Martha Treats #154


Uninviting Interruptions


You may be one of those people who thrive on interruptions or at least that is what you believe. In my experience interruptions and thriving are not related. Living without interruptions is the ultimate thriving.


Some tell me that they can’t function without the interruptions as their business is fast-paced and timing is everything. That is sometimes true and at the same time critical interruptions can merge into a way of working that is not ultimately effective. When interruptions become the standard of working, they drain productivity.


I recently worked with someone who had a continual flow of interruptions knocking on their door. Staff had become accustomed to walking in at any time. At some point the amount of interruptions actually became comical.


I started answering the door (barely opening it) and quietly introducing myself as the “gate-keeper” asking if what they needed to discuss could be written in an email which, in almost all the cases, was possible.


While we may not be consciously aware of it, we create, promote or allow interruptions in our lives. It is simply a choice.  We think we can’t live without them and that they are critical to our productivity. In fact, in my experience, the opposite is true. 


Be daring, bold, and brave…for one day, un-invite all the interruptions in your life. Take the plunge and experience the difference. I may have mentioned in a Treat years ago about the VP at a large corporation who, after working for an hour fully absorbed while I quietly held off all interruptions, looked at me with tears in his eyes and said this had been the first experience of uninterrupted quiet focus in his life. It was a powerful moment for him and for me.


Uninviting interruptions is a courageous step. On the other side of allowing interruptions is the opportunity for true focus, greater time and space, and exponential completion.


Take the uninviting interruptions challenge!


Martha Invitations

1.  Mark down each time you allow yourself to be interrupted and see how often it occurs.

2.  Turn off your cell phone notifications for a day and watch your productivity soar. Limit your checking of text and voice mail.

3.  When the phone rings, ask yourself if it is on purpose to answer.  More likely than not it can go to voice mail and your focus remains on what you are completing.


I invite you to spend an hour with me on the phone and experience working without interruption.



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