What is pulling on your attention?


The other day I asked myself this question out loud:  does anything have my attention right now?  First I looked around the room and knew nothing in the room had my attention.  Then I looked inside to my mind and emotions and realized there was absolutely nothing that had my attention (now that was a rare and wonderful moment).  And, for some, that can be an unsettling moment as we are so used to being in perpetual motion without a pause.  I am grateful when my mind is quiet and I am not feeling pulled in any direction.  Those respites are quite nourishing.  


When we ask what’s pulling on our attention it’s important to ask all the levels as sometimes things are quite subtle and become clear when addressed directly.


Physically - anything in the body needing to be addressed… thirsty, hungry, etc. 

Emotionally - is there any disturbance or upset going on?

Mentally - am I overthinking, being indecisive, trying to over-control, or living in the past/future?

Spiritually - when was the last time I sat and just listened past the mind and emotions?


Asking these questions gives our attention the opportunity to come fully present by letting go of all it is holding onto.  Ask the question, then listen and record if anything needs to be completed.  What is not captured, floats endlessly on all the levels and our attention willingly follows. 


When we address what has our attention we are rewarded with open spaces of emptiness ready to be filled with where we really want our attention to be. 



Martha Invitations

1.  Often throughout the day ask:  what is pulling on my attention?  Move on what shows up even if it is only writing it down to follow through later.

2.  Notice when your attention is pulled off what you are doing and ask if it is more aligned to continue what you are doing or to move to the next thing.

3.  Spent some quiet time each day listening past what is pulling on your attention.


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