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The Sandusky Clarion
Sandusky, Ohio Nov. 18, 1826

Québec, October 23.

Extract from a letter dated at Riviere Rogue (Red River), ___ July last.

“The inhabitants of this place have never raised enough to pass the winter without the aid of the carcasses of the buffaloe and other wild animals of the prairies: last year’s crop having been indifferent, many families left their homes as early as the fall to pass the winter in the prairies. It was expected that the chase would be as abundant as usual, but in vain! It is difficult to imagine the deplorable situation of these desolate families. After feeding on their dogs and dead horses, and boiling their shoes and the harness to support their existence, a few of the most robust of the voyageurs, by forest marches and after long fast, reached at last hour post. Subscriptions are collecting, and we dispatched at that late., Provisions, to the assistance of the unfortunate starving people in the prairies. When they were met several had already died with hunger others were expiring and could get no relief from the food offered them. Those who could return to the settlement have necessarily reduced the rest to famine.—

The grain reserved for seed has been eaten although we took but one light repast a day.

“As a climax to our misfortunes, the spring having been very cold, the ice instead of moving off in April, only went away in May. The sudden melting of the snows produced and extraordinary inundation, and the damage has been most afflicting: very few houses have resisted the torrent and the shocks of the drifting ice.

“In the Catholic Church, which is on a small hill, the water rose six feet perpendicularly, so that the ornaments of the altar were destroyed.

“This fish which is generally abundant and April did not appear before May.—

The ground did not begin to appear from under the snow until the middle of June. Such persons as had a little rye left, hastened than to sow in the hopes, at so late a period, of its ripening.”

National Western brings cultural heritage to Colorado
Highlands Ranch Herald
The Gold Trophy Bison Show is the only event of its type in the world. ... The National Western Stock Show is Colorado's largest trade show. The hall of ...
Should live animals be used as college football mascots?
The Denver Channel
Colorado's three largest colleges have live animals as their mascots. ... in a pasture being a bison,” Denver7 viewer Mark wrote in a Facebook post.
Here's why college football teams use live animals as mascots.
Mythological Creatures Are Among Us: Guardians of the Sacred White Bison
Ancient Origins
This couple's dedication to each other and their bison is, as the Navaho ... Cynthia spent her childhood on a ranch near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
First Day Hike
“It's great having that resource of the bison here. That way we can show them it's one of only two places I know of in the state where they are on their ...
Report: $12.7B spent on tourism in Indiana
Chicago Tribune
Indiana tourism experienced a seventh year of continued growth in 2017, ... that year -- the Indiana Dunes -- according to tourism and state officials. ... but added the Broken Wagon Bison Farm, Zao Island and Inman entertainment ...

Pocatello mayor's address highlights Portneuf River recreation improvements
Idaho State Journal
Zoo Idaho completed new exhibits for bison, elk and pronghorn. This year, the Parks and Recreation Department plans to add a new concessions ...
New Tracking Technology Reveals Hidden Animal Migration Routes
Wild Migrations: Atlas of Wyoming's Ungulates tells the story of the ... moose, pronghorn, bighorn sheep, bison, and mountain goats make each spring ...
Five conservationists selected for 2019 Wyoming Outdoor Hall of Fame
WYOMING – Five individuals who made significant contributions to the ... The Wyoming Outdoor Hall of Fame was established in 2004 by then Gov. ... moose ecology and other studies on elk, bison and pronghorn populations within ...
Should energy interests outweigh wildlife?
High Country News
... wildlife such as elk, bison, deer and pronghorn. Hunters travel here for once-in-a-lifetime experiences chasing big game through Wyoming's rugged ...

Want to hunt in the Western states next season? Apply for your tags soon
MultiBriefs Exclusive (blog)
First up is the Wyoming nonresident elk application deadline on Jan. 31. Wyoming moose, goat, sheep, and bison follow on Feb. 28. Hunters hoping to ...
Tour of Utah shakes things up for 2019
The race will visit Antelope Island State Park and its bison herds again for ... Tour of Utah,” said John Kimball, managing director of the Tour of Utah.
Bison wanders town after briefly escaping pen near Corvallis Elementary School
CORVALLIS – This is a story that could only happen in Montana. A bison, known to the Corvallis community as “Tonto the Buffalo”, escaped from his...

Missoula lawmaker's bill would tell FWP to ignore public opinion in managing fish, wildlife
Missoula Current
Everyone wants Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks to use the best available ... Bisonare a native population and you need at least 5,000 and you have ...

American Prairie Reserve destroys food industry
Sidney Herald Leader
Central Montana is “ground zero” for the destruction of America's food ... Legislation promoted by radical environmentalists trying to classify bison as ...
Much of federal government still running in Will County
The Herald-News
More than 7,000 federal employees in Illinois are furloughed, according to shutdown information ... The bison should be OK during the shutdown.
North Dakota officials seek dismissal of road closure suit

... stampeding bison and shooting at law enforcement personnel in attempts to kill them, unlawfully blocking the highway, throwing Molotov cocktails ...
Medora residents weigh governor's Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library proposal
Roosevelt looms large in Medora, where he came in 1883 to hunt bison and soon after began ranching operations along the Little Missouri River.

Judge upholds permit for oil refinery near national park
Bluefield Daily Telegraph
A North Dakota judge has upheld a state permit allowing for construction to ... Judge Dann Greenwood ruled that the state Health Department has ...
Oklahoma drivers like customized plates with bison. Now you have 2 choices
Tulsa World
Oklahomans certainly do seem to like to have bison on their license plates, and now, they have at least two choices of design. The Oklahoma ...
Video captures bison frolicking in South Park snow
The comments on the video posted to Reddit reveal that many Allegheny County residents are unaware that bison are living in one of their parks.

VIDEO  (scroll down on page)
Fossil, bison moved from governor's ceremonial office
Great Bend Tribune
The decorative 17-foot juvenile mosasaur fossil and mounted North American bison that had decorated the office will be relocated, said Ashley All, ..
Hands-on encounters with state symbols get kids ready for Kansas Day
"We've got the bison box out, so we're teaching people about the importance of bison, and how the Native Americans utilized all parts of the bison,” ...
Let's turn the old dump into a bison reserve
McCook Daily Gazette
When railroaders and merchants first came to the new town of McCook in the early 1880s, there was ample evidence that American Bison had ...
Morrill Hall project bringing 'Smithsonian to the prairie'
Lincoln Journal Star
... house the "Cherish Nebraska" project, highlighting Nebraska's heritage and featuring extinct species such Bison latifrons, the longest-horned bison, ...
Syracuse's Zoo embraces Winter
... director Ted Fox says a lot of the animals that are not real active in the summer are much more visible this time of year (like snow leopards & bison).
Want to hunt in the Western states next season? Apply for your tags soon
MultiBriefs Exclusive (blog)
Wyoming moose, goat, sheep, and bison follow on Feb. 28. ... Arizona and Utahare well known for having outstanding hunting, particularly for elk.
Wanna buy a bison? Here's your chance
The Gleaner
The Friends of Land Between the Lakes invites the public to the 2019 bison auction at the Land Between the ... Import permits will be on hand for Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Alabama and North Carolina.
Almost extinct, now this American icon is thriving
KSAT San Antonio
On May 9, 2016, President Obama signed the National Bison Legacy Act into law, officially making the American bison the national mammal of the ...
Bison in Dakota County?
ECM Publishers
Dakota County could partner with the Minnesota Bison Conservation Herd, which is a partnership between the Minnesota Department of Natural ...

Only these animals at the Minnesota Zoo are venturing out into the cold
(FOX 9) - It's so cold at the Minnesota Zoo, the zoo closed all its outdoor ... Zoo officials say many animals like Siberian tigers, takins and bison stay ...
Dangerous cold hitting the region
Only a handful of the zoo animals in Irvine Park will be outside this week, said Chippewa Falls parks director Dick Hebert, as the six bison, two elk and ........

In 2017, a new barn facility was constructed for the Watusi (African) cows, but those animals leave the park in the fall, before snow falls. The bison, who are in the adjacent exhibit, don’t have a barn building. Hebert said it is among his goals to get them a building as well.

“It’s better for them to be outside,” Hebert said of the bison. “One of the things they do to keep warm is move. They also get along the cliff to stay out of the wind.”

Even the Detroit Zoo is closing on Wednesday due to extreme cold
WDIV ClickOnDetroit
Many of the animals who live at the Detroit Zoo are especially adapted to cold weather, including the gray wolves, wolverines, bison, Japanese ...
It's a zoo out there: Zookeepers work to keep animals safe in the cold
WMSN Fox 47 Madison
... of southwest Wisconsin indoors, some zoo animals were in their element. Animals like bison, polar bears and camels are used to the weather and ...
The Secrets of Golden Gate Park
Throughout the park's 100-plus-year history, 500 bison were bred and born in Golden Gate Park. In fact, the park is home to one of the longest-running ...
Alberta Producer Promotes The Health Benefits Of Bison Meat
Yvonne Mills is an owner of YR Bison Ranch just east of Red Deer where they've grown the operation to five properties and two bison herds.
Genomic testing on its way for bison sector
Western Producer
Miller said the raw data from the 27 animals was shared with Dr. James Derr at Texas A and M University, who has worked extensively on bison ...
Quebec moves to expand animal welfare laws to cover dozens of species
Alaska Highway News
The proposed legislation also outlines care standards that would apply to dozens of other species including bison, deer, boar, ostriches, wild turkeys ...
Mounting tensions: Alberta big game hunter sues taxidermist for damages to exotic hides
Edmonton Journal
Some of the hides in question included a Dall sheep, a Fannin sheep, a North American bison, an Australian buffalo, a feral sheep, a feral goat, ...

How NWT proposes to protect wildlife from new Whatì road
Cabin Radio
Caribou, bison, bears, and birds are among the animals whose habitats are jeopardized by the road's construction and its day-to-day use once open.
The updated bison code of care has a wealth of information
Manitoba Co-operator
In 2017, new codes of practice came out for bison and veal cattle, following ... The hard copy of the code was distributed to all Canadian Bison ...
Compassion and care All In for mental health coin program
Rocky Mountain Outlook
The coins, which have bison on one side and the maple leaf on the other, have deep symbolic meaning that has resonated with the emergency ...

Naturalists present Banff bison update
Rocky Mountain Outlook
BANFF – The Bow Valley Naturalists plan to ring in the new year with a presentation updating the community on Parks Canada's bison reintroduction ...
Bison calf born in Maitland on New Year's Day
Newcastle Herald
The first bison calf to be born in the world in 2019 has arrived in the Hunter. ... She told Topics that American bison were born in our winter. And bison ...LAST CALF OF 2018 AND FIRST CALF OF 2019

Outback taxidermist Cassandra Hall gets creative with dead animals of all shapes and sizes
ABC Local
When taxidermist Cassandra Hall was first asked by a New South Wales wildlife park to skin and stuff a 1.7-tonne American bison, she thought they ...
Belfast Zoo are taking in real Christmas trees for their animals
... for some of the animals here, such as Asiatic Lions, Sumatran Tigers and European Bison we are not currently looking for donations from the public ...
Complete 150000-Year-Old Bison Skull Uncovered in Quarry WCSH-WLBZ
Complete 150,000-Year-Old Bison Skull Uncovered in Quarry ... This remarkable bison skull dates back 150,000 years, marking an incredible ...
90th anniversary of reintroduction of European bison to Polish forest
The First News (press release)
The Białowieża Forest home to the world's largest herd of European bison - their number exceeds 500. The bison are the largest European land ...

Lawyers join fight to stop Polish bison cull
Environmental lawyers have challenged an authorisation for the planned killing of 40 protected European Bison in north-eastern Poland.
Native Americans Are Saving Bison From Extinction
TheThings (blog)
Native Americans are bringing wild, free-roaming bison back to prairies across North America. The task is difficult, time-consuming, and requires .
Tribes, APHIS reach deal to send five Yellowstone bison to Fort Peck
The Bozeman Daily Chronicle
Tribal and federal agriculture officials have reached an agreement that could allow five Yellowstone bison to be transported to the Fort Peck Indian ...DELAYED UNTIL GOV REOPENS
Partnership aims to help New Mexico tribe monitor its land
Wichita Eagle
... unmanned aerial systems made by Albuquerque-based Silent Falcon UAS Technologies will assist Pojoaque Pueblo in managing its roaming bison herd, mapping cultural sites and improving fire control and search-and-rescue efforts.
Found in a cave in Northwest Alaska, an ancient tooth offers insights into the first inhabitants of the ...
Other animals, bison and mammoth, were extinct by 9,000 years ago,” Rasic said. “The cave is also loaded with caribou bone. That's another good ...
Dakota Plains Wahpeton Nation wants compensation for land they purchased, but were made to ...
... occasionally ventured into present-day Canada to hunt bison. More recently however, the federal government amended its position on the Dakota ...
National Wildlife Federation brings bison, zebra and more to Good Day LA
FOX 11 Los Angeles
American bison are the only wild cattle species native to North America were once the most widespread herbivore species on the continent
CSKT bison documentary to screen at Flathead Lake International Cinemafest
Char-Koosta News
Roy Bigcrane and others will appear on a panel discussion immediately following the 28 minute film about the untold story of the National Bison ...
State Of Alaska Wants Greater Control Over Wildlife, Including That In National Parks
National Parks Traveler (press release) (blog)
Alaska's ability to properly manage fish and wildlife in the state is being ... management of bison, which has created conflicts with Montana interests, ...
Montana deserves some wild bison
The Missoulian
Most Montana bison are private livestock. By law, the National Bison Range has “display animals” in an “observation pen.” Wyoming's Yellowstone ...
Crow hunter's treaty case argued before US Supreme Court
Ravalli Republic
“The court seemed skeptical of Wyoming's arguments that statehood .... a discussion of brucellosis — a disease spread by infected elk and bison in the ...
Legislature considers measure to protect cattle industry from lab and plant based products
"Meat comes from livestock and that industry is paramount to the fiscal ... but not limited to, ostrich and emu, llamas, alpaca, bison, elk, goats, horses, ...
Letter to the editor: Nosey's Law is a big victory for animals
The Trentonian
New Jersey's Nosey's Law/S1093, named for Nosey the elephant, and ... Chickens, cows, pigs, ducks, turkeys, sheep, lambs, bison do communicate ...
Nebraska bill would ban 'meat' labels on lab-grown, insect and plant 'products'
Food Safety News
Nebraska bill would ban 'meat' labels on lab-grown, insect and plant ... but not limited to, ostrich and emu, llamas, alpaca, bison, elk, goats, horses, ...
DVM & Business
Genomic testing on its way for bison sector
Western Producer
Miller said the raw data from the 27 animals was shared with Dr. James Derr at Texas A and M University, who has worked extensively on bison ...

Bison may better digest fibrous feeds
He et al. conducted a series of three experiments as part of this study to evaluate the effects of inoculum source (cattle versus bison), inocula after ...

Shifting sands of time
Lethbridge Herald
Every time the wind blows at Wally's Beach, new layers of history are ... in North American history when mammoths, camels, giant bison and scimitar ...
Complete 150000-Year-Old Bison Skull Uncovered in Quarry WCSH-WLBZ
Complete 150,000-Year-Old Bison Skull Uncovered in Quarry ... This remarkable bison skull dates back 150,000 years, marking an incredible ...

Family hike leads seven-year-old to discover fossilized bisonbone
The Southern
The scientists said it is rare to found a bison bone south of St. Louis. ... Krienert encourages families to get out and explore Southern Illinois, calling the ...
Birding In The Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve
National Parks Traveler (press release) (blog)
Bison were once a critical part of the prairie ecosystem, their grazing creating important biodiversity changes to the grassland. In 2009, the National ...

Bison are back, and that benefits many other species on the Great Plains
The Conversation US
Releasing the first bison in 1993 was a step toward restoring part of an ... National Preserve in Kansas and the Fort Peck Reservation in Montana.
Top landowners gained the equivalent of 5 New York cities in 2018
Mortgage Professional America
Top landowners gained the equivalent of 5 New York cities in 2018 ... while Turner's Great Plains ranches are home to the largest bison herd on earth, ...

Leading the pack were cable industry pioneers John Malone and Ted Turner with 2.2 million acres and 2 million acres, respectively. Malone’s land includes the Silver Spur Ranches, with productive cattle land and historic structures, while Turner’s Great Plains ranches are home to the largest bison herd on earth, more than 50,000!
Bison Meat

University Of Manitoba Studying Rapid Discolouration Of Bison Meat
An assistant professor at the University of Manitoba is looking at ways to extend the shelf life of bison meat. Dr. Argenis Rodas-Gonzalez says part of ...

USDA opens temporarily
I don't know if they're going to consider that late, I hope they don't consider that late," says Tony Gerbracht a farmer from Bison South Dakota.
Eating Red Meat Is Wreaking Havoc on Earth. So, Stop It!
Live Science
There's a new diet in town, and it offers a two-for-one special: People can help the planet and even live longer … so long as they stop devouring so ..
Healthy competition
Black Hills Pioneer
There are less than half a million plains bison in America while there are more than 100 million water buffalo in India alone. Today, India is exporting ...
Nebraska bill would ban 'meat' labels on lab-grown, insect and plant 'products'
Food Safety News
Nebraska bill would ban 'meat' labels on lab-grown, insect and plant ... but not limited to, ostrich and emu, llamas, alpaca, bison, elk, goats, horses, ...
The war on meat has begun – and vegans are winning comfortably
The war on meat has begun – and vegans are winning comfortably ... He cultivated herds of bison — once hunted to the edge of extinction — on his ...
Yellowstone plans to ship 600-900 bison to slaughter this winter
Ravalli Republic
Yellowstone National Park officials will capture 600 to 900 bison this winter to ship to slaughter in a continuing attempt to reduce the animals' ...

Some tourists get too close to Yellowstone's bison, despite hearing warnings, study shows
Ravalli Republic
A new study says that might not be enough to keep bison, the park's most dangerous animal when it comes to tourist injuries, from harming visitors.
Bison management makes little sense, but costs a fortune
The Bozeman Daily Chronicle
When Montana first initiated a hunt for bison spilling out of Yellowstone ... $1,800 each, and an outfit in Missouri is selling 2-year-old bulls for $3,200.

Yellowstone's solution to its excess bison problem: Capture and send them for slaughter
Down To Earth Magazine
... agreement with the US state of Montana that was signed on December 31 last year. Out of the estimated 4,500 bison in Yellowstone, just over 3,300 ...
 National Bison Association 
Bison ranchers look to expand connections at annual meeting
Tri-State Livestock News
Agricultural researchers from South Dakota State University will also provide extensive information about that institution's commitment to develop a ...

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