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Cowbirds hatched a survival plan
Minneapolis Star Tribune
... July 30, 2013 - 3:59 PM. When their bison-filled habitat changed, cowbirds solved their food shortage by foisting their eggs on other birds. hide ... Today, cowbirds are known to use the nests of more than 200 North American bird species. Most of ...

Once known as buffalo birds, flocks of cowbirds followed the huge herds of bison long since gone. The birds ate insects disturbed by bison feet, and grain found in the prairies.

From a Native American perspective  
Aug  2013

By: Yolonda Blue Horse

When I first met Mr. Frasier and had the opportunity to speak with him in great length about buffalos and what the relationship these intimidating animals were to my ancestors, I was touched by his deep understanding of the importance of the continued existence of these great four-leggeds.
Many know from history that the buffalo were very important for the survival to many Indian tribes. All of the animal parts were used in some way to assist with daily living. My ancestors were able to process these parts and use them not only for food purposes but also for shelter and religious purposes. It is also important to note that with our diet of buffalo and other natural foods, that diabetes, did not exist among my people. Today, due to these foods not being accessible as they once were, diabetes is now very prominent among many native tribes and many times, goes undiagnosed or untreated due to poverty conditions on the reservations.
Another important use of this animal was for religious purposes. The skull and the hides of these great animals were part of ceremonies and still are today. However, are these animals as accessible as they were to my ancestors? No.
We, as Native Americans, struggle to learn and to hang on to our traditions and our culture. Speaking for myself, I have completed the plan set out by those who were in charge back when my ancestors were fighting for their survival. I am educated, I do not know my language, I did not grow up surrounded by my own people to learn my culture.  I have become the generation of indoctrinated Indians who have become what “they” set out for my people to become. “Kill the Indian, save the man”, as Captain Richard H. Pratt said in 1892.  If I did not seek out to learn about my ancestors, or to learn where I came from, any culture or traditions that may still exist, would be lost with me. Then it could be said, that it only took 3-4 generations to lose what my ancestors had lived since the beginning of time.
When I heard of Mr. Frasier’s online newsletter, I was glad to hear that articles such as protecting the buffalo would come to surface. As I just explained what the buffalo meant to my ancestors, so is the drum. For some believe, that the beat of the drum is the heartbeat of Mother Earth. I wish Mr. Frasier success with his online publication and I strongly encourage all buffalo owners to look at what they have and to reach out to Native people keeping in mind that it really was not that long ago that my people flourished and how short of time it took to almost completely destroy the people and the buffalo who were indigenous to this land.

Yolonda Blue Horse

Member of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe


Native American charter school dedicated
ABQ Journal
Mylo Romero, center, and Julianne Chinana, right, both students at Walatowa High Charter School on Jemez Pueblo, perform a Buffalo Dance in the courtyard at the Native American Community Academy, which was dedicated Thursday. (Marla Brose/Journal).

The opening dedication ceremony was a special occasion with dancing, singing and purification.

The recipes included the one below, for Bison Ravioli. Those recipes and much more information are available to all in a cookbook posted online
Bison Ravioli in Bay Blue Mornay Sauce
HOME PLATE: For a burst of fresh flavor, go local with next meal
Delmarva Daily Times
Sauté remaining vegetables in pan that bison was seared in until golden brown. Add red wine to deglaze pan. Transfer vegetables into braising pot. Add beef stock to braising pot, enough to cover meat. Cover pot with tin foil and cook slowly (275 ...

Maryland marked out its annual Buy Local Challenge last week to highlight locally grown and produced foods. Consumers were challenged to eat at least one local food each day.

A family road trip seven years ago to South Dakota and Nebraska resulted in an unexpected farming enterprise for Mary Farmer.

Farmer can be found from 2:30-6:30 p.m. every Friday afternoon at the Historic Downtown Gainesville Market on the Square. She said people are always curious about her bison and she’s happy to share what she’s learned about the animals.
Bison beef is the other red meat
Gainesville Times
In February, she was licensed to sell her bison meat at farmers markets by the Georgia Department of Agriculture and has found a USDA approved butcher to ....


July was National Bison Month, and, as the only steakhouse on the Strip serving bison, we decided to pay tribute with several bison specials available at Tender Steak & Seafood at Luxor.
Executive chef KC Fazel of Tender at Luxor: Bison is America's original red meat
Las Vegas Sun
At this ranch, bison graze on natural plains where they gain weight naturally, and no hormones or artificial growth stimulants ever enter into the food supply or blood stream. Bison are an incredible part of our history as Americans, and I am proud to ...

The bison tasting platter features a trio of masterfully prepared meats including seared bison rib eye, bison top sirloin braised pot roast and smoked bison sausage made in house. The platter is served with maple-baked beans, barbecued Texas sweet onions and roasted fingerling potatoes.

Stroll shares influence of bison on Banff
Rocky Mountain Outlook
The Eleanor Luxton Historical Foundation (ELHF) founded Bison Belong in 2009 to support Parks Canada as it moves towards the goal of restoring wild plains bison to Banff National Park. The ELHF also prepared a bison restoration proposal to assist Parks ...         

In a sound clip accompanying the Bison Stroll website (, Canmore-filmmaker Leanne Allison says, “If you stood on what is now the corner of Buffalo Street and Banff Avenue 150 years ago, you might well have seen free-roaming bison. They disappeared shortly after the slaughter of the plains bison in the 19th century. 

Through their grazing, bison herds helped shape the grasslands of the Great Plains.
Three Strikes You're out in the Old... Great... Plains!
Huffington Post
The first strike against the Great Plains in recorded times was the decimation of the American bison in the 19th Century. The second strike was not from a pitch, but rather the plow and the resulting widespread conversion of native grasslands to crops ...

The Great Plains are imperiled because they lost the great bison herds (the predominant grazers and thus shapers of the grasslands) and because so much of it was converted for crops.

Green Chile Cheeseburger
Chef Jeff Bolton from Kachina Southwestern Grill shows us how to make a Green Chile Cheeseburger with Bison meat. Green Chile Cheese Burger. Chef Jeff Bolton. Ingredients: Ground bison. Roasted green Anaheim chile peppers. Smoked cheddar cheese.
Chef Jeff Bolton from Kachina Southwestern Grill shows us how to make a Green Chile Cheeseburger with Bison meat.

Saratoga Museum Wyoming Public Media
Located in Saratoga, Wyoming, nestled between the Snowy Range and ... Bison bones discovered at The Casper Site are also a part of the museum's collection. Long-time board member Rod Laird was one of the discoverer's of the site. Laird has been the driving force behind the museum for the last 20 years and he held the first World Atatl Atatl contest.

New York Times (blog) 
Yellowstone has bison the way New York has pigeons; they're everywhere. Many of them are content to chew their cud within arm's reach of the roads. S.U.V'.s ...

Colo. man wins world buffalo chip tossABQ Journal
The Panhandle Post website for station KQSK says 27-year-old Charley Teal of Fort Collins, Colo., threw a piece of dried bison dung 103 feet, 6 inches on ...

it was not the record more

Bison Days returns next week Journal-Advocate
During Bison Days, children will learn all about Buffalo Bill Cody, Annie Oakley, Sitting Bull and the American bison. There will also be several related activities ...



  Redesigning our cash to reflect the full range of the nation’s ambitions and achievements might sound like something only other countries do. But there is precedent in American history: Just out of living memory, US paper money was amazingly varied and beautiful, celebrating icons from the American bison to the steam engine, from Native American chiefs to first lady Martha Washington.             

Give American currency a makeover!
Boston Globe
But there is precedent in American history: Just out of living memory, US paper money was amazingly varied and beautiful, celebrating icons from the American bison to the steam engine, from Native American chiefs to first lady Martha Washington. The ...


This Bison Really, Really Loves Carrots (PHOTO)
Huffington Post
Who knew bison loved carrots so much? Emily Patrick found out that they indeed do adore the vegetable in a hilarious photo of pure culinary joy.

The photo was posted to Reddit by Mitchell Tyson, who snapped the photo while driving with his girlfriend through the African Safari Wildlife Park in Ohio, where visitors can ......            

 Native Texas Prairie     
       Native Texas prairie is the gift that keeps on giving. Bison and grassland are like a hand in a glove. Native grass species require little water, less fertilizer and last forever if managed properly. Unfortunately, relatively little prairie remains today after decades of plowing, overgrazing and urban sprawl.

        The dominant species in tallgrass prairie are Eastern Gamagrass, Big Bluestem, Little Bluestem, Switchgrass, Indiangrass and Muhly grasses. Mid to shortgrass species include Sideoats Grama, Texas Bluegrass, Buffalo Grass and Blue Grama. Efforts to restore native prairie can bring lasting benefits to bison and the bottom line.
Ben Tyler,  


ADLA: Bison in Interior Alaska Ruby Peck-Hollembaek
These bison photos were taken at our game ranch by our 10 year old grandson, Wesley. Ruby Hollembaek. Posted by Ruby Peck-Hollembaek at 9:06 AM.

Why was western Nevada's largest recorded wildfire named the The Bison Fire...
The Bison Fire burns July 8 just east of homes in Gardnerville. Emerson ... The Bison Fire was a little different, but geography played a role. The Bison Fire was ...            

5-Star Collection, Taft -1s and Reverse Proof Buffalo Start August

Rounding out the releases for the week is the 2013-W Reverse Proof American Buffalo Gold Coin. It launches on Thursday, August 8, with pricing decided on August 7. If the average price of gold continues within 1,300 to 1,349.99 an ounce, the reverse proof will debut at 1,690.00.



Bison-Injected Protein Snacks - The EPIC Bar Comes in a Flavor ...
bacon and cranberry - The EPIC bar is a protein snack that features flavors such as 'Bison, Bacon and Cranberry' and 'Beef, Haban...


A Herd of Buffalo in Edgefield County
Lone Palm Bison Company recently began sales of their USDA-processed bison meat which can be purchased locally or shipped directly to your door.

Sometimes you have to follow a dream, and that’s just what Barry and Debbie Mauldin on McCreight Road in Johnston did when in 2009 they purchased six female yearlings.

Visitors will dig massive bison fossil excavationScottsbluff Star Herald
The bones of about 900 bison lie buried in an area the size of a football field. This now-extinct species resembled modern bison but was about 20 percent larger with horns that curved outward with a spread of 6 to 10 feet.
The ancient beasts died mysteriously as a group. Initially, as excavation began in the 1970s, it was thought they had been killed in one hunt. Later scientists raised theories of a mysterious mass kill, possibly by disease. Current thought points to wildfire, ...    


Hidden Gems: Visitors will dig Hudson-Meng's massive bison fossil ...Omaha World-Herald
But no matter where you start from, you'll end up about 10,000 years in the past when you visit the Hudson-Meng Bison Kill Research & Visitor Center northwest ...

Inside the Beltway: Calls for a 'national animal'
Washington Times
Members of the National Bison Legacy Act Coalition, on the other hand, should be pleased with the findings. The organization — which includes 39 zoos, ...

“The results would disappoint Benjamin Franklin, who pressed for the turkey to be the national animal of the United States,” observes poll analyst Peter Moore. Interestingly enough, turkeys were the third choice of history-minded Republicans, but fifth for Democrats.  
The legislation, introduced before the Senate in 2011 by.........

The fields of Whiting – where the buffalo roam
Addison County Independent
There's nothing like standing next to a buffalo to make you feel American. And very small. Having a buffalo on your farm is like keeping a bald eagle. They are, by their nature, symbolic of America. They are majestic, stoic and quixotic, and they ...
There’s nothing like standing next to a buffalo to make you feel American. And very small. Having a buffalo on your farm is like keeping a bald eagle. They are, by their nature, symbolic of America. They are majestic, stoic and quixotic, and they harken back the Old West, Native Americans, sandstone, cowboys and wagon trains. They elicit patriotism. They are American.        

08/05/2013 03:17 PM EDT
USDA Announces Ongoing Efforts to Assist Ranchers Impacted by Drought Washington, Aug. 5, 2013 -

     As severe drought conditions persist in certain regions throughout the country, the U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) Farm Service Agency (FSA) Administrator Juan M. Garcia today announced temporary assistance to livestock producers through FSA's Conservation Reserve Program (CRP). Under limited conditions, farmers and ranchers affected by drought will be allowed to use certain additional CRP acres for haying or grazing under emergency conditions while maintaining safeguards to the conservation and wildlife benefits provided by CRP. In addition, USDA announced that the reduction to CRP annual rental payments related to emergency haying or grazing will be reduced from 25 percent to 10 percent. Further, the sale of hay will be allowed under certain conditions. These measures take into consideration the quality losses of the hay and will provide needed assistance to livestock producers.......


Ways of managing brucellosis in Montana eyed
KAJ18 Kalispell Montana News
Bison have been at the center of managing brucellosis in the wild for the past century, but in the last few years wildlife managers are looking at elk as another source of brucellosis on the landscape. "Yes there is brucellosis in bison in the Greater ...
Bison have been at the center of managing brucellosis in the wild for the past century, but in the last few years wildlife managers are looking at elk as another source of brucellosis on the landscape.

Bison, lions and bears, oh my: they're top contenders for the ... Washington Times
If the bald eagle weren't our 'national animal,' what would be the most popular choice for the role? The bison wins, according to a YouGov poll released Sunday, ...

BILL MAXWELL: Ted Turner, a caring capitalist out West
San Angelo Standard Times
SAN ANGELO, Texas — I admire just a handful of people, those who do what philanthropist Edward Bok described as the essence of human purpose: “Make the world a bit better or more beautiful because you have lived in it.” I have traveled to the American ...

In addition to his vision of raising bison to supply meat for his restaurant chain, Ted’s Montana Grill, he would show ranchers and others that conservation and preservation can go hand in hand with capitalism. He would demonstrate that the environment can be saved profitably.  

Provide a realistic space for YNP bison
Helena Independent Record
Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks and the Department of Livestock have released an Environmental Analysis for allowing Yellowstone bison to roam, mostly on Forest Service land, outside the park year-round. These would become the only wild bison in our ...


American bison to strut the campdraft stage
ABC Local
A north Queensland grazing family could be about to hold the first ever campdraft featuring North American bison. Campdrafting is an Australian sport that traditionally involves a horse and rider working a mob of cattle. So horses could be a little ...

So horses could be a little confused when they encounter the beasts - which look like buffalo - for the first time.

Vicki Miller of Grass Hut Station and Horse Stud near Mingela says she uses her 11 bison in campdrafting because they're more resilient than cattle.

Buffalo roam on Marine veteran's Wisconsin ranch
Lake County News-Sun
His sprawling ranch off 60th Street is undoubtedly a showplace that bespeaks his love of the American buffalo but also his patriotism. The road leading to his store on the ranch is lined on one side with Stars and Spangles and the other with Marine ...
Lester, a Marine Corps veteran who was wounded during the Korean War, is one of the ranchers trying to save the species that is part of American history and folklore.               


Return of the Bison anniversary events set Rapid City Journal
16 at Wind Cave National Park's Visitor Center at 7 p.m. Tom Farrell will present “The Return of the Bison: the Decision that Shaped Wind Cave National Park” ...

On Saturday, Aug. 17 at 9 a.m., a ranger-guided hike entitled “Exploring the Past: A Visit to the Forgotten Wind Cave National Game Preserve,” will take place, starting at the Visitor’s Center.           


Holy Cow! There's a Bison Farm on Long Island
Huffington Post
They are the largest land animals in North America. Once upon a time, 60 million bison roamed the plains of North America. Massive hunting of these animals nearly drove them to extinction. Thanks to Ed and many other passionate bison farmers across ...

Ed, a passionate Long Island potato farmer and very successful real estate broker, ultimately purchased two pregnant bison from Custer State Park located in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Since his initial purchase, the North Quarter Farm now boasts over 300 bison on 250 acres of farmland. 

Federal agency turns over bison hazing documents Lexington Herald Leader
HELENA, Mont. — The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has turned over its analysis on the effects of hazing bison back into Yellowstone National Parks on ...           

North American Bison of Theodore Roosevelt National Park ...
During their historic journey to the Pacific, Lewis and Clark reported enormous herds of North American Bison in the midwest, so large that they 電arkened the ...

These photos were taken in the national park bearing Theodore Roosevelt’s name, in the south unit of the park near Medora, North Dakota.  

There are some great pictures with this article....             

“I love the bison for its taste and nutritional value,” said Mueller, who was a cattle rancher until getting into bison about 13 years ago. “It's the most natural meat you can eat.” The other producers on the tour were Brown Eggs and Lamb, as well as ...
Chef Michael Allemeier, a SAIT instructor and former executive chef at Terrace restaurant in the Mission Hill Winery in Kelowna, hauled a fancy smoker from his home in Calgary to prepare applewood-grilled bison flat iron steaks, served with lovage chimichurri and marrow-stuffed potatoes.           

Little Sioux Valley Conservation Association and the O'Brien County ...
The Little Sioux Valley Conservation Association and the O'Brien County Conservation Board will be holding the annual Bison Burger Picnic and Lawn Concert on Tuesday, August 21, 2012. Food will be served from 5:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. Bison burgers will be ...

Bison burgers will be served hot off the grill and with side dishes and watermelon. After the meal, enjoy a pleasant evening listening to music by the Plain Vanilla Band.     

Buffalo chili at the Buffalo Chip Rapid City Journal
Buffalo is a naturally lean meat without as much of the flavor-enhancing fat of beef, so Chef Jim Brady took that into account when he entered the Chipster Thundering Buffalo Chili Cook-Off on Saturday, Aug. 3.
“You want to add quite a bit of flavor to it, so that’s why I smoke the meat,” Brady said of his prize-winning buffalo-chili recipe that is sometimes on the menu at the Buffalo Jump Saloon and Steakhouse. The flavor boost ......        

Bison vs. beef burgers WSBT-TV
Looking for a healthy burger choice, but veggie and turkey burgers aren't cutting it? Consumer Reports says you may want to try a bison burger. Sales of bison ...               

Wyman Meinzer presentation planned as introduction to Western exhibit
The Southern Plains bison, which came near to extinction under the guns of 19th century buffalo hunters, will be the focus of a presentation by photographer Wyman Meinzer at 2 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 11, at the Museum of Texas Tech. In recent years, Meinzer ...


Ancient bison skeleton discovered in post-flood Calgary Calgary Herald
Dawe said he could tell by the bones that it was a relatively young bison, but full grown, as is the case with all mammals, as there wre indications the vertebrae ...


Scientists examine bison bones revealed by flood
Scientists from the Royal Alberta Museum are in Calgary to examine bison remains that were unearthed at the banks of the Bow River in June's flooding.


FWP director explains bison management in Montana KXLH Helena News
A recent Montana Supreme Court decision validating the transfer of bison between tribal lands on the Fort Peck and Fort Belknap reservations again put bison in ...                 
Hagener says that bison management falls into three categories: bison around Yellowstone Park, bison on non-tribal lands in the rest of the state, and bison on tribal lands.

Federal agency turns over Yellowstone bison hazing documents Casper Star-Tribune Online
HELENA, Mont. — The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service turned over its analysis on the effects of hazing bison back into Yellowstone National Park on threatened ...

From the archive, 10 August 1939: Miscellany: The Buffalo Bill tradition The Guardian
It is a little difficult to see why the celebrated Buffalo Bill stories should have been forbidden in Italy as unsuitable for young Fascists. One would have thought ...

BHSU alumna preserves legacy of American bison > Black Hills ...
Susan Ricci is a Black Hills State University alumnus whose passion for the American Bison led her to found the Museum of the American Bison in Rapid ...

Thanks to rescue efforts by several ranchers across the Great Plains and conservation groups such as the American Bison Society, there are now more than 400,000 bison in North America.  



North American Bison in Theodore Roosevelt National Park - YouTube
Driving through a herd of North American Bison at Theodore Roosevelt National Park, Medora ...

Letter: Protect the wild buffalo, by protecting their habitat
This is critical for the bison for winter habitat and calving grounds. We need to contact Montana by August 13 to show support for this year-round habitat to protect the bison. We can contact them at Bison Year-Round Habitat; Montana Fish, Wildlife and ...               

Bison Hike Anyone? « CBS St. Louis
Bill Reker
The Bison Hike will take place Saturday August 10th at 10 A.M. Park officials suggest you wear long pants, sturdy shoes and insect repellant. For more ...
A park naturalist will discuss bison biology, Native American uses of bison, herd dynamics and prairies. The Bison Hike will take place Saturday August 10th ...


Sales Open for 2013 Reverse Proof Gold Buffalo | Coin Update Michael Zielinski
The United States Mint has started accepting orders for the 2013 Reverse Proof American Gold Buffalo. This highly anticipated offering was created to mark the ...


Iowa foundation's grant aids grassland purchase Seattle Post Intelligencer
The land will aid the conservancy's bison herd, which in turn plays a key role in ... The organization introduced 28 bison to Broken Kettle in 2008 to control ...                

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Gilchrist Foundation grant to expand Plymouth County natural area Sioux City Journal
A mother bison looks back as she waits for her newborn calf to catch up with her at the Broken Kettle Grasslands Conservancy near Westfield, Iowa, in 2011.

Charles Goodnight remembered in namesake town
Goodnight is one of the most well-known figures in the history of western settlement. he was a legendary trailblazer, rancher, and philanthropist who saved bison from extinction in the southern panhandle, and served as a Texas Ranger. "He was almost a ...
Goodnight is one of the most well-known figures in the history of western settlement. he was a legendary trailblazer, rancher, and philanthropist who saved bison from extinction in the southern panhandle, and served as a Texas Ranger. 



Grilled Peach Salad with Buffalo Mozzarella and Arugula - My ... admin
Ingredients: 6 peaches, cut in half and pitted salt 3-4 large handfuls arugula, washed and dried 1 small red onion, slivered 5 oz. buffalo mozarella or other fresh ...

Roam with the bison in North Dakota -
A herd of hulking American bison huddles to keep warm during a prairie blizzard in ... The boundary between Tennessee and North Carolina might be one of the ...


Cassidy: Where the buffalo roam

He said he tried to raise the bison alongside his herd of Angus cattle, but the bison proved to a more aggressive species and it was difficult for both to co-exist. He said the meat is butchered in local, government-approved abattoirs and sold directly ...

By Robert Barron, Daily NewsAugust 9, 2013
Plains buffalo might not stampede through the Canadian Prairies in the hundreds of thousands like they did centuries ago, but a small herd of the species that was nearly driven to extinction by European hunters now roams the fields in Cassidy.      

But she says the risk is worth it because the contraception program is yielding some impressive early results. Since it began three years ago, the conservancy has managed to bring the herd down to 150 animals; the number they consider sustainable.
Of Bison, Birth Control And An Island Off Southern Calif. Texas Public Radio
"This is a really common place to see a bison, you'll see them in groups, and then solitary ... King is in charge of managing the 150 wild bison roaming the island.Fourteen of the animals were brought here in 1924 by a Hollywood crew for a film shoot. The movie never got made, and the bison were never returned to the wild.

No more shipping, no more hunting and no more culling.

"The problem is reproduction, you can remove animals till the cows come home and you haven't solved the problem," says Jay Kirkpatrick, director of the Science and Conservation Center at Zoo Montana.  

"Very Effective" Birth Control Guns Manage Catalina Island Bison
NBC Southern California
It's not clear how they would impact the genetics of mainland bison, since a small amount of cow DNA is present in a larger proportion of Catalina Island ...
The year before, 30 bison were born on the island. In its first year, contraception whittled that number down to five. Last year, just one bison was born – likely to a female who ecologists were never able to tag or inject.

Buffalo Burgers with Pickled Onions and Smoky Red Pepper Sauce
Santa Maria Times
Buffalo (or bison) meat is becoming increasingly popular as a healthful alternative to beef. Its flavor is quite similar to that old standby—and not gamy, as some people fear—but it tends to be much leaner, so take care not to overcook it. Look for ...

Saving the bison may have saved Wind Cave Park
Rapid City Journal
10 am to 5 pm - Free-outdoor art show featuring several members of the Artists of the Black Hills Group. 6:30 pm - Drawing for the winner of the Star Quilt ...
Today the park staff manages to maintain a herd of approximately 450 bison. On a regular basis, bison are supplied as stock for other parks or tribal areas wishing to begin or maintain a herd, although no such roundup has taken place since 2009. 

Bison: The Original Red Meat
"Bison is just a leaner meat. They're a wild animal and are a leaner meat than typically raised cattle," explains McCormick. The fat they do have is healthier, too. "Since they're grass fed, they have a higher content of Omega-3 fats, which actually ...
Clifton Howell started Bison Farms in Cobden more than 15 years ago with four bison. Today there are more than 400 of these docile creatures on his 1000 acre farm.
Health seems to be one of the biggest reasons behind the growing demand for bison meat. Registered Dietician Michelle McCormick says one of the major benefits of Bison meat is their fat content. 


USDA Monthly Bison Report « American Bison Directory American ...
The USDA Monthly Bison Report is produced by the USDA Agricultural Marketing Service each month and distributed as part of its New Service.              

American Bison on Vimeo Weighing in at one ton and standing over 5 feet at the shoulder, the American Bison, or more commonly known as the Buffalo, is the largest, heaviest herbivore ... Although excellent swimmers, rivers still pose a problem when the bison want to cross the large ravines. The solution? Simply run across one of the high bridges located in the park. As seen here, a small group of bison bulls, led by an older mature bull, trot and gallop across a bridge four stories above the Yellowstone River.  

(side note, check out timeline at 1:40)

Saving the bison may have saved Wind Cave Park Rapid City Journal
16 and 17, there will be a celebration at Wind Cave National Park and in Hot Springs, marking the 100th anniversary of the return of the American Bison to the ...

November 1913
Wind Cave was the choice and the Wind Cave Game Preserve was born. In November 1913, the 14 bison that would form the foundation of the current herd were shipped by rail from the Bronx Zoo in New York to Hot Springs and by truck and wagon to a 55-acre temporary range on the north side of the park.

Park County commissioners debate bison comments The Bozeman Daily Chronicle
LIVINGSTON – Park County commissioners oppose a plan to allow bison to remain outside Yellowstone National Park year-round, but they delayed submitting their comments to give the public time to weigh in.

At a Park County Commission meeting Monday, Commissioner Marty Malone handed out what he hoped would soon be the commissioners’ formal response to a Fish, Wildlife & Parks and Department of Livestock environmental assessment on expanding bison range in Montana.

  Pen in Hand: Check out these photos of a buffalo calf just minutes ...
Tehachapi News
Buffalo are also known as American Bison (Bison bison, zoologically) and most books will tell you that Bison is the more correct term since these lumbering ...

State, tribe agree on bison transfer, tribe says
Great Falls Tribune
... of 35 genetically-pure bison from the Fort Peck reservation to Fort Belknap, according to the head of Fort Belknap's Fish, Wildlife and Buffalo program.
  In March 2012, FWP transferred 62 Yellowstone National Park bison to the Fort Peck Reservation in northeastern Montana, which is 185 miles east of Fort Belknap. Half of those animals were originally intended to be transported to Fort Belknap.

Bison move from Fort Peck Reservation to Fort Belknap gets OK from FWP
KXLH Helena News
USDA-APHIS will help Fort Peck wildlife officials conduct the additional testing on all of the Fort Peck Reservation's QFS bison on August 20.

The bison - and their newborns - now number 76 animals and are part of a quarantine feasibility study (QFS) that began in 2004. The study aimed to create a group of bison that are free of the bacteria that causes brucellosis, a disease that results in miscarriages in some pregnant animals, including domestic cattle, and bison and elk.

Consumer Reports Video Hub - Latest - Bison vs. beef burgers
Bison meat is a healthier alternative to beef. Sales are on the rise. Here's how bison's taste ...

Bison Burger Picnic & Concert
Chronicle Times
Make plans to come out for the annual Bison Burger Picnic and Lawn Concert. This event is a great way to catch up on the progress at the center while connecting with friends and enjoying an evening on the prairie. The Little Sioux Valley Conservation ...

Take part in a special activity to choose a name for the bison calf. This year there will be additional opportunities to support the special project to acquire property between the center and the river. 

Video series-video one
American West - The End of the Plains Indians - Destruction of the buffalo ...
American West - The End of the Plains Indians - Destruction of the Buffalo. Revise GCSE ...

American Bison of Utah - Outside Influence - HubPages
The American bison is often refered to as the symbol of the American west. Join us for a fascinating look at these reminders the wild and wooly frontier. Unless ...
Thanks to careful management, bison can now be found in several areas of Utah, including the Henry Mountains and Antelope Island. Recent transplants from the Henry Mountains have been introduced into the Book Cliffs.

Corn festival honors Native American traditions
Allentown Morning Call
Of course you can't have a Roasted Corn festival without roasted corn, but for the hungry there are also buffalo burgers, buffalo stew, corn soup and frybread — a type of fried dough. Don't miss the Indian Tacos, which is chili and the fixings on ...

Great American Frontier Show
Great American Frontier Show Buffalo, horses, oxen and wolves are all part of this family-friendly celebration of life in the Old West. Visitors will see how our ancestors built the West with ...

Bison versus bikers
Sky News Australia
Buffalo stampede leaves bikers in Illinois terrified
Amateur video from rural Illinois shows a group of bikers forced to shelter at th
e side of the road as a group of buffalo charge down the road. The animals, also know as American Bison, can weigh between 700 and 2200lbs and move at up to 40mph. Source: ...
Most motorcyclists are used to encountering a range hazards on the road, from wet leaves to distracted car drivers, but few have found themselves in the middle of a stampede.



House Works: Bison Burgers
Cut the baguette into 4 long angled pieces spray with oil oil and toast, top that with arugula, tomato bison and egg. Per Serving (excluding unknown items): 215 ... Fiber; 282mg Cholesterol; 135mg Sodium. Exchanges: 4 1/2 Lean Meat; 1/2 Vegetable; 1/2 Fat.

Bison on the move in the NWT until December HQ Yellowknife
Yellowknife, NWT - There are no winners if a vehicle hits a bison on NWT roads. So says ... He says bison are on the move -- from now until mid-December.

Oklahoma-made film "To the Wonder" available on DVD and Blu-ray
... up in Bartlesville, showcased Oklahoma's natural beauty, including colorful sunsets, green and gold fields and bison herds on the Tall Grass Prairie Reserve.

See This, Skip That: South Dakota
ABC News
The magnificent creatures, indeed, will draw thousands of visitors to Custer State Park next month for the Buffalo Roundup, where cowgirls and cowboys will round up, brand, vaccinate, herd and auction off some 1,300 buffalo; arts festivals and culinary ...

.Aztec High School ARMY JRTOC unit help out Yellowstone bison management ...
Farmington Daily Times
FARMINGTON — Aztec High School's Army JROTC unit enjoyed a rare experience earlier this month. Six cadets, along with JROTC officers and chaperones, traveled to Wyoming's Yellowstone National Park to learn about wild bison with a wildlife biologist.

The cadets spent two days working with Wallen on renovating a capture pen to handle the bison, and they ventured into the park to count and classify the herds.


"I hope they learned about the conservation value of preserving wildlife," Wallen said. "And they learned about ... a program to protect wildlife and (how to) resolve conflicts when wildlife create problems when living with humans on the landscape."


Fish Hook Carved From Bone

Corps archaeologists study Missouri River's past Grand Forks Herald
Sometimes during high water the Missouri River will carve away one of its banks ... Bbone fishhooks, and squash knives and hoes made from bison bones, are ...
Maier adds that bone fishhooks, and squash knives and hoes made from bison bones, are also among the materials found in old villages. In some cases, she said, archaeologists have found the unfinished patterns from which ancient people were carving items such as fish hooks.

Much to see in spots where the bison roam
Dallas Morning News
Strong, sturdy and resilient, the American bison has made a remarkable comeback, thanks to major public and private conservation efforts. Here are five places where you can see this magnificent creature roam: 1 Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife ...

Wild shots: Bison are iconic, incredible to photograph The Coloradoan
The bison is one of America's most iconic animals. One of the best places to see them is in Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks. / Courtesy of Vic ...

Oklahoma's Sheridan Avenue was named after an Indian killer ...
Oklahoma's Sheridan Avenue was named after an Indian killer, advocate of bison extermination. Oklahoma street names have history that can be infamous.

27th Annual Bison Roundup | Utah State Parks
Come experience the Wild West as riders on horseback round up the Island's herd of over 600 bison. Spectators can view this unique event on Friday October ...

BRIEFLY: MERA remains closed due to loose buffalo | La Grande ...
Union County Administrator Shelley Burgess said Friday morning that the Mt. Emily Recreation Area remains closed as buffalo are still roaming the area.
La Grande Observer
Union County Administrator Shelley Burgess said Friday morning that the Mt. Emily Recreation Area remains closed as buffalo are still roaming the area.The county closed MERA Wednesday morning after reports that a buffalo herd from a nearby bison ranch got loose on the property.County Commissioner Steve McClure said the county does not feel comfortable leaving MERA open with big and potentially dangerous animals on the loose.Buffalo, unlike cattle, are difficult to corral, McClure said. Buffalo cows can also be particularly aggressive when they think calves are threatened.Burgess said MERA will likely remain closed through the weekend

.Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation says wood bison herd threatened ...
Edmonton Journal
It is time government and industry listen because we are serious about asserting ... nearly 20 per cent of the Ronald Lake bison herd's traditional range, ...The Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation has petitioned the federal and provincial governments to set up management zones within the area to help protect wood bison and caribou herds

Bison farmers may be forced to quit
Melton Times
A COUPLE who have been farming bison and deer for 13 years say they are being ... law and therefore the standard legislation and requirements must be met.
But a spokesman said: “Bison are formally defined as bovine animals under European Community animal health and food safety law and therefore the standard legislation and requirements must be met.”

South Dakota ranked among nation's top ag producers Sioux Falls Argus Leader
South Dakota leads the nation in bison production and makes the top 10 for several other commodities, according to annual rankings from the U.S. Department ...

The state has more than 37,000 head of bison, according to the most recent census of agriculture, accounting for 19.5 percent of U.S. production.

Mountain Biking through a Roaming Herd of Wild Bison - YouTube
Mountain Biking through a Roaming Herd of Wild Bison.  

Minneapolis Star Tribune
“The bison are the biggest reason people come here, and it's pretty easy to see them. They are visible from [Stagecoach Trail] most afternoons,” says Ned Phillips, membership coordinator at Belwin. When I visited with my family, lazy teenage bison were ...

David Hartwell, board chair, is focused on restoring the original prairie landscape and kicking out the invasive species. The bison are a tool in that process, and the areas they have worked already display greater plant diversity. 

Bison rancher carries on family tradition
Whitecourt Star
His grandson Neil Hochstein said Meerheimb was one of the first bison ranchers in Alberta ... He produces all his own feed and practices rotational farming.

“At that time a bison was worth $200,” Hochstein said. “Now they are worth $2,000. No one could understand why I wanted to get into bison with such a horrible market but I could see it. I could see that people were going to be interested in health, the aroma of bison, and how they work with the land, how they graze the land is beneficial to the land.”  

Congressman stops at bison ranch on Farm Tour
Daily Journal Online
The meal was all part of Smith's visit to SayersBrook Bison Ranch in rural Washington County. The stop provided the freshman congressman an opportunity to see up close the 2,500 acre property on which Skip and Connie Sayers raise anywhere from 650 to ...

Virginia, buffaloes don’t really have wings. While U.S. Rep. Jason Smith wasn’t served the popular snack food at a stop he made Tuesday as part of his first 8th Congressional District Farm Tour, he did get to sit down to a lunch featuring a serving of bison as the main course.

Searchers look to corral escaped bison Aug 22Schenectady Gazette
Data from the 2007 Census of Agriculture show 67 farms in New York with 1,854 bison, but didn't indicate any in Schoharie County, according to the state ...
Bison herd to be tranquilized,taken home Friday Aug 23Albany Times Union
A plan by a Schoharie County farmer to tranquilize a herd of his wife's roaming bison has been put off until Friday. Timothy Hines said Thursday afternoon that ...
Drama, but no capture yet Aug 23
Albany Times Union
He and his wife, Roberta Morris, run The Grumpy Buffalo Farm LLC, which according to their web site, producer naturally fed bison meat and products. "They're Tim's pride and joy and he has passion for those animals, said Bove, of Hines, "I enjoy being ...


3 bison shot for safety reasons Aug 24Albany Times Union
RICHMONDVILLE — Three of the bison that had been on the loose in Schoharie County during the past week have been shot and killed "for the public's safety" ...
bison rounded up after escaping from NY farm  Aug 26
Wall Street Journal
Schoharie County Sheriff Tony Desmond tells the Daily Gazette of Schenectady ( ) that a male bison was caught Sunday, six days after ...
Home, but not on the range Aug 26
Albany Times Union
"She's happy Uncle Danny is back home because he's like family, but is still emotional and sad for the others," said Hines, adding that the family is appreciative to all the volunteers for their assistance and plans to reward them for their efforts ...

Bison meat prices soar - KULR-8 Television, Billings, MT
U.S. - Even as beef prices rise, the price of bison going through the roof, this due to a shortage of bison. The industry is encouraging ranchers to raise more ...
Bison meat is leaner than beef with no hormones, while live animals are more expensive to buy. They're cheaper to feed, very little grain is used. Its market is just a fraction of what beef is, but prices are holding up and the industry is trying to recruit more ranchers to increase supply. 

A woolly homecoming Crowd cheers as 34 wild bison are released at ...
Genetically pure bison are back at the Fort Belknap Reservation after a century's absence.
It’s a great day for Indians and Indian Country,” said Mark Azure, who heads the tribe’s bison program, moments after the final two big bulls rumbled out of a trailer and trotted away onto the prairie.


T B A Fall Workshop | Bison Events| National ...
Start Friday night with a social to catch up with old friends and make new friends. On Saturday morning watch and/or help the Barksdale crew work their buffalo ...
Also on Saturday morning the Junior Judging contest will be taking place. After a buffalo luncheon in Crockett, listen to speakers on the latest bison-related topics.

Casper City Council OKs American Indian statue Casper Star-Tribune Online
... American Indian statue will grace the intersection of Wyoming Boulevard and ... Bonander said the piece signifies the importance of bison in Indian life as a ...

Dickson Mounds hosts program on recent bison find along Illinois ... Washington Times-Reporter
Dickson Mounds hosts program on recent bison find along Illinois River. The Illinois Valley Archaeological Society will host a presentation on a recent bison find ...

Bison purchased for west coast farm
The Telegram
Wood bison to be transported to Newfoundland and Labrador, to begin life at Michelle Young's JNJ ... “This is opening the doors to a new industry,” she said.

“It should be fairly straightforward because bison are regarded as livestock across Canada ... but the Department of (Natural Resources) here, of course they’ve got concerns about bringing in a new species,” she said, explaining she has been working with wildlife officials to clear the farm plans.

There's much to see in the spots where the bison roam out West
Bend Bulletin
Strong, sturdy and resilient, the American bison has made a remarkable comeback, thanks to major public and private conservation efforts. Here are five places where you can see this magnificent creature roam: 1. Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife ...

Yellowstone National Park Bison Management Program Victor Snover (Event Representative)
The Aztec New Mexico Army JROTC program was fortunate enough to participate in the Yellowstone National Park Bison Management Program on August 3-4, ...

Semi Carrying Load of Buffalo Takes a Tumble: Notes from the Dakota County ...
Oh, and one more thing: Also onboard were 44 American bison, a species described by National Geographic as "the heaviest land animals in North America." The beasts typically stand 5 to 6.5 feet tall at the shoulder, and can weigh more than a ton. They ...

Buffalo Return to the Great Plains Guardian Express
After the animals arrived at Fort Peck, a lawsuit was filed in the state of Montana demanding the cease of movement of bison in the state. The lawsuit stated that ...
60 bison where taken to Fort Peck Indian Reservation and then 30 of their number were to be transferred to Fort Belknap Indian Reservation some 16 miles south. The intention is to reintroduce the bison to the plains and to maintain a herd of about 1,000 on both reservations for the purposes of preservation, repopulating, and ceremonial use among the tribes.

Southern Plains Pointers:

By: Tim Frasier, Frasier Bison LLC.

   The dog-days of summer are upon us in the southern plains and hopefully we have all our preparations for a strong breeding season in order and working. If you’re catching up, then exhaust solutions to herd management that do not_ require high levels of stress, handling or hauling. If this is not possible, then plan activities at night, dusk or dawn. In July and August, if I have to haul bison, I prefer to do it at night. This decision transcends humane to shrewd-business whereas heat-stress will_ directly effect my bottom line.

  Keep an eye on your bison: in the relentless heat of summer in the southern plains, watch for body score changes of the herd and correct them by knowing your dynamics. Those dynamics are:
1) parasite loads
2) Nutritional regime realities
3) Water quality (check it for micro-mineral antagonists)
4) salt and mineral supplementation.
Summer in the southern plains and breeding season are very dynamic! Knowing your facts, specific to your land and your herd, will help.

Maxwell: Ted Turner demonstrates how the environment can be saved ...
MetroWest Daily News
I was nowhere near Yellowstone National Park, where bison roam freely. ... "Last Stand: Ted Turner's Quest to Save a Troubled Planet," said in an interview ...
Today, he owns 2 million acres and has a herd of about 55,000 bison spread over 15 ranches across seven different states. In plain English, he owns 11 percent of the world's population of 500,000 bison.

Food Gal » bison meat
That's because it's bison meat — which is lower in fat, lower in cholesterol and higher in good-for-you Omega 3′s than skinless chicken or grass-fed beef.

Denver developer, German partner restore SD ranch
Remarkably, the heart of the vast valley — the 5,000-acre Frawley Ranch — remained intact with a bison herd, sodbuster's dugout, dairy, ranch houses, a one-room school, cemetery and stately stone courtyard barns that once served as the final stop for ...

Law Protects Bison Alongside Cows, Elephants, Llamas Texas Tribune
Most Texas bison ranchers have small herds, so losing even a few animals is a big deal. Baggett said a single 1,000-pound bison is worth about $2,300.

Russian Hotrodder is Selling the Ultimate Leather-Wrapped Car
CarBuzz - Car News and Reviews
The leather being used is one hundred percent genuine Canadian bison leather, and it covers the entire exterior of the car. The interior is a mix of bison leather and fur, but the really amazing touch is under the hood. The entire engine compartment ...

Let's get it on: Male bison added to female herd at Metro Park Columbus Dispatch
The six female bison at Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park now have a male suitor. A 4-year-old male arrived at the park today from the Wilds in eastern Ohio.

Rare grizzly sighting on refuge Jackson Hole News&Guide
By Mike Koshmrl, Jackson Hole, Wyoming. August 27 ... A volunteer saw this year's grizzly feeding on a bison gut pile left over from a hunt that began 
A grizzly bear that’s likely a famous Grand Teton National Park roadside sow recently fed on discarded bison guts on the National Elk Refuge.

The refuge sighting is a rare one and not just for bear No. 399, but grizzlies as a species. It’s the first time in nearly two decades that Ursus horribilis have made a verifiable appearance on the 39-square-mile wildlife refuge.

Yellowstone bison herd climbs to 4600 Billings Gazette
Yellowstone National Park's bison population has grown by almost 9 percent since last year to 4,600 animals, according to a recently completed aerial survey.

Yellowstone's bison population increases
According to park officials, this population estimate is used to inform adaptive management strategies under the Interagency Bison Management Plan (IBMP). The IBMP is a cooperative plan designed to conserve a viable, wild bison population while ...

Buffalo from Houston, Minn., ranch expands star power Post-Bulletin
Valerie Shannon attaches a bridle to Cody II to take him out of his pen while Mike Fogel watches. The buffalo has been in a major commercial ad and Shannon ...

Local briefing for August 28, 2013
La Grande Observer
The 2012 bison raffle was won by Lyn Purvis, who took a bull with a muzzleloader. The hunt netted Purvis more than 800 pounds of meat. The bull Purvis took was one of 40 head on the ranch. Bison raffle tickets are $20 each or six for $100. Raffle ...

Spice it Up!
Ripon Commonwealth Press
These two exotic meats might not be present in the average kitchen, but they have appeared at the Wisconsin State Chili Cook-off. “We've had variations of chili, everything from ostrich meat to bison, ” Wisconsin State Chili Cook-off Chairman Bill ...

We’ve had variations of chili, everything from ostrich meat to bison,” Wisconsin State Chili Cook-off Chairman Bill Munsey said. “Some people cut up tenderloin, sirloin, all different types of things. Some people try to do just a vegetarian chili.”

Fort Providence bison herd half the size of last year's Anthrax Killed at least 400 animals
CBC News
A survey of bison in the Fort Providence area estimates the population is less than half of what it was a year ago.

The survey was conducted in March and shows an estimated 714 bison left in the area. That's down from 1,531 last year.....



    Rancher discusses bison production
    - Gainesville Daily Register
     “The largest bison operation is just north of here in Fairfax, Okla. at a production ... He continued, “In May, members of the Texas Bison  Association gathered at ... Springer to discuss first year in office during CCYR presentation.

  1. Going 'Wild' for bison
    The bison were ready for their close up when
    a crew for Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom
    filmed an episode of the iconic show in Custer
    State Park last week. In honor of the 50th
    anniversary of Wild Kingdom, a seven-person
    crew spent four days in th

Notable biography examines dogged conservationist
San Francisco Chronicle
It had taken five weeks to find even a handful of buffalo in Montana in the fall of 1886, their numbers down from the millions to the hundreds after decades of unregulated hunting for economic gain. William T. Hornaday wasn't seeking meat or fur or ...

Hornaday came to believe that the extinction of the buffalo was not inevitable. "On the contrary," writes biographer Gregory J. Dehler, "Hornaday maintained that something better could and should have been done to accommodate the advance of civilization with the buffalo's right to existence." 

Bison range shifts to fall schedule
Daily Inter Lake

The National Bison Range’s new fall hours start after Labor Day, on Tuesday, Sept. 3.

The Visitor Center will continue to be open daily 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. but times for the scenic drives change.

The refuge will be open from 7 a.m. to dark. The actual closing time will change from 8:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. as the sun sets earlier every day.

Visitors will need to begin the Red Sleep Mountain Drive by 6 p.m. to be able to finish before the main gate closes at dark.Red Sleep Mountain Drive will close for about a week sometime between Oct. 2 and Oct. 9 to allow staffers to move the bison herd. During this time, the Winter ...

Read more and join at: www
Legislative Roundup Delegation Ready for DC, Jerky Donation Sought

The 2013 NBA Legislative Roundup is coming right up, September 11 - 13, and we have a great delegation of producers and marketers that are going to bat for the buffalo industry. The attendees represent a great cross-section of our business and will travel from across the country, from California to Pennsylvania, to lobby for better bison policy. .........
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