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Williamsport Sun Gazette

Williamsport, Pennsylvania Jan 19 1871

BUFFALO MEAT. The other day a refrigerator car passed through Harrisburg with buffalo meat, brought from the plains and on the way to New York or Philadelphia. The car was ornamented with the fierce looking head of a buffalo.

* Many attempts have been made to ship meat east, since 1845. Several trials and errors, derailments  and finally Swift in 1879 built on an idea and it worked. Using ice from Lake Michigan, loaded the ice above the meat, and the meat being loaded low on metal racks, using the natural airflow kept the meat cool.  

(In 1871 this was done by Weaver, Rankin and Co’s. patent car. read more :
about half way down the page, is an article of a salesman showing his new design, ice formed on top the car. )




(reported last issues)
Bison back on farm safe and sound
MIDDLE GROVE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Bubba the bison's owners say he is back on the farm safe and sound. DJ McKeon took a video of the bison ...

NY'rs vs YNP Bison
Dad hilariously panics over bison blockade
KTNV Las Vegas
While traveling through Yellowstone National Park, this family encountered a road blockage that made dad get a little nervous. Bison... Yes.

(reported last issue)
Hunters rack up fines for illegally killing bison bulls
Rapid City Journal
JACKSON, Wyo. | Hunters have been illegally killing bison bulls almost daily in the two weeks since part of a herd moved onto the National Elk Refuge ...
National Elk Refuge preparing for supplemental feeding
Wyoming Game and Fish will be closing its Refuge bison hunt early. Scheduled through January 10, it will instead be closed on Friday, January 6.
MOORE OUTDOORS: 'White buffalo' moment can do wonders
The Port Arthur News
Hiding under the shade of a live oak was a massive bison. The longhorns were cool but this was awesome! This thing was easily in the 2,000-pound ...

White buffalo finds herd and home on rancher's range
Times Record News
“But she's the real thing, all bison, ” Pinkman said. ... big blue stem, switch grass, wild oaks and buffalo grass in the way bison do that differs from cattle.
Monatana, Buffalo Field Campaign to work together on protecting bison crossing roads
Idaho State Journal
Pat Wise, the deputy director of the Montana Department of Transportation, said the agency will meet with the Buffalo Field Campaign at the end of ...

Forest Service implements temporary shooting bans near Gardiner to improve bison hunt safety
The Bozeman Daily Chronicle
Forest Service officials have created two temporary “no shooting” areas near Gardiner to improve safety during the annual hunting of bison by Native ...
Prairie dogs to be removed from Buffalo Jump state park
The Bozeman Daily Chronicle
GREAT FALLS, Mont. (AP) — Officials plan to reduce the number of prairie dogs at First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park because they say the ...
'An island in all this development': Conservation easement protects 150-year-old family ranch near ...
Helena Independent Record
With the temperature gauge proclaiming 6 below zero, a mixture of cattle and bison turned their attention to the approaching vehicle. Steam hovered ...

Farr to discuss travel to the buffalo in Lolo talk
The Missoulian
It was just one of a number of routes to the bison that roamed the Great Plains by the millions. Among Farr's discoveries: the forgotten Snake River ...
COLUMN: Going from road boss to road kill
Cody Enterprise
Management is defined as shooting first and asking questions later if bison wander beyond the Park boundary into Montana, combined with a ...
USFWS Preparing Bison Range Transfer Study
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service today announced it's assessing future management plans for the National Bison Range, including transferring ...
Possible National Bison Range management change still in the works
Possible National Bison Range management change still in the works ... Tribal leaders have written draft legislation would lays out how the refuge ...
Montana temporarily blocks bison slaughters
American Bison (also known as Buffalo) and their calves, forage for food at Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming on June 1, 2011. In the early 1800's, ...
State, federal officials hope to resolve bison conflict quickly
The Bozeman Daily Chronicle
In this March 9, 2016 file photo, a group of Yellowstone National Park bison await shipment to slaughter inside a holding pen along the park's northern ...
South Dakota Bison Industry holds #1 spot in the nation
South Dakota Bison Industry holds #1 spot in the nation ... Karen Conley, Executive Director of the DakotaTerritory Buffalo Association says now is the ...
Bison ranchers can smile: Business boomed in 2016
Rapid City Journal
A herd of bison roams through snowy fields inside the 777 Bison Ranch in Hermosa. The ranch prides itself on raising its bison completely grass-fed.

Bagging a bison
Black Hills Pioneer
Cole Blom added that French dips using the bison meat are a fan favorite at his house, and he explained that the Bloms would transport the bison ...
Strength of bison market comes through at frigid sale
Bismarck Tribune
SELFRIDGE — The temperature had warmed up to about 20 degrees below zero before Ernie and Beverly Fischer's annual bison sale began Jan. 7.
What's so “bad” about the Badlands, anyway?
PLoS Blogs (blog)
It has been the home of Native American Ghost Dances, a United States Air Force ... Vast herds of bison once roamed the prairies of the Great Plains.
Unusual animals stop traffic in Williamson Valley
Prescott Daily Courier
Due to the crossbreeding of buffalo with cattle – creating “beefalo” – Rodney is interested in keeping the bloodline of his bison family pure. The sellers ...


Johnston ranch breeds bison, sells meat
Aiken Standard
The two now have 33 bison spread across several fields that amount to about 100 acres. The bison are American bison, with a mix of wood bison and ...
Land Between the Lakes Bison Auction to be held January 28th
Clarksville Online
Land Between the Lakes - LBL Land Between the Lakes, KY/TN – A public auction to reduce the size of bison herds in Land Between the Lakes ...
Land Between the Lakes Bison Auction to be held January 28th
Clarksville Online
Land Between the Lakes - LBL Land Between the Lakes, KY/TN – A public auction to reduce the size of bison herds in Land Between the Lakes ...

Out 'n' About 1-28-17
Hopkinsville Kentucky New Era
A public auction to reduce the size of bison herds in Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area will begin at 9 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 28, at the ...
Yes, that's a camel looking over the fence in the Midway farmer's field
Lexington Herald Leader
For nearly 20 years, people have been surprised to see camels, bison and llamas munching sweet grass alongside the cattle on Phillips' sprawling ...
Alternative Oklahoma bison license plate reaches pre-order goal
“What a great way to kick off the new year… by honoring Oklahoma's most iconic animal and putting abison-themed license plate into production,” ...
Sanford Archaeology Program
Chronicle Times
Dr. Carlson has conducted five seasons of excavation at an arroyo trap bison kill site. It has yielded a wealth of information about large-scale hunting ...
John Klein: The land of the Osage is coming home
Tulsa World
“So, right now, our hope for the bison preserve and any other tribal enterprises are on hold,” Standing Bear said. “We have a lot of different proposals ...
Tallgrass Prairie Preserve seeks docent volunteers
Examiner Enterprise
Volunteers explain the conservancy and preserve missions, provide information about the preserve history, status, bison herd, and tall grasses, ...
How Did Animals At The Detroit Zoo React To Christmas Trees?
Wolves, bison, wolverines and arctic foxes at the Detroit Zoo received a special delivery in their habitat: Recycled Christmas trees.
Horseback riders of Weber County Sheriff's Mounted Posse join art stroll
They also assist each year with the bison roundup on Antelope Island, shooting stinging pellets at misbehaving bison, Schlosser said. He also named ...
Just old-fashioned: Mulkeytown farmer getting by raising bison
The Southern
Looking out at his eight bison in rural Mulkeytown, he knows that each year when he butchers, he will be able to sell off the meat, the process paying ...

Bison herd in Franklin Grove more than quadruples since 2014
Burlington Hawk Eye
FRANKLIN GROVE, Ill. — A herd of bison on an Illinois prairie has grown from 20 to 90 since it was acquired more than two years ago to boost the ...
2016 Year in Review: Fountain County
Attica High School received is fiberglass bison statue as part of the state's Bison-tennial project. The project to paint the 5-foot statute was expected ...
Science Communications
The Nature Conservancy
We have a video today on Cool Green Science showing the return of bison to Kankakee Sands:
Breaking Brad: MUD had record 96 water main breaks in December. But it really seemed like only 90
Omaha World-Herald
In Foster, Wisconsin, a herd of bison blocked the road and cars couldn't pass. Motorists waiting for the bison to pass said it could not be any more ...
Jefferson Park Winter Market Returns To Copernicus Center Sunday
Tilapia from Metro Farms, meat from Lester's Bison Farm and loose-leaf tea from Perkolator Cafe will all be on offer Sunday. View Full Caption.
Paint Bank, Virginia, is the best kept secret in the Southeast
Meadville Tribune
As if this wasn't enough to tell you about at Paint Bank, the folks here have a full scale buffalo (American bison) farming operation in the form of Hollow ...
Southern Plains Pointers:  Jan 2017

  Green-ups -a -commin! And – quick! Most regions in the southern plains are breaking over into a lush state of pasture and range conditions, while the high plains will take a bit longer. Many herds are now in the process of working herds and preparing to balance their AU’s to the land. Because of our ‘spring explosion’ that is normal, working herds a bit deeper into winter and up against ‘green-up’ can work well for managing parasites. There will also be a wide diversity in plants that normally occur that are naturally occurring wormers such as wild onions, willow chutes and bark, six to twelve variations of sumac, new growth on Pecan trees, and the #1 natural ‘native’ southern plains wormer plant – Artemisia or Wormwood. Google it and you will be surprised. The bison will select most of these plants in very short windows, while some will be selectable all year long and be grazed out if we don’t, or can’t rotate.

  Working the herd is how we gauge the health of it by comparing weights from the year previous. We can learn a lot by recording and comparing body weight as instrumentation for productive and physical health. It is also true that we can learn a lot about our own proficiencies, as stewards, by recording the events of the work. Simply record the system ‘failures’ that occur, some will be perceived as animal behavior frustrations, then take the next year learning and experimenting with how to correct the problems. The higher the number of recorded ‘failures’ the lower the score and it will always follow that your returns will follow your score.

  Personally, I try to remember that I am in charge of a pristine remnant of ‘native’ American western and ecological heritage, which also happens to now be the National Mammal of the United States [NMOTUS]. The species was celebrated this year, as such, at the National Bison Association winter conference in Denver. Many historic things are yet to come, and many have happened including identifying the North American Bison Registry [NABR] as the first ‘species registry’ in history.  I suspect I am not the only one thinking we just might do all we can, for them, as they deal with people-stuff on the way to: the first modern million

Frasier Bison L.L.C.

Kansas' Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve is park unlike any other
Portage County Gazette
You don't want to fool with bison, as they can be aggressive and are naturally curious. The park service recommends staying at least 125 yards away ...
History on display
Newton Kansan
Other exhibits they have created focus on Willa Cather, Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, science in Kansas, bison, America in the 1940s and 1950s ...
Bid to move bison nets accidental rifle injury for man
Hutchinson News
A Moundridge man was accidentally shot in the leg Friday while he attempted to help a Hutchinson man maneuver a buffalo into position so it could be ...
Beyond beef: Kansas cuisine is the theme of this new cookbook
Kansas City Star
“That's the way we've always eaten in Kansas,” says Frank, who works in ... Bison Bolognese, for example, is Lawrence chef T.K. Peterson's way of ...

Conservation, awareness keep herds strong
McPherson Sentinel
Maxwell Wildlife Refuge is home to 70 elk and 160 bison, and the Friends of Maxwell has designed programs and activities at the refuge since 1993.
MADORIN: Perfectly designed to plow snow
hays Post
Think of bison perfectly designed to survive winter on the plains. Kansas' state mammal, which is also the iconic flag symbol of Wyoming, is perfectly ...

A Travel Guide to Catalina Island
... rocky island where a hundred or so North American Bison roam free and Old Hollywood's most famous used to vacation. On Santa Catalina Island, ...

Explore San Francisco on the cheap
Mankato Free Press
... lakes, sports fields, a children's playground, a Dutch windmill and even a paddock with a small herd of American bison. The park is a beautiful place ...

DNR, Citizens Advisory Group meet to discuss needs of Blue Mounds State Park
Daily Globe
While it may be most known for its genetically pure American Bison herd, the park has more rare natural features and native prairie than anywhere ...
Idaho Art Lab to display 'Dung and Dunger Monoprints'
Rexburg Standard Journal
Hidalgo routinely gathers bison dung, later boiling, sterilizing and neutralizing the dung and turning it into a paper canvas for himself. Then he paints ...
Wildlife struggling with winter weather, supplemental feeding sites in place
Idaho State Journal
According to Idaho Fish and Game officials, low temperatures and heavy snowfall will likely mean ... such as elk, deer and bison, and in response, supplemental feeding sites have opened across East Idaho and Western Wyoming.
Another steppe bison horn found in Homer
Homer News
Another Ice Age-bone discoverer, A.J. Weber, dropped by with a steppe bison horn and skull fragment he found while gold panning at Diamond Creek ...
UNK's Ranglack earns prestigious Southwood Prize for bison research
Grand Island Independent
KEARNEY — An estimated 30 to 50 million bison once roamed North America before unregulated shooting reduced the population to about 1,000 by ...
Meyer ranch buffalo under quarantine for Rozol poison
Bismarck Tribune
The situation dates to April, when six dead bald eagles and dead bison were discovered at the former Wilder Ranch. An Environmental Protection ...

On Connecticut Farm, Visitors Enjoy Bison—in More Ways Than One
Farm Bureau News
In addition to the wagon ride and the butter- or ice cream-making, party guests may get a catered lunch of bison burgers, chips, soda and ice cream.  Two different article about the same ranch.
Connecticut bison farm becoming a tourist destination
Crop Protection News
Early in their career as bison producers, the Tanners received many inquiries about purchasing bison meat. This resulted in the couple selling ...

Dining hall buffalo depresses students
Sitting at the base of the stairs leading up to the dining hall, the statue is a metal replica of the school's noble mascot, the American Bison. However ...
Alberta-made film denied approval by American Humane after investigation intobison slaughter
Calgary Herald
The production came under investigation from American Humane after questions were raised about the slaughter of five bison used in a scene ...
History Matters: Grader operator unearths two ancient sites in Saskatoon landfill
Saskatoon StarPhoenix
Early hunter-gatherer societies persisted in hunting the thinning bison herds from small temporary camps, especially along major waterways, such as ...
Festivals, fossils and wildlife experiences shape a trip to this prairie province.
Toronto Star
Go on a bison safari: For an epic Canadian animal adventure, take a bison safari to see the herd at FortWhyte Alive in Winnipeg from May to ...
Bison may return to Banff
Western Producer (subscription)
He told the Canadian Bison Association annual convention that the five-year, reversible pilot project would see the Plains bison placed in the park's ...
Royal Alberta Museum to crack open 1600-year-old roasting pit with meal still inside
“Somebody — probably celebrating the success of a hunt — had a big feast afterward and prepared a bison calf and some kind of a dog, maybe ...
CO has never seen a worse case of poaching
Whitehorse Star (subscription)
In addition to poaching the big game, Ensor also pleaded guilty to poaching grouse and allowing grouse and bison meat to spoil. The judge said a ...

Canada 150: 10 National Parks to visit in 2017
Saga Magazine News
The park was set up in 1922 to protect the last remaining herds of wood bison in northern Canada and today still has 5,000 of them. It is also the ...
Aboriginal leaders bless bison at Elk Island National Park bound for Banff [Video]
Edmonton Sun
Bison, part of a herd of 16 bison being shipped from Elk Island National Park to Banff National Park, are seen in a paddock at Elk Island National Park ...
Campdraft with a difference
Wingham Chronicle
The bison are great for experienced campdrafters to improve their skills and also for beginners to learn the skills as the bison are calm, easy going and ...
Environmentalists Protest Hunting Bison Plan in Poland
New York Times
WARSAW, Poland — Environmentalists are protesting Poland's plan to allow hunters to shoot bison, while authorities say it is necessary for the ...
Yahoo News
FILE - In this March 16, 2010 file photo bison are pictured at a reserve in the Bialowieza forest, in Bialowieza, eastern Poland. Environmentalists are protesting plans by the authorities to allow hunters to kill 10 bison in the Borecka forest saying the protected animals should be allowed to die of natural causes. 

Greenpeace had gathered well over 7,000 signatures by Monday afternoon, Jan. 2, 2017, on a letter asking Prime Minister Beata Szydlo to stop the plan. (AP Photo/Czarek Sokolowski, file)More
Corrections and clarifications
The Guardian
A report (Backlash over plan to allow bison shooting, 3 January, page 18) said environmental authorities in Poland had allowed the hunting of a bison ...
Bison caught on camera charging pack of wolves in Poland
ABC FOX Montana News
WARSAW, Poland (AP) - A pack of wolves in eastern Poland made a wrong choice of prey when it tried to attack a herd of bison, but was dismally ...

Link to Video
Bison Hunting On This Week's Legislative Agenda
House Bill 108 would give tribes the licenses each year, as long as the state also issues 40 or more special licenses to the general public to hunt ...
Indian legislators request more bison hunting tags
Billings Gazette
A proposal to extend and modify the issuance of bison hunting licenses to people on Montana's Indian reservations and the Little Shell Tribe was ...
Yellowstone begins controversial bison capture
Billings Gazette
So far this winter, tribal hunters have reported taking 80 bison, 36 from the west side and 44 from the north, while state hunters have harvested 19 ...
John Klein: The land of the Osage is coming home
Tulsa World
“So, right now, our hope for the bison preserve and any other tribal enterprises are on hold,” Standing Bear said. “We have a lot of different proposals ...
Bison hunt and reservation turkeys discussed at SPCC Elders meeting
Char-Koosta News
The EC members were given an update on the Yellowstone National Park Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes bison hunt, and the turkey ...

Region in Brief
Jackson Hole News&Guide
At least 100 Yellowstone National Park bison have been trapped in ... so the meat can be distributed to designated Native American Indian tribes.
Native American flute circle meets for jam sessions
Daily Commercial
CLERMONT - It's a new year and a new home for the Native American flute ... He is quite clear that the bison is less sensitive to changes in weather, ...
Agency moves to transfer bison range to tribes
Daily Inter Lake
Two days before the official end of Barack Obama's presidency, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced it was initiating an environmental review ...
Looking Up: The Great Bright Hunter
To the Lakota, Orion's Belt is the spine of a bison. The great rectangle of Orion is the bison's ribs; the Pleiades star cluster in nearby Taurus is the ...
CSKT Supports FWS' Preferred Plan to Return Bison Management to Tribes
Flathead Beacon
“We have received a great deal of positive feedback from the public on our draft legislation to restore the National Bison Range to federal trust ...


Montana > 
Plenty of fish, wildlife issues waiting for legislators
Billings Gazette
In the past two sessions bison bills have been some of the most hotly contested, but this year seems to be a bit cooler. One measure already in the ...
Bison Hunting On This Week's Legislative Agenda
Lawmakers in Helena are considering a bill that would give each Indian tribe in the state two free licenses per year to hunt buffalo. Josh Burnham ...
Prices high as bison ranchers converge in Great Falls
Great Falls Tribune
Best management practices for bison producers and ordinances passed by counties targeting bison herds are among the topics that will be discussed ...
New twist in efforts to transfer Bison Range to Indian tribes
The Missoulian
CSKT spokesman Rob McDonald has said that PEER “intentionally ignores the fact that legislation to restore the Bison Range to federal trust ...
Native American bison hunt bill advances to the House floor
The Bozeman Daily Chronicle
Some tribal governments allow members to hunt the animals based on treaty rights, including the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes, two ...

DVM & Business

South Dakota Bison Industry holds #1 spot in the nation
South Dakota Bison Industry holds #1 spot in the nation ... Karen Conley, Executive Director of the DakotaTerritory Buffalo Association says now is the ...
Bison business achieves record growth in 2016
AG Week
Westminster, Colo. - Bison producers are closing out a record year of profitability and recognition, and are looking forward to continued growth in 2017 ...
Bison business achieves record growth in 2016
AG Week
The bison business notched several accomplishments in 2016. Most notable was congressional passage of legislation establishing bison as national ...
Bison ranchers can smile: Business boomed in 2016
Rapid City Journal
Bruce Anderson — former president of the association and owner of Western Buffalo, a bison meat processing company on East St. Patrick Street in ...

History Matters: Grader operator unearths two ancient sites in Saskatoon landfill
Saskatoon StarPhoenix
Early hunter-gatherer societies persisted in hunting the thinning bison herds from small temporary camps, especially along major waterways, such as ...

Search Term Search
Norfolk Eastern Daily Press
'I was amazed that I have found a bone from an extinct species of animal that was around with the mammoths': Piece of 'Steppe Bison' unearthed in ...
Ice Age 'skeleton crew' offers insights for today's endangered species
Ice Age mammals such as the Columbian mammoth (left), long-horned bison, and sabertooth can help provide insights for the future of today's ...
Old Vero Man dig begins again
In addition to the ancient bison bone that is approximately 2 feet long, scientists last year also discovered bones from small mammals, along with ...
Royal Alberta Museum to crack open 1600-year-old roasting pit with meal still inside
“Somebody — probably celebrating the success of a hunt — had a big feast afterward and prepared a bison calf and some kind of a dog, maybe ...

Has another mammoth been found at West Runton?
Norfolk Eastern Daily Press
This object, believed to be part of a bison was also discovered at West Runton. Picture: SAM ENGLESTONE. Speaking about the find, Louise said: “It ...

Another steppe bison horn found in Homer
Homer News
Another Ice Age-bone discoverer, A.J. Weber, dropped by with a steppe bison horn and skull fragment he found while gold panning at Diamond Creek ...
Hell Gap archaeology site wins national recognition
Thousands of years ago, North America's earliest people hunted bison and made tools in an area 13 miles north of Guernsey now called Hell Gap.

Still sharp after 34 million years: prehistoric shark teeth found in Siberian river
The Siberian Times
'Earlier we managed to find a skull of a a wide-horned bison there, the lower jaw of a mammoth, and the remains of a cave lion and ancient horse.'.

Sanford Archaeology Program
Chronicle Times
Dr. Carlson has conducted five seasons of excavation at an arroyo trap bison kill site. It has yielded a wealth of information about large-scale hunting ...

Obama's 'historic' conservation legacy beats Teddy Roosevelt
BBC News
One of the lesser known legacies of the US president is his record as a ... and naming the American bison as the country's "national mammal" in an ...

American Prairie Preserve
Home on the range
Corporate Knights Magazine
There's no denying that the place has changed – departed are the bison herds that once numbered in the millions, and gone are the grizzlies and ...

UW research finds prairie dogs increase forage quality, acknowledges nuisances
High Plains Journal
Her research suggests the prairie dog-livestock relationship mimics the historic prairie dog-bison structure. Perennial rangeland plants evolved with ...
Wildlife do overgraze
The Missoulian
In the guest column “Bison should be able to roam, not reduced” (Jan. 4), the author argues that wildlife do not overgraze, only cows do. Further, the ...
Study: Cattle, rabbits graze more than bison
Kearney Hub
“The Henry Mountain bison is a relatively small herd in the middle of nowhere that relatively few people know about, so I never really thought that I was ...
Researcher examines plants encased in tar pits to reconstruct ice age ecosystem
Woolly mammoths, camels, rabbits, horses, bison, sloths, rodents, snails, turtles, birds and saber-toothed cats perished after becoming mired in the ...
My View: Prairies are about much more than nostalgia for days gone by
Rockford Register Star
For these speakers, protecting and restoring prairies is not about a feint attempt to return to a time when Native Americans hunted bison on the ...
2016 Outdoors: Out & About
The Spokesman-Review
American bison designated “national mammal” of the USA. Snake River dams meetings staged by federal agencies raise flood of public interest.
First-year 'Buffalo nickel' with great eye appeal tops $28K
Coin World
An exceptionally well-struck and beautifully toned 1913 Indian Head, Bison on Mound 5-cent piece graded Mint State 68 and bearing a CAC sticker ...
Why we built an artificial cave to teach our students about ancient art
There are hundreds of books with illustrations of the earliest human artworks. Images of bison, mammoth, lions and horses from famous cave sites like ...
Bison's Snuggly Side
Cowboys and Indians
“My goal is to create bison fiber products that are sustainable both for the environment and the industrythat is bringing back a native species to the ...

Crossbreeding: It Works for Feral Pigs
Much effort was made in crossing American bison with domestic cattle. Although not all the offspring are viable, enough viability existed to create the ...
Amazing survival story of bison in freezing cold winter
New Tang Dynasty Television
A bison exhales and the frigid winter air condenses the moisture to a fog. He dips his head low—a burly, mussed mass of fur caked with snow—and ...
America's greatest idea
Citizens Voice
He literally climbs up a hill and says he 'felt as if he was raised up on imaginary wings and could see destruction of bison.' He saw the American ...
The Monday After: "Buffalo Bill" Cody mourned in Canton a century ago
Canton Repository
"Buffalo Bill" Cody — from the "Iowa Territory" — is called an "American scout, bison hunter, and showman" in an online biography. Cody, who died ...
American Bison (2017) [Movie] - Amazon Prime
DTVUSAForum News
Amazon Prime subscribers can now watch 'American Bison (2017) [Movie]' through the Amazon Prime streaming service. Released on 01-17-2017 ...
Walls of wonders: Dominguez and Escalante canyons
Cortez Journal
Ute-style rock art goes from 1600 to 1880, including shield figures and a bison hunting scene with Native Americans on horseback surrounding a ...
The Futon Critic
... of an orphaned snow leopard cub from a remote region in Pakistan; and the history of the Bronx Zoo's conservation efforts with the American bison.
Piehl artwork honors Gov. Burgum's inauguration
Minot Daily News
With his expressionistic painting style, Piehl painted a sole American bison over the top of the collage background. The piece measures 48 by 60 ...
'theHunter: Call of the Wild' Gets Release Date - Screens
Step into a beautiful open world teeming with life, from majestic deer and awe-inspiring bison, down to the countless birds, critters and insects of the ...
'Threshold' Season 1 Preview: The Story Of Bison And People
Each season, Threshold podcast explores one story from the natural world, and what it says about us. Season one focuses on the American bison.

Food and Recipes 
Food court opens Friday, parking is free at the 2017 Pa. Farm Show
But this year, you can also get a mushroom/bison bacon burger, buffalo chicken pizza and -- if all that delicious fried food doesn't appeal to you or your ...
5 Bison Recipes That Taste Better Than Beef
The Cheat Sheet
Bison, also known as buffalo, can be used just about anywhere you'd use beef while providing some significant advantages. According to Livestrong ...
Atlanta bars and restaurants serve up snow-storm inspired menu items
MyAJC (blog)
Brasstown beef or bison? Hmm.. ... I think bison would be a little bit better,” he decided. ... Here's the recipe for Chef Mimmo's bison chilli. beans ...
Garden season last all year at Myrick winter market
The Courier Life News
... Winter Farmers Market, in its fifth year, is a weekend staple for many, who stop at Myrick Park Center for everything from fresh baked bread to bison, ...
Don't Miss: Lola Coastal Mexican's Buffalo Bill Dinner
5280 | The Denver Magazine
... as they are today) before moving into braised bison cheeks with cornmeal porridge, huevos rancheros with rabbit chorizo and a poached duck egg, ...
Get Fit Grill goes for big flavor in a healthy way
The Blazin Bison Burger. This sandwich is appropriately named. The sauce blazes your taste buds. It was almost too much. After some glasses of ...

Brooks Burgers serves up bison burgers and more
Naples Daily News
My choice was the $10.75 Todd's Way, a fried egg and American and Provolone cheeses on a bison burger ($3 extra). I'm usually a sucker for the ...
A New Approach to Healthy Dining
Eater Vegas
Prices range from $8 to $13.75 and include dishes such as ancho chili bison enchiladas (420 calories) with lean ground bison, ancho sauce, black ...
Barley and Rye brings chef's heritage, favorites all together
Agri News
He worked to cultivate relationships with local farms and farmers to procure everything frombison meat to fruits and vegetables. “Some of the farmers I ...
No such thing as a soft opening for FlintCreek: 'We went from zero to 90 right off the bat'
The Seattle Times
Parmesan grits made a luxurious carpet for bison short ribs, recently replaced by bison osso buco. Both enjoy a wine-rich gravy smoothed with crème ...
Vancouver Weekend: We're Thinking....Dine Out Vancouver Festival 2017
... part of the $40 Dine Out meal, then dive into a main course of juicy, free-range bison flank steak, steelhead trout, or an additional serving of bannock ...
Coppola's creative take on Native American cooking
Santa Rosa Press Democrat
(1 of 8) Shredded Chocolate-Coffee Braised Bison Open Face Fry Bread Taco with Calypso Beans, Cotija cheese, Sour Cream, and BBQ ...
Naples Nosh: Brooks Burgers packs variety (some bang) for your buck
The News-Press
My choice was the $10.75 Todd's Way, with a fried egg and American and provolone cheeses on a bison burger ($3 extra). I'm usually a sucker for the ...

New Menus at the Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek
D Magazine
A menu generated for the fictional Wyckoff & Apollo includes “lamb, ramp toast, & massaged sungold”; another lists “bison bowl, turned eggplant, ...
Restaurant Week in Alton: Bluff City Grill makes best of new location
Bluff City Grill's bison burger $10 lunch special ALTON - Alton Restaurant Week began last Friday, Jan. 20 with 21 locally owned and operated ...
Simple slow-cooker recipes for bison chili, pulled pork, and more
The Boston Globe
Many grocery stores now carry ground bison, but you may have to go to a Middle Eastern or specialty store for the pomegranate molasses.

Love Me Tender
SRQ Magazine
Take your honey to the Table Creekside for a très romantique waterside dinner, or make the Spiced Java-Crusted Bison Tenderloin from Chef Pedro ...
Super Bowl Menu: spicy bison chili recipe
1: In a heavy bottomed pot, brown bison over med-high to high heat. ... add the ancho chili powder, molasses, and 12oz can of American lager beer.
Simple slow-cooker recipes for bison chili, pulled pork, and more
The Boston Globe
Low and slow is the way to tenderize tougher meats, and that slow cooker you haul out only for holiday buffets is actually the perfect kitchen tool for the ...
N.O. Saints' Tim Hightower's bison meatball recipe
In large bowl, add bison, ghee and onion. Whisk eggs together with Dijon. Add to meat. Combine dry seasoning and almond meal. Sprinkle over meat.
The most memorable animals of 2016 (yes, including Harambe)
Colorado Springs Gazette
This bison never was named, so it will be remembered by one image: a sweet-faced and somewhat bewildered-looking animal standing in an SUV.
BBC wildlife presenter Patrick Aryee reveals the perils of filming in Yellowstone Park
Daily Mail
But the real stars of Yellowstone are the hardy animals - bison, elk, moose, beavers, otters, grizzly ... Above,bison brave the park in the winter snow.
Follow in the footsteps of Kate Humble and Planet Earth II at America's greatest National Park
Radio Times
In the grasslands episode, a herd of bison lumbered through a thick blanket of snow in Yellowstone and a fox ensnared its dinner – a doomed vole.
Bison should be allowed to roam, not reduced
The Missoulian
A Dec. 30 Missoulian guest column contended that bison herds in Yellowstone needed to be reduced because of alleged overgrazing. Implicitly the ...
Stephens Creek Area Closed Temporarily for Bison Operations
KCWY 13 Where News Comes First
Located in the northern section of Yellowstone park near Gardiner, Montana, the Stephens Creek administrative area includes corral operations, ...
Migration control closes bison area near Yellowstone
Casper Star-Tribune Online
MAMMOTH HOT SPRINGS — Yellowstone National Park officials have closed a bison area as preparations get underway for reducing their number in ...

New ranger managing bison hunt near Gardiner
The Bozeman Daily Chronicle
Thom came to Gardiner from Idaho Falls, where he worked as a Forest Service recreation manager. He wanted to become a district ranger because of ...
Hundreds Of Wild Bison Are About To Be Killed For No Good Reason
The Dodo
Forty-four bison were just captured in Yellowstone National Park's Stephens Creek bison trap. All of these bison were born in the wild and have been ...
More Yellowstone bison means more winterkill, benefitting wolves
Billings Gazette
Studies in the park's Northern Region have estimated that wolf survival is due in large part to that reliable source of bison meat, composing as much as ...
Guest opinion: Stop slaughter of Yellowstone bison
Billings Gazette
And previous years of slaughter and capture/shipment by the livestock industry and others outside of the park means the park's bison have gone ...
Bill to lift protections for wolves introduced in US Senate
Casper Star-Tribune Online
More bison in Yellowstone National Park means more dead and dying ... legislation to lift federal protections for gray wolves in Wyoming, Minnesota, ...
Slaughter of park bison ignores unique heritage
The Bozeman Daily Chronicle
It reflects badly on the people of Montana that they tolerate this annual slaughter to go on. ... Yellowstone's bison herd is genetically unique. It is one of ...
These Sliders Are Made with Lean Meat You've Probably Never Bought Before (But Should)
Here, Ray Lampe, Dr. BBQ shares a recipe for his Bison Sliders with ... day but I'm not going to serve the same old burgers with the same old toppings.

YNP superintendent reacts to halt on Yellowstone bison slaughter
The shipment of live bison that are not certified brucellosis free is not ... that's when the governor halted the shipment to slaughter of all the bison.
Do not book anything for the Dates March 17 & 18 - you will want to be available to attend the 2017 Wildrose !!
The 18th annual WILDROSE Bison Convention will be held inPonoka on March 17th - St. Patrick's Day
DON'T MISS our Keynote Speaker - ROLAND KROOSE of Bozemann,  Montana

The Sale of WILDROSE Show Bison will be held on March 18th at Vold Jones & Vold Auction in Ponoka (followed by a commercial bison sale)
Have you seen some great-looking bison in your herd? Would you like to feature them at the Wildrose Bison Sale ?

**  NINE Entries already in for the 2017 Wildrose Sale !!  **

There will be SIX Entry Classes for 2017 !Heifer Calf Born in 2016
Bull Calf Born in 2016
Bred Heifer Born in 2014
Open Heifer Born in 2015
Breeding Bull Born in 2015
Breeding Bull Born in 2014

Entry Form and Entry Terms are available for download on website

( ;

  Montana Bison Association
MT Bison association to meet
Choteau Acantha
Montana Bison Association says the conference and workshop will be ... 6, the American Bison Association will present a workshop on “The Bison ...
   Dakota Buffalo Territory Association 
Dakota Territory Buffalo Association Prepares for conference, auction
High Plains Journal
Working off the theme of “Restoring an Icon Through Profitable Ranching,” the group will be celebrating the recent naming of bison as the national ...
    Wisconsin Bison Producers 
Wisconsin Bison Producers to Hold Annual Meeting
Wisconsin Ag Connection
WBPA leaders say demand for bison meat continues to outpace production, which makes the practice of raising the animals more desirable and ...
 National Bison Association 

Bison Ranchers Riding a Wave of Optimism to Denver Conference
Riding a wave of stability and optimism, an estimated 400 bison ranchers, marketers and enthusiasts are headed to Denver January 18-20th to ...
Premier bison breeding animals at National Western Stock Show
Farm Forum
“The bison business is in its strongest position ever because of growing customer demand for delicious, healthy bison meat. The Gold Trophy Show ...

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