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March 2016


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Wild West legend 'Pawnee Bill' got start in Bloomington
Bloomington Pantagraph
After a year playing his part in the near-extirpation of the American bison (a role he later came to regret), Lillie found his life's calling among the ...


Idea for hunting bison, wild burros
Yuma Sun
For many years, Arizona had drawings for the “hunting” of bison. Excess animals were selected and allowed to be harvested by those lucky enough or ...
National Park Service seeking comments on Bison Management Plan at Grand Canyon National ...
Grand Canyon News
Cooperators on this effort include Arizona Game and Fish Department, U.S. Forest Service, the Bureau of Land Management and the InterTribal ...
Bison herd near Grand Canyon causing problems
Bison herd near Grand Canyon causing problems ... The National Forest Service, along with Arizona Game and Fish and the National Parks Service ...
Column: Public comment sought for Bison Management in Grand Canyon National Park
The Daily Courier
However, in the 19th century bison were hunted almost to extinction - with less than 100 remaining by the late 1880s. This mass destruction came with ...
Environmental group questions nativity of Grand Canyon bison
Washington Times
FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. (AP) - An environmental group is challenging a report by the National Park Service that classifies bison at the Grand Canyon as ...
Bison Bones Found at Archaic Site in the Southwest
TUCSON, ARIZONA—Jesse Ballenger of the University of Arizona and archaeologist Jonathan Mabry decided to reinvestigate Cave Creek Midden in ...

Researchers Look for Corn and Find Bison Bones Instead
New Historian
In the desert near Portal, Arizona, only a few miles from both New Mexico and Mexico, researchers uncovered the bison kill site, which featured ...

Readers: State Bison Herd
Plainview Daily Herald
He turned the camera lens toward the bison there which are descendants of the animals nurtured by pioneer Panhandle rancher Charles Goodnight.
Hackberries back where bison once roamed
Plainview Daily Herald
The 22-foot Quanah Parker Trail Arrow were placed at the site in 2013, and a TexasHistorical Marker is located nearby, at Fifth and Joliet in front of ...
Splendor on the Range Opens at the Witte Museum
San Antonio Magazine
Bison (or buffalo) were also crucial to life on the prairie and the section of the exhibit dedicated to them is something Shackelford says to be sure you ...

Bits and Pieces: The Mighty Bison
Dallas County News
Bison are not only huge but they are fleet-footed, agile, and amazingly fast. They can defend themselves against such formidable predators as big cats ...
State bison experts show concern as Yellowstone thins herd
Beard, who currently serves as the vice president of the Texas Bison Associationand as chairman of the Conservation Committee for the National ...
Caldwell County rancher's bison shot and killed
FOX 7 Austin
There is a 500 dollar reward for information leading to the person who shot and killed a bison. The owners say this is the second time the animal has ...
No Bison
I can't begin to understand, to feel, what Quanah and his band of Comanche and Kiowa felt when they returned to the Texas Panhandle to hunt buffalo ...
State park, vineyard among attractions within miles of Lubbock
After bison-watching, hike any of a host of trails that require varying skill levels. The park is located an hour and a half northeast of Lubbock, 3.5 miles ...
April events at Caprock Canyons
Plainview Daily Herald
We might even get to see one of the newest members of the Texas State Bison Herd! Space is limited so reservations are required. Please call the ...

Crenshaw/LAX project unearths piece of Leimert Park's ancient history
Leimert Park Beat (blog)
Ancient bison were common in Southern California during that time. Bison antiquus are considered ancestors to modern bison. They were part of a ...
Former buffalo ranch owner suing North Dakota man over lease
Idaho Statesman
The ranch came under fire from some people in the area who said the bison often ran loose and caused problems. Wilder said the issue was ...
Buffalo Museum lands national exhibit on bison
Jamestown Sun
“Bison: The American Buffalo Then, Now, and Tomorrow,” is a former traveling exhibit developed by the Kauffman Museum of Newton, Kan., for the ...
   "Reality is the canvas that we paint our lives upon,
And our imagination is the frame."

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Denver to auction off 25 yearling bison Friday in annual event
The Denver Post
A pair of bison graze in the tall grass at Genesee Park in unincorporated Jefferson County. Denver plans to auction off 25 yearling bison in annual ...

Denver bison calves head to new homes after auction nets $48300
Raw bison liver: Eat like DiCaprio in "The Revenant" at this Colorado restaurant
The Denver Post
"In honor of Leonardo DiCaprio's win on Sunday night, guests can pair raw bison liver with a variety of bison dishes, including 'prairie butter,' or buffalo ...
Rocky Mountain Arsenal Refuge crews light fires to restore prairie
The Denver Post
Two large American bison try to navigate through a prescribed burn on 336 acres at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge on ...
Little Book Cliffs were home on the range to Dave Knight
Grand Junction Daily Sentinel
He also ran cattle on this range and briefly experimented, unsuccessfully, with grazing bison here. Knight had a reputation as a tough-as-nails ...

Bison bones found at lake bottom tell few tales
Minneapolis Star Tribune
Elizabeth Brumley Roger Van Surksum, a fishing guide, points out the exact spot on Lake Victoria in Alexandria where he happened to catch a bison ...
Minneopa bison range road closed through April
Mankato Free Press
MANKATO — An early spring thaw is forcing an extended closure of the bison range road at Minneopa State Park through the end of April, according ...

Wildlife Prairie Park Rounds Up Its Animals
Once a year, the park rounds up all of its elk and bison for an annual checkup exam. The doctor will examine more than 40 animals all of which will ...

Bison herd breaks loose in Kenosha County
WTMJ-TV (press release) (registration) (blog)
SALEM, WI -. Kenosha County motorists are urged to be on the alert after 17 bison broke loose through a farmer's fence Saturday morning. At least five ...
Remaining loose bison euthanized in southeast Wisconsin - WISC-TV3
The Kenosha County Sheriff's Department said the farmer who owned the herd decided to euthanize the remaining bison that were still wandering ...
Bison farmer says he's received death threats                                                                    

Second-Generation Builds on a Father's Legacy of Sustainability at Colvine Bison (press release) (blog)
Now, the Lester farm provides bison meat to local consumers. Raising bison has taught the family some important lessons in sustainability and ...

Country singer Corb Lund to play Terry Bison Ranch
Wyoming Tribune
The band will perform at the Terry Bison Ranch next weekend in support of their new album “Things That Can't Be Undone.” Released back in October ...
WINTER SERIES: Just how bad do winters get in Wyoming?
Cody Enterprise
Only a herd of elk tromped through and there was neither bison nor track visible until suddenly, high on a mountain, the bison walked up on the ...
Prehistoric People May Have Lived Above Timberline Year Round
Wyoming Public Media
“What we've got in this upper Dinwoody area suggests that not only were there bison up high but the whole village—so not just groups of young male ...
Wildlife managers to preview hunts
Jackson Hole News&Guide
Both types of bison hunting tags are in line for slight changes. The “any bison” licenses that allow hunters to shoot bulls would increase in number from ...
Gillette histories
Gillette News Record
Andy and Hazel are the direct descendants of the great American Bison, who once roamed these plains in vast herds. It is quite a novelty to see these ...

Groups sue to halt hunting on Grand Teton inholdings
Brunswick News
FILE - In this Oct. 22, 2014 file photo, bison graze in the sagebrush and tall grass of Antelope Flats in Grand Teton National Park near Kelly, Wyo.
Op-Ed |National Park Service Undermines America's Best Idea
National Parks Traveler (registration)
The Wyoming Game and Fish Department, responsible for managing Wyoming's wildlife, almost immediately authorized hunting of elk and bison on ...
Resident challenges ruling township family in court
Washington Times
Albertson manages a herd of 850 bison and needed to upgrade cattle guards, which resemble a gate laid flat and embedded in a roadway over a ...

The bison needed to poop, and it wasn't about to move aside for an Iditarod team
Alaska Dispatch News
TAKOTNA — DeeDee Jonrowe pulled into the checkpoint here Wednesday with a story to tell -- about a big, woolly, pooping bison that terrified her ...

Bison taken from interior Alaska village by helicopter
Odessa American
GRAYLING, Alaska (AP) — A tagged bison had to be taken from an interior Alaska village by helicopter after it seemed to be stranded there.
Saving animals, but how?
Idaho State Journal
Yellowstone National Park says it has too many bison, and it has started ... But in 2013, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game called for “prompt ...Not so fast, say nearly 40 tribes in western states, who are counting on President Barack Obama to intervene. They consider the president to be one of their own since 2008
Banner rancher motivated by reverence for bison
Scottsbluff Star Herald
HARRISBURG — Banner County rancher Rick Forepaugh manages an operation that's been in his family for years. He learned a lot about the ...
NORTH: In remote places you'll find beauty, splendor, education
Scottsbluff Star Herald
We planned the day to begin at the Hudson-Meng Bison Kill and hike to Toadstool and back. Hudson-Meng contains the 10,000-year old remains of ...
Southern Plains Pointers: March 2016


 Green-up happens early in the southern plains bringing diversity in the available food for your herd that may not catch your attention. Many become selectable during fleeting successions, while other plants seem to dominate the landscape and by now; look like ‘emerald waves of gain’ [sorry] for those operations blessed with strong cool-season habitats. Another thing that explodes this time of year is parasites. Don’t stress out too much, just keep an eye out and react if need be to the onset of parasite loads. Personally I watch the front end or ‘hump’ for signs of waning body scores as a way to get out in front of a bad worm-year. There are many plants common to the south that also emerges this time of year that has anthelmintic qualities.  Learning about them may be to your benefit in managing herd health.

Frasier Bison L.L.C.

Mountain Man Camp open this week at Woolaroc
Examiner Enterprise
While there, visitors can also walk through the “History of the American Bison” display which features storyboards sharing stories about this famous ...

Five bison sculptures to reside in town
Journal and Courier
A fifth bison will join the original four in Greater Lafayette this spring, according to the Indiana Bicentennial Tippecanoe County committee.
Old Time Kentucky: Despite heroic actions, history barely remembers the story of Nancy Ann Hunter
User-generated content (press release) (registration)
She spotted a bison on the shore across the wide waterway. Fully clad in a long dress, she slung a musket across her back, jumped in the river and ...
City accepts two major gifts for zoo
Great Bend Tribune
The second gift of $100,000 will be used to reintroduce bison to the zoo. The first step will be to restore the exhibit space with new fencing. The gift will ...
Winds Expected To Feed Oklahoma, Kansas Wildfires
Times Record
Media titan Ted Turner's Z-Bar Ranch, a sprawling 42,000-acre property in southernKansas that is home to bison, golden eagles, bobcats and other ...

Buffalo bill has some farmers at odds
Concord Monitor
That's not just because they're big or can easily toss a 500-pound bale of hay or have horns. In fact, some bison are quite friendly – several of Brian ...
Recent USU Grad Receives Top Honor from British Ecological Society
Utah State Today - Utah State University News
While at USU, Ranglack, with faculty mentor Johan du Toit, conducted extensive research on the bison of southern Utah's Henry Mountains. Photo by ...
Wildlife Film Festival: March 25 in Ukiah
Ukiah Daily Journal
Redwood Valley Outdoor Education Project's Wildlife Film Festival Grasslands and Wild Bison will conclude on Friday, March 25, at 6:15 p.m., at the ...
National parks' wildlife is at risk and conservationists are sounding the alarm
Los Angeles Times
—American alligators, removed from the endangered list in 1987. —American bison, listed as vulnerable. —California condors, endangered. —Florida ...
10 essentials facts to know about Bartlesville
Examiner Enterprise

Mary Martha Buffalo

Call them buffalo or bison, they’re all over town, and you can impress your friends by tracking down all these roadside art pieces created as a fundraiser for local charity Mary Martha Outreach. The buffalo stampede kicked off in 1998 as a senior gold project for Girl Scout Troop 208, and today, there are more than 30 bison “roaming” on street corners and near area businesses. Mary Martha Outreach provides thousands of clothing and household items, millions of pounds of food and aid to those in need.

Family witnesses first bison of season born on Tallgrass Prairie Preserve
Tulsa World
Directions: Free ranging bison herds can be viewed off county roads. ... Perdue is 600 miles from his home of Devine, Texas, visiting his daughter's ...

Demand answers on National Bison Range
The Missoulian
The National Bison Range was one of 54 national refuges established under the presidency of Theodore Roosevelt during the same time period when ...

Brucellosis-causing bacteria could be dropped from bioterrorism list
Helena Independent Record
Montana is classified as brucellosis free, with only one domestic bison herd ... The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation drew similar conclusions about ...
County bison ordinances rile commercial producer group
Helena Independent Record
BILLINGS -- Montana's commercial bison producers are taking offense to conservation district-driven ordinances requiring management and ...
Bison Coming 'Home' to Montana Indian Reservation
ABC News
Descendants of a bison herd captured and sent to Canada more than 140 years ... are in commercial herds, raised for their meat and typically interbred with cattle. The Blackfeet have a commercial bison herd established in 1972 that ...
Story of Montana's last bison, Smithsonian diorama subject of Cody talk
Billings Gazette
The lecture, titled "The (un)Natural History of William Hornaday's America Bison Group," tells the story of this diorama — or habitat display — first ...
Guest opinion: A made-in-Montana alternative to Yellowstone bison slaughter
Billings Gazette
Guest opinion: A made-in-Montana alternative to Yellowstone bison slaughter ... A better solution for managing the American bison of Yellowstone National ... to the Mississippi River, and from Great Slave Lake in Canada to Texas.
Eye On Great Falls (March 2016)
KRTV Great Falls News
PROFILE: A group of people living off-grid in rural Montana, sustaining themselves by scavenging meat from bison carcasses left by hunters.

Back to where they came from
Sherwood Park News
Sending 90 young bison from Elk Island to Montana is part of the Iinnii Initiative, a collaboration between the Wildlife Conservation Society and the ...
Yukon bison more elusive and smarter than ever
There were two bison hunting seasons this year, in the fall and winter. Bison hunting is promoted in Yukon because the Aishihik herd is larger than ...
Fencing answers sought prior to bison release
Rocky Mountain Outlook
Plains bison were once common in the valleys of the Rocky Mountains east of the Great Divide. But, aside from a captive herd held in a paddock near ...

Ranchers worry about returning bison to Banff
Western Producer (subscription)
Smith said ABP appreciates that bison are part of prairie history, but their ... “We are very concerned about the relocation of bison into Banff,” said ...
Filmmaker William Jordan brings Winnipeg history to life
Winnipeg Free Press
"We found old Winnipeg Free Press articles where we learned about this bison farm in Silver Heights and when we dug deeper, stories spiraled into ...
Yukon moving to lottery system for hunters' special guide licences
In addition to the lottery, for the first time in Yukon an additional 25 guiding licences will be available for bison hunting. In the past, bison have been ...
Bison on 'excursion' venture near Bluefish Dam north of Yellowknife
Bison have been spotted grazing just 25 kilometres north of Yellowknife, an area quite far from their usual roaming range. The Northwest Territories ...
Will it be beef or bison?
Manitoba Co-operator
He sees more opportunity for bison than beef because CETA will eliminate the tariff on Canadian bison while U.S. product will continue to face a 20 ...
Habitat model shows capacity for up to 1000 bison in Banff
Rocky Mountain Outlook
Efforts to return bison to Banff National Park continue to move forward and a recent scientific study has shown the area identified for the species' ...
Viewpoint: The hope and promise of Wanuskewin
Saskatoon StarPhoenix
Studies revealed an astounding number of unique archaeological sites including ancient campsites, multiple bison jumps, tipi rings and most ...
Bison study helps assess operations
Western Producer (subscription)
Bison producers participating in the benchmarking project can compare information with the industry average on calving rates, weaning weights, net ...
What in the World 7
The Occidental Weekly
American bison currently living in Canada's Elk Island National Park will return to the midwest after being captured and taken to Alberta 140 years ago.

Endangered freedom for wild European bison in Germany
Deutsche Welle
In a remote area of Germany covered by a blanket of snow, wild European bison - the largest mammals in Europe and one of the most endangered ...
Valuable bronze sculpture stolen in broad daylight from Promenade gallery in Cheltenham
Stroud News and Journal
The bronze sculpture of an American bison was snatched from a gallery on the Promenade in Cheltenham between 5pm and 6pm on Tuesday, March ...
Wolverine, bison, sloth to be sold at Ipswich taxidermy auction
Brisbane Times
An Ipswich firefighter's penchant for unusual decorating that led him down a decade-long path of collecting stuffed animals will end on Sunday at an ...
In Europe, Bison Make a Tenuous Return
Outside Magazine
European bison (Bison bonasus) and the American bison (Bison bison) are close relatives, descending from a common ancestor that is thought to ...

Number of European bisons in Belarus on the rise
Belarus News (BelTA)
At present there are ten micropopulations of the European bison in Belarus. Eight bisons have been
relocated to Kazakhstan for the sake of creating ...

Poland unclear on how to save Europe's last pristine forest
Idaho Statesman
It is home to hundreds of wild bison and 60 other species of mammals including deer, moose, lynx and wolves. Greenpeace has criticized the logging ...
Bison return to forests across Europe as part of mass rewilding
New Scientist
Things are looking up for the long-lost European bison. It once dominated the open countryside of Europe, but was hunted to extinction in the wild by ...


Back to where they came from
Sherwood Park News
“We're enormously proud and happy to be able to contribute bison to the Blackfeet Nation and to return them very close to where they were last picked ...

Tribes Decide How to Spend Indian Housing Block Grants; A Legacy of Sovereignty Act
Indian Country Today Media Network
It is up to the tribes to decide what to do with their IHBG funds. ... from state, federal and private sources to build houses near the tribal bison range.

The buffalo hunt
The Guardian
The American bison once faced extinction – now they're being culled. Native American photographer Joe Whittle attends a hunt held by tribal ...
Yellowstone bison sent to slaughter as park trims herd
Fox News
The meat will be distributed to American Indian tribes that traditionally subsisted on bison. "Nobody here wants to be doing this," park spokeswoman ...
Heritage center offers program on 'Sacred Bison'
Bismarck Tribune
Participants will learn the importance of bison in providing food, clothing and shelter for American Indian people. They will look at items made from ...
Of Bison and Blue Cornmeal: USDA Supports Access to Traditional Foods in Native American ... (press release) (blog)
Bison and blue cornmeal have recently graced the tables of participants in USDA'sFood Distribution Program on Indian Reservations (FDPIR) thanks ...
Bison coming 'home' to Montana Indian reservation
Colorado Springs Gazette
Descendants of a bison herd captured and sent to Canada more than 140 ... The Blackfeet have a commercial bison herd established in 1972 that ...

Congressman Zinke Rips BLM and DOI Officials Over Bison, Says 'Heads Will Roll'
During House Natural Resources Committee hearings this week, MontanaCongressman Ryan Zinke questioned Bureau of Land Management ...

Phillips County Commissioner Lesley Robinson to run with Gianforte
Great Falls Tribune
... state and local communities would be a top priority if she is elected lieutenant governor, and listed management of Montana bison and the purchase ...
From bees to bison: Some legislative bills are just quirky
Bill passed amending duties of the state veterinarian, and enacts provisions related to animal enclosures and fences. Fencing of bison was among the ...
Public shut out of National Bison Range plan
Montana Standard
Public shut out of National Bison Range plan ... Tribes are the ones actually drafting legislation to remove the “National” from the Bison Range.


Livestock Diversity: Storing Genes for the Future
Agricultural Research
This includes conventional livestock like pigs, chickens and cattle, and farmed fish like trout, as well as unexpected species such as bison, elk and ...
How to say American bison in German; Indianerbüffel
How to say American bison in German; Indianerbüffel...

TEK and the Return of Wolves, Fire, and Bison
Huffington Post
A TEK worldview contrasts sharply with the command-and-control approach to the natural world Euro-American settlers brought to North America in ...
Bison turns into the worst kind of kid, plays with its food
Human records of bison can be dated as far back as 17,000 BC. While this doesn't make them the oldest species in the world, it does mean they've ...
5 questions you should ask yourself before taking a selfie with an animal
Mother Nature Network
The park's famous bison are just big-shouldered cows, right? Wrong. Bison, while they look all chill grazing in a meadow, are wild animals and thus ...
Bison Gorings Blamed on Smartphones
MD Magazine
Smart phones could be to blame for a spike in tourists being tossed and gored by bison in a national park, a US Centers for Disease Control and ...
Company markets bison compost tea for plants
AG Week
(Sexhus is a former CEO of the North American Bison Cooperative of New ... Nobody else Duenow knows is packaging the tea product like Bison ... with a distributor who markets compost in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, ...
Hunt, Fish, Watch: Experience Colorado Wildlife
Press Release Rocket
At the Soapstone Natural Prairie Area, outside Fort Collins, watch American bison take to the short-grass, prairie ecosystem of northern Colorado.
Climate, CO 2 , and the history of North American grasses since the Last Glacial Maximum
Science Advances
Climate, CO2, and the history of North American grasses since the Last Glacial ... We use the stable carbon isotopic composition (δ13C) of bison and ...

Climate changes affect distribution of plants: study
Shanghai Daily (subscription)
Based on an analysis of mammoth and bison hair, teeth and bones, along with other data, Cotton and her colleagues conclude that a changing ...
Food and Recipes 

Nature, American West inspire foods at the Philadelphia Flower Show
Burlington County Times
A Bison Sloppy Joe is available for purchase at the Philadelphia Flower Show. It is one of the free-range menu options available at the show's Smokey ...
How to Make Grilled Grape-Leaf Wrapped Bison Rolls
Outdoor Life Magazine (blog)
I will use deer for some recipes that call for beef, but I usually like to use moose, elk, or bison. I use ground meat universally and can substitute pretty ...
How to Make Wild Game Mazzafegati—Or, How to Turn Liver into Delicious Sausage
Outdoor Life Magazine (blog)
I have a lot of bison to work with this year, thanks to a friend of mine. I have been slowly working my way through the 10-pound liver he gave me, and ...

Mouth of the Columbia: Fort George Brewery's Burger Wednesday and upstairs specials
Coast Weekend
The Jalapeno Bison Burger was exquisite with juicy bison, deep-fried jalapeno chips and cheese. The accompanying pasta was starchy and bland.
Healthy Houston: Salads to Get You Through the Day
Houstonia Magazine
One of the main reasons I included Adair Kitchen on this list is because they will give you a bison patty instead of grilled chicken and we all know ...
On Restaurants | Ted's Montana Grill chain grows with Easton site
Columbus Dispatch
Request to buy this photo Jonathan Quilter, THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH The head of a Bison looms over the entrance to the bathrooms inside Ted's ...
The Cudahy Burger Joint Releases Wild Game into Milwaukee Area
Press Release Rocket
Wild Boar, American Bison,and Venison now offered, alongside black angus ... Local Burger Joint offers wild boar, Bison and Venison to Downtown ...
Neanderthal diet: Only 20 percent vegetarian
... contrast the diets of early humans and their mammalian neighbors, including mammoths, horses, reindeer, bison, hyenas, bears, lions and others.
Durham Ranch: Bison demand surges as formats of meatproducts diversify
Once popular mainly among the food-service industry's experimental chefs, bisondemand grows as meat products from protein bars to bone broth ...
Our Irish stew recipes for your St.Patrick's Day run recovery
Canadian Running Magazine (blog)
Enjoy the traditional flavours of meat, carrots and potatoes with a splash of Guinness for a festive finish. ... Brown the bison meat. When the meat 

Review: Proof Artisan Distillers impresses more than most local gastropubs
The bison sliders ($9 for two) are moist, something not always guaranteed in abison burger, not frightened of seasoning, and served with deep-fried ...
Wilde Snacks raising the (meat) bar
Meat & Poultry (registration)
Wilde Snacks is not the first company to bring a meat-based protein bar to the ... as maple bacon blueberry turkey and strawberry black pepper bison.
Buffalo, or bison, is becoming a popular meat option
Prairie Star
The meat I saw in my grocery store was packages of buffalo or bison. Both the words “bison or buffalo” are used interchangeably according to ...

Abbey Burger Bistro seamlessly fits in Fells Point
Baltimore Sun
Owners Russ and Marigot Miller opened their first Abbey Burger Bistro in ... The ground bison burger ($12) was moist and flavorful with a coating of ...
Stevens Point's Old 10 Bistro readies to open
Entrees include bison stroganoff with bison short ribs, handmade noodles, mushrooms, sour cream and scallions; fried walleye with coleslaw, sweet ...
Eating like a rock star: Juno Awards gala menu unveiled
Calgary Herald
The bison steak, supplied by Lacombe's Canadian Rangeland Bison & Elk Inc., will be the main course for more than 1,200 gala guests. There is also ...
Burger Lounge Opens Their First Orange County Location in Costa Mesa
Digital Journal
Burger Lounge offers a range of grass-fed burgers, organic salads, ... menu, while a rotation of limited offerings like Lamb or Bison burgers keep things ...
Butcher Breaks Down Bison Cuts
Lancaster Farming
Bison customers generally want boneless portion cuts, Moyers said. Bison have ... In place of the New York steaks, Moyers can cut a strip loin roast.

Bison meat: Healthy and 'pretty darn delicious'
Daily Republic
A growth in consumer demand and a surge in personal health initiatives are credited for a record-setting year in the bison industry, which is expected ...
The Healthy Guide to Buying, Cooking, and Eating Bison
Shape Magazine
Protein is a macronutrient that is an essential building block for nutrition, and it's especially important for active women, since it keeps you full and aids ...
It's the salty, smoky, and savory treat your diet has been missing
She's especially partial to bison jerky: "Gram for gram, bison is lower in fat and higher in iron and B12 than beef, making the bison jerky a perfect snack ...
Schmaltz Is Chic — And All the Week's Hot Dish
Bison and bourbon are coming to Brooklyn's white-hot Gowanus 'hood. Yeahthatskosher reports that Bison & Bourbon, a glam Glatt kosher restaurant ..
Relish Burger Bistro to open in Waltham
Wicked Local
Items include the Watch City Burger made with bison meat and topped with two fried eggs and Relish's Signature Burger made with Kobe beef.
Snack Happy With These March Madness Game Day Treats
The Daily Meal
... lean, bison-topped nachos, and fresh tomatillo salsa. If you are feeling pressed for time, check-out our slow-cooker Buffalo chicken dip that can cook ...
How to Grill Spicy Wild Game Skewers, Plus a Roasted Yellow Pepper Sauce Recipe
Outdoor Life Magazine (blog)
I have some bison that I have been trying to make my way through and because it is a very versatile meat I decided to try a recipe out of a new ...
Review | Game is much more than a burger joint
The Courier-Journal
Game is a meat lover's nirvana, from sliders with bison tongue or wild boar chorizo to ... Bison is supposedly healthier than beef because it has less fat.
155 Fahrenheit Gives Old Montreal Gourmet Burgers
Eater Montreal (blog)
The restaurant's inaugural menu (see below), includes four starters (Buffalo style Brussels sprouts, bison tartare, lobster salad, chili), and six burgers ...
Timber serves up Canadiana cuisine right
It's typically made with pork and beef, but Whittaker's version is loaded with ground bison and elk, the meat piping hot within golden, buttery pastry.
Yellowstone Bison Causing Chaos in Montana During Winter Migration | The Weather Channel
The Weather Channel
The bison that inhabit Yellowstone National Park are in the middle of a long-running dispute between animal rights activists, Native American groups ...
150 of America's Last Wild Buffalo Now Trapped in Yellowstone, All Destined for Slaughter
“Yellowstone's slaughter of wild bison is as lacking in scientific reason as it is in ... The National Park Service claims that they are reducing the wild bison ... habitat coordinator Darrell Geist says the state of Montana and Yellowstone ...

Yellowstone National Park springs to life: An encounter with the West at its wildest
The Independent
The wide, ice-carved valley churns with bison at this time of year and, with virtually no man-made structures in sight – thanks to the 1870s visionaries ...
Yellowstone bison processed for shipment to slaughter
Billings Gazette
The end game is partially the same: to provide American Indians with wild bison meat, but it's also a way to reduce Yellowstone's burgeoning bison ...

The Latest: Hunters take more than 400 Yellowstone bison
Washington Post
GARDINER, Mont. — The Latest on Yellowstone National Park sending wild bison to slaughter (all times local): 2 p.m.. Hunters have killed more than ...
WARNING … This Video Will Break Your Heart: 150 Wild Buffalo Captured at Yellowstone
Last week's report and photos about what we, and the buffalo, experienced during the two-day media tour of Yellowstone's bison trap could barely ...
In the Final Hours Before Silence Comes, Forever
National Parks Traveler (registration)
Early on a March morning, about 75 bison grazed peacefully inside a fenced enclosure at the Stephens Creek bison operations facility in Yellowstone ...
Buddy Bison book by local author
The News Journal
From that chance meeting, Holland wrote Buddy Bison's Yellowstone Adventure. The book is a collaboration between National Geographic Kids and ...
Clean Power jolt, East Coast meddling and shrinking wetlands
High Country News
Roughly the number of Yellowstone bison killed in this year's controversial cull. Biologists say development has ended the animal's historical ...
Winter in Yellowstone
The Daily News of Newburyport
A one-ton, very upset bull bison was galloping right at us at about 30 mph, his companion right on his tail. The brute's shaggy head with the light tan ...
Yellowstone bison deserve a new management plan
The Bozeman Daily Chronicle
Over the past 16 years, nearly 4,000 Yellowstone bison have been sent to the slaughterhouse, under an outdated, court-ordered management plan.

Bringing Bison numbers down in Yellowstone
ABC FOX Montana News
Bartlett says tribal and public hunters harvested about 415 animals. The inter tribal buffalo council sent 93 more bison to slaughter. In the 15 years ...

Bison Market and Supply Update

Agriculture and Agri-Foods Canada publishes a monthly Bison Market and Supply Update showing recent statistics on
  • Bison slaughter (CDA/USA)
  • Export data
  • Prices on bison carcasses & key cuts (CDA/USA)
  • Live auction results and more
Go to CBA Website for the March 4th  report:
Click for previous months' / years' reports

 National Bison Association

March 23, 2016
To: The Fergus Conservation District From: Montana Bison Association and the National Bison Association Re: Proposed Ordinance for the Protection of Soil and Water from Wild, Free Roaming or Domestic Bison Grazing in Fergus Conservation District

The Montana Bison Association, with the support of the National Bison Association are submitting these comments to express our deep concern about this proposed ordinance, and the process through which it is being considered.

Please understand that these comments are somewhat rough because we only learned of this proposed ordinance earlier today. However, the Board of Directors of the Montana Bison Association feel that it is imperative to be on the record in opposition to this proposed ordinance, as written.

We fully support the District’s intent to protect he fragile soil and water resources in Northeastern Montana. And, we recognize that any livestock—including bison—can have a detrimental impact on those resources if improperly managed.

But we take strong exception to the ordinance’s initial and overriding assumption that, “due to the migratory behavior of bison to search grazing forage, their social and other innate behaviors, bison grazing can create negative and lasting impacts on soil and water resources.”

This statement implies that negative impacts are something unique to bison. That statement is certainly puzzling, particularly in light of the fact that the ecosystem of Northeastern Montana and most of the North American prairie evolved under thousands of years of grazing by bison. Today, rotational grazing and other holistic management techniques employed by commercial livestock producers are intended to largely replicate the natural instincts of bison and other indigenous grazing animals. That is one reason that producers use the term “commercially produced” (not “domestic”) bison; we have deliberately not domesticated bison because we do not want to mitigate their natural, beneficial interaction with the ecosystem.

We are also troubled that this proposed ordinance casts a broad brush that fails to distinguish between commercial bison production, and free-roaming bison. Commercial bison ranchers— including some in the Ferguson Conservation District—adhere to the same conservation ethic as their neighbors in the cattle and sheep business. The members of the Montana Bison Association consistently strive to act as good neighbors, and to build our herds in a manner that does not interfere with other livestock production. This ordinance, however, would single out bison producers for extremely restrictive oversight that would be more onerous than regulations regarding other commercial livestock species that can have equal negative impacts on land and water resources. We are also concerned that this ordinance represents a regulatory overreach by the Conservation District, and could set a precedent that would establish the Districts authority to impose new restrictions on all private landowners.

Again, we support the overall goal to assure than any livestock production is conducted under a sound management and conservation plan. But we also find that the restrictions contained in Section 6(3) impose a prejudicial approach to bison production in comparison to other livestock species. We encourage the Conservation District to withdraw this proposed ordinance, and to instead involve private bison producers and other bison stakeholders in the development of any future proposal.

Montana Bison Association and the National Bison Association
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