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JUNE 2015

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Vol. XIV January-February, 1937 Nos. 1-2
Junior Naturalist Frank Oberhansley


With buffalo so near to extinction, it was decided to import an entirely new herd, and gradually release some of these animals, thus introducing new blood into the wild herd. Accordingly, 18 cows were secured from the Pablo-Allard herd in Montana and delivered by Howard Eaton. At the same time, 3 bulls were secured from the Goodnight herd in Texas by C. J. (Buffalo) Jones who was employed as game warden in charge of buffalo. These animals were kept in a large enclosed pasture one mile south of Mammoth until 1907 at which time the herd had grown in number to 61 head. Three calves were captured from the wild herd and raised by domestic cows. The pasture proved insufficient to meet the needs of the ever-increasing herd so a new site was selected on the present location of the Buffalo Ranch in Lamar Valley at the mouth of Rose Creek. Here a portion of the valley bottom was fenced off to protect the wild grasses which were harvested in the fall for winter feed. The north slopes of the valley including about 600 acres were fenced for summer pasture land. Comfortable living quarters were provided for the buffalo keeper at the present site.

......As early as 1908 it was felt that there were too many bulls in the herd. They were constantly fighting and endangering the lives of the calves. In order to relieve the condition, fourteen bulls were separated from the herd and driven to Mammoth as the first show herd. Late in the fall they were returned to the main herd. The practice of maintaining a show herd at Mammoth continued until 1935 when a more suitable location on Antelope Creek was selected. Hundreds of thousands of visitors have thus been benefitted; as buffalo could rarely be seen by them on the inaccessible summer range.

......The Lamar herd had grown until in 1910 it numbered 121 head, 61 males and 60 females. The original summer pasture proved inadequate so the herd was turned out each morning to graze. At first they were herded carefully and driven into the enclosure every two hours in order to accustom them to being handled. Later they were herded during the daytime and returned to the pasture at night. This practice of day herding was continued until 1915 when it was thought to be unnecessary. Since that time, the herd has gradually reverted to a wild state until today the Yellowstone buffalo are perhaps fully as wild as the plains buffalo of old.

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Bison genetic movement finds its legs at The Crane Trust
Part of a herd of genetically pure bison grazes at The Crane Trust Nature and ... A study done by Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine found that ...

In tiny Cabery, a food truck emerges
John Naese, of Campus and an employee of Cabery Fertilizer, orders a bison burger at the Grand Prairie Station food truck on Main Street in Cabery.

Bison Coming Back to Public Prairie in Afton
Centuries ago, bison roamed the bluffs of the St. Croix River valley. ... bison observation area located on Division Street in Afton, Minnesota, near ...

Mountain lion quotas on FW Commission agenda for June 11 meeting
... consider a number of proposals for public comment, including: 2015 deer, elk and antelope hunting quota adjustments; 2015 bison hunting quotas; ...

Hunting in Montana: 6 Animals To Hunt in the Winter
Bison hunting in Montana is permitted from mid-November through mid-February. These large animals are good for novice hunters, as their large size ...

Kentucky State Parks participating in National Trails Day June 6
Bison Trace and Cedar Run Trail Mosaic: The 1.5-mile outing begins at 11 a.m. at the visitor center with a guided walk to see the bison herd and learn ...

Farmers' Market Blooms Again
... organic practices" to manage the land and animals of his farm, Rousseau currently raises North American bison and Tibetan yak, as well as heritage ...

Resolutions give small Texas towns a chance to gloat about culture
A Google search does claim Llano as the deer capital of Texas, but the ... the official wedding capital and Quitaque became the official bison capital.
North Dakota

'These Noble Brutes' at Buffalo Museum
The exhibit, “These Noble Brutes: Engravings of the American Bison, 1749-1909,” is a collection of engravings depicting the bison in its natural habitat ...

Montana, Nebraska, Missouri

Of bison and Sandhill cranes: Conservancy efforts benefit public, habitat, wildlife
It has done this in many instances and all over the world. ... was “way out west” and two of the prominent species were bison and prairie chickens.
AP-ID—Idaho News Coverage Advisory 1:30 pm, ID
BOISE - The Coeur d'Alene Tribe is asking the Idaho Supreme Court to ... Bison have gored two people in the Old Faithful area within the past three ...
North Dakota

2015-06-04T07:30:00Z APUC committed funding requests totaling $461110 Farm and Ranch Guide
Bison Compost, LLP (Leeds) was awarded $135,100 to further develop a North Dakota-based bison manure compost business that produces and ...

Texas Plains Trail newsletter features Hale County
The Texas Plains Trail has turned its spotlight this week on Hale County, ... discovery in 1941 of the Plainview Point and related prehistoric bison kill ...

Baby bison born at Wildwood Zoo
The new baby bison brings the count to nine bison at the zoo, and that total will be growing even more in the coming weeks, zookeeper Steve Burns ...

Food Crawl: A culinary tour of the Junction, history meets an exciting food future
As expected in such a laid-back atmosphere, the bison and belly burger is one of the kitchen's strongest dishes. They sell beer to go from their bottle ...

How Europeans brought sickness to the New World
There migratory hunter-gatherers followed the great bison herds, and disease outbreaks were sometimes contained in single bands. During the ...

Explore north of the border in Waterton Lakes
See the bison: The Bison Paddock near the north entrance features a small herd of plains bison and give visitors an idea of the plains looked like ...

Abingdon restaurant competing in James Beard burger contest
Harvest Table's "better burger" is a blend of grass-fed bison and fresh shiitake mushrooms topped with smoked gouda, sorghum-cured bacon, ...
Montana National Bison Range

Don't touch: CSKT officials say steer clear of newborn wildlife
Several bison calves browse with a small herd gathered on the Ravalli side of the National Bison Range during an recent early morning.

Tribes seek third funding contract to manage National Bison Range
A third attempt is under way to negotiate management of the National Bison Range by the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes. The U.S. Fish ...

10 Things You Should Know about the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes
The National Bison Range of 20,000 acres with roughly 500 bison is in the center of the reservation. It's hoped that management of the range can soon 
Southern Plains Pointers: 6-2015

  Lots of grass, plenty of water; what could go wrong? Right? This year is different than many of the past, and in many ways including any normalcy in nature. We can expect that our native-grazers might also be a bit more mysterious if we don’t observe diligently – ascertain and react. I think the best way to accomplish this is to observe the herd, and their behaviors, with attention to how content they seem. The answers your looking for come in questions:

1] Compared to the herds history; are they consuming an inordinate amount of mineral?
2] Are they getting enough to eat?
3] Are they showing reserve-system, or is their body score slipping?
4] Are they wormy?
5] Have they totally shed their coat?
    These are just a few questions I ask as I observe a herd. It’s this time of year that the job at hand has everything to do with questioning your answers to result in a herd entering the breeding season in good health, and on the gain. The forage regimes across the southern plains are diverse and can be drastically different. Therefore if you have a friend or mentor running bison in short grass, and your bison habitat is predominantly improved [exotic] with no fertilizer, the realities this time of year will be totally different for the herd and your plan.

  Personally; I like to ask the bison about their circumstance and look for ways they can tell me what they need. Some of the ways to communicate with them might include: A rough [poor-quality] bale of hay accessible to them - Fecal analysis – upgrading my mineral formulation – forage samples – and my eye. If your eye is still in development, take pictures of your herd when thay are in optimum condition, and compare their body-score to that picture. This is a much better way of detecting severe changes compared to running them through the chute and weighing them in the heat, with red-dots in tow.

  Summer in the Southern Plains is a good time to leave them alone and let them do their thing. It is also the time for us to have our thinking caps on, to their benefit and ours.  

Frasier Bison L.L.C.

Smoky Hill River Festival tidbits, reminders, line-ups and new stuff
Titled “Prairie Mystique,” the shirt and print feature a sunset with prairie bison and birds beneath a twilight sky. The festival print is available to anyone ...
New York

Bison Escape From Farm, Take Over New York State Thruway
Four bison escaped from a farm Upstate and took to the New York State Thruway to evade their owner and police on Saturday. The bison could be ...

Four bison shot, killed by owner after getting loose on Thruway in Saugerties
SAUGERTIES >> Four bison were killed by their owner after they got loose on the New York State Thruway in the town on Saturday, according to state ...
Montana American Prairie Reserve

Montana prairie bison herd now 3rd largest in U.S.
Although bison may capture much of the attention at the American Prairie Reserve, since their return to the landscape is so obvious and historically 

Can Wildlife&Friendly Beef Help Ranchers And Conservationists Get Along?
The American Prairie Reserve is an ambitious and controversial effort to ... unprecedented effort to bring the buffalo (also called the American bison) ...

Ranchers threatened by bison preserve
More than 500 pure-bred bison are already roaming the current 48 square miles (124 sq km) the owned by the park. Organisers hope to eventually ...

Huge new reserve planned for American wildlife
When the first Europeans arrived in the area in the 1800s, they drove out the Native Americans and changed the landscape so much that bison almost ...
With homemade vinaigrettes, you don't sacrifice shelf life
Recently, our guests on an online chat included columnists Tamar Haspel and Lisa Yockelson. Here are edited excerpts from that chat. Recipes ...

Q. I bought a small bison roast (2 1/2 pounds) and I’m not sure how to bake/roast it.

A. The general rule is to cook bison meat for shorter periods than you would beef. Bison has less fat and will easily dry out if cooked too long.

But some of the same general rules apply to both beef and bison: The less-tender cuts should be cooked with moist-heat techniques, like braising. Loin sections can be cooked with high, dry heat.

Go to for more tips on cooking the meat.


Jurassic World in Pennsylvania? Not so much in the fossil record, says paleontologist
Dinosaur fossils in Pennsylvania, not so much, explains paleontologist ... ground sloths, wood bison, short faced bears, saber tooth cats and others.
Texas A&M

Editorial, 6/09: Return of the bison
They are among about 5,000 genetically pure bison in the world out of a ... A study done by Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine found that 90 ...

Letter, 6/17: Bison not crossbred
According to the same Texas A&M geneticists cited in the editorial, the level of legacy cattle genetics in the bison that descended from those ...

"Biggest" bronze bison skull cast in Billings
BILLINGS - It's the biggest bison head in the world, according to artist Benji ... It was not the first time Daniels has created a massive bison head.

The top 55 eats & drinks from Toronto Taste 2015
I really enjoyed the polpette, the bison tartare, the oysters, the cheesecake.. well the list goes on. Great job on this year's Taste! I can't wait until next ...

Snack Bars Push the Price Envelope and Find Consumers Don't Push Back
Bar makers are opening the floodgates on nuts, dried meats, cricket flour ... in midafternoon, he reaches for a bison-meat-and-cranberry protein bar.

Building the herd: Bison delivers healthy bull calf at Colorado State University
In a pasture on Colorado State University's Foothills Campus, at 11:35 a.m. Friday, bison cow No. 50 delivered a 45-pound male calf after a hard ...

Bison calf born at CSU Foothills campus
FORT COLLINS – A mother bison cow gave birth to a purebred Yellowstone bison calf this morning on Colorado State University's Foothills campus.

Genetically pure baby bison born
This was the third bison born through artificial insemination as part of Barfield's research, and all three are scheduled to be released onto public land ...
Not practice in-vitro fertilization or other artificial reproduction practices for any purpose other than scientific research.
Where the Buffalo Roamed Great Read
Other herds have been successfully introduced — as many as 13,000 bison in public herds located from Texas to the Dakotas, from Arizona to ...

Wood Bison Get Acquainted With Their New Habitat
Wood Bison Restoration Project Manager Tom Seaton with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game picked a release site where a group of bison ...

Wood Bison Arrive on the Kuskokwim
Most of the wood bison released in early April are still in the area around Shageluk, but one group of twenty-five broke off to explore southward and ...

Why a city bison? A great question
These developments do not mean the animals — two American bison and three Texas Longhorn steers — are being deprived of proper care or habitat ...

Bison and bighorn baby boom
Officials at the wildlife park near Eatonville said May 21 that two bison calves and two bighorn sheep lambs were born over the last several days, ...

Roaming Buffalo adds attitude to comfort classics
Roaming Buffalo's Buster Burger, an ode to the Bisons' mascot, features bison meat and is plump and juicy, despite it being leaner than ground beef.

Step back in time at the Marias River
A reminder of that was a bison skull a member of our floating party found along the river bank. We found numerous other bison bones. Floating isn't ...

Northwest Illinois Audubon Society to visit Nachusa Grassland
Participants will see the prairie land where bison now roam and learn about the role of the bison in restoring the prairie. Short hikes in the grasslands ...
Bison Reinvigorate Lee County Prairie
There also are bright yellow, blue, and violet flowers growing untouched among the grass, which the bison have clipped to within a centimeter of the 

Prairie dog vaccine program just might help
But this also reveals a larger picture — that driving other species to extinction, whether it be bison, prairie dogs, wolves or other animals, is not in the ...

(Those into conservation will understand why this article is included in bison news.)
West Virginia 

Fund honors late Marshall president
Marshall University's late president, Dr. Stephen J. Kopp, presented graphic design student Brianna Jarvis with a plaque for the life-size bison that Jarvis decorated as part of the Visual Arts Center grand opening events, Sept. 18-20, 2014.

Oklahoma's Bison Kill Sites Used for Generations
NORMAN, OKLAHOMA—Leland Bement of the University of Oklahoma was surveying bison kill sites along the Beaver River in northwestern ...

Bison restoration study steers clear of specific sites
BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) — Montana wildlife officials plan to release a long-awaited wild bison study Thursday that contemplates restoring the burly ...

McCain bill proposes plan to cull Grand Canyon bison
John McCain's bill would require a management plan for bison at the park within 180 days of the bill's passage and mandate that the plan include ...

Oudoors Column: Update on Grand Canyon Bison Management Act
If you are interested in the outdoors and hunting, you may have read my recent report about the Grand Canyon Bison Management Act introduced 

How to Make a Healthier Burger
Although beef is traditionally used for the burger patty, you can also use chicken, turkey, bison, venison, vegetables, legumes or mushrooms. But this 

Pawhuska superintendent sues Turner over accident
The young bison were from Turner's Bluestem Ranch, which stretches over ... In 2011, the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation awarded ...
On display in Wisconsin

Copper bison headlines Oneida art show
Oneida artist Mark Fischer created a sculpture of a life-size copper bison to help promote Native American awareness and and named it "Ancient ...
North Dakota

Five things you don't want to miss at Sullys Hill
Sullys Hill is home to American bison, elk, whitetail deer, Canada geese and numerous other waterfowl plus hundreds of species of nesting and ...
Wild Animals
It was the bison that provided lasting memories, however, as horrified onlookers saw the tourist tossed into the air several times before the attack ...

Farmers Market Opens Friday In LB
Lester Bison Farm: Bison Meat all cuts, Bison pot pie, Pork all cuts, elk all cuts, chicken whole, eggs brown and rainbow (packaged in cryovac), and ...

Review: Wild Game Grill in Phoenix
By "steak," we mean chunks of bison dotting a flour tortilla covered in melted Cheddar and Fontina cheeses, bell peppers and onion served with ...

Burger Friday: Bison and mushrooms make for a winning combo at Marin
Not surprisingly – this is health-conscious Marin, after all – this burger is all about lean, good-for-you bison rather than beef. Rakun has logged ...

Public asked to vote for top Wyoming historic artifacts
Wyoming's state flag, with the bison facing to the left, was officially adopted on Jan. 31, 1917. But even back then, Allison noted that the flag's adoption ...
Fort Peck Indian Reservation 

Joint Canada-US effort aims to restore bison to Great Plains
There are only two genetically pure bison herds on aboriginal lands in America -- and Magnan supervises one of them. On this day, the herd's ...

Bison babies make more history
Since the bison have been munching their way around the 500 acres they're confined to now, with an additional 1,000 acres scheduled to be opened ...

Bison and Illinois Prairie: Creating Lush Grasslands West of Chicago
Bison are being restored to native prairie grasslands 95 miles west of ... Currently, Jeff Walk and others with the Illinois chapter of the organization are ...

Bison, moose and bears, oh my: Hybrid campaign takes the big sky to the big city
The wildlife makes a bold statement that is socially sharable. The moose, bear and bison join Chicagoans on their daily commute and encourage them ...

Picks for Weekend Fun in the Suburbs
Visitors can sweep for insects, visit a real bison herd, net for pond critters, compare yourself to a bison, go on a nature scavenger hunt and see how ...

Rediscover the 'Snowmastodon' dig
The Denver Museum of Nature & Science has donated ice-age fossils, such as this bison femur, that guests are allowed to observe and touch at the ...

Indiana State students gain new insights in America's “Last Best Place”
"(Druska Kinkie), in particular, gave a very emotional talk about her farm and what the future holds for her farm if brucellosis is not eradicated in bison.
New Mexico

Taste: Tatsu scores again with Sierra's eclectic, imaginative menus
TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES >> Bison burgers, a continental dinner with imaginative Tatsu Miyazaki flair and an impressive four-course sushi menu ...

American bison's symbiosis with US Prairielands
These ancients also typically bore huge, over-sized horns compared to the modern bison. The American Bison is now a smaller, perfected version of ...

A jewel of a zoo in Cape May County
It also has one of the most highly accredited breeding programs in the country for such species as American bison and snow leopards. "It truly has ...

Birmingham Wellness Center Praises Bone Broth Benefits for Better Health
... MI naturopath does recommend choosing bones that are from organic, pastured, or grass-fed sources of meat, such as turkey, bison, chicken, duck, ...

7 Healthier Alternatives to Your Favorite Cookout Foods
For real beef lovers, bison makes a great stand-in. The San Francisco Chronicle reported that bison meat is just slightly higher in fat and calories than  the pale poultry, and also has more zinc, iron, B vitamins, and protein.


Animal attractions: A wild safari close to home
Here you will find a black bear, timber wolves, cougars, American bison, ... Glacier Ridge is perhaps best known for its herd of American bison. You'll ...

Beast Of A Feast: 'A Taste Of Montco' To Be Held At Norristown Zoo
Want to hand feed a bison while drinking a beer? ... from zookeepers, a silent auction, and a chance to purchase hand-feedings of bison and giraffes.

Belwin Conservancy offers bison, trails and sports on 1364 acres
However, the athletic fields, the bison observation deck and the Stagecoach Prairies Natural Area all provide plenty of outdoor fun for the public.

Nature Conservancy Has Increased Its Mammal Murder And Environmental Destruction
On June 25th, CBS helped promote Nature Conservancy's bison slaughter in Franklin Grove, Illinois, publicizing their 'bringing bison back' but failing ...

Litchfield's At The Corner Cultivates Its Craft-Beer, Pub-Fare Reputation
The restaurant regularly sources bison meat from nearby Mohawk Farm in Goshen, grass-fed beef from Blue Moon Farm in Harwinton, pork from ...

Bison released to roam Southern Carpathian mountains for first time in centuries
Romania welcomed an old friend into the landscape on Saturday (June 13): the European bison, which was reintroduced to roam free for the first time ...

Little Shell to Bullock: We're entitled to more than 2 bison
“This meat's used for the homeless, the needy, the elderly, our diabetes ... if the Little Shell could claim the bison licenses that other tribes don't use

Food trucks Pepper Jax Philly Express, Bison Butler get the job done right
A mushroom and Swiss bison burger from the Bison Butler food truck. ... a ripe tomato, onions and a few pickles gave the California plenty of crunch.

Fish Creek dig in Calgary unearths historic artifacts
Researchers discovered bison bones and stones that formed a teepee ring. "It's really exciting being here. It offers a window into the past and to what ...
North Dakota

Home with the Lost Italian: Honey vanilla bean ice cream caps perfect evening in Mayville, N.D.
Next up was the main event: Carved bison tenderloin with blackberry sauce, bleu cheese whipped potatoes and grilled vegetables, paired with Bear 

Give me a home, where the buffalo roam
My family knows I have a fascination with bison. No, not the University of Manitoba Bison athletes but rather those large, furry-coated, former ...
Missouri Bison Association

Local Bison Producers Featured During Conference
The State Bison Conference hosted by the Missouri Bison Association (MoBA) at Downstream Casino Resort was the first week in June. The first day ...

Nieharts raising buffalo near Braddyville in Page County
Deciding row crop wasn't the direction they wanted to go, the Nieharts decided to raise bison because of the leanness of the meat and the desire to ...
North Dakota

Group digs for clues about centuries-old Mandan architecture
“You had a flood plain for corn and bison in the uplands. You got river birds, fish, mussels, deer, bison, and they're growing corn, beans and squash.”.
Montana Marias River Livestock Association 

Gentle Hand Conference June 19 & 20
Don Woerner, DVM, will have his bison display set and at 12:30 p.m. will give a presentation on bison. Woerner with the help of family and friends has ...

Rebuilt tower now open to prairie visitors
With luck, those making the climb to the top can also glimpse some of the park's varied wildlife, including many species of birds along with bison and ...

Review: Nixon exhibition - a moving experience
In others, an ox trots, a bison breaks into a run, house cats leap, and a man appears about to do a backflip in "Jump." All are handsomely executed in ...

Cooking demonstrations to inspire customers
Offerings include fresh produce, annual and perennial plants, bison meat, homemade jams, cheese from grass-fed cows, baked goods, honey, coffee ...
New York

Bison return to Syracuse zoo
Zoo staff announced Thursday the addition of two female bison. ... that has had such an important and impactful history in the United States," he said.

2 new American Bison arrive at Rosamond Gifford Zoo
“It's been a few years since we've had bison here at the zoo. As guests may remember, bison were part of our animal collection for many years,” says ...


Affare restaurant introduces a summer bison menu
Chef Martin Heuser told me, at least three times, that the bison that he's ... Hueser says he is using all of the bison meat in his dishes, ranging from ...

Ted's Montana Grill Avalon gets LEED certification
It is credited with helping keep the American bison from extinction by creating a market for its meat. In 2014, Hormel said the company saved more ...

Texas Leads The Nation In Animal-Related Deaths
Besides, most of Texas now lives in close to one of the state's urban centers. It's not like we have bison running around our streets or anything

Warrens Cranberry Blossom Day June 27
Also June 27, Dan Schroeder of S Lazy D Ranch will offer tours of his bison ranch from noon to 4 p.m. Visitors will have a chance to view baby bison ...

Huge new reserve planned for American wildlife
When the first Europeans arrived in the area in the 1800s, they drove out the Native Americans and changed the landscape so much that bison almost ...

Restaurant lives up to sustainable food challenge
The restaurant was already featuring their meatloaf made with bison meat. The farm-to-table restaurant is among more than 100 restaurants ...

Moment: Chattanooga Zoo finds ways for animals to beat the heat
Staff photo by Tim Barber Animal keeper Hunter Ferguson provides a cool treat for Red Rock, a 1,500-pound Scottish Highland Bison hybrid that ...
Horses for EU export possibly treated with illegal substances - FVO
Trade statistics show a decline in exports of pork and casings from Canada to the EU from 2010 to 2013 while export of beef and bison meat dropped during the fiscal year 2010/2011 but stabilised at a relative low level over the last two years ...

New Weight-Management Clinic Launches in Denver, Holistic Approach Influenced by Colorado's ...
Conceived from the high plains, PlainSmart's namesake honors the origin for one of its core proteins, bison, the leanest protein available, and its "just ...

Exploring the great outdoors this summer
Watching a bison herd on the move, paddling across a serene lake and identifying a wild bird's call are a few of the many activities visitors to ...
New York

The Bronx Zoo Celebrates 120 Years Of Saving Wildlife
... York Zoological Society and opened the Bronx Zoo 4 years later in 1899, where they helped rescue the American bison from the brink of extinction

Simple sear for bison steaks
York Dispatch
It also had to be fast and flavorful, which is why I opted for bison steaks. This widely available alternative to beef is naturally lean and deeply flavorful.

Illinois River Road Report: Dickson Mounds
LEWISTOWN, Ill. -- When you enter the Dickson Mounds Museum this summer, you'll be greeted by a bison skeleton that's roughly 2,400 years old

No beef about these tasty SWFL un-burgers
Ingredients include char-broiled ground bison meat served with lettuce, pickles, onions, tomatoes on a kaiser roll. When it comes to hamburgers in ...

“The Sioux Chef” dishes on the past — and future — of Native American cuisine
Indigenous Native American cuisine is hard to come by in mainstream dining. Sure, bison burgers and fry bread tacos pop up on menus and roadside ...
Bison Ranch
We at Boss Bison Ranch would like to thank the community, local law enforcement officers, veterans, venders, our neighbors, and above all the Native Americans who helped us put on a successful inter-tribal charity pow wow again this year.

Why the Clinton-Bush rivalry is really a food fight
For the event, Scheib suggested bison—not exactly a household meat, but one that was certainly American. “Hillary was like, 'What!? Bison?

Ho-Chunk return to ancestral land that was part of Badger Army Ammunition Plant
Among the Ho-Chunk's original objectives for its land is the development of a bison grazing area, but Poelma said that remains a future goal.

Vendor list for June 25 farmers market
Owl Creek Bison (Greg Ruter): Garlic scapes and bison: ground, patties, brats, steaks, roast, stew, liver and bones. •Pap's Hilltop Honey (Chris Lewis): ...

​Back in brown: American bison return to the Midwest
The bison serve an important purpose here. Kind of like landscapers, they maintain the prairie by eating the grass like furry lawnmowers that swallow ...

Buffaloland Park seeks help a year after Moonlight took over
"It an opportunity to learn how the bison live in the natural environment and it also gives an opportunity to see something as large as this, up close and 

Ohio 4-H'ers enjoy Northwest Montana
Troy Bruggeman of Ohio observes the bison during a tour of the Spring ... Next year, 4-H'ers from the Flathead will travel to Ohio and stay with host ...
These days, you have a lot of choices for your burger including, bison, ostrich, deer, rabbit ...
Burgers are a summertime classic — but why settle for standard old beef patties? The average American eats more than 150 hamburgers — roughly ...

98 years old and STILL enjoying his food ...
“Drivers slow down when they see the bison and often stop to call in at our restaurant.” This worked so well, in fact, that he increased the size of his ... 
National science panel meets at MSU to learn about brucellosis
The disease brucellosis and its prevalence in bison and other wildlife in the Greater Yellowstone Area will be the topic of a national scientific panel's ...

Poland Wants Bison to Multiply, but Others Prefer Subtraction
The two bison — among the 1,500 or so here in Bialowieza, the largest ... Some business interests worry that too many new environmental rules will ...
Changes Considered for Yellowstone Bison Slaughter Program
BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) | A range of proposals that could either curb or accelerate the slaughter of wild bison migrating from Yellowstone National Park ...

Reported from the U.K.
Angry bison runs straight into car
The bison weren't as welcoming to the travelers as a park brochure would want them to be as the leader of the pack ran straight into the couple's car.

Bison goring should 'school' Yellowstone Park visitors
The teacher might also wag a finger at the bison who gored the careless, short-on-common-sense 16-year-old girl, and maybe add a tsk-tsk.
Bison attacks Australian tourist in Yellowstone National Park
A bison in Wyoming's Yellowstone National Park attacked and seriously injured a 62-year-old Australian tourist, a spokesperson for the national park ...

Second Yellowstone visitor injured in bison encounter
(CNN) The sheer size and wildness of Yellowstone National Park's signature bison provide a magnificent subject for camera-toting tourists.

Wildlife officials kick off bison management meetings in Bozeman
Since 2001, bison in the greater Yellowstone area have been managed ... some agricultural industry representatives and plenty of bison advocates

But earlier this month, Dood learned he wouldn't see the bison plan through to the end because Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks is eliminating his ...

State snapshots: 3 vying for Montana GOP Party chair
BOZEMAN (AP) — Wildlife officials are looking for the public's input on five options that could replace Montana's almost 15-year-old Yellowstone bison ...

Nature often catches up with people who are unaware
Neither is standing next to a 3,500-pound bison while your friend takes your ... Apparently to make the point clear, the bison did it a few more times

Yellowstone Forever: Global photography contest first to focus on national park
While many photographers travel to Yellowstone hoping to capture classic images of Old Faithful and American bison, Ludin said one of the great joys ...

'Bison Bill' would have sounded awkward
Open-mouthed, I realized a bison had walked past the open window within two inches of my left elbow. Yikes. The animal hugged the side of my ...

Yellowstone bison near Fishing Bridge
Silhouetted against the sun peering through thick fog, a bison forages along the road from the east entrance to Fishing Bridge in May 2014.

This Week with Fish, Wildlife & Parks: Bison plan comments, damage hunt sign-up and more
Monday, June 15, marks the last day you can comment on the new Bison Management Plan Draft Alternative concept. That's according to Andrea ...

Montana considers bringing bison back
Three alternatives consider restoration of a publicly managed bison herd on: • private and/or public land. • tribal land. • and/or large landscapes that ...

West Yellowstone hosts Bison Management Plan meeting
Since 2001, bison in the greater Yellowstone area have been managed under ... Another suggestion focuses on limiting bison migration into Montana

Montana Mulls Over Releasing Bison Herd Into The Wild
Tech Times The Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks is seeking the comment of the public on a proposal to establish a wild bison herd in Montana. The comment 

Yellowstone bison comments near 3000 before deadline
An initial public comment period on the future of Yellowstone bison management closed Monday night, with comments rolling in throughout the day.


Groups urge more room for Yellowstone bison to roam, end to severe culling
Yellowstone National Park bison should be allowed to roam public lands in adjacent Montana without being marked for death to appease ranchers ...

Should Bison Be Allowed to Roam Free?
A new study from the Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Department is causing a debate among Montanans over whether or not bison should be allowed ...

Sixth great extinction of animal species driven by humans, say scientists
Horse back riders pass a bison near the Lamar Valley in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming in this June 20, 2011 file photo. (For illustrative ...

Stop hazing, slaughtering Yellowstone bison
Yellowstone Buffalo Foundation has these comments on the 2015 Bison Management Plan of National Park Service and Montana Fish, Wildlife and ...

Long-awaited trip to Tetons exceeds expectations
... a too-close-for-comfort encounter with a family of bison clogging a desolate stretch of Yellowstone National Park asphalt and some white-knuckle ...


Bison weighed on the way to watering hole or feeder Western Producer

PENHOLD, Alta. — A new low-stress bison weigh scale trial has already proven successful. Alberta Agriculture.
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Dealing with Dry Pastures S
Hear the Call of the Land interview
Read the Agri-News article

Branding No Longer Required For Shipping Bison Between US & CanadaEffective April 8, 2015, 
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Alberta floods of 2013 still revealing new archeological findsCBC
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"Mystery" of the Peace Country

Simon & Anna Bremmer, Heart River Bison Ranch, Peace River, Alberta
We have a 12-13 year old mature bison cow that 5 or so years ago when she was in the process
of shedding her brown winter coat came out nearly all white to white/grey. This cow was born on
my place as a normal orange bison calf from one of my bison cows and grew up as normal
brown skinned bison til that spring 5 years ago.

In the following years she never turned completely brown again, it varies from year to year but
the ears remain always white . The cow has now lost both horn caps and the bone is yellow a
s are the hooves (they were solid black before). I call her "Mystery" of the Peace Country.

P.S. She has had a calf every year, of her daughters has a whitish plume at the tail
( I have her in the herd as well)
Pic #1 - The cow stayed like this for 2 years; after that she got more brown.
Pic #2 - This is how she looked a month ago before she started shedding.


NBA Resolution Opposes EPA WOTUS Rule

The National Bison Association Board of Directors has adopted a resolution opposing the Environmental Protection Agency's new regulatory amendments to the Clean Water Act, commonly referred to as the Waters of the United States (WOTUS).

The Clean Water Rule, drafted by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Army Corps of Engineers, extends the Clean Water Act's protections to all tributaries with signs of flowing water.

At the June 1 meeting of the National Bison association Board of Directors, the board directed the Executive Director and the Chair of the Government Relations Committee to develop a proposed resolution regarding the Environmental Protection Agency's recent release of regulatory amendments to the Clean Water Act. The board adopted the following resolution:   

 National Bison Association 
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