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Mobile unit ensures humane animal treatment Lexington Clipper Herald
Producers also have the option of not using the USDA certification and instead doing a ...

 A mobile meat processing unit is ensuring animals across the state receive humane treatment until the end.

The Socially Responsible Agricultural Project's Renewable Harvest Program introduced a USDA-certified Mobile Meat Processing Unit in Nebraska at Straight Arrow Bison Ranch just south of Broken Bow. During the two weeks on site, the unit was used to harvest 20 bison.

Hysterectomy study on wild buffalo should be stopped Billings Gazette
APHIS's intentions hold no benefit for wild American buffalo. The goal and purpose of this federal agency is to serve the livestock industry and not wild buffalo.

South Dakota bison roundup a western must-see The Coloradoan
Then the crowd realizes what the riders bring with them — more than 400 tons of American bison — and the crowd starts shouting, “Here they come!”.

Livestock Briefs: Official animal ID necessary for interstate exhibition Midwest Producer
"This includes all livestock - including cattle and bison less than 18 months of age - moving across state lines for exhibitions, rodeos, shows, and similar events.".

Hjalmer Nordvold and his brother, Orton Nordvold, are seated behind a team of bison broke to harness. The figure on the right in the background is Scotty Philip.

Hjalmer "Yum" Nordvold broke Scotty Philip buffalo to ride with saddle and bridle.
Photos, courtesy of Faye Longbrake
Bison tamers: The wild meets civilization in photos from Fort Pierre's ... The Capital Journal
Hjalmer Nordvold and his brother, Orton Nordvold, are seated behind a team of bison broke to harness. The figure on the right in the background is Scotty Philip.

Tanka Fund Supports Return of Buffalo to Indian Country on ...
With the many obstacles that face Native American landowners in buffalo ranching, the Tanka Fund provides programming and support to convert Indian land to ...

Author To Speak On National Bison Day

Author and buffalo rancher Dan O'Brien will be one of the featured speakers Saturday at the Museum of the American Bison in Rapid City.

The celebration is part of National Bison Day.

O'Brien wrote "Buffalo for the Broken Heart: Restoring Life to a Black Hills Ranch," a story about how he returned buffalo to his land after an absence of more than 150 years. ...............

Saturday designated "National Bison Day" by Senate KCAU
The largely symbolic moves by lawmakers would give no added protections for the estimated 20,000 remaining wild bison. Tens of millions of bison, also known ...

Honoring an American Icon with National Bison Day National Geographic
In neighboring South Dakota, the Museum of the American Bison in Rapid City will feature a buffalo chili cook-off, presentations from bison experts, craft ...


Take a family trip to see bison, wolves and bears, oh my! (KNXV-TV)
WILLIAMS, AZ - Take a family trip to see bison, wolves and bears, oh my! ... You walk through the park and you can make this an all day trip if you're really into ...

We went to Bearizona in Williams, Arizona and had a blast.

The tour starts in your vehicle. It’s sort of like Jurassic Park, and you’ll see all sorts of animals.In fact, many of them come right up to your car.......

CU-Boulder-led team gets first look at diverse life below rare ... Eureka! Science News
... hundreds of species of flowers, and herds of roaming bison. For the first time, a research team led by the University of Colorado Boulder has gotten a peek at ...

Photo by Suzanne Prober.


D.C. Dining: Where to Find Bison Ragu, Howard Hughes Bloomberg
The federal government may shut down but Washington's restaurants keep going. ... root-vegetable Lyonnais and red-wine reduction ($14); and bison ragu, with ...               

Exhibition at Atlanta's High Museum explores perceptions of the ... Washington Post
Art of the American Frontier from the Buffalo Bill Center of the West,” includes more than 250 paintings, sculptures, photos, firearms and Native American artifacts ...


National Bison Day & Schrader on Farm Bill plus Hunting Safety
The Wildlife Conservation Society, Intertribal Buffalo Council, National Bison ... Congressman Kurt Schrader from Oregon is part of the Farm Bill Conference ...

SCHRADER: I’m not sure there is a great disparity except maybe in the nutrition area and I eluded to the fact in my opening remarks the $40-billion dollar isn’t real. That’s just what they needed to be able to move the thing over to conference with just Republican votes. The real figure I think that came out of the actual House ag committee that was hard fought was $20-billion dollars. Too high in my book and too high for us in the northwest. We’re a high hunger area apparently so the real discussion will be where do we end up between 4 and $20-billion dollars.

First National Bison Day Is November 2 Indian Country Today Media Network
While various conservation and tribal groups have celebrated a National Bison Day informally int he past, this is its first time with an official federal designation.              

Travel and Adventure: Charm and adventure abound on Catalina ... Taunton Daily Gazette
If you've never been outside Avalon before, hop aboard this five-passenger Jeep with its naturalist guide and get up-close and personal with bison, native foxes, ...             

Celebrating National Bison Day with Lewis and Clark National Geographic
On National Bison day today, we are reminded of the magnificent role that bison ... 1806, Lewis stood at the Missouri along its long meander through Montana.


Meatopia At The Pearl, Where Meat Dreams Are Made Real Texas Public Radio
"Bison is something new on the scene, and it is lower in calories, lower in fat, higher in protein, and it's right down the alley of people who still love red meat, and ...   

 Chef John Tesar out of Dallas is here to cook, and he’s not alone.

"Thirty-two chefs preparing all different cuts of meat. I am preparing bison," Tesar said.

Bison? What makes Bison worth sinking your teeth into?          

Texas Bison Advantage Workshop attracts Producers and Junior ...
The Texas Bison Association's fall workshop drew a robust mix of experienced ranchers, prospective producers and junior judges to the Barksdale Bison Ranch ...              

Mystery lingers over bison bones Pioneer Press
Roger Van Surksum (left) tells Hamline University professor Brian Hoffman and students about his experiences with bison bones in Lake Victoria.



Nov. 2 Is National Bison Day
2) National Bison Day, commemorating the historical, economic, ecological and cultural contributions of North America's largest land mammals, according to the ...

Meat Lovers Rejoice at the Pearl FOX 29
All things meat were celebrated and consumed -- beef, chicken, pork, quail, bison -- it was all up for grabs, prepared by chefs from all across the country.


Montana bison hunt opens on Nov. 15 Billings Gazette
Montana's bison hunt is set to open Nov. 15 in areas in southwestern Montana near Yellowstone National Park. The annual hunt attracted 10,132 individual applicants for a limited number of either-sex bison licenses. Forty residents and four nonresidents were successful in the drawing.

Only six of the 16 licenses set aside by law for Montana Indian Tribes were......          

Parks plan for bison in Banff received 100 comments Calgary Herald
Earlier this fall, Parks Canada released its draft plan for reintroducing native plains bison into the national park. The plan ultimately calls for 600 to 1,000 bison ...


USDA Report: Emerging pathogen in ranched bison
APHIS's Center for Epidemiology and Animal Health (CEAH) produced the 6-page report, Mycoplasma Bovis - An Emerging Pathogen in Ranched Bison, in October 2013.

In bison, M. bovis seems to be a primary pathogen, causing disease in feedlots and in breeding-age cows on pasture. Mortality rates in adult bison have been as high as 25 percent, causing significant economic losses to producers. Because Mycoplasmas do not produce toxins like other pneumonia-causing pathogens, affected animals remain alert early in the disease but often trail behind the herd due to exercise intolerance. The chronic nature of Mycoplasma bovis disease in bison eventually leads to emaciation and weakness. Affected bison are .............           

Perennial Pasture and Prairie Forbs

           Prairies are more than just grass, but actually an entire community of diverse broadleaf wildflowers as well. Several of these happen to provide excellent forage for bison. Quite a few native legumes such as purple or white prairie clover, Illinois bundleflower and daleas contribute nitrogen to the soil and serve as high protein fodder. Perennial sunflowers and goldenrods are commonly observed and nutritionally important to grazers. Compassplant is a personal favorite of mine. Of course, pollinators are definite fans of the wildflowers. There are literally hundreds of valuable native American broadleaf species available for beneficial uses. 

Ben Tyler, TexasEcologix


Behchoko, NWT man survives bison collision
A Bechoko man who survived a bison collision says by the time he saw the animal on the ... It was a tough weekend for bison in the Northwest Territories.

The Bison Council flips turkey the bird, they recently released a funny series of video shorts on why we should replace turkey this Thanksgiving for the prairie-grazing bison, a healthier alternative to the traditional bird. 
Another funny commercial


Drivers reminded to watch for bison on roads HQ Yellowknife
Yellowknife, NWT - The Territory's Department of Transportation is telling drivers, particularly in the South Slave Region, to slow down and watch out for bison.


                         Field Notes: A Bison Herd Without Raging Bulls?

Do bison behave differently when older bulls are removed from the herd–the situation often found on private ranches? Photo: Matt Miller/TNC
By Matt Miller, senior science writer Remove the oldest, most dominant bison bulls from a herd, and what happens? Will the bison still act like bison? Those questions frame the latest chapter in bison research at the Conservancy’s Samuel H. Ordway Prairie Preserve in South Dakota. For the past seven summers, students and a seasonal field crew have been studying bison behavior under the leadership of Jon Grinnell, professor of biology at Gustavus Adolphus College. The effort began as an animal behavior project to study rutting bulls, but conservationists realized that the lessons learned could help better manage bison on fenced preserves – where most bison roam today. The research lessons could even help ensure the long-term survival of the species. In past years, students studied how bulls competed for cows. Typically, the oldest bulls dominated. But this year, there was a twist: all the bulls older than seven years – the ones that would typically be the most dominant – were removed from the preserve. This mirrors the management of many private ranches, which often remove bulls as they become larger and more difficult to handle. But some conservationists fear removing the older, dominant bulls could affect the genetic diversity of the herd. Could those old bulls have profound effects on mating. Ordway, with its history of bison research, is the perfect place to test this. Without the older bulls, would the bison still fight and breed in the same ways? The data are being compiled now, so it’s too early to tell. But I recently caught up with two seasonal team members who participated in the past two seasons, Juliana Gehant and Jess Richert. I wanted to see if they noticed anything different happening.
Read the rest 


Wood bison recovery plans stalled, says report
Bison crowd a road in Wood Buffalo National Park, the largest national park in the ... "In the situation of the wood bison, the populations have declined by over 90 ...                 



Down to the bones Missoula Independent
Murray's Tribal Preservation Office crew also discovered a shell casing manufactured in 1870, roughly 13 years before the Northern Plains bison were nearly ...

“When you see it in the large picture, it’s awesome, in the literal sense of the word,” says María Nieves Zedeño, an archaeologist from the University .....

Nature Conservancy holds bison roundup at Oklahoma's Tallgrass ... Tulsa World
A bison eats hay in a pen Thursday before being driven to the chutes to be tagged and inoculated during the annual weeklong bison round-up at Tallgrass ...                  

Bison hunt orientation set for November 18 Char-Koosta News
PABLO — The Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes announce the last of the 2013 Off Reservation Wild Bison Hunt Orientations. Each hunter is required to attend an orientation with the Division of Fish, Wildlife, Recreation and Conservation to be issued a bison hunt permit and report card.

The last bison hunt orientation will be offered Monday, November 18, at noon and at 6 p.m. at the Tribal Council Chambers. The Tribal Council Chambers are located at 42487 Complex Blvd. off Highway 93.


Fast Break: Try a taste of Texas ranch life near Brenham Dallas Morning News
Texas Ranch Life is the guest resort area on the 1,800-acre Lonesome Pine ... ranch, supporting a large herd of longhorns, plus quarter horses and bison.

Wildlife education center at Frankfort preparing to close for winter Daily Journal
It features a variety of native animals, including a black bear, an eagle, a bobcat, elk, deer, bison, snakes and fish. The center features indoor exhibits and miles ...               

Arsenal bison herd drew 300000 visitors, but must be reduced Denver Post
COMMERCE CITY — Three years after a former weapons and pesticides plant re-opened as the nation's largest urban wildlife preserve, bison are multiplying ...                  
Colorado refuge on former arsenal has too many bison
DENVER, Nov. 9 (UPI) -- Scientists in Colorado say they hope they can cut the size of the bison herd at a former federal arsenal in the Denver area without ...


Native Spirit: Bison WDAZ
The bison has always been a vital part of Native American culture and history and now there's a day dedicated to honoring the importance of the animal.

Give Reservations the Bison" petition started kxlo-klcm
In an interesting update to the ongoing turmoil that is Montana's bison situation, a petition has now been launched by Sierra Dawn Holt aiming to allow the tribes ...                

Riding shotgun on a winter safari in Yellowstone
Bison gravitate toward Yellowstone's geyser basins, where warmer ground thins the snow cover and makes grazing easier. The park is the only place in the ...                

How I Got That Shot: Bison on the move in Yellowstone's Lamar Valley Yellowstone Gate
We heard from many people to watch out for the herds of bison, and how you could spend quite a while waiting for them to cross the road. This particular day we ...              

Bison program scheduled for Nov. 13 at Swiss Valley Dubuque Telegraph Herald
The Dubuque County Conservation Board will present a bison program in conjunction with the Tallgrass Prairie Exhibit at 2 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 13, at the ...              


Bison skull fund in Cherokee County Chronicle Times
The pair found a skull near a creek in Kohn's Cherokee County pasture,. Musuem officals stated that it is a skull of a Bison Occidentalis, and it is believed to be ...

Nat'l Zoo's First Species Making a Comeback CBS Local
In the beginning, over a century ago, a pair of bison were the zoo's only animals. ... he is perhaps now more famous for his later work at the New York Zoological ...                

Veal, Filet, Lobster, Bison, Salad... Cape Gazette
Savannah Bison Burger with lettuce, tomato, onion and shoestring fries, 14. Brussel Caesar Salad, fresh brussel sprouts, sauteed with red onion in our house ...


New visitor complex to be in quieter slice of Custer State Park Rapid City Journal
The bison that congregate there make the area attractive. “It's all about the buffalo,” Broberg told the commissioners during a briefing at their meeting on ...              

Bison Is Alberta Man's 'Best Friend' Huffington Post Canada
Jim Sautner, who lives near Spruce Grove, Alta., keeps a bison named ... Sautner told Trail's End's Allison Devereaux that caring for a bison isn't much trouble.

New Council Tells America to "Flip The Bird" This Holiday Season PR Newswire (press release)
While bison is most frequently compared to beef, its nutritional values also measure favorably to turkey. A 100g (~3.5 ounce) serving of bison, versus an equal ...             

Magnolia FFA knows their bison Your Houston News
Late last month, the Magnolia High School FFA competed in the 1st Annual Buffalo Judging contest in Crockett. The senior team placed second place behind Sam Houston State University and the Magnolia High junior team placed first in its division. 


Utah State Parks EventsKCSG
Utah law requires youth eight to 16 to complete a Utah State Parks ... Bison Auction: In order to keep the bison herd at a healthy number the island can sustain, ...
November 9 Antelope Island State Park - Syracuse

Bison Auction: In order to keep the bison herd at a healthy number the island can sustain, excess bison are sold at public auction. Money generated by the sale of bison goes toward the wildlife management program. Learn more at:

Read more: KCSG Television - Utah State Parks Events

European bison in the crosshairs of conservation battle CNN
Strolling through the meadows near the densely forested Bialowieza National Park were three magnificent European bison, standing up to two meters high and ...
  • European bison have been successfully reintroduced to Poland
  • Animal was declared extinct in the country in the 1920s
  • Around 1,200 animals are closely monitored by conservation groups
  • Controlling population is now an issue with hunting a controversial proposal          


Custer State Park Fall Classic Bison Auction Held Saturday KELOLAND TV
331 head of cattle will be sold at this year's Custer State Park Fall Classic Bison Auction. The auction is this Saturday and state officials say 21 mature bred cows, ...

SD vet updates blizzard death totals AG Week
Dustin Oedekoven, South Dakota's state veterinarian, says his office has verified the deaths of 13,977 cattle, 1,257 sheep, 287 horses and 40 bison — more than ...15,500 animals — from the early October blizzard that slammed the western Dakotas.

He adds that many producers have yet to report their losses, as they still are sorting them out.


Optimism running high for Canadian bison producers Regina Leader-Post

 Coming out of the Canadian Bison Association’s (CBA) 30th annual convention in Regina, the general mood in the industry is one of optimism.

With strong, stable markets here at home and new markets soon to open overseas, things are looking good for Canadian bison — so good, in fact, that demand is outweighing supply.

“Lack of supply is the only .......
A two-year-old bull owned by Silver Creek Bison Ranch in Binscarth, MB at the Canadian National Bison Sale at Canadian Western Agribition 2013 in Regina, SK on Nov 12, 2013.

Photograph by: Don Healy , Regina Leader-Post            


Seasoned to Taste: Badlands bison chili takes the chill outLincoln Journal Star
Even if we don't have the warmth of dense buffalo hides, bison offers us ... Nebraska folk are producing and marketing bison in many of the familiar forms ...                

National Bison Range hours changing KAJ18 Kalispell Montana News
MOIESE - The National Bison range offers lots to see during the cold weather months as the animals are typically more active during the short winter days.

Local opposes reintroduction of bison into Banff Mountain View Gazette
Concerns have been raised that a Parks Canada proposal to reintroduce bison into Banff National Park may negatively impact the Mountain View County area ...              

Livestock groups pull out of Park County bison appeal The Bozeman Daily Chronicle
Out of three original plaintiffs, only Park County remains to appeal a district court ruling that allowed bison to roam outside Yellowstone National Park.
On Tuesday, the Montana Farm Bureau Federation requested that that Montana Supreme Court dismiss its portion of an appeal challenging a ruling that allowed bison to roam north of the park in the winter. The court granted the request on Wednesday.

No-shooting zone set outside Yellowstone; dead bison attracted bears The Missoulian
BOZEMAN — The Montana Farm Bureau has dropped out of a lawsuit that seeks to block bison from roaming outside Yellowstone National Park. Read more ...

Buffalo heard growing at Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve Peabody Gazette Bulletin
Slowly but surely, the bison herd at Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve near Strong City is increasing. Now at 23 head, the goal is eventually to have a herd of ...

Meat Bison biz goes organicMissoula Independent
The book documents O'Brien's 20-year struggle to convert his Broken Heart Ranch in South Dakota to a bison operation, and as Stickle read it, he felt a small spark of inspiration. He'd been around bison his whole life, having grown up on a small farm near a working bison ranch.
"Probably nothing will upset me quite as much as seeing bison in a feedlot," Stickle says. "Nothing looks quite as pathetic as that." 
Now Stickle is one of the co-founders of Montana Maverick Organics. The start-up is barely in its infancy; they're launching a ......

SupplySide West: Coconut curry, bean flours — even bison — star in ... Food Business News (registration)
Dr. Mulry gave the Bison Bacon Bar as one example of how the bar category, much like the beverage category, may offer fertile ground for ingredient innovation.

Restaurant review: FireLake Grill at MOA
Creamy bone marrow from roasted bison bones spread across thickly sliced toast. Grilled elk, with its rich flavor accented by tangy lingonberries. Runny duck ...

Bison Roundup at the Neal Smith Wildlife Refuge Iowa Public Radio
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) manages almost 1,400 bison spread out amongst seven herds located in Iowa, Colorado, Oklahoma, Montana, ...

Georgia Weekend Advisory   MOBILE-SLAUGHTER

ATLANTA — There are plenty of slaughterhouses in Georgia run by some of the nation's biggest growers, just none that will take chickens from smaller or organic farmers. Instead, niche farmers are debating building a truck-towed trailer that could go farm to farm with the equipment to slaughter and process livestock. There are at least 19 such mobile units in the U.S. that can process animals as small as rabbit and as large as bison. By Ray Henry.

Big bison baby boom expected in Portage next spring Alaska Dispatch
But in Portage -- 48 miles southeast of Anchorage -- wood bison at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center continue to forage for food. The huge bison -- bulls can weigh up too 2,200 lbs- are the largest land mammal in North America. Portage's expanding herd of 150 wood bison at wildlife center is the only large captive group of the animals in the U.S. They are part of a experimental program to reintroduce the wood bison to the Alaska wilderness, where they roamed more than a 100 years ....

Wood bison at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center in
Loren Holmes photo

Farm Bill Wishes & Stone Fruit Assessment
The second annual National Bison Day was November 2nd. Perhaps you wanted to try bison meat for the first time, but weren’t sure how to cook it or where to buy it so you didn’t indulge. But you really should try bison, it’s actually more easily available now than it ever has been before, thanks in part to the upsurge in popularity of natural food stores. ...


A 'Primoridal' look at Yellowstone and Grand Teton Yellowstone Gate
Bison are everywhere in Yellowstone National Park, but capturing a photo of one that conveys motion and captures the landscape isn't always easy. Amateur ...


Boulder Dog Food Company Introduces New Dog Treats Made in ... Wall Street Journal
New products include more choices of Baked Bison Tendons - the company now offers three types of tendons: the flexor, the Achilles and the tibial.


Festival Benefits Bison Herd - Texas Parks and Wildlife Magazine
Texas Parks and Wildlife magazine, the Outdoor Magazine of Texas: Concert, run and art sale are held for Caprock animals.

It's a Yeti! No Wait—It's Frosty, the … Bison? -
Bison morphs into yeti after first frost in Yellowstone National Park. ... Top 10 Tribal Desires at 2013 White House Tribal Nations Conference · National Parks ...


Why Ted Turner is big on bison CNN
CNN founder Ted Turner is at the forefront of the movement, with his campaign to acclimate American palates to bison meat. As chef Jay Pierce wrote in an ...


Backroads Thanksgiving FeastsBell County brothers favored bison over turkey for Thanksgiving

BELTON — Culinary news added new options for Thanksgiving 52 years ago with the prospects of kicking turkey off the table. How about a nice, juicy buffalo hump instead of that turkey leg? Visitors to the Bell County Museum’s exhibit “The Bison: American Icon” are often amazed at the versatility of the plains animal, especially around dinnertime.

Revenues from hunts on Antelope Island increasing, but not ... El Estándar
Six bison tags have been issued for a total of $8,100 in permit fees, the same dollar ... The bison permits, along with the permit fees paid to hunt two Rocky ...


Cuisine Solutions and Golden Bison Team Up to Develop Healthy ... SYS-CON Media (press release)
"The marriage of bison and sous-vide is a match made in heaven for the ... "We are proud to partner with Golden Bison and bring about the perfect combination ...

Bites & Sips - Locals are the secret to Wayfarer's success
But Suriano has dominion over the creation of their bison burgers, which are only offered on Thursdays and Saturdays, when the freshly ground meat is ...

American Bison (Land Between the Lakes) - YouTube
American Bison (Bison bison) at Elk and Bison Prairie, Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area, Trigg county, Kentucky.


Montana has high stake in controlling wildlife diseases Billings Gazette
Brucellosis is the bane of cattle ranchers and bison lovers. In fact, the disease outbreaks occurring in Montana livestock have been traced to elk infection. Thus ...

Baby American bison and Scottish Highlander calf |
(KTVI) - Critter Lane Petting Zoo is back, and this time they have two babies with them. Tim Ezell got an up close look at a baby American bison and a Scottish ...


Draft bison plan draws big response Rocky Mountain Outlook
The public comment period on the draft Plan for Reintroduction of Plains Bison in Banff National Park ended Nov. 1 and Mark Merchant, partnership and ...

Buffalo auction attracts multi-state buyers KAKE
You can almost always count on a couple hundred or more folks to turn out for the annual buffalo auction at the Maxwell Game Refuge north of Canton in ...


.Holiday baskets on the way to troubled South Dakota ranchers
Volunteers plan to deliver the baskets to 55 South Dakota ranchers on Friday. ... Dakota, killing about 14,000 cattle and about 1,500 sheep, horses and bison.

In this Oct. 7, 2013 file photo, snowmobile tracks are seen in the snow between fence lines and Highway 34 east of Sturgis, S.D., as area ranchers raced to find cattle that drifted beyond fenced pastures during the blizzard. An early autumn storm that devastated cattle and sheep herds in western South Dakota spared most wildlife, except for pheasants, experts said Monday. (AP Photo/Rapid City Journal, Kristina Barker) 

MSU Library developing online atlas of natural sounds Great Falls Tribune
The snort of a Yellowstone National Park bison is one sound included in Montana State University's new acoustic atlas. / AP File photo ...

Roundup at the Fort Omaha World-Herald
In addition to the wildlife, the bison, longhorn cattle and horses that graze the park's scenic pastures instantly conjure up images of the region “when the West ...


Dept. of Livestock to vaccinate park bison The Bozeman Daily Chronicle
EMIGRANT – The Montana Department of Livestock will start a bison vaccination program in February without the approval of tribes and other state and federal ...

Baby bison on display at Hamilton Zoo Voxy
The month-old male calf was born on 22 October to mother Milena and his father Kaiya, two of the four adult North American bison in the zoo's six-strong herd.

NO NAME: A competition to name this wee fellow will be held.

Buffalo auction revenue up Custercountynews
Revenue was up at the 48th annual Custer State Park Fall Classic Bison Auction, as 331 buffalo were auctioned to the highest bidders on Saturday, Nov. 16, for ...


Industry strong, say producers Western Producer (subscription)
The ranch also showed the grand champion bull during the preceding show. Gompf said the bison industry is strong right now, and he is happy to be a part of it.

Auctioneer Brennin Jack said two-year-old bulls averaged $2,913, or $2.52 per pound, while yearling bulls averaged $2,150, or $3.50 per lb., and calves averaged $1,194 for $2.50 per lb.

Two-year-old bred heifers sold for an average ......

This yearling bull, consigned by Trevor and Jodie Gompf of Bison Spirit Ranch at Oak Lake, Man., brought the highest price during the 21st Canadian national bison sale at Canadian Western Agribition. It sold for $8,250. | Karen Briere photo

Ian gets his rodeo kicks on a bison The Queensland Times
HUMPHREY may look like a rugged, rough and tumble 600kg American Bison, but his owner Ian Bostock says he is one smooth ride. And Mr Bostock knows a ...


Bison heads to high ground, but not because of rain Arizona Republic
Residents of Cave Creek might have seen an unusual sight Friday morning when a bison climbed on top of a trailer near Cave Creek Road and 64th Street, but ...


UW Anthropology Professor Publishes Book About the First ... University of Wyoming News
November 22, 2013 — Scraping tools, bison bone and projectile points are all remnants that provide Marcel Kornfeld with clues to reconstruct a puzzle of how ...


Tourist park a walk on the wild side Ballina Shire Advocate
Along the way he formed the American Bison Association of Australia to encourage bison graziers to share information on breeding. "Bison is such a unique ...

Fossil hunter: SC a veritable treasure trove Greenwich Time
7, 2013 photo, Jim Knight looks at a large fossilized ankle bone of an animal, possibly a bison, in Aiken, S.C., that was found near Jeremy Inlet on the north end ...


Antelope Island to close for annual bison hunt
ANTELOPE ISLAND, Utah — The annual bison hunt on Antelope Island has been a method for trimming the bull population for decades, but some are against ...


Fourteen bison were placed into the train shown on November 24th, 1913, for shipping on the 25th from New York City to Hot Springs, South Dakota. The bison arrived and were released to their new home at Wind Cave National Park on November 28th.
Thanksgiving Day Marks the 100-Year Anniversary of Historic ... Newswise (press release)
In 1905, officials at WCS (then the New York Zoological Society), and others ... at the Bronx Zoo in New York City and formed the American Bison Society (ABS).
In 1905, officials at WCS (then the New York Zoological Society), and others convened a group of diverse stakeholders at the Bronx Zoo in New York City and formed the American Bison Society (ABS). With President Theodore Roosevelt as its honorary president, ABS set out to preserve and increase the number of bison in the United States by establishing a number of small herds in widely-separated parts of the country.

Get a sense of wild places in new issue of Minnesota Conservation ... Brainerd Daily Dispatch
Bison, biologists, beetles, and more turn up in the November–December Minnesota Conservation Volunteer, the magazine of our state's woods, waters, prairies ...
“Bona Fide Bison” tells the story of the genetic purity of the bison herd at Blue Mounds State Park.

Kansas Christmas ornament features American Bison Topeka Capital Journal
This year's Christmas ornament for Kansas is now available for purchase, the Kansas Historical Foundation said Monday. The silver ornament features the ...

Fort Worth's bison herd marks 40 years at city's nature center Fort Worth Star Telegram
FORT WORTH — Texas longhorns sauntering through the Stockyards hook more ... The bison are one of the refuge's top draws but the buffalo are now on winter ...


Thanksgiving Alternative
Dave Carter with the National Bison Association says that bison meat is a great way to celebrate and the bison definitely has a wow factor. CARTER: There's a ...

Give the gift of play with a pass from Utah State Parks KCSG
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Southern Plains Pointers

   November is a very interesting month for Southern bison habitats and operations. The definite and oppressive announcement of winter upon the landscape changes everything forever: once again. It is during this time of year that we humans, be-we: ranchers, park superintendents, consumers, lawmakers or bison stewardship-collectives and consortiums, also change things for bison forever: once again. If this sounds a bit extreme, the intent is for attention to decision-making - devoid of do-over’s or resets.
        One such decision that can be drastically different in the southern plains is the culling of mature brood cows. Sometimes they simply have to be culled, thereby replacing the bear and the wolf within a natural order now 21st Century sensitive and elementally modern. I’m ok with that, so long as I have considered all possible reasons why the culls have gone un-productive and factored in all solutions such as betting on their recovery as breeders vs. the cost of replacing them. I’ve heard it said: that once a cow starts skipping, they tend to stay open. I strongly disagree and can prove it. In the south, I have experienced a recurring condition in mature cows that is a complex syndrome brought on by compiled and sustained internal parasite loads. The dangers of allowing this syndrome include: building a resistance within parasite populations to medical solutions, as well as GI-tract dysfunction resulting in nutrient absorption issues and females less likely to come into productive estrus. The bear and wolf in me, would much rather just cull them and take them down. The 21st Century bison-steward/ [whatever], is expected to take responsibility for their productivity and go to the calculator because: [if] she has been a good cow until now - it’s cheaper to keep’er!
          Sometimes the decision to cull has to be made, but comes with the burden of responsibility to many things. As bison stewards our situation is different than cattle, but the same with regard to sustainability of a habitat for one more bison herd on the American landscape. The contribution of both historic genetics and the ecological-restoration of the species, that each and every herd represents, can cause us to [hit pause] on the bear and the wolf just long enough to check our logic and consider multiple solutions. In the southern plains, November is a bit too soon to cull because we may still be calving and breeding into December. For many reasons, I personally prefer to preg-check and make decisions no sooner than mid January.

           The bear and wolf are healthy moving parts of a bison herd and equally healthy parts of a management mind-set. The caveat is: the metaphoric-predation not being caused by accidental mismanagement of a herd. Culling is healthy, but it should be considered carefully with due diligence to your herd, your mission and your land because - it does change everything forever. 

NBA To Take Message to Farm Broadcasters' This Week

National Bison Association President Peter Cook, Executive Director Dave Carter, and member Peter Kohl of Missouri, will be in Kansas City on Thursday to spread the Bison Advantage message to the more than 250 journalists attending the annual meeting of the National Association of Farm Broadcasting (NAFB).

Rippin' the Wave! 2014 NBA Winter Conference Registration Now Open!

The Winter Conference planning committee has come up with a great agenda for this year's get together. Highlights include a keynote presentation from Dr. David Kohl. Dr. Kohl is a renowned ag economist from Virginia Tech University. His personal involvement with agriculture and interaction with key industry players provide unique perspective into the future trends of the agricultural industry and economy. He has traveled over 8 million miles in his career and conducted more than 6,000 workshops and seminars for agricultural.audiences. This energizing speech is not to be missed. 

National Bison Day Generates Positive Attention

National Bison Day last Saturday resulted in a flurry of positive coverage as ranchers, tribal leaders and conservationists conducted various events honoring this American Icon. The Bison Day celebration actually kicked off with a Congressional reception on October 30th, shortly after the Senate formally adopted a resolution designative November 2nd as National Bison Day.  

Bison Wholesale Market: Continued Strong and Steady

The wholesale market for bison meat continues to stay pegged at consistent levels, according to the latest report issued by the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Livestock and Grain Market News Reporting Service.

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