Without the push


We all know that boundary line we cross within ourselves when we start to push past the moment to get something done, hurry to get somewhere with a degree of intensity that is stressful, or ignore our intuition for expediency.


I had two back-to-back days this week; one completely stress free, relaxed and fun with each action gracefully flowing into the next as if orchestrated.  The following day was completely the opposite.  Nothing seemed to flow, everything felt challenging, and I noticed myself getting irritated, being impatient and not having any fun.


Seems to me the only constant in both days was moi.  What do I get by pushing, and creating stress one day and then being completely relaxed and trusting in the natural flow and having fun another day?  Great question to ask ourselves.


I know we all prefer the relaxed flowing days without the push, and still sometimes we choose the habitual pattern of pushing and trying hard.  The question to ask ourselves is:  Are we willing to create a different choice?  If so, then we start with stating the obvious to ourselves like…wow, I am feeling really stressed, or I am trying way too hard or I am not having any fun with this.  Once acknowledged then we can choose to move out of it.  But first we must acknowledge what we are choosing and feeling. 


The next step is simple.  We need to move!!!!!  Shake it off (as Taylor Swift’s new song invites), go for a run, a walk, or simply receive an in-breath. 


Any movement will allow us to let go and return to the natural flow of things without the push. 


Martha Invitations

1.  Listen to Taylor Swift’s song Shake It Off.

2.  Next time you are pushing, trying hard, irritated, etc. simply stop and acknowledge out loud what is going on.   Then choose to switch. 

3.  Practice choosing to relax.


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