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Bison ranch that sells meat at local farmers markets facing financial ... Daily Breeze
For almost a decade, Ken and Kathy Lindner sold their sustainably raised, grass-fed bison meat at Southern California farmers markets in Torrance, ...
Buffalo rules at Dark Horse in Riverhead Newsday
... burger, and some for the pastrami, comes from the bison farm of owner Dee Mumon, who is a partner at Tweeds Restaurant & Buffalo Bar next door.

Cherokee Nation Plans to Acquire Bison Indian Country Today Media Network
Now that the Cherokee Nation has joined the InterTribal Buffalo Council, the tribes hopes to acquire bison and then will consult experts about ...
Cherokee Nation, as part of planning process to raise bison, joins ... The Republic
The Cherokee Nation has a 7,000-square-mile jurisdictional area covering all or parts of 14 counties in northeastern Oklahoma — many along the ...

Top 10 Chippewa County stories of 2013
10) Bison deaths in Irvine Park.
A virus caused the death of four bison in Irvine Park between Sept. 20 and Oct. 20. The virus, known as Malignant Catarrhal Fever, was carried by desert sheep that were brought to the park in May, and it caused an inflammation of the mucus membranes, causing the bison to die. The sheep and bison shared a common fence line. The sheep were removed from the park immediately. The park still has five living bison.

(Baltimore County BLOG): Cook Local, Support Local Businesses
You can buy all sorts of foods and beverages—from bison and turkey to cider and ... Gunpowder Bison and Trading Company in Monkton.

2013 Look Back: White Bison Farm WTAJ
White Bison are extremely rare and even considered good luck by a native american tribe, but did you know there is a White Bison Farm in Cambria ...

WGFD launches inaugural trifecta raffles Casper Journal
Imagine having the opportunity to select any license, for any big game, trophy game or wild bison, for any hunt area in Wyoming for 2014. A few lucky ...

Food Ideas for Your Bison Party Valley News Live
Not everyone is lucky enough to make the trip to Frisco, Texas and cheer on the Bison. That's okay though, because Beefsteak Club Executive Chef .Scott Motschenbacher shows us how you can entertain your party guests at home with five star flair and flavor.

Bison Industry Survey | AgNetWest
USDA and bison producers are conducting a special first ever survey to learn more about different aspects of the industry. Rod Bain has more


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Visibility Drives Profit at Ted's Montana Grill Hospitality Technology
By featuring the biggest bison menu in the world, Ted's Montana Grill has made bison a popular menu choice today in dining, providing incentive for ...

Political Entrepreneurs Need a New Teddy Bear Huffington Post
The American Bison Society reports there were once 25-30 million bison scattered throughout the American Plains. Between Lewis and Clark's ...
Back then, bison were valuable for lots of reasons. Their hides covered settlers and Native Americans from freezing temperatures out west. Bison horns became cups. Sinew made good rope, and hooves were melted into glue. Bison dung was burned for heat. And, let's face it, there was a deep thrill hunting giant buffalo with newly invented high-caliber rifles. 
Plains Bison: Forever Wild or Forever Lost?
New book outlines challenges facing one of North America’s most iconic animals
January 03, 2014  Justin Franz | Flathead Beacon

Editor's note: Of the 200,000 bison in this country, all but about 4,500 have cattle genes -- and the vast majority of the remaining wild bison live in Yellowstone National Park. The wild Yellowstone bison is a mystical animal that merits saving as part of our frontier fabric, which is why GYC works so hard to create new habitat for them.

Wildlife biologist James Bailey is a man in a race against time. At stake is the future of America’s wild bison, a cultural and biological resource that is quickly being lost to domestication and a weakened genome.
Bailey outlines the issues and solutions in his new book, “American Plains Bison: Rewilding An Icon,” published by Farcountry Press.

Read more about wild Yellowstone bison and their future.

Archaeological dig turns up artifacts 8000-years-old KARE
"To show up and they say we just found some bison teeth," smiled Audrey Schmitt, who lives down the road. Schmitt contacted KARE 11 about the ...

Cooking With Bison
ShareThis via email, AIM, social bookmarking and networking sites, etc. January 4, 2014 -- Bison is a more healthful alternative to cooking with beef.    

Letter to the editor: Hope still remains for future of wild bison - The ...
The Chronicle made errors in a recent editorial, suggesting there are too many buffalo in Yellowstone. Yellowstone has never completed a bison carrying capacity study. The (+-) 3,000-population cap pursued by the Interagency Bison Management Plan is solely for the convenience of controversial management.                 

The 'Tender Bison Babe' Lakefield Standard
In fact, that's her marketing handle as a sales representative for TenderBison, the brand of naturally raised bison meat produced by members of the ...                 

Beastly cold puts large swath of US in deep freeze The Spokesman Review
Ron, a bison at Brookfield Zoo, is covered in snow Sunday and doesn't seemed fazed by the frigid temperatures or snow blowing through the Chicago ...


Remnants of Buffalo Trace Times-Mail (subscription)
Some roads have been completely forgotten; others the physical location may be lost, but stories of the road linger in local folklore. The Buffalo Trace ...
The Buffalo Trace (Vincennes Trace), extending through southern Indiana between Louisville and Vincennes, is an example of such a “lost” road. What began as a natural migration route for bison from grasslands and salt licks in Kentucky to prairies in Illinois became an American Indian trail.

Radioactive Waste, Bison and XL Glasgow Courier

The winter storm that hit northeast Montana on Thursday night, Jan. ... They are acting in response to Fish, Wildlife and Park's placing of bison from ...

• In a unanimous decision last week, the Montana Supreme Court overturned a District Court ruling that prevented the movement of Yellowstone bison from the Fort Peck Reservation. This clears the way for about half of the bison to be taken to the Fort Belknap Reservation, which was the original plan when 61 bison were brought north last spring after five years' quarantine and testing for brucellosis.

In his opinion, Chief Justice Mike McGrath clarified one of the chief objections behind the lawsuit that sought to restrict the placement of the bison. He stated that having been "reduced to captivity," these bison were no longer wild animals.

For ranchers, this is an important distinction. Someone is responsible for a domestic animal if it strays where it doesn't belong and causes damages to fences, crops or haystacks. The memorandum of understanding between Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks has provisions for the kind of fencing the tribes were required to provide for the bison and the prompt response necessary if they escaped. What the ranchers fear is a wild, free-roaming herd of bison that no one is allowed to remove from private or leased federal land.

Buffalos Restaurant Opens at The Ritz-Carlton Bachelor Gulch The Daily Meal
In addition to highlighting bison dishes, another unique feature of the restaurant is their Colorado crafted draught and bottled beer program featuring ...

Bison, Hunters and Landowners Glasgow Courier
The ongoing threat of unfenced, state-owned bison figured prominently. Some of you will recall that one of our hunters last year took one look at our ...                  

Man accused of taking ham, bison from Killington hotel kitchen The Republic
KILLINGTON, Vermont — Police have arrested a Vermont man accused of taking ham and bison meat from the Killington Grand Resort Hotel kitchen, ...                 

New wild bison hunting license regulations now in effect County 10
(Jackson, Wyo.) – With many hunters now applying for their 2014 big game hunting licenses, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department reminds ...

Scientists Promote Meat Tax
(originally from news)

A group of scientists suggest in a new study that meat be taxed to prompt people to eat less of it and thereby aid in reducing emissions contributed by livestock, according to a report by The Guardian.


The study, published in the journal Natural Climate Change, proposes that methane emissions be reduced by raising meat prices through a tax or emissions trading scheme.

Emissions from livestock make up some 14.5 percent of all human-related greenhouse gases, according to the United Nations. The body estimates that percentage could be cut by nearly a third through better farming practices.

Bison: How do you cook it? Seattle Post Intelligencer (blog)
Although I don't usually eat red meat, I used to eat bison occasionally for variety. But, about about a year ago, I couldn't get it anymore at my local ...

How The Railroad Wiped Out Passenger Pigeons Gizmodo Australia
It also swallowed entire species: The story of how railroads drove the passenger pigeon to extinction — and bison to the brink of it — is a story of how ...


Datebook: December 10 - Emily Dickinson's Birthday WKMS
Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area has scheduled its annual Bison Auction for Saturday, February 1, at the South Bison Range just ...

Auction List

Project could revive deer on reservation land Washington Post
Several Great Plains tribes have sought to reintroduce bison to tribal lands. Bison were plentiful on the Great Plains until the early 1800s. But by the ... 
CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The sprawling Eastern Band of Cherokee Indian reservation in the western part of North Carolina has been trying .....
Southern Plains Pointers:

Well… we got hit early and the assault continues as old man winter takes toll on, and tasks survival of the southern plains. We’ve only got another 20-30 days of having to put up with his polar rant. Food plots will re-emerge and bolster the nutritional regime for southern plains bison by mid march, after which it will turn into a stocking rate problem by not having enough grazers to manage the bounty. For now: we are simply charged with watching body score, feeding when necessary and letting them do [their thing] and make it through, which they will. It’s during this time of year that I comically think of my bison herd’s extended family, fenced-in up north where cinematic perception has them belonging: noses pressed up against the southern perimeter fence wondering how the heck they are supposed to get down here.
Something else happens in January for Southern Plains bison and their stewards. Every year during this season, bison and their anthro-counterparts migrate to Denver Colorado to meet and mix in celebratory and thoughtful function to better themselves and the increasingly diverse mission of bison restoration. This year, the conference curriculum included panel discussions and presentations that ranged from basic, to complex and contentious. I am very proud to be a member of the National Bison Association which braves controversy, but champions collaborative community and shared stewardship. While the latter rolls off the tongue easily, the work begins with productive and respectful behaviors among and between diverse consortiums. My take away from the conference, was that all involved felt they were doing their best on behalf of the buffs as intrepid navigators into the future.
Back in the southern plains, its business as usual, but with a fresh respect for the holeisms that define the bison industry as uniquely as the animal we raise. 

Bison industry continues to grow in Weld County Denver Post
Carter hopes the survey will provide information on diseases in bison, helping to fortify the industry, for which Colorado is considered a prime supplier.

GREELEY, Colo.—Looking back nearly 30 years to when he started Rocky Mountain Natural Meats, Weld County resident Bob Dineen said he knew there was demand in the state for bison meat and he wanted to help set an industry standard for quality.

Now, the U.S. Department of Agriculture is pledging to do its first extensive survey on bison beginning this year. Dineen said he's glad to see the USDA recognize the relatively small but steadily growing industry.

Source of rare Minnesota anthrax case never found CIDRAP
The patient and his wife had traveled through Montana, Wyoming, and the ... "On July 29 they drove through herds of bison and burros, frequently ...


Bison to roam the Czech plains again
Transitions Online
Experts say European bison are cousins of American bison. They were once abundant on the territory of what is now the Czech Republic but gradually ...             

Yellowstone says shooting bison with "biobullets" to guard against ... The Republic
BILLINGS, Montana — Yellowstone National Park administrators say shooting wild bison with vaccine-laced "biobullets" to prevent the spread of an ...
Yellowstone decides not to implement remote vaccination of bison County 10
Many bison and elk in the 28,000 square mile Greater Yellowstone ... and the State of Montana which resulted in the creation of the Interagency Bison ...
Editorial: Bio-bullets were never a good plan for Yellowstone bison
The Bozeman Daily Chronicle - Yellowstone Park officials were wise to reject a plan to remotely vaccinate bison against brucellosis using so-called “bio-bullets.” The likelihood of the ...

Board of livestock says no to expanding bison area outside park KBZK Bozeman News
The Montana Board of Livestock says no to expanding the areas outside Yellowstone National Park where bison are allowed to roam.The proposal ...


Maxwell Wildlife Refuge Emporia Gazette
      A fragile white moon hung against a blue winter sky. Below that nearly-full moon a dozen bison grazed. Atop a nearby ridge, seven head of elk, “the ...
      This wildlife refuge got its start in 1943 when the Henry Maxwell Estate donated 4 square miles to the Kansas Forestry, Fish and Game Commission. A natural prairie preserve had been a dream of John Gault Maxwell (Henry’s father) who had settled in the area in 1859. Bison and elk were placed on the land in 1951.

New Wyoming bison regulations in 2014 Casper Star-Tribune Online
Starting in 2014, any hunter issued an any wild bison license and that kills a bull bison cannot apply for or receive an any wild bison license again.                 

Buffalo Museum named spot to visit by CNN WDAY
Like the National Buffalo Museum in Jamestown, South Dakota's featured place features bison —it's the Custer State Park in the Black Hills, which ...

Utah Defends Law Aimed At Livestock Filming
(From Associated Press)


The state of Utah is pushing back against animal-welfare activists who contend a state law to prevent filming of agricultural operations is designed to silence them.


In new court papers filed last week, state attorneys argue a federal judge should throw out a lawsuit because the activists have not shown they face an immediate threat of criminal prosecution. The state first asked for the case to be dismissed in October.


The law, passed in 2012, makes it a misdemeanor to trespass on private property to record images or sounds of a livestock operation.


People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and the Animal Legal Defense Fund filed the lawsuit in July, saying the law restricts free expression. They filed court papers in December saying the law singles them out for punishment and was motivated by hostility toward them.


NBA Update


Got buffalo? LBL's annual bison auction could be your chance
Paducah Sun - If you've got a home where you'd like buffalo to roam, your opportunity is coming. Dozens of on-the-hoof bison will be auctioned off during the Land ...                

Bison hunters bag 234 doing 2013-14 hunt
Jackson Hole News&Guide - Hunters harvested nearly 30 percent of Jackson Hole's 850 bison during the 2013-14 hunt, a sizable step toward managers' population objective of  500.

By the time the five-month-long season came o a close Sunday, 234 bison had been reported killed to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department.

Livestock groups donate $30000 to STARS
Regina Leader-Post - STARS Air Ambulance received $30,125 this week from three agriculture organizations: Canadian Western Agribition (CWA), the Canadian Bison ...
Useful Medicinal Plants of Texas and the southern plains - part 1
Most of the time people seem to believe powerful plant medicine comes from deep in the Amazon rainforest or some high hidden mountain in Peru, so it often comes as a surprise that functional phytochemistry is to be found in all kinds of plants wherever you are. Perhaps you may have wondered about the hidden mysteries held within your local plants. In this article I decided to start with four kinds of plants [Black Walnut – Mesquite – Juniper – Prickly Pear] that can be found almost anywhere in the state of Texas, the southern plains, across most of the United States and world.
Black walnut is a well-known tree for its tasty nutmeat and expensive, beautiful veneer wood. There is an eastern variety of black walnut named 'Cannonball' with gigantic fruit all the way down to the Nogalito or 'little walnut' which grows from the center of Texas west to New Mexico. Black Walnut exudes a chemical called juglone that is antithetical to the growth of many other kinds of plants. The primary medicinal part is the inner hull surrounding the nut once they have fallen from the tree and turned black. This material has strong antifungal/ antiviral properties and can be used as a poultice for maladies from ringworm to athlete's foot or treatment of internal parasites.
Mesquite is, of course, synonymous with the southwestern U.S. Much hated and maligned by ranchers for its thorns and persistent nature, mesquite actually is a legume that fixes nitrogen and produces sweet edible beans for people and livestock. Mesquites were seldom seen when prairie dogs were common, as they devour the trees. Honey from mesquite flowers is one of the best. Grass actually grows better under an open-canopy mesquite savannah. The Tamarugo mesquite grows in the Atacama desert on less than 3 inches of rainfall. Medicinally it has traditionally been used for eye conditions, open wounds, skin ailments and digestive problems. Extracts of mesquite also have antibiotic and antibacterial properties..........
 Ben Tyler, Texas Ecologix

The Morrison County Record | Pierz KCs buffalo dinner, raffle set for ...
Terry Lehrke - Members of the Pierz Knights of Columbus (KC) St. Isidore Council, will hold their annual buffalo feed and raffle at the Pierz Ballroom, Saturday, Jan..... 

Yellowstone wolves eating more bison
Billings Gazette - Bison are playing a larger role in the sustenance of park wolves compared to past years as Yellowstone National Park's bison herd has swelled and ...        

Guest opinion: Montana needs strong leadership to resolve bison ...
Billings Gazette - Bison have been in the news more than normal recently and for good reason. The U.S. Senate's Farm Bill includes $35 million to vaccinate wildlife in ...                  

5 Things We Adore Right Now
Indianapolis Monthly - A stacked burger, the Blue Bison at Shoefly Public House (122 E. 22nd St., 317-283-5007), with its lean bison patty getting added flavor from blue ...

CN joins InterTribal Buffalo Council
Cherokee Phoenix - “The Cherokee Nation's acceptance into the InterTribal Buffalo Council is a very positive move in the bison acquisition process,” Gunter Gulager, CN ...                

MT FWP moves forward on Bison Management
kxlo-klcm - Last September the Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks department held a two-day discussion group in Lewistown, on Bison Management in Montana.
From that meeting, the FWP compiled a list of 23 “parameters” that they say would guide any alternative to reintroduce bison, as part of a test project or restoration effort.
Because FWP believes that the planning process should be continued, FWP is proceeding with the development of a programmatic Environmental Impact Statement to examine possible bison restoration alternatives, including:
  • Restoration of a Small Free-Ranging Bison Population to be used as a Learning Opportunity
  • Restoration of Free-Ranging Population of approximately 400 Bison as a Minimum size to maintain Genetic Integrity
  • Restoration of a Free-Ranging Population of approximately 1,000 Bison as a Preferred herd size
  • No Action. Not restore any population of bison.       

Bison Good, Cattle Bad?? | The Prairie Ecologist
The Prairie Ecologist (Chris Helzer) - Among some prairie enthusiasts, there seems to be a perception that plains bison are magical creatures that live in complete harmony with the prairie.                 

Ted's Montana Grill: Order the bison fillet | The No Salt, No Fat, No ...
The No Salt, No Fat, No Sugar Journal (John N. Frank) - The eight ounce bison fillet is 545 calories, according to the Ted’s nutritional info page, and 28 grams of fat. That compares with 64 grams of fat for the comparable beef fillet. I’m assuming that ordering it without salt or seasonings eliminated most of the 2,307 mgs of sodium the nutritional page lists for it, let’s hope so anyway.               

BPA releases a series of 3 short videos on cooking bison featuring Chef Michael Ubbing from the West Lake Grill in Red Deer, Alberta. These videos also include commentary from Alberta bison ranchers regarding the benefits of eating bison.
Cooking Bison with Chef Michael Ubbing – Steak Marinade
Cooking Bison with Chef Michael Ubbing – Steak Fajita
Cooking Bison with Chef Michael Ubbing – Seasonal Steak Salad

Also see recent BPA video promoting bison ranching to potential newcomers to the industry. “Bison Ranching – Is it for You?” Click to see video

CBA (Canadian Bison Assoc.) conducts bison census in 2014The CBA has developed a questionnaire that is intended to collect industry data that will be used to refine its industry development and marketing strategy. In the next three weeks producers with e-mail addresses will receive a questionnaire electronically and others will receive the questionnaire by mail. As required there will be telephone follow-up by CBA staff. All data collected will be kept confidential and will be analyzed on an aggregate basis.           

National Park Service, UM professor, others look to protect migrating ...
The Missoulian - BILLINGS — Montana wildlife officials want to let state-licensed hunters take more bison that migrate from Yellowstone National Park. Read more ...

Meet Golden Gate Park's hairiest denizens
KALW - Those are not Disney characters but three of the eight female bison that live at the ... Buffalo live in Africa and Asia, but bison live in North America.


Bison management
Great Falls Tribune - In August, Fort Belknap residents witnessed the return of 34 genetically pure bison to the reservation. Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks is proceeding ...
“The question we face now is, ‘Where to go from here?’” Hagener said. “Perhaps there is currently no place for bison as wildlife on the Montana landscape; perhaps the best place for bison as wildlife is on Indian reservations; perhaps the best avenue for a conservation bison herd is one led by conservation organizations……

Buffalo wing it in winter cold
Chapel Hill News - Bison, or American buffalo, look up after an overnight dusting at Jeff and Linda Peloquin's Vista Wood Bison Ranch in Hillsborough Wednesday.


Bison attack leads to personal injury suit
Madison County Record - 3 in St. Clair County Circuit Court against Jim Hayes and Berniece Hayes, individually and doing business as J-H Bison Ranch, citing negligence.

According to the complaint, the defendants owned property at 10802 Sunnyside School Road int Trenton and maintained a bison on the property. Bishop says on Jan. 8, 2011, she was at the property when she was attacked by the bison and sustained a fractured tibia and fibula, among other injuries.

Bishop is seeking damages in excess of $50,000.She is being represented in the case by attorney Carol L. Cagle.St. Clair County Circuit Court Case No. 14-L-3.           

'Tame the Bison' five-pound burger-eating contest looks daunting
The Express Times - - ... the Bison' five-pound burger-eating contest looks daunting. burger eating contest. Can you 'Tame the Bison' in this 5-pound burger eating contest?


Winter in Yellowstone: New rules expected to make for quieter visits ...
Montana Standard - The bison did it millennia ago when they evolved huge heads and shoulder muscles to plow snow off the grass. Humans wanting to see those bison ...

Wildlife group questions Farm Bill rider
The Bozeman Daily Chronicle - Bison roam in a field near the Northern Entrance in Yellowstone National Park on Tuesday, Jan. 14. A section of the impending farm bill will provide ...

Recent government discussions have highlighted the difficulties of vaccinating wildlife in order to prevent diseases in livestock. So some are questioning a potential law that appears to use taxpayer money to research such vaccination.

Local wildlife advocates want to remove or amend a section of the proposed Farm Bill that would fund research of surveillance and vaccination methods and diagnostic tests for diseases shared by wild and domestic species such as brucellosis.              

South Dakota lawmaker working to help ranchers hurt by storm
Rapid City Journal - 

PIERRE | A state senator from western South Dakota says he is trying to find ways to provide financial help for ranchers who lost cattle in the early autumn blizzard.

Sen. Larry Rhoden of Union Center says he started looking at possible legislation that could provide loan guarantees and other help to ranchers who suffered heavy losses. But he says after talking with officials in the state Department of Agriculture, he is now working to determine whether existing programs can be used to help those ranchers.

Rhoden says many western South Dakota ranchers need help to recover from devastating losses.

The October storm brought first rain and then up to 4 feet of snow to western South Dakota, killing nearly 22,000 cattle, 1,400 sheep, 300 horses and 40 bison.    

An American icon: How much do you know about bison?
El Estándar - With three herds on public land, our state is one of the few places in the country where bison do roam free. "To ... see a free-ranging herd of bison is an ...

Buffalo stance: Broadside of an American icon - life - 09 January ...
Five hundred years ago bison were arguably the dominant animal in North America. Now they are making a comeback from the brink of extinction.
ON HIS deathbed in 1890, Crowfoot, chief of the Siksika Native American tribe, said these last words: "What is life? It is the flash of a firefly in the night. It is the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime."
Plains Bison: Forever Wild or Forever Lost? > Northern Ag Network
Wildlife biologist James Bailey is a man in a race against time. At stake is the future of America's wild bison, a cultural and biological resource that is ...
“Most people think there is no issue with the bison because Ted Turner owns a bunch, but the fact is we’re domesticating them,” Bailey said. “We’re stripping out the wild genes and replacing them with domestic genes. We’re losing the wild
Help Needed To Locate Buffalo Trace
Later early American settlers used the Buffalo Trace to move livestock, facilitate commerce between Louisville and Vincennes, and ultimately settle the ...
Brigham City exhibit explores animal's cultural impact
El Estándar - As the title of an exhibit coming to the Top of Utah claims, the bison is an American icon. Artists have captured its stately power on canvas and in ...
Bison on the menu. - Review of Ted's Montana Grill, Atlanta, GA ... - Ted's Montana Grill: Bison on the menu. - See 136 traveler reviews, 8 candid photos, and great deals for Atlanta, GA, at TripAdvisor.
NWSS - National Bison Assoc. - Gold Trophy Sale - Sold Items - Lot, Lot Price, Category. 1, 1800.00, NWSS - National Bison Assoc. - Gold Trophy Sale, Insurance. 2, 1800.00, NWSS - National Bison Assoc.

Curious Minds: Where the Buffalo Roam Twin Falls Times-News 
What is the Bison Jump and where is it located?A bison jump is a cliff formation historically used to hunt and kill plains bison in mass quantities by Native Americans.Land of Yankee Fork has several interesting historical sites including the Challis Bison Jump and Kill Site.

According to a Top 10 Scenic Drives in the Northern Rockies website, bison bone and butchering tools were found at the base of the Challis Bison Kill cliff in 1970. The remains of an estimated 20 to 30 bison along with more than 100 projectile points and skinning tools were .....

Van de Putte backs Fitzsimons as 'serious' ag candidate
San Antonio Express - The San Antonio Democrat endorsed South Texas bison rancher Hugh Fitzsimons III in the three-man Democratic field in the March 4 primary, a field ...
The senator said Fitzsimons showed he's an innovator when he converted a “60-year-old family business (ranch) into a grass fed, sustainable bison operation, because he really believed that it was best for the land and best for the consumers.”


A Reunion of Bison and Tallgrass - Center for Humans & Nature
The Center for Humans & Nature Blog (Gavin Van Horn) - I drove out to Nachusa thinking not of corn but of bison. Bison will be here soon. October 2014, to put a date on it. Before the next New Year's Day, ...
Foodies and football: Chefs fight hunger at Taste of the NFL
Denver Post - Chef Troy Guard will serve Colorado bison sausage at the Taste of the NFL. (Cyrus McCrimmon, The Denver Post). Related Stories. Jan 28: NFL is ...
." He is making — by hand — about 200 pounds of Colorado bison and pistachio sausage that he plans to steam in a Colorado microbrew and serve with bacon-infused chile-mustard.
With careful prep, elk steaks and ground bison produce juicy ...
The Spokesman Review - Despite my trepidation about overcooking, drying out and toughening up the elk and the bison, the meat turned out tender, juicy and downright ...
Her Voice: Artist's work chosen for national award
In-Forum - Rose's bronze bison sculpture, “Champion,” was recently presented as the Producer of the Year award at the National Bison Association's annual ...

Now, the 58-year-old Pelican Rapids artist’s work is being used as a national award. Rose’s bronze bison sculpture, “Champion,” was recently presented as the Producer of the Year award at the National Bison Association’s annual winter conference.
Plan balances multiple uses at Fort Rob
Rapid City Journal - Bison were first introduced at the park in the early 1970s and are currently ... Bison are sold at an annual sale each fall and bison meat is sold in the ...
Currently, the main method of management at Fort Robinson is livestock grazing, as the park is home to Longhorn cattle, bison and horses.
Bison unfairly cast as brucellosis villains
Jackson Hole News&Guide - Bison unfairly cast as brucellosis villains ..... Meantime, beef herds in Wyoming, Montana and Idaho have had brucellosis exposure traced to elk, cattle ...

No cases of bison-to-cattle brucellosis transmission have been documented in the wild.
Super easy buffalo meat ball with Nong's Sauce | Nong's Khao Man ...
Nong's Khao Man Gai (Nong) - Time for meat balls with some Thai twist! Super easy! :). Ingredients. 1.5 lbs of Ground Buffalo; 1 tbsp Garlic minced; 2 tbsp Thin soy sauce (Healthy ...
Royal Alberta Museum Gets Gigantic Ice Age Bison Skull
Huffington Post Canada - Think bison today are big? A new specimen at the Royal Alberta Museum shows just how much bigger ice age bison were compared to their ...
Tribal bison hunt picks up near Gardiner
The Bozeman Daily Chronicle - Tribal bison hunt picks up near Gardiner. 

“They're coming out.”It's the winter rallying cry for Native American hunters who have tribal permits to hunt bison in the areas around Yellowstone National Park. It means the park bison are beginning to migrate to lower valleys in search of grass as snow piles up inside the park.

Kalispell hunter drops 1300-pound bison
Daily Inter Lake - The bison was quartered and skidded out on sleds. ... Garfield estimates he has nearly 600 pounds of bison meat, and he is proud of it. “I don't find a ...
An American Bison hunting excursion
The Harlan Daily Enterprise - The American Bison (Bison bison), known to most of us as buffalo, once existed across most of North America in numbers believed to be as high as 50 ...
Damen leads bison charge
Ballina Shire Advocate - IT MAY not be on the menu at your favourite steakhouse at the moment, but Damen Wells is hoping the ultra-lean bison meat he is growing on his ...
Presentation on wild American bison
The Bozeman Daily Chronicle - Join the Gallatin Wildlife Association for an informative, and thought provoking evening about American plains bison, aka Buffalo. Dr. James Bailey will ...

Domestication alters the bison genome through inbreeding, crossing with cattle genes, shrinking genetic diversity and artificial selection. These forces continue to replace natural selection and valued wild 
PHOTOS: 5 Animals That Outsmart Winter on the Northern Plains
National Geographic - Since my last trip to the Reserve earlier this month, our staff and volunteer adventure scientists have spotted bison, mule deer, and large groups of ...
Metanoia, Ted Turner, and Eco-Capitalism
Huffington Post - He began replacing cattle on his ranches with bison, and now, more bison graze on his Flying D Ranch than in Yellowstone National Park. Turner ...

To that end, in 1997 Turner gave $1 billion to the United Nations, figuring "that I'd kick in and then lean on my wealthy friends." He's challenged other billionaires to give away half of their wealth before they die. Many have signed on including Oprah, George Soros, Bill and Melinda Gates and Warren Buffet. Recently, Hasjoerg Wyss, whose Wyss Foundation is a major supporter of many Western causes, has made the commitment. 

North American Bison Registry

Are you monitoring your herd’s genetics? More and more producers are tracking and recording genetic information, a crucial management practice for a healthy heard, and the NBA has the tools to help you do it. Through the NBA’s North American Bison Registry, we offer DNA testing for $35/head through our partnership with the University of California – Davis. The DNA test, which includes both mitochondrial and nuclear tests, is competitively priced and helps maintain the full story of your breeding stock. The DNA test price was recently lowered for NBA members, as demand grows for such testing. The NBA has also waived it’s Herd Prefix Fee, for Active level NBA members who have not registered any animals in NABR yet. Please contact to request your Herd Prefix today, and get started in the North American Bison Registry!

From The NBA (learn more and join @
One-time Through TB Project

The National Buffalo Foundation this week received a generous donation toward the one-time through TB Project, taking the contributions close to reaching the $50,000 industry commitment. As you read this, please take action and donate to this critical bison research that will benefit all bison producers. Details are available at!tb-study/crcj

In January 2013, the National Buffalo Foundation accepted the lead role raising $50,000 for one-time through tuberculosis (TB) testing research for the bison industry's contribution.

The research project is being conducted by academic and government agencies in Canada and the United States. This joint collaboration will assist in rapid acceptance and approval by the two countries' livestock regulatory agencies.

For details on the one-time through TB project and to make your contribution for the good of your industry, go to:!tb-study/crcj


Consumers Confused about GMOs

Over half of U.S. consumers are concerned about genetically modified organisms (GMOs), but when asked to describe GMOs, many primary grocery shoppers are unclear on the concept, according to new research by The NPD Group.

Some survey respondents believe GMOs are foodstuffs that are genetically altered, sometimes in a favorable way and at other times in an unfavorable way, the research firm said in a news release.

Genetic modification is defined by USDA as "the production of heritable improvements in plants or animals for specific uses, via either genetic engineering or other more traditional methods."
In its research, NPD asked consumers to describe in their own words what the term "GMOs" means. Common words they used included "genetically altered" and "not natural" (along with "don't know"). Overall, 44 percent of consumers said GMOs have some kind of benefit, yet at the same time, a higher percentage had some level of concern.
Federal government names new chief vet [Canada]
(From CFIA's Harpreet S. Kochhar now Canada's CVO)

The Canadian government has named a new chief to oversee the country's animal and veterinary public health infrastructure.

Dr. Harpreet S. Kochhar was announced Tuesday as Canada's new chief veterinary officer, replacing Dr. Ian Alexander.

Kochhar, a veterinarian by profession, has worked for the Canadian Food Inspection Agency since 2002, when he joined CFIA as a senior animal biotechnology policy specialist. He's since served in CFIA's science branch and operations branch in posts including executive director of operations strategies and delivery, and executive director of western area operations.

Kochhar is also a recognized expert on animal biotechnology for the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) and has worked internationally with bodies such as the United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the government noted Tuesday.
Full text here.

Checkoff Contributors Fuel NBA
Promotion and Outreach Efforts

Voluntary contributions to the National Bison Association's Checkoff Fund exceeded $42,000 in 2013, and provided vital resources that enabled the association to conduct consumer promotion and producer outreach efforts.

Programs and activities funded through checkoff dollars this year included:
  • A special news/advertising feature in Midwest Health & Wellness on-line and print publication
  • An on-line promotion though Public Radio's America's Test Kitchen segment
  • Development of the BisonFinder app for smartphones and tablets
  • Participation in the National FFA convention; and
  • Participation in the Trade-Talk segment of the National Association of Farm Broadcasting national convention.

Bison Export Opportunities Expanding
(From the Kiplinger Agricultural Newsletter)

Transatlantic trade pacts will spur the already hefty demand for bison meat from the small North American herd of 400,000 or so. The scarcity pushed the price of bison carcasses to $4/lb...nearly twice that for beef carcasses...three years ago and will surely keep it near that level, given the limited U.S. and Canadian supply.

Two coming deals will boost U.S. and Canadian bison exports to Europe:

The Canada-European Union accord. Its likely implementation in late '15 will end the 20% EU import duty on Canadian bison meat, hiking sales to Europe but denting them to the U.S. Canadian bison make up about 40% of U.S. supplies.

And the coming U.S.-EU free trade pact. It, too, will likely terminate a 20% duty, one imposed on U.S. bison meat to the EU, fostering additional exports to Europe.

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