starting a ...                  

Vision of Prairie Paradise Troubles Some Montana Ranchers New York Times
The trouble is many ranching families here in northern Montana say it is not a ... They have installed electric fences to ensure that their 275 bison do not roam ...

Scientists dig for fossils in LA a century later KSWT-TV
There's so much left to do that it could easily take another century to complete. On a recent Wednesday, a volunteer in a white lab coat pounded away at a bison ... 

LOS ANGELES (AP) - Surrounded by a gooey graveyard of prehistoric beasts, a small crew diligently wades through a backlog of fossil finds from a century of excavation at the La Brea Tar Pits in the heart of Los Angeles.

Digs over the years have unearthed bones of mammoths, mastodons, saber-toothed cats, dire wolves and other unsuspecting Ice Age creatures that became trapped in ponds of sticky asphalt. But it's the smaller discoveries - plants, insects and rodents - in recent years that are shaping scientists' views of life in the region 11,000 to 50,000 years ago.            

Owens visits bison farm The Adirondack Daily Enterprise
He credited his daughter Erika, who was also there for Monday's tour, with steering them toward bison after attending college at the University of Wyoming and ...


Billionaires' plan to let the buffalo roam will destroy our way of life ... The Times (subscription)

It is one of the world's most audacious conservation efforts: an attempt to create an “American Serengeti” where thunderous herds of wild buffalo roam the Great ...

Free film celebrates National Bison Day Billings Gazette
The nationwide celebration of National Bison Day on Saturday will be marked with a showing of the National Geographic film "American Serengeti" at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West in Cody, Wyo.

 American Serengeti chronicles the large conservation project under way to rebuild the Great Plains, often called the “American Serengeti” for its once-vibrant grassland ecosystem and abundant wildlife. More than 200 years ago, Lewis and Clark marveled at the herds of bison, packs of wolves, grizzly bears, prairie dogs and other wildlife. Current conservation efforts are attempting to connect 3 million acres of grasslands to restore the ecosystem.        

Cherokee celebrate heritage and traditions Cleveland Daily Banner
... by members of the Cherokee nation and the Eastern Band of the Cherokee as dedications, a Pow Wow, and the annual Blessing of the Bison took place.


The mixed genetics of American bison - TYWKIWDBI - Blogger Minnesotastan
In the United States, many ranchers are now utilizing DNA testing to cull the residual cattle genetics from their bison herds. The U.S. National Bison Association ...              

National Bison Day Resolution

Southern Plains Pointers: Oct 30 2013

           This month I would like to shift the focus of my comments from managing herds, to managing
destiny as a bison producer and/or bison-species restoration partner. You may have already read;
it's official that November 2
nd is now National Bison Day! Woohooo – yeehaw and job well [done]
right? From my perspective: wrong! The job has only just begun. Senate Resolution 254 only begins
the arduous task of accomplishing the Bison Legacy Act at some point in the future. There has been
a great deal of interaction and discussion among and between the communities that now make up
a very dynamic and diverse modern American bison reality. They range from concerns over national acknowledgement [as the National Mammal] adversely effecting trade and industry, to: what bison
are – or should be, to: which among definitions with regard to the latter should the legislation refer to,
and so on. The track record of the Vote Bison campaign has demonstrated vigilance for sensitivity to
all bison cultures and communities.

          I contend; that the [result] of this very substantive process will be less important than the process
itself and the conversations caused by it. I made the decision to be involved based on the wording of the original bill and then the resolution, which by the way contained different wording. That was my personal
and professional choice, but I made it based on reading the text of the proposed legislation, for myself!
We all have a chance as the National Bison Day resolution becomes a fresh start for a future Bison
Legacy Act naming bison as the National Mammal of the United States, to secure its representation
of all bison communities with sensitivity and respect. The most recent-past USDA census number for
bison is 198,234. This small number means that we are all in this thing together, and I for one believe
we can get it right. Showing up, communicative contributions and watch-dogging the wording will be
important functions of supporting bison in the coming days.

               Managing destiny may be impossible for you, but it’s the bison’s destiny we’re talking about.
Join the coalition, keep track of the coming Bison Legacy Act and involve yourself as it evolves.

Maybe managing [their] destiny… is yours!

Tim Frasier, Frasier Bison L.L.C.    

FWP lacks local support for plan to let bison roam free The Missoulian
The Montana Department Fish, Wildlife and Parks is on a strange mission to impose a free-roaming bison herd in eastern Montana. It's puzzling because it's a ...
The Montana Department Fish, Wildlife and Parks is on a strange mission to impose a free-roaming bison herd in eastern Montana. It’s puzzling because it’s a plan that few Montanans want, and a large, diverse majority oppose. Yet, inexplicably, Gov. Steve Bullock’s administration and FWP Director Jeff Hagener seem determined to give us a dose of a bitter medicine we don’t want or need.                

Newswise (press release)
Enzi and Johnson introduced the legislation at the request of the Vote Bison ... In 1905, William Hornaday of WCS (then the New York Zoological Society) and ...

Celebrate National Bison Day With the Texas State Bison Herd at ... Dallasweekly
Bison currently appear on two state flags, on the seal of the Department of the Interior, and on U.S. currency. The “Vote Bison” Campaign, supported by Colorado ...

Flint Hills Discovery Center celebrates Indian heritage, bison Topeka Capital Journal
The Flint Hills Discovery Center, 315 S. Third St. in Manhattan, will celebrate Native American Heritage Month and National Bison Day from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. ...

Bison Lobby Stampeding Into Rayburn Tonight Roll Call
This marks the second year in a row that the bison lobby has partied with Congress. Rough Rider Teddy Roosevelt — the Washington Nationals' “racing ...

The National Bison Association, in cooperation with Nationwide Agribusiness and Renaissance Insurance, wants to remind you that we have the only bison-specific policy for your buffalo operation available. Learn more below.
From NBA member Jay Fahn, "I recently switched our insurance to Nationwide Agribusiness, thanks to our NBA membership. Major savings and more complete coverage. Of course the proof will come if/when we have a claim! Thanks very much to you and the NBA for helping us finally get the attention of a local agent."


NBA to Connect With FFA Next Week; More Sponsors Needed

When more than 50,000 FFA members, advisors and chaperones arrive at the organization's annual convention in Louisville, KY next week, the NBA will be there to introduce them to the Bison Advantage.

"The FFA convention is the best opportunity we have each year to help the next generation of farmers and ranchers to start thinking about bison as a career path," said NBA Executive Director Dave Carter. 

Contact to sponsor your local FFA chapter, or call the office at (303) 292-2833.  


Bison roundup conducted as usual after shutdown
Today, the bison are herded down by ATVs and Jeeps. They are microchipped instead of branded. The microchip carries records of the bison's genetics and age ...

Eleven of the animals were also donated to the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes and the Blackfeet Nation. The bison destined for the Blackfeet Nation will likely become part of the herd the tribe is building. 

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