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Linda Sikora, Installation view of Nature/Nurture. Video by Great Sky Media


We resume our series of news and stories about the twelve women artists in NATURE/NURTURE
focusing our ninth in the edition on Linda Sikora.

Due to the extended run of Nature/Nurture, we have had the opportunity to reflect on paths taken, connections made and shared experiences in our weekly series of FC News & Stories with each issue focusing on an individual artist in the exhibition. The ON NURTURE statements written by each artist acknowledges family, artist mentors, education and, particularly for Linda Sikora, reflects upon social and political spaces. 

But ... when poised to release this newsletter featuring Sikora's work, achievements, and writing, all of us at Ferrin Contemporary and Linda mutually agreed to pause all programming, social media and online communications in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement while we and the nation mourned the murder of George Floyd and protests took place throughout the world.


Our online stillness was not silence. Instead, we devoted the week to direct, individual conversations about race in America - human to human - within our various communities - our neighbors, families and among the artists, art professionals and collectors with whom we work. Reflecting on the past recognizes that, despite efforts to diversify and reform patterns of exclusion, it has not been enough. 


In this week’s director notes, Leslie Ferrin shares what we’ve learned from these discussions, provides links to what we are reading and the causes we are supporting. We encourage you to join us in our efforts by making donations and committing to support the changes that must take place.

ON NURTURE: Linda Sikora
It was Gertrude Stein, and then scholars of Stein and Hannah Arendt, who influenced my understanding of social space, political space and the household. One example is an essay about Stein and her experience of the private, household space as the space where the mind is truly free (the most creative and masterful). In this, Stein inverts conventional ideas wed to gendered, privileged structures that typed the household as utilitarian (a place of women, necessity and restriction), in contrast to the public (male) platform as the only space of freedom.

This is a powerful assertion and essential to understand when we consider creative work that is either inspired by or, destined to operate in domestic spaces. When one takes home a creative work– one is really taking home one’s own imagination. And, if we follow Stein’s thinking, we are taking our imagination home to the freest space of our mind. Each time we engage this ‘work’, it reflects our imagination back to ourselves (anew). This is one way we stretch ourselves, one way we change - a form of nurture. - Linda Sikora 2020
In the home-space, service, storage, and display are obvious realms for ceramic pottery form to operate. This trio has become a framework for recent inquiries into specific subjects (teapot, kettle, crock, box) and the groupings they generate, such as the extended series in the Nature/Nurture exhibition. I have been using these realms to think more specifically, about what ceramic work in this genre is trying to do.

To serve (provide, assist), to store (hold, contain, preserve), to display (present, offer, remind) – are gestures in the world.


Wallpaper Diaries

June 29 - August 25 
Virtual Opening Monday, June 29 | 8:15 pm
Chautauqua Institution | Strohl Art Center | Main Gallery

This exhibition focuses on eight artists whose work involves pattern. The result will be a colorful, dynamic show, marrying and merging intricate patterns created by each artist. Works on paper, oil paintings, collages, wood wall sculpture and ceramics will be featured.
Linda Sikora and American Studio Pottery
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Linda Sikora Awarded USA Fellowship

Linda Sikora has been named a recipient of a 2020 United States Artists Fellowship recognizing her creative accomplishments and vision in the field of Craft.
Each year, USArtists awards individual grants of $50,000 to 50 artists working in the disciplines of Architecture & Design, Craft, Dance, Film, Media, Music, Theater & Performance, Traditional Arts, Visual Art, and Writing. The granting organization’s goal is to recognize each nominated artist who “stands out as a visionary influence in their respective field.”
Linda Sikora Instagram takeover: NATURE/NURTURE in Quarantine
May 2020: Spring start-up in the home studio soon! Ceramic Art at Alfred ‘planning meetings’ for COVID19 academic year pause briefly before (NYS Cuomo dependent) AU announcement regarding the’ type’ of Fall Semester we will run in 2020: on-campus; hybrid; remote. Ready for challenges & opportunities  

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(b. 1960, Saskatoon, Canada, lives and works in Alfred, NY)

Canadian-born ceramic artist Linda Sikora is noted for her wood and salt-fired functional ware, particularly  covered jars, boxes and tea pots. Complex, colorfully decorated, and often conceptualized in prototype groups or series, the work draws from the traditions of European 18 & 19th century industrial production porcelain and common crockery infused with a freedom and lightness that is innovative and contemporary. Sikora is interested in the philosophical and the agency of things. Her work explores the dual nature of ceramics—as objects of beauty and as objects of use—questioning the blurred blurred line between visual art and functional subjects in cultured spaces. She has participated in various artist-in-residence programs including the Archie Bray Foundation, the Chungkang College of Cultural Industry, Korea, Tainan National College of The Arts, Taiwan, Clay Edge, Australia.

Sikora is the recipient of the prestigious 2020 USA Artists Fellowship. She has exhibited widely, and her work is in the collections of the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, (Halifax, Canada), Racine Art Museum, (Racine, WI), Alfred Ceramic Art Museum, (Alfred, NY), Los Angeles County Museum of Art, (Los Angeles, CA), Minneapolis Institute of the Arts, (Minneapolis, MN), Everson Museum, (Syracuse, NY), Huntington Museum of Art, (Huntington, WV), and Fuller Craft Museum, (Brockton, MA). Sikora completed her BA in visual art at David Thompson University Center, British Columbia, followed by her BFA at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University and her MFA at the University of Minnesota.




Nature/Nurture is a group exhibition of twelve contemporary female artists invited to explore the influence of gender and its impact on their practice. The exhibition explores these ideas that range from direct interpretations of the natural world to more abstract notions, such as the construction of gender and the endowed role of women within their personal and professional careers. Works in clay range in form from individual vessels to composed still lifes and figural and abstract sculpture. This exhibition was extended due to COVID 19 which allowed the gallery and artists to engage in a dialog exploring the original issues surrounding gender but now through the lens of lives in #thetimeofcovid.


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NATURE/NURTURE featured on the Everson Museum of Art’s Virtual Class
Linda Sikora, along with guest artists from the Nature/Nurture exhibition, participated in the Everson Museum's Online Classes and Studio Tours on May 15th. 


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