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The Abbeville Banner
November 10 1847
Texas, -Derivation of the name.-
(the era of subject 1520-1530)

   The Camanches claim to be the lineal descendants of the empire of Montezuma, and the only legitimate owners of the whole Mexican country. The Chiefs say that when Cortes landed in Mexico, he found the country torn to pieces by internal factions and was enabled, by employing the disaffected chiefs, to raise a force to seize upon their capital. Those chiefs believed if they could destroy the power of Montezuma, they could easily dispatch the Spaniard, and have the control of the country in their own hands. But too late they ascertained that they had introduced a harder master, and that unconditional servitude was all they had to expect. They were required to change their ancient religion, and thousands of them were sent off to work in the mines from which they rarely ever made their escape. A great proportion of them bowed their necks to the conqueror, and became serfs and slaves to the Spaniards; but a few, the noblest and best, preferred exile to servitude, and set out on a pilgrimage to the north, in hopes to find a land where they could enjoy their ancient institutions in peace.
        They traveled for many weeks, and at last came to the great river north- the Rio Grande -  where they encamped, and sent out twenty chosen men to examine the adjacent country. They crossed the great river, and ascended one of the highest peaks of the mountain, which overlooked the adjacent plain. The prairie was covered with buffalo, deer and antelopes, and they thought they had reached the happy hunting-ground, and the word “Tehas! Tehas! Tehas!” burst from every tongue. It was decided unanimously that it should go by the name apparently furnished them by the Great Spirit.
     Tehas is the Camanchee name for the residence of the happy spirit in the other world, where they shall enjoy an eternal felicity, and have a plenty of deer and buffalo always at hand. By taking the sound as they pronounce it, and giving it the Spanish orthography, it gives us the word “Texas, “ which is the “happy hunting ground” or the “Elysium,“ of the Camanches. This is the true history of the name as derived from Isowacuny himself.    

Now....I wanted to know who Isowacuny was...Chris Moses helped me out with a friend of hers. Read his findings here: 
Arizona-Grand Canyon

How do you solve a problem like the 'Beefalo'?
Out on the canyon's North Rim it's estimated that at least 600 beefalo - a crossbreed of bison and domestic cattle - are roaming. This thirsty beast can ...

More from the BBC radio show

Cookies on the BBC website
They're a cross between cows and American bison - sometimes mistakenly called buffalo. They've been around for over a hundred years, after the two ...

Half cow, half bison hybrids are wreaking havoc in the Grand Canyon
Monday, March 2, 2015, 5:45 PM - In the early 1900s half cow, half bison hybrids (dubbed 'beefalo' or 'cattalo') were introduced to Arizona as part of a ...

Beefalo are Causing Chaos in the Grand Canyone - GOOD Magazine
Beefalo, or bison mixed with cow DNA, have proven to be a serious setback for wild bison conservation. Perhaps even more pressing, the animals are ...

Hybrid Bisons Causing Environmental Damage to the Grand Canyon
When bison were cross-bred with domestic cattle, a hybrid dubbed the “Beefalo” was spawned. But the creatures escaped and are now causing ...

A Beefalo Invasion Is Causing Trouble in the Grand Canyon
But the “true” beefalo emerged in the 1960s due to efforts to combine the bison's hardiness and meat quality with the bovine's fertility, milking ability ...

Hunters seek entry to Grand Canyon National Park, where roaming buffalo cause havoc
The growing bison herd occupying the northern reaches of Arizona's Grand Canyon National Park is decimating the area's ecosystem, and some ...
Cookies on the BBC website
They're a cross between cows and American bison - sometimes mistakenly called buffalo. They've been around for over a hundred years, after the two ...

Bipartisan Federal Act Would Allow Authorized Hunters To Keep Bison Kill
The problem is bison that are crossbreeds with cattle that the senators say are destroying vegetation and the land. The Act would allow the herd of ...

Arizona senators push bill to manage Grand Canyon bison
FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. (AP) — Arizona Sen. John McCain is reviving a proposal to let authorized hunters keep the meat from bison they kill at the Grand

Bill puts destructive Grand Canyon bison in the cross hairs - literally
WASHINGTON – Arizona lawmakers this week proposed a simple solution to the problem of bison that are overgrazing and damaging the North Rim ...

Lawmakers want to hunt Grand Canyon's bad bison
WASHINGTON — Arizona lawmakers this week proposed a simple solution to the problem of bison that are overgrazing and damaging the North Rim ...

Bison problem? Let Arizona hunters deal with it
California-Lakota Tribe

California Students Report on the Importance of Buffalo to the Lakota
Ken Zontek, author of the book Buffalo Nation, says that “...for Native people, the history of human-bison interaction extends back to time immemorial, ...
North Dakota

Sunny's return: Arts community raises funds to restore fiberglass bison to Main and Broadway
Butch “Superfrog” Anton talks about the repair and paint work he is completing on “Sunny,” the fiberglass bison that was knocked off its base in ...

Group raises concerns about bison reintroduction in Banff National Park
As the federal government gets ready to announce funding to bring bison back to Banff National Park, there's still some opposition to the project.
Canada-British Columbia

Hunters Protest New Laws At B.C. Legislature
... government is offering non-resident hunters more than their fair share of opportunities to hunt big-game animals such as elk, moose, bison, big horn ...

Oldham History | Ohio River's early influence
As the mammoths and saber tooth tigers died out, the American Bison survived and continued to roam until hunted out by European/African American ...

Pop culture: Oklahoma wildlife refuge on USA Today ballot
Roughly 650 American bison call it home, along with Rocky Mountain elk and white-tailed deer. The refuge also maintains a herd of Texas longhorn ...


Bringing bison back: Rewilding America's heartland
FRANKLIN GROVE, Ill. — For the first time in almost two centuries, wild bison are roaming east of the Mississippi River. Well, sort of. Even though the ...


Cartoonist, Singer/Songwriter, Author, Poet, Artist

"Reality is the canvas that we paint our lives upon,
And our imagination is the frame."


Workers turn containers into 'bison boxes' to move Alaska herd
Wood bison are the largest land animal in North America -- so imagine the effort it takes to transport 100 of them from captivity in Southcentral Alaska ...

Wood bison set to return to the wilds of Alaska
The Alaska Department of Fish and Game is getting set to return a wood bison herd to the wilds of Alaska. Wood bison were native to the state up until ...

Wood bison to roam Alaska again
FAIRBANKS, ALASKA — At 2,000 pounds, an adult male wood bison is North America's largest land mammal. It dwarfs even the mighty moose, which ...
70 wood bison, so far, have arrived to Shageluk's 65-resident community
An operation to return 100 wood bison back into the wilds of Western Alaska is ... All of the animals have been fitted with radio or satellite collars

Video : 
Sweet success; all 100 wood bison make it to Shageluk unharmed
History was made in Shageluk this week. The population more than doubled as the small community of 70 welcomed a hundred wood bison onto its

TO's top 5 game meat markets
With an emphasis on organic and sustainable meat, the Healthy Butcher carries farm-raised fresh game including elk, bison and boar in a variety of ...

Bison released into wide open spaces
Thirty-nine of those bison arrived at the Crane Trust property on Jan. 17. Two others, both bulls, showed up within a few days. All of the bison had ...

Ancient Tool Discovered In Oregon Suggests Humans Walked The Land, Hunted Bison 15800 ...
... butchering meat, or even carving wood. A blood residue analysis revealed animal proteins believed to be from an ancient species of bison that is ...


Whitefish is Montana's winter vacation destination
Bundled up and ready to hit the slopes in Montana, I ascended 6,817 feet up The Big Mountain passing ... 1 game fish — and a juicy bison rib-eye .
South Dakota

Annual Bird and Bison Banquet
The annual Bird and Bison Banquet is the largest fundraiser The Cornerstone holds. Each year they bring in around 300 to 400 people that have the ...

Seliger pitches bill declaring Quitaque 'Bison Capital of Texas'
It makes sense because nearby Caprock Canyons State Park is home to the Official Texas State Bison Herd, where since 1997 the animals have ...

Bison to be reintroduced to Banff National Park
Bison will be reintroduced to Banff National Park over the next five years, ... The federal government says plains bison once played a key role in the ...
Parks Canada says it will invite First Nations to share traditional knowledge of plains bison, and participate in stewardship, management and celebrations. 
Feds give financial boost to controversial bison project in Banff backcountry
Harvey Locke, a conservationist and board member with the Eleanor Luxton Historical Foundation, called it a “great day in the history of Banff National 

CSU raises genetically pure bison
Excessive slaughter in the late 1800s drove bison to near extinction. CSU researchers are using the DNA of a surviving herd from Yellowstone ...

Northern Colorado bison project uses high-tech breeding to halt disease and conserve an icon
The site is in northern Colorado, near the Wyoming border, where bison once roamed freely before they were slaughtered to near extinction in the late ...

Denver Parks and Recreation holds annual bison auction
Denver Parks and Recreation holds annual bison auction. 1:25 PM, Mar 6, 2015. 51 mins ago. denver parks and recreation | bison. Previous Next
 Southern Plains Pointers

   Red Dot Alert!

    The first new line-up of 2015 models are sprinkling the southern plains with big heavy brown clouds gathering and indicating a big event.  It will soon be ‘Raining Red-Dots’. The colors of the southern plains this time of year are brilliant and diverse as ecological succession paints a canvas never to be repeated and enhanced by the colors of sable and chocolate-brown. If you are lucky enough to see this in your travels, or on your property, squint and take away all things civilization and behold – the southern plains a millennia in the making.

  Bison ranchers, by and large, consider their herd part of a wildlife restoration-mission and strive to do all they can for them. It is this time of year I receive calls about calving and what folks should do. My standard response is to prepare for the worst – and/but! - let nature work.  Preparation means: contact information and a positive relationship with a local veterinarian, an orphan kit and most important, the ability to make wise decisions. Wise decisions means: how does helping one buffalo impact the herd and how does continuing a genetic predisposition of calving problems impact the species. It can be hard to make wise decisions when investment is a factor in the equation, but bison ranching requires such consideration.  

   As your land becomes brilliantly painted by brush-strokes and the blotting of spring succession, and if you are blessed by sable and brown, squint and realize that you are part of, and witness to; something miraculous. Then open your eyes and realize that you are part of it, and by doing it, conserving it for future generations.

Frasier Bison L.L.C.

... have been sampling kangaroo, bison, crocodile, camel and even zebra. ... not just with the guys, particularly the bison, which is quite like fillet steak.”.

Bison, guns and sage grouse up for debate this week
HELENA – A key battle this week at the Montana Legislature will focus increasing local controls over bison reintroduction. The House Agriculture 
Montana- (great photos)


The Art of Slow Moving: A Journey Through America's Grasslands on Horseback
Azure has been instrumental to the tribes' ongoing efforts to reestablish a healthy bison population to the reservation. Bison were first reintroduced to ...

March 11 will be last day Wyoming issued green tags may be applied to cattle or bison ID
CHEYENNE, Wyoming — The Wyoming Livestock Board is moving away from the use of the Wyoming green tag as official identification for cattle due ...

Hungry bison surprises tourists
A hungry bison surprised a group of tourists travelling in the US when it ... After the woman has given up all her lunch, the bison starts licking her ..
Adorable Buffalo Video Draws Attention To Animal Cruelty Accusations
A seemingly adorable, funny viral video of a bison, or American buffalo, licking a woman's arm has sparked a debate over whether the bison and other 


Bitterroot Bison ranch gets humane certified status
"I've always had it in the back of my mind that I liked them, and if I could raise something it would be bison. I built railroad cars for twelve years, so I just ...

Jackson bison numbers are down, as planned
The bison count in Jackson Hole dropped to fewer than 700 animals this year, and the herd is now at its smallest in more than a decade, according to ...

Minnesota Zoo focuses on conservation of native animals
The grazing bison at the Minnesota Zoo may appear to be just another animal attraction. But the purebred herd — one of the last of its kind in the 

Archaeologists discover mysterious bone arrangements at ancient bison kill site
A bison kill from Alberta that dates back 2,500 years has yielded an impressive number of finds. The artifacts will help experts better understand the..
Bison & Elk-all parks and beyond

Wild Things: Former superintendent wades into bison debate
As a debate rages over bringing bison back to the national park, Van Tighem provided his views to a friend with the Alberta Fish and Game ...


Artist's bison 'kind, friendly'
A life-size fiberglass buffalo sits partially painted on Monday at Geysers on the Terrace. TCT West. Posted: Wednesday, March 11, 2015 6:39 pm


A life-size fiberglass buffalo sits partially painted on Monday at Geysers on the Terrace.

Missouri - Kansas

Bison migrates from Museum of Westward Expansion
A bison migration is happening in St. Louis. The stuffed bison at the Museum of Westward Expansion is leaving for the Great Plains at Fort Larned in 

Recreation: Antelope Island
Today the ranch is an outdoor museum, and Antelope Island is one of the premier birding areas in the state. There are also wild bison, antelope, deer, ...

Top 10 Cities for Wildlife in the US
Over several decades, Americans have preserved critical habitats and waterways and have brought bald eagles, grizzly bears, bison, wolves and ...

Phillip, king of the buffalo

As an American, you are surely familiar with William “Buffalo Bill” Cody (1846-1917), that durable icon .... These were most of the bison left in America.

The Buffalo King was also a westerner, but obscure compared to Cody. It was the Buffalo King who saved the bison, and he did it without a government program, Hollywood praise, or pressure from those who demand good but do little. He did it because he wanted to and because he knew something special would soon be extinct.



In your backyard: Antelope Island offers variety of adventures
Along the way my kids were amazed and nervous about seeing the bison (which we, and many others, call buffalo, but technically are American bison) ...

RADAR: Heroes of the Prairie. Bison in America
Bison are one of the images which defined America's untamed west. Millions once crossed the parries of North America, until they were largely wiped

Metro Parks walkers hoof it to see bison
Soon, the bison of Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park in southwestern ... responsible for the decline because they hunted bison for their fur and meat.

“(Bison) poop is like gold in the prairie,” Callander said.

Hopdoddy, a Texas burger and beer haven, is coming to Newport Beach
Hopdoddy Burger Bar, a premium burger chain from Texas, is slated to open ... The menu consists of 13 signature burgers, including bison and 

Support Your Local Bison: Catalina Island Conservancy Ball
We know that Santa Catalina Island is just 22 miles, give or take, across the ocean, and a day spent on a history-laden, bison-o-riffic land mass that's
Canada - Alberta

Rare Upright Bison Bones Found at Alberta Kill Site
LETHBRIDGE, CANADA—Shawn Bubel of the University of Lethbridge started excavating the 2,500-year-old bison kill site in the Fincastle Grazing 

Fat Tuesday: Chew on barbecue
The patties are made fresh every morning at their in-house butcher shop, and it also offers ex- otic meats. Patties made of elk, bison, wild boar, os- ...
Canada - Alberta

Government's plan to conserve bison in Banff is a farce
On March 6, the government announced the plan would focus on reintroducing bison to Banff National Park. But of all the conservation projects to give 
Expert calls plan to bring bison back to Banff a glorified game farm
As officials work toward bringing bison back to Banff National Park by 2017, a wildlife expert suggests the plan creates a glorified game farm

Colo. Ag Day big hit under Gold Dome, promoting industry and philanthropy
This year's competition showed off dishes made with Colorado bison, lamb, bass, beef, eggs, potatoes and desserts, and fed long lines of those eager ...
South Dakota

South Dakota Stays On Top In US In Bison Production
South Dakota boasts 104 bison farms, 82 of which record meat sales, the most of any U.S. state besides Texas, The Daily Republic reports ( ).

Not surprisingly, North Dakota follows suit as the No. 2 producer in the nation. Nebraska, Colorado and Missouri round out the top five.

South Dakota boasts 104 bison farms, 82 of which record meat sales, the most of any U.S. state besides Texas, The Daily Republic reports ( ).


Local Scout troop visits Panhandle
... for four nights at Caprock Canyons State Park, where the only free range bison herd in Texas calls home. The adventure also included, on Sunday, ...

American Prairie Reserve named as best place to travel
Outside suggests taking a "DIY mountain-biking safari on old ranch roads, passing grazing bison and scanning the skies for American kestrels, ...

 Montana-Bison bill aims for local control

A bill to give county commissions more power over bison relocation garnered opposition from state and tribal officials last week.

Senate Bill 284, sponsored by Sen. John Brenden, R-Scobey, would require county commissioner approval of any plan to move bison into their county.

“This is about local control,” Brenden said.

Elena Evans, of the Montana Association of Conservation Districts, echoed Brenden’s thoughts, saying that every community in Montana is different and that changes need to keep in mind local interests.

A few county commissioners from different parts of the state supported the bill, joined by the Montana Stockgrowers Association and the Farm Bureau Federation.

Opposition came from the Fort Belknap and Fort Peck reservations. Mark Azure, of the Fort Belknap Tribal Council, said the tribe hadn’t been consulted on the bill.

“We feel that we’re major players in this issue,” Azure said. “We feel like we’ve been left out of the loop.”

Azure went on to say that his reservation has had bison for a year, and “with as little fanfare as you could imagine,” meaning there weren’t any reports of the animals doing any damage to people’s property.

Mike Volesky, deputy director of Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, also opposed the bill, saying it erodes the authority of the state, giving “veto power” to county commissions on bison transfers.


Bill would limit bison hazing, protect private property rights
Senate Bill 342 deserves the support of all Montana property rights advocates. This bill limits the Department of Livestock's authority to enter private

The Insider: Old Faithful Snow Lodge
You just might encounter a herd of bison in your path on the way to the snow lodge. (Photo: Greg Keraghosian). If you can, ride a Bombardier to the ..

'Holy Crap!' Bison Rams Straight Into Parked SUV...and It's All on Video
Tom Carter sat parked in his SUV at Yellowstone National Park's Lamar Valley and watched as an angry bison barreled toward him. “Don't run into our ...

Park bison should be slaughtered humanely
At the time of slaughter, 75 percent of the bison have significant injuries. Injuries include extensive bruising, broken bones, broken horns, gorings and ...

Tribes say 'kill the bill, not the buffalo'
Bison, unlike cattle from, say, Texas, which doesn't test or vaccinate for brucellosis, are tested dozens of times during a lengthy quarantine, Volesky ...

Plans to reduce park Yellowstone bison numbers fall short
GARDINER - Thanks to our unusually warm weather, it's unlikely the goal for reducing Yellowstone bison will be met. Park spokesperson Al Nash says ...

What's going on in your world?
In February, bison are typically using their heads like snow plows, pushing snow aside to reach the grasses below. This bison had found a creek fed ...
Alternatives for Yellowstone bison management offered
BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) — The state of Montana and federal officials have drafted new management options for bison at Yellowstone National Park that ...

Yellowstone bison slaughter alternatives offered
The animals were transferred to American Indian tribes that use the ... state-licensed and tribal hunters have killed at least 185 Yellowstone bison this ...

Agencies Working To Replace Interagency Bison Management Plan For Yellowstone National Park
All of those are areas that we might explore as we move into this process. ... “It's been 15 years since the current plan guiding Yellowstone bison ...
National Park Service and Montana officials seek public input on new Yellowstone-area bison ...
The National Park Service and the state of Montana (Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks and the Montana Department of Livestock) announced Monday ...

Yellowstone National Park opens route to cyclists
Bears, bison, elk, wolves and other wildlife could be encountered at any time. Riders are strongly encouraged to carry bear spray, and should be

Dark Ages mentality holds bison hostage
If a single common denominator emerged from state legislative sessions in Wyoming, Montana and Idaho this year — and let's throw in Utah for good ...

The Scavengers
The lion's share of a shaggy, bloodied bison leg lies draped across a table in a wall tent just north of Yellowstone National Park, its black hoof hanging ...

North America's cauldron
This vast wilderness is a major stronghold of many of America's iconic species of mammals: bison, grizzly bears, moose and wolves. For the wildlife ...

Lessons from the wild lab
Today, 95 Rocky Mountain gray wolves (Canis lupus) in 11 packs live in Yellowstone, hunting primarily elk, deer, and bison. The political controversy ...

Bison to be reintroduced in Banff, new plans for Yellowstone herd
(Wood bison, which have been absent from the U.S. for a century, will ... in 2011 by allowing bison to seasonally roam into Montana's Gardiner Basin, ...

Working to prevent conflicts with wildlife pays dividends for Montanans
Our iconic wildlife, including grizzly bears, wolves and bison, are a key component of our regional identity and of our wildlife-based economy in the
What is western art? Definition broadens
Some of themes are repeated — horses, bison, cowboys, Native Americans — but the way they are depicted varies from artist to artist. Pray artist Gary

Fossil Collection Calls Berkeley's Clock Tower Home
There's a huge coyote skeleton - mammoths - elephants - American bison - mastodons - rhino casts. PALCA: OK, OK, there's a lot of stuff. But what's it ...

Jackson Hole hits the peaks and valleys
... description with a chef-driven menu of locally sourced food, featuring entrées such as Idaho bison tenderloin with sweet turnip and braised greens.


In Gladys, a farmer's bison herd supplies a niche market for meat
Having just returned from the Eastern Bison Association Conference, Mike Morris is back in Virginia, tending to his machine shop in Brookneal and his....
Melrose Bison Farm
“You can't herd them,” Morris said, who has a herd of about 60, representing about 6 percent of all the bison raised in Virginia. “It's kind of like judo...

Sophia Amoruso's Guide to Amangiri
And yes, Amoruso's not kidding about the food: If it's on the menu, be sure to order the eight-ounce petite bison fillet at Amangiri's restaurant.
“Amangiri in Canyon Point, Utah, is probably the most beautiful place I’ve ever been—a gorgeous architectural resort in the middle of the desert. Mmm, bison!”


Plenty of potential at the heart of the region
Bud Koeppen feeds corn on the cob to one of the big bulls on the Broken Wagon Bison farm that he runs with his brother Wally where they are in their....
Montana (Milk River)

Burn to reveal unusual stone prehistoric features along Hi-Line
Chase said within the larger area are the 300 acres where the majority of the artifacts are located — drive lines to herd bison off a cliff, teepee rings...


Cody woman, career profiled in photo magazine
Sisti’s fondness for bison and bears has only grown to the point where she said living in a cave with a bear would be “much better than dealing with the Food and Drug Administration.”

10000-year-old stone tools found near Seattle likely made by 'locals'
Research has turned up ”little bits of protein residue on just a few of the artifacts” that suggest those ancient people were eating bear, bison, a hoofed ...


Fort Smith wood bison study halted by aboriginal groups
Aboriginal groups in the Fort Smith area have stopped a wood bison study due to a lack of consultation between themselves and researchers

Book about cows leaves a sour taste
So do all ruminants (deer, bison, goats, sheep, yaks, etc.). But are cows the cause of global climate change? Absolutely not. There were roughly 70 ...
Nebraska...RIP Mr Hughes

T.R. Hughes, bison rancher and businessman, dies
In 1972, he began the bison herd and as it grew he used offspring to establish other tribal and conservation herds. He and his wife Kay moved to ...

6 Of The Best Lean Animal Proteins
Bison has often been mistakenly called buffalo, because — according to — “early American settlers called bison “bufello” due to the 

GRAVES: A Prairie in Pieces (continued)
Although the fire history for the region is unclear, Eidson believes that historically, Native Americans used fire as a tool to manage wild herds of bison.


Wildlife Film Festival: “The Philippines: Islands of Mystery” March 27
“Catalina Island” explores the island's unique ecology as viewed through the eyes of its most iconic species: the American Bison, the Catalina Island 

BLM seeks input on change to bison grazing at allotment
The American Prairie Reserve south of Malta is proposing to increase the size of its pasture for genetically pure bison to accommodate the expanding...
WP livestock report     Western Producer (subscription)  
Bison strong

The Canadian Bison Association said Grade A bulls in the desirable weight range sold at prices up to C$5 per pound hot hanging weight.

U.S. buyers were offering US$4.10-$4.15 with returns dependent on exchange rates, quality and export costs. Grade A heifers sold as high as C$4.80. U.S. buyers are offering US$3.90.

Animals outside the desirable buyer specifications may be discounted.

At the March 11 Kramer Auction sale, 380 bison sold. Bull calves born in 2014 weighing more than 550 pounds averaged $3.80 per pound live. Quality bull calves 350–550 lb. sold 20–50 cents higher. Heifer calves heavier than 500 lb. were $3.47 with lighter classes selling at comparable prices. The March 13 sale at Vold, Jones & Vold in Ponoka, Alta., also had strong prices.


Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie to get small bison herd

WILMINGTON, Ill. (AP) — The federal supervisor of a tallgrass prairie in northern Illinois has signed onto a project to introduce a small bison herd into the grasslands.

Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie Supervisor Wade Spang announced Friday he's signed a final decision notice for the project at the prairie about 60 miles southwest of Chicago.

The experiment will include a mix of younger and mature animals to begin a small herd at the prairie that's overseen by the U.S. Forest Service.

The project was proposed in 2012 and is a partnership with the National Forest Foundation and other groups.

National Forest Foundation president Bill Possiel says the herd "will be a big draw for Chicago residents."

Fencing, water sources and other elements must be installed before the bison can arrive at the Wilmington-area prairie.


Quebec zoo offers an overnight adventure
Here animals native to the region, such as elk, bison, and deer, roam free on more than 800 acres and the humans are in cages. True, the main part of....

Former federal water manager proposes tearing down Glen Canyon Dam
(Leah Hogsten | The Salt Lake Tribune) Bison graze in the Malad River Valley just North of the Nucor Steel plant. One possible reservoir site to ...

Bison Balance Prairie Ecosystem At Battelle Big Darby Metro Park
But now, bison are back. There's a small herd at the Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park. On a recent afternoon they were lounging in their winter pasture...
“They’re eating the grasses; the flowers are doing fine and the ecology is balanced,” 

2 for $20: Between downtown and Midtown, lies the Bridge
Sandwiches and burgers come with a choice of french fries, sweet potato fries, house salad, soup of the day or bison chili. The grilled cheese is big ...
APHIS Seeks Comments on Livestock Marketing Facilities Regulation
We proposed to revise section 86.4 in order to clarify the conditions under which cattle and bison may be moved interstate to an approved livestock ...

Easter egg hunts in the Mid-Willamette Valley
Visit with Helen, the American bison. Other activities include door prizes and more, 1 to 4 p.m., Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary, 36831 Richardson Gap...

Blind Helen, picture from Sept 2014 article when she arrived at her new home.

Bison in spring
A backyard that the Texas State Bison Herd happens to roam. We have been filming in the park for several years and have watched as black-tailed


Remote trail may become hot spot
Hikers descend into Toadstool National Geologic Park while on the Bison Trail. The three-mile trail leads fro the Hudson-Meng Education and
Gathering designed to promote outdoors with Big Cedar Lodge Legends of Golf last May
... the Ancient Ozarks Natural History Museum, world class restaurants that transport guests back to a time when American bison roamed the plains, ...

 National Bison Association 

Bison Building a Nationwide Following, Carter Tells EBA Meeting

The Great Plains and Northern Tier states may be the center of the American bison business, but consumers along both coasts are driving much of the market demand, NBA Executive Director Dave Carter told the Eastern Bison Association annual meeting in Harrisburg, PA this morning.

Carter cited recent contacts from chefs as evidence of the bi-costal reach of the modern bison business.

"In September, the National Bison Association sponsored the National Chef's Collaborative meeting, which drew 350 culinary leaders to Boulder Colorado. In the weeks afterward, we have been contacted by chefs in areas like Rhode Island and Washington State with requests to put them in touch with local producers," Carter said.

Roughly 75 bison producers and guests gathered in Harrisburg this week for the Eastern Association's annual conference. Tomorrow, 40 head of bison will be auctioned as a part of the Association's annual show and sale.

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