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April 2014

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Botanical Solutions for Internal Parasites
by: Ben Tyler
Texas EcoLogix
While parasites are a fact of life in ranching, there are alternative holistic solutions available to assist in their suppression. A high priority should be rotational paddock shift grazing and the encouragement of dung beetle populations. A healthy mixed sward pasture including medicinal forbs is also very important. Access to tannin rich browseable trees such as oak, mesquite, hickory, locust, elm, etc have a strong negative effect on the worms.
Specific plants proven to possess vermicidal/anthelmintic properties are Wormwood (Artemesia), Wormseed or Epazote, Garlic, Senna, Pumpkin seed, Prickly Ash, Monarda, Black Walnut, Tobacco, Neem and Pomegranate root, among others. Incorporating these plants into herbal preparations and/or medicinal grazing cells will go a long way in keeping your animals happy and healthy. 

DNR bringing bison in prairie setting closer to more Minnesotans than ever
Minneapolis Star Tribune
About 350 acres at Minneopa State Park, just west of Mankato, will be fenced off and populated with some of the bison currently at Blue Mounds State ...
Bison proposed for Minneopa State Park
Bluff Country Reader
The three parks I noted all have bison - wonderful, untamed, magnificent bison. Now the Minnesota DNR (Department of Natural Resources) is looking ...

Bison reintroduction plan controversial
Mountain View Gazette
Parks Canada's draft plan to bring plains bison back to Banff National Park is a good one, according to a rancher who lives and works along the western edge of Prince Albert National Park, but it needs a stronger commitment to working with ranchers along the Eastern Slopes of the Rocky Mountains.........

FWP seeks proposals for disease-free Yellowstone bison living on Turner ranch
Billings Gazette
A disease-free herd of Yellowstone National Park bison that was originally envisioned to populate state or tribal lands to return the animals to the ...

National Park Service plans prescribed fires in ND

WILLISTON, N.D. (AP) - The National Park Service is set to begin prescribed fires in North Dakota’s Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

The Park Service says nearly 3,000 acres could be burned between April and May.

Superintendent Valerie Naylor says that “occasional fire” and grazing by some animals such as bison helps maintain a healthy prairie ecosystem.

Contained fires were planned by the National Park Service for last year but they were not conducted due to extremely dry conditions.

The Park Service says fires could temporarily close a small section of a scenic drive area in the park for visitor safety.

Eco-regions and priority areas
AG Week
The Conservancy works with the Conata Ranch, which runs 400 bison in the area. Acquisitions have helped eliminate six miles of interface between ...

The Nature Conservancy identified every ecosystem type in different colors in the 1980s and 1990s, with a goal of preserving 10 percent of the remaining natural habitats in each of those areas...........

As springtime approaches, National Elk Refuge to end supplemental feeding this week
The Republic

JACKSON, Wyoming — The National Elk Refuge plans to stop providing additional wintertime feed to elk and bison this week, now that springtime is on its way.

Refuge staffers already are giving the animals a smaller daily ration of alfalfa pellets.

The purpose of the supplemental feeding is to help elk and bison survive the winter. Refuge officials consider the weather and forage conditions and consult with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department in deciding when to provide feed and how much.

Refuge officials say snow is melting and forage is greening up throughout the refuge.

Biologist to talk on decline of wild bison genes
Helena Independent Record
Jim Bailey, former wildlife biology professor at Colorado State University, delves into the management and history of the nation's 44 remaining bison herds in a talk tonight at Montana Wild, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Park’s education center. Bailey, author of the new book “American Plains Bison: Rewilding an Icon,” explores the gray area between wildness and domestication after more than a century of government and tribal management. The talk is sponsored by the Helena Hunters and Anglers Association. ...

Buffalo Drum News
Always free at:
The first week of May is Texas Bison Week since 2008 and through the year 2022 as a ceremonial proclamation. Debbie Northrup was first to initiate the proclamation to coincide with a Texas Bison Festival; after which the Texas Bison Association secured the proclamation until 2012. During the 83rd Texas legislature, 2013, S. Craig Estes introduced CSR 20, making Texas Bison Week effective through the year 2022. The timing was selected, and has remained in place, for creating awareness of Texas bison and celebrating a new generation of American icons born to the great state of Texas. Texas has been a big part of the bison conservation story, and remains as such, with more farms reporting bison operations than any other state in the union according to the 2008 USDA Ag Census report.
Historically, Texas is note worthy among the states that recognized bison as important to Texas State and western heritage, as well as part of the American frontier fabric. Texas now protects bison, private and otherwise, as property the same as livestock under the Estray laws in the Texas Agricultural Code. One of the earliest documentations of bison in the New World was by Cabeza de Vaca in 1525, in Texas, on a beach known today as Galveston.  In 1875, Texas considered legislation to protect bison on tribal lands from poaching, which failed as a result of the scorched-earth military plan argued by G. Phillip Sheridan. Sheridan, as recounted by buffalo-hunter John Cook, argued that eradicating the food supply of the first Americans would end the conflict and force them onto reservations thereby advancing civilization. Legendary Texas Ranger and panhandle frontiersman, Col. Charles Goodnight, is a note worthy figure in bison history. In 1866, at the behest of Col. Goodnight’s wife Mary Ann, a number of orphaned calves from the southern herd were rescued during the [great slaughter] and began the Goodnight legacy of bison preservation. As a visionary and rancher, the Goodnight’s and other ranchers contributed bison to Yellowstone National Park. The genetic remnants of these calves roam Caprock Canyons State Park today and were named the official Texas State bison herd during the 83rd Texas legislature in 2013. The USF&WS bison population time-line report, 1902, marks 700 bison in private herds and 23 in Yellowstone National Park with Texas, from the Goodnight herd, sited as contributory.  Texas and bison are truly ‘partners in time’ and is the only state in the union with an official ‘Bison Week’.
Texas is quintessentially pro-agriculture with a tradition of embracing innovations to that landscape. Bison have become a feature of it and a growing contribution to her diversity in bounty. Texas Bison Week is conceived and perpetuated to avail the general public of awareness and opportunity to participate in bison conservation by engaging the economy of it. Just like the visionary ranchers and frontiersmen of long ago, today’s bison ranchers are the strong-hold of bison conservation. This is made possible by support from the consumer in exchange for a tasteful and healthy addition to their diet. Texas Bison Week carries a message of commerce-based conservation and knowledge that when you choose bison, on whatever schedule suits you and your family, that purchase directly helps bison remain on the American landscape for future generations. You might be surprised while on a mission to participate, just how available bison becomes once it’s on your radar. You may also be surprised, if you’ve never tried it, at the uniquely flavorful and healthy dining experience it rewards with.  
There’s something going on in Texas. It’s bison! During Texas Bison Week; you the consumer can be a part of it. Be careful because once you try it, you will most likely be back for more. The current herd in North American [US & Canada] boasts a recovery from less than 1,000 bison to about 500,000 head.  This number will grow with consumer support and Texas Bison Week is a great time to get started. With regard to taste and healthy diet, conserving the species for the future and the enhancement of environmental integrity, it’s truly the ‘meat that matters’.  Try it – you’ll like it! 
Colorado cuisine
Vail Daily News
Bison burger with bacon aioli and pickled red onion. ... 20-ounce bison ribeye, served with Colorado Native battered onion rings. Expand Photo.

20-ounce bison ribeye, served with Colorado Native battered onion rings.

Dryden buffalo ranch satisfies demand for organic, lean meat   The growing popularity of bison meat is good news for a family ranch in Dryden. Mark Anderson's parents bought their first bison in the early 1980s, ...


Meetings planned to help ranchers apply for help
Four meetings are planned for western South Dakota to give ranch families the chance to meet with Farm Service Agency officials regarding the Livestock Disaster Program.

Several agencies are hosting the community gatherings and free meal on April 14 and 15 in Eagle Butte, Union Center, Hermosa and Interior.

The program's application process starts April 15.

A storm on Oct. 4 and 5 killed more than 43,000 cattle, sheep, horses and bison in South Dakota.

Farm to Fork competition shines spotlight on Colorado cuisine
Denver Post  This year's dishes, part of Colorado Agriculture Day on March 26, highlighted Colorado eggs, potatoes, onions, dairy, wheat, beef, lamb, bison and ..


Student creates Bison: My Way
SDSU Collegian  She had to find and create recipes to use all of the different cuts of bison that were provided by the InterTribal Bison Cooperative from Rapid City.

Grand Canyon seeks ways to manage bison herds
(AP) -- The herds of bison roaming the northern reaches of the Grand ... WPEC CBS 12 News turns its focus to crime in South Florida with weekly Most ...
Feds seeking ways to manage destructive Grand Canyon bison
Federal officials are trying to figure out how to control a herd of about 350 bison that is roaming the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, and damaging ...

Although it will take close to two years of study and public input to develop a final plan, ..................

Southern Plains Pointers:

By: Tim Frasier – Frasier Bison LLC

Spring has most definitely sprung and it’s ‘raining red-dots’. For me; it’s miraculous and one of my favorite times of the year. Just the other day I was working on a round-to-it with the herd off in the distance, but well in sight. It was late afternoon and turning into early evening.  My hands were occupied with menial task, while I contemplated things that were complicated to me for no reason and to no pragmatic end.  All at once the herd emerged from its afternoon hibernation, set off by a red-dot chain reaction of running and playing for no reason and to no pragmatic end. Then the mothers joined in and it all became a colorful display of absolute silliness.  There are many things about bison that we in the bison world call the bison-advantage. Entertainment, in my opinion, has to rank highly among them.

Calving season with bison, for the most part, is free of issues and situations requiring our help. All the help from us should be a matter of thinking ahead and preparing the herd for success. That being said, when things do happen it’s good to be prepared.  Having a relationship with a local veterinarian proves beneficial and worth the effort because the things that rarely happen, tend to happen on weekends and holidays and always feel like the need for help is [in a pinch].
Another good preparation measure is an orphan kit. Orphans happen and if you have never had one, it seems fun and cute at first. Before you know it; you have a buffalo in the house that learns how to open the refrigerator.  The orphan-kit should include: 1) betadine 2) clostrix [or some correct form of colostrum] 3) Pedialite 4) milk replacer 5) a human baby-bottle [for starting them] 6) a location in mind to safely house the orphan & 7) a mentor or [go-to guy] for advice.
When orphans happen, the clock is ticking for them with regard to food, antibody transfer and hydration. An orphan kit that is never used is the best kit of all. Not having the kit ready and waiting, can cause unnecessary losses as the clock ticks out for the newborn. Another option is to leave them in the herd. Many orphans will become adopted by a cow, or all the cows, and make it just fine. Personally, I am opposed to intentional orphans and only condone bottle-babies as an act of rescue.

Orphan, not so cute- 900 lbs demanding his ba-ba. 

Editorial board: Yellowstone bison show peril of viral video
Recently, many viewers of an online video of bison galloping down a road in Yellowstone National Park assumed the herd was spooked by the ...
Bison, elk appear to be fleeing Yellowstone. Is supervolcano eruption eminent?
Catholic Online
LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online) - Several bloggers have been posting videos of ... Both elk and bison are reported to be leaving the region.
Yellowstone Not About to Blow Wide Open
Indian Country Today Media Network
A YouTube video of bison supposedly running from the park, which fueled fears that the volcanic system that Yellowstone sits on was about to erupt, ...

Montana Seeking Proposals for Bison Relocation East Idaho News
(BILLINGS, MT) – Authorities on Montana are seeking proposals to determine the future of disease-free 135 bison that wandered out of Yellowstone ...

Native American tribe may seek to hunt bison inside Yellowstone
Today, remnants of the bison, or buffalo, herds still roam the grasslands and river valleys of Yellowstone, a huge park that covers parts of Wyoming, ...

Eat like Paleolithic man at Cavé in Avon
The Bison, The Duck and The Egg at Cavé, a Paleo Eatery, in Avon. / Mike McLaughlin/FOR THE asbury park press ..

Judge: Relocated Yellowstone bison still 'wild'
Casper Star-Tribune Online
BILLINGS, Mont. — A Montana judge says bison from Yellowstone National Park still count as wild animals even after they were relocated and placed ...

Bison producer details grazing strategy
Western Producer (subscription)
Improved pasture and grazing management also increases bison weight gain at reduced cost, said a northern Alberta bison manager. Brian Olfert ..

Bison to return to Midewin
Kankakee Daily Journal

The staff at Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie is moving forward with plans to reintroduce bison in the prairie areas east of Illinois Route 53 north of Wilmington — possibly as early as late fall this year.
A 30-day public review and comment period on a draft environmental assessment for the plan started Monday. Information is posted online Hard copies of the document can be requested from Renee Thakali at 815-423-2114 or email

Should you eat Epic's meat bars?
Las Vegas Weekly
So, you're at Whole Foods, when you notice something odd in the energy bar section. There, among the Luna-this and protein-that, is a bison, ...
Slow down for bison near Gardiner
The Bozeman Daily Chronicle
This year's combination of deep snows and increased tolerance for bison north of Gardiner means there's a greater chance of running into large ..

E. Iowa couple happy with decision to raise bison
Washington Times
Lyndall and Nancy Winter bought their first three bison in 1991 and have never regretted the decision. Today, Winter Bison is home to about 150 bison ...


Bison roam the hills of southern Illinois - The Daily Egyptian
The Daily Egyptian ⋅ Kyle Sutton
Howell, who runs the farm with his family, said he raises bison to provide a healthy alternative to red meat. The farm sits on 1,100 acres of family ...

Eric Akis: Bison good burger fare
Times Colonist
Bison burgers are held together with fresh breadcrumbs and a touch of ... Dear Lionel: As you likely know, the ground bison you are using to make ...

Alberta bison producers putting out the welcome mat for new entrants
Alberta Express
Growing demand and strong prices are boosting the bison sector, and it's keen to attract new entrants, says Thomas Ackermann, chair of the Bisons ...

Wyoming tribe leaders blast US Senate draft bill
(AP) — Tribe leaders are opposing a bill co-sponsored by Wyoming's ... (AP) — State wildlife officials are asking drivers to watch for bison as they ..


The Bison: American icon opens at Frances Sewell Plamann History Center
Hiawatha World

Few animals conjure the power and symbolic presence of the North American bison. Whether painted on a tipi or an artist’s canvas, minted on a nickel, or seen grazing in Yellowstone National Park, the image of the bison stirs in us deep loyalties to the North American landscape. Wild and fundamental, the bison is a familiar part of our shared heritage.

The Bison: American Icon, a new exhibition opening this week at the Frances Sewell Plamann History Center, City Hall, explores the meaning and significance of this iconic creature from the Plains Indian culture of the 1800s through the commercial and national symbol of the present. Along the way, The Bison charts the dramatic changes that occurred to the creature and its habitat, and to the people who depended on it for their daily existence.

Judge: Bison are wildlife, not livestock
The Bozeman Daily Chronicle
In a follow-up to last summer's Montana Supreme Court ruling allowing disease-free bison from Yellowstone National Park to be transported to ...

A judge has ruled that wild bison do not become livestock just because they have been held in quarantine.

Guest opinion: FWP bison relocation would harm private landowners
The Legislature has purposely given joint jurisdiction over bison to our ... D.C., and New York City would prefer to eliminate the livestock protections ...

Frontier Days coincide with Texas Bison Week
Plainview Daily Herald
QUITAQUE — This year, Caprock Canyons State Park is hosting the fourth annual Frontier Days on May 10 in celebration of Texas Bison Week.

Le’Ann Pigg is interpreter/volunteer coordinator at Caprock Canyons State Park.

Bison producers need to make the switch to RFID tags as of April 1
Alberta Express
“Traceability is always a concern for the livestock industry, so effective April 1, the RFID tag is the only legal tag for bison,” said Terry Kremeniuk, ...

Bison are wild animals
Helena Independent Record
I would like to register my disgust and disdain for the means and methods that the state of Montana is using to mercilessly harass bison in the Gardiner ...

Officials Begin Pushing Bison Back Into Yellowstone
News Radio 1310 KLIX
(AP) — Montana officials have begun hazing bison back into Yellowstone National Park to make way for livestock. The bison leave the park during ...

The conservation group Alliance for the Wild Rockies says helicopter hazing of bison began Saturday. The group is suing to bar the use of helicopters, saying they harass and displace threatened grizzly bears. The case is pending with the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.      

First buffalo calf spotted at Custer State Park
Yankton Daily Press
The park has about 860 bison going into the spring and expects around 400 calves. The herd size should be around 1,275 at the annual buffalo ..

A Lakota legend, flying off the pages
The Capital Journal
Donald Montileaux, author of “Tasunka: A Lakota Horse Legend,” works in his studio in Rapid City on an image of American Bison. Buy this photo.

The business of bison: Christine rancher has learned a lot over the years
Just 25 miles southeast of Fargo is the Eagle Valley Bison Ranch, where Randy ... Bison meat is higher in protein and lower in saturated fat than beef....

The Lodge: a new farm-to-fork experience
Frederick News Post (subscription)
I stopped in with a friend after work on a weekday and we were told they were out of most of the meat we'd wanted to try — among them bison and ...

My first thought was, when could I get there. I could use some bison chili.

Yellowstone considers new bison quarantine
The Bozeman Daily Chronicle
Yellowstone considers new bison quarantine ... working with the state of Montana on the development of an updated Interagency Bison Management ...

3-Bison meeting cancelled; plan timing uncertain
BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) — The prospects for a state-wide bison conservation plan inMontana are uncertain after wildlife officials cancelled a public ...
1-Landowners gear up for Lewistown Bison Meeting

Landowners gear up for Lewistown Bison Meeting ... interest is higher than ever in a 2-day bison meeting that will be hosted by the Montana Fish, ...

2-FWP to host second bison discussion in Lewistown April 15-16
Choteau Acantha
Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks will host a two-day discussion in Lewistown, April 15-16, on issues related to efforts to complete a bison conservation ...


Buffalo Bill Band to perform Wild West musical favorites
Laurel Outlook
More than a century ago, before the American frontier was transformed by industry and prior to the invent of motion pictures, Buffalo Bill Cody's Wild ...

Wandering Bison Causing Property Damage in the Gardiner Area
KBZK Bozeman News
GARDINER -- Some estimate as many as 1,500 bison have wandered out of Yellowstone National Park in to the Gardiner area. With that roaming ...

Troiani: Oh, those brazen bison
Casper Star-Tribune Online
Once again we have a daunting dilemma with those ever-brazen bison. This time such an aggravation occurs within the state of Arizona and the northern reaches of Grand Canyon National Park. These bold beasts have been reported to have the audacious arrogance to roam in this area as if to assume that this land belonged to them. ...   


Native music, documentary screening set for Monday
The Union of Grass Valley
“Every year the Yellowstone bison face great challenges to their natural way of being, for migrating out of the imaginary border of Yellowstone National ..

Monday will be “A Night for the Wild Buffalo” at The Stonehouse in Nevada City. Indigenous music, a screening of the “Buffalo Battle” film documentary highlight the evening which will focus on stopping “the Yellowstone slaughter of the last great genetically pure buffalo,” according to organizers.

The evening begins at 7, with music by native rock band Walan Amana (In the Nisenan language), plus GoodShield Aguilar and Mignon Geli. “Buffalo Battle” is a documentary about the Yellowstone bison.

Mill offers market for wool, bison hair
Agri News
The mill also received wool from as far away as Montana and Texas. Bison hair comes from North Dakota. Workers at the mill also spin llama, camel or ...

The largest bison ranch opens in Romania's Cluj, following EUR 1.5 mln investment
The largest bison ranch in Europe, that hosts some 300 animals and covers an area of 500 hectares, was recently opened in Recea Cristur commune, ...

Will Native Americans Be Allowed to Hunt Buffalo in Yellowstone?
Living Green Magazine
Along with the geysers and historic cabins, the 4,000 bison that roam Yellowstone National Park draw millions of visitors every year. But for the Nez ...

Montana's special drawing deadlines
Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks' deadlines to apply for special license drawings is May 1 for bison, moose, bighorn sheep and mountain goat; and June ...     

Vore Buffalo Jump - Sundance
The Vore Buffalo Jump is on the interface between what were once great bison pastures of the northern Great Plains and the Black Hills, making it ...

Buffalo, bison or bee-sohn — they're all shaggy
The word “bison” arrived nearly 150 years later, in 1774. ... I'm not going to be buffaloed any more into calling shaggy Wyoming animals bison if I don't ...

Trial set in proposed tribal national park dispute
The plan includes the reintroduction of bison to the South Unit of Badlands National Park and using grasslands surrounding the proposed park to ...   

'Bison on the Horizon': Prairie Preservation Society's annual banquet April 27
OREGON, Ill. — The Prairie Preservation Society of Ogle County (PPSOC) will host its annual banquet fund-raiser, “Bison on the Horizon,” at the ...


No bones about it
“Blackwater Draw was one of the earliest sites to clearly show humans hunted and killed mammoths and bison,” Kilby said. The Folsom site near ...
Regardless of whether it is the oldest site in North America, the discovery of “fluted” points, spearheads known as Clovis points, coupled with mammoth and bison bones, prove that some of the earliest New World inhabitants lived at Blackwater Draw, experts say.

Buffalo Bill museum acquires Lone Ranger's pistol
“It's a beautiful gun,” said Warren Newman, curator of the Buffalo Bill Center of the West's Cody Firearms Museum, where the pistol is now on display.

Keeping frisky bison in check
Bison on the interior of Catalina Island between Haypress and Patrick reservoirs. Wildlife biologists Calvin Duncan and Julie King were looking for ...

Contraceptives helping to thin the bison herd on Catalina Island
Wildlife Biologist Calvin Duncan with an air rifle that will deliver a contraceptive-filled dart. The bisonsterilization program on Catalina Island is being ...

FWP: Bison shooting justified as act of self-defense
Hoppe attempted to chase the bison away, but one came within five feet of him and made a threatening gesture. That's when he shot the animal.

Idaho Museum of Natural History featured in May National Geographic Magazine
POCATELLO – The Idaho Museum of Natural History's online, 3-D ... The magazine article features a large photo of Bison Bob, a 36,000-year old Ice ...
Gateway to the West: Badlands National Park in South Dakota
A little more than seven hours by car from the Twin Cities sits Badlands National Park in South Dakota. Looking at the bison and bighorn sheep ...

The number of bison needs to drop
“The highway is my home.” The bison on Highway 89 must feel this way as they march back and forth — all 1,500 of them. If they go uphill toward ... 
Montanans can share costs, benefits of wild bison
It represents self-serving propaganda from the livestock industry. Facts: Two polls show 70 percent of Montanans want wild bison in our state.
Guest column: It's time for year-round wild bison habitat inMontana
Along with the arrival of songbirds and sandhill cranes, a Montana spring brings a surge of news stories and controversy as wild bison leave ...             
Smithsonian buffalo art exhibit coming to Great Falls
The exhibition - titled "George Catlin's American Buffalo" - features 40 original paintings of buffalo and how they were important to the Plains Indians ...
Illinois safety prepped for lapse of bison
FRANKLIN GROVE, Ill. —. — On this plot of nondescript land tucked away in rural Illinois, Bill Kleiman sees more than just rows of dead cornstalks and ... 

A herd of bison stand on scorched ground from a controlled burn at Dunn Ranch in Hatfield, Mo. Like the bison that will be introduced to the Nachusa Grasslands in Franklin Grove, Ill., the bison at Dunn Ranch are from Wind Cave National Park in Hot Springs, S.D. and are unique because of their lineage is genetically pure as opposed to most bison in the country which have traces of cattle in their genetics. — Anthony Souffle, Chicago Tribune, April 16, 2014
Reservation Landowners Worry About Impacts of Badlands BisonPlan
One version of the bison plan would use would use about 60,000 acres of grazing land, with herd possibilities up to 1,000 animals. Opponents have ...


Bison Babies at Prairie State Park
Jefferson City, MO - infoZine - The park holds guided bison hikes on the first Saturday of each month, and the hike scheduled for Saturday, May 3 is a ...
South Dakota tribe's park expansion for bison irks ranchers
Supporters say the park will allow the tribe to introduce a bison herd and pursue projects outlined nearly 40 years ago. Officials say most of the ..

Park, bison project near Badlands National Park puts spotlight on tribal, federal partnership
PIERRE, South Dakota — Range land outside of the south unit of Badlands National Park has become contested territory. The Oglala Sioux Tribe and ...
Beer-Braised Bison Enchilada Filling
Place bison on cutting board and season with salt and pepper to taste. Heat olive oil in a Dutch oven over medium-high. Sear bison on both sides for 2 ...

NPS seeks feedback on North Rim bison management
GRAND CANYON, Ariz. - Grand Canyon National Park (GCNP) will have two informational, online meetings as part of the scoping process for a bison .

Yukon hunt fails to trim growing bison population
Yukon hunters have again failed to curb growth in the territory's bison herd. Wildlife managers were counting on hunting pressure to reduce the herd ...               
Bullish for Bison
Nowadays the meat case at my favorite Whole Foods Market displays an enticing array of fresh bison --New York steaks, clod roast, rib-eyes and ..

Scaled-back Montana bison plan considered
BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) — Montana's top wildlife official is scaling back expectations for a statewide bison conservation plan following backlash from ...                  
Judge Misjudged on Bison
I was disappointed to hear that Judge McKeon had denied the plaintiff's contention that quarantined Yellowstone Park bison transferred to the Indian ...       
The King of Yellowstone
This story involves a grizzly bear, a herd of bison, a wolf and a bull elk, all of whom all live together in a somewhat peaceful manner in the world's first ...                
Bringing Home the Thunder
"It's cool enough to have bison roaming around here. But to have the last remnants of the great southern plains herd, the true Texas bison roaming ...
Bison Blessing April 26-27 at Wildlife Prairie Park
Starting at 10 a.m., Seven Circles Heritage Center will perform the Bison Blessing Ceremony at the Bison Pasture Overlook. Those interested in ...                 
Buffalo born at Fermilab
Wilson brought the first American bison, a bull and four cows, to Fermilab in 1969. In 1971, the Illinois Department of Conversation gave the lab 21 ...             
National Park Service cancels scoping meetings
The National Park Service this week canceled all scoping and environmental assessment meetings related to the introduction of bison on the South Unit of Badlands National Park. ...
Free roaming bison
Bullock is mishandling the wild bison in the Yellowstone National Park region of the state. Although I do not live in Montana I and my family are regular ...

Park officials update community on summer plans
Bison were a hot topic at Tuesday's discussion, and Wenk said bison migration on the north end of Yellowstone has been a “success story” this year.
Finding ties that bind make bison burgers great
Big and flavourful bison burgers held together with fresh breadcrumbs and a touch of cornstarch. Photograph by: Adrian Lam, Victoria Times Colonist ...                
Public meetings to be held on Grand Canyon bison
The bison were introduced in the early 1900s as part of a ranching operating ... Public meetings are scheduled for Monday in Kanab, Utah; Tuesday in ...
   Return of the Bison: Top Photos From a Landmark Insider
During his time with Landmark Greg has been intimately involved in the conservation efforts including the annual bison release onto the Reserve and ...       
Fota helps re-locate bisons to the wild
The bison will be monitored in their new home using radio-collars and will join an existing herd, who were introduced into the park from captive ...
Captive breeding programmes in European zoos and reintroductions have led to a gradual increase in numbers, and the project in Romania aims to establish a self-sustaining population there and boost the variety of wildlife in the region.
Bison, back on the dinner table
○Bison are not given chemicals, antibiotics or hormones. The bison farms across the country take this seriously and are diligent about preserving ...
Painted bison, quilted gardens approved to celebrate Indiana's 200th birthday
INDIANAPOLIS — Painted bison sculptures and quilted gardens are set to pop up in honor of Indiana's bicentennial celebration. A state commission ...            
Bison Burger
Bison Burger. Portsmouth Publick ... Chef George Doumaney from Portsmouth Publick House joined The Rhode Show to make a Bison Burger.
Alaska Distillery Cookbook Delivers Untamed Flavor of Alaska Style Cuisine
Inside are 85 recipes for original yet easy-to-prepare meals, from tantalizingEmperor's Halibut, andSteak Sinatra with Alaskan Bison and ...
Update: This bison is actually between several hundred to 4000 years old, not 2K to 10k as I was originally told by the University of Texas paleo lab. Spent last weekend digging and am going back out to finish the job on Friday. My hunch was right, the skeleton is almost all there except for the hind legs. Part of one horn and all hooves are gone. We got the skull out on Sunday though... going to finish the rib cage and spine this weekend. No points found YET but still have a lot to dig. I will post lots of pics below. This has been one of the most enjoyable, rewarding, fascinating things I've ever gotten to do. The neighbor kids loved it too. It was awesome! We did it right with a grid and documentation and saving soil samples, etc. We're sending the lower jaw and bone and soil samples to a school in San Antonio to be dated and studied. This animal could fit into a possible time frame of a missing link transitional species between extinct bison antiquus and modern bison bison. They will study it to see if it has any shared or transitional features between the two, since they are thought to not coexist and made the evolutionary leap within a short 1500 year span. We'll see what the college kids come up with. Since I was drinking a vodka tonic when I found it last fall I had to celebrate with a tall one after we got the skull out. Yeeeeeah buddy! 

2 to 10k year old bison skeleton
NO LONGER waiting to be dug!


NBA Read More & Join 
Board Meets to Update NBA Strategic Plan
The National Bison Association Board of Directors gathered at the Renaissance Hotel in Denver last Friday through Sunday to chart an updated strategic plan to equip the association to address the challenges, and to optimize the opportunities, facing the U.S. bison business.
During the retreat, the Board identified three priority goals for the association over the next here years:
  • By 2017, the NBA shallmaintain $250,000 in net worth, and increase revenue by 30%, and themembership will be 1,500through outreach to producers and consumers.
  • By 2017, the NBA will double the positive consumer awareness of bison by educating the public/consumers to embrace our story and communicate to our current and future audience.
  • By 2017, increase awareness of the value of NBA membership to existing and prospective members by reducing lapsed members by 20%, and reach out to 1,000.
The board and staff then worked together through Saturday and Sunday morning to establish some specific objectives to meet those goals. The new objectives place a heavy emphasis on outreach to prospective producers, utilizing social media to reach consumers, and building a grassroots network to address public policy.
Bruce Anderson, NBA President, said afterwards, "This was a very productive meeting. The three goals give some clear direction, and our ideas regarding new communications outreach connecting with producers are designed to make the best use of our limited resources."
I am pleased that the board really worked through the process to develop some goals and objectives that will apply to every producer, from the smallest rancher to the largest commercial marketer."
Dave Carter, NBA Executive Director, added, "This process last week was extremely helpful in providing guidance that allows the staff to prioritize our efforts. And, the goals set by the board last weekend build upon the work that was conducted under our previous strategic plan, which was developed in 2011."
Brownfield Carries Message about Bison on Earth Day

Brownfield Ag Network's Julie Harker helped spread the message that bison is what's for Earth Day Dinner this week. Harker carried an interview with NBA Executive Director Dave Carter and focused on the fact that bison are a part of the natural environment of North America.

Harker began her report saying, "Some people celebrate Earth Day (April 22nd) with the foods they eat - and one of those foods is bison. Dave Carter with the National Bison Association says bison are grown with sustainable practices in every state in the U.S. but are mostly associated with the Great Plains states where they have been grazing on plants that have been around for a long, long time. Not only has nature created bison which are easy on the environment, Carter says, the meat is exceptionally nutritious and healthy."

Listen to the full interview at this link:

Prices Up, Slaughter Much Higher in March
The bullish bison carcass market continued in March with young heifer prices up $5.27/cwt. Over the previous month, and you bull carcasses slightly higher, according to the latest monthly wholesale price report issued this week by the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Grain and Livestock Market News Reporting Service.
Young bull carcasses brought an average of $388.85/cwt. In March, which was $0.30 higher than the previous month, but $0.44 lower than in March 2013. Heifer carcass prices were pegged at $373.14/cwt in March, compared to $4367.87 the previous month. Prices for older bulls and cows were also higher. Bulls accounted for 58 percent of the animals processed in March, according to the report. Year-to-date, bulls have accounted to 54 percent of the animals processed.
Processing under USDA inspection through the first 14 weeks of 2014 is 30 percent higher than at the same point in 2013. According to the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service, 14,423 bison have been processed so far in 2014, compared to the same period in 2013.
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