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October 2018


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On this day in 1879.
The scholar inclined to believe that Sheridan was responsible for the slaughter ought not be deterred by a letter that he wrote on 31 October 1879 to Adjutant General Edward D. Townsend. In that letter, Sheridan did indeed express his belief that the "wholesale slaughter of the buffalo should be stopped." But the killing to which Sheridan objected was taking place, General Alfred Terry had assured him, on the Great Sioux Reservation itself.  Sheridan opposed that destruction because the reservation was off limits to unauthorized whites and, more importantly, because the buffalo there helped to feed and thus pacify hungry Indians, who were inadequately supplied with food by the federal government.  
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Happy Halloween Everyone, be safe and remember
bison like pumpkins too. 

From chuck wagons to food trucks, mobile food has always been popular
Greeley Tribune
After the Civil War, economically depressed ranchers in Texas drove ... In addition to cattle, ranchers herded sheep, horses and bison for various ...
Caprock Chronicles: Buffalo on the South Plains
Before then them their distant cousin, Bison antiquus, roamed the Texas Panhandle for 250,000 years. Bones of the ancient buffalo can be seen at the ...

11th Annual Photo Walk
Then they walked over to the bison and longhorn viewing area. Copyright 2018 Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc. All rights reserved. This material may not be ...

700-year-old bison skeleton goes on display in Marble Falls
Austin American-Statesman
The skeleton of a 700-year-old bison discovered in Burnet County will be unveiled at 10 a.m. Saturday at a ceremony at the Falls on the Colorado ...

Ice Age Graveyard Holds the Bones of Mammoth Nursery Herds That Died at Watering Hole
Live Science
A new chemical analysis of mammoth teeth, as well as horse and bison ... about 100 miles (170 kilometers) southwest of Waco, in the Austin, Texas, ...
'The Killing Fields': Bison come to roam. Then they die
E&E News
"Beattie Gulch is called 'The Killing Fields' because they shoot all the bison here. .... herd can now be reduced by public and tribal hunting and by capturing bison and giving them to Indian tribes that want both their meat and hides.
Kenneth Kieser: Fishing the Upper Missouri River
Columbia Daily Tribune
Plains Native Americans survived these winters in tepees of dried bison hides adorned with markings commemorating their challenging lives. ... bow mount trolling motor with a Lowrance high definition screen, showing where the ...
Bison hunting closure one of many topics on Fish and Wildlife Commission Oct. 17 agenda
Ravalli Republic
A proposal to close Beattie Gulch, north of Yellowstone National Park, to state bison hunters is one of the issues on the agenda for the Montana Fish ...
Moss, Brooks head for Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame
Polson Lake County Leader
Two current or past Lake County legends will be inducted into the Montana .... During his childhood A.C. had ridden through many miles of the Bison ...
Annual bison roundup at refuge
Polson Lake County Leader
Bison are guided by personnel in a Jeep at the National Bison Range during the annual roundup. (Ashley Fox photos/Lake County Leader).
Bison documentary premieres on October 24
Char-Koosta News
Come see the world premiere of “In the Spirit of Atatice: The Untold Story of the National Bison Range.” In conjunction with veteran documentarian, ...
FWP pulls proposal to close area north of Yellowstone to state bison hunters
Montana Standard
The Beattie Gulch bison hunting closure proposed north of Yellowstone National Park near Gardiner has been removed from the Fish and Wildlife ...
Preserving the fruited plain: Friends of Neal Smith NWR celebrate 25 years
Newton Daily News
PRAIRIE CITY — In the 1850s, Mormon settlers trailed across Iowa's plains. ... Bison graze that tall, sweet roughage that amazes school children.

Iowa Prairie Restoration
Iowa Public Television
That's where you will find the Broken Kettle Grasslands, Iowa's largest ... Bison are grass-eating herbivores, right at home in remnant prairie grasses ...
Iowa's surprise
The Columbus Dispatch
I hadn't known that bison had been reintroduced to the preserve until I spotted a herd of more than 100 grazing on a hillside not far off the scenic ...
Hours change for viewing bison at park
Mankato Free Press
MANKATO — Autumn's decreasing daylight hours have prompted Minneopa State Park to decrease hours for the bison range road. Motorists may use ...
On the bison range
Marshall Independent
This is something I've been wanting to do all summer after the Minnesota ... The website said that bison are “wild and unpredictable and may not be ...
Where do the proceeds from Minnesota lottery tickets go?
Among the projects already paid for with the environment trust fund include the return of bison to Minneopa State Park and the re-breeding and ...
Bison stars again at Autumn on Prairie
Ogle County News
Bison were once again the stars at the annual Autumn on the Prairie festival Saturday ... “The bison are very familiar with the tractors [pulling the wagons. ... Volunteer Mark Herman, of Oregon, said the crowd started coming an hour ...
Celebrate National Bison Day at Midewin
Agri News
WILMINGTON, Ill. — Celebrate National Bison Day Nov. 3 at the U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service's Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie.
'Bison Crawl' coming to Will County to celebrate National Bison Day
Chicago Tribune
A community-wide “Bison Crawl” is being held Nov. ... from the farm also will speak about the farm's history, practices and products related to bison.
Learn about 'Natural History of Illinois: 200 Years of Change' at Nov. 3 program
Chicago Daily Herald
On the eve of the Prairie State's 200th birthday, this program will feature the natural and cultural history of bison (aka buffalo) in Illinois. They will ...
Farmers, their bison to always have a home in Schodack
Albany Times Union
Farmers, their bison to always have a home in Schodack .... "Making sure we safeguard this natural resource in both (Washington and Rensselaer) ...
Salt Festival Set for October 19-21 at Big Bone Lick State Historic Site
BereaOnline (press release)
Guests can also see how salt was extracted from the waters of Big Bone, watch a flint knapper make a stone point, and discover how bison hair was ...
Buffalo Trails tour highlighted at Hostfest
Adams County Extra
Francie Berg, with the Dakota Buttes Visitor's Council, promotes the Buffalo Trails ... the final slaughter of the American bison, by white hide hunters with big guns. ... These are “Buffalo Trails in the Dakota Buttes”($14.95) and “Buffalo ...
The carnivores of Alaska are on display in time for Halloween
Fairbanks Daily News-Miner
To celebrate the season, hands-on programs at the University of Alaska ... the museum's exquisitely preserved specimen of an extinct steppe bison, ...

Alaska researchers test hundreds of ancient bison horns in Whitehorse
"I think this is really important moving forward as we are trying to manage herds of animals in a period of climate change," said Juliette Funck, a PhD ...
Online applications for 2019 spring hunts due Tuesday, Oct. 9
Eastern Arizona Courier
PHOENIX — The Arizona Game and Fish Department (AZGFD) reminds hunters that online applications for 2019 hunt permit-tags issued through the ...
Wandering in northwest Nebraska
Blair Enterprise Publishing
The site contains the 10,000-year-old remains of up to 600 bison. ... Geological Park, which is another unique northwest Nebraska attraction. I spent a ...

Professor discusses changing Nebraska landscape in past, present, future
Daily Nebraskan
People first arrived in Nebraska 10,000 years ago while they were hunting megafauna, such as the seven-foot tall bison antiquus.

Try bringing in the herd for a vacation in the state that has it all
Lexington Herald Leader
In this annual event, the shaggy bison are interrupted from their usual noshing on the park's lush grasslands, and rounded up for several days of ...
Buffalo Roundup Evokes Images of the Wild West
A few hundred are auctioned off to interested ranchers — bison meat is a booming industry in the U.S. — and the rest are re-released into the fenced ...
Wild Idea Buffalo Company celebration set
Rapid City Journal
The Wild Idea Buffalo Company's 20th birthday celebration and honoring of National Bison Day will take place from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday, Nov.  Wild Idea Buffalo Co
Visitors can watch as Peabody's prized dioramas undergo restoration
Yale News
The dioramas of the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History are regarded as ... The three bison mounts — two adults and one calf — were originally ...

Grace For 2 Brothers returns bison after failing to complete fundraiser
Grace For 2 Brothers returns bison after failing to complete fundraiser ... an auction, for suicide prevention efforts in Cheyenne and around Wyoming.
Don't get buffaloed in negotiations: Use bison logic to achieve your ends
Philadelphia Business Journal
Everywhere you go, you see bison, also known as buffalo. Like cows here at home, they calmly graze in the meadows, occasionally looking your way.
Where to camp in Florida this fall
WKMG News 6 & ClickOrlando
This North Florida park will have you sharing stories for years to come because of the unique wildlife that call the preserve home. Herds of wild bison ...
Herds head to annual bison auction in the Wichita Mountains
History nearly made them extinct, but once a year, the free-roaming bison herds at the Wichita Mountains Annual Bison Auction refuge are culled to ...
Missouri News: Prairie State Park celebrates National Bison Day November 3
STL.News (blog)
JEFFERSON CITY, MO – Join Prairie State Park from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, November 3, and celebrate National Bison Day. We honor these ...
DWR biologists propose new hunts in 2019
Deseret News
New bison hunts on the Henry Mountains in southeastern Utah and the Book Cliffs ... New muzzleloader and archery pronghorn hunts in eastern Utah.
Utah is home to one of the nation's largest and oldest publicbison herds
The roundup of more than 700 Great American Bison is the primary tool utilized to help ensure the continued health of one of the nation's largest and ...
Annual bison roundup coming, it's unlike anything you've ever experienced
The 32nd annual bison roundup is scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 27, ... Each year, the island's wild bison population — one of the largest and oldest ..

Pictures during the Round-Up.
Zoo: Employee struck by bison; taken to hospital
Wichita Eagle
Officials at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium in central Ohio say a bison has struck and injured an employee who was taken to a hospital with ...
Celebrate National Bison Day At Detroit Zoo
Information will also be shared about the history of bison as a conservation ... The National Bison Legacy Act, signed into law in May 2016, officially .
'Wood' you know what kind of bison that is? It's plain difficult
Alberta Express
Can you tell the difference between a wood bison and a plains bison? ... “Anyone who has a crossbred operation in beef and they cross their Angus or ...

The new Royal Alberta Museum opens to the public
Edmonton Journal
... and life-size dioramas of Alberta wildlife in action, from bison and bears to ... A dissected pronghorn on display in the Natural History Hall at the new ...
Eleanor Luxton Foundation awarded for BisonBelong project
The Crag and Canyon
“In 1907 when the bison were purchased by the Canadian government from Montana and brought them up to Alberta in the Elk Island area, my great ...
Last of 10 bison calves born
Rocky Mountain Outlook
In mid-summer, Banff's reintroduced bison herd was released from a fenced pasture into a 1,200 square kilometre reintroduction zone covering the ...
'This was not a hunting accident': Bison killed in northwest Alberta
CTV News
An Alberta farmer who found one of his bison shot in the pasture and who ... He suspects the bison was intentionally killed the night before, perhaps ... “It's bad enough they shoot moose and elk and leave them, and waste the meat.
Teck Frontier mine poses 'high mortality risk' tobison and birds, Environment Canada says
Environment and Climate Change Canada are concerned about the impact the Frontier mine could have on the Ronald Lake bison herd.
Anthrax kills 13 farm animals in British Columbia
CTV News
The B.C. Ministry of Agriculture has confirmed that anthrax killed 13 bison in the province. The ministry released a statement after a diagnosis of ...

From rabbits to bison: Valley farmers find growth in niche markets
Ottawa Citizen
From rabbits to bison: Valley farmers find growth in niche markets ... “Bison meat is low in cholesterol and fat, and high in iron and omega-3 fatty acids.
Reporter's Notebook: Leaving a legacy in Manitoba
Moving inside, the first thing that caught my eye was a pair of bison flanking the grand staircase (see photo at top). These bison are in what Albo calls ...
Nature in Făgăraș Mountains: The bison in Romania
The European bison (Bison bonasus, zimbru in Romanian) is Europe's heaviest wild land mammal. It used to roam across the continent since ancient ...
American bison as house-pet? No problem, says Walloon government
The Brussels Times
Anyone in Wallonia who decides to take in an American bison is advised to provide a strong fence: the male animal can reach a height of 1.8m and a ..
Denbighshire designer uses sheep wool to create unique vases and bowls
Daily Post North Wales
For her commission Ellie also sketched the estate's herd of bison before laying ... Completed in varying shades of grey, the effect is to create bison ...

Five of Europe's best wildernesses for spotting big beasts
The Guardian
Its most famous inhabitants, however, are European bison; around 900 of the creatures roam here – almost 25% of the total world population. How to ...
Reading RSPB Group
Henley Standard
It took much searching to find the elusive wisent, the European bison which can only be found in eastern Poland and Belarus, but eventually a solitary ...
Rewilding landscapes can help to solve more than one problem
EurekAlert (press release)
In the Netherlands, for instance, species such as the European bison and the elk feel right at home." She hopes rewilding will become an increasingly ...

United Kingdom
Animals at Howletts Wild Animal Park near Canterbury enjoy Halloween treats
Kent Online
Red river hogs have enjoyed apple and pumpkin bobbing, while European bison have used their horns to tackle carved pumpkins and spooky toys.
Noem: Celebrating tribal heritage
Sioux Falls Argus Leader
If you haven't been to a tribal celebration, I encourage you to find an ... That's why I worked to recognize the Tatanka (bison) as our country's national ...
I have had the honor of receiving a Star Quilt from tribes in South Dakota on a ... That's why I worked to recognize the Tatanka (bison) as our country's ...
Buffalo Trails tour highlighted at Hostfest
Adams County Extra
Francie Berg, with the Dakota Buttes Visitor's Council, promotes the Buffalo Trails ... the final slaughter of the American bison, by white hide hunters with big guns. ... These are “Buffalo Trails in the Dakota Buttes”($14.95) and “Buffalo ...
Ahead of memorial walk, families remember ancestors who died at Rapid City Indian Boarding ...
Rapid City Journal
She'll also leave a star quilt, chair and wasna, a traditional Lakota dish made of bison meat and berries. "We're giving her the pomp and circumstance ...
On Indigenous People's Day, a Look at the Movement to Revive Native Foodways and How ...
Projects funded through this program may help a tribe "improve bison herd productivity, discover whether traditional plants can play a role in ...
Bison documentary premieres on October 24
Char-Koosta News
From Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes ... Daniel Glick, CSKT has produced the riveting story of how Tribal members helped save the bison.
Quarterly meeting honors individuals, provides updates on tribal business
Char-Koosta News
PABLO — It was a time for honoring as three tribal members were ... under the age of 18 to assist his family with the annual Yellowstone bison hunt.

Crow man takes hunting case to US Supreme Court, says 1868 treaty is on his side
KBZK Bozeman News
Wyoming, involves a member of the Crow tribe who took an elk in Wyoming and ... In response, Wyoming said, those treaty rights ended when Wyoming... hunting and currently hunt near Yellowstone National Park for bison, which is ...
Teen learns art of Native American double flute
Boston News, Weather, Sports | WHDH 7News
Kerstin's next experience came just a few days later when she was at a scenic valley overlook at Yellowstone National Park watching bison graze ...BOT BISON RELATED BUT A COOL STORY
Bison documentary premieres Oct. 24; preview clip on Facebook
Char-Koosta News
PABLO — Watch a clip from CSKT's bison documentary “In the Spirit of Atatice: The Untold Story of the National Bison Range” on Char-Koosta News.
Buffalo: Back From The Brink
Drovers Magazine
As they hunted bison for their meat, their hides and their bones, which were essential to their ability to survive the often-harsh winters in what we now ...
First Tribal Buffalo Conservation Summit is Nov 1-3
The Capital Journal
The event will bring together tribal leaders, tribal wildlife and cultural ... A National Bison Day Celebration on November 3 at the Rocky Mountain ...
DVM & Business
Yukon vet Dr. Michelle Oakley on the best part of working with wild animals
National Post
She also performs health checks on bison being bred in Alaska and then imported into the wild as a new herd in Siberia. “It's great to work with them in ...
Is Bovine Tuberculosis Present in Michigan's Deer Population?
People at higher risk include individuals who work with cattle, bison, or cervids ... Health officials have confidence in the state's meat and milk supply.
Montana expands livestock disease vaccination area
Billings Gazette
HELENA — Montana livestock officials have expanded the area of the state where ... against the disease brucellosis, which is carried by elk and bison.
Brucellosis infection reported in Park County
Tri-State Livestock News
Brucellosis is a bacterial disease that can cause cattle, elk, and bison to abort their pregnancies, typically late term. All of Wyoming's brucellosis cases ...
New deer disease confirmed at Minnesota farm
Duluth News Tribune
There was a major outbreak of the disease in 2012 in Iowa, South Dakota and Nebraska in captive bison, deer and some cattle herds, causing many ...

The Bison Returns to the Great American Plains
When the mass slaughter of 30 million or so bison finally ended at the turn of the ... The park service will ship the bison to the Sioux and Assiniboine tribal ... University of Kansas and Dan Flores at the University of Montana argue that ...
Anthrax kills 13 farm animals in British Columbia
CTV News
The B.C. Ministry of Agriculture has confirmed that anthrax killed 13 bison in the province. The ministry released a statement after a diagnosis of ...
Loess Country: Early People Make the Loess Hills Home
The Daily Nonpareil
The Office of the State Archaeologist at the University of Iowa in Iowa City ... These so-called Paleoindians were nomadic hunters of bison and other ...
Ice Age Graveyard Holds the Bones of Mammoth Nursery Herds That Died at Watering Hole
Live Science
A new chemical analysis of mammoth teeth, as well as horse and bison ... about 100 miles (170 kilometers) southwest of Waco, in the Austin, Texas, ...
Hendrix Team's Research on Bison Published
Hendrix College Events and News
The paper, titled “Ecosystem engineering by bison (Bison bison) wallowing increases arthropod community heterogeneity in space and time,”* ...

American farmers are the unsung environmentalists
Washington Times
ANALYSIS/OPINION: One of the biggest conversations about modern farming has to do with its impact on the environment. Ever since our ancestors ...
Ted Turner: Never a quitter
CBS News
Once there were literally tens of millions of bison in the American West. By the early 1900s, they'd been slaughtered almost to the point of extinction ...
Siskiyou land trust slideshow presents “Last WildBison”
Siskiyou Daily News
Siskiyou land trust slideshow presents “Last Wild Bison” .... Featuring Shon Bullock, award winning filmmaker from Mount shasta, Calif. Doors open at ...
Bison Meat

Alaskana recipe: Quick bison pasties
Anchorage Daily News
Almost every single one came from Alaska, except for the bison, which I got at Costco. (Costco shopping is something Alaskans tend to excel at, ...
Think before you post to social media, hunters urge fellow hunters
The public also can't tell from one photo if the meat was used or not. .... A bison, such as pictured here, can yield 240 kilograms worth of meat. (Sydney ...

Bison meat

Another great source of protein is bison meat. Bison is lean meat, offering less fat per serving than beef.

It is becoming more available as people use it as a substitute for beef.

You can find the meat from Whole Foods Market in London or some butchers in the UK.


NUTRIENTS: Bison is lean meat offering less fat per serving than beef  
Why halal meat generates so much controversy in Europe
Washington Post
All the meat here — from the bison to the boudin blanc to the Wagyu beef .... priority and not religion,” Sanchez told The Washington Post in January.
How much red meat should I eat?
Greenville Daily Reflector
The red meats you can include in a Mediterranean diet are lean cuts of beef, pork, veal, lamb, or bison. Most of these meats are available in your ...
Bob Bamberg: Tomato-tomahto, potato-potahto,bison-buffalo
The Sun Chronicle
The issue I saw was that the animal pictured on the label was a bison. ... The bison is a North American species while buffalo are native to Africa (Cape ... Department of Agricultural Resources who is Massachusetts' Association of ...

After a two-year run, eastside Hörrmann Meat Company to close this week
Springfield News-Leader
Hoerman said more than 1,000 farms use the plant to butcher locally raised beef, pork, lamb, goat, bison and other meats. The News-Leader was ...

Ancient landslide created Paleo Quake Lake in Gardiner Basin
Montana Standard
A bison rubs against a boulder in Yellowstone National Park near the ... Yellowstone River drainage by George Arthur, of the University of Montana.
RE: Mike Garrity
Idaho State Journal
Prior to the arrival of Europeans, bison and all members of the deer family were only seasonal visitors to Yellowstone and the high elevations of the ...

Reintroduction of Wolves to Yellowstone Led to Unexpected Ecological Response
Boyce also found bison had overtaken elk as the dominant herbivore on Yellowstone's Northern Range, and that grizzly bears had an increasing role ...
The tragedy of grizzly bear management
Idaho State Journal
... grizzly bears in the GYE are eating more meat from elk, bison, and cattle than they did 15 years ago — in fact, orders of magnitude more meat from ...
Yellowstone superintendent won't consider visitor caps
Muskogee Daily Phoenix
Bison are being captured as they leave Yellowstone to be tested for exposure to brucellosis, a disease that can cause cattle to abort. Animals that test ...
Buffalo: Back From The Brink
Drovers Magazine
As they hunted bison for their meat, their hides and their bones, which were essential to their ability to survive the often-harsh winters in what we now ...
 National Bison Association 

NBA Files Additional Mislabeling Complaint with FDA, FSIS
he National Bison Association this week sent additional material to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) top support the association's request that immediate action be taken to stop water buffalo meat from being labeled simply as "buffalo" on retail meat packages.
The supplemental complaint was filed this week after the NBA received photos of products in the retail meat case at a Weis Market retail store in Pennsylvania. Weis is an East Cost retail chain with more than 200 stores.
The photos show two products packaged under the Weis "Naturals" label. One item is Bison Natural Steaks, which is accurately labeled, and which carries the USDA FSIS mark of voluntary inspection. The other product, with a very similar label, is identified only as "Ground Buffalo," can carries no mark of inspection.
"This is clear evidence of the intent to mislead consumers with deceptive labeling, and we urge that FDA take prompt action to stop this practice," wrote Dave Carter, NBA executive director.

USDA, FDA Tackle Labeling Challenges at Cell-Based Meat Meeting
WASHINGTON -- The conversation about cell-based meats shifted from food safety and jurisdiction to the issue of labeling Wednesday at the USDA/FDA Joint Public Meeting on the Use of Cell Culture Technology to Develop Products Derived from Livestock and Poultry.
USDA and FDA officials said truthfulness and transparency in labeling were top of mind as the agencies gather comments on how to best label cell-based meat and poultry products.
"Today's focus is ... on labeling of cell-cultured meat and poultry products and making sure these products are identified according to customer expectations," said Paul Kiecker, Acting FSIS Administrator, "and that the label doesn't [present] any type of advantage or disadvantage with other products that might be in competition with them."
Throughout the final day of the meeting, FDA and USDA labeling experts presented overviews detailing how each agency currently approaches labeling requirements for regulated food products, including statement of identity, net quantity of contents, and ingredient list content and order.

The Weekly Update is a service designed to provide National Bison Association members with news and information affecting bison production and marketing. Many items in the Weekly Update are reprinted from outside sources. The content of those articles does not necessarily reflect the policy position of the National Bison Association, and are reproduced here only as a means to keep our membership informed as much as possible on all information and opinions relating to bison that is circulating publicly.

Senate Moves to Designate November 3rd at National Bison Day
National Bison Association members and friends are encouraged to beginning planning educational, outreach and promotional activities for the first weekend in November to help engage the public with our National Mammal during National Bison Day.
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