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February 2015

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Topeka, Dec 7 1888
“Cleveland” the Handsomeness Specimen of a Race Almost Extinct - Valuable Information Given by the Proprietor of the Garden City Herd.

while the bison at Bismarck Grove are splendid specimens of their class, ‘Cleveland’ is decidedly the pride of the herd and as grand a creature as ever trod the soil of Kansas on four legs. He is just six years old and is a perfect specimen of the kings of the plains. There is a royal blood in his veins and his code is finer than the imperial purple. It is not possible to get at him to measure his stature and weigh him, but as he stands in the past year he appears to be as tall as a thoroughbred Norman-Percheron stallion and as massive as an elephant direct from the jungles. He must weigh fully 3,000 pounds, and it is doubtful is there is today living on the face of the earth a handsomer buffalo bull then he. His fur is just now in its best state, even thick and compact, while the long hair on his neck and legs is of a glossy seal brown. As he turns and faces the visitor, one can imagine what it must have been to see countless thousands roaming on the plains and to hear the thunder of their hooves in a stampede. “Cleveland’s” disposition is not so ugly as old Barney’s was, but at certain seasons he is very wild and there is no one venturesome enough to go into the inclosure. It is then not altogether safe to even look over the high in heavy board fence at him, for he is likely to make a run for the visitor, as the numerous holes in the fence where he has knocked off the boards will testify.
Colonel Stanton is very proud of his herd, particularly of Cleveland, and he has a right to be. He would rather lose his best hotel that his buffalo, nor would any cash price induce him to part with them. He will probably, in the near future, place them in a more convenient location and tend to breeding them and crossbreeding with cattle. He certainly has a splendid foundation to begin on and it is a lucrative business, a single buffalo been worth more than of whole drove of common cattle.

The Whole Story

March 2 is deadline for moose, bighorn sheep, mountain goat and wild bison applications
Bison hunters are reminded that as with last year, applicants are required to submit the full license fee at the time of application as is required for all ...
DEAR ANTI-HUNTING WIVES: Here's A Rough Column Just For You
'We'd get a freezer full of meat and a bison shoulder mount would look ... After she asked me to go hunt an American bison she smiled and left. Be still ...


A peek at what goes on when Brookfield Zoo is closed
Bison enjoyed the snow Sunday at Brookfield Zoo. | Jim Schulz/Chicago Zoological Society. A Mexican wolf's coat is covered with snow Sunday at..
Vore Buffalo Jump Foundation Seeks Community Help
The Vore Buffalo Jump is a sinkhole where Native Americans trapped bison during hunts held between 1550 and 1800. The archeological site was ...

Buffalo Jump could close without help for new guard rail
The Vore Buffalo Jump is a sinkhole where Native Americans trapped bison during hunts held between 1550 and 1800. The archeological site was ...


A Taste of the Wild Life
Patrons at the buffet line for the Frontier Buffet at Greenbo Lake State Resort Park on Saturday night. It was the park's first attempt at a Frontier Buffet.
     When this blanket of snow at the end of February melts gently into the landscape the steady crescendo into the symphony of spring will paint an idyllic image of green abundance.  If only the real world were that simple.  Simple may be adequate and elegant but it misses the opportunities found in nuance, diversity and productivity.

     What I'm hinting at is that since we live in a place where drastic change in weather is the norm, maximize the potential for positive productivity while improving the ecosystem and landscape with proper processes.  A healthy and resilient grazing landscape has a diversity of grasses, forbs and useful woody species which interact with each other for positive mutual effects.  Appropriate grazing management is effective at putting the spent biomass from grazing animals in the form of manure back into the soil bank which holds moisture and nutrients and allows for upward succession of higher quality forage with faster regrowth/regeneration and lower external off-farm inputs.  Better forage equals better gains and animal health while lowering overhead expenses.  Now you're getting synchronized with nature's well oiled machine instead of fighting against her.  Nature always wins, I prefer to be on her team. 

Simple moves you should make:

1. Graze smarter, not harder   Set stocked, continuous grazing is killing your productivity and biodiversity. You won't regret planned grazing.

2. Plant seasonally appropriate food plots   Take advantage of high energy seasonal crops that maximize potential gains and lower inputs.

3. Feed your soil microbes and increase microbial diversity with bio-inoculants.


Loveland company recalls pet treats
None of his company's other products — such as bison jerky, bison chips, sweet potato chews and freeze-dried shrimp treats for cats — has been ...


The 'rookie representative' reports from Helena
In Agriculture, we have heard bills ranging from the revision of bison laws to pesticide testing. In F.R.E.T. (energy and telecommunications), we have ...
New York

SEE IT: Majestic animals at Queens Zoo love the snow
But there were few winter woes for most of the zoo's North American ... The unbothered American bison also appeared nonplussed by the fuss, ...

Iconic Darrel K Royal stadium rebuilt at the University of Texas with 60000 LEGOs
A bison and calf made of LEGO pieces Wednesday September, 3, 2014 at the San Antonio Botanical Gardens. The bison and calf are two of 27 ...

Grey Rock at Heidel House Resort Rolls Out Winter Menu
These appetizers, salads and entrees include shrimp cocktail, bison tacos, winter pear and apple salad, Grey Rock wedge salad, North Atlantic sea ...
The paleo diet: is it worth all the hype?
Do you remember Conan the Barbarian? He was the huge, well-defined warrior with an appetite for revenge and bison meat. Loren Cordain, Ph.D, ...

Bison are focus of exhibit at John E. Conner Museum
Kingsville Record Bison are focus of exhibit at John E. Conner Museum By Julie Navejar
TAMUK Communications
Talking Grasslands with Ted Turner
Ted Turner: Bison are magnificent creatures, and I've been interested in them for as long as I can remember. They're iconic American animals, which were dangerously close to extinction. It broke my heart to see this species slipping away.
So, I stepped in and did what I could - today, there are more than 500,000 bison roaming North America. Bison's becoming more and more popular in the restaurant industry not only because consumers enjoy the taste, but it's a much leaner option than beef.

Brian's Taxidermy
The entrance of the shop is dominated by the head of an American bison, a personal trophy Kalich acquired in Missouri in 2002. Adjacent to the lobby ...


Elk and bison legacies: Unintended consequences
Northern Arizona University student Lindsey Close took this photo of bison grazing on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Close and other NAU...

Guided bison hike Saturday at Prairie State Park
Wild bison once roamed the prairies of western Missouri. And they still do today at Prairie State Park near Mindenmines in Barton County, on the ...
Arizona Cardinals

Pro Bowl CB Patrick Peterson's Unique Training and Personalized Nutrition Keep Him on Top
"The bison has been unbelievable. I can digest it so much faster than a ribeye or something like that," Peterson says. Bison is a fantastic food for ...

The Sioux Chef Hosts Pop Up at The Third Bird
The Third Bird dinner menu will consist of four courses including rabbit, stewed white beans, smoked duck, cider braised bison and a squash and 


Cherokee Tribe Brings American Bison Back To Oklahoma
In September of last year, a herd of Bison from Badlands National Park ... the story behind the story, the program that made the bison delivery possible. ... of tribal history, with cultural and spiritual significance to the Cherokee people
   Southern Plains Pointers

February in the Southern Plains is a time for questions and checking the management-boxes for preparedness to leave the herd alone throughout the calving season. Some of those questions and boxes are:
  • Am I feeding them too much in the last trimester?
  • Is my mineral program up to speed?
  • Do I have an orphan kit organized?
  • Are my herd populations in balance with my grass through July/August?
  • Does the herd ‘appear’ healthy?
Personally I don’t like handling or changing up the populations during the calving season. The less we impact their world while they are calving, the better it seems to go. ‘They’ have been ‘at this’ for thousands of years and posses all the instinctual tools to benefit mostly from our absence. We just need to set’em up right, and they’ll handle it from there. If you haven’t set your herd up to benefit from your absence by balancing the habitat to the population – get busy so you can sit back and let nature work. There’s still time, just not an excess of it. Green-up and red-dots are just around the corner… 

Frasier Bison L.L.C.

Breckenridge chef, author signs books, serves samples at Apres Avon
12, she will be dishing out Colorado bison green chili tacos. ... and I use ground bison and onion and garlic, green chilies, a little bit of tomato sauce, ...
Victoria Aveyard discusses ‘Red Queen,’ a unique dystopian novel

Tell us five random facts about yourself.

#5 -My favorite North American animal is the American bison.

New Bison Display Opens at Conner Museum in Kingsville
KINGSVILLE (Kiii News) - Members of the Lipan Apache Indian tribe were in Kingsville Thursday helping children understand more about their ...
Utah  (also reported last month)

USU researcher: Rabbits, not bison, biggest competitors for cattle forage
If bison lumber through a patch of rangeland, you'll know it, says Utah State University ecologist Dustin Ranglack. A mature bull, after all, often weighs
Texas  (similar story last month)

Hats Off: Finding 'where the buffalo roam' is less than 110 miles from Lubbock
Caprock Canyons State Park, near Quitaque in Brisco County, is populated by about 100 buffalo that are considered Texas' official bison herd.
Illinois  (similar story last month)

Winter-Loving Animals Play in the Snow (PHOTOS) | The Weather Channel
Some animals simply don the right fur, such as deer, elk and bison. Their coats thicken up in the wintertime, then lighten up when the warm weather ...

Hunting allocations for resident, foreign hunters revised after uproar
"I made slight revisions to the hunts for moose, bighorn sheep, grizzly bear, Roosevelt elk and bison to address the concerns I heard after the decision ...
Hebert Research Selected To Lead The Nation's Top Food Trend
This follows Forbes announcement of bison as the top food trend. Forbes reported "this All-American meat is gaining popularity beyond its traditional ...


Buffalo hunt gives Idaho man a glimpse of history
Nearly everyone knows the history of American buffalo, or bison. They roamed the plains in the millions and sustained Native Americans for eons, but ...
Dakota Territory Buffalo Association

Bulls by the numbers; buffalo market flourishes
And the Sunday live-auction bison sale, put on by the Dakota Territory Buffalo Association, offered some of the best stock in the region. Meanwhile ...

Ranchers Buy Bison At Rapid City Auction As Business Booms
And the live auction bison sale, put on by the Dakota Territory Buffalo Association, offered some of the best stock in the region. Meanwhile, business is ...

Texas family loses dog in Paynes Prairie after bison bumps pet owner
A Texas family lost its dog in Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park after a bison knocked the pet and his owner into a canal along the La Chua Trail ...
Texas family continues search for dog after bison scared him off
Ashby said the bison came toward him and rammed him in the back, ... “We've been looking like crazy,” said Ashby, who drove back to Texas last 

National Bison Association

Bison farm owner honored for industry dedication
His efforts were recently recognized by the National Bison Association, which named Koeppen the 2015 member of the year. The award spotlights a ...

Genetically pure bison may call Soapstone home again
A small herd of genetically pure bison — not seen in Northern Colorado since Abraham Lincoln was president — will again graze the plains of Larimer ...

First purebred bison to roam Larimer County since Civil War
FORT COLLINS — A rare herd of genetically pure bison will roam the plains in Larimer County later this year for the first time since the Civil War era.

Letter: Bison reintroduction article paints skewed picture

While the National Bison Association is delighted with the reintroduction of bison at the CSU Foothills Campus, we are disappointed that the article in Wednesday’s Coloradoan contained the inaccurate claim that these were the first genetically pure bison to be seen in Northern Colorado since the days of Abraham Lincoln.

This type of statement falsely implies that private bison ranchers are deliberately crossing their animals with cattle. Yes, some bison carry traces of cattle genetics, which are the remnants of some experiments conducted briefly by some of the five ranchers who helped save the species from extinction 120 years ago.

But the National Bison Association's Code of Ethics strictly prohibits ranchers from crossing bison with any other species, and many ranchers today are conducting DNA testing to remove the animals that carry cattle genetics. Today's bison herds are brucellosis free with the exception of the Yellowstone National Park herd.

David Carter lives in Westminster.


Small herd of pure buffalo to be released in Northern Colorado
The animals slated for release are not "cattle-o" -- bison that have cattle genes in them. Rather, the bison will come from a herd in Yellowstone ..

Herd of American Bison aims to restore wild herds to the plains
American Bison, often mistakenly referred to as buffalo, have been ravaged by hunting, disease, and interbreeding with other species, like cattle.

Fossil Fest Returns to Central Oregon Coast
Join Newport's "Oregon Fossil Guy" DiTorrice at 11:30 a.m. in the Hennings Auditorium. ... Giant bison and woolly mammoth fossils will be on display.

At Arch museum, it's goodbye grizzly, hello stampeding bison
But before all that begins, park staff will pack up the old: Off go the horse, the bison, the beloved grinning grizzly, and all those spooky talking ...

As guests enter, they’ll pass several nine-foot-tall screens, onto which videos will be projected: bison running the plains, wagons heading west, settlers trudging onward.

Refuge plan a partial success
Now halfway into a 15-year management plan that set objectives for elk and bison populations, habitat conditions and more, National Elk Refuge ...


Outdoor Retailer - Bison wool socks from United By Blue
Courtesy Bison do not wear socks, but they do produce something to make socks. United By Blue has produced socks combining merino wool and ...
New York

Lehigh County bison shuffling off to Syracuse
Lehigh County commissioners have approved the donation of a young male bison from the county herd to the Rosamond Gifford Zoo in Syracuse, N.Y. ...

Idaho Department of Lands
Idaho Department of Lands. ... Early inhabitants of the Round Valley acquired bison at the nearby Challis Bison Kill Site.Official site for state system ...

Ghost Images of the Human Beings: George Catlin's American Buffalo
10 million years ago powerful geological forces shaped the rest of the Great Bison Belt, the largest terrestrial biome in North America. By the time the

Quapaw Tribe reintroduces buffalo via nutrition program
Weaver said that the buffalo will be used in a variety of dishes, including stews, meatloaf and bison burgers. “The excitement isn't only on our end, but .....

Past is Future
The first delivery of high-quality bison meat to the Quapaw Tribe's Elder Center where its Nutrition Program is based. The tribe is reintroducing buffalo ...

Board gathers input on sheep numbers
The second proposal addresses the definition of “feral” bison and proving ownership of domesticated big game. The Board Support Section also held ...
Florida- 3 Sons

Southwest Florida ranch offers tours, up-close look at bison
... bison producer, raising natural, hormone free, U.S.D.A. inspected grass-fed meats in Florida. Copyright 2014 Scripps Media, Inc. All rights reserved. Sona

National Elk Refuge plan a partial success
But in accordance with the plan, bison numbers are falling and the amount of natural forage on the refuge has jumped considerably. Refuge Manager ...
Refuge elk ranks grow
The 2007 bison and elk management plan set a population objective of 500. This year there were 674 bison tallied on feed, including 100 mature bulls ...

North Dakota

Theodore Roosevelt Park offers many photographic opportunities
Whether visitors want to capture the scenery of the Badlands or the prairie life exhibited by American bison, prairie dogs and wild horses, the park ...
Riders enjoy bison work at Stanthorpe Showgrounds
A BISON herd descended on the Stanthorpe Showgrounds at the weekend, as 22 drafters eagerly awaited their turn in the ring with North American ...

Bison: Why not reconsider Alternative B?
JACKSON, Wyo. (AP) — Hunters have killed about 300 bison in the Jackson Hole region, eclipsing the all-time high and helping reduce the number…

Bronze bison settles in with University herd
The bison sculpture was placed in the Academic Hall Atrium Jan. ... as his main showroom for American, French, British, Italian and Flemish antiques.


This Friendly Porcupine Loves Corn On The Cob And Cuddles. He Represents So Much More.
AWCC also plays host to 140 wood bison. They're said to be North America's largest land animal -- males can exceed 2,000 pounds -- and at one ...

Top 20 Restaurant of the Week: Fat Patties
Jack orders his meat from a host of local companies, including Lick Creek Beef in Buncombe and Bison Bluff Farms in Cobden. The beef is made from 


Videos: Lost and Found Archery
... the Spanish proved unable to keep track of their livestock, became “horse Indians,” living off the bison and therefore going where the bison went.

Prairie Exploration Play-by-Play
But it can be hard to hide in grassland—especially if you're a bison. Pulling out the camera and tablet, we document his position, behavior, and health

Festival gives visitors taste of voyageur life on Louis Riel Day
"Pemmican is made up of ground bison meat and boiled bison fat which is a high-calorie, nutritious food that the voyageurs would be eating,” said ....
Washington D.C.

National Zoo reopens as animals enjoy snow
Bao Bao, however, decided to stay indoors for most of the day, despite her romp in the snow in January. The American Bison had no problem hanging 

There's A Right Way To Exterminate A Species
Similar forces nearly drove the American bison to extinction. It became profitable to kill off the animals, and so massive amounts of people turned their....
ENJOYING NATURE: There are aliens among us
Of course, with the help of the horse, we killed off most of the American bison, which are now being touted as a healthier and better tasting alternative ...
Canada- Ontario

Bison visits Dryden, Ont. couple at their home, scares cats
A Dryden couple had an unexpected visit from a bison at their home in northwestern Ontario, on Tuesday. The bison escaped from a nearby ranch and ...

Bringing the Wood Bison Back to Alaska
Wood bison aren't the most accommodating of animals. When bothered, these super-sized versions of America's sweetheart, the plains bison, can ...

At Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park in Florida, alligators come with the territory
Like most visitors, I was surprised to learn that bison roam in a state better known for spring training and Mickey Mouse. But fossils show that they once ...

Buffalo exhibit at Museum of the Americas
Giant herds of bison, perhaps as many as 30,000,000 animals, once roamed the Great Plains from the frozen forests of the Northwest Territories in ...
Montana, Wyoming and Utah

Nature Notes: Bison roaming free
At one time, of course, all North American bison lived completely wild lives. Nowadays, thousands of bison live inside fences as private herds or using ...

Refuge elk ranks grow
The 2007 bison and elk management plan set a population objective of 500. This year there were 674 bison tallied on feed, including 100 mature bulls ...

13000-year-old masterpieces
I saw a bison with one horn curving up, the other curving down — either from battle or birth. Whatever the cause, this was something that had been ...
New Mexico

Treasures of the High Plains: Blackwater Draw a journey back in time
The discovery of “fluted” points, spearheads known as Clovis points, coupled with mammoth and bison bones prove that some of the earliest New ...


Guided tours offered at bison farm, other spots
Broken Wagon Bison Farm in rural Porter County offers wagon tours that allow people to get up close to a herd of bison, which are our country's ...
Broken Wagon Bison Farm
Yellowstone in winter: More beauty, less crowds
It was supplemented by bison brought in from Texas. Today, Yellowstone's bison number from 3,000 to 4,500 in a given year. The Buffalo Ranch is ...

Traditional hunting better than corraling, hazing
Suddenly, out of the north, I see a large group of bison running. I don't have time to count them, because immediately I hear gun shots and see ...
Residents near Gardiner upset with Native American bison hunt
This migration can be deadly for the animals, with Native American tribes waiting for the bison to cross the park boundary and then shoot them.
[Video] Bigfoot in Yellowstone National Park? Yeah, we're skeptical too
The anonymous, amateur analyst seems sure a video of bison walking through the snow near a geyser shows a peek of four Bigfoot (or is it Bigfeet?)
People must cut back on animal farming
Ranchers were complaining about competing with bison for grass when it was hares that ate twice as much grass as bison; and guess what controls 

Park Service kills hundreds of bison despite objections from Native Americans and activists
3, another 59 bison were reported by BFC field patrols to be in the trap used by the Yellowstone park service and Montana Division of Livestock.
400 Yellowstone Bison Slaughtered in MT
Yellowstone bison wander into Montana each winter in their search for food at lower altitude, and a break from the deep snow. There, they are ...

ACLU wants access to Yellowstone bison captures
More than 250 Yellowstone bison have been captured and slaughtered or removed for research purposes this winter. Officials want to reduce the ...

Video Footage from Inside Yellowstone's Bison Trap
Nearly 400 of the world's most beloved and important bison have been killed ... "A government agency accountable to the American people, the Park ...

Park Service killed hundreds of bison according to BFC
The BFC added that they saw park service rangers steering the bison away from the tribal lands and towards the area where hunters are waiting for ..

Natural Connections: Lamar Buffalo Ranch
... 23 free-ranging bison left in the park, the U.S. Army created a new herd in 1902, using purebred captive bison from ranches in Montana and Texas.

Let bison back into our hearts
Holy cow! Look no further than your backyard and the surrounding area. This lumbering bovine species from the other side of the earth has created a ...

Support the work of the Buffalo Field Campaign
The wild bison of the Yellowstone region are the last remaining wild bison left in America. Fewer than 4,000 wild bison exist today, and they are ...

Native Americans gather in Montana to protest slaughter of Yellowstone bison
(Reuters) - Native American activists gathered in Montana's capital on Tuesday to protest the deaths of hundreds of Yellowstone National Park bison ...
Grizzlies on the move; Yellowstone reports bear spotted scavenging on bison carcass Tuesday
“There's usually a few bears that may poke out their heads, and the warm weather has everyone expecting a mass exodus,” Dan Thompson, Wyoming ...

Yellowstone bison transfer program expanded
Yellowstone National Park's bison removal and transfer program will continue until this year's total bison hunt harvest and transfer program reaches ...

Buffalo and 'ag gag': Battling to save Yellowstone's hairy humpbacks
Yellowstone is the only place in the country where by 1900 a few wild bison (commonly known as buffalo) survived a government sanctioned mass ...

Bill: Give counties final say in bison transfers
The deer and the antelope may be able to play wherever they want to in Montana, but where bison roam should be left up to county commissioners.

Unfortunate Bison Gets Branch Stuck to Its Face
She slowed the car to a stop and the GoPro she had mounted on the top of her car captured a disgruntled looking bison ambling past them. It seems ...

Conserving Wild Bison: Finding Space For An American Icon
There's a success story to be told about bison at Yellowstone National Park. Though there's controversy over how the population is managed, there ...

Yellowstone National Park to hold tour of bison holding pen
BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) — Yellowstone National Park is hosting a Wednesday tour of a wild bison holding facility that's used to temporarily keep animals ...

Bill would encourage brucellosis vaccine research
Reducing the threat of livestock disease could help bison expand their range past the boundaries of Yellowstone Park, but it would take an act of ...
More than 500 Yellowstone bison killed so far this winter
Figures released this week show 333 bison have been captured and transferred to American Indian Tribes for slaughter. Another 166 have been killed ...

Weather Keeps Yellowstone Bison Harvest Numbers Below Target
Another nearly 4-dozen Yellowstone National Park bison are scheduled to be loaded up today at the Stephens Creek Capture facility and delivered for

Yellowstone bison captured at controversial facility for slaughter
GARDINER — On a high-desert flatland at the base of the Gallatin Mountains, the Stephens Creek Bison Capture Facility stands as a stark testament .

Transmittal deadline looms in Helena
3 p.m.: Bison restriction. House Bill 194, sponsored by Rep. Alan Redfield, R-Livingston, would require a forage analysis before wild bison could be ...

Confusion over Yellowstone bison decision
I understand you have numerous things to worry about besides habitat solutions in Montana. However, when it comes to bison, there's a serious ...


Chuck Wagon cook-off at Cameron University
From the cobbler to the bison chili hundreds gathered for a hot meal and a step into the past. Cameron University masters student Ciera Schibi who ...

Circling the wagons: Notes from the trail ride
Buffalo soldiers on the trail learned it from watching bison, according to Bruno. "And those bison were being attacked by some wolves." The healthy bison pushed the babies and elder of the group to the center and tightened in a circle of protection around them. "And they kept tightening the circle." Seeing that the wolves couldn't get at their prey, the Buffalo Soldiers, "used the same techniques that the bison used to protect the herd, to protect their people." ...

Why the paleo diet isn't really paleo
Forget bison steaks, almond butter, and coconut oil. Our ancestors were probably foraging vegetarians who didn't turn down the occasional lizard or 

Bison in the snow
I spent the better half of last year working on a project about the bison reintroduction to the Nachusa Grasslands in Franklin Grove, Ill. During that time I ...
Legend of the buffalo shared in new book | Video
REGINA — The story of the bison is filled with lessons. Turns out, the writing of that story came with its share of lessons too. In a gym at Seven Stones ...

March will be busy at Caprock Canyons
Then, on Tuesday, March 10 and 17, it's all about bison. Kids, join us for “All About Bison” at 1 p.m. This hands-on program features a read aloud ...



March 2 is deadline for moose, bighorn sheep, mountain goat and wild bison applications
The license fees for a Wyoming resident are $263 for a female/ calf wild bison license and $413 for the any wild bison license. The nonresident license ...

Future Uncertain For 320-Acre Dixie County Hunting Preserve
A herd of American bison gather on Dixie Sportsman's Hunting Preserve on Feb. 21. The 320-acre preserve is currently for sale. Kate Pivacek / WUFT.

Best Bone Broth and What To Look For
The company uses only bison bones from grass-fed and finished bison. The bones are shipped directly to Boca from the farm. Ordinarily, bones would 

From the vault: Baltimore bison break free
A police roundup of wayward American bison might be worthy of headlines from coast-to-coast and video for the networks. But for the officers whose ...
Nine bison escaped from a Stevenson farm before being captured on a tennis court in Pikesville.
APHIS Seeks Comments on Exportation of Live Animals, Hatching Eggs, Animal Germplasm from ...
The regulations contain requirements for the inspection and handling of cattle (including American bison), horses, captive cervids, sheep, goats, and ...
North Dakota

North Dakota Staycation: 7 Fun Things to Do While Staying Close to Home
The National Buffalo Museum: Located in Jamestown, a live herd of bison and a rare albino buffalo named "White Cloud" are among the attractions at ...
South Dakota

SD tops nation in bison sales
South Dakota is the leading producer of bison in the United States -- and that's nothing new. Since bison inventory began in 2002, South Dakota has ...

Windy the bison enjoys the snow at the Sedgwick County Zoo
Wichita, KS – Although many in Wichita and around Kansas were discontent with the snow on Friday, one particular bison at the Sedgwick County Zoo ...

2nd option to see video

Come and take 'em: 8 Texas Independence Day celebrations
Texan tastes at Stampede 66 through March 2: Texas' state motto is ... Offerings include Texas stuffed quail, bison burgers, and Pecos pecan trout, ...

Gold-star taste at Calgary's Blue Star Diner
My Alberta bison pappardelle ($17) offered chunks of slow-cooked meat so generously supplied they obscured the pasta - flat noodles with that ...

Can we save bison by eating them?
On Ted Turner's vast Flying D Ranch in Montana, bison graze much as they did before the arrival of European settlers. Turner is the largest private ...
 National Bison Association 
2015 National Bison Association Jr. Judging Contest Winners Announced
21, for $4,600 in individual scholarships and team trophies at the National Bison Association's (NBA) Seventh Annual Junior Judging Contest. Taking ...
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