Martha Treats #156

The Exquisite Sound of the Moment



I was reminded working with a client in her home office recently why I feel honored to do this work.  During the second day I provide an extended time to actually work without interruption in completing next actions.  I sat close by, silently observing, giving her my undivided focus.  Without any interruptions (phones were silenced) she was able to let go and drop into the doing with her whole being.  All that moved were her fingers across the keyboard.  Even her active dog was still the entire hour.  I quietly let her know when the hour was up and she was quite surprised a whole hour had passed.  I knew she had experienced the profound depth of the focus and the gift of being in the flow of who you are while you are doing.


Two days later on the plane back to LA I was taken into another depth of listening that touched me deeply.  In the movie “Maestro” a Japanese film directed by Kobayashi Shotaro about the revival of an orchestra, the conductor asks, do you know the sound of the flute that doesn’t make a sound?  That description is what I experience in my work with clients once space is opened up for them to be able to relax into working.  There is a sound associated with total inner stillness, although inaudible, and to me that sound is exquisite.  Often when I enter that stillness a client (not used to that space) will stop, turn around and ask me if I am bored.


Quite the opposite is true.  In the inner stillness lies a deep contentment of being that has a glorious sound. 




Martha Invitations

1.  Practice surrendering to the moment allowing it to envelope you as you work.

2.  Give yourself blocks of time where your devices are silenced and your door is closed and enjoy that place of focus.

3.  Invite yourself into your own inner stillness during the day by closing your eyes and just watch and listen.



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