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Legislation for the Protection of the Bison.

1864 Idaho State Legislature passed the first law to protect the bison – after they were gone from the state.

1870’s It became obvious that owning bison was profitable. More and more people were capturing free ranging bison to establish private herds.

(Early 1870’s) Henry Bergh,president of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
He was then engaged in a campaign to gain support for congressional legislation to protect the buffalo from white hunters.

1871 Wyoming passed a law prohibiting the waste of bison meat. Since such laws were not enforced, they did little to protect the bison. (read more)

You might also check out the new page of State Symbols and Seals.  And Who Saved The Bison
(Spoiler Alert, same then as now...the rancher, producer, enthusiast)
National Mammal of the United States
  The many, many folks who helped this bill become law deserve the credit for not fearing themselves and accomplishing a United States of America housekeeping item and overdue symbolizing of the American buffalo for its sweeping contribution to American heritage. The American bison story is a gateway to lessons of the past, opportunities for today and possibilities for the future. Bison, which play an ecological role that’s undeniably intrinsic, evolved with this place, and they with it, but it’s more than that. The people of this place with numerous and varied forms of civilization leaving foot prints as they went, did so with a ‘hoof-print’ in the mix that history shall now not dare to deny.    
  Looking back on the process and life of the bill, it emerged as a bold gesture and statement that was met with fear, apprehension and territorial squabble……
                                           [read more at: ]
New Jersey

It's All Happening at the Zoo - World Class Turtle Back Zoo opens new Enhanced Bison Exhibit
The Jersey Tomato Press
Essex County Executive Joseph N. DiVincenzo, Jr. (center) officially opened an enhanced Bison Exhibit at Essex County Turtle Back Zoo on Thursday, ...
Help save bison, bear statues at Leonard Gordon Park | Letter
Please help save the huge deteriorating two bison and two bear statues of ... Water could flow soon at Jersey City park after key DPW 'breakthrough' ... Hear how Assemblyman Raj Mukerji is helping us generate new funding for this ...
Wood bison calves have been spotted near Bethel, marking the first wild-bornbison in the US in ...
Daily Journal
Wood bison are North America's largest land animal and the larger cousins of plains bison. They are native to Alaska and Canada but disappeared ...
AK: Palmer, where the bison roam
Alaska Public Radio Network
Earlier this month, President Obama signed into law the National Bison Legacy Act, making the American bison the nation's official mammal.

Metro park bison gleefully run to Summer pasture
COLUMBUS (WCMH) — The bison herd at Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park in southwest Columbus moved into their Summer pasture with a ...
Finneytown couple is raising a whole herd of bison, our new national mammal
FRANKFORT, Ohio — On a two-lane country road, about 10 miles this side of Chillicothe, sits Owl Creek Bison, one of 46 bison ranches in Ohio.

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Hello, sorta updating thing for everyone.
We still need a hay wagon , tractor wagon, 15 passenger van or church bus to help get visitors from the parking to the main area.​
We have Allen Spencer setting up to demonstrate other types of Native American dwellings. Allan has written books on the Easter Native Americans. Be sure to stop and talk with him.
Paul Tomasovic will be coming all the way from Northfolk VA. He will be playing the Native American Flute, Drum Rattle and more.  Make sure to check him out on
We still need candle makers, spinners, face painters and volunteers.
Hopedale American Legion is lending their Military Flags to us for the Pow Wow.  Thank you.
Tiny Bison Becomes Friends With Every Animal She Meets
The Dodo
In this case, a baby bison newly arrived at Jaysen McCleary's farm in ... who founded Bela Animal Legal Defense and Rescue, from a nearby bison ...
Back to basic bison: mutli-agency effort underway to create a Plains Bison conservation herd at ...
Grand Canyon News
Then we will receive the new bison in October 2017. ... genetically pure bison herds sprinkled across the U.S., including Turner Ranch in New Mexico.

Caprock Canyons welcomed 13 baby bison to the herd
The descendants of these bison were donated to Texas Parks and Wildlife in 1997. The Caprock Canyons herd represents the last of the southern ...
House-broken bison for sale in Texas
On one of those properties, it might be tough to miss a 1,000-pound bison named Bullet. And when the eight-year-old female cow isn't escaping onto ...      
Housebroken bison sold on Craigslist, finds new home
Not the dozens of interested buyers who contacted Karen Schoeve after she posted the ad in March, reluctantly putting her beloved bison Bullet --  ...
Former endangered animal continues to grow
During Goodnight's time the Texas Bison was in danger of extinction. The state park has one out of the five nationally recognized herds credited for ...
1880 Butterfield Stagecoach making final journey through Texas
1880 Butterfield Stagecoach making final journey through Texas .... she'll be near some of the park's famous official bison herd of the State of Texas.
First of a Herd

Plainview Daily Herald
The first three of perhaps a dozen or more aluminum sculptures of prehistoricAmerican bison, which will soon find a permanent home at the Plainview ...

Plainview activists work to restore ancient bison kill-site
The fall probably wasn't enough to kill the bison Native American hunters chased off it, but it could at least break their legs. The hurt bison at that point .

Bison at home on the range at Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge
Fort Worth Star Telegram
The small herd of American bison, now including a newborn calf, is one of the most popular features of the Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge.
Texas Custom Boot Maker Shares the Benefits of Using American Bison
Digital Journal
One of the many leathers they offer is American Bison Leather. ... Based in Texas, Mercedes Boots has been in the business of designing a high ...


CSU's Jennifer Barfield Available to Talk Bison,
Newswise (press release)
Her team takes semen and embryos from brucellosis-positive bison, runs ... them to new herds on conservation, federal, and Native American lands.
Tour the Tastes of Colorado
Digital Journal
Bison once roamed Northern Colorado's prairies en masse, and they're making a comeback at places like the Rocky Plains Bison Ranch. For a more ...
At CSU, Breeding A Better Bison Through Surrogacy And IVF
Colorado Public Radio
A bison calf born last week in Northern Colorado represents new hope for the species. It's the newest member of a herd that is, genetically speaking, ...

Archaeologists may have found ancient bison bones at Old Vero Man site
Dr. Michael B. Collins, an archaeologist at Texas State University at San Marcos, is a colleague of Hemmings and said he was happy to learn bison ...
United States of extinction: Threat to America's iconic animals
New Scientist
Herds of bison used to sprawl from northern Mexico to Alaska. ... has all but vanished from eastern North America except for the southern tip of Florida.
See Antelope Island's adorable new bison calves
Now, the herd ranges in number from 550 to 700. Each fall, the park holds a bison roundup to sell extra bison and assess the health of the herd.


Utah wildlife experts talk of dangers of interacting with wildlife after bison calf euthanized
The group Wild Aware Utah, said many well-meaning people will pick up baby animals, thinking they're doing a good deed, but they're actually doing ...


May 24, 2016

Yellowstone National Park is my backyard. Relatively speaking. I’m 100 minutes from the West entrance. I’m so close, I have the luxury of enjoying the park before the tourists arrive. My husband and I bike Yellowstone with our boys before cars are allowed to enter in the spring. We camp there before Memorial Day too. Then we avoid the park like the plague until October when the tourists leave and we have the park to ourselves again.

We know the best routes for big game. That’s why we have 10-bear days. (10 grizzly and black bear sightings in one day.) We know the best ice cream is in Mammoth, the worst bathrooms are at Paintpots and wolfies always hang out in Lamar Valley. Those are the diehards who watch wolves year round.

We joke in good fun with the rangers about when they feed the wolves and how many years until deer become elk. Neither scenario really happens, but other tourists ask questions like these all the time.

We know this, but what does happen in the park isn’t always good fun. I have footage of a grizzly sow and two cubs eating an elk calf while an elk cow watches from a few feet away. The audio track has to be buried at zero when I edit the footage because all you hear is a ranger yelling, “Lady in the purple pants move back,” over and over again.
Read More

Bison viewing planned for Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie
Washington Times
WILMINGTON, Ill. (AP) - Visitors are invited to a special event that will include closer-than-normal viewing of a bison herd that has been established on ...
Bison Calves Born at O'Hare Modernization Off-Site Wetlands Restoration Area
Five bison calves were recently born at a wetland site in northeastern Illinois that was restored as part of the O'Hare Modernization Program (OMP) ...
Coal City photographer attended Midewin Bison Expedition to photograph herd
Morris Daily Herald
He took advantage of the Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie's “Midewin Bison Expedition,” a public event during which the bison herd was moved out ...
2300 came out to see bison
Kankakee Daily Journal
Bison and calf at Saturday's Midewin Bison Expedition. ... production since 27bison were brought here from Colorado and South Dakota in October.
Bison thriving at Nachusa Grasslands in second year
Ogle County News
A new bison calf stands next to her mother at the Nachusa Grasslands last week. ... Bison were reintroduced to the Grasslands when Considine and Bill ... also the first conservation herd in Illinois—with a primary purpose of helping ...
Improvements in store for Elgin's Lords Park Zoo
Chicago Tribune
The city of Elgin is planning about $200,000 in improvements to the pen that holds bison at Lords Park Zoo. (Mike Danahey / The Courier-News).
A congressional tribute for the bison that roamed the prairie – and the Valley
Allentown Morning Call
A congressional tribute for the bison that roamed the prairie – and the Valley ... Harry C. Trexler, an avid game hunter, brought bison to the Lehigh Valley ... in bison meat, which he sells at the farm and at the Emmaus Farmers Market.
Donegal animal park welcomes rare white bison calf
President Obama on Monday signed the law recognizing the animal that's been so important in American history and giving the country its first ...
Baby boom: Lehigh Valley Zoo announces birth of bison calf
The newly born bison calf grazes with its mother on the Trexler Nature Preserve in North Whitehall Township, Pa. (Courtesy photo | for ...
South Dakota
New visitor center dedicated at Custer State Park
The Capital Journal
The visitor center itself focuses a lot of attention on one of Custer State Park's most important attractions — bison. One information station has a scale ...
South Dakota leads in production of bison and sunflowers
Washington Times
SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (AP) - South Dakota leads the nation in the production of bison and sunflowers. The Agriculture Department says the state topped ...
Tourist hurt by Bison at Custer State Park
The Capital Journal
The bison is now the official national mammal under legislation signed by ... Park Superintendent said he wanted to remind visitors that bison can be ...
SD deserves credit for bison's new status
Rapid City Journal
The story of the North American bison could have come to unhappy ending in the 19th century if it weren't for the efforts of Philip and others.
VIDEO: Bison: national mammal but deadly
The Dickinson Press
MEDORA -- Tourists flock to Theodore Roosevelt National Park in Medora every summer to experience what it was like to be a cowboy in the wild west ...
Two-Wheeled Escape, One Hour From LA
Bike Magazine
One of the most interesting features of the dusty dirt roads that connect the two are the bison that roam freely along with you. Once would-be movie ...
Southern Plains Pointers: May 2016

Things happen fast

 The southern plains are known for strong cool season forage. It’s a blessing through the winter and early spring for our native grazers, but as the transition sets the game for a long summer, the management of pastures and knowledge of plants can help you understand what’s going on.  Bison in history would have moved through the southern plains feeding on grasses such as Texas Bluegrass which is now extirpated, and many other plants still commonly found. These ‘native’ cool season plants would have existed with manners in a functional system. Today we have things like rye grass, cheat grass and other exotic grasses that become invasive. They are good forage if you already have them, but use them hard this time of year with intensive rotational grazing to make way for the summer grass and keep your buffs on quality nutrition.

  Another real good reason to rotate pastures - is worms. Pasture rotation is the #1 best way to mitigate internal parasites in any grazer, but especially bison. This is the time of year that life abounds, even the life that causes problems like internal and external parasites. On the ‘fly front’ which I hear a lot about this time of year, I personally recommend learning about the other ‘non-fly’ winged league of natural world heroes that broad spectrum insecticides kill. You just might learn that you want them around to help cut your fly control costs instead of killing them. Personally I enjoy learning about how to cause my whole system to work for me – then look for the results, but with an understanding of what’s going on.

Frasier Bison L.L.C.

Newburyport Farmers Market opens 8th season at the Tannery
Wicked Local
Hackmatack Buffalo Farm raises all natural, 100 percent grass-fed bison, a premium product from animals living a stress free life, he said. “All our ...


Western Exposure: My First Bison
Casper Star-Tribune Online
The bison is the quintessential American animal. A symbol of the West and an enduring reminder of America's past, yet to me they were no more real ...
Steam engine No. 844 returns as Frontier Days Train
Wyoming Tribune
From there, the route turns northwest, going through Carr, Colorado, before crossing into Wyoming at the Terry Bison Ranch and continuing north to ...
Bottle Feeding a Baby Bison
KCWY 13 Where News Comes First
If you remember a year ago, hot springs state park employees were forced to take in a baby bison and bottle feed her. Baby Felina is almost thirteen ...
Watch video: Baby bison is attacked by a wolf – what happens next will give you goosebumps!
Zee News
... trying to cross the rapid currents of the Lamar river in northwestern Wyoming. The young bison washes ashore on a gravelly area, hungry and low in ...
Bison could soon be official U.S. mammal
WPSD Local 6
She says bison is such a high demand in the area; it's hard to keep up production. “You eat a bison burger today or a steak today and you say that's ...
Rick Kendall connects national park history to New Englanders
Bennington Banner (subscription)
In 1894, Ed Howell of Cooke City, Mont., went into Yellowstone to hunt bison to sell for $300 each. Despite the risk of catching the poacher without ...
Bison to be U.S. national mammal; Coosa rancher calls it as good a choice as any
Northwest Georgia News
Alan Bowles raises a herd of bison on the Old River Road west of Rome and ... He said that bison meat is very lean and has almost a sweet taste to it.
Indiana's bicentennial celebrations will include bison art
Washington Times
VINCENNES, Ind. (AP) - Indiana's oldest city and other Hoosier communities are getting bison sculptures for the state's bicentennial celebration in a ...
Vincennes University Students Collaborating On Bison Design
Indiana Public Media
The Indiana Association of the United Way wants to put a bison in every county of the state by the end of the year. It's a punny celebration for Indiana's ...
3 'Bison-tennial' bison will grace Elkhart County this summer
The Elkhart Truth
Elkhart County will have three 'Bison-tennial' bison to help celebrate Indiana's 200th birthday this year. (Photo supplied/United Way of Elkhart County).
Explore the four corners of DC with Commencement guests
GW Hatchet (subscription)
You can also find elephants, cheetahs, American bison, donkeys and a flock of peacocks along the way. Six cafes and grills conveniently dot the main ...
For the Love of Texas

"For the love of Texas Bison and Texas Wine"
With so much in the news about bison and bison events in the issue Dan has held his Texas Bison Recipe and Texas Wine paring until next issue.  You can click here to check out past parings in the archives.  
Look for an exciting paring for next month' s paring for July, National Bison Month!


The Morning Brew: The bison are back
More tribes in Oklahoma and throughout the country are restoring buffalo in ... A minutes-old bison calf stands on shaky legs and hobbles toward its ...
North Dakaota
9-year-old Adrian boy finds bison fossil in James River
Jamestown Sun
ADRIAN, N.D. — On Sunday, Anders Parenteau, 9, his father, Jason, and brother, Wyatt, decided to venture outdoors to explore the terrain ...
Bison More than a National Mammal in North Dakota
But for North Dakota, the bison represents more than a just a mammal. ... Americans, it adds to our history and the legacy left for the next generation.
After 19 years in Jamestown, White Cloud returns to Shirek Buffalo
Jamestown Sun
White Cloud, the albino bison that has become a symbol of Jamestown, ... Dakota Miracle remains part of the herd at the National Buffalo Museum.
Outdoor Notes: BioBlitz
Frederick News Post (subscription)
A centuries old bison tooth was found at Big Hidatsa Village, which was occupied from about 1740 to 1850. DNA extracted from this tooth can provide ...

Minnesota Zoo debuts baby bison, part of expanding herd
Minneapolis Star Tribune
Video (01:25) : A male bison was born on April 30th at the Minnesota Zoo. The calf is part of a herd in an exhibit along the zoo's Northern Trail and is ...

Buffalo in your backyard: Bison meat healthy, local
St. Cloud Times
BECKER — To raise an extraordinary animal for extraordinary meat, you need an extraordinary farmer. Tom Barthel and his bison fit that bill.


Buffalo roam walls of Topeka gallery in 'Bison!' art exhibit
Topeka Capital Journal
“Bison!” an exhibit subtitled “two- and three-dimensional works featuring Kansas' favorite bovine,” is on display through mid June in the venue at 3113 ...
Hutchinson Zoo turns 30 years old
Hutchinson News
The Bison at the Hutchinson Zoo feed on hay Tuesday, July 29, 2014. The Hutch Zoo will do DNA testing on its bison to see if the animals are hybrid ...
North Carolina
Where the buffalo roam
The Mountaineer
Bison once roamed North America by the millions with natural territory that included the mountains of North Carolina before being hunted to near ...
Dunn Ranch to host Prairie Days
News-Press Now
Bison tours will be given during the second annual Prairie Days event at Dunn ...American Bison tours on the prairie will be offered every 45 minutes.

Herd of 160 bison represent Iconic symbol at Watertown
Kearney Hub
David Klingelhoefer started his Watertown Bison Ranch six years ago when he went to a Crawford sale intending to buy two bison and came home ...
Bison settling into new digs
McCook Daily Gazette
McCOOK, Neb. -- The new American bison herd near Hugh Butler Lake north of McCook seems to like its new digs and is settling into routines of ...
Agencies work together to mitigate flooding at Riverside Discovery Center
Scottsbluff Star Herald
The bison enclosure is almost completely under water due to flooding at Riverside Discovery Center. The bison has an area behind the building in the ...

Bison born at Irvine Park Zoo
A baby bison was born recently in Irvine Park in Chippewa Falls, the third bison birth there in the past year. Dick Hebert, director of parks, recreation ...
What a bison calf's euthanization has to do with Maine's national park debate
Bangor Daily News
But did you know we sacrificed a bison in a national park? Out in Yellowstone, visitors made a foolish decision to “help” a bison calf and loaded it into ...

Raising Bison
Iowa Public Television
At this Iowa tourist destinations sample fine wine, great food, and cultural events at six different wineries in the Loess Hills.
Iowa Icon is a Snapshot of U.S. History
“If you go about 4:30 in the afternoon, quite often the bison are crossing the road,” said Neal Smith, who served in Congress from 1959 until 1995.
New York
The almost extinct bison is making a huge and tasty comeback
Yahoo Finance
And this is just one example of the almost extinct bison making a huge ... Turner, like Mumma and Tuccio, farm bison for consumption, increasing the ...
Canoeing Along the Restored Bronx River
Curbed NY
And just then, our canoe swung free, pivoting us backwards through the .... A herd of American bison can sometimes be seen nearby, and signage ...
National Bison Range: An investment in Montana
Helena Independent Record
The National Bison Range has been investing in Montana for years while hosting 200,000 visitors per year, with 83 percent of those guests being ...
Ranch buy adds to huge Montana wildlife reserve
Billings Gazette
A fence marks the edge of a pasture holding bison on the American Prairie Reserve south of Malta. On Friday the huge Montana reserve added the ...
American Prairie Reserve seeks temporary bison grazing permit in NE Montana
Billings Gazette
Yard signs in Malta oppose bison, a herd of which American Prairie Reserve has established on its more than 300,000 acres in northeastern Montana.
Senate District 10: Fitzpatrick, Kantorowicz battle it out
Great Falls Tribune
Political experience: Elected to the Montana House of Representatives in ... The state should not be spending its financial resources to create bison ...
Federer backed, bison ban, Yellowstone calf
Great Falls Tribune
Fergus Conservation District wants to ban the bison, our national mammal, in Fergus County. These people take themselves way too seriously.

More to southwestern Saskatchewan than meets the eye
The Globe and Mail
Reintroduced in 2005 as a herd of 71, there are now more than 300 Plains bison roaming the park's West Block, constantly dining on the diverse ...
Bison may return to expanded Wanuskewin
Saskatoon StarPhoenix
A plan to install as many as 50 bison on the land where they were harvested by indigenous peoples for thousands of years for food, shelter and ...

Syncrude bison left behind as Fort McMurray fires force further oilsands shutdown
Edmonton Journal
But they're being forced to leave their herd of 300 bison behind. “Syncrude has left as much food and water as possible,” said spokesman Leithan ...
Quebec man apologizes after trying to 'save' bison calf
Yahoo News Canada (blog)
A Yellowstone National Park tourist from Quebec, who made international headlines after putting a bison calf in the back of his SUV, has officially ...
Syncrude says bison herd holding up well as Fort McMurray wildfires rage nearby
A vicious wildfire nicknamed "the beast" hasn't caused too much trouble for nearly 200 beasts that roam a reclaimed oilsands mine north of Fort ...
Grilling for Fort McMurray
The Lacombe Globe
The Rangeland Meat Shop is serviced by Canadian Rangeland Bison and Elk Inc.; Jud's business partner, Armin Mueller, operates a farm just west of ...
The bison industry is on the move
While North American bison populations are nowhere near where they were 200 years ago, conservation measures and private breeding programs ...
Re-introduction of Bison to Banff National Park expected to be a boon
Calgary Sun
“Bison have the second-warmest natural hair in any North American animal, next only to the muskoxen, and they shed it in great quantities in the ...

Here's why reintroducing bison to Banff will be a game-changer for the park's songbirds (and dung ...
National Post
BANFF — As final preparations are made to bring back plains bison to Banff National Park, one of the world's top experts on the animal says they will ...
Reported From the UK
'Foolish' tourists put bison in back of car for the most ridiculous reason
Tourists visiting the famous Yellowstone National Park have been criticised for reportedly putting a bison calf into the back of their car because they ...
Reported From France
Le bison, icône nationale pour réconcilier l'Amérique avec son passé
Le Temps
En faisant du bison le premier mammifère du pays, le Congrès et la ... Avec William Hornaday, le fondateur de l'American conservation movement, ...
New food and drink guide gives foodies a taste of what Melton Mowbray has to offer
Melton Times
Visitors can either stay at Bouverie Lodge bed and breakfast, a working farmhouse where they have a wonderful herd of American bison and red ...

Which 'dangerous' animals are being kept at North East homes?
Bison, rare cats and a zebra are among the 'dangerous' animals kept in the North East. An investigation by the Press Association has revealed ...
Archaeologists Uncover Paintings More Than 14000 Years Old in Atxurra Cave in Spain | The ...
The Weather Channel
However, archaeologist Diego Garate and his team were able to identify some of the animals in the paintings, including horses, bison, goats and deer, ...
Poland starts logging primeval Białowieża forest despite protests
The Guardian
It is home to 20,000 animal species, including 250 types of bird and hundreds of European bison, plus firs towering 50 metres (160ft) high and oaks ...

Kansas Legislature still debating budget deal as it works into the night
Kansas City Star
Then there was a bill to name a bison herd. The proposal would name the herd in Crawford County after Bob Grant, a former state lawmaker.
The Bison Will Be Our National Mammal. But Will It Roam Privately-Owned Prairies?
Reason (blog)
This would provide land for American wildlife, including wild bison, to thrive, while also respecting the property rights of ranchers and farmers. Its aims ...
**Bison Named "National Mammal"**
MARSHFIELD, Wis. (WSAW) -- After months of proposing legislation in Washington D.C. senators and representatives have agreed on a mammal that ...
A bison is a terrible choice for America's new national mammal
For The Win
And don't even start with that whole but-bison-have-a-rich-American-history nonsense that my colleague Charlotte Wilder is giving you right now.
10 facts about America's new national mammal
Idaho Statesman
President Barack Obama named the American Bison the national mammal on Monday by signing the National Bison Legacy Act. In addition to ...
The Good News Is Congress Passed A Bill. The Bad News Is It's About Bison.
Huffington Post
The law is “a validation of the many meaningful ways this animal represents America,” according to a Wildlife Conservation Society press release.
Bison are our our new national mammal. Here's what you can and can't do with them.
Washington Post
Bison now hold one of America's most revered positions in society. The fuzzy, horned giant is a national symbol aside the bald eagle after President ...
Bison designated as National Mammal
The bison, also known as the buffalo has been decorated on the back of the nickel now for 25-years. ... After all, he named his business after them.
Op-Ed: Calling the Bison Our National Mammal Is the Worst Kind of Greenwashing
Outside Magazine
The groups that pushed the legislation–notably the National Bison Association and the Wildlife Conservation Society–bid us to celebrate “the ...
Bison an ininspired choice for national mammal
The Bozeman Daily Chronicle
On the other hand, native Americans in the area revere the bison and welcome its return. But then most of them are Democrats and probably even ...
Fox panel slams Obama's decision to honor the buffalo
To discuss that while President Barack Obama signed into a congressional (bipartisan) bill into law on Monday to make the North American bison the ...

An American bison goes to Washington and sparks bipartisan consensus
The Hill (blog)
The so-called “accidental conservationist” traveled to Montana on a mission to collect live bison to display on the grounds of the Smithsonian Castle ...
It's Official: Ouabache State Park Bison Are America's Mammal -
Full Coverage
Lawsuit Tackles National Bison Range Giveaway Legislation
In February, FWS announced that it was pursuing legislation to transfer Montana's National Bison Range, often called the Crown Jewel of the National ...

NORTH: The Bison is more than just a mammal
Scottsbluff Star Herald
Approximately 30,000 bison live in public and private herds in North America, managed for conservation goals. Approximately 400,000 are raised as ...
Learn how Antelope Island's Native Americans gathered food
Deseret News
FILE - Horse riders push bison towards a holding corral during the 29th Annual Antelope Island State Park Bison Roundup on Antelope Island on ...
The Buffalo Is a Symbol for All Americans
National Geographic
This pivotal legislation – which makes the bison our national mammal — reaffirms this magnificent species' connection to our country and all of its ...
Jewell visits Blackfeet Reservation to celebrate buy-back program
Flathead Publishing Group
The Tribal Land Buy-Back Program pays private owners a fair market price for land to willing sellers that currently is ... In April, bison from Canada's Elk Island National Park,
once descendants of an original Blackfeet herd from
1873, ...

The Morning Brew: The bison are back
“For us as native people, there is a time when both American Indians and bison were being killed off. Our numbers dwindled,” said Nathan Hart, the ...
Why Sitting Bull Isn't Replacing Andrew Jackson on the $20
Indian Country Today Media Network
Harriet Tubman will be the first black person on U.S. currency. ... an American bison on the reverse with the same generic male Indian on the obverse.
Lawsuit challenges potential transfer of bison range
Billings Gazette
An environmental group has sued federal officials over the potential transfer of the National Bison Range to American Indian tribes in Montana.
Tribes take issue with PEER, Bison Range lawsuit
The Missoulian
A U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service employee uses a four-wheeler to herd bison on the National Bison Range last October during the annual roundup.
Editorial: Bison closely linked to history of the West, conservation
Reading Eagle
The selection of the bison as the national mammal should serve as a reminder not only of the importance it has played in U.S. history, but also that we ...
'Oregon Trail' officially inducted into the Video Game Hall of Fame
"The Oregon Trail," the only video game that lets you ford rivers, hunt bison and circle Chimney Rock several times before your character gives in to ...
New series depicts 'off-grid' lifestyle
Daily Inter Lake
Jon and Etta Smith have taken on the task of building a bison ranch off the grid. A camera crew followed them through the first fall and winter for a new ...
See Majestic Historical Photos of the US's New National Mammal
The President signed the National Bison Legacy Act into law on Monday, making bison the country's first national mammal. The animal is already a ...
Updating recent outdoors issues
Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman
I thought the requirements listed in “weapons legal for hunting bison,” as found on the department's website, applied to all three herds of bison ...
Mother bird in no mood for a brood
The Register-Guard
Prior to European settlement of North America, this species was limited to the prairie grasslands, where it followed herds of bison. As the bison roamed ...
CSUN Geology Professor Studies Environmental Change in Grasslands
CSUN Today
Since bison eat only grasses, Cotton was able to see what they ate in ... spread of various grasses in the North American grasslands, which leads to a ...

Our cheatgrass summer is at hand
Idaho State Journal
In prehistoric Idaho there were few bison on the Snake River Plain. Elk used it for winter range. Deer did too, but remember deer are browsers, not ...

Of bison and bosons
Symmetry magazine
When talking about Fermilab's distinct visual and artistic aesthetic, it's impossible not to mention Angela Gonzales. The artist – Fermilab's 11th ...

Scientists warn of sixth mass extinction
Dinosaurs are probably what most of us think of when we think of extinction. But it turns out that many species around us are disappearing at an ...
Insects, bison, fires, rainfall all shape grasslands
Kearney Hub
Mixed-grass prairies were impacted and, to a great degree, shaped by grazing ungulates, mostly bison, elk, antelope and deer. Their grazing was ...
Food and Recipes 
Monthly Bison Carcass Report - 5/11/16
Lancaster Farming
BISON MEAT: Compared to March report: The number of pounds for both ground bison and bison patties increased when compared to the previous ...

The unexpected reason why beef could get a lot cheaper
Yahoo Finance
Bison meat is losing its reputation as an exotic beef alternative. ... And in terms of bison being traded as a commodity similar to cattle, Shellady doesn't ...
World flavors of Platypus and Gnome fill popular Front Street restaurant space
Port City Daily
A bleu cheese bison burger is currently on the rotating menu at Platypus and Gnome, which opened up last month in the longtime restaurant space at ...

Crown Valley branches out to Branson
Joplin Globe
There's a brewery, winery, distillery, bison ranch, lodging and even a tiger sanctuary. ... You can also buy bison meat, which is raised at Crown Valley.
World flavors of Platypus and Gnome fill popular Front Street restaurant space
Port City Daily
A bleu cheese bison burger is currently on the rotating menu at Platypus and Gnome, which opened up last month in the longtime restaurant space at ...

Liz Biro: 5 brewpub snacks worth another beer
Indianapolis Star
Local bison, black beans and Upland Brewing Co.'s Bad Elmer's porter make this chili a true standout at the Upland Carmel Tap House. The roasty ...

Crown Valley Expands Into Branson
Ste. Genevieve Herald
Genevieve. The family-friendly location will offer Missouri-made products, including Crown's Country Folk craft soda line and Big Bison Meat products.

These Scientists Just Found Some Insane Stuff Living In Your Burgers
Elite Daily
Clear Labs' latest report shows, of the 258 meat and veggie burgers ... For instance, Clear Labs' tests showed that lamb and bison burgers were really ...

EATBEAT: A visit to Sky's, part one
Grand Forks Herald
Among house specialties are roast caraway spiced duck and Dakota bison ... He makes sure his Dakota bison short ribs are braised in red wine and ...
Genetic Analysis Of 250 Burgers Reveals Some Unsavoury Surprises
Gizmodo Australia
... in which burgers were “adulterated” with a significant amount of an unlisted ingredient — lamb or bison burgers that were laced with beef or chicken, ...
CB & Potts Opens Ninth Colorado Location
FSR magazine (press release)
C.B. & Potts recently opened its ninth Colorado location at the renovated ... House specialties include the Bacon-wrapped Colorado bison meatloaf ...
Satisfy your appetite with a hearty burger or sandwich
You may choose beef, bison, veggies, turkey or other meats for your burger. Or your favorite sandwich may be stuffed with roast beef, Italian or Polish ...
Native Cooking: B Is for Bison! Try It Over Salad
Indian Country Today Media Network
This is The Bison Council's version of a bison salad, all of which are yummy. ... “B” is for bison or buffalo—the newly designated national mammal.
Burger popularity endures, evolves
Meat & Poultry (registration)
... interest in chicken burgers at 46 percent of consumers, interest in turkey burgers at 42 percent and interest in buffalo/bison burgers at 34 percent.
GOODS | Forage Chef Chris Whittaker Set To Serve Up Big BBQ Bison Cookout In Chase, BC
Scout Magazine (blog)
discussion of the nutritional differences and benefits of bison meat. – tips to ensure the very best results when cooking with bison from Chef Chris ...
Tim Preston: Chicken salad sandwiches and Porterhouse steaks
The Independent
205 N., Campton. The shop had several tempting options including bison meat, but I was there for a couple of steaks. The display case revealed only a ...
  Where to try all-American bison meat
Great American Bites recently visited Ted's Montana Grill, a bison-centric upscale ... of Wyoming's Durham Ranch, which supplies bison to restaurants and .... The food: The Salt Lick in Driftwood, Texas, an Austin suburb, is one of the ...

Recipe: Honest Bison Bratwurst and Brussels sprouts sauerkraut
Communities Digital News
This Memorial Day is a great time to grill and serve up something super special: bison bratwurst with health sauerkraut. This recipe is great for a ...

Horse & Plow provides tavern dining with historic charm
The Sheboygan Press
Hints to the history of the place, such as tabletops created from the old ... For dinner we chose the roasted chicken breast, pork schnitzel, and bison ...
Four recipes to help you celebrate National Hamburger Day
Put one pound of ground bison, 1/4 cup of bread crumbs, one egg, three tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce, four dashes of hot sauce, one ...
National Burger Day 2016: five ways to celebrate in Denver
The Denver Post
The Beastly Brunch Burger special is a Bison burger with pickled onion, tarragon aioli & The Beastly Brunch Burger special is a Bison burger with ...
NPS: Send Some Bison To Tribal Land Rather Than Slaughter
Yellowstone National Park is trying to take a new direction in bison management. The National Park Service has a plan to shift away from its ...
Expedition: Yellowstone! Ms. Donnelly Style
Teton Valley News
All kinds of wildlife and evidence of spring were witnessed; including newly born baby bison, a black bear and her two cubs and even a wolf loping ...
Baby bison takes on a hungry wolf with a little help from Mum
Moving with its pack through Wyoming's Yellowstone National Park, the tiny bison calf attempted to cross a raging river, according to a film released by ...
Montana proposes to triple wolf kill near Yellowstone
The Spokesman Review (registration) (blog)
Wolves in The Mollies Pack size up a group of bison in Yellowstone ... PREDATORS -- Montana officials want to triple the number of gray wolves ...
Centenary of wonders: inside Yellowstone National Park
The National
Driving through both parks in a minibus, it's common for our vehicle to stand alone amid grassy paddocks surrounded by herds of woolly bison and ...
Yellowstone tourists put bison calf in car because they're worried it's cold
East Idaho News
Some concerned tourists to Yellowstone National Park thought a bison calf was cold and put it in their SUV on Monday. | Courtesy of Karen ...
Study Shows Pathways of Disease Transmission Between Elk, Bison and Cattle in the Greater ...
United States Geological Survey (press release)
Over 20 cattle and farmed bison herds have been infected in Wyoming, Idaho and Montana since 2002, and the presence of the disease within ...
Disease's spread blamed on elk, not bison or feed grounds
The Missoulian
BILLINGS (AP) — Researchers say Montana elk are to blame for an animal disease spreading into new areas around Yellowstone National Park.
Seriously, people, stay away from the bison
Washington Post
After two misguided tourists tried to rescue a baby bison at Yellowstone last week, the calf ended up euthanized by park officials who said the human ...
Traveling video-makers off track with selfies in Yellowstone
Kansas City Star
The incident occurred days after a Yellowstone visitor violated park rules by loading a bison calf into his vehicle out of concern it needed help and ...
Utah woman says she took video of Yellowstone bison calf before tourists put it in SUV
KUTV 2News
Natalie Kinzel of West Jordan told 2News she saw what she believes to be the baby bison that was euthanized in Yellowstone earlier this week.
Quebec man apologizes after trying to 'save' bison calf
Yahoo News Canada (blog)
A Yellowstone National Park tourist from Quebec, who made international headlines after putting a bison calf in the back of his SUV, has officially ...
Fort Hall man interviewed for National Geographic issue on Yellowstone
Idaho State Journal
Shot for sport, and often left to rot, bison were brought to the brink of extinction in the American West. “They had no respect for them,” Teton said.
Killing YNP bison calf lacked common sense
The Bozeman Daily Chronicle
In regards to the euthanize of the calf bison, granted the people that picked it up to start with were trying to do a good thing. But they didn't know better.


Park officials aim to curb risky behavior in Yellowstone
NBC Montana
While charges are pending against a man who picked up a baby bison and a group of film makers who walked on Grand Prismatic Spring, people are ...
Threatened By Climate Change, National Parks And World Heritage Sites Draw Millions
The logo of the National Park Service depicts a sequoia, a mountain boasting glaciers, and a bison. All are threatened by climate change.

Lewiston-Altura kindergartners visit local bison farm
Winona Daily News
Lewiston kindergartners gaze at bison while riding on a tractor at the ... Gail is the executive director of the Minnesota Buffalo Association, and said ...

US Now Has National Mammal: The Buffalo
Stannard said buffalo becoming more common, but not as popular as other livestock. He also said the only difference between buffalo and bison is the ...

Bison market bright spot in low ag market
McPherson Sentinel
The first bison born in McPherson County are about four weeks old now, but ... The bison industry is one of the most well-performing and sustainable ...

Bison ranches operate under livestock rules
Lewistown News-Argus
I would like to thank Deb Hill with the Lewistown News - Argus newspaper for taking the time to tour the bison ranch managed by Steve Mitchell near ...

The WBA Board of Directors is happy to formally release our schedule for the 2016 Summer Rendezvous. Please see attached flyer for dates, housing, and agenda. Flyer also available on our website.

We hope to see you there!! 

RSVP by June 6th. 

Email: with questions.

NEWS FLASH  -  Sending prayers for all those in Fort MacMurray, including the Syncrude crew working to ensure food and water for the Beaver Creek Wood Bison herd.


Click on the link below for the April 26 edition of Grainews (wait for everything to download) - then scroll down to Page 22 and read the excellent article about Les and Kathy Kroeger of Rosedale Bison in Hanley, SK.  The full page article capturies the history, philosophy, and highlights of ranching bison.

Beaver Creek Wood Bison Herd OK

The sites for the Beaver Creek Wood Bison herd in the Fort McMurray area managed to escape the wildfires raging there over the last few weeks. Management is different for the Syncrude herd in that water is hauled in for the herds' drinking tanks every two days.  Brad Ramstead, the herd manager, was able to ensure this necessary element continued and the herd was not affected (either by a shortage of water nor the fire itself). 

BC Bison Association Summer Field Day Event - Less than a Month Away
When:  June 3 - 5, 2016 
Where: Turtle Valley Bison Ranch - Chase, BC
(For all Conference details contact Conrad Schiebel :
 National Bison Association 

First order of business. We all should know by now, the president signed into law, bison as our national mammal. 

Bison are our new national mammal. Here’s what you can and can’t do with them.

Bison were already iconic...we've just made it public knowledge. This has been a project since 2012 if you would like to read up on it's beginnings. start here.

The bill was a collaborative effort of the National Bison Association, Wildlife Conservation Society and the InterTribal Buffalo Council. 
Carter said "the leadership of those three organizations came together about four years ago with the goal of getting legislation passed."

Several ranches and states joined the effort, growing to large numbers of support.

The first bill was introduced in 2012, but came late in the session and didn't get anywhere. They reintroduced the bill in the next session with similar results, and spent the next few years trying to navigate the parliamentary procedure of the U.S. Congress.
American Bison on cusp of becoming national mammal of US
Bryan-College Station Eagle
He and his wife, Beverly Brown -- the daughter of former Texas Agriculture Commissioner Reagan Brown -- now run the Lucky B Bison ranch in Bryan.
Bryan bison ranch owner honored by national organization
Bryan-College Station Eagle
Lifelong Bryan resident Beverly Brown, the chair of the National Bison Association's Winter Conference Planning committee for the past four years, ...

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