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   Currently the NCHA is holding the annual futurity cutting in Ft Worth. Nov 20th thru Dec 13th. 
   In honor of the "Cutting Horse", lots of folks may claim to be the first to try a cutter on bison. (usually calves) But...I found and article about Jubar, the cutting horse, working a bison bull, 3 years of age. 
The Inter Ocean Mar. 28, 1892
            McCook, Neb.,March 4. – Editor Forest and Stream, -I witnessed last week, one of the most remarkable feats by a horse I ever saw. “Buffalo “ Jones was on his horse Jubar, and desiring to yoke up one of his wildest buffalo bulls (a 3-year-old) he singled him from the herd of about fifty others and endeavored to drive him a quarter of a mile to the corral. To say the buffalo was wiry and nimble does not express it; he was lightening on legs. Mr. Jones succeeded in driving him down an embankment into the valley; the buffalo, concluded he could outrun the horse, climb the bank and escape. He made a dash up the valley with all the speed that could be imagined, with Jubar flying to cut him off from the bank. Such a race is only seen in a lifetime. A point of the hill came down into the valley and stood directly in the path of Jubar, and must be scaled or he would lose the game. The roll was about 3 feet high and 5 feet wide where it must be crossed. Mr. Jones urged the steed with is spur just as the horse was nearing the critical point and away the flying horse went with a leap and a bound like that of a rubber ball. It really looked as if the horse had abandoned his feet and was flying in the air, as he held up in space so long. It is needless to say the buffalo did not climb that bank that day, but was corralled and yoked up after the stubborn running and dodging I ever witnessed in my twenty-five years of punching cattle on the plains. We took a tape line and measured the wonderful leap, which was easily done, as the prints of every foot was very conspicuous. Here it is- from front foot of starting to front foot of lighting, 23 ft. 2 in. ; from hind most foot of starting to hind most foot of lighting, 28 ft. Then by dividing the difference we have 25 ft. 7 in. Who can beat it on an up-grade at that? Mr. Jones has five yoke of buffalo bulls pretty well broken to the chariot for the World’s Fair, and Jubar will figure as the champion leaping and cutting horse of the world. – Frank W. Smith.

Senate Passes National Bison Day Resolution
For the third straight year, the U.S. Senate has set aside this day to recognize and celebrate the historic and legendary American Bison, commonly ...

National Bison Day Provides a Chance to Connect with an American Icon
For the third year in a row, the more than 50 diverse entities of the Vote Bison Coalition, including bison producers, Native Americans, conservationists ...

Real or fake beards earn strokes for National Bison Day at Denver Zoo
The American Bison has its day November 1 at the Denver Zoo and across ... A majestic feat of manhood, which all men want and all women crave.”.
Happy 'National Bison Day'!
WASHINGTON, D.C – Today is National Bison Day and bison-friendly businesses and groups across the country day are celebrating the bison as an ...
Thundering Herds Expected Wednesday for Bison Day Fest
The bison lobby is storming back onto the Hill Wednesday for its annual congressional reception — a celebration of things large, lumbering and ...
Bison mania hits Capitol Hill
The Wildlife Conservation Society is hosting its annual National Bison Day reception on Wednesday, complete with a bison “selfie station.

Hill Staffers Soldier Through Bison Day Reception
Attendees mingling in Dirksen during the National Bison Day reception. ... By the time this roving reporter penetrated the herd, the promised bison ...

The Park City Museum celebrates an American icon — the Bison
The Park City Museum will show "The Bison: American Icon," a traveling exhibit funded by NEH on the Road, a special initiative of the National ...
GRAVES: Texas forts
Inside the building, the design is expectedly stark save for a single bison head ... Russell Graves is a renowned Texas nature and wildlife writer and ...
South Dakota

American Symbol: National Geographic's Best Bison Pictures
A herd of bison move like a wave over the prairie outside Pierre, South ... Just a few hundred years ago, between 30 and 60 million American bison ...


Weekend Rewind: News and photos you may have missed
... on Saturday. Over 200 bison were auctioned. ... and your family. Rewind will help you catch up with all the happenings in Utah over the weekend.
Public is invited to observe Antelope Island bison checkups and vaccinations
After letting the herd rest from the roundup that took place earlier this month, the public is invited to watch as the Antelope Island State Park bison are ...

Bison inoculation at Antelope Island draws thousands of spectators
ANTELOPE ISLAND STATE PARK — Sean Lindsay, 6, sat atop his dad's shoulders watching the bison shuffle and kick as they made their way ...

Bison again roaming in Northwest Missouri
It's been a long time since bison roamed the prairies of Northwest Missouri, but thanks to the efforts of a group dedicated to conserving the world's ...
Welcome to the LOGICAL choice for natural solutions. Texas Ecologix is an agro-ecology architecture consulting and service firm specializing in Regenerative Landcare.
Yukon conservation officers investigating bison hunt
Yukon conservation officers investigating bison hunt ... Yukon government conservation officers are investigating the hunting of a bison on or shortly ...

Southern Food Before BBQ and Hush Puppies
The earliest southerners ate sloth and bison before Hernando de Soto ... and barbecued ribs, was likely to have included bison and ground sloths.
15 Famous Montanans: Celebrities look to state for a quiet place to hang their hats
If you've spent any time in Montana, it doesn't take long to figure out why it's such a ... There's a wide variety of celebrities who call Montana home at least ... now retired Brokaw lives near Livingston where he raises cattle and bison.
Trip through scenic, historic American West like a roller coaster
I was surprised to learn that bison are the largest land animal in North America. They are agile and quick, running at speeds of 30 mph. More people ...

Landgrab: Idaho couple fights long land battle with BLM
“It was during the good times in Idaho and we paid a high price for the ... Mike disputes the Challis Bison Kill Site is even a historical site, claiming it is ...

Yellowstone Park Considers Bumping up Bandwidth
"You take a cell phone shot of one of the bison right next to you, almost looking in your window, and you want to get that up on Facebook," said .

Yellowstone, other US parks urged to reconsider wireless upgrades
A herd of bison graze in Lamar Valley in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, in this June 20, 2011 file photo. A herd of bison graze in Lamar Valley ...

Your Take Today: USA TODAY's top reader photo
Road rules don't apply in Wyoming -- at least for these bison. While cruising on the roads in Yellowstone National Park, Your Take contributor Kim ...
Yellowstone bison to be transferred to Fort Peck
Montana wildlife officials say a group of about 140 bison captured from Yellowstone National Park will be re-located to the Fort Peck Indian ...

FWP Approves Relocation Of Quarantine Study Bison
... the FWP Fish and Wildlife Commission to relocate 139 brucellosis-free bison to Fort Peck Assiniboine and Sioux Tribal lands in northern Montana.

Yellowstone wrecked by too many animals
Even when bison were free-roaming in Montana and the Great Plains, there were vegetation “sore spots” caused by bison congregating in river ...

Bringing bison back to tribal lands
These bison will augment Fort Peck's existing herd of pure and wild ... pure, wild Yellowstone bison in the state of Montana, outside of the Yellowstone ...

Tribes to Receive Yellowstone Bison Held by Turner
A group of 139 Yellowstone National Park bison captured almost a decade ago are finally headed to a permanent home on a northeastern Montana ...

New research shows Yellowstone wolves pick their prey based on pack size
Daniel Stahler | Courtesy of NPS A wolf pack in Yellowstone National Park works together to capture a bison. Utah State University and Yellowstone ...

FWP releases compromise for bison near West Yellowstone
Bison are hazed off of the Horse Butte area north of West Yellowstone in June 2011 by Montana and federal government agencies on horseback and

Saving the Last Wild Bison
Thirty million bison reduced to just 1,000 - 99.997 percent of all bison perished- a loss so great it staggered the imaginations of Americans in the ...

American Indian tribes in Montana welcome Yellowstone bison 'with prayers'
Almost a decade after they were first captured from Yellowstone National Park, a group of wild bison that has spent years in limbo due to be rehomed
Endangered Species Act Protection Sought for the Imperiled Yellowstone Bison
Yellowstone bison are the only extant wildlife population of plains bison that retains ... Nearly all publicly held bison exist in small, isolated populations on ... west including Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Arizona, Oregon, and California.

Groups push to protect Y'Stone bison
Two environmental advocacy organizations petitioned the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service this week to protect Yellowstone bison through t

Bison: Roaming buffalo are on the way
The Buffalo Commons are on their way. If you like deer in your backyard, just wait until you see bison. Remember, the state does not pay for wildlife ...

Bison killing to go on despite lack of proof
There has never been a documented case of Yellowstone bison ... It is worsened by 22 Wyoming-operated elk feedgrounds and the National Elk ...

Montana wildlife: Bison have roamed for generations
Really, you live in Montana and you complain about wildlife, move! ... this land for six generations"; how many generations have the bison lived here?
Environmental group claims victory in ruling on helicopter hazing of bison
A state helicopter flies low to help stimulate a small herd of bison to move along the Horse Butte peninsula in this May 2012 file photo.

Bison-Herding Copters Don't Bug Bears, 9th Says
(CN) - State and federal wildlife officials properly allow helicopters to "haze" wild bison back into Yellowstone National Park in the spring, the 9th ...
Flathead, Texas bison in Yellowstone icon's gene pool
Rob Chaney's article (Nov. 17 Gazette) on Yellowstone bison repeats the common but erroneous implication that all Yellowstone bison descended ...

Supporting Bison Quarantine Betrays Commitment to Wildlife Defense
In a recent blog post, Defenders of Wildlife is grossly misleading the public claiming that they have “saved the last wild bison” by participating in and ...

Court clears helicopter bison hazing
Helicopter hazing of bison to prevent brucellosis infections in cattle is lawful despite the annoyance to threatened grizzly bears, a federal appeals court ...

A western adrenaline rush, at Colorado's Zapata Working Ranch guests are often invited to gather the 400 strong herd of domestic bison. Once hunted ...
Montanans can meet challenge of bison restoration
Steve Bullock and Montana's decision to move beyond these initial steps and to proceed with development of a bison-management plan, prepared by ...
Return of the bison for ecological and commercial reasons
The work at Nachusa Grasslands is ecological and, in part, addresses the question of long-term sustainability of a prairie habitat and the role of bison ...


Bison Return to Nachusa: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Reintroduction -

I work with the Nature Conservancy blogs.
We have a new bison post on Cool Green Science, this time about how the Nature Conservancy has worked to restore prairie habitat and bring bison back to Nachusa 

Want a home where the buffalo roam? You don't have to move
Sauk Valley residents don't have to move out West to live near buffalo, now that the reintroduction of bison has begun at Nachusa Grasslands.

Researchers study bison return to Illinois
Studying bison -- Southern Illinois University Carbondale graduate student Julia Brockman, left, works with two others to prepare special collars fitted ...

Researchers study bison return to Illinois
A bison bull and a calf run side by side after being released into a pasture at Cliff and Kim Howell's Bison Bluff Farms in rural Cobden.
Native American ancestral traditions
Native art will also be on display to celebrate Native American Heritage ... The colorful cradleboard is made from bison horn caps, bison fur, pony ...


Oldest bison at Golden Gate Park dies at 22
The oldest bison in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park died Monday, according to the San Francisco Zoological Society. Zoo animal staff had been ...
Could you finish a 10-pound bison burger? You'd be the first
Lehigh Career and Technical Institute would really like to start its 10-pound bison-burger-eating "wall of fame." Trouble is, no one can finish the ...

Late rains boost refuge forage
In other National Elk Refuge news, activity of both elk and bison has been next to nothing so far this fall. Because of a hunt that started in the refuge's ...


Governor race got closer at the end
After his 2006 loss, Beauprez and his son started a bison ranch in northern Colorado, raising and selling grass-fed American buffalo under the Eagle's ...
Southern Plains Pointers: 

                                            Making the Hard Decisions Easier 

   Well…. Here it comes again – the season of change, with some for bison - forever. In the southern plains, winter does not have to be dead and dormant, but if we are not busy in September and October, we may not find ourselves in the bounty of ‘Happy-November’ with winter forage. Either way it’s all about feed. Knowing values and how they plug into equations will make things easier to manage with confidence. An example of this is your hay. You say you have hay, but what does it represent to the nutritional regime of your herd, and what does the herd require. You feed cubes, good! What kind of cube and how is it formulated, and is this supplement balancing the existing forage. You’re putting out salt and mineral, excellent! … What is it, are they eating it, how much are they eating?… and so on. All these questions have answers that resemble cattle-management, but contain the ever-present and atypical ‘buffalo-twist’. My horse-back or farm-boy calculations are going to hit pretty close, but I strongly suggest consulting a licensed nutritionist with experience feeding bison for your base line of operations.  I will caution the reader that experience with bison means more than a drive through YNP or knowing someone with 5 head when ascertaining the benefit of a nutritionist and his or her advice. Personally, there is another expert I like to consult. While they don’t speak English, or even human, they damn sure speak buffalo… They will tell you if something is in need of fixing, or if nothing is broke by their body-score and productive functionality. Animal nutrition is a dynamic and complex interaction between all the factors in habitats or ranch operation – and animal/ herd-health.  

     Another decision that requires a calculated review, is culling. Sometimes we have to cull and some cows have to go. It is all too easy to set, and stick to, a protocol of ‘if they’re open – they go’. The questions to ask yourself are dependent upon your ranch-reality. We have things to consider in culling bison like: is this her first miss? Is this her second year? Is her condition normal? Is it her fault and are we sure she’s open? It can be much ‘cheaper-to-keep-her’ [if] you have the ranch for it. After all, we are bison ranchers and species preservation is a big part of what we do. So… cull with care!

    The bison don’t really need us for much, but they do need the basics like enough to eat and that feed being of commensurate quality with animal-health. Personally; I like to think they also need us to think deeply on their behalves.
                                        Consulting one of my experts – before making a decision

Frasier Bison L.L.C.
Best Butcher, Forte's Gourmet Market, Guilford
While it has become more difficult for Forte to procure the exotic meats his customers have grown to appreciate, including the bison, elk and boar, ...
Cheboygan, Michigan

Buffalo roundup checks health of herd
Buffalo are strong, fast and can be unpredictable. Their agility and speed, combined with their great size and weight, makes bison herds difficult to ...

Former Romanik's Ranch on Weadock Road in Munro Township. Combining operations with Midwest Buffalo

New menu items complement old standards at Ted's Montana Grill
When we think of Chapel View's Ted's Montana Grill, we think of Bison. But Ted Turner's popular chain is much more, constantly adding new items to ...


Bison Bling Helping Biologists Study Iconic Herd
In conjunction with California State University, Fullerton, the Conservancy has ... Location data collected by the collars will be used to analyze bison ...

Challenges remain in wood bison release
While the wood bison at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center in Portage are unaware of their expected relocation to the Innoko River/Lower Yukon

The legacy of the Bison
Anchorage, AK - It has been described as the most significant conservation initiative of this century. And it all centers on Wood Bison. For the Wildlife ...


South Dakota

Custer State Park buffalo auction is Nov. 15
CUSTER STATE PARK — Some of the bison gathered during the annual Custer State Park Buffalo Roundup will be sold this month. The bison auction ...

265 Bison Sold At Custer State Park Auction
Horseback riders were joined by all-terrain vehicles and pickup trucks to gather about 1,200 bison into corrals, joining roughly 100 head brought in ...

WT Advertising Class Seek Funds for the University Mascot Habitat
On Twitter, fans can follow Thunders daily musings on life from the bison perspective. The hashtag #thunderthoughts will aggregate all such posts.

From an Anteater on a Leash to a Hippo that Gets Massages, Here Are the Weirdest Pets from ...
In 2008, after the death of his first buffalo, Bailey Sr., Sautner adopted a baby male bison, which he named Bailey Jr. Instantly, the two had a special ...

Complete Frozen Bison Mummy From 7000 B.C. Found In Siberia
One project scientist, Olga Potapova, from the Mammoth Site of Hot Springs in South Dakota, says, "The Yukagir bison mummy became the third find ...

9300-Year-Old Bison Mummy Found in Siberia
A 9,300-year-old frozen bison mummy has been found in Eastern Siberia, according to a presentation this week at the Society of Vertebrate ...
Siberian tribe unearths mummified bison: Specimen may provide clues to extinction of species
Many steppe bison remains have been uncovered in the past, but it is rare for a carcass to remain intact for thousands of years and still have all its ...

Researchers Are Examining a 9000-Year-Old Bison Mummy
The locals found the remains and delivered them to the Academy of Sciences in Yakutia, who realized this mummified bison was remarkably well ...
Nature Notes: American bison, by the numbers
Approximately 500,000 bison live in North America. This population is tiny compared to the 30-60 million that probably existed across the American ...
Bison at home on Sevier County farm
Interpretive boards near the pasture provide visitors with some strange and unusual facts about the behemoths, which are officially called bison but ...Travelers driving along Glades Road en route to Gatlinburg frequently encounter delays as they pass by the Hammonds Farm, where the curious sight of buffalo grazing in the pasture inevitably brings traffic to a halt.
Benny Hammond watches his buffalo from a pickup truck on his farm in Gatlinburg on Thursday, Nov. 6, 2014

"Nickle" Hammonds Bull
New bison arrive at Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve
On Oct. 23 an additional 30 head of bison, made up of 13 males and 17 females ranging in age from 1.5 to 2.5 years, arrived to join the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve herd— bringing total herd size to 58 animals.

The original source of the 13 bison released in the preserve back in 2009 was Wind Cave National Park in South Dakota. In part to maintain genetic integrity and lineage, Wind Cave once again provided the new bison to further support the satellite herd established at the preserve. The bison herd is jointly managed between the National Park Service and The Nature Conservancy

New bison arrive at Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve
On Oct. 23 an additional 30 head of bison, made up of 13 males and 17 females ranging in age from 1.5 to 2.5 years, arrived to join the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve herd— bringing total herd size to 58 animals.

The original source of the 13 bison released in the preserve back in 2009 was Wind Cave National Park in South Dakota. In part to maintain genetic integrity and lineage, Wind Cave once again provided the new bison to further support the satellite herd established at the preserve. The bison herd is jointly managed between the National Park Service and The Nature Conservancy

Trail of the Week • White Bison Trail, Lone Elk Park
The bison are generally peaceful but can be combative for no apparent reason. So keeping a distance is still a good idea. But none of that takes away ...
Sharing Food Makes You a Better Person
In primitive times, food was delivered in bulk in the form of a whole animal—bison for four, anyone?—so it had to be shared by more than just a single ...

PHOTOS: Ancient Quivira settlements to be explored
To obtain this turquois, archaeologist Donald Blakeslee said, traders for the ancestors of the Wichitas probably walked, with bison hide as trade goods ...
Illinois,  more from last months story

Pecatonica family finds niche with bison
In this Oct. 11, 2014 photo, bison walk around in the corral on the Asche Bison & Pork Farm in Pecatonica, Ill. Today, there is a resurgence of interest ...
Omaha Steaks and NB3 Partner
“The relationship between Native Americans and bison has always been rooted in respect and reverence and that relationship continues to be ...
You're Invited! Mundelein Knit & Crochet Studio and Mundelein Makers This Week!
Our next session is this month, Thursday November 13th, and will feature yarn made from bison down all the way from The Yarn Barn in Wisconsin at ...
Why You Should Switch From Beef to Bison
Bison meat is high in protein, low in fat, and stocked on many store shelves. Even though demand currently outpaces supply, things might soon
A wakeup call to Native American buffalo ranchers
... to connecting Indian reservations and small-scale bison ranches with markets for grass-fed meat, is one of six South Dakota non-profit organizations ...
Bison meat industry looks to grow
In Oregon, they fell from 76 to 41, Idaho from 88 to 45, California from 168 to 87 and nationally ... Their bison feed on grass, hay and finish on barley.
Bison mating observations fall short of predicting reproductive success
This is complicated since many male animals, including American bison, mate with multiple females, making it difficult to estimate which males will be ...

Schandelmeier: Where the buffalo roam (and hunters follow) in Interior Alaska
A bison! A big cow was directly ahead in the trail. She stood her ground until the dogs almost reached her, then wheeled and bolted into the scattered
3 Holiday Recipes that Won't Ruin Healthy Habits
My gluten-free Bison-Stuffed Acorn Squash recipe is a hearty holiday meal with a beautifully simple presentation (and with easy clean-up).
Outdoor column: B & C sets the standard for big game
Some of the largest bears in North America are in the coastal counties. ... They saw American bison (buffalo), which had swarmed across the ...
Breads, cookies, bison and lamb all from Elizabeth's Garden
Lexi WaltersLinda Gray and daughter, Elizabeth, man the table at the Boyle County Farmers Market. Elizabeth's Garden, which Linda Gray named ...
South Dakota

(SD)-Extra Caution Encouraged When Driving Through Wind Cave National Park
(WIND CAVE NATIONAL PARK) – With the recent snowfalls, bison are once again on or near the roadways of Wind Cave National Park, especially

Drivers urged to use caution at Wind Cave
Bison and other large animals such as elk are drawn to the roads by salt used to melt snow and ice during winter storms. The park doesn't salt its ...
Restaurant news: Terra Waconia loses its lease; game dinners and burgers
13, featuring smoked duck crespelle, pumpkin soup with wild boar bacon, duck confit frisée salad, sunfish fish and chips and ale-braised bison, with 
Former Vegetarian Natural Doctor Promotes Healthy Wild Thanksgiving
Then he discovered that bison, the main staple of Native Americans, restored his vigor. It later worked, not only for him, but also for many of his patients ...

Growing Numbers Bring American Bison Back To Cherokee Land
One month ago, a herd of Bison from Badlands National Park arrived here in Oklahoma. They're now on Cherokee tribal land in Delaware County.
What can we do about mycoplasma?
In the bison industry, mycoplasma is almost always a primary pathogen and can cause considerable death loss in naïve populations of calves, cows 

After tremendous decline, Farewell bison numbers are on the rise
The Farewell herd, one of four plains bison herds in Alaska, lives in ... they are descendants of 23 plains bison transplanted from Montana to near ...

Independence Blue Cross sponsoring 'Bison Experience' at Elmwood Park Zoo
Named “The Bison Express,” the caboose houses displays and artifacts that trace the history of the American bison from its days as a natural resource ...


The Park City Museum celebrates an American icon — the Bison
The Park City Museum will show "The Bison: American Icon," a traveling exhibit funded by NEH on the Road, a special initiative of the National ...

Bison burger-eating competition benefits LCTI students
Hungry contestants in Lehigh County tried to "tame the bison burger" and raise some money for a good cause Friday. Lehigh Career and Technical ...

Bison adopted by Brown Intermediate Center
Students from Brown Intermediate Center in South Bend, Ind. visited Potawatomi Zoo Friday and adopted a bison, which is the school's mascot.

Soybean yield leader tracks toward diversification
Lieb Farms raises grass-fed American bison for meat production and Twin Silos Farm grows fruits, herbs, vegetables and honey. “We did it with the ...

Kansas prairie park is one of last tracts of vanishing tallgrass
Bison graze beyond a stand of gay-feather at the Tallgrass Prairie National ... Located a half-mile west of Strong City, Kansas; about 100 miles from ...
Naturally Speaking : Going, Going, Gone
The population status and trends of vertebrates in Boulder County mirror the trends of the American West. Bison, pronghorn, gray wolf, grizzly bear, ...

Bison meat industry looks to grow
Bison on a gentle slope of the Hanson Ranch off State Highway 970 east of Cle Elum, Wash., Oct. 12. The bison meat industry is looking to rebuild ...
Jerk bison leaves friend for dead in wolf pack struggle
And, just as one bison's defenses are waning, it's thrown under the proverbial bus by a selfish friend apprently only concerned for its own safety.

Cheese curds at Heartland?! Bar menu gets a tasty makeover
The bison burger ($16), topped with a creamy blue cheese and pickled onions, was really beefy but a little dry, as that leaner meat tends to be.
Environmental contest: Trees vs. Prairie — part 1
Animals that typically inhabit a prairie range from invertebrates (like grasshoppers and beetles) to large mammals (like antelopes and bison).

Oakland City Council considers hotly debated Oakland Zoo expansion plan
"Animals that are not even here anymore, but it's on our state flag, so that's the Grizzly bear, jaguar, and the American bison," Parrot said. "Everything
Learning to love bison as the other red meat
The critter you know as the American buffalo (yes, of rolling plains and ... The American buffalo (technically a bison) is more closely related to your ...
Rock Bottom Brewery & Restaurant Introduces Signature Burger Options With New #RBurgerLove ...
Bison Prairie Burger – A perfectly-seasoned bison patty smash-griddled to guests' liking, topped with sauteed poblano peppers and mushrooms, ...


Hundreds of ancient children's shoes found in Utah cave shed light on little-known culture
The view from Promontory Cave 1 in Utah, where excavations in the 1930s ... The soles of the shoes were made from a single piece of bison leather

Wood Bison 1
They are the largest land animal in north america - and, until a hundred years ago, great herds of wood bison used to roam the grassy plains of ...

Holiday Hours announced for the National Bison Range
And so, we invite you to visit the National Bison Range during this festive time of year. The cold may be nipping at your nose but it can be a great time ...


Brucellosis Still Infecting Idaho Elk
The vial was one of about 1,500 that the Idaho Department of Fish and ... via European cattle more than a century ago, then spilled over to elk and bison. According to a 2006 report from an Idaho wildlife brucellosis work group, the

New rules for animal traceability
A new provision in Indiana requires records be kept for five years by owners, sellers, lessors and buyers of cattle and bison that are sold, purchased, ...

Boise Fry Company opening in Austin in early 2015
The Boise Fry Company opened in 2009 in Idaho serving grass-fed beef and bison burgers and a wide variety of potatoes and cuts of fries. At BFC ...
National Geographic Channel Premieres Documentary ERIC GREENSPAN IS HUNGRY Tonight
... Arkansas, on THE HUNT for meals made with an ANIMAL that is quintessentially American: bison (aka the American buffalo). Eric and Mauzner are ...

Art Of The American West Comes To The Tacoma Art Museum
Images of the American West line the walls of a brand new addition to the Tacoma Art ... “It shows a group of bison in Yellowstone park," said Fry.
Diversity at the heart of Texas cooking
The food of Texas comes into sharp focus in four new cookbooks. ... Springs, which raises and processes bison (and doesn't ship it outside Texas).

Get out: What's happening around the Ozarks on Tuesday
Conservation Kids' Club: Just Like Lewis and Clark – Journaling and Uses of the Bison, 6:30-7:45 p.m. Tuesday, Springfield Conservation Nature Center, 4601 S. Nature Center Way. Learn about the importance of the bison, try your hand at journaling and make a journal to take home. Ages 7-12. No younger siblings; only one adult per group of kids. 417-888-4237
A trip back to the Ice Age
Suddenly the ground begins to shake and a startled herd of ancient bison, bison antiquis, begins to rumble off in a hurry. I begin to become alarmed ...
New York             

LYFE Kitchen readies first New York restaurant
We added a Black Bean Bowl in Texas, and in Colorado we have Bison Burgers and Bison Tacos, which are very popular there. In New York we're ...

Animal fat, also known as tallow, is the latest DIY beauty craze
Primal Care, which hand-makes balms and moisturizers in Arroyo Seco, New Mexico, uses buffalo tallow from grass-fed American Bison as its main ...

Arkansas conservation centennial to be celebrated
In a few months, the 100th anniversary of the Arkansas Game and Fish ... In Arkansas, elk, bison and swans were gone, deer were drastically reduced, ...



Move over bison, crocus - 'Bruce' could become Manitoba's dinosaur
It's not every province that has a dinosaur for an emblem. But that's one of the weighty issues discussed at the Manitoba Legislature Tuesday, ...

Sask. filmmaker captures grasslands
Once numbering in the tens of millions, bison populations were decimated to near-extinction. A park program initiated in 2005 has resulted in the ...
New York


Deer hunters bag a buffalo in Madison County and keep the meat
The hunters, Keith Simpson and Lowell Berger, told the Oneida Dispatch that they first saw the bison while bowhunting back in October, roaming the ...

Long read: the ideology of nature in Butcher's Crossing
Driven to the edge of extinction, it is estimated that the American bison numbered more than 50 million at one time but the population declined to a ...

Colorado mastodon bones show ancient warmer Earth
Evidence left behind by mastodons, mammoths, giant sloths and huge bison — along with insects, plants, pollen and other animals — offers a glimpse 

Bite Now: Bison burger at Crave
But the truly craveable bite was the juicy, pork belly-topped bison burger ($15.95), a study in contrasts. The lean patty is well-seasoned and expertly ...

Dining Out: Fauna's fantastic dishes worth the wait
Fauna Food and Bar on Bank St with chef Jon Svazas with Bison Carpaccio ... The small plate that gave me that big, pleasurable jolt was the bison ...

Pokin Around: Why reporters should attend church
This, in turn, prompted him to tell me about the remarkable 1,200-acre place where he pays a small fee to rent a cabin, hunt deer and eat bison

Oak Barrel's Demetrios Atheneos to Open New Lakewood Restaurant
... cheese curds and housemade mixed-bone gravy; Ohio-raised rabbit with Killbuck Valley mushrooms and Chef's Garden edible flowers; Ohio bison short ribs with white hominy...


A taste of the West
“Bison are very suspicious of people, so a lot of times when you have new people, they want to stay back,” he said as his herd of 14 bison hung back ...

Court rules in Vanrook's favour in landmark Johne's case
“All of those people that have been impacted from the three cases where bison strain was the foundation of the quarantine (Rockley, Sarina and ...

First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park manager retires
The bison jump site consists of a mile long sandstone cliff; there are remnants of drive lines on top of the cliff and there are up to 18 ft. of  compacted....
Fargo flips for ESPN's 'College GameDay'
ESPN had an idea: Get a live bison, hustle it through the back of the historic Fargo Theatre and have the 350-pound animal pop out the front door onto ...

Montana Outdoor Hall of Fame inductees named
While Roosevelt did not spend a great deal of time in Montana, a bison hunt in 1883 among the slaughtered herds is often pointed to as a turning point 
 National Bison Association 
History & Mission

In 1995 the American Bison Association (formed in 1975) and the National Buffalo Association (chartered in 1966) merged to become the National Bison Association.
The NBA has over 1,000 members in all 50 states and 10 foreign countries.
The NBA is a non-profit association of producers, processors, marketers and bison enthusiasts.

The vison of the NBA is a community bound by the heritage of the American Bison/Buffalo.
The mission of the National Bison Association is to bring together stakeholders to celebrate the heritage of American bison/buffalo, to educate, and to create a sustainable future for our industry.
National Bison Association members abide by the NBA Code of Ethics, which ensure the humane and sustainable raising of the American bison. To view our Code of Ethics, please click here.  

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