Getting all the way in to doing


We all know the difference between a quick pick-up and a deep cleaning of a room.  It seems as if these days we are all in the quick pick-up mode with regard to focus. 


Focus in today's world is looking more like dabbling in something while waiting for the next interruption to save us vs. getting all the way into what we are doing with complete focus.


In last month’s Treat I announced the launch of the Hour of Focus conference call.  Enough people responded and we held the first one April 2nd.  I opened the call with a few remarks, asked people to silence their computers/tablets/cells, turn off Skype and IM notifications, shut the door and accept no interruptions of any kind during the hour.  


The feedback I received speaks of the value of giving ourselves the gift of our full 100% focus:


  • At first I didn't know if I was really going to do it 100%.  After all, who could see me or know?  But there was something in the group intention that brought me forward for my own self and I was able to uber-focus in a way that worked for me.
  •   Phone was off, and computer volume off.  Plus earplugs.  Funny how calmly I can work when I listen carefully to my own breathing! 
  •    I did feel the focus of the group and felt supported and was more accountable and did not stray, because of your direction. 
  •    I focused on something that is pressing, that I have been procrastinating on and feel so much relief that I made movement in that direction.


I remember vividly a client with tears in his eyes telling me he had never experienced the calmness of focus until I had him work uninterrupted for an hour during our two day session.


To me uninterrupted focus is priceless not only for completing but for relaxing.  When people talk about unhooking when they go on vacation, I think to myself if we unhooked for an hour a day we might feel like we had actually been on a vacation at the end of the day.


Today I cleaned my house with that level of focus and getting all the way in to the doing.  It is much more fun for me to be all the way in!!!  And my mind, body and heart are renewed and energized!


Martha Invitations

1.  Block out a full hour for a project or action and allow no interruptions.  Notice the results.

2.  Try reading your email uninterrupted from top to bottom.  

3.  Give yourself a chance at greater focus by turning off your phone while you are working on something.




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