Well Done


One of the keys I have learned in my life to get greater inner and outer cooperation with myself is to remember to acknowledge myself often for who I am and what I do. 


It is why I place so much emphasis on celebrating completing and why I do that bold, rather over the top demonstration at the end of my session with a client.  A boisterous out loud acknowledgement isn’t required.  An inner silent well done said genuinely is enough.  


I know that continually rewarding myself (just a loving kind word does it) gives me the willingness to keep going and I feel honored and appreciated by myself.  We are all more than willing to judge ourselves for forgetting something, or doing something we wish we hadn’t etc. etc. 


The judging sadly happens automatically.  Saying well done to ourselves is often less forthcoming unless we decide to change the habit into doing so.


Everyone deep down loves being appreciated.  And when that appreciation is generated inside us it means even more.  Then the support we believe we need from outside is alive and well inside of us regardless.  


Recently I was unaware I had acknowledged myself out loud.  The person I was with commented how powerful it was for them to hear that level of appreciation being given to myself.  I told them that I have practiced for years shifting the habit of judging myself into appreciating who I am and what I do.  I am happy to say it is now a habit.


So try it.  To begin, simply start saying…well done (your name) either out loud or silently on a regular basis to yourself after completing anything.  You will notice the positive shift in your work and in your life.  And, as you master this, you can add other words and also appreciations for who you are in addition to what you do.  If you use an endearing name for yourself like sweetheart, or a nickname you resonate with, the part of you that loves being appreciated will engage even more.


I invite you to challenge yourself to keep celebrating you and celebrating what you do with loving consistency. 



Martha Invitations

1.  When you finish brushing your teeth, look at yourself in the mirror and say…well done, I love you.

2.  For one hour at your office say…well done or whatever words you like, after every text, every email, every conversation, and notice what happens

3.  Listen to what you say and replace any judgments with an appreciation.


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