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Please join the Secret Cinema in supporting the survival and preservation of Philly's last movie palace!


11:30 AM to 1:00 PM

Please come early!

Despite the current forecast for snow, the already-scheduled rally to show support for NOT DEMOLISHING the Boyd Theatre WILL take place tomorrow, at the site of the theater, just West of 19th & Chestnut streets (1910 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia). 

If you are at all able to attend, please join us under the Boyd's marquee and show support. TV crews are expected to cover the rally, so try come on the early side. 

Free "Save the Boyd" t-shirts will be available to supporters! If you get one, please wear it as often as possible!

If you cannot attend Tuesday's rally, please follow the instructions below to write to your City Council-persons in support of SAVING Center City's LAST movie palace for use as a performing arts center. 

And please like and share the Friends of the Boyd Facebook page, and join their email list.

Once it's gone, it's gone – and if the Ipic proposal goes through, despite their claims, the Boyd will be gone forever.

Which should happen? Should we demolish the beautiful, art deco, Boyd Theatre – the last of many grand movie palaces from the golden age of cinema to survive in Philadelphia's downtown? In its place, Ipic Theatres wishes to build one of their "deluxe" multiplexes. They would tear down the historic auditorium and grand lobby, and in its place build small screening rooms resembling today's home Theatres, complete with reclining seating scaled for the morbidly-obese and waiters delivering Applebee's-styled food and drink -- at inflated ticket prices. A look at Ipic's own website (where the photos on the left originated) sees their claim that catching BAD GRANDPA or THOR: THE DARK WORLD 2D in this setting would be "The Ultimate Movie Experience'  And if ultimate is used in its literal meaning of "last," this would unfortunately be true for the site, at least for as long as this fad business model lasts…probably not very long, which would suit the co-developer, as he is seemingly assembling a large parcel of land there for a future skyscraper.

Or, should we do what most other American cities have done: Take this last chance to save some of our cultural history for the future, and make a once-again beautiful large gathering space for performing arts, films, and more? The photo on the top right is not very old, and shows the partial paint restoration of the original auditorium. Contrary to LIES told by Ipic's representatives, this space is very restorable. And it's the last one in Philly.

Only a strong show of support for saving the Boyd will save it now.

Please join me in showing support for Saving ALL of the Boyd Theatre.

And please SHARE (forward) this message to as many friends as possible!

Thank you.

Jay Schwartz
The Secret Cinema


FWD this email to your friends: 

It's IMPORTANT that you send your own message or copy & paste the below (filling in the blanks) to Dr. John Farnham (email at Philadelphia Historical Commission AND Mayor Michael Nutter (email )

AND your City Council member

Please copy so we can ensure all replies are counted.

Re: Boyd Theatre, 1910 Chestnut Street

I ___________________, am a resident of Philadelphia, zip code ______, or elsewhere___________________ and OPPOSE iPic's application to demolish most of the Boyd Theatre to construct a new multiplex. I request the City work for the survival of the Boyd Theatre, not its near total destruction. Almost every US city has saved, restored and reopened a ex-movie palace downtown, and so should Philadelphia preserve not only the facade, but also the lobbies and auditorium of the Boyd so a real "movie palace experience" can be had for live entertainment and a film series.

_______________________ ____________
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