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January 2018


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Samuel Walking Coyote (spring of 1873, he started a bison herd)

This native had several names, depends on whose doing the talking. Indian Sam/Samuel, also known by Sam Wells/Welles, Indian Sam Wellew, Samuel Walking Coyote, Walking Coyote, Hunting Dog and Short Coyote.

Why they may have had several names.

Indians from many tribes were on the Flathead Reservation, Flatheads, Pend Oreilles, Kootenais, Nez Perce, Iroquois and a few Delawares, Crees, Colvilles, Spokanes, etc..

Chief Moses Michell

“ I know that Samuel Wells, whom the whites called, “Indian Samuel, “ brought four buffalo calves, two heifers and two bulls, from the other side of the mountains. Several times I went to see the calves. Sometimes, Samuel had them in a pasture, near St. Ignatius town; but at other times, they were upon his home-place on the bank of the Pend Oreille, [Flathead] river.’

He had also heard the story about his tribe being mad at him for taking a wife from another nation. Samuels wife told him if he was unhappy that he should capture all the calves he could and take them to his people and they would be so happy , they would forgive him. When he brought them the calves they were so happy they made a feast for him. “My father, Chief Charley Michell of the Pend Oreilles, arose and talked to the people, saying, “Our brother is back with a gift for us. Now, we shall bring gifts to his teepee.”

Conservation groups: Livestock operators, not wildlife, responsible for brucellosis management
The Montana Environmental Quality Council, composed of legislators and members of the public, requested information from FWP on eradicating brucellosis in elk at its September meeting. Sen. Mike Phillips, D-Bozeman, asked for the information to steer the discussion away from bison as a disease ...
Dead-of-winter trips from northern lights to festivals
San Francisco Chronicle
Have dinner in a mountain yurt in Montana or see bison in the snow in Yellowstone. There are winter carnivals, too, like Quebec's Winter Carnival and Minnesota's Great Northern celebration. Or consider a trip to see ice sculptures at China's famous Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival. Recreation ...
Fish, Wildlife and Parks to hold public meetings on hunting regulations
Clark Fork Valley Press
The proposed regulations include statewide and local regulations for deer, elk, antelope, moose, bighorn sheep, mountain goat, bison, black bear, mountain lion, wolf, turkey, upland and migratory birds. For more information on the proposals, and to comment, go to and click on the link for ...
Meeting on hunting rules set for Jan. 15 in Choteau
Choteau Acantha
The Fish and Wildlife Commission earlier this month approved tentative rules and regulations, including statewide and regional regulations for antelope, black bear, bighorn sheep, bison, deer, elk, moose, mountain goat, mountain lion and upland game birds. Among FWP Region 4 recommendations for ...
Changes to logging, wildlife management are in new proposal for Custer Gallatin forest
Montana Standard
The document also includes management direction for native bison, an animal more typically associated with Yellowstone National Park. In the past 30 years, though, state, federal and tribal leaders have cooperated on management plans that allow the large animals to roam a bit more freely outside of ...
Montana podcast 'Threshold' lands on two best-of lists
The Missoulian
... season, the podcast 'Threshold' uses the topic of bison to dive deep into conservation, politics and the history and future of the U.S.,” Wise said in a statement. “I binged hard on this one — the storytelling and engrossing topic will make you think about bison and our country in a new and complex way.".
70 bison killed so far this year by Montana hunters
The Bozeman Daily Chronicle
(AP) — Montana wildlife officials say 70 bison have been shot by hunters so far this year. ... The Confederated Salish Kootenai Tribes killed 39 bison, while 24 were killed by state hunters. × ... Aside from hunting, tribes also receive meat when Yellowstone National Park culls bison in the park. Last year ...
Montana Historical Society has new online exhibit
Ravalli Republic
In honor of its 153 anniversary, the Montana Historical Society will unveil a new online exhibit, allowing people to view some of the treasures left behind from ... between 1550 and 1675) may be the key to a crucial turning point of a people with Woodland roots as they transitioned to Plains bison culture.
Montana wildlife group opposes transfer of federal lands
Montana Standard
Montana contains over 250 species of migratory birds; includes two international flyways for migratory bird species; shares four grizzly bear recovery ecosystems with other states; and has numerous deer, bison, bighorn sheep, mountain goat, pronghorn, and elk herds that migrate seasonally across ...
US agrees to craft conservation plan for Montana bison range
Lexington Herald Leader
Federal wildlife officials have agreed to prepare a conservation plan for Montana's NationalBison Range as part of a settlement in a lawsuit brought by an environmental group. ... The 29-square-mile (76-square-kilometer) refuge within the Flathead Indian Reservation is home to about 350 bison.
Sedgwick Co. Zoo preps animals to fight the freeze
But not all animals are hating the freezing cold. “Especially the ones that live in North America were designed by nature to take this kind of weather,” explained Ryan Gulker, Sedgwick County Zoo Deputy Director. “In fact, I think sometimes they prefer it over the heat. Animals like the bison, and the prairie ...
No place like home: State motifs set apart Kansas Day in McPherson County
McPherson Sentinel
For Native Americans and early European settlers of Kansas, bison provided the materials from which they could make tools, toys, clothing and even homes. “We call it their Wal-Mart,” Ruxlow said. “They got everything from the bison.” Visitors to the McPherson Museum can purchase buffalo snack sticks ...
Washita, Foss to host wildlife tour
An accessible tour bus will shuttle visitors around the refuge and state park in search of eagles and other wildlife, wrapping up with bison viewing and a free hot dog lunch. Participants are encouraged to ride the bus, but can follow in their own vehicles. The tour will wrap up between 11 a.m. and noon.
DEQ latest to put new license plate designs up for public vote
Tulsa World
High interest in a bison design pushed the Conservancy plates into production and raised awareness about the state's specialty plate program, which allows a wide variety of groups — including state agencies like the Department of Environmental Quality and the Wildlife Department — to pursue ...

Tallgrass Prairie Reserve seeks docent volunteers
Tulsa World
They provide information about the preserve history, status, bison herd and tall grasses, answer visitor questions and staff the visitor center gift shop. To conduct these activities effectively, volunteers receive training in preserve policies, history and visitor center procedures. Trained volunteers are called ...

Bill and Christine Verner, of McAlester, are grieving the loss of their beloved bison, Gentle Ben, who died on Wednesday, Jan. 3.

"He was such a pretty animal," Bill Verner said. McAlester residents remember Gentle Ben as the school mascot attending the McAlester High School football games when he was a calf. Bill Verner said Gentle Ben was around 23 years old when he died.

"He started getting sick around a month ago," Bill Verner said. "We started worming him thinking that was the problem, but he just got worse and finally passed away yesterday."

The Verner family had recently welcomed Gentle Ben's calf to the family in November 2017 and Bill Verner said the mama and calf are still doing fine. 

Bill Verner reflected on when he first met Gentle Ben. 

"A long time ago, I owned around 60 bison," Bill Verner said. "I decided to sell them and when I was on the ranch a little while later, I discovered a pair of three bison that were left behind, one was a calf and that was Gentle Ben." Bill Verner said he and Christine will miss Gentle Ben.


Letter to the editor: A better choice for license plates
Tulsa World
I think the Department of Environmental Quality license plates featured in the Jan. 5 Tulsa World are lovely. I also think the bison plate from the Nature Conservancy is a class act. Where were these designs when Gov. Fallin chose the awful plate we are now stuck with? It's a shame that one of these ...
DEQ announces winners of new specialty license plate
The Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) announced on Monday the two winners of the specialty tag voting. The public chose the American Bison grazing in an Oklahoma prairie and the Oklahoma sunset over a field of flowers. The specialty plates will be available for purchase later ...
Periscope: Wildlife and wild notions
Journal Record
We could rename the Legislature something like the New Oklahoma Animal Handlers, NOAH for short. I can picture Emily Virgin hand-feeding a jack rabbit, but I'm struggling with the image of Anthony Sykes brushing out a bison. No matter. Dahm has sewn up the Bear and Badger PAC for his run at Jim ...
Farm census has big implications for states, rural areas
Minneapolis Star Tribune
... is underway this month, involving more than 90,000 Minnesota producers and nearly 3 million farmers and ranchers nationwide. The Census of Agriculture is conducted once every five years, and counts everyone from egg producers and corn farmers to those who raise bison or grow hops for beer.
Farmers don't need more regulation
In the Lewis and Clark journals it talks about seeing bison (buffalo) drinking in the river, then another herd pushing the first herd in so they went over the falls. There is comment that the stench of dead buffalo was so strong the captains walked on shore. There is an article about wildlife in Minnesota ...
No such thing as the winter blues at Minneopa
Mankato Free Press
A career spent in parks emerged from there, including working as a park ranger for the North Dakota Parks and Recreation Department, at the Water Resource Center at Minnesota State University, and ending up the last five years as ... Then there are the bison, which shrug (the cold) off like it's nothing.
What's News Today for Monday, January 1, 2018
Virginia State Parks will offer free parking today, giving you the opportunity to enjoy special hikes or self-guided hikes on more than 500 miles of trails across 37 ... Hikers can see bison at Wilderness Road State Park and amazing geological formations at Natural Tunnel and Natural Bridge state parks.
First Day Hike
Four States Homepage
Since Dana has been apart of this national event, he's guided as many as 60 guests during a previous first day hike and seen some amazing sights from the park's bison. "Then we hear them take off running so we turn around and watch them, and they take off they go across the road they join up with ...
Cold sends animals indoors and admission prices down at NC Zoo
News & Observer
... won't be able to see them. That includes some of the park's more charismatic creatures, including the elephants, gorillas and lions. But in the North America region, visitors will see polar bears, Arctic foxes, seabirds, cougars, elk, bison, black and grizzly bears and red wolves in their outdoor exhibits.

Agnes Hailstone Wiki: Age, Net Worth, Husband, Tattoo & Facts to Know
Earn The Necklace
Reportedly born in 1972 (the same year Hurricane Agnes hit this U.S.) in Noorvik, Alaska, Agnes Hailstone's age is about 45. She is believed to ... On the show, the family are frequently seen hunting for bear, bison, wolf, wolverine, and even whale, using the entire animal for food, shelter, and supplies.
A popular new pet trend is driving antler theft in Anchorage
Alaska Public Radio Network
The store stocks horns from goat and bison. ... An Alaska-based business offers single caribou antler chews for large-breed dogs at $23. ... In this case, it was two large moose racks Young hung on the garage beside his Spenard home (Young is the husband of an Alaska Public Media employee who ...
The Dinner Party That Served Up 50000-Year-Old Bison Stew
Atlas Obscura
One night in 1984, a handful of lucky guests gathered at the Alaska home of paleontologist Dale Guthrie to eat stew crafted from a once-in-a-lifetime delicacy: the neck meat of an ancient, recently-discovered bison nicknamed Blue Babe. The dinner party fit Alaska tradition: Since state law bans the ...
Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center opens new venue
Travel Weekly
The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center in Portage recently opened its Bison Hall education and events facility. Photo Credit: Alaska ... More than 200,000 people visit theAlaska Wildlife Conservation Center annually to learn about the organization's conservation and research. Staff members care for ...
Its all happening at the zoo
Tri City Voice
And in 2018, the zoo will double in size to over 100 acres with the opening of a new expansion called the California Trail. ... animal habitats housing species indigenous toCalifornia: grizzly bears, black bears, gray wolves, mountain lions, jaguars, bald eagles, American bison, and California condors.

Aubyn Royall: A humane alternative to slaughter of bison
Boulder Daily Camera
The Humane Society of the United States has agreed to oversee a fertility control program, in order to prevent future births of bison as a way of first stabilizing and then ... A fertility control program was conducted with tremendous effect at Santa Catalina Island, off the coast of California, some years ago.
Aubyn Royall: A humane alternative to slaughter of bison
The Daily Camera
Julie Marshall has it right about the federal government's overreaching and cruel plan to turn Grand Canyon National Park — one of the crown jewels of our public-lands system — into an open-air killing field, by allowing the slaughter of half the park's small, benign population of bison ("Ingenious, kind ...
Arizona Game and Fish Commission to Meet Friday in Phoenix
AmmoLand Shooting Sports News
A briefing on the department's engagement with Grand Canyon National Park related to planning and implementation of bison population reduction. Briefing on a Memorandum of Understanding with the National Parks Service for the Department to serve as a cooperating agency for the completion of ...
Brookfield Zoo Animals Enjoying Wintry Weather
CBS Chicago
Judy, a 17-year-old Brookfield Zoo bison, doesn't seem phased by the chilly temperatures the Chicago-area has been experiencing. bison 2 Brookfield Zoo ... Animal care staff gave the bison, as well as some of the other animals, holiday trees as part of the zoo's enrichment program. The bison tossed ...
Winning images of our weekly contest
Chicago Daily Herald
This photo was taken at Lyman Woods in Downers Grove, Illinois, during the early summer months. A couple of fawn appeared suddenly in ... The scattered bison herd is rounded up each fall for tagging and an auction of some stock to keep the herd size manageable. These cowboys were rounding up a ...
New center greets visitors to Nachusa Grasslands
Ogle County News
Owned by The Nature Conservancy, the grasslands is the home of more than 700 native prairie plant species as well as many important birds, insects, and reptiles. The Nature Conservancy has gradually recreated a vision of 1800 when Illinois was a mosaic of prairie, savanna and wetlands. Bison were ...
Animals Enjoy Wintry Weather At Brookfield Zoo
BROOKFIELD, IL – Several of the animals at Brookfield Zoo didn't seem phased by the continuing chilly temperatures the Chicago area experienced last week. The zoo said its bison herd; Whirl, one of the Amur tigers; Hudson, the zoo's 11-year-old polar bear; and even the African painted dogs were ...
SVM EDITORIAL: Pay a visit to Grasslands' visitors center
The flora and fauna (and the bison!) that live at the restored prairie are reason enough to schedule a visit there. And now, there's a new reason to go: the opening of a new, environmentally friendly visitor center. The center is a pavilion that sits at the top of a gently sloping hill at 2075 S. Lowden Road.
DAY TRIP: Watch the firs fly – Christmas trees are the gift that keeps on giving at Brookfield Zoo ... with repurposed trees, romping around outside and rubbing their horns against the trees, tossing them about, poking around their branches, and even finding treats in them. Among the recipients of the trees are the bison herd, Whirl the Amur tiger, Hudson the polar bear, and the African painted dogs.

This ice skating bison proves that bison are not good at ice skating
SB Nation
Honestly, I'm getting so sick of people coming up to me every day and saying “Bison are so graceful,” and I'm like “They're really not, though,” and they're like, “Yes they are. They're amazing at ice skating and stuff.” It's a ridiculous lie we've been perpetuating for too long. Look, I know bison have specific ...
Lattins avoid jail time in goat abuse case, but are banned from owning similar animals for two years
The Olympian
After the sentencing, Lippert explained that “similar animals” includes sheep, deer, cattle, bison, llama, alpaca and antelope. He also said the civil penalties will be paid toward animal cruelty prevention. Despite the sentencing terms, the Lattins remained defiant when they were allowed to address the ...
Yakama Nation's First Bison Hunt In West Yellowstone
Wyoming Public Media
The Yakama Nation is the first tribe from Washington state to join in on the hunt. Those tribal members drew tags in November and recently traveled to Yellowstone to exercise their right to hunt buffalo on public land for the first time. On a cold, gray December morning, Kris Johnson and Hunter Old Elk ...

Amarillo Zoo warms exotic animals from the cold
"Animals that are native to North America or the Great Plains, like bison, they grow their winter coat a little bit differently than animals who are not native to this area," said Lead Zoo Keeper Sara Morris. "They have a much thicker coat in certain areas like their face and neck to keep warmer." Even though ...
Loop 88 project stalled after TxDOT finds historic animal bones
But if the bones belong to a bison then Francis said it will be necessary to determine what Native American group lived in the area and consult with them before moving forward. This Native American group may want to come out and dig more, she said. Francis called this a tribal consultation.
TxDOT: Test results are in for possible woolly mammoth bones found in SW Lubbock County
The testing needed to be done, because if the bones were from a Bison, Native American tribes would have been contacted to see how to move forward with the bones. TxDOT still believes the bones are from the now-extinct megafauna of the Ice Age: a Mammoth. Loop 88 will continue as scheduled.
Day Trips: Exotic Wildlife Tours, Mountain Home
Austin Chronicle
Exotic wildlife tours at the Y.O. Ranch Headquarters west of Kerrville are a continuation of aTexas legend. The story began ... The wildlife menagerie grew to 22 species plus the ranch's bison, longhorns, cattle, and sheep, says Debbie Hagebusch, director of tourism for the ranch. Among the gazelles ...
Knife attributed to Jim Bowie's brother given to Ranger museum
Waco Tribune-Herald
The scabbard of a newly donated Bowie knife at the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum is inscribed from R.B. Bowie to William Lacey, also spelled ... It is 17 inches long, with a bison horn hilt and a sturdy high carbon steel blade featuring the “Texas clip” characteristic of knives made famous by ...
Source of bones found along Loop 88 determined inconclusive
But if the bones belong to a bison, then Francis said it will be necessary to determine what Native American group lived in the area and consult with them before moving forward. This Native American group may want to come out and dig more, she said. Francis called this a tribal consultation. “To be on ...
'A great honor': Charles Goodnight house preservation named best in the west by 'True West ...
One of the brightest gems of Texas history lies on the High Plains in between Claude and Amarillo, where a local cattleman stopped bison from going extinct more than a century ago. And now, after years of polishing the 1887 Charles Goodnight house, the restored home and its historical center were ...
Winning images of our weekly contest
Chicago Daily Herald
This picture was taken last September at Custer State Park, South Dakota. The scattered bison herd is rounded up each fall for tagging and an auction of some stock to keep the herd size manageable. These cowboys were rounding up a small group of bison, and bringing them to the larger herd.
Crews Rebuild Custer State Park Fences to Contain Buffalo
U.S. News & World Report
11 burned 16 miles of fence throughout the western South Dakota park. Repair work started before the blaze was out, the Rapid City Journal reported. Fences deter ... It works for the bison as well," Hendrix said. "We're not buying material specifically for wildlife." Winter weather has added frozen ground, ...
SD Historical Society teams up with third-graders for school unit on Native American cultures
Watertown Public Opinion
With artifacts, divided into education kits, ranging from buffalo hide used in the construction of tipis and moccasins to a bladder bag used as a water jug, as well as fly swatters constructed out of bison tails and rib bones used as tools, the artifacts help bring additional life to a unit that has become a staple ...
Bear Butte State Park Fire Fully Contained
The South Dakota Department of Game, Fish and Parks says the fire was last determined to be 150 acres. No structures were lost and the bison in the park were not affected since the fire did not reach the winter pasture where the bison are located. Bear Butte State Park west of Highway 79, where the ...
Wyoming celebrates milestone anniversaries in 2018
Wyoming Business Report
Throughout the anniversary year, commemorative events may include traditional food-making demonstrations, opportunities to learn about the role of bison and horse in American Indian culture and history and more. In addition to the events at Fort Laramie, Fort Bridger is marking the 150th anniversary ...
Overview of Wyoming's license fee changes for 2018 (blog)
Wyoming's price increase could be considered dramatic when compared with neighboring Montana's $1,250 bison tag. On the other hand, South Dakota charges $6,006 to hunt trophy bison in Custer State Park, while Arizona gets $5,400 plus the hunting license fee, and Utah charges $2,615 to hunt ...
Elk, bison iffy about migration
Jackson Hole News&Guide
Bison, which can still be hunted on the refuge, are taking advantage of the open country. Early November snowstorms had pushed much of the Jackson Herd to the Kelly hayfields and other areas where they “stage” before crossing the Gros Ventre River, the boundary between Grand Teton National ...
Jackson bison barely budging
Jackson Hole News&Guide
“The longer bison and elk stay off the refuge in the fall and the winter and find forage elsewhere, the better it is for us.” Hunters should be forewarned that the Wyoming Game and Fish Department has no intention of extending the bison season. Agency policy, spokesman Mark Gocke said, is that all big ...
Southern Plains Pointers: 

Busy, busy this month. I will post an update by the end of the week, which can be found on the Bison Blog

Frasier Bison L.L.C.
Video: Mayors agree to friendly bet on FCS championship
Mayor Deanna Reed is proposing a friendly wager over the outcome of Saturday's FCS Championship game between the NDSU Bison and James Madison ... Mahoney accepted the bet and also promised to send along some local treats including chocolate-covered potato chips and bison meat if NDSU ...
'One small group of people can do so much'
Wahpeton Daily News
Its mission is to help support the bison display at Chahinkapa Zoo. MaryAnn's Driftwood Lounge has served as the headquarters for the club and has been a great supporter for many years, including hosting the officers meetings. The Wahpeton Buffalo Club holds an annual meeting each February ...
Tourism plans future
Jamestown Sun
The paid admissions were up 75 percent, he said. The museum used Jamestown Tourism grant funding to support structural renovations, install a theater to show a documentary video on the North American bison and museum exhibits, and for the restoration and return of White Cloud, the albino bison ...

Snow-covered bison take shelter from the punishing winter wind Monday by resting on a south-facing slope in the National Buffalo Museum pasture south of Interstate 94. John M. Steiner / The Sun
North Dakota-based organization delivers aid to those affected by fire
Owner Dave Reylets, raises bison and cattle near Custer State Park and lost 700 acres of grazing land in the Legion Lake Fire. Today's load of donated hay came from the Aberdeen area, but other loads can be donated from as far away as Wisconsin. "Well you'll never forget the fire," said Reylets, "we ...
Even some zoo critters are thinking, "Baby, it's cold outside"
But Fletchall noted that many animals at the zoo thrive in cold conditions, including polar bears, bison and snow leopards. “But even with those animals, we make sure that they always have accessed to heated areas – to their nice heated buildings where they can go inside and get warmed up,” she said.
Buffalo Zoo and Jacksonville Zoo team up to support conservation
Niagara Frontier Publications
If the Buffalo Bills win this Sunday against the Jaguars, the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens will contribute to the North American Bison Coalition, in addition to supplying the Buffalo Zoo with one of its local delicacies, chocolate-covered popcorn. The American Bison Coalition brings together an assortment ...
Now That's Rural: Jake Worcester – Manhattan Meat Market
For example, Manhattan Meat Market offers many products grown in rural Riley, Pottawatomie, and surrounding counties. These include lamb from Glenn Brunkow near Westmoreland, meat goats from Brenda Jordan at Riley, bison from Rick Eyestone near Junction City, and pork from Josh Wendland ...
Live video from Buffalo Zoo streams into Oishei Children's Hospital patient rooms
Buffalo News
... off at night, the channel features archived video footage of zoo animals showing off their fun and interesting behaviors. Also included in the current video feed lineup through InVue Digital are: M&T Bank rainforest falls, reindeer, meerkat, maned wolf, golden lion tamarin, bald eagle, arctic fox and bison.
Animals vs. the elements: How does zoo animals stay warm in the cold
MyArkLaMiss (press release) (blog)
"Animals that need a little bit of special care are our bats, tamarins and of course our reptiles," said Director of the Louisiana Purchase Gardens and ... "Five animals that absolutely don't mind the weather is the tiger, bison, elk, white tail deer, and all of the owls that are native to Louisiana that we have.".
112th annual National Western Stock Show rides into Denver (Video)
Denver Business Journal
Denver and its partners, including the stock show, Colorado State University and theColorado History Center, have banned together to redevelop the old complex ... Cattle, horses, sheep, bison and other animals are sized up for their genetic potential to augment — or start — herds across the country.
Sacred Mountains, Ranching Boost Part Of Navajo Nation's Colorado Land Buy
Colorado Public Radio
The purchase also comes with plenty of cattle and bison to bolster the Nation's grass-fed beef business. Navajo Nation president Russell Begaye says both ranches — Boyer Ranch and Wolf Springs Ranch — will carry on their livestock activities and they'll also be used for retreats, ceremonies and ...
Where Buffalo Roam
Julesburg Advocate
In 1939 workmen were putting the finishing touches on buffalo pens in the Union Pacific Park. Julesburg merchants had paid for two bison with expectations of drawing tourists into town. The pens were constructed of “one of the strongest known” wire and connected to fence posts set into three feet of ...
Battelle-Darby Creek bison herd may increase
London Madison Press
Ruppersburg explained that an estimated 50 million American bison inhabited all 48 lower states prior to European settlement. That included Ohio and the tall-grass prairie of the Darby Plains. They were migratory animals, often moving in vast herds and followed by Native Americans who saw them as ...
Battelle-Darby Creek bison herd may increase
London Madison Press
Ruppersburg explained that an estimated 50 million American bison inhabited all 48 lower states prior to European settlement. That included Ohio and the tall-grass prairie of the Darby Plains. They were migratory animals, often moving in vast herds and followed by Native Americans who saw them as ...
Charlton: Backyard bison
Quad City Times
And do you know that adult bison can jump over a six-foot fence and run more than 40 miles per hour, as fast as a quarter horse? I didn't, until I met Lyndall Winter, owner of Winter Bison. He graciously answered all my questions about these huge beasts and volunteered some captivating stories about ...
Dauset Trails animals get extra aid in cold snap
In a nearby pasture, a herd of deer and the lone bison who live at Dauset Trails shared space with a rafter of wild turkeys. Both the deer and the bison had grown their winter coats, making the deer slightly shaggy and the bison extremely so. “They know when it's going to be a cold winter. Their fur gets ...

Paul D. Lyman​
Giving consequences – Lyman retires from Sixth District juvenile court
Richfield Reaper
He then went on to serve for five years in the United States Air Force as an attorney, living three years in Germany as well as serving stints in Illinois and Colorado. After his time in the Air Force, ... Instead of raising cows, Lyman decided to try something different — bison. “They may not all like me, but I've ...
Glass Flowers: Harvard's Museum of Natural History
Woburn Daily Times
The Great Mammal hall houses bison, elk, bear, and a giraffe. Not to be missed are the soaring whale skeletons suspended from the ceiling. Two levels are available to view the collection and patrons can get closer to these animals than any museum in DC or NYC. Revolving special exhibits keep the ...
Bison Auction Scheduled at LBL
SurfKY News (blog)
Land Between the Lakes manages two herds of American Bison. All bison bloodlines originated from three sources — in 1969 from Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota, in 1988 and 2012 from Fort Niobrara National Wildlife Refuge in Nebraska, and in 1996 from Wind Cave National Park ...
Exploring Kentucky | Kentucky's Winter Wonderland
The Lane Report
Another Kentucky bison herd roams the grounds of Big Bone Lick State Historic Site near Union in Northern Kentucky. On Feb. 17 you can lace up your boots for a refreshing four-mile winter hike through the woods here with the park staff and John Robbins of the Sierra Club. Afterwards, warm up in the ...
ENJOYING NATURE: Wolves in Tennessee?
Crossville Chronicle
If you look at an historical map of the range of gray wolves, it shows that they never lived in Tennessee. Once, elk, bison and mountain lions all roamed over most of the Eastern United States, but all were gone by the mid-1800's. Gray wolves were killed off in nearly all of the country until some wandered ...
Gardener State: Vineyard owner joins NJ State Board of Agriculture
He also has served on the Garden State Winegrowers Association and New Jersey Wine Council as well as on the Cape May County Board of ... He manages a herd of bison ranging from 90 to 150 head on 110 acres of pasture and oversees breeding, nutrition, vaccination, and transportation.
Ya Ha Tinda Ranch turns 100, remains Parks Canada's only working horse ranch
Wolves could bounce back in the Bow Valley in 2018, says Parks Canada · Lukewarm response to Alberta's draft caribou range plan · Banff bison release in 2018 has Parks Canada monitoring predators · Conservationists explore wolf hunting ban around Banff. Surrounded by breathtaking scenery, the ...

ACF Fall Donations Help Fund Gretna's New Bison Sculpture
The Altona Community Foundation (ACF) has announced the recipients of its 2017 Fall Grants. In total, $17,700 was granted to six organizations. Gretna Beautification Team received $1,200 toward a bison sculpture. "A couple year ago we put in a tall-grass prairie garden," said Sandra Reimer, ...
Parks planning for unknowns before plains bison released into wild
Rocky Mountain Outlook
“We don't know how much affinity bison would have for this area when we release them and there is a lot of uncertainty,” Heuer said. “We are on track to release them this summer, then we will be in a big monitoring phase … we are really taking this as a phased approach to pause, take a look and adapt.

Indigenous scientist argues bison should return to Blackfoot reserve
Indigenous people in Canada and the United States are working to bring the plains bison back. In 2014, the Blood Reserve was one of eleven communities that signed the Northern Tribes Buffalo Treaty. Paulette was there in Browning, Montana for the Treaty signing. Two years later, the Blackfeet Nation ...
Elk Island National Park hoping to build on record year
While they're telling tourists to layer up before heading out to the park at this time of year, the bison are loving the recent cold snap. After all, the largest land mammals in North America are already dressed for these conditions, according to Jonathan DeMoor, the park ecologist team leader. "They're very ...
How Canada's zoos protect their animals from the bitter cold
Major zoos and safari parks across the country seem to err on the side of caution when it comes to keeping their menageries sheltered from the elements throughout the calendar year, but Canada's winters present a unique set of challenges. For some animals like penguins, pandas, polar bears, bison, ...
Bison herd nearing a year in Banff National Park
The Crag and Canyon
With just a couple weeks until the Banff bison will celebrate 365 days in the park's backcountry, the herd are in the thick of winter and preparing for the fast-approaching bison release. “As we move towards the release, we're phasing it so they're in the winter portion of the soft release pasture now, come ...
Brazen bison won't stay home on the range in Lorette, Man.
The buzz started about a month ago when a daily bison report began popping up on a Facebook group. A bison had been escaping its pen on a farm off Highway 405 between Lorette and Ile-des-Chenes, Man. That's when locals started posting updates on the situation, which was anything but a joke ...
VIDEO: Challenges and rewards in Manitoba's bison industry
Manitoba Co-operator
Take the road less travelled in some parts of rural Manitoba and you may see an iconic animal on the other side of the fence. The number of bison on the Prairies is growing and the province's bison producers are hard at work meeting the demand of consumer appetites, but it won't come without its own ...
Famed Indigenous chefs team up for Vancouver dinner series
Yahoo News Canada (blog)
I want them to get a taste for our history, our future and who we are as a people," she said. Bruneau-Guenther is from Peguis First Nation in Manitoba and the owner of the Indigenous restaurant Feast Café Bistro in Winnipeg. She'll be taking on the main course of the meal: bison loin with a wild berry ...
New nature organisation aims to 'rewild' Finland
YLE News
A new NGO established in Finland advocates the introduction of species like European bison in an effort to 'rewild' the Nordic country. ... In its first press release it suggests the introduction of European bison and wild horse species to Finland, claiming they would be present in Finland if human activity ...
camposaz develops wooden observatory in the southern carpathians for wildlife viewing
the aim of the initiative is to concentrate in one experience both the process of designing and the one of putting into practice the work itself, giving value to the whole creative process. the workshop was possible thanks to the LIFE-bison project and the european union program LIFE, which allowed WWF ...
Lena River tour explores remote, rugged northern Russia
The Durango Herald
A bull at the bison farm along the Buotama River eyes a herdsman that is opening a bag of feed. The farm is a bi-national effort to reintroduce the wood bison to Yakutia in northern Asia. In 2006, 60 bison were shipped from Canada to Yakutia, and the herd has since grown to 170. The first release into ...
Orava to have its first European bison
The Slovak Spectator
Visitors to the Orava region in northern Slovakia will, for the first time, be able to see the grand European bison. The success of the breeding programme at the bison reservation near Topoľčianky (Nitra Region) means that they have a higher number of young animals than the area can easily support so ...
Poland's new environment minister signals little change on forest logging
Business Insider
A UNESCO World Heritage site, Bialowieza, which straddles the border with Belarus, is one of Europe's last primeval forests and home to its largest herd of European bison as well as unique birds and insects. Earlier this month, Henryk Kowalczyk replaced Jan Szyszko in a government reshuffle, raising ...
Safaris and wildlife
Closer to home, the song of the wolf echoes in the boreal forests of central Sweden, and in Poland, too, where herds of bison plod through the snowy aisles of Europe's wild woods. As for Britain, now is the season that birders relish, the months when our skies are filled with mass migrations of Arctic ...
Escaped cow joins bison herd
KXLF Butte News
A cow escaped from its owner and joined the herd of wild European bison in the Bialowieska forest in Eastern Poland. The cow escaped from the farm of its owner last November and since then she has been roaming across the Bialowieska forest together with wild bison. Apparently, she has been ...

Conservation Groups Call for Livestock Producers to Manage Brucellosis
Yellowstone Insider
Every winter, multiple state, federal, and tribal entities manage Yellowstone bison under the Interagency Bison Management Plan, enacted in 2000. The plan calls for reducing the number of Yellowstone bison through hunting and slaughter. This year, 600 to 900 bisoncould be killed, following last year's ...
The Cree, led by Poundmaker, are coming to Civilization 6
PC Gamer
Pîhtokahanapiwiyin, better known to the world as Poundmaker—so named for his ability to lure bison into corral-like "pounds," where they could be trapped and slaughtered—will lead the Cree into Civilization 6 as part of the upcoming Rise and Fall expansion. Despite his legend as a bison caller, ...
Indigenous group unhappy with video game
Radio Canada International
This latest version involves the Cree aboriginals under Chief Poundmaker an actual historical figure and it is to be released next month. ... elsewhere with diplomacy even as his people were starving as the bison they depended on were being wiped out by European hunters, and settlers He was arrested ...
Loop 88 project stalled after TxDOT finds historic animal bones
But if the bones belong to a bison then Francis said it will be necessary to determine what Native American group lived in the area and consult with them before moving forward. This Native American group may want to come out and dig more, she said. Francis called this a tribal consultation.
Quapaw tribe opens craft brewing company
Joplin Globe
The tribe has pursued numerous agricultural undertakings over the years, including bison, greenhouses, beehives, a coffee roasting operation and the meat processing plant. “Whenever we decided to expand Legends Restaurant, we had the idea of wanting to be able to brew our own beer,” Setterfield ...
Yakama Nation's First Bison Hunt In West Yellowstone
Wyoming Public Media
In 2006, Montana granted permission to two tribes to hunt on federal public lands near Yellowstone National Park. This was due to a treaty that was agreed upon in 1855 that includes tribes from the Pacific Northwest. The Yakama Nation is the first tribe from Washington state to join in on the hunt.
Navajo purchase Boyer Ranch in Colorado, located in the shadow of sacred peak
Navajo-Hopi Observer
With the purchase, combined with Wolf Springs, the Navajo Nation now owns about 28,855 acres in the region that can be used in a number of ways, including grazing cattle and bison. The purchase of Wolf Springs Ranch included roughly 400 head of cattle and over 900 head of bison. The ranch has ...
YME students compete in Dakota Language Bowl competition
Granite Falls Advocate Tribune
In addition to the competition, students also participated in a Wacipi (Powwow) and a picnic. The event organizers also oversee a herd of bison, and will periodically harvest one for special occasions or to help feed the community. Students learned about the cultural background of hunting bison, and got ...
Indigenous scientist argues bison should return to Blackfoot reserve
Indigenous people in Canada and the United States are working to bring the plains bison back. In 2014, the Blood Reserve was one of eleven communities that signed the Northern Tribes Buffalo Treaty. Paulette was there in Browning, Montana for the Treaty signing. Two years later, the Blackfeet Nation ...
Yellowstone bison promised to Fort Peck Tribes escape holding area
Billings Gazette
The site was previously a bison trap, but last April National Park Service officials and APHIS, a branch of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, began working with Montanalivestock officials to create a new quarantine area. There, bison were to be tested for brucellosis, with disease-free animals held for up ...
Blackfeet bison project shared
Choteau Acantha
Bison are considered livestock in Montana. The Blackfeet Nation has a goal to populate certain parts of the reservation with a free-roaming buffalo herd, in cooperation with appropriate tribal, federal, state and provincial agencies. The project has the name, “Innii initiative.” A film about the return of the ...
New Tribal Council members share insights and glimpses into the futures
Char-Koosta News
Clairmont said he also accompanied Rhonda Swaney and Ryan Rusche of the CSKT Legal Department to meet with the congressional delegation concerning moving the water compact forward, and management of the National Bison Range. Clairmont said the Tribes are nearing reintroduction of the ...

Largest American Indian chain grows, adds to menu
Other seasonal menu additions include sides like sautéed wild rice, glazed butternut squash with sage, bison chipotle chili and Tocabe's signature ... U.S. American Indian restaurant chain and is currently in the final stages of lease negotiations for its third brick-and-mortar store in Aurora, Colorado, ...
SFDCI Indigenous students honored for role in Smiths Falls powwow
The Smiths Falls Fire Fighters Association served samples of bison meat, supplied by Battle Creek Bison and prepared by Valley Custom Cutting, to the public free of charge, along with traditional bannock provided by C'est Tout Bakery. Brennan commented: “Participating in this year's powwow was a ...
To the Editor: The invisible indigenous among us
Foster's Daily Democrat
Where did your genes reside 13,000 years ago? Some of mine were already here. My ancestors hunted woolly mammoths, wood bison, eastern elk in New England. They followed the receding icecaps north. They have never left this land that I call home. Others have arrived in the last five centuries, but ...
Sacred Mountains, Ranching Boost Part Of Navajo Nation'sColorado Land Buy
Colorado Public Radio
The Navajo Nation spans parts of Arizona, New Mexico and Utah. Since 2012, the Navajo Beef Program has partnered with individual ranches and co-ops to provide beef to restaurants and businesses across all three of those states. Begaye says the addition of more than 900 bison, purchased through ...
Monkeywrenching shows need for better bison management
Helena Independent Record
Bison conservation is complex, frustrating, and slow work. Progress is measured in incremental gains and by building trust between ranchers, conservationists, tribal governments and state and federal partners. That work was brought to an unexpected halt last week when someone illegally cut fences ...
Famed Indigenous cooks crew up for Vancouver dinner collection
Kaplan Herald
I want them to get a taste for our history, our future and who we are as a people,” she said. Bruneau-Guenther is from Peguis First Nation in Manitoba and the owner of the Indigenous restaurant Feast Café Bistro in Winnipeg. She'll be taking on the main course of the meal: bison loin with a wild berry ...
Come to Fort Caspar Museum for Crafts, Stories, and Valentines
Broadway World
This is the Lakota creation story of Tatanka, a holy man who sacrificed his powers by turning himself into a bison to help humans survive. After listening to the story, children may make and color a paper "parfleche" (a container traditionally made out of a bison hide). They will also have a real hide and ...
National Bison Range settles timeline for plan
Helena Independent Record
National Bison Range officials have agreed to finish a new management plan within five years, settling a potential lawsuit that challenged a proposed ... “The Tribes are pleased that the Service is in the process of completing a comprehensive conservation plan for the National Bison Range, as well as ...
What We Learn About Indian Country in the UK, from Journalism Student, Darcy Brown
Indian Country Today Media Network
So much that when the animal was hunted to close-extinction, the Lakota struggled immensely to cling to a way of life that revolved around the bison.” My teacher brought history to life. The classroom was not bland like every single other one in this newly built school. With its wartime propaganda posters ...
Legislation, Gov. etc.
Zinke proposal to reorganize Interior regions would divideMontana in two
The Missoulian
Montana would be divided along county lines that roughly follow the Continental Divide. A new Region 8 would oversee the state west of that line, including Glacier National Park, the Blackfeet and Flathead Indian Reservations, the National Bison Range and half of the Bob Marshall Wilderness ...
State to require RFID tags for cattle
The Independent
The Washington State Department of Agriculture recently published a proposal that would mandate the use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags ... The regulation would also apply to bison. ... In reality, he said, it ended up being cattle from Canada and no cattle from Washington were involved.
Bison escape prompts criminal investigation
"I am absolutely heartbroken for the Fort Peck Tribes who have been working with the park, the state of Montana, and Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service for years to repatriate these bison," said Secretary Zinke. "The criminals who broke into a national park facility to release these bison put at ...
Waterford farmer seeks election to state House seat
Lewiston Sun Journal
They raise grass-fed bison, laying hens and organic produce. Colburn also bakes artisan breads and bagels. Colburn taught middle school science before staying home to raise two daughters. She later earned a master's degree in divinity from Yale University and worked as a congregational minister for ...
Periscope: Wildlife and wild notions
Journal Record
We could rename the Legislature something like the New Oklahoma Animal Handlers, NOAH for short. I can picture Emily Virgin hand-feeding a jack rabbit, but I'm struggling with the image of Anthony Sykes brushing out a bison. No matter. Dahm has sewn up the Bear and Badger PAC for his run at Jim ...
US Agrees to Craft Conservation Plan for Montana Bison Range
U.S. News & World Report
US Agrees to Craft Conservation Plan for Montana Bison Range. Federal wildlife officials have agreed to prepare a conservation plan for Montana's National Bison Range as part of a settlement in a lawsuit brought by an environmental group. Jan. 29, 2018, at 11:55 a.m.. US Agrees to Craft ...
DVM & Business
Meat briefing: top stories you may have missed
Across the Atlantic, in the US, executives from the Colorado-based National Bison Association (NBA) told the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) that demand for bison meat was rising fast. NBA's Stephanie Ho and Dave Carter said the lean, nutritious and sustainably reared bison meat had grown ...
Not all farmers happy to fill out Ag Census
Marshall Independent
The Agriculture Census is taken every five years by the U.S. Census for the U.S. Agriculture Department and was last taken in 2012. It involves more than 90,000 Minnesota producers and nearly 3 million farmers and ranchers nationwide, including all types, such as chicken farmers, bison ranchers, hops ...

2017 record-breaking year for bison meat sales
KXLY Spokane
The National Bison Association says 2017 was a record-breaking year for bison meat sales, with growth expected into 2018. ... Bison farmer Jessie Turney says that up until six years ago when she founded the farm with her husband, her plans didn't involve anything related to AG. “We never thought ..
Dan Nielsen: Tales from the meat market
Traverse City Record Eagle
Local entrepreneur Ray Pleva became a local celebrity by creating and marketing Plevalean, a ground meat infused with cherries. The local Oleson's Farm Fresh Markets chain has built a steady trade with its signature farm-to-table buffalo (bison) meat. Maxbauer's Specialty Meat Market, Deering's Meat ...
Meat distributor launches online sales in push to go national
Online sales are not entirely new for Frontiere, which sells bulk packages of bison, chicken, beef and elk, running from $68 to $186. But on Amazon, shoppers can purchase smaller packages of the company's 25 products. Viola said the company also added products, such as packages of bacon, which ...
Can a Chinese Mega-Retailer Make a Killing off Montana Beef?
Civil Eats
The facility described in the One Montana plan would process about 250 cows and bison per day, which isn't as big as some of the operations in the Midwest, which can process as many as 5,000 animals a day, but would dwarf the ones currently in Montana. According to the study, this plant would ...
Alberta's 'best-kept secret': Beef producers chase halal market
Edmonton Journal
In May in Redwater, a small town about 50 km north of Edmonton, three business partners opened Northern Alberta's only exclusively halal slaughterhouse. They deal with beef, elk, goat, lamb and bison. No pork products, forbidden in Islam, come through their door. Alberta Bros. Meat Packers is strictly ...
Governments mull rolling meat tax into global warming policies
Governments are starting to develop anti-methane emission policies that could impact the meat and livestock industry as part of their response to the 2015 Paris agreement on climate change... Read

Today's best bets around Siouxland
Sioux City Journal
Archaeologist Charles Broste will be speaking about the rock art carvings that range from bison, to ancient maps, to handprints on the rock. ... Join over 25,000 agricultural producers from South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, and Minnesota to review the latest farm technology focused on improving yields, ...
DNA offers evidence of new population of native Alaskans
The remains of the infant - part of a hunter-gatherer culture that hunted bison, elk, hare, squirrels and birds and caught salmon - were unearthed in 2013 at a prehistoric encampment in Alaska's Tanana River Valley about 50 miles (80 km) southeast of Fairbanks. Instead, it matched no other known ...
Refuge Notebook: Lessons learned from Tierra del Fuego
Kenai Peninsula Online
Some Beringian species like mammoths went extinct, but others like steppe bison evolved into our contemporary wood and plains bison. Still others, like humans, crossed the Bering land bridge that connected the two continents as recently as 30,000-11,000 years ago. What blows me out about ...
So you think you know Essex? Our county's eventful past retold in new book
But the often overlooked queen also had interesting links to our county, which are explored in a new book, The Little History of Essex. ... a vivid picture of these people living below the chalk cliff and making flint tools to kill and prepare tasty meals of the local rhinoceros, bison, mammoth and elephant.”.
Ice Age brought to life by cool new exhibition at Droitwich Heritage Centre
Droitwich Standard
Visitors will be able to see early tools, such as flint axes made more than 300,000 years ago by early age man and see remains of extraordinary Ice Age creatures such as Woolly Mammoth, Moa, Bison and Hyena. On February 23, during half-term week, there will be a themed activity day. People will be ...
Archaeological Society to meet Thursday
The Sheridan Press
The presentation will feature films of field trips in Montana, the Glenrock Buffalo Jump, the Foss-Thomas Bison Jump, Schiffer Cave — a Pryor stemmed site, the Big Goose Buffalo Jump site and the Dead Indian site located near Cody. The presentation will be far from formal and the audience will be ...
Ice age fossils return to Las Vegas after decades in California museum
Las Vegas Review-Journal
The collection of more than 20,000 specimens from the San Bernardino County Museum includes several 6-foot-long mammoth tusks, a complete bison skull and the fossilized bones of extinct horses, camels and saber-toothed cats that once prowled the Las Vegas Valley. There are also hundreds of ...
For the BIrds: The Year of the Bird
Evansville Courier & Press
Or how the Kankakee Sands prairie restoration returned bison to the Hoosier range and how that's affecting bird populations. Maybe you'd love to build a purple martin colony but wonder how to begin. Did you know that American kestrels are in trouble and that you can do one simple thing to help them ...
The Meat Question, by the Numbers
New York Times
The New York Times climate team emails readers once a week with stories and insights about climate change. ... food for livestock and they typically don't look at alternative-use scenarios, like what would happen if we removed cows from grasslands and let wild ruminants like bison and deer take over.
Dreaming of Grass Roofs
Mountain Journal
... the valley before European settlers arrived with the notion of building villages, and towns and cities. Grass that lived in the valley before the settlers brought plows and ox and range cows and chickens, when the plants that grew co-evolved with the bison. Living, breathing, growing organic architecture.
Human activity slashes mammal stomping grounds by up to two-thirds
Science Magazine
The modern world would barely be recognizable to the mammoth and bison herds of ages past. Roads subdivide large stretches of land, and clusters of buildings and people have sprung up nearly everywhere. Indeed, humans have modified the environment so much, they may have cut the distance by ...
The Essential Role Of Eco-Capitalism In Saving The Best That Remains
Mountain Journal
While I was researching my book on Greater Yellowstone media pioneer turned bison rancher Ted Turner (Last Stand: Ted Turner's Quest to Save a Troubled Planet), my thinking about landscape-level conservation began to shift, particularly in pondering the critical intersection of public and private land ...
Every Day You Can Get into National Parks for Free This Year
It's been said that the national park system is America's greatest idea. If you have spent any time wandering these great ideas, it's easy to see why they're so revered. Each of the 58 national parks is a beautiful, unique space in the country, from in the bison herds of Yellowstone to the rolling dunes of ...
Green Bay Film Festival spreads variety around town
Green Bay Press Gazette
20 at St. Brendan's Inn. “Bison Nation: Walking Sacred Sites,” tracing the last of the wild bison's journey to freedom, will have director Elke Duerr on hand to discuss the film. Also on the bill are “Fox2-0,” which looks at the hard-working river that has long sustained life in Northeastern Wisconsin, and ...
Keyes: How are trophy animals scored?
Columbus Telegram
Horned animals, such as pronghorn antelope, american bison, and big horned sheep are measured by the horns. Like the antlers, different length and circumference measurements are taken, and deductions for symmetry are considered. Other big game, like bear and mountain lion, are measured by the ...
Fargo, Season 4
The Ringer (blog)
These days included workouts at North Dakota State, where Wentz played college ball and became a star, and lots of bison burgers, as well as, uh, some sightseeing. “When I got off the flight, I remember the people I was on the flight with. We get off the flight and like two days later I saw a bunch of the ...
Nat Geo Wild: Limited Series, Specials Get Premiere Dates – TCA
Renowned for some of the most beautiful, wild scenery in the world, the five-part series' showcases a diverse cast of characters that includes bears, bison, beavers, weasels, wood ducks, and wild horses. Whether it's among flooded waterways or down on the farm, America's Wild Frontier reveals that life ...
Win a Dream Trip from Midwest Living!
FOX10 News
This is a classic family destination. You've got Mount Rushmore, where you can see this huge mountain carving. Custer State Park is almost like a national park. It's so big, you can drive through and bison or buffalo will come right up to your car. You can see donkeys that are tame enough you can get out ...
The Google Buffalo
Search Engine Roundtable
It has been some time since we saw a shot of the Google bison, espesially since we know some SEOs got their hands on it. But it looks alive and well. Gary Illyes from Google snapped a shot of it head on and posted it on Twitter. Last time I covered it, I said it was a buffalo - I was told it was a bison.
Eatery's, Recipes 
Smitty's Garage opens Rogers location
The Garage offers everything from bison, turkey, Angus beef burgers, fork and knife hotdogs, tacos, and fresh cut fries, according to the website. Each location has a full bar with a large craft beer list, many arcade games and TVs. The Rogers restaurant is open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., seven days a week.
Veteran restaurant group creates Emporium for Fort Collins dining scene
The Coloradoan
Dinner includes a variety of small plates, flatbreads, mussels dishes, and entrees like bison bourguignon, elk Wellington, and steak fries. Soups, salads, and sandwiches are offered at lunch. Breakfast includes a variety of egg, bakery and fruit dishes. The market features meats, cheeses, and salads along ...
Breckenridge restaurant Artisan 206 offers off-the-beaten-path menu options from around the world
Summit Daily News
With pan sauce and crispy shallot, however, it's sure to be a hit for anyone craving the lighter flavor of bison, opposed to regular beef. Perhaps the one dish everyone should try at least once at Artisan 206 is the Taiwanese chicken and waffles, an oriental tilt on the classic Southern comfort food.
Out watching eagles? Here are 12 places to warm up with food, coffee or drinks
Quad City Times
For the farm-to-table lovers, head to downtown Moline for a taste of bourbon, bison, steak or duck burgers, fried chicken sandwich or the apple bacon ... or espresso drinks plus cozy food options such as a grilled cheese sandwich with a cup of soup, breakfast bowl, vegetarian burger or grilled s'mores.
Ramen Roundup
Jackson Hole News&Guide
But look around and you'll see the restaurant scene expanding its Asian cuisine options and unexpected restaurants being influenced by more than elk chops and bison burgers. There's a whole new world of Jackson that's waiting to be eaten. At least five Jackson restaurants keep a big bowl of ramen ...
Small Bites: Another Ethiopian Restaurant To Open in Bethesda
The brunch, which includes everything from buttermilk pancakes to bison huevos rancheros, will now be available Sundays from 9:30 p.m. to close. The restaurant, which has a location on Bethesda Row and a new spot in Cathedral Heights in Washington, D.C., also will serve desserts and cocktails.
Dinner and wine pairing offered at Thistle Lodge Beachfront Restaurant
Island Reporter
Highlights on the menu include bronzed Florida red drum, herb charred loin chop, bison tenderloin and peppercorn butter poached Alaskan king crab with lemon and garlic. Each entree will be paired with wine from Hill Family Estate. The vineyard is located in Napa Valley, California. "Guests will be ...
Nancy in Little Havana Gets New Name and Menu
Miami New Times
Larger items ($10-$12) include cannonball sliders stuffed with meatballs, marinara, and lemon ricotta, and served with cacio e pepe chips; captain's sloppy joe, made with bison meat, sweet and spicy Dr. Pepper/Jim Beam bourbon sauce, pickled onions, and potato sticks on Zak the Baker brioche; and a ...
Eating local doesn't need to end in wintertime
For the meat lovers out there, consider checking out Meat Suite ( Suite is a website that features locally produced meats in bulk. Producers across New York state can post a profile about their farm and its products, and then consumers can choose a product. From beef, bison ...
Kosher in Croatia: What Foods Make the List?
Total Croatia News
In the land of cheese, smoked meats, grilled fish, mixed grills, wine, rakija, and loads of creamy, fruity, and pastry-like desserts, how much of it is ... These include cows, sheep, goats, bison, and deer. ... Kosher species of meat and fowl must be ritually slaughtered in a prescribed manner to be kosher.
In big, plain sight
San Diego Downtown News
I ordered the Brandt Beef house burger with white cheddar but accidentally ended up with the leaner, meaner “black & bleu” bison burger. It was garnished with smoked bleu cheese, jumbo strips of bacon, pickled red onions and garlic aoili. Wildly savory, it was one of those easily forgivable mix-ups that ...
"Tortillas, Tiswin, and T-Bones: A Food History of The Southwest" by Gregory McNamee
Santa Fe New Mexican
Over four decades and 40 books, McNamee has been writing about the culture and history of the Southwest. He puts that lifetime of learning to use in Tortillas, Tiswin, and T-Bones, ... In their stead are beans and chiles, bison and rabbit. This approach is not wasted on expensive tables for adventurous ...
Eating local doesn't need to end in wintertime
Meat Suite is a website that features locally produced meats in bulk. Producers acrossNew York state can post a profile about their farm and its products, and then consumers can choose a product. From beef, bison, pork and lamb, to goat, rabbit and poultry, Meat Suite can help you find the local meats.
Mega Menu of Tartares and Burgers Arrives in Downtown Montreal
Eater Montreal (blog)
Want a mini burger of pulled duck with brie? A classic tartare of dijon and apple cider vinegar but with kangaroo? Or a bison-bacon sandwich? Well, all of those and a huge amount more are now being served, courtesy of Taboo, which is now open downtown. Taboo moves into the old M:brgr space on ...
13 Tastes of Las Vegas Restaurant News | Jan. 8
KTNV Las Vegas
Menu highlights include lollipop corn dogs, osso buco riblets, smoked salmon dip, a bone marrow burger, bison burger, veggie beet burger, blackened fish tacos, housemade pimento grilled cheese and soup, fried chicken and cornbread and more. Eureka! will also offer a collection of the best local craft ...
Tory Miller beats Bobby Flay in 'Iron Chef Showdown'
In the first course against Flay, the two tied 8-8. Flay made a bison slider, while Miller created a bison carrot summer roll. Judge Giada De Laurentiis called the flavor of Miller's dish "spectacular." But it was her second comment, that it was "unexpectedly fantastic," that had the crowd erupt in cheers.
Farewell, Times Ten Cellars. Are wine drinkers too sedate for West 7th?
Fort Worth Star Telegram
The menu has more salads and greens than other burger grills plus 14 different burgers with a choice of beef, bison, elk, lamb, duck, quinoa or yam-rice patties. Eye-catchers include the Supreme, a bacon cheeseburger with ham and chopped french fries. Looking at photos, I'll investigate the fried ...
Brewery, Restaurant Hoping to Open New Location in Toms River
Shore News Magazine
It would be the company's fourth restaurant in the Greater New York City Metropolitan Area with two others operating in Nanuet and Valley Stream, New ... Signature menu items at BJ's include root beer glazed ribs, chicken wings, Chicago style deep dish pizza, New Orleans Jambalaya, bison burgers, ...
Brewery, Restaurant Hoping to Open New Location in Toms River
Shore News Magazine
The Toms River location will be the company's second location in New Jersey after opening in Teterboro in 2016. The company ... Signature menu items at BJ's include root beer glazed ribs, chicken wings, Chicago style deep dish pizza, New Orleans Jambalaya, bison burgers, and steaks. Kids menus ...
New-Age Meat Market Opens in Arcadia Today
Phoenix New Times
New-Age Meat Market Opens in Arcadia Today. Chris Malloy ... In the months leading up to Arcadia Meat Market's opening, Addante and Paroli scouted dozens of producers throughout the American west. In addition to beef, the market will offer meat from pigs, chickens, bison, yak, and lamb. The shop ...
Hop Social Tavern hopping with menu delights
San Tan Sun News
A grass-fed bison burger and a variety of brick-oven pizzas add to the American appeal. A popular appetizer at the new Chandler hotspot is deep-fried donuts with ricotta, vanilla and cinnamon. The donuts, round like donut holes, come with a housemade caramel sauce for dipping. Other appetizers that ...
New Year's fitness plan futile without nutrition
Idaho Statesman
Protein-dense foods include lean meats such as ground beef, chicken, turkey and bison. Other great protein sources include salmon, tuna, eggs, cottage cheese, tofu, beans, etc. Also, a mixture of fats should also be part of a balanced diet. Vitamins A, D, E and K are critical to optimal human function and ...
Miss the Bison Turf? Here's Where You Can Get a Taste of the Menu
FARGO, ND — Fans of the old Bison Turf could enjoy some of their favorite foods at a pop up restaurant. The bar was heavily damaged by fire in 2016 and has yet to re–open. Customers were invited to Twist in downtown Fargo for some Turf favorites including a blue bomber, a Turf burger, or they could ...
Letter: An omnivore's perspective
Mountain Xpress
For ecological reasons, I limit the amount of flesh that I eat, but I do eat at least one bite every day, usually canned fish or chicken, and I try to eat more pork and less beef, but bison has been touted as especially good for my genetic makeup. So you vegans go right ahead and feel superior if you must, but ...
10 places to try tapas and small plates in Fort Collins
The Coloradoan
Northern Colorado's most prestigious fine dinning restaurant is worth the drive into Windsor. The restaurant is run by accomplished chef Jason Shaeffer. The menu rotates seasonally but current small-plate offerings include bison tartare, charred Spanish octopus and ricotta cheese gnudi. There is also a ...

Why Colorado Is The Ideal Destination Anytime Of The Year
Denver in particular and Colorado in general is working hard to join in on the global foodie revolution. The hotel's menu included items like slow-braised pork belly sliders served on brioche with cabbage slaw and pickles; buffalo chilli alongside freshly made cornbread and jalapeno-bison-sausage ...
Diabetes Quick Fix: Buffalo Cheeseburgers with a side salad
Grand Island Independent
Ground buffalo (also called ground bison) adds a new dimension to this all-American cheese burger. Buffalo meat is very low in saturated fat and has a wonderful flavor. It can be found in many supermarkets either fresh or frozen and is worth looking for it. For a helpful hint, shape the burgers to fit the ...

Largest American Indian chain grows, adds to menu
Other seasonal menu additions include sides like sautéed wild rice, glazed butternut squash with sage, bison chipotle chili and Tocabe's signature ... U.S. American Indian restaurant chain and is currently in the final stages of lease negotiations for its third brick-and-mortar store in Aurora, Colorado, ...
Bites: Cilantro refreshes room and menu, Donna Mac doubles down in Beltline, and New Central ...
theYYSCENE (blog)
Taking advantage of CRMR's ranch, the new Cilantro menu will feature more elk and bison, adding a Canadian influence to the California cuisine it's known for. • Donna Mac, the newest venture from the team behind Vine Arts and Proof, is now open and bringing a friendly neighbour approach along ...
Your Wintry, Weekend Guide To Minneapolis, Minnesota
To honor his hometown roots, Kaysen sources many ingredient from the Midwest, as evidenced by his bison tartare, grilled pheasant breast, and American venison. The Bachelor Farmer also showcases local meat and produce, but it's the famous signature toast spreads with fresh cheeses and ...
Hopdoddy Burger Bar coming soon to Southlake Town Square
Community Impact Newspaper
On Jan. 23, Southlake Town Square announced over Facebook that HopdoddyBurger Bar will open in the shopping center. Based in Austin, the chain specializes in freshly made craft burgers. Selections include Angus beef, Kobe beef, bison, lamb, chicken, turkey, sushi-grade tuna and black bean.
Looking at the differences between Fresh Thyme and Fresh Market
Evansville Courier & Press
Most kinds are offered in a traditional pork version as well as a lower-fat chicken version. Game meats: Got antelope patties? Fresh Thyme does, in the frozen meat section. Also elk products, bison, wild boar and goat. Healthy and dietary frozen items: If you usually wait to hit Trader Joe's or Whole Foods ...
Winter Festival all week in Lambertville and New Hope | Warr
The 21st annual Winter Festival in Lambertville and New Hope began on Saturday, Jan. ... "On our wild game menu, we feature bison every year from January to March," said Brian Camick, one of the chefs here. ... This Italian deli, restaurant and catering operation won Best Meatballs in New Jersey.
Bison Chili
News On 6
Add ground bison and season with the salt and pepper. Cook, stirring occasionally, to brown the meat, 3-5 minutes. Add onion and saute for 2 minutes. Add garlic and continue cooking for another 2 minutes. While stirring, add the cumin, chili powder, ancho chili powder and red pepper flakes. Stir and ...
Health Alert Issued for Katie's Exotic Meat Jerky
Daily Hornet
Health officials in Ohio are warning about a potential health risk from jerky products manufactured from bison, venison, elk, alligator and other “exotic meats” by Katie's Premium Jerky & Snacks. Elizabeth Bradley on January 25, 2018. Katie's Snack Foods, LLC, of Hilliard, Ohio, manufactures a variety of ...
British Columbia resort has something for everyone
Reading Eagle
... eateries satisfy all budgets and appetites, but the Canadian-themed fare at the Voyageur Bistro is not to be missed. Where else can you order Wild British Columbia Sockeye Salmon, Arctic Char, Bannock, Poutine, Boar Pot Pie, a Tourtiere meat pie, Venison, Bisonor Elk? ADJUST FONT SIZE: A A A.
5 healthy snack hacks for the Super Bowl
New York Post
... coach and founder of FUEL, Tone House's nutrition program. “It's gluten-free and nutrient-rich,” says Becker, who's based in the Financial District. “Plus, you're getting potassium, complex carbs, anti-oxidants and fiber.” Bonus points if the protein inside the “burger” is lean, like bison or turkey, she adds.
History Of Our Town (June 26, 1970 Edition)
Ste. Genevieve Herald
The Indian food was composed of a soup made of Indian corn (Maize), boiled in water and enriched with a few slices of bison or other meat and some beans, and seasoned with rock salt. Another dish was made of lyed corn, first shelled, then boiled a short time in lye of wood ashes until the hard skin of ...
Out His Picture Window A Glimpse Into The Post-Holocene
Mountain Journal
Steven Fuller observes: "Early in the winter some of the half dozen bull bison/buffalo that hang on in the meadows around the house come up right next to the house to take advantage of the summer sun dried graze that is accessible in the shallow snow shadow around the perimeter of the house, ...
Yellowstone National Park: A magnificent place to explore
Yellowstone is the only place in the United States where bison have lived continuously since prehistoric times, and the park's herd of 4,000 to 5,000 ..... Vin Gopal, who became the first Indian-American to be elected to the New Jersey State Senate last month, said that Grewal is someone “not only ...
The Hayden: Yellowstone's Great Sensuous Valley
Mountain Journal
There are many tracks, those of a solitary bison or of a small cow herd whose tracks are often over ridden by those of wolves and coyotes. Sometimes there is a bison holed up in one of these islands. There is little to forage but he or she saves energy by not having to make way through the surrounding ...
Stephens Creek Area Closed for Annual Yellowstone BisonOperations
Yellowstone Insider
Stephens Creek is home to Yellowstone's Bison Capture Facility, where bison are corralled and tested for brucellosis. Historically, those who tested positive were shipped to slaughter, with meats and hides distributed among Native American tribes. In addition to the bison facility, Stephens Creek is also ...
Yellowstone bison promised to Fort Peck Tribes escape holding area
Billings Gazette
The site was previously a bison trap, but last April National Park Service officials and APHIS, a branch of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, began working with Montana livestock officials to create a new quarantine area. There, bison were to be tested for brucellosis, with disease-free animals held for up ...

Jan 18th The National Park Service says it found some of the 52 bison that escaped from holding pens in Yellowstone National Park.
Michael Gunton: In praise of Yellowstone
All around the outside of the National Park lie huge cattle ranches, the owners of which are less than chuffed when elk and bison venture out to graze their land, or wolf packs swipe their stock. During the 1920s, wolves were culled to appease local ranchers. The populations of other critters went haywire, ...


2018 Wildrose Bison Convention / Show & Sale
2018 will be Bigger and Better than Ever !

Bison farms stand to be counted
Manitoba Co-operator
The Canadian Bison Association is working with both its U.S. counterpart and local conservation groups in a bid to grow bison's share of the meat market and capitalize on interest in sustainably sourced food. First Nations communities have, likewise, been drawn into the industry in an effort to bolster ...
 National Bison Association 
More than 130 premier bison to be auctioned at stock show
Farm Forum
“Continued growing consumer demand for bison meat is underpinning the strength and profitability for bison ranchers today,” Carter said. “There is a serious need for building herds, and the Gold Trophy Show and Sale is recognized as the premier event for buying quality breeding stock that will provide ...
No Bull, This News Anchor Can't Handle BisonHump Day
The National Western Stock Show in Denver celebrated BisonHump Day ― and that was too much for one local TV news anchor. Molly Hendrickson of Denver's ABC affiliate did her best to explain that the event highlighted efforts to boost the bison population, but giggles got the best of her. “I'm done,” ...

Roaming to Success a Huge... Success
Denver became the hub for All Thing Bison last week as nearly 500 producers, marketers and enthusiasts gathered at the Renaissance Hotel for the National Bison Association's 23rd annual winter conference, and 137 live bison took up temporary residence at the National Western Stock Show.
Convened under the theme, Roaming to Success, the conference attendees picked up valuable information ranging from time-tested handling techniques to technological innovations in managing grassland health during the three-day event. Members also elected officers and a director-at large to guide the association during the coming year, feasted on a variety of bison-centered dishes, and enjoyed an opportunity to build relationships with fellow producers.
The conference began on Wednesday with a presentation from Mark Freeman and Todd Rawlings of Microsoft, covering potential technological developments that can increase the ability of producers to monitor herd health, land resources, and other factors. A panel conducted later that afternoon included two producers using grain finishing protocols, and two producers using grass-finishing methods. Entitled, Different Methods, Many Reasons, the panel provided information on why producers use a variety of protocols to finish their bison.
Thursday's sessions opened with an informal panel discussing the many facets of bison restoration, Mike Duncan, former President of the NBA, and Mark Silzer, former president of the Canadian Bison Association, were joined on stage by Patrick Toomey of the InterTribal Buffalo Council, Dr. Bill Gibbons of South Dakota State University, Phil Baird of Sente Gleske University, and Corissa Busse of the Nature Conservancy. They each discussed their perspective on restoring herds across North America.
The remaining morning session was devoted to the Mentors' Session, where four experienced bison producers joined moderator John Graves on stage to discuss fencing, low stress handling, vaccinations, and animal selection.
Following the chili cookoff luncheon, in which Roger Provencher of Canadian Prairie's recipe won, Turner Ranch mangers Bob Wesley of the McGinley Ranch in Nebraska, Aaron Paulson of the Snowcrest Ranch in Montana, and Dr. Tom Bragg of the Deer Creek Ranch in Nebraska, delivered presentations on management flexibility, low-stress handling, and parasite control.
On Friday, for producers experiencing death losses from Mycoplasma Bovis shared their insight with conference attendees, before the NBA conducted its annual business meeting. The conference concluded with the annual banquet and Gold Trophy awards presentations, an event attended by over 600 people.
"Roughly 20 percent of our attendees were first-time participants, and another 20 percent have been attending NBA conferences for more than 10 years," said Dave Carter, executive director of the National Bison Association. "That reflects a healthy, growing organization."
Jim Matheson, assistant director for the NBA added, "The wealth of information provided at the conference was phenomenal. And, for the first time, we filmed the sessions, thanks to a sponsorship from Southwest Plains Bison Co., and will be posting those presentations online in the members' only section of"
Carter and Matheson thank the Winter Conference planning committee for their hard work in organizing the annual event. That committee consists of Beverly Brown of Texas as chair, John Graves of Colorado, Deb Thieman of Colorado, Jud Seaman of South Dakota, Kim Zimmerman of California, Gail Griffin of Minnesota, Susan Maass of Colorado, Amy Eudy of Texas, Christine Hung of Montana, and Roy Liedtke and Lauren Dobson of Texas.

The Weekly Update is a service designed to provide National Bison Association members with news and information affecting bison production and marketing. Many items in the Weekly Update are reprinted from outside sources. The content of those articles does not necessarily reflect the policy position of the National Bison Association, and are reproduced here only as a means to keep our membership informed as much as possible on all information and opinions relating to bison that is circulating publicly.
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