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Hermitage, Missouri Jan 14, 1886

After the Buffalo.

Both Indians and bison, or American buffalo, are so rapidly passing away that it may be of interest to describe the way in which the inhabitants of our upland plains provisions themselves for the year. The Red River half-breeds and the white hunters hunt the buffalo chiefly for the hides, and the cargoes of pelts that each year float down the Missouri are only a partial measurement of the destruction. The Government, too, as a means of warfare frequently orders its calvary to destroy all the buffalo in the district occupied by a hostile tribe; and in a single day 700 animals have been left on the ground, the service not permitting even a pelt or a tongue to be taken.

Very different in its intention and aspect is the hunt by an Indian tribe, when the approach of winter is driving the bison toward the south, and the hardships of the coming season make every pound of meat valuable to the hunter.
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Christmas is coming........Ho Ho Ho


Wildlife refuge rounds up bison in effort to repopulate herds
FOX31 Denver
COMMERCE CITY, Colo. -- Years ago when Native Americans and cowboys roamed the lands in Colorado there were millions of bison thundering ...
Sheriff's Report: Bison allegedly shot and killed in South Summit
The Park Record
A bison was found dead in a South Summit field on Thursday, Oct. 26, after it was allegedly shot several times by a small-caliber weapon, according to ...
Excitement of the 'Wild West' returns to Antelope Island
Bison scattered across Antelope Island were driven into corrals on Saturday at the annual roundup. After a week to rest, the bison will be innoculated ...
Deadline looming to apply for coveted Utah hunting permit
Salt Lake Tribune
The coveted permits are available for desert bighorn ram, Rocky Mountain bighorn ram, buck pronghorn, bull elk, bull moose, hunter's choice bison, ...
In Utah, public access to state lands comes at a cost
High Country News
In Utah, public access to state lands comes at a cost ... Bison roam Winter Ridge, which includes a large parcel of SITLA land in the Book Cliffs, about ...
National Bison Day celebration at Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie
Braidwood Journal
Guided expeditions will be held at 10 and 11:30 a.m.; and 1 and 2:30 p.m. Guides will be available to provide information and updates pertaining to ...
At a Glance: Nov. 2, 2017
Kankakee Daily Journal
Last week was a boom time for Illinois archery deer hunters — adding ... Visitors will be taken on a special motorized expedition to look for the bison ...

Lords Park Zoo officials hope to add male bison
Chicago Tribune
The newest and youngest member of the small bison herd at Lords Park Zoo is named Takoda, which means "friend to all" in the Sioux language.
All right, bison, say cheeeese!
Thirty bison were brought to the preserve, which is owned by the Nature Conservancy, in the fall of 2014 and the herd has grown to more than 100 ...
Fermilab's 11th employee
Symmetry magazine
In one drawing, Fermilab's bison dine at an elegant table; in another, winged creatures stare into a bubbling cauldron that contains the Fermilab ...
DAY TRIP: Brookfield Zoo works its magic for the holidays
During Holiday Magic, the South Mall's huge, lighted figures of animals – a giraffe, bear and bison – will be on display, and the East Mall will have a gigantic reindeer that's created out of telephone poles surrounded by lighted spheres. Even the zoo walkways will have their share of lights, about 600 lit ...
Midewin saves arsenal's past while restoring prairie
The Herald-News
... past the old arsenal ammunition bunkers and to the bison that have been brought in to recreate an environment that existed hundreds of years ago.
Teton adventures left mark on both students, teachers
The Herald Journal
Sure enough, along the edge of the path leading to the main lodge was an adult bison nosing its way through the snow on the ground in search of ...
It's National Bison Day!
Defenders of Wildlife Blog (blog)
National Bison Day has been observed annually on the first Saturday in ... several cultural herds in Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota and Montana.
Slower speeds save wild lives
Jackson Hole News&Guide
A woman wasn't so fortunate on a foggy night in early October when she hit and killed a bison, rolled her truck and killed three more members of the ...
Photographer Captures Wonder of Christmas in Wyoming
The Weather Channel
"Right before that, they [the bison] were everywhere; so haphazard, no organization. So maybe because the snow is so deep it might be easier to walk in a path." Nature and its inhabitants never cease to amaze, and there may be no greater place to experience that than Jackson Hole, Wyoming. "It's just ...
Celebrate National Bison Day At Prairie Heritage Center
Sutherland, Iowa — You can celebrate the National Mammal of the United States this Saturday at the Prairie Heritage Center between Sutherland and ...

Bison are gracing Iowa's landscape once again
Fort Dodge Messenger
Although the bison will not be in the wild, but raised for meat and also with the purpose of increasingbison numbers through breeding, Johnnie ...
Celebrating National Bison Day with a bison hike
MINDENMINES, Mo. Three hundred years ago, there were upwards of sixty million bison roaming North America. By the late 1800's, there were fewer ...
Roundup keeps the bison herd thriving at Tallgrass Prairie Preserve
Enid News & Eagle
So we round them up each year, we inoculate the bison just like our .... Nationally, there are about 500,000 bison alive now in North America, and part ...
Where the bison roam
Enid News & Eagle
American Bison — the largest North American land mammals in existence —were a cornerstone species of the Great Plains, according to the ...
A few buffalo still roam our state's prairies
Norman Transcript
The bison sightings here on the nearly 60,000 acre refuge are few and far ... was preceded by a trip to the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History. ... No, a private herd of bison makes its way across the massive ranch and ...
Quapaw Tribe Ag programs gain national attention
Miami News Record
The Quapaw Tribe has made innovative and impactful investments in agriculture with the Quapaw Cattle Company, Quapaw Processing Plant, Quapaw Honey, O-Gah-Pah Coffee, and O-Gah-Pah Bison programs and businesses - and the Ag world has taken notice. The Quapaw Tribe is considered a ...
Draft 'hooved animal' ordinance gets hearing Wednesday
The Ridgefield Press
Big animals like horses — or goats, cattle, mules, bison, camels — can be awkward neighbors in small-lot suburban neighborhoods. Another attempt ...

Yellowstone Park bull added to Blue Mounds bison herd
Daily Globe
A new bison bull with Yellowstone National Park genetics (shown in the center with the ear tag) was recently added to the herd at Blue Mounds State ...

'These guys were my life and still are'
Tom Ryan feeds corn to the bull bison at Oxbow Park. He began doing the simple chores, eventually became parks superintendent and now, after ...
MN State Parks celebrate National Bison Day
The bison was adopted as the national mammal of the United States in ... Less than 1 percent of all American plans bison have no other genes from ...
Parts of Minneopa to close for deer hunt
Mankato Free Press
Hunters with muzzle loader permits will be shooting deer in the areas of the park north of Highway 68, which includes the bison range, Seppmann Mill and campground areas. The falls portion of the park on the opposite side of the highway will remain open. Deer hunters also will be using muzzle ...
Wild Idea Buffalo Co. celebrates National Bison Day
RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - The first Saturday in November is National Bison Day, and the Wild Idea Buffalo Company celebrated in a fun way.

Los Angeles Times
.... South Dakota's victory over North Dakota in September cost him a case of bison steaks.

Burgum was eagerly awaiting payback this week. In a statement released by his office, he said, "I'm confident Gov. Daugaard will enjoy the delicious North Dakota-raised bison, which is good, because the only thing the Jackrabbits will be tasting this weekend is defeat."

Instead, Burgum got to eat his words.

Could have been worse. The bet could have had him eating some Jackrabbit stew.

Custer State Park to hold bison auction
Watertown Public Opinion
CUSTER — The 2017 Custer State Park Fall Classic Bison Auction will be held on Saturday, Nov. 18, at the park's visitor center where approximately ...
Hundreds of bison auctioned off on Saturday
CUSTER, S.D. (KOTA TV) - Saturday, Nov. 18 was all about buffalo. The day started with the 53rd Annual Custer Buffalo Auction. The park was auctioning of 265 of their buffalo from their round-up in September. They worked their buffalo a couple weeks later and determined all of their surplus animals ...
Buffy: A buffalo now herd on high for Christmas at the Capitol
The Capital Journal
His initial inquiries with other state officials – about serving one of the state-owned bison for the ASHTO convention – were rebuffed, he said. He kept at it, reminding people that reciprocity was useful on a variety of projects. It turns out, Schreiner said, that buffaloes, like desks and chairs and file cabinets, ...
Help birds out this winter by making a feeder
Sioux Falls Argus Leader
Good Earth State Park will be hosting programs over the Christmas break week. On Dec. 27, we will have some fun learning about the bison; Dec.
Catalina Island Conservancy reports on 2016 accomplishments
The Log Newspaper
Conservation efforts were successful in recovering the island fox and bald eagle populations, stabilizing the bison population and preserving the ...
Neighbors raise a stink over plan to expand composting operation near Ashland tourism spot
Omaha World-Herald
... pinpoint the time and date of the problem or whether it was the odor of manure from the Safari Park's herd of bison and gaurs, a large Indian bison.
Five years after wildfire, researchers say Sand Hills are more resilient than was thought
Omaha World-Herald
The Sand Hills of north-central Nebraska are one of the largest contiguous grasslands remaining in North America and are the traditional heart of the ... fire's effects on more than 35 square miles of grassland used to graze bison north of Johnstown at the Nature Conservancy's Niobrara Valley Preserve.
Long Island our story: When the island was new
Bison bones were discovered in the Hempstead Plains. The pine barrens themselves are a relic. So are the 80 acres that are left of the 60,000-acre ...


Trumansburg artist creates head-turning sculptures, local landmarks
The Ithaca Voice
For a sculpture as large as the bison, the process may take around six weeks. Seaman usually works on multiple projects, always cutting feathers but ...
Babies born at zoos in fall 2017
Bison calf Carter was born August 19 at Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York. Her parents are June and Cash. Animal Adventure Park.
Depot inspo: A deeper look into downtown Fargo's new outdoor art installation
As an artist, he now pays homage to the bison and its intense history of becoming nearly extinct in the late 19th century due to commercial hunting.
Southern Plains Pointers: Nov 2017

What ‘the heck’ happening Out There!

This is a normal question in the southern plains this time of year. Everything has been so green and the bison living has been easy all summer long. All at once the rain stopped, and just in time to stop the growth of planted winter feed and/or native cool season plants. The other factor in many southern plains operations is the exotic grasses (warm season) like Coastal Bermuda, which once brown goes completely ineffective as nutrition. So – what (is) going on out there? As I wrote in my last blog,  this is the time of year, during the seasonal transition, that we need to pay attention.
(read more)

Frasier Bison L.L.C.
Ensuring the Health of a Herd
Flathead Beacon
Visiting the National Bison Range in Moiese is akin to stepping back in time, when the shag-haired, curve-horned, hump-backed animals roamed the ...
MT Historical Society Museum offers free admission
KXLH Helena News
The Museum collects, preserves, and interprets fine art and archaeological artifacts. One of the biggest draws was the 'Big Medicine' exhibit, which recognizes the sacred power attributed to white bison. Other walls and exhibits included ancient fishing tools and displays about the Montana homeland.
Caprock Chronicles: Rath opens trail for bison hunters, way to move hides north
Rath, a merchant, entrepreneur, and bison hunter, opened the Rath Trail in 1876, creating a way to get hunters to West Texas and move hides north.
Turkey for 2500? This Weatherford truck stop is always ready for a holiday
Fort Worth Star Telegram
The truckstop is one of few restaurants that haven't changed, although Downs touted the new menu's lower-fat bison burger and more extensive salad ...
Raising an iconic American species
Lampasas Dispatch Record
Raising an iconic American species. Bison thrive on ranches in Lampasas County -- where herds once roamed freely. BY JEFF LOWE. DISPATCH RECORD. Nix-area landowner Rich Ellenberger considers bison a nearly perfect livestock species. Commonly called buffalo, the American bison is native ...

Hunters may be solution to reducing destructive bison herd at Grand Canyon
Cronkite News
The bison meat would then be distributed among local tribes, the volunteers, and other groups, experts said. Grand Canyon National Park and other ...
Grand Canyon overwhelmed with interest in bison program
Arizona Daily Star
Grand Canyon overwhelmed with interest in bison program ... the Grand Canyon to the water's edge of the Colorado and Little Colorado Rivers below.
2018 draw results available for spring turkey, javelina, bison and bear seasons
Queen Creek Independent
Hunters who have an Arizona Game and Fish Department portal account can view their draw results for the 2018 spring turkey, javelina, bison and ...
Community View | Much ado about the Grand Canyon bison
There has been much ado regarding our Grand Canyon bison herd. ... Currentbison hunting permits are quite expensive and Arizona could seriously ...
'Tis the season: Permit hunt application period and trapping
Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman
A new hunt (DI404) is listed for Unit 20D Delta bison. This is an either-sex hunt where up to 65 permits will be issued. The standard permit hunt, DI403, ...
Alaska glacier tours offers unreal sights
Toronto Star
KNIK RIVER VALLEY, ALASKA—It's like a trip into a too-perfect alpine .... or injured) Alaskan wildlife, including wolves, foxes, moose, muskox, bison ...
In votes on menagerie of issues, Alaska Board of Game bans pet tenrecs, certain air bow uses
... “air bows” for hunting big game in Alaska. Using compressed gas, air bows fire an arrow with enough power to take down game as large as a bison.

Bison auction a big hit at Kansas refuge
Each year, the refuge auctions off its surplus of bison, and draws people from ... One of the main buyers here drove all the way from Texas to bid on the ...
Where the buffalo roam
High Plains Journal
Herds of 550 bison make their home on the rangeland at Beaver Creek Buffalo ranch near Goodland, Kansas, a site where pioneers following a branch of the Great Western Cattle Trail once visited the first post office north of Dodge City. Ken Klemm and his family operate Beaver Creek Buffalo.
Christmas on the Prairie
Emporia Gazette
“We have a small bison herd, and a number of activities throughout the year. Just coming out is the main thing. Our last event of the year will be the Candlelight Tours on Dec. 2.” Aside from the activities in the house and the barn, visitors had another fun way to experience the prairie. A horse-drawn ...
11/17/17 - Report 9
The Bozeman Daily Chronicle
11/17/17 - . A caller reported bison hunters were trespassing on private property. A deputy found they were staged waiting for the bison to leave private land. More Police Reports ...
The New West: When 'Action Jackson' turned buffalo rancher
Explore Big Sky
Jackson says that if the National Bison Range, National Elk Refuge, Grand Teton Park, Yellowstone, the state of Montana, and private ranchers were willing to restore “bison culture” into herds, there would be fewer conflicts. It isn't wise to hunt bison populations willy nilly, he says. Non-strategic targeting ...

Bison on Robert Jackson’s ranch. PHOTO COURTESY OF ROBERT JACKSON
Hunters find success on fifth weekend
The Bozeman Daily Chronicle
Staff at the Cameron station also checked 13 deer, one bighorn sheep and one bison. Of the 568 hunters who passed through, 13.2 percent were ...
Scoping comment summary available on forest plan
Choteau Acantha
Roughly 21 percent of the comments were about wildlife and wildlife habitat for grizzly bear, Canada lynx, bighorn sheep, elk and bison. Comments also mentioned habitat management such as connectivity. Comments about wildlife and habitat frequently overlapped with comments about motorized use, ...

This weekend's top 5 things to do in the Susquehanna Valley
Sunbury Daily Item
Let your children meet a baby American bison at the Lewisburg Children's Museum today. “Gordon,” by Martha Mans, is the Lewisburg Children's ...
Elmwood Park Zoo Euthanizes American Buffalo
NORRISTOWN, PA — A beloved American bison was euthanized at Elmwood Park Zoo on Wednesday. Tatonka, a 20-year-old male American bison, ...
Late fall and winter schedule at Land Between the Lakes
Hopkinsville Kentucky New Era
The Elk & Bison Prairie remains open year-round, dawn-to-dusk. Winter months offer the best chance to view elk, as the colder and shorter days draw ...
Local nonprofits to host Kentucky Proud Dinner on Giving Tuesday
WPSD Local 6
28., includes a bourbon and bison themed meal with a farm-to-table concept at the Freight House in Paducah. There will also be an auction.
Pearl River County farms hope to become agritourism home for the state of Mississippi
Picayune Item
Leilani and Tony Rosenbaum, owners of Shroomdom, Inc., are currently working with other farms in Pearl River County to make Pearl River County an agritourism destination in the state of Mississippi. Pearl River County is home to Country Girl Creamery, Picayune Blueberry Farm, Red Gate Bison ...
Turkey alternative: Local bison ranch featured on Travel Channel
The Herald-Times
Martin said the Travel Channel learned of Red Frazier Bison thanks to the accolades garnered by their bison cheesesteak eggrolls. Stuffed with bison meat, peppers, onions, carrots, and cheese, the eggrolls are deep fried to a crispy golden brown. During the same year Red Frazier Bison Ranch debuted its food ...
New path for Santa Fe Downs
Santa Fe New Mexican
It also manages a guest ranch, bison farm, RV park and several commercial gas stations and convenience stores along U.S. 285. Originally ... The tribe filed an application with the New Mexico Racing Commission to reopen the Downs, hoping to resume live racing and slot machine gambling by 2007.
Fast Facts: Catalina Island's Interior Wildlife
The Log Newspaper
CATALINA ISLAND — Most people who visit Catalina Island probably know of the bison or foxes roaming amongst the hills. But did you know Catalina ...

'I deserved it': Yukon hunter becomes the hunted
CTV News
When Todd Pilgrim set out on a crisp, snowy morning to hunt bison north of his home in Whitehorse, Yukon, he had no idea that he would become the ...

    IFPRESS.COM OPINION LETTER   Photo ruins morningRegarding the story Hunter has near-death experience with bison(Nov. 15). My morning was ruined by the sight of the photograph of a smiling hunter and the bison he’d just killed. I’ll never understand the pleasure some take in the slaughter of beautiful animals.                   John Stromberg, London

More if the story:
Crushed under bison, man thought of loved ones
Whitehorse Star
A Yukon man says he's glad to be alive after surviving a harrowing bison attack. ... But after his experience, Pilgrim has vowed never to hunt bison again. .... spent all night processing the bison and who brought the meat to his door.
Bison, rare birds await hikers in southwest Saskatchewan
At the turn of the last century, the last large herd of wild bison on the Montana plains was bought by the Canadian government and moved to what ...
Yukon ranchers actually love the elk
Yukon News
Brad Cathers, your solution of hunting the elk to extinction is a bad idea, much like when the bison were on the Alaska Highway and the Yukon News ...
Red flag raised about state of Wood Buffalo National Park
The Globe and Mail
Wood Buffalo National Park was created in 1922 to protect one of the last remaining free-roaming Wood bison herds in the world. Canada has eight ...
Red flag raised about state of Wood Buffalo National Park
The Globe and Mail
Wood Buffalo National Park was created in 1922 to protect one of the last remaining free-roaming Wood bison herds in the world. Canada has eight ...
Wood Buffalo National Park Among Most Threatened World Heritage Sites In North America
Huffington Post Canada
"There's no water, no birds, no bison, no muskrats," Lepine said. "People are getting stuck on mudflats, they can't navigate, they can't get through to ...
Guy Maddin 'ludicrously honoured' to have designed Winnipeg warming hut
An opening in the bottom of the bison hut allows people to climb four steps and go inside, where the walls contain information about the region.
International Trade Centre abuzz as producers gear up for Agribition
Regina Leader-Post
There will be more than 100 events, 450 trade show booths, 400 volunteers and 2,500 animals including cattle, horses, goats, bison, sheep, turkey ...
Parks to collar wolves near bison herd
Rocky Mountain Outlook
In a bid to keep a close eye on the life and death drama between predator and prey, Parks Canada wants to collar additional wolves in a pack that overlaps territory with the new bison herd in a remote region of Banff National Park. The plan is to have at least two wolves in the Panther-Cascade pack ...
Grey Cup wager between Calgary and Toronto zoos dishes up caribou food
If they win, Toronto Zoo CEO John Tracogna will have to eat wood bison cubes and wear a Stampeders jersey at his next board meeting. But if the Stampeders ... She said the cubes are filled with alfalfa, hay and other things that are a staple in the caribou or wood bison diet. “I imagine these guys will ...
Social Notes: Montreal Museum of Fine Arts goes west for Museum Ball
Montreal Gazette
The deliciously themed four-course extravaganza featured innovative offerings like birch syrup trout, bison carpaccio, and chocolate cactus for dessert ...
Romance in the air: Barn boss pops question at Agribition
Agribition just made sense — Kot is the bison barn boss at Agribition 2017, while Sylvestre works with both the provincial and national bison associations. As well, the couple's friends, who also deal with bison, were all gathered at the annual event. "We're all a pretty close-knit family. Everybody was ...

Runaway bison survives Kenow
Pincher Creek Echo
But even in the depths of despair, there are always stories of hope: like the runaway bison who managed to survive the Kenow blaze despite all odds.
Rock Art Depicting Stone Age Camel Dating Back 40000 Years Discovered in Russian Ural ...
It is filled with representations of stone-age fauna such as the wooly rhino, bison, horse, and, of course, the wooly mammoth itself. The majority of the images were created roughly between 17,000 and 19,000 years ago. Also among them are advanced depictions of fish and anthropomorphic figures ...
In Photos: The Battle for Poland's Ancient Bialowieza Forest
It's home to the largest free-roaming population of European bison, as well as several rare species of birds, hundreds of insects and thousands of ...
Activists occupy ranger headquarters in primeval forest dispute
Digital Journal
The vast woodland, which straddles the border with Belarus, is home to unique plant and animal life, including 800 European bison, the continent's ...
EU Court Orders Poland to Stop Logging in Ancient Forest
Courthouse News Service
FILE – In this file photo taken March 24 , 2017, a bison stands among the trees near to felled trees in the Bialowieza Forest, Poland. A European court has ordered Poland to immediately stop cutting trees in Europe's last pristine ancient forest of Bialowieza, although the order is temporary while ...

MSU graduate recognized for work in returning buffalo to Wind River Reservation
Montana State University
The buffalo representative for the Eastern Shoshone Tribe, Baldes has ... Washakie, Wyoming, from the National Bison Range in Moiese, Montana.
Rundles' "Good Earth: Awakening the Silent City" Showcased at Putnam Nov. 5
Quad-Cities Online
It was a thriving and important Native trading center for pipestone, bison hides, pottery, agricultural goods and culture. The once-vibrant city featured ...
It's National Bison Day!
Defenders of Wildlife Blog (blog)
The American bison has a long and varied history in the United States. About 150 years ago, millions of bison roamed the Great Plains until a mass ...

The seed of Bison Coffeehouse was planted eight years ago, when Loretta Guzman was dying of cancer. Guzman dreamed of a large bison coming closer until they were face to face, staring into each other's eyes. Soon after, her cancer went into remission. Now, everyone who enters her tiny, warm cafe in a 90-year-old building in Cully also comes face to face with the mammoth, woolly face of a bison, which for centuries was the lifeblood of her Shoshone Bannock tribe.

Native Americans Have General Sherman to Thank for Their Exile to Reservations
Native Americans Have General Sherman to Thank for Their Exile to ... Plains Indians relied on bisonfor food and housing, and the wild buffalo was ...
Four good-for-you foods that are uniquely American
Washington Post
But the animals, which have roamed North America for thousands of years, are bison, distant relatives of the buffalo. Nowadays, you can find the meat ...
Road to the Buffalo an all-season escape
... Nez Perce and Blackfeet tribes all used the Road of the Buffalo to move over the Continental Divide to the central prairies of Montana where bison ...
Quapaw Tribe Ag programs gain national attention
Miami News Record
The Quapaw Tribe has made innovative and impactful investments in agriculture with the Quapaw Cattle Company, Quapaw Processing Plant, Quapaw Honey, O-Gah-Pah Coffee, and O-Gah-Pah Bisonprograms and businesses - and the Ag world has taken notice. The Quapaw Tribe is considered a ...
Nebraska to return last Ponca remains to tribe for reburial
Omaha World-Herald
The remains of 10 people and the items buried with them will be reburied in this cemetery, which was established by the Ponca Tribe in 1880, after its ... remains held by the Nebraska State Historical Society will be reburied next week on a grassy, hilltop cemetery overlooking the tribal bison herd near .
Managers, hunters to take at least 600 Yellowstone bison this winter
The Bozeman Daily Chronicle
State, federal and tribal officials met at Chico Hot Springs yesterday to hash out plans for the winter management of the Yellowstone bison herd, and ...
US Senate Passes Resolution: Saturday is National Bison Day
The U.S. Senate passed the bipartisan resolution to celebrate the cultural and historical significance of the North American Bison. Senator John ...
USCA letter to Sec. Perdue-- additional research on Brucellosis is necessary
High Plains Journal
... potential for remote vaccination of wildlife and the ability of bull bison to transmit brucellosis have all been made under current research efforts.
Interior Decorator: Zinke's Push To Redesign Flags And Accessorize With Dead Animals
The department flag is emblazoned with a bison and has gone largely unchanged for a century. The emails indicate that Zinke wanted to redesign the ...
DVM & Business
Will more data be available on off-label drug uses?
There are also virtually no FDA-blessed medications labeled for bison, and Dave Carter, National Bison Association executive director, says, “We ...
National briefs: Farm Bureau annual convention heads to Nashville
Wisconsin State Farmer
Any animal species produced for profit and documented to have been killed by wolves in Minnesota in the past is eligible. This includes bison, cattle, ...
Joe Ricketts Wiki: Interesting Facts to Know about the American Billionaire
Earn The Necklace
In 2004, Ricketts stumbled upon the idea of starting High Plains Bison, which is a retail outlet for naturalBison meat. He further founded The American ...  HighPlainsBison
Pesticide report shows no residue on 50% of US food tested
Food Safety News
Game meat tested and the number of samples collected were: bison six samples; elk four samples with 0.029 ppm DDT found in one sample; rabbit ...
ELD compliance delayed for ag, livestock haulers
Commercial Carrier Journal
... reindeer, bison, horses, deer, sheep, goats, swine, poultry (including egg-producing poultry), fish used for food and other animals designated…that ...
Bison sale, interbreed show ring garner attention at Agribition
Western Producer
A two-year-old bison bull consigned by XY Bison Ranch from Fort St. John, B.C. topped the Canadian National bison sale held at Canadian Western ...
USDA Cutbacks Include Decommissioning Brucellosis Studies
Tri-State Livestock News
Studies on time management following land use in infected areas, remote vaccination of wildlife, and the ability bull bison to transmit brucellosis are all ...
Walsh County veterinarian dies in crash
Bismarck Tribune
He joined Dr. Lee Sturlaugson in running the Park River Vet Clinic, treating all types of animals from small kittens to 1,400-pound American bison. Dahl made multiple visits to treat buffalo at the Shirek Buffalo Ranch near Michigan, where White Cloud, a rare female albino buffalo that attracted thousands ...
Former FWP supervisor seeks state legislative seat
The Bozeman Daily Chronicle
He also chaired the Yellowstone ecosystem subcommittee for grizzly bear recovery and an interagency committee for implementing bison management plans. After retiring from FWP, Flowers said he worked as a private consultant specializing in natural resources. Since his time at FWP, he said he's had ...
Long Island our story: When the island was new
Bison bones were discovered in the Hempstead Plains. The pine barrens themselves are a relic. So are the 80 acres that are left of the 60,000-acre ...
Ice Age Fossil Found In Southeast
So, for instance, we've had various other pieces from the area, there was a bison vertebra donated at the same time. With the vertebrae you can say ...

VIDEO: Mystery of Eastbourne boy's 'mammoth' find on beach is solved
Eastbourne Herald
Archie Wood donates a 20,000 year old Bos Bison tusk, which he found on a ... We have got in touch with the Natural History Museum about it and are ...
Extinct bison bone found on Peninsula shows earliest sign of human existence inCalifornia
The Daily Breeze
Joe Cocke, found the bone of an extinct species of bison on the Peninsula. The fossil has was marks on it which would indicate human butchering and ...
Photos: At this ancient bison kill site, native hunters left the bones of thousands of animals
Casper Star-Tribune Online
About 2,000 years ago, native hunters systematically killed and processed mass numbers of bison at a site on what is now the Crow Reservation in Montana. They left behind a thick bed of bones — 15 tons of them — representing more than 2,000 animals. Controversy arose in 2012 after the site was ...
NIU professor to speak on 'Bison Impacts on Flora & Fauna' Nov. 6
Chicago Daily Herald
Learn about the restoration research being done by Dr. Holly Jones of Northern Illinois University and others in her lab to quantify the impacts of bison ...
MSU's Department of Geography hosts a presentation on the potential environmental implications ...
The State News
“I launched the Borderlands Project while working on a story for Wildlife Conservation magazine about a herd of bison that lived on the border," ...
Megafauna mega-find: the extraordinary discoveries at Diamond Valley Lake
The Guardian (blog)
Which means you need to understand what are, [for example, the] proportions of bison to horses? What are the proportions of camels to mastodons?
Let slip the dragonflies of war
Now more than 300 species of wildlife thrive there, ranging from eagles to bison. The reason behind the conservation value of MTAs is contested, with some arguing that the disturbances caused by military activities produces many different habitat types, drawing opportunistic settlers to them. Others ...

New book series seeks to define the Great Plains
Chicago Tribune
'Great Plains Geology' by R. F. Diffendal Jr.; 'Great Plains Bison' by Dan O'Brien; 'Great Plains Indians' by David J. Wishart (University of Nebraska).
'The Flash': Who Is The Black Bison?
Tonight's episode saw Team Flash dealing with Mina Chayton/Black Bison ... Her main goal appeared to be to track down Native American artifact ...
A hand grenade, a stuffed bison and Christmas dinner for a dog - charity shops' weirdest donations
Third Sector
A live hand grenade, a stuffed adult bison and a Christmas dinner in a jiffy bag are among the most unusual items donated to charity shops, data ...
APMEX Announces 2018 Gold Buffalos Available to Pre-Order
The two subjects of Fraser's designs, a Native American chief and an American bison, harken back to the American West and were perfect subjects for ...
2 Million Beautiful Images of Biodiversity Are Now Available for Free
Slate Magazine
But still others are tinged with existential darkness, like an old black-and-white photo of the American bison, the image of a slain eagle, or renderings of other endangered species. They're another reminder that many scientists believe we're in the midst of a great extinction, during which huge numbers of ...
Steve Martin Taught SNL Viewers Free Trade Back In the 1970s
Instead of simply running after bison, Martin suggested surrounding them, so whichever way the animal ran it would run into a member of the tribe ...
Smithsonian Channel Premieres AMERICA'S BADLANDS, 12/20
Broadway World
AMERICA'S BADLANDS is set in the heart of the American Midwest where lush grasslands seem torn open by towering multicolored pinnacles of rock. It's a place where summers of blistering heat follow winters of bitter cold, and where an assortment of charismatic animals - the American bison, the ...
For Love of Nature: Imagining the first Thanksgiving
Lynchburg News and Advance
Fish were so thick in the Chesapeake Bay, it was said you could walk across them. Passenger pigeons were so numerous they darkened the air, and bison filled the prairies. Old-growth forests stretched the length of the continent.

Meat and Recipes 
POTLUCK: Not that buffalo...
Pueblo Chieftain
Bison meat has always been a highly sought-after commodity in North America. As European settlers realized the palatability and value of the animals, ...
Arby's has the meat – and it's gamey
Some sources indicate that exotic meat is experiencing another rise in popularity, ... Bison, ostrich and zebra were not represented in these numbers.
Best Non-Beef Burgers In Denver
CBS Local
One popular item on any menu is a burger, but these days, you can get a burger made of anything including turkey, bison, chicken and even quinoa.
Alberta and Nunavut unite on a plate at NAC
The dinner dish is now on the menu as the Alberta bison tartare served with Nunavut crowberry jam. Before Leier's first service of the meal, he was a ...
Bevi Bistro opens in Granger shopping center
South Bend Tribune
Some options on the lunch/dinner menu include shrimp ceviche, Tuscan white bean soup, a blackened tuna salad, several paninis and bison ...
Stephen Jackson's shredded duck poutine
Huddersfield Examiner
The market stall sold about six versions, with duck, ham and pork added to the dish, but I plumped for the bison poutine. Slow-cooked tasty bison meat, ...
Foodie Spotlight: Scotty's Brewhouse
Fox 59
Just listen to some of these beauties…red, white, and blueberry bbq, ragin' cajun bleu bison, and for the child in all of us, bacon mac n' cheese.
Recipe: Bacon-wrapped bison tenderloin
Las Vegas Sun
For those interested in a steak that's a little drier and sweeter than standard fare, and are willing to pay a little more for their meal, a cut of buffalo meat ...
Josh Duhamel reveals his favorite meal to cook for his son
While his favorite dishes at his eatery 10 North Main are the bison steak and pheasant strips, when he's at home, Duhamel tones down the menu to ...
7 Surprising Facts About Shalane Flanagan, The First American Woman To Win The NYC ...
"A typical lunch or dinner has a lean protein like fish, turkey, chicken, eggs or bison with vegetables, fruit, nuts and a grain like quinoa or farro.
Roam Builds Burger Empire With New San Mateo Location
Eater SF
... Alongside grass-fed beef, free range turkey, and all natural bison burgers, Roam has added a new salmon burger option for the pescatarian crowd.
Dean & Deluca halts expansion plans
New York Post
On its Web site, the chain is offering a whole- hog package for $1,785, a 4.4-ounce jar of Siberian caviar for $350 and six bison burgers for $45.
2018 Ingredient Trends to Watch
Convenience Store Decisions
Meatballs made of beef, pork, lamb, bison, duck, turkey, and even plant proteins such as lentils are definitely trending, and most notably so in fine ...
Bidding for Murder a wild, crazy comedy
Revelstoke Review
Enjoy traditional warm bannock, autumn salad, Turtle Valley root beer braised bison short rib, parsnip and potato puree along with winter vegetables, ...
At Juicy Burger Bar, a bid for Hamburg's burger crown
Buffalo News
The 1 Buffalo St. offers a bison burger topped with lettuce, cucumber, pickles, chips and Bison-style onion chip dip ($13), helping the slightly gamy ...

The Weird Things That Happened to Me on the Raw Meat Diet
And you don't really eat meat every day on the diet. In fact ... recipes; I even wrapped a raw bison meat patty with lettuce for the ultimate protein burger.
6 Macho Gifts for Manly Men
High in protein and low in fat, bison jerky is a great grab-and-go snack for today's on-the-go man. In fact, bison meat features 40 percent more protein ...
Roll out the barrel
Southwest Journal
Bypassing the Road House Classics section of the menu (yummy-sounding chicken-fried steak, bison and elk meatloaf, shrimp and grits, $14–$19), ...
Tuesdays are bourbon steak nights at 99 Sea Level
The aged beef and bison choices are cooked to each customer's liking and topped with sauces, like the veal peppercorn black garlic sauce atop the ...
Four good-for-you foods that are uniquely American
Washington Post
But the animals, which have roamed North America for thousands of years, are bison, distant relatives of the buffalo. Nowadays, you can find the meat ...
Cape Canaveral's Preacher Bar upgrades bar food with the likes of Scotch eggs
Florida Today
For example, the eight-ounce bison burger ($16.95) features naturally raised Canadian bison. Those who have yet to try bison definitely must put it on ...
Culinary masterpieces take practice
Sierra Sun
... a sustainably sourced New York steak and bison, a charcuterie board, even a new take on Brussels sprouts — they shave the sprouts to keep from ...
Chef Malcolm Mitchell is BACK with a Bison Burger
RICHMOND, Va. – Chef & Restaurateur Malcolm Mitchell reunites with Jess in the new Virginia This Morning kitchen after 5 long years! Malcolm ...
Pregame pit-stop: Hermitage Hotel offers nation's top bathroom
Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman
It's located next to the Capitol Grille, a posh restaurant that charges $55 for bison steak. But, when asked, hosts and hostesses are prepared to leave ...
Smokin Fins serves diverse mix of dishes
San Tan Sun News
Part of the Fins restaurant group based in Idaho that also includes sister eatery Lucky Fins Seafood Grill, it touts “house-smoked” and “ocean-fresh” food. Diners can sink their teeth into seafood risotto, lobster tater tots, a Tokyo salad, mahi mahi tacos, a Southwest poki bowl and bison burgers, among ..
Stock Up: Here's Where to Jump on The Bone Broth Bandwagon
The first will be made with either lamb, bison or beef bones, all depending on what's in stock; the second is a poultry broth. "The bones from beef, bison and lamb are the most dense in nutrients and popular," says chef/owner Hosea Rosenberg. "But we also do bird broth with chicken, duck, and turkey ...
Bridging the marketing gap for local meat
American Agriculturist
Aimed at boosting freezer trade sales, Meat Suite includes a searchable farm profile database. Information is differentiated by live, hanging and final weights. It provides approximate expected yields for beef, pork and lamb. Participating producers also market bison, poultry, fowl, goat and rabbit meat.
Eat, surf, love
Coastal View News
Presiding over customers chewing—both the delicious new lunch special, the bison burger with sweet potato fries, and local gossip—is the original ...
Bison Ragu Over Pappardelle & Shaved Parmesan
BDOutdoors On The Wire
bison ragu With bison and buffalo meat readily available at local markets, or ground venison from the freezer, I substitute the high protein/low fat alternative in many of my classic recipes. This dish is simple and the extra ragu can be reinvented for a second meal. In our house, we enjoy it over a baked ...
Pure Burger: Where Healthy Eating Meets Hamburgers
San Diego Entertainer Magazine
In addition, the meat is never frozen, and ground fresh every morning at the restaurant. Pure Burger also offers bison burgers, which has 40% more protein than beef, while cutting down on the calories, allowing for an even healthier burger eating experience. If you're not a fan of red meat, then try their ...
6 surprising (and nutrient-rich) ways to get more protein in your diet
“I make a bison chili or a fake pho with chicken bone broth,” says LeVeque. “It's a really strong source of the amino acids your body needs to ...
Light up the sky
Arkansas Online
18 at Tux 'n Trees. The annual event, held at the Wally Allen Ballroom at the Statehouse Convention Center, began with a silent auction and cocktails. Next, guests were served a creative salad that included grilled peaches, bison sausage and blood orange coulis. The entree featured scallops and filets.
OTL: Paul Michael Penate of Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar
OC Weekly
I still recall visiting the first Cafe off 405/Beach and thoroughly enjoying the dog-friendly theme and extensive menu. I recently spent time at their Brea location, learning about their seasonal updates (Note: Try the bison meatloaf) from Executive Chef Paul Penate. Tell me about the changes to the indoor ...
Monster Eats cafe in Elmhurst offers 'outside of the box' take on traditional food
Suburban Life Publications
Meat for the sliders, which are made from a blend of Angus beef, bison and short rib, is ground and blended in-house every day, he said. He chose the monster theme because he wanted to do something different, and his sister, who is an artist, created the logo for the cafe. Varon said he has been in the ...
An insider's look at the Carmel Valley Chophouse, opening this weekend
Monterey County Herald
At a preview tasting this past weekend, Roux and Lipscomb offered burgers side by side. The half-pound Niman Ranch beef burger arrived with bacon, lettuce and tomato on a housemade sesame seed bun with fries. But it was the towering bison burger — topped with crispy cheddar cheese “lace,” ...
Nothing quite like Yellowstone Park in the fall
Cody Enterprise
You can see for vast distances around you, looking up at tall peaks, looking out at the Hayden Valley, slowing down in the Lamar Valley to watch bison ...
An office with a view: Yellowstone fire watcher lives the high life
KTVQ Billings News
He even had a stray bison walk into his front yard a few thousand feet above the good grass in the valleys below. Stark is alone at night with just the ...
Anger as US national parks plan high-season price hikes
The Guardian
A bison blocks traffic in Yellowstone national park. Photograph: Matthew Brown/AP. Critics also argue that heftier entry fees would be prohibitive for ...

Night encounter in the Yellowstone National Park
Photo: Michael Block Photography

Kimballs experience ultimate adventure with national parks vacation
Elk, bighorn sheep, bison, even a rare sighting of a pack of some 20 wolves frolicking in Yellowstone National Park in Montana that captivated the ...
Charging more for national parks is not a bad idea
Chicago Tribune
A large bison blocks traffic as tourists take photos of the animals in the Lamar Valley of Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming in August 2016.
Stop driving wild buffalo to extinction
Montana Standard
Yellowstone's 2017 Status Report on the Yellowstone Bison Population reveals an awful truth that Buffalo Field Campaign patrols have observed in ...
​Bison, deer bask in the beauty of Yellowstone Park in Winter
WAPT Jackson
​Bison, deer bask in the beauty of Yellowstone Park in Winter. Share. Shares. Copy Link. Copy. {copyShortcut} to copy Link copied! WAPT. Updated: ...
Cokeville sixth graders visit Yellowstone
Kemmerer Gazette
We saw several deer and bison during our experiments. ... also saw bear scratch marks on a tree and there were places where bison had laid down.
Letters to the editor for November 25, 2017
I was privileged to visit Yellowstone National Park during the bison rutting season. The males would circle the females choosing a “mate.” If the female was interested, she would stand there. If she were not, she would merely sit down and the male would simply look elsewhere to satisfy his overwhelming ...
Photos that trace migrations through Yellowstone
High Country News
Pronghorn, mule deer, elk, bison, moose, bighorn sheep: All of these ungulates migrate seasonally through the landscape surrounding Yellowstone ...

Managers, hunters to take at least 600 Yellowstone bison this winter
The Bozeman Daily Chronicle
PRAY — Somewhere between 600 and 900 Yellowstone bison should be culled from the population this winter via hunting and slaughter, bison ... Hunters from five Native American tribes and some licensed through the state of Montana take aim at the animals when they migrate out of the park each ...

Peace Country Regional Meeting a great  success !
The BPA hosted the 2017 Peace Country Regional Meeting in Grande Prairie on Saturday, October 21st, planning on about 45 people - and 63 people crowded into the meeting room.  Another sign of the continued interest in the bison industry.


The Latest on BILL 6 

The Alberta Government has released their reports on the recommendations made
by the 6 Technical Working Groups for the Bill 6 changes to OHS and WCB.
Following is the link to the reports:

The government is accepting written input from the public 
until JANUARY 15, 2018 (via snail mail or email)
 to :

Farm and TWG recommendations feedback
Occupational Health and Safety Branch
Alberta Labour
8th Floor Labour Building
10808 - 99 Avenue
Edmonton, AB  T5K 0G5

I would encourage everyone to at least glance through the documents
and send something to the government, so that they have to at least
go through the responses, and can't claim that no one cared !

November 21, 2017 Regina, Saskatchewan
Canadian Bison Association Auction A Great Success
A total of 67 bison consigned by 14 bison producers from Western Canada were sold by video auction at the Canadian Bison Association’s 25th National Show and Sale in Regina.
 National Bison Association 
Romance in the air: Barn boss pops question at Agribition
Agribition just made sense — Kot is the bison barn boss at Agribition 2017, while Sylvestre works with both the provincial and national bison associations. As well, the couple's friends, who also deal with bison, were all gathered at the annual event. "We're all a pretty close-knit family. Everybody was ...

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