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December 2019, So Long!

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Many Bison Roam National Range Dec 1933

There are 544 buffalo on the National Bison Range according to a report filed with the Biological survey by officials of the reserve.

The 1932 crop of bison was 125, the report states, there were 73 were born this spring, including an albino calf.

During the past year, the herd was decreased by the elimination of 89 buffalo, 86 elk and seven deer to prevent overgrazing. Three buffalo and 30 elk were sold for park purposes and the others were disposed of as food.

The Yellowstone Park bison herd, which is now 1,100 head, is to be culled soon by the slaughter of 200. The game department here has been informed to distribute the meat to needy Indians and wards of the government.

What does the future hold for the Bison Range?


Study finds bison are "ecosystem engineers"
Wyoming Tribune
JACKSON – Thousands of bison move from winter grounds on the outskirts of ... to borrow a phrase popularized by University of Wyoming migration researchers. ... The closely congregated herds of foraging bison, they found, were ...

Women of Wyoming share their own stories on Instagram

I knew that Wyoming’s flag was designed by a young woman and that the original had the bison facing the other direction – to signify freedom. I also knew that the flag design had been changed.

What I didn’t know was who made the change and why. It turns out it was another woman, a suffragist, and head of the group that sponsored the flag contest, who made the change, slipping it by an unaware Legislature. She felt that the buffalo should be facing towards the staff because they face into the wind. 

We fly the Wyoming flag on a number of occasions, including when a baby buffalo is born into our backyard herd. We’ve been blessed to have two healthy calves this year, a girl and a boy. (Pictured here with their moms on Wyoming Statehood Day).

That two women were behind the meaningful design of the flag and how it flies seems appropriate for the Equality State. Bison are matrilineal, and both sexes have horns. The bull buffalo that adorns our state flag is a symbol of equality, no matter which way the wind blows. 

Michele Irwin, Green River
Listen To The Other-Worldly Sounds Of The Bison In Lamar Valley
It's another video of a bison hanging around in Wyoming. What makes it so special? Well, I don't really want you to watch it despite how high quality ...
Alert: New 2020 Wyoming nonresident elk draw result date change (blog)
Alert: New 2020 Wyoming nonresident elk draw result date change ... tags in Alaska, Arizona (elk, antelope), Wyoming (moose, sheep, goat, bison), ...

Wyoming State Parks selling 10 bison from state herd
Powell Tribune
“Every year we sell 10-14 animals to keep the herd manageable,” said Gary Schoene, public information officer with Wyoming State Parks & Cultural ...

Wyoming News Update
Sheridan Media (press release)
Lummis is a Republican who preceded Cheney as Wyoming's lone ... A three-judge panel said by allowing hunting and hazing of bison, the federal ...


Bison a bright spot for agriculture in Kansas, nation
News-Press Now
The National Bison Association says there are an estimated 385,000 bison in North American private, public and tribal herds. Gehring has spent years ...
Kansas Buffalo Association draws crowds to largest US event
The Hutchinson News
SALINA -- More than 900 bison were brought into Salina this weekend for the annual ... By not using artificial insemination, the bison remain naturally bred. ... Out-of-state ranchers from Oklahoma, Nebraska, New Mexico, Colorado, ...



Wildlife Waystation Closed Its Doors, Funds Needed for Exotic Animal Care
Redheaded Blackbelt
With the aid of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW), ... tigers, bison, hyenas, primates, exotic small cats, birds, reptiles and horses.


Saving Oklahoma's prairies, a vital weapon against climate change
Saving Oklahoma's prairies, a vital weapon against climate change ... A bison waits as a rancher tries to defrost vaccines that have frozen due to the ...

Return of the Quapaw
Thirty-one bison from Grand Canyon National Park were introduced to the herd ... Now, the tribe has returned to Arkansas thanks to voters in the state.


Water buffalo? Not quite. These two bison just like to frolic in the rain, staff says
Charlotte Observer
A couple of young bison were let out of a barn during Thanksgiving ... from a large herd at The Wilds, a safari park and conservation center in Ohio. VIDEO

Spend Your Next Vacation in a Train Caboose on Clyde, North Carolina's Buffalo Ranch
Wide Open Country
Buffalo Creek Vacations in Clyde, North Carolina allow their guests the chance ... You can wake up in the morning to see the bison feeding as the herd ...

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Mo. (KMOV) -- A St. Louis woman decided to trade in her corporate gig for a new job raising bison. For years, Peggy Ladd ...Klondike Bison



Roam Ranch CEO Collins Demonstrates New Approach To Meat
Chief Executive Group
Roam Ranch CEO Collins Demonstrates New Approach To Meat ... Now, as CEO of Roam Ranch and his new Force of Nature brand of bison cuts, ...
DONNA HUNT: Remembering the buffalo of North Texas
Sherman Denison Herald Democrat
A few years ago our reader's husband found a bison skull on Red River and ... of buffalo hides from his brother, who was hunting in western Kansas.

New art exhibit at Amarillo International Airport
AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Travelers making their way through Amarillo ... I like to paint a lot of buffalo and bison because I like historical paintings," ...


Midewin prairie sets lecture schedule
Kankakee Daily Journal
Tuesday April 7: “New Perspectives on Bison in Illinois Country,” presented by Alan D. Harn, Curator Emeritus of Anthropology at the Illinois State ...
New bison viewing scopes installed at Midewin in time for National Bison Day
The Herald-News
Two new bison viewing scopes debuted on National Bison Day at the USDA ... The bison viewing scopes are sponsored by the Midewin Tallgrass Prairie ... program manager and tribal liaison Joe Wheeler led two interpretive hikes ...
New Buffalo Rock bison named Cocoa
The new 2-year-old bison at Buffalo Rock State Park was named Cocoa, after ... The Illinois Department of Natural Resources takes care of the bison.



This Utah Island Is Filled With Free Range Bison, Beaches, & A Lake
The Beehive State is known for its beautiful national parks such as Zion and Bryce, but there's a hidden gem that's one of our favorites. Nestled on the ...


Museum of Idaho receives $500000 donation for a Fnew exhibit
Bonner County Daily Bee
IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (AP) — The Museum of Idaho has received a ... information about now-extinct animals such as mammoths and giant bison.



Wild Florida Announces Grand Opening of Drive-thru Safari Park
Yahoo Finance
Inside the Drive-Thru Safari Park, guests will be able to see more than 100 exotic animals and native Florida wildlife like giraffes, elk, bison, cracker ...


Mini Weapons Taught Children Survival Skills in Oregon
Ancient Origins
Mini Weapons Taught Children Survival Skills in Oregon .... an atlatl and spear as he stalks a bison in a snow-covered valley in the Rocky Mountains.


Winter Wonder Land

“When we first saw this bison at Denali National Park, he had his face buried in the deep snow,” says Frederick Selanders Jr. of Covington, Ohio.


Walcher: Forced wolf introduction debate really about cattle
Complete Colorado
The proposed ballot measure forcing introduction of wolves into Western Colorado has touched off another debate pitting ranchers and livestock ...


North Dakota to help with livestock producers with cost of transporting feed
Jamestown Sun
North Dakota State University Extension conducted a survey in November of forage availability. Miranda Meehan, Extension livestock environmental ...

MONTANA (also see Legislation)

Wealthy investors are piecing together the next Yellowstone in the Great Plains
The Hill
In the open plains of northeastern Montana, a coalition of wealthy investors are ... The tribes would be granted permits to hunt the reserve's bison.


The bison of Eustis
Daily Bulldog
Bison is also considered to be a much healthier, leaner meat, and the large animals eat a third less than cows during the winter months when their systems slow down to conserve energy. The Weavers wanted to find their niche in the locally raised meat scene, and bison fit the bill. Bigelow Fields Ranch


AZGFD delivers on promise to provide quicker draw results
Foothills Focus
My, how far the application process for hunt permit-tags issued through the Arizona Game and Fish Department's random draws has come over time.


A history of bison in the San Angelo area
San Angelo Standard Times
Those “buffaloes” that roam North America are actually bison. It is easy to see why ... They are highly valued for their meat, milk and hide. Wild cape ...


State parks to offer First Day Hikes on New Year's Day
The guided hikes are organized by Indiana State Parks in cooperation with ... Hike will be on Trail 1, around the bison enclosure, with a stop at the ...


Bison on the Winter Prairie
Newton Daily News
Participate in a short indoor presentation on the history and management of the American Bison at 1:30 p.m. Saturday at the Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge. 

Following the program, you can participate in a guided walk along the half-mile Overlook Trail to get some exercise and search for the bison and elk herds while enjoying the winter landscape.

Call 515-994-3400 or email to register.


Meet the Frawley Ranch bison
Black Hills Pioneer
SPEARFISH — The Frawley Ranch has been an integral part of the history of the Black Hills since the Frawley Brothers began buying up failed ...


Group asks public for help naming bison bulls
Western Producer
The Nature Conservancy of Canada learned through a Twitter poll that the public would like new bison bulls at the Old Man on His Back Prairie and ...
Trudeau will fuel the fires of our climate crisis if he approves Canada's mega mine
The Guardian
The area is home to one of the last free-roaming herds of wood bison, it's along the migration route for the only wild population of endangered ...
Five bulls joining bison herd at Old Man on His Back conservation area
Prairie Post
The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) is adding five young bison bulls to the herd as part of a revised management plan to grow the herd.
McDonald's Canada shows how burgers go from the farm to your table
CityNews Edmonton
“We've gone in the direction in the last 20 years of a year-round grazing program and the mindset the bison would've wintered here,” said Hughes.
14000-year-old village found in British Columbia, Canada
Stock Daily Dish
14,000-year-old village found in British Columbia, Canada ... By DNA evidence from thousands of steppe bison fossils, geneticists from the University ...


This chocolate Bison made by Baravelli's on behalf of Rhug Estate could be yours this Christmas
Denbighshire Free Press
A CHOCOLATE statue made for Rhug Estate is set to raise money for the Air Ambulance and Hope House children's hospice. Conwy chocolatiers ...

Kennemerland National Park

European bison were hunted to extinction in the wild by 1927. But through the efforts of several rewilding projects, numbers of this ecologically important species are now on the rise - although they are still considered vulnerable.

Photographer Jasper Doest captured this herd cooling down in a lake at first light in the Zuid-Kennemerland National Park, amid a large swarm of midges.



Tribal Bison Hunt Near Yellowstone Will Go On

Several tribes participating as amici had said that the hunt had cultural importance to them, that the bison meat and hides helped fulfill tribe members' ...
'Inspired Natives' promotes Indigenous values and a global reach
News Maven
Pepion lives in Browning, Montana, the capital of the Blackfeet Nation. ... A bison-restoration initiative of the Blackfeet and three other Indigenous ...
Agencies, Tribes Vote To Reduce Yellowstone Bison Population By 600-900
State, federal and tribal representatives tasked with managing bison in and around Yellowstone National Park voted again Tuesday to reduce the herd ...
Slow drip: Bison quarantine creating path from Yellowstone to Fort Peck
The Bozeman Daily Chronicle
The Fish and Game manager for the Fort Peck Tribes has watched 60 bull bison enter his quarantine pens so far this year — five in February and 55 in ...
OUT WEST ROUNDUP | Study shows bison mow, fertilize their own food; Apache elder protests ...
MISSOULA — A study of grazing in Yellowstone National Park found that bison essentially mow and fertilize their own food. This allows them to graze ...
Capitol Insider: Native American stone carvings of Kansas come to life
Leavenworth Times
The central Kansas petroglyph that took Rex Buchanan's breath away was a large depiction of the bison. ... of discerning intent of the person who carved into rock the date 1840, an abbreviation of Kentucky and the word “ingin.”.
National Bison Range to be restored to CSKT
Char-Koosta News
“Restoring the Bison Range to federal trust ownership for the Tribes is an ... In past decades, the federal government removed three other Montana ...
"Lakota America: A New History of Indigenous Power"
Santa Fe New Mexican
It is purportedly the first complete history of the Lakotas, the tribe of Sitting ... Each year was depicted by the image of a signal event: plentiful bison to ...
Yellowstone bison given to tribes to help reduce slaughters
Lexington Herald Leader
US officials were transferring 33 disease-free bison (14cows-14calves +5bulls) Monday from Yellowstone National Park to an American Indian reservation in Montana as part of ...
Best of 2019: "Bison Crossing" in Montana (video)
KXLF Butte News
Best of 2019: "Bison Crossing" in Montana (video) ... As Debra narrates, she noticed that one very young bison was lagging far behind the ... has more than 600 bison in a herd meant to revive that economy by selling meat while also ...


Senators introduce Flathead Water Bill, including Bison Range changes
WASHINGTON, DC — A sweeping bill settling tribal claims over much of Western Montana's water supply is officially introduced in Congress.
Federal legislation introduced to ratify CSKT Water Compact
Tri-State Livestock News
Helena – MT: U.S. Senator Steve Daines (R – MT) has introduced federal ... responsibility for the operation of the National Bison Range from the federal ... would result in the need to litigate all of these claims in Montana Water Court.
Daines, Tester introduce federal legislation to ratify water compact - Sidney Herald Leader
Much of 2015 water deal intact as new CSKT bill progresses, state says - Great Falls Tribune
Daines' bipartisan bill seeks end to state, tribal water dispute - Ripon Advance
National Bison Range releases final Record of Decision to guide future management and continue ...
News Maven
For over 111 years, the National Bison Range in Montana has supported ... and the refuge's rich history, while also addressing ongoing challenges, ...
Daines bill would return Bison Range to CSKT
The Bison Range is entirely within the borders of the Flathead Indian ... “Restoring the Bison Range to federal trust ownership for the tribes is an ...
Dr. Al Olszewski Opposes Bill Related to CSKT Water Agreement
... the tribes were given the National Bison Range along with an additional 36,000 acres that the federal government is planning to give to the tribes.
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service released its record of decision on the Bison Range’s first Comprehensive Conservation Plan.
Water Compact heads to Congress
Char-Koosta News
The Compact confirms a little more 300 Tribal Water Rights. .... With respect to the National Bison Range restoration to Tribal ownership, there will be a ...
ESA suit draws in farm groups, 32 states
Capital Press
Oregon, Washington and California are among the states challenging the ESA changes. The city of New York and the District of Columbia also joined ...

Court revives lawsuit over Yellowstone bison management
Wichita Eagle
An appeals court revived a lawsuit filed by an environmental law firm that challenged the U.S. government's management of bison from Yellowstone ...

DVM & Business

Brucellosis Vaccines Market Size will Observe Substantial Growth by 2025
Montana Ledger
... occurs in pets, it is also observed in wild animals that are found in herds (for example, wild boar in Germany and elk or bison in North America).
USDA cancels another plan to track cattle with RFID devices
American Veterinary Medical Association
USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service officials announced in April that cattle and bison would need radio-frequency tracking tags to cross ...


Archeology may be fun but collecting artifacts is illegal
Sooke News Mirror
... mastodon, mammoths and bison antiquus – an extinct species of bison that ... He explained that respecting the “collective history” and protecting ...
ISU researchers look for evidence linking Clovis people with Megafauna 13000 years ago on the ...
Idaho State Journal
... Museum of Natural History, other universities and soon with ISU students, ... findings that can shed light on this period of history in Southeast Idaho. ... species still making the region home, like mule deer, antelope, bison and elk.
Spear points found in Northwest Alaska hint at intriguing human migrations
Denton Daily
Spear points found in Northwest Alaska hint at intriguing human migrations ... Anthropologists have found fluted points in several places in Alaska, ... these fluted points were stout enough to penetrate the hide of a bison or caribou.

The oldest story ever told is painted on this cave wall, archaeologists report
Washington Post
The walls of Chauvet cave, in France, teem with horses, rhinos, reindeer and bison. Most studies of European cave art use carbon in charcoal to ...


Study shows Yellowstone bison positively affect land
Explore Big Sky
Biologists from the National Park Service, U.S. Geological Survey and the Universities of Wyoming and Montana published findings of a 10-year study ...
Are The Midwest's Prairies Really Endangered?
E/The Environmental Magazine
Sixty-five million free-roaming bison sustained themselves on the abundant grasses, in turn ... Congress helped spur the process along in 1996 by setting aside over 10,000 pristine prairie acres in Kansas” Flint Hills region as the ...


Activists are ramping up with new tactics to end ag
Beef Magazine
The Bureau of Land Management facilitates that effort by its stated intention to approve APR's grazing leases for bison and in so doing essentially ...

Smithsonian exhibit connects spirituality and ecology of the American buffalo
National Catholic Reporter
Today, the American bison's status is "near threatened," the rung below "least concern," according to the Smithsonian National Zoo.


Yellowstone's migrating bison manipulate springtime green-up
United States Geological Survey (press release)
Without bison moving freely on the landscape, the springtime season of ... Geological Survey, University of Wyoming, and the University of Montana.
Bison cull numbers in Yellowstone NP to remain about same as last year
The group is made up of representatives from the National Park Service, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, Montana Department of Livestock, USDA ...
Yellowstone's volcanic character first recognized in 1800s
Montana Standard
Rather than forming a classic cone-shaped mountain like Mount Fuji or Mount ... in which he spoke of a map drawn onto a bison pelt by a Native American. ... In 1851 mountain man Jim Bridger described the Yellowstone area to the ...
Guest view: Yellowstone bison slaughter has many ramifications
Montana Standard
The removal of bison from the Yellowstone ecosystem has many ecological ... Reducing the bison number means there are fewer weak or winter-kill .... North Park of Colorado, the INL/Craters of the Moon/Snake River Plain in Idaho, ...
Archives tell Yellowstone's story with millions of records
Daily Inter Lake
The letters from mountain man Daniel Trotter Potts to his family in ... a big aspect of Yellowstone's history and mission with the restoration of the bison,” ...
Bison program a costly boondoggle, not conservation
The Bozeman Daily Chronicle
There is little information about fates of the 2012 bison or their offspring. A few small, tribal cultural herds have been established. To my knowledge, no ...

Bison Meat

USDA Market Report
Roam Ranch CEO Collins Demonstrates New Approach To Meat
Chief Executive Group
Roam Ranch CEO Collins Demonstrates New Approach To Meat ... Now, as CEO of Roam Ranch and his new Force of Nature brand of bison cuts, ...
5 Best Proteins For Faster Fat Loss, More Muscle and Energy [Clinically Proven]
360aproko (blog)
Beef provides an excellent profile of essential amino acids and it performs well in metabolic ... Everything about Bison is better than beef/cow meat.
Opinion: Don't be led astray by fake meat marketing
Opinion: Don't be led astray by fake meat marketing .... Hundreds of years ago, American bison fulfilled this role, but today, domestic cattle fill the void.
 National Bison Association 

North American Bison Registry Offering Free Registration

Roosevelt, Hornaday, Goodnight, Allard, Dupree and many more names we all know for being credited as saviors of the North American Bison. How do you want your chapter of the ‘Story of the Great American Bison’ to look?

To ensure your story can be told, your animals may be registered with the North American Bison Registry (NABR) for FREE until February 15, 2021. To be eligible, the following condition must be met:

1) DNA PARENTAGE testing through NABR at $35 per test. If animals have been previously DNA PARENTAGE verified through NABR, they may be included in the registry with no additional cost.
NOTE: If your animals are, or have been, DNA PARENTAGE tested through a source other than NABR, they may be registered for a discounted fee of $15 per entry, until February 152021.

Learn more about and view registry forms here:

A Traveling Tent Revival
(Blog Post by Dave Carter)
Working on behalf of the nation’s bison ranchers sometimes seems a bit like being a tent revival preacher.
I returned home on Sunday after joining members of the Kansas Buffalo Association for their annual consignment sale and membership meeting. Meanwhile, NBA Assistant Director Jim Matheson was in Ogden, UT last weekend to provide an update to the members attending the Western Bison Association annual meeting.

The graphics were developed by NBA intern Elizabeth Sugg, a student at Auburn University, whom the NBA thanks for her professional and creative work!

Local Ranch to Donate Bison Hunt to Purple Heart Combat Veteran
(Beaver Creek Buffalo Press Release)
Goodland, KS. – Beaver Creek Buffalo will host Purple Heart recipient LTC Tim Palmer and will treat him to an authentic, spot-and-stalk, prairie bison hunt. This 2nd Annual wounded warrior hunt will be provided free of charge for LTC Palmer courtesy of Beaver Creek Buffalo and the Denver-based American Heroes in Action Foundation. 
Those wishing to thank this brave warrior for his service are invited to share a Dutch-treat social and dinner with LTC Palmer and his sponsors on the evening of January 2nd at the Shiraz Restaurant located in Goodland, KS. The social will begin at 6:00 pm MT, and, those so inclined, can order dinner off the menu at 6:30 pm MT. Donations will be accepted to help defer the cost of the butcher and taxidermy expenses. Simple heartfelt expressions of gratitude for this man’s service will be equally appreciated.
Tim Palmer, the recipient of the hunt, was seriously wounded on 21 October 2003 when he was then 1LT and assigned to the 1st Battalion, 32nd Infantry Regiment, in the 1st Brigade of the 10th Mountain Division. This was his first of two, 12-month combat tours in Iraq.
1LT Palmer and his platoon were on a dismounted patrol near the village of Iskandryiah, Iraq and became involved a fire fight at close distance in which the enemy came within 10 meters of his platoon. His platoon successfully neutralized one enemy fighter. The very next night, 1LT Palmer and his platoon were back out on the streets in search of enemy combatants known to be in the adjacent town of Haswash.
Read more.


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